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m/m Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)


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(AM: This story is going to be a long chronicle. The growth is slow, and almost secondary to the story. This focuses instead on men exploring a relationship with growth being a part of it. I have had

Chapter 2 For a man who could intimidate any bullies from Jeremy's life, this man looked very skittish. It appeared he was shoving his shoulders forward trying to get his shirt buttons not to pop

Chapter 3 With that Jeremy began looking around. His fears coming into the date about Weston not being sincere, while apparently being semi-well founded were no longer present, but as a cautious


Chapter 16

Jeremy stood shocked, both at Weston asking him to be exclusive, and also at a sizable thump as Weston grew. Jeremy shook himself to focus.


Weston, of course I want to be your boyfriend!” Weston grunted as he felt the effects of the words, and then smiled from where he knelt. Jeremy stepped forward, eye-to-eye now with Weston on his knees. “Jesus Wes you are huge.”


Weston brought Jeremy into a big hug. “I wanted to be your boyfriend so badly too.”


You know I don't think anyones-” Jeremy stopped as Weston squeezed him tight.


Everyone deserves to be asked out. I am so sorry it took so long for me to say I love you.”


Jeremy could feel Weston growing in his arms. “Weston, it's fine you don't have to ask me out out of pity.”


Jeremy felt a tear hit his shoulder where Weston's head was. “It's not pity. In my life people ask me out, it's time I ask out the guy I like.”


Jeremy hugged tighter, tearing up too. “You big dummy you're making a scene in front of my house.”


Weston chuckled a little, shuffling Jeremy with him. “Then invite me in, my clothes have spandex in them now, but they may not hold up forever.”


Jeremy did not move quickly, but after a minute or two grabbed Weston's hand and pulled him into the house, slowing to let him duck down through the doorway. Jeremy laughing as Weston rises up and hits his head.


Ceiling's 8 feet tall, so guess that's your measurement for today. Good job crossing that milestone.”


Weston rubbed his head and smiled, handing over the rose again. Jeremy took it from him and goes back to the kitchen to fill a glass with water. “Take a seat on the couch. I can start my movie over. You like horror?”


Weston sat down on the couch, a terrifying creek sounding out. “So help me Weston if you break my couch you are going to buy me a new one,” Jeremy screamed from the other room.


By the time Jeremy came back, he had the rose in a glass and a bag of popcorn in the other. He handed the entire bag of popcorn to Weston. “Eat up big boy, you were growing out on the porch.”


Weston adjusted on the couch to take up the entire space, indicating for Jeremy to climb up on his lap. Jeremy was only happy to oblige. “So horror movies. Yay or nay?”


Weston looked nervous in the dim light of the TV. “Are you prepared to have a few ribs broken when I get spooked and squeeze you?”


Absolutely!” Jeremy used a remote to reset the movie.


No bones actually broke in the process of the movie, but not for lack of trying from Weston who jumped many a time throughout the movie. One of those times Weston jumped so much that Jeremy got dumped on the ground. When Jeremy reassured Weston he was fine, Weston picked him back up onto the couch.


Once the movie was over Jeremy hopped off the mass of Weston and the couch and flipped on the light. Weston looked pale, staring blankly at the now empty TV.


Did some big old 8 foot tall hunk get scared by the demon possessing the family?”


Weston barely moved. He began to stutter “I heard th...that girly scream when I g..g..got here. You w... were scared too.”


Jeremy came back over and knelt in front of Weston's face, blocking off the TV, “Oh for sure, but not like this. I'm gonna scare the shit out of you, when you least suspect it.”


Weston turned over, face serious now. “I swear to God if you do I will crush you into a pancake and eat you for breakfast.”


I don't believe you.”


Weston sat up, “Think I can't? You are barely eye level with my belly button. Don't mess with me.”


Jeremy cheekily began poking Weston's belly button, revealed from his shirt riding up. “I wasn't saying you couldn't, I just don't think you will. You don't strike me as the violent type.”


Weston turned away grumbling, going to the kitchen to grab another snack. “So what now big guy? Had any other plans tonight?”


Weston leaned back out the doorway, still doing something with his hands on the counter. “I mean maybe I was gonna make out with you, but you're being a jerk so maybe I won't now.” Weston then gave a wink, undermining everything he had just said.


Weston so help me if you don't come out here this minute and make out with me I will crush YOU into a pancake.”


Weston hit the counter hard, making noises echo through the house. “Please Jer, tell me the exact plan on how you intend to do this. I think I'm a little big for you to pancake. From what I recall you barely managed to carry me to my bed.”


I would find a way. Just gotta be creative. Steam roller comes to mind. Comically large anvil on a crane. Piano being loaded through a window above you. Possibilities abound.”


Weston came back with a bowl of ice cream Jeremy had promised him during the movie. Jeremy almost wondered if he wanted that much ice cream why he didn't just eat the entire tub. “Jeremy if I didn't know better I'd think you were plotting my demise. That might make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.”


Jeremy laughed, stealing a used utensil from his dinner earlier to snatch some ice cream. “Give it 2 weeks and you're gonna be bigger then that puny Hulk. Don't need to make you angry, just gonna be patient.”


Weston moved the ice cream bowl away from Jeremy. “Oh yeah, keep stealing my ice cream and we'll see how angry I get.”


Jeremy reached for the bowl, but Weston easily moved it away. “Bitch that's MY ice cream I was letting you have some. Gimme!”


Weston did not move the bowl closer, so Jeremy got up and tackled Weston, crawling over him and successfully getting more ice cream. Weston responded by pinning Jeremy to his side, while holding the bowl away in his other arm.


Weston, now you have no hand to eat your dessert. Genius move.”


Weston brought the bowl to his face and chomped some ice cream. As he removed the bowl again Jeremy saw some had gotten on his nose and around his lips too.


You look like a 5 year old who got their way.” Jeremy managed to wriggle an arm free and reached up to the back of Weston's head. He pulled, and he noticed Weston had to move himself for anything to happen. Their faces got close and Jeremy slowly licked the ice cream off Wes' nose, fixing him with a seductive look.


That was all Weston needed, Jeremy heard the bowl clatter to the table and Weston shift, couch creaking with every move. Wes's lips crashed into Jeremy's and both closed their eyes.

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 16 added 11/09/2020)

Chapter 17

Weston continued shifting until Jeremy laid flat on the couch, pinned down by Weston's chest. That's as far as Jeremy could hold out before using his hands to pull Weston closer and bringing his tongue out into Weston's mouth. Weston moaned and opened his mouth to join in the playful tongue wrestling, mimicking the motions with his hands moving over Jeremy's body. Jeremy felt the large powerful fingers on him, exploring, touching, feeling; his body moulding around the intrusion of the solid masses. They felt too big, and Jeremy loved every second of it.


Jeremy reached up, feeling around the large powerful torso suspended over him. Where Jeremy's body had give, Weston's was hard and resistant. Through the shirt he could feel all the veins covering Weston. Weston had been making an effort to add a little covering, and it felt like it may be working, but only enough to stop him from becoming even leaner. The veins held pressure, but Jeremy found they would move and sink in playfully under his palms. Jeremy forcefully grabbed Weston's large pecs, and felt his hard nipples pressing against him. Weston grunted and flexed his pecs, moving Jeremy's hands with them. In doing so he also felt Weston's abs curl and push his pelvic area into Jeremy's thighs. Jeremy thought he felt something hard in his pants, and that guaranteed Jeremy's own member was hurting from how tight his pants were.


Jeremy broke the connection from their mouths, causing Weston to frown, opening his eyes to see Jeremy's shirt pass over his head. Weston grinned and looked down, taking in his new view of Jeremy. Jeremy's body was soft, but not obese. Overweight to an average degree, slightly more so in the belly and chest area. He carried weight in his thighs and ass too, but Jeremy thought he'd keep his pants on for now. Weston didn't seem displeased. Weston began massaging the front of Jeremy, spending more time then was necessary on the chest, moving what was there around, shifting and teasing.


Jeremy heard the couch resist a new force. Jeremy looked down, and then back at Weston, who was groaning and shaking as he blocked off more and more light. Weston felt his shirt constrain him more and more, and for the first time did something about it. Weston began messing with the buttons, but got frustrated, grabbed the chest area of his shirt and in one motion tore his hands apart. The buttons flew everywhere to reveal pecs casting shadows as they hung heavy and far out from where Weston's rib cage must have been. Hiding under those mounds were 8 more, solid and individually defined, bulging in their own right, as if they were new pecs waiting in the cartridge leading up to the main affair. Weston looked disappointingly at the shirt still attached to his arms and along his back. He forced his arms across his body, and threw his shoulders forward, giving a satisfying rip from behind him. Jeremy was simply marvelling as Weston's front side muscle bulged together fighting for freedom and flexing with exertion, jumping slightly as fabric in the back gave up more and more. Still what was around Weston's arms held firm but tight. Weston seemed a little frustrated but Jeremy laughed, pulling him back down.


As Weston came back down Jeremy used his small fingers to worm between the fabric and Weston's arm. Jeremy shivered with delight feeling Weston's hard powerful delt, jumping and flexing to keep him balanced in place. Jeremy began pushing the fabric off over his ballooning triceps and biceps, sliding his hands down with the fabric, feeling them push over vein and ridges of strength. Once he got one sleeve down around Weston's hand on the floor he licked his way back up. Looking up at Weston he continued his way up, and then followed his pec down, swirling his tongue a few times around his nipple, which did not go unnoticed based on Weston's body shaking and stiffening, before Jeremy continued making a path between his hard pecs, and coming up the other. Weston grabbed the back of Jeremy's head and forced it into his pec, smashing Jeremy's face all over the muscle. Jeremy began licking and sucking, and even playing with it in his teeth. After a minute Jeremy tried to pull Weston's hand away, and Weston allowed it. Jeremy moved along, licking and kissing over to his other arm, and the sleeve still stuck there.


Jeremy was positive this sleeve was tighter then the last, which worked him up. “These are getting tighter Wes.”


Weston laughed, bending over and nuzzling into Jeremy's neck, kissing him and biting his ear. “Guess you are enjoying yourself.”


Jeremy laughed. He slipped a few fingers in behind the clothing, and from the front he bit into the fabric. Jeremy jerked his head down with his fingers, slowly unwrapping the arm of the shirt as if it were cling wrap. Weston finally was able to remove his arm, and he was truly shirtless now. He growled and brought his body up, flexing and looking over himself. Jeremy spat out the shirt and stood on his couch, taking in Weston, who kneeling was now slightly higher then him. Jeremy was barely processing what he could see, focusing on one spot after another. Traps rising up, now mounding up after leaving the neck. Pecs holding him away from coming in too close, Shoulders that passed basketball sized, approaching beachball territory, though Jeremy thought they looked as hard as Atlas stones. Before Jeremy's eyes, he saw the traps rising higher, and spread out wider. Jeremy felt the pecs pushing him back despite Weston not appearing to move. Beachball shoulders looking as though someone decided they weren't blown up enough, despite them being so round and tight.


Weston made noises as he felt himself grow. He looked down at Jeremy, smiling, though this time in a cocky way. He brought his strong arms around Jeremy, wrapping as far around Jeremy as they could go, pecs shoving forward, pinning Jeremy against his arms in the back, Weston leaned up straight, taking Jeremy with him. Jeremy looked at the muscle surrounding him, suspended in the air, then watched them all flex as Weston squeezed a little.


It did not take long before Jeremy let out a cry. Weston stopped pressing in harder. “Jeremy, do you give up. Am I too strong for you?”


Jeremy slammed a painstakingly freed hand down on Weston's arm. “Not nearly done. How weak do you think I am?” Even standing in place as Weston was he could feel he was growing to fill the area Jeremy was in. Weston still squeezed further, watching Jeremy close his eyes and squirm. Jeremy cried out once, but Weston felt him shift his body slightly, and Jeremy looked up, a confident look of his own undermined a little by his heavy breathing. “You done? I've worn belts tighter then this.”


Weston couldn't stop a chuckle, moving Jeremy up and down as well. Weston adjusted his arms, now able to reach further from stretching in this position for a few minutes, and getting an even better squeeze now. Jeremy immediately lost his breath and squished his face, but still no protest. Weston was becoming drunk on the feeling of growing, seeing how much Jeremy was enjoying this, based on his pained smile.


The couch finally gave up.


The laboured noises of the supports turned into loud snaps, and Weston lost his balance. He tipped over to the side, moving through the air to ensure Jeremy was not underneath him. Weston's back went full force into the table, smashing it and the things resting on it into smithereens, the objects not standing a chance against the large stand out muscle his back had formed to balance out the strength he had used to squeeze forward. Weston loosened his hug, but still held Jeremy firm on top of him.

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 17 added 18/09/2020)

Chapter 18

Jeremy began hysterically panting on top of Jeremy. “I was joking about paying for a new couch, but I think you do owe me one now”


Weston groaned. “Are you saying I weighed too much for your couch? Are you calling me fat?!” Weston made a fake show of crying.


Jeremy grabbed some skin and pulled. It was extremely difficult, and what was pulled looked paper thin. “Honestly Weston when we first met you weighed so much less. You've really let yourself go.”


Weston smiled and flipped over, now laying on Jeremy, pinning him in place. “Are you implying if I got fat you wouldn't like me?”


Jeremy kissed his pec. “Nonsense. That would be fun in it's own way. It will never happen though. You enjoy working out too much. Besides, think of how hard you are trying to put on some fat now. Hows that going for you?”


Weston looked down at the parts he could see, noting how easy it was to see every feature below his skin, and hung his head. “I am super hungry though. Any chance you got some stuff in the fridge?”


Jeremy wiggled, but couldn't free himself, until Weston did a push up to free him. “Here let me grab you some fruit while I cook. Watermelon aught to fill you up a little.”


Jeremy, I need to pack on pounds. Watermelon won't cut it.”


Jeremy responded by throwing a whole watermelon at Weston, which he caught in one hand, though barely. “Buddy I just need time. I will cook you up so much food you'll beg me to stop.”


Weston laughed as he played with the watermelon. “Just like you were going to beg me to stop crushing you.”


Jeremy chuckled from the other room. “I did no such thing! Check the tapes. You let me go. I count that as a win for me.”


Bullshit! You were going to give up. There was interference.”


Those sound like excuses losers come up with.”


So help me I will come in there and crush you again.”


Jeremy tried to get his retort out through laughter. “I hear a sore loser who doesn't want food.”


Weston sighed. He got up and immediately hit his head hard off the ceiling. He now had to bend over to not reach the ceiling. He wormed his way through the doorway and found a cutting board with a knife set out. He made quick work of the watermelon.


Jesus Weston what happened to your back?!”


Weston made a hilariously failed attempt to look at this back, muscles getting in the way and holding his head from twisting. “I crashed into a table last I checked, something wrong?”


Jeremy was already shooting into a room down a corridor. He didn't answer, but came back with medical supplies. “You're bleeding. Face the counter.”


Weston did as told, and then yelled as he felt a piece of glass pull out from him. “What was that?!”


The glass the rose was in I assume. It's not that bad, I don't think you need stitches but I will disinfect it and I have some band-aids”


Wait. Disinfect? Does that me- SONOFABITCH!” Weston felt the peroxide pour down from the wound. “Couldn't even warn me?”


Jeremy patted his back. “Didn't think you needed it. I'm going to put the band-aid on. Prepare yourself.”


Weston pushed off the counter and felt for the band-aid. “Didn't even notice. That's weird.”


Jeremy resumed working on the stove, of which every burner was working. “Yeah well you're pretty big, it was more like a deep scratch. On me I would definitely need to go to the hospital.” Jeremy spoke as he cooked, throwing pasta in boiling water, and then oil in a pan. He ran over to the counter to make quick work out of some broccoli. “Now be a good boy and eat your watermelon.”


Weston moved to get a better look at all that was happening in the kitchen. “Jeremy, what is all this?!”


Jeremy grinned as he threw the broccoli in the pan. “Well I am making some beef and broccoli, got some rice steaming, pasta boiling, and I am making a cheese sauce. I assume you want to eat a lot, you aren't too concerned if the food goes together.”


Not at all, but Jeremy this is so much. I can't ask for all this.”


Jeremy looked up at the man taking up the entire room, able to easily touch both walls if he stuck his arms out. “Listen, it's fine. I like cooking. Sometimes too much for my own good. I am a bit of an expert on gaining weight.”


Weston manoeuvred behind Jeremy at the stove, hands on his shoulders. “Jeremy, please don't bankrupt yourself to keep me fed and happy. Let me help take care of this, it's me that's the problem here anyways.”


Shred the cheese.”


Weston puckered. “No I mean help with all this. The broken couch. The table. The food. The shopping. I can't make this up to you. I don't make much and as I grow it's taking more and more to keep me going. I don't know what to do. I can't even fit in a house right now.”


Jeremy took a final shake of a pan, and then turned around. “We will make it work. Maybe we will find a way to make more money.”


It is my responsibility to do that. I just have no idea what to do.”


Jeremy stepped away so he could see Weston's face. “Then let me help you. There is so much that we can do. You are huge I'm sure someone is willing to pay you a lot of money for some work only you can do. We can work on that tomorrow, but for tonight you have a critical job.”


Is that special job 'Shred the cheese'?”


Jeremy turned back around to stir the pan again and take the rice off the heat. “We'll add good memory to your resume.”Weston went over to the other counter, and munched on watermelon as he shredded the cheese. Jeremy's eyes bugged when he saw how much cheese Weston had shredded. Jeremy couldn't grab it all and made Weston put it into the pot. Jeremy then kicked Weston out of the kitchen so he could finish up.

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18 added 18/09/2020)

Chapter 19

10 minutes later Jeremy laid out everything as promised and then some. He made a salad as well, and had been baking some stuffed mushroom. Weston found himself drooling, and drank some water.


Jeremy threw a dishtowel over his shoulder. “Ok big guy. I tried the best I could on short notice.”


Jeremy THIS is short notice!? What the hell happens when you plan it?”


Jeremy sat next to Weston on the floor. “Give me a week.”


Weston began digging in, moaning in a frightfully similar way to when they had been making out. Jeremy looked longingly at the food, but ended up only taking some salad. Weston rolled his eyes, took the plate from Jeremy, and piled on some beef and broccoli, and a little rice.


Jeremy, I might have a way to help you.”


What did you have in mind?”


I could be your coach. No offence but every time I see you eat you are not eating enough of the right stuff. I could train you.”


Jeremy considered his plate of food. “I don't know. I'm never going to look as good as you.”


Weston set his own food down. “Stop comparing yourself to others. For you I don't even want you to focus on how you look. Here, one sec.” Weston shifted Jeremy away, and sat cross legged on the carpet facing him.


Jer, how far can you run?”


Umm... I run for the bus sometimes, I usually have to run in spurts.”


Weston took out his phone, and very carefully typed something onto his phone. “And how hard was it to carry me across the floor. Wouldn't it have been nice if that was easier?”


Jeremy thought. “I mean I don't think anyone can carry you now.”


Weston didn't flinch. “You're dodging the question. Would you like to be stronger?”


Jeremy raised his shoulders. “I mean yeah I guess...”


Good good.” Weston made more notes on his phone. “Would you like to feel good after a karate sparring match? Not winded part of the way through”


Jeremy nodded. “Yeah that would be really nice.”


Weston messed on his phone a little more. “Jer let's work on these things then. Now go get me your scale.”


Jeremy leaped to his feet, gave a salute, and marched off. Weston took the opportunity to pig out. When Jeremy came back Weston put his hand out for it. Jeremy handed it over and watched in horror as Weston bent and broke the scale in his bare hands.


Wes, you could have like hid it or something.”


Then you would have looked for it. In my experience clients get sneaky. No scale, no weighing. If I could, I would break every mirror too, but that's too much. We will measure in ability, not body.”


Jeremy slowly nodded. “Ok, but what if I want to change my body.”


Weston sighed. “Jeremy, your body will change in due time, but making that your main focus is a disaster waiting to happen. It takes a special type of person to be able to work on his body without tying emotion into it. Bodies are fickle, weight especially, and getting emotional at every slight back step is not worth it.”


Jeremy got up from sitting, walking towards Weston. “Weston, are you insecure?”


Weston sniffled and wiped a tear. “I mean not anymore right. I just... I've been there. Seeing the scale go up 2 pounds and refusing to leave the house because I feel like a failure. A lot of people always said they wished they looked like me but that felt like more pressure, and yet at times I couldn't see what people could see in it.”


Jeremy stepped between his legs to press up against him. “And then you seek anything that gives you any happiness like food.”


Weston leaned his head down to Jeremy's shoulder. “And then you barely eat to punish yourself for your behaviour, but that's not sustainable and you binge.”


Jeremy looked up and met Weston's eyes. “Are you serious? You of all people go through all that?”


Weston blinked and tears hit Jeremy. “I could never take it, getting as lean as I needed for those bodybuilding shows. I felt like a failure. I would never complain about what I could manage, I was in great shape, but all I could see was all the reasons I failed those shows.”


Weston, I never thought a trainer like you would get me. Is that why you keep telling me you don't care that I'm overweight?”


Of course not. The happier you are the sexier I find you. I think being healthier will make you happier, and if you agree, then I can see what we can do, but I promise you losing weight for the sake of it is not going to be the way.”


Jeremy took up his plate. “I'm in.” He also picked up the pot of macaroni and pushed it to Weston's face. “Now eat this up before I dive in face first.”

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)
16 hours ago, cregssatx said:

Always a pleasure to see more chapters!  Especially three at once!  :)  Thank you!

I let the story go for a bit and felt bad. I have a draft on my comp that ahead quite a few chapters so I just buckled down and edited them quickly to post :D

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