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Chapter 9

Weston texted back the next day, a little bothered that the clothes from their day out barely fit, though he did say it was workable for now.


Jeremy hesitated for a long time, but finally built up the nerve to ask. “So Weston, are we still on for the play on Friday?”


Of course! You think I am going to miss a musical! You're crazy!!!”


Oh ok good. I got a little worried after the game shop the other day.”


Weston took a bit of time to respond to that. “I mean do you blame me. We spent hours making a character, and we didn't even play the game yet.”


Jeremy laughed at Weston's text “Wes, if I'm being honest making characters is my favourite part. Thinking of all the possibilities, the backstory, tying their story in with the others. We were playing the game, just a different part of it.”


Hmm... ok I guess I can see that, but I think I will like it better with a bit of action. That is coming up right?”


I mean yes but half the game is talking and describing. It's about making a story together.”


There conversation went on, and the two returned to their normal chatting. Eventually, Friday came about. Jeremy looked through his closet gleefully, trying to find his own outfit for the day. He had the benefit of knowing what Weston would be wearing since he'd had it arranged. Finally he settled on something matching Weston's to-be outfit and headed out.


As he approached the opera house he brought up his e-ticket and let the attendant scan it to allow him to enter.


Excuse me, any chance my friend has come in yet? He's-”


The attendent put on a polite smile to hide her eye roll. “I'm very sorry, but I have been working all day I can't say I will remember one specific person.”


Jeremy smirked a little. “He's 6' 7” with arms about as big as I am.”


The attendants eyes went wide. “OH OK YES, I definitely remember him. He arrived about 10 minutes ago, the house isn't open yet so he's likely milling about in that area. People couldn't stop staring at him, so I bet you will find him easily.”


Yep, that's what I figured. Thank you.”


The hunt had begun. Jeremy began pushing his way through the crowd of people jostling this way and that distracting themselves while they waited for their seats to open. Jeremy had mass on his side to help get through the crowd, but being shorter finding his way was harder, however as he approached his entrance he noticed the crowd becoming even more dense. Eventually no one was moving.


Wes, are you there?”


At that the crowd began to churn and move, until finally over the heads of the nearby people Jeremy saw Weston's jolly face and shiny shaved head.


Oh there you are Jeremy. Excuse me guys he's with me.”


Weston's words split the crowd, revealing Weston in his entirety to Jeremy all at once. Suit pants ran up his leg, pressed firmly in the front to make a crease, and spreading above the knee to hint at his muscle underneath while not revealing it. Given the amount of fabric used there, clearly those thighs must be sizable. Tucked into that was a crisp and bright sky blue short sleeve, buttons thankfully laying flat in place as opposed to the buttons from his 'date shirt' that had been attempting to wrestle any way to escape their position. The shirt was still short sleeve showing off those hams Wes called forearms netted with veins delivering the fuel the muscle needed to stay large. Overtop of the shirt was a designed vest, hugging every contour of his core and chest, accentuating the sheer mass of him without revealing all the underpinnings. As Jeremy looked around though he could see people were filling in all those details under his clothing with their minds, and he couldn't help but laugh. From what he had seen the other night, the imaginings were probably still not doing Weston justice.


Jeremy hugged Weston, if only to ensure he stayed next to Wes in the sea of people. “Wes, you know how to draw a crowd.”


Weston laughed his typical hard deep laugh from his core. Jeremy felt the rumble through his arms and chest. “I think it's more like displacement. I take up too much space but people are determined to keep the average human density on the floor.”


Jeremy laughed a little more then he expected to, and his head hit hard against Wes' pec. There was give in the fabric, but not the body underneath.


Wes laughed a little at the response too. “Killer, that was not that funny. Thanks for the ego boost though.”


As the crowd redistributed around us as if to try to fuse Jeremy and Wes together, the doors to the house opened up and people began filing in to their seats. Weston held Jeremy back.


Jeremy I'm sorry if I seemed off last time we were together.”


Jeremy used the newfound room in the are to step away so he could look into Weston's face. “It's okay man. I'm not in any particular rush. I'm enjoying our time together. However we are getting closer, so I feel good saying, if something is bothering you I want you to let me know.”


Weston broke his gaze at Jeremy. “I have a few issues I guess I'm just working through.”


Jeremy walked back up and used his hand to coax Weston to look at him. “Weston no one is without problems or issues. The scars on us define who we are, and make every person unique. The people who only settle for perfect will never be satisfied. I want to be the person who works with someone to make myself and him better.”


Weston shed a single tear. “I needed to hear that. After dropping wisdom bombs like that you're sounding pretty perfect to me.”


Jeremy looked up to him. “And you look like you could go up against a speeding car and win. Plus you are so inquisitive, which I think is cute.”


I like how unapologetically 'you' you are. A lot of people try to be someone else around me. Pretending like they like all the same things as me. I don't wanna date another me. That's boring.”


Teeth peeked out and eyes lifted as Jeremy's dimples pressed up and apart. “Well good because I can't stand watching sports.”


Weston matched his smile. “At least I look like I see the sun every once in a while. You allergic or something? Vampire?”


Jeremy stepped up to Weston, having moved away as the crowd had parted. “I like to think it's a fine trade off since I can multiply without counting on my fingers.”


Oh yeah, and who do you think someone would ask them to help move out? You look like a couch would crush you.” Weston made sure to add a playful wink.


Jeremy was a little taken aback. “Hey no fair. Not my damn fault my body decided I didn't need to reach the top shelves.”


Weston leaned forward, pressing his face right to Jeremy. “Shut me up then, little man.”


Jeremy did not need to be told twice. He pushed his mouth forward to meet Weston's lips, and threw his arms behind that wide neck Weston had. It had been a nice triangle before, but now Jeremy felt like those lines of his traps bulged out more then before. Weston wrapped his arms and constricted Jeremy in close, Jeremy's rib cage slotting oddly in the crevice at Weston's sternum, and Weston hoisted him up off the ground. Jeremy barely noticed, focused on their tongues at play. It was not ferocious, but gentle, and yet that somehow felt better, almost as if they were physically enacting their teasing argument in their mouths now. Jeremy wanted to spend an hour in this moment, but sadly a loud cough interrupted the scene, causing them both to look at a well dressed usher.


Sirs, please don't interpret this the wrong way, but that may not be appropriate here. Could I suggest you take your seats? The show is going to begin soon.”


Weston dropped Jeremy in the shock at being caught. It was not a far drop but where Jeremy's feet feel straight down, his upper body was pushed out trying to get around Weston's chest, throwing off his balance. Jeremy stumbled and Weston reacted pulling him in again. Jeremy's face met hard with Weston's pec again. The muscle still had no give, and with the speed of the whole thing Jeremy felt like he'd hit a wall.


Jeremy spoke through muffled words. “We will get there post haste. Sorry for the display. We got carried away.”


Once the usher saw the men wouldn't be a problem his bearing softened greatly. He even laughed as he led the way into the seating area. “To be honest if I had a boy like him I'd want to do that all the time too. Try to be good you too. Enjoy the show.” With that he indicated the seats set aside for Weston and Jeremy, and they proceeded to jostle and sidle their way to their seats.


Weston and Jeremy giggled about the overt flirting of the usher right up until the play started. It however didn't take long before an issue arose.


Mommy, I can't see anything past the big guy!”


Weston slowly slinked into his seat, but as Jeremy looked back he realized it was for naught. The little girl behind Weston was standing on her seat and was barely at Weston's shoulder level. Weston looked over his shoulder and realized the same, but as he turned to say anything the bounce light from the stage illuminated the girl enough for Jeremy to see her.


Suzy, is that you?”


The girl looking like she was working up to crying stopped and smiled at Jeremy. “Oh Mr. Waters. I'm sorry. I was really excited to see Hairspray, but I can't see past him.”


Jeremy thought fast, and leaned over to the mother of the child to whisper to her. She seemed to nod quickly. “Suzy, this is a great play and you will like it a lot. My friend here though can't help how big he is, so would you like to sit with me in my seat?”


Suzy's face lit up, and began to run out of her aisle. The mother breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you Mr Waters. I think she was about to go full tantrum.”


No problem. Are you sure you don't want to switch with me and sit with Suzy? I could sit back there?”


Suzy's mom looked over at Weston's hand holding Jeremy's. Jeremy hadn't even noticed when that had happened. “No clearly you came with someone. Sit together. I should be trying to find a way to make it up to you.”


At this point they began getting shushed by their neighbours, so Jeremy simply waved the mother off, and grabbed Suzy who had now arrived to sit on his lap.


Jeremy stole glances over at Weston, who still maintained his sunken position to avoid blocking any other people's view, but did seem to be enjoying himself. Jeremy even thought he may have heard him humming a few of the songs. Jeremy however focused on Suzy instead, acting the part of a teacher and having to explain a few of the racially charged topics from the play in a way Suzy could understand. He even bobbed both of them to the beat of some of the songs. On the last song something nudged Jeremy and he looked over to even see Weston bobbing from side to side with them as best he could, wedged into the seat as he was. He looked over and Jeremy saw Weston mouthing the words, eyes almost shut from a huge smile.


After the curtain call was over, Suzy hugged Jeremy before attempting to run out of the aisle, but Jeremy caught her, and heaved her over the back of his seat to her mother. “Thank you again. You are a life saver.”


Nonsense Mrs Matthers. Suzy is a great kid. I didn't think about this when I picked my tickets, I maybe should have picked a back seat or a balcony.”


Mrs Matthers looked over to Weston, who was stretching with several bones popping. “I should apologize to you as well, for ruining your... date?”


Weston held out a large mitt. “Weston, and it's perfectly fine. I am sorry I caused a bother in the first place. Height is great for reaching the top shelves,” At this Weston winked at Jeremy. “but can be a problem in these situations.”


The adults all laughed before Suzy pulled her mother into the flow of people leaving the theatre. Jeremy began to follow suit before Weston grabbed his hand and pulled him back. “But you are all mine from here on out this evening, understood?” Weston's breath from his whisper made Jeremy whisper.


No arguments from me stud, but we're gonna talk about how hard your pecs are because you keep making me faceplant into them.” Both laughed at that, and Jeremy heard a rip.


Looking down, he saw Weston's pants. The cotton was pulled hard in all directions, having no give left around the thickest part of his calf. As Jeremy ran up Weston's leg he found the source of the noise. If the lower leg had no give, then it had been a miracle that the part around Wes' thighs had held out as long as they had. The textile stuck like skin to all his quad muscles, running flat along any divet in a futile effort to economize on the circumference it had to cover. At the seam however a split showed the failure of the pants to contain Weston's bulk, sun-darkened skin peaking out of the hole.


Weston followed Jeremy's eyes and then cursed. “Fucking seriously? What the hell!”


Nearby patrons looked over at the outburst, the ones noticing the tear shaking their head and rolling their eyes. Jeremy even overheard a whispered “-wasn't so busy trying to show off your clothes wouldn't rip.”


Weston decided to sit down to try to avoid more onlookers, and Jeremy sat down again as well. “Weston how much did you grow between the last time I saw you and the fitting this morning.”


Weston looked nervously around and tried to wave smiling at the people who had seen him before sitting. “Not much. I had grown a little by the end of the day we went to all the stores, but not much after that.”


But you still grew a little even after that right?”


Weston looked over himself. “A very small amount. It's funny thinking about what is happening and thinking a half inch on my arms is a small amount in all this.”


That means this thing is not uniform. You're growing in spurts.”


The psychic said something like that. Something is causing my growth.”


Jeremy thought about it. “You were growing even before meeting up with me though.”




Paling skin was all that met Jeremy's eyes as he looked over at Weston. Weston slowly turned to look over at Jeremy. “I started growing when I started messaging you.”


Jeremy's skin drained as well. “That can't be possible. Surely you have grown like this before.”


Weston shook his head. “Jeremy there's something I have to ask you... What do you think of my body?”


Jeremy worked his jaw before his mouth could form any real words. “Weston you are I think the single hottest man I have known, and I know you are the hottest one who's ever talked to me.”


Weston's face betrayed that that was not the answer he had wanted, confusing Jeremy a little. “Weston, is this really an important question right now. Surely I am not the first person to tell you something like that.”


Weston shook his head again, solemnly. “No you definitely are not. Jeremy this is scaring me, and clearly you are involved. I think maybe we may be done.” Weston went to get up, but then remembered why he had sit down, and looked around seeing not everyone was gone yet. He resettled but looked sadly at Jeremy.


What?! Weston what do you mean? That's too sudden, and you don't even know it's me causing this.” Jeremy stood up in front of Weston.


Jeremy, please don't interpret this as me being conceited, but every guy I have ever been with idolized my body. I don't want someone only interested in me for what I look like. I don't know that you are causing this, but I am not ready to be used like that again. I'm more then-” Weston was cut off as his head shot to the side from a slap.




Weston began to look afraid as he saw Jeremy's face red with rage and tears pouring freely from his eyes. “Weston you are hot! Not all of us get to be that fucking lucky, so forgive me for not feeling sorry for you, but if you truly think after all this that I'm only doing all this to worship your muscles, then you are right we should stop dating because I am not that shallow!” As Jeremy's voice rose, the theatre began emptying faster.


But you said you were excited to seem me grow.”


Jeremy raised his hand to strike again but thought better of it. “Yeah so that turns me on. SUE ME! I liked your wit. I liked how thoughtful you get when you learn something new. I liked how hard you were trying to see the things I liked through my eyes. I loved that for once someone looked at me and didn't see me as a small fat desperate gay, but I guess I was wrong about that, since you think all I want to do is get in your pants. GET OVER YOURSELF. I would rather spend one night in a karaoke room then 5 in a bed with you.” By the end of this Jeremy wasn't sure he could get more words out, and ran down the now cleared aisle, hands trying to clear his vision as he went.


Weston sat in place stunned, cheek burning red where Jeremy had hit him. The people had all cleared out except the ushers clearing out trash, and looking over at him nervous to try to move him. Tears began pouring down Weston's face too, before he looked over to the exit Jeremy had left through. He stared down at his hands, as if he might find solace there, but none came, until he resolved and clutched his fists. He rose up, and bothered one of the ushers, who with a bill in his hand went running.

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(AM: This story is going to be a long chronicle. The growth is slow, and almost secondary to the story. This focuses instead on men exploring a relationship with growth being a part of it. I have had

Chapter 2 For a man who could intimidate any bullies from Jeremy's life, this man looked very skittish. It appeared he was shoving his shoulders forward trying to get his shirt buttons not to pop

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I really like the way you write the characters, the feel like they acctually can have cemestry and are not just "the plot says you like each other... deal with it". Its good that this "break up" happened because now Wes knows, Jeremy liked him for himself and not only for his body. I am exited to read how this will change their relationship. Keep going strong. ^^

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Chapter 10

Jeremy ran out of the theatre, pressing past a few people. His car was there, but he did not feel comfortable driving right now, afraid his clouded vision might make his night even worse. He began trudging, having lost most of his angry steam and sadness providing far less force. He dragged himself as far as the far corner of the parking lot, between a car and the fence, and openly sobbed. He considered whether he should be so attached to a guy he had only met a handful of times, but his mind found it difficult to focus on anything else.


Eventually the owner of the vehicle did come, and could not open his door without Jeremy moving, so Jeremy picked himself up and began to move towards his own vehicle, only to find Weston looking around, and seeing him.


Jeremy turned and ran away, ignoring Weston's pleas to stop and come back. Jeremy found the exit of the parking lot, but he could hear that Weston had almost caught up to him. Jeremy cursed the speed of the fit man, and made to cross the road.




Jeremy blocked out the rest of the words as he witnessed what Weston was warning. Jeremy hadn't looked up the road, and a car was now slamming it's brakes, but still coming at Jeremy at far too fast a speed.


Time slowed, but Jeremy couldn't see any way of avoiding the vehicle. He was useless in this moment. He closed his eyes and thought of all his good memories. Birthdays, family outings, graduation, getting hired. All forms of joyful events flooded his mind, but annoyingly with them came memories of the dates with Weston. Wrestling at the restaurant, eating pizza by the river, distracting him while Jeremy had the clerk grab a hulk comic from the back, helping Weston make a character that was his opposite. Jeremy tried to push them away, but there was no time.


Jeremy did not feel the car hitting him, but felt his balance shift as his body fell on the hood, roll over the window, flip through the air, and then hit the ground. He heard the car slide on its wheels for several meters past where he had been before the sound ended. Laying there, Jeremy wondered if everyone felt this peaceful before they died.


It felt like minutes later, but likely was only a few seconds before Jeremy felt the ground rumble up and down in rhythm under him. It took until he heard the driver come over to him for Jeremy to realize he was not dead.


Jeremy opened his eyes, and was looking up to a night sky. Clouds shrouded a canopy of stars, but there were parts uncovered where their light managed to break through. The ground was still rumbling though. Jeremy looked over to realize he was not on the concrete, he was laying on top of Weston, held in his bear hug.


Jeremy regained his composure and time returned to it's too-fast pace. Jeremy squirmed to try to remove his weight from Weston, but found his arms to be too constraining. Weston was sobbing.


Weston let go of me. We need to get you to a hospital! You got hit by a car.”


The driver was also trying to look to see if Weston was alive and how bad the damages. Weston opened his eyes. “Jeremy, are you ok?” he barely breathed out.


Jeremy finally slithered his way from Weston's arms. “Yes you big dummy. What did you do?!”


Weston looked over and smiled. “You were gonna get hit by a car.”


Jeremy rushed over to Weston's face. “So now you got hit by a car. How is that any different?”


Weston laughed a little, though it turned into a cough. “I saw a documentary once on how stuntmen get hit by cars. Thought I'd give it a try.”


Jeremy began crying. “You're a big dummy.”


Have I mentioned how sorry I am for everything I said?”

Jeremy backed up, shocked. “THIS IS NOT THE TIME! We need to get to a hospital.” Jeremy shot the driver a look, and the man realizing that was his job began looking for his phone. Before he could though, Weston raised an arm to him.


It's fine man. I'm gonna have some bruises but I think I avoided any broken bones.” Weston pushed himself up to sitting and breathed, though he did wince when he tried to take a full breath.


Jeremy walked around to face Weston again. “Are you nuts?!”


Weston then slowly brought himself to standing. He was an imposing thing up on two legs, and all witnesses questioned how successful they would be at making this man do anything he didn't want to do, even in his weakened state. “See, I'm fine.” Weston tried to smile, but his clothes were barely tatters now, and bruises were already making disgusting colours on his body.


Before anyone could protest Weston made his way back to the entrance of the parking lot, and collected something from nearby. He limped as he walked. Jeremy dismissed the driver, who now was looking at the broken windshield and dented top of the car he had. It almost looked as if the driver had been in as much danger as Weston based on how far the metal had collapsed in. Jeremy finally left the man to his own problems as he ran over to Weston.


Jeremy, can we talk?” Weston held out a water bottle to Jeremy.


How could you be so stupid? You dumb freak you could have died.” Jeremy threw himself at the man and squeezed his midsection with all his strength, causing a loud wince from Weston.


You ran into traffic first. Seemed like the cool thing to do...” When Jeremy did not respond Weston continued. “Jeremy, I've never had a relationship last longer then 2 weeks. People sleep with me, worship my body, and then that's all they want to do. No one wants me for who I am, and I get scared if I put on fat, or lose any muscle, because if I don't have a perfect body then I am afraid I will be alone. You are the first person who seems interested in what I say. You meet my eye, and you talk to me on my level, as opposed to behaving like I am in charge of them, so when I asked you about how I look and you gave me such accolades... It brought all of that into question.” Weston had started tearing up again, but sniffled and wiped away what he could. “I can't believe I forgot all the time we spent together. I threw you into a category you did not deserve. You are wonderful and a great man, and it was me being shallow.”


Both men had taken to sitting with their back to the chain link fence of the parking lot, looking out on the road that could have housed their bodies as Weston talked. Once he had finished Jeremy slid to sit close enough to lay against him, and wrapped an arm around Weston's core, pulling them together.


Weston, a shallow person does not throw themselves in traffic to save someone. It makes you dumb.” Jeremy took a glug of water and continued. “A shallow person does not look slaves begging him for sex and turn them down. It takes a deep person to crave something like that.”


Weston wrapped his own arm around Jeremy, feeling calming warmth coming from him. “Jeremy, have I mentioned how sorry I am.”


Yes, several times I think. I get it you can stop. Have I mentioned how dumb it is that you ran against a car to save me... but how thankful I am that you did?”


Silence stretched between the two, each enjoying the feel of the other holding them tight.


Eventually Jeremy broke the silence. “You grew again.”


Ya figure?”


Weston felt Jeremy nod against him. “My eyes barely make it to your pecs.”


Huh. How do you feel about that?”


You know how I feel about it. How do you feel about it?”


Weston shrugged his shoulders. “Came in handy today. If I was still my 6' 2” size I don't know if I would have survived.”


They both settled in silence drinking their water.


Finally Weston spoke again. “'I loved that for once someone looked at me and didn't see me as a small fat desperate gay'”


Jeremy recognized his own words immediately. “That is what I said.”


You said 'liked' in the rest of your sentences. That one you said loved.”


Only a slight shift against his stomach told Weston that Jeremy was smiling. “Caught that eh?”


What did you mean by that Jeremy?”


I don't know Weston, this was like... only our third date...”


Weston's voice shook Jeremy with it's bombastic power. “JEREMY I DOVE IN FRONT OF A CAR FOR YOU.”


Jeremy got swept up in the sudden emotion from Weston. “MAYBE I SORT OF LOVE YOU!”


Both felt a new sort of rumble as Jeremy was shifted to the side slightly. Weston grunted as his vision shifted up a fraction. Weston began looking at himself as Jeremy stood facing him in almost horror.


Jeremy... your love is growing me.”

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Chapter 11

Jeremy looked over Weston as his head raced. “Weston that is pure craziness. I have feelings for you but that can't be causing this.”


Weston had been trying to stand up as well as Jeremy began speaking, but wobbled part way through as he felt another small surge. “Jeremy I am over a full foot taller then I was about two weeks ago, and I am getting so big my muscle is actually getting in the way. Exhilarating as I find all this, I think this whole thing is crazy, so I think we need to accept a little crazy.”


Weston, I can't wrap my head around this.” Jeremy began pacing. “This is insanity. This can't be real. This-”


Weston stepped in front of him and Jeremy ran right into him. “Jeremy, honestly I'm exhausted. We both got hit by a vehicle, I have grown quite handily out of my clothes, and you cried your eyes dry. How about we call it a night eh?”


Jeremy looked over the beast he now knew he was making. Between the growth and the car accident, the tatters hanging around a few choice places, that covered no part of Weston except his briefs, were stretched to their limit even as is. Weston's muscles were the stuff of dreams. Striations abounded on his body in all directions, veins threatening to try to take over for the emergent pattern from the striations. Muscles themselves made large mounds on his skin rerouting the road map of the veins and striations. While the man looked strong as anything, Jeremy was actually bothered by something in this physique.


Weston, how are you feeling?”


I'm really tired Jer. I just want to go home and sleep.”


Buddy, what's the minimum fat percentage healthy on a male.”


Weston looked up as he rattled off his textbook knowledge. “Bodybuilders can compete as low as 3-5% so that is attainable despite not being sust-” Weston found himself interrupted as a flash went off. Looking confused at Jeremy \,Weston's face turned to horror as Jeremy turned the phone around, showing a picture to Weston. “JESUS. I have no fat. What the hell?”


Jeremy took him around and led him into the parking lot. “Look I know you used up your cheat day but have you considered McDonalds?”

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I absolutely love this story. Gets better every chapter, and every chapter I thought it couldn't.

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I'm usually just a lurker, but man oh man your story gets me going. I'm a sucker for love stories and yours is most def not your standard cookie cutter.  Please keep going 🙏 

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Chapter 12

As it turned out Weston was hungrier then he first realized, and after a little coaxing from Jeremy ordered a smorgasbord of food in the drive-through. Jeremy could see by the time he pulled up next to Weston after getting his own food Weston had already gotten through a burger and a half. Weston, still stuffing his face with food, squirmed himself out of his vehicle.


Weston, God I know you are hungry and your body is starving, but if you eat too fast you are going to choke.”


Weston threw up his shoulders as he devoured the end of the second burger, and took a long swig of pop. “I am going to have to reconsider my diet if this goes on. A body does need some body fat for vitamin storage and such.”


Jeremy patted his own stomach, sticking out a few inches more then he'd have liked. “Oh then I guess I have lots of vitamins, I can stop taking a multivitamin.”


Weston, who was now eating a wrap looked over. “Mumpivipaminsh are bullship.”


Jeremy stared in confusion, but jumped as he figured out what Weston had said. “I hear that, but I don't know. The idea of multivitamins seems good. Kind of cover your bases, though I do think they stick some things together that stop each other from being absorbed.”


Weston nodded his head as he continued devouring the wrap, swallowing hard. “You can get all your vitamins and minerals from food, so long as you eat...” Weston showed off a chicken burger he had grabbed now, “well not this stuff. Good for quick calorie surplus though.”


Jeremy looked pathetically at the salad he had gotten himself. What culminated in a few pieces of lettuce with some chicken, the barest amount of shredded carrot, and some tomato were there, and next to it enough ranch dressing to make a soup of it all. Jeremy began to sadly manoeuvre to use the ranch on his food, but Weston stopped him. He took the salad from Jeremy, and brought it with him as he opened the back of his car. Jeremy tried to see around Weston but that was growing to be more and more of an impossibility as he grew bigger. After a minute Weston turned back around with several plastic containers of food. To start he handed Jeremy a salad including what Weston had taken from him plus a lot more. Nuts, some dried fruit, and more veggies filled the bowl as well as some shrimp, and the bowl smelled of some spicy Asian cuisine. Next on the top of Jeremy's car he laid down a lid with an open face sandwich with sliced avocado, the chicken from the salad, and more tomato. Finally he also plunked down two peaches and a baggy of jerky.


Weston you were carrying all this food in your car?”


Weston could not respond, as his free hands were now devoted to shovelling more of the McDonald's into his face, but he nodded again. “-arry domething every-ere”


Compared to the sad sight his meal had been before, Jeremy now looked with hungry eyes at the food he could eat. “Weston, this is actually a lot of food. I'm trying to lose weight isn't this too much.”


Weston shook his head, and gave him a thumbs up. That was all Jeremy needed to begin enjoying his meal too. Both the men munched in piece on their own food, although Jeremy did steal a few fries until Weston held them out of reach.


BBUUURRRPPP” Weston beat his chest to try to lose any other air bubbles that might have been left behind. “Shit if I don't put on 10 lbs form that alone then there is no hope.”


Jeremy laughed from where he sat on the lip of his own cars trunk. “Knowing you it will turn into 10 lbs of muscle.”


Weston looked over seriously. “No, I need to put on a bit of fat, don't you dare grow me anymore today.”


Jeremy laughed. “Yeah because clearly I have control over it. Stop being such a good guy then.”


I'm serious Jer, I need to get my body into a safe healthy balance.”


I'm serious too! I don't know how this works. Take some of mine, I don't want it.” Jeremy made a motion as if detaching the fat from his stomach and throwing it at Weston.


Weston paused and then sighed. “Jeremy, I really am scared by all this. I have a question for you.”




Weston looked over, face hopeful and nervous. “Will you keep me company tonight? After everything that's happened today... I really want to fall asleep knowing someone is there for me.”


Both men noticed as soon as the words were leaving his lips that Weston weighed down his car a little more. “Shit Jeremy I didn't think about that. I'm gonna grow if you stay over aren't I? How do I make this thing work I don't get it!” Weston thumped the top of his car, leaving a dent in his car. At that he cursed the sky, and began trying to push it back up from the inside of his car.


Weston are you taking back your offer just now?”


Weston fiddled with the car, as he got that look of his when he was concentrating. “No, I would feel a lot better with you by me.”


I would love to.”


Weston grunted as his body pulsated larger, wedging himself in his position in the car. “Jeremy... I'm stuck.”


Laughter accompanied Jeremy as he walked over to see if he could help. He found no better way then adding his own strength, as comparatively small as that may be, to Weston's own jerking. Jeremy grabbed around Weston's waist, put one foot to the car, and began pulling with Weston. After a few moments Weston's body managed to slip out and both men fell back form the force. Jeremy fell first, staring in horror as Weston's back came hurtling towards him. Weston fell back, butt hitting the ground causing him to lay back. Weston caught himself on his elbows, arching his back, only partly squishing Jeremy beneath him.


Jeremy could feel the immense hard muscle, bounding out far from where Weston's spine indicated his skeleton might be under all his mass. Those hard, flexed muscles pushed Jeremy into the equally unforgiving concrete. The warmth that was running through Weston contrasted the cold of the ground. Jeremy lost all sense of context, completely focused on the display before him, his own dick responding to the sexual attraction of Jeremy's view.


Weston spun off him and stood up quickly. “Umm... sorry about that, That was... I mean...”


Jeremy, realizing his cock was beginning to fill up more and more quickly tried to hide the scene. “Weston I am so sorry. I know how you feel about that stuff... It's just... Well you are so big and strong...”


Weston seemed to only have eyes for Jeremy's pants. “I still want you to come over tonight, but your dick might be a little disappointed when I crawl into bed in pajamas.”


Jeremy was relieved. “I can behave. Promise.”


With that Weston walked over to close the car door, walking very close to Jeremy to do so. “Give me some time, but we will get there. I have desires too.” When Weston raised back up he licked his lips, staring with the same hunger he had given the cheeseburgers earlier, making Jeremy officially hard. Jeremy, bashfully ran for his own vehicle and got in to follow Weston to his house.

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