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m/m Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)


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3 hours ago, Astromuscle said:

I let the story go for a bit and felt bad. I have a draft on my comp that ahead quite a few chapters so I just buckled down and edited them quickly to post :D

I’m so glad you had the opportunity. Yours is one of the stories I look for every day. 

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(AM: This story is going to be a long chronicle. The growth is slow, and almost secondary to the story. This focuses instead on men exploring a relationship with growth being a part of it. I have had

Chapter 2 For a man who could intimidate any bullies from Jeremy's life, this man looked very skittish. It appeared he was shoving his shoulders forward trying to get his shirt buttons not to pop

Chapter 3 With that Jeremy began looking around. His fears coming into the date about Weston not being sincere, while apparently being semi-well founded were no longer present, but as a cautious


Chapter 20

Jeremy convinced Weston to stay the night, though it was clear Weston did not fit in the bed, which meant there would be no space for Jeremy to squeeze in with him. Weston shrugged, grabbing a few sheets and blankets and laying them out on the carpeted floor. Jeremy gave protests but had no better option so relented at some point. Jeremy left him to sleep, warning him of needing to wake up early to prepare for work.


Jeremy did not sleep well, and after an hour and a half of tossing and turning decided to get up and get some water. As he did he passed by Weston, snoring comfortably on the floor, blankets pulled all around him. It was surreal, considering this giant man on his living room floor. Jeremy entertained the idea he may be in a dream, but pinched himself and felt the pain, so moved on. He drank his water uneventfully, but as he made to walk past Weston again, he paused.


Jeremy wormed himself down behind Weston who had curled up on one side. With his chest so big part of his midsection didn't even lay flat on the ground. Jeremy brought a pillow down from next to Weston's head. Jeremy slipped up on his side behind Weston, slipped arms around his midsection, utilizing the hole he had seen, and brought his face up against Weston's back, against some hard muscle running along the spine. Jeremy's legs tucked in behind Weston's with room to splay in whatever way Jeremy saw fit.


Jeremy nuzzled in, brought the pillow where he needed it and tried once more to sleep. He felt even better when Weston's arm came down over where Jeremy's hands were on the other side of his body, as if casually cementing the hug.


Don't roll over on me please.” Jeremy spoke softly to the muscle in front of him.


Jeremy thought he heard a whispered “I won't” before he began nodding off as well.


Jeremy awoke to hard nudges and shakes. As his consciousness was ripped out of whatever wonderful forgotten dreamland he had been in, he saw Weston in his boxers looking down at him.


Are we in an earthquake?”


No silly, I woke you up.”


Jeremy groaned as he twisted around on the ground. “Did I miss my alarm? I didn't sleep well.”


Weston shook Jeremy again, ripping Jeremy fully awake. Jeremy leaned over to see a clock on the wall. “My alarm won't go off for another hour what the hell?”


Weston smiled as he shook Jeremy more. “I know. I set my own alarm to beat you up. We are gonna start you on an exercise regimen.”


Nooooo.” Jeremy shoved a pillow back into his face


Jeremy I will drag you outside if that's what it takes, so if you want to bring the pillow then continue what you are doing.”


Jeremy threw the pillow away and slowly got to his feet. “Weston I don't think I am up for lifting weights and running right now.”


Haha, good. Me neither. We are doing yoga.”


Seriously? Why yoga?”


Weston brought an arm around his body, barely passing what would be straight ahead. “That's as far as I can go right now. Yoga is great low impact exercise, opens your mind, and does wonders for flexibility and balance. You need balance for martial arts, I need flexibility, and it won't tax either of us too much. Besides you have a beautiful backyard. Come on.”


In a grumbling stupor Jeremy followed Weston outside, waiting more then a full minute for Weston to get more and more horizontal to fit through the doorway. Jeremy easily stepped out and shut the door behind him, still in pyjamas.


Jeremy's backyard was nothing special. All grass lawn with fencing around it. The fence went about 6' up, but was a simple picket fence meaning it was not entirely private. Jeremy wondered what his neighbours might think of Weston being out in only boxer briefs, and fairly tight ones at that, but saw Weston beginning to warm up and decided if he wouldn't be nervous, neither should Jeremy.


The two men stood facing each other on the lawn as Weston led them through some movements. It became clear Weston was not as flexible as he wanted, given he kept describing how to stretch further then he was. Jeremy began to enjoy himself. It turned out he was flexible, and his balance wasn't bad either, until Weston showed him a more advanced move Jeremy could not do.


Weston that was really fun, but I gotta go. Kids to teach, play to direct, etc.”


Enjoy Jeremy. I'm gonna... find something to do I guess.”


Weston looked him oddly in the eye. “What do you mean? Surely you have clients today.”


I mean yeah but I can't show up like this!” Weston indicated his size.


Listen, you are going through changes. I think your gym owner will be excited about it. I'm sure he'll forgive if you don't have a shirt, and I believe you have shorts that will still fit, albeit they may be very short shorts now. I know I bought you very large spandex shorts.”


Jeremy... What if they don't recognize me?”


Jeremy had been bustling about, working on leaving the house quick. “Weston, why wouldn't someone recognize you?”


Jeremy I'm very sure I'm over 9 ft tall now. I would be shocked to hear I am anything less then a half ton now. I barely can get through doors.. I... I..”


Shh.. Shh... Weston you aren't a 9 ft tall hulk.” Jeremy stood, looking high up to Weston, craning his neck.


Jeremy, I am huge. I'm different. I really think I grew a lot last night-”


YOU ARE NOT A 9 FOOT FREAK!” Jeremy commanded silence.


Weston contemplated. “What do-”




Weston silenced himself. “Weston, you are a great guy. You are sweet. You are the semi-shy guy who likes video games. You are the guy who will sing his lungs out because he enjoys it, damned if you don't hit the notes. You are the guy who mixes up words, but uses that as an opportunity to learn. You have grown, but I see how you look at me, and I know you never think as yourself as more then me. You physically have to look down at me, but you never do it in a superior way. You are not your height. You are the man I keep falling in love with, but you happen to be a growing giant. You told me to look at my ability instead of my stats, and I think you should tell yourself that.”


Weston nodded. “But won't people look at me differently?”


So what? They will. Especially at first, but you are still the 6'2 man who stayed up late geeking out about games, or trying to convince me to watch sports. So long as you remember THAT you, then your clients will see it too. They will look at you and see you haven't really changed.”


Weston nodded more vigorously. “Yeah ok. You're right. Besides I can't just stay here all day right?”


Weston you are always welcome at my house. You are going through an exciting but also a hard time. Let me help.”


Weston laughed. “Stop trying to make me grow and go to work. It's already hard enough to fit into places. Go on.” Weston began shooing Jeremy on, and then realized he had only boxers to wear. “Any chance I can get a lift little buddy?”

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Oh this is fantastic! I can't belive I missed it for so long!

I'd love to see what happens if they really gave into thier love for each other!

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