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Incredible Hulk

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1 hour ago, FREaky said:

Interesting idea, but from the comics background, you'd have to have some other person be the young Hulk.  Banner didn't get radiated until well after college age, so as him there never could be a young hulk.  Now if he had a young nephew he had to give a transfusion too or he had regular human son on primary Earth, or say his cousin had a son, then you could do an interesting series on growing up hulking out, both how he has to keep the secret, or not, keep control, and what the effects would be of a hulking out body on a growing child.  Would he wind up taller than average or giant (7' 6" range) in normal form because of it and then increase even bigger in size, or would he stay average?  Would his build become uber stocky, extremely muscular and then blow up to muscle bound and unable to move, or still be normal explode to hulkish? 

Here's a very good way around that (and yet still be considered canon). Hulk is considered part of the Marvel Universe. In 2005, something rather interesting happened, namely Decimation which spawned a whole collection of alternative universes (15 main ones and any number of offshoots) and in all of those universes there is a Hulk (for instance there's one in the universe where it is currently the early 17th century, there's one in the universe where they are just about to enter the 22nd century, there's even one in the universe where it's the 1920's called Mr. Fixit (who is a security guard for a Las Vegas casino) so if you wanted to have a Hulk from a young person, well that's simple, just come up with it and say that it's happening in an alternative universe, bingo, problem solved!)

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On 10/02/2018 at 4:11 PM, Ogrebear said:

The Hulk TV series was awesome and boner inducing definitely. Lou will always be the Hulk for me.

However, I thought the Hulk in the Ang Lee movie was fantastic, really well released, some good transformations, even if the rest of the movie was a bit rubbish. Shame they didnt go with the nude Hulk they had originally planned. Norton's Hulk was rubbish- movie and monster; Ruffalo gets it right for Banner, and his Hulk is well nicely done, even if we have not had a decent long transformation scene yet.



This is the scene that started the confusing journey for me, figuring out I was gay, and into muscle growth. Nothing has topped this scene since. The design of the hulk in this movie is still my fave, and the transformations great. But more importantly, the actual muscle growth. The fact he continued to get bigger and bigger throughout the film as his rage grew while he was shot or trapped it. Loved it. I understand why the couldn't do it obviously, but just wish his cock grew along with him, or faster even. I love a bulgy hulk!

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