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m/m Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)


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(AM: This story is going to be a long chronicle. The growth is slow, and almost secondary to the story. This focuses instead on men exploring a relationship with growth being a part of it. I have had

Chapter 2 For a man who could intimidate any bullies from Jeremy's life, this man looked very skittish. It appeared he was shoving his shoulders forward trying to get his shirt buttons not to pop

Chapter 3 With that Jeremy began looking around. His fears coming into the date about Weston not being sincere, while apparently being semi-well founded were no longer present, but as a cautious


I'm not ashamed to admit that I stalk the site to see if this one is updated.  :)  

... dont forget to update your thread title!

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 6 added 18/08/2020)
4 hours ago, cregssatx said:

I'm not ashamed to admit that I stalk the site to see if this one is updated.  :)  

... dont forget to update your thread title!

Yep I saw that from your like actually. My bad haha

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5 hours ago, cregssatx said:

I'm not ashamed to admit that I stalk the site to see if this one is updated.  :)  

... dont forget to update your thread title!

Me too. 

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Chapter 7

Both men drove to the board game shop, Jeremy leading the way.


Weston, please. We could just turn back.”


Falling to the side, Jeremy watched Weston push past him into the store. The store itself covered a large area. Walls displayed a variety of games, books, and figurines, subject matter mixed in parallel worlds that would never meet in imagination. Orc figurines sat back-to back with space marines. A display of cards occupied like jewellery at the front where a man stood with a cash register. Throughout the floor area of the store, tables upon tables were occupied by people. Mostly men, though there were women spotted in between. They were in groups, often hanging on the words of one in their midst, easily picked out as they sat at the heads of tables behind screens.


As Jeremy caught up, he saw Weston was standing wide eyed. It was unclear to Jeremy whether he was in awe, or about to make fun at all of the nerds. As they stood unmoving, more and more people began to stare back. Their faces however betrayed them. There was a split in the room, some people taken aback by someone so big and strong, others looking scared.


Weston leaned over to Jeremy's ear. “Why do a lot of them look like they hate me already?”


Jeremy took another look and realized Weston was right. People were glancing over shoulders in disgust and distrust.


Weston, I have a hunch. You are big and strong, sporty, confident, and commanding. No offence, but in my school, that was the bullies. I used to play this game as a coping mechanism to escape the reality of those problems.” The more Jeremy went, the more he realized this was bothering him too. “You are a great guy, don't let it bother you, but to these people you represent a lot of awful things from their life. I am so sorry maybe we should leave...”


Weston seemed to look over the room one more time. His arms wrapped around Jeremy again, just for a moment. “I am not a bully, I have to stand up for myself.” With that he stormed into the room.


Weston walked around, and seemed to pick out the group the least friendly to him. He saw they had character sheets, and found some blank ones nearby and swiped one and sat right down.


OK How do we play this?”


Everyone look at him dumbstruck. Every person in the room now couldn't look away from the man forcing his way around. Jeremy strongly debated just walking out, but he saw Weston in this room too. The man was so big, he commanded the attention of the room, and yet he looked so out of his comfort zone. Weston truly looked as scared in this situation as they looked having him there.


Jeremy rushed over, grabbing a chair on the way. “Johnny, Richard, Bella, Rupert. I'm so sorry this is my friend Weston. I think he saw you guys playing and thought it looked cool. He doesn't really know how to play-”


Johnny, another player sitting at the table looked derisively at Weston. “You don't say. Look Weston or whatever, I don't think you belong here. We were in the middle of something. Could you go away?”


Jeremy looked back at him. “Rich talk from a man who invited himself to my gay board game nights as the only straight man. Rupert, he's just a little eager. Any luck that you might be in a position where we can roll a new character?”


Rupert, from behind his screen seemed to look Weston up and down. “Weston have you ever played a tabletop RPG?”




So then, why now?”


Weston looked around at everyone. “Well... I don't know. I just wanted to try something new. Besides Jeremy seem to find this fun I think, so it's gotta be pretty cool right?”


Rupert stuck Jeremy with a gaze. “Come on. He's not like other guys. He's really nice.”


Not how I remember high school. I seem to remember Weston enjoying tormenting me in the change rooms.” Richard finally looking up. His gaze was as hateful as one could ever muster.


Weston looked over, under a cloth hood. “Richy? Oh god... I... Jeremy maybe we should leave.”


Jeremy looked between those two. “Richard, how bad was it?”


Once he dyed my skin blue.”


Weston couldn't meet Richard's eyes. “Richy I can't even begin to apologize. We were stupid kids. Is there any way I can make it up to you?”


Richy simply stared at him in silence. Weston finally began motioning to Jeremy. “I think we should go. You were right. This is a place people use to get away from people like me. It's not fair for me to try to force my way in.”


As Weston and Jeremy began to get up and walk away, Richard spoke up. “Weston, what about Jeremy attracts you?”


Richy we have only been on like two dates, I don't think it's appropriate.”


Weston, you always made it sound like you were top shit. Like you were going to have 5 girls hanging on your beck and call at once. Now you are going after a guy like Jeremy. Explain!”


Weston looked down at Jeremy, kissed his forehead, and continued leaving. He stopped at the door and looked back to Richard. “Richy come here. Clearly we need to have a talk. I don't care about embarrassing myself to make up for something like that, but not Jeremy.” Richard grumbled but did get up.


For 10 minutes Jeremy paced on the inside, unsure who to be more worried for. Eventually both men did come back in, smiling even.


Richard, what happened? Weston?”


Richard spoke first. “He apologized. A lot. And then we talked a lot about you. Now it's time to put him to the test.” Richard's smile went from genuine to sinister.


Oh god, Weston what did you promise to do?”


Weston cocked an eyebrow. “I just agreed to play DND. That's the game you all play right? Richard said he wanted me to play, on a condition.”


Jeremy looked concerned as he watched Richard, who was grand standing. “Attention everyone. Allow me to introduce you to Weston, my bully from high school. He has apologized and wishes to try D&D. Now he agreed to a condition, so long as a majority of you think it is fair. Weston, would you do us the honour of a flex?”


Weston walked up next to Richard, after looking around he gave in and brought an arm up. The entire room ooo'ed and awe'd at the display. Weston's arm showed through the shirt. A huge peak pressed up the fabric, round and full. Jeremy especially found himself focused on it, as he was sure they had fitted that shirt earlier in the day to be looser. Weston noticed too as he looked panicked to Jeremy.


Richard then continued. “Clearly this is a man who feels comfortable with his strength and size, but D&D is a game for imagination. I say we roll him a character. I'm thinking of making his strength 4. Who is in favour of a strength 4 character?”


Jeremy's face blanked as he watched the room raise hands and laugh. Jeremy sidled over to Weston, who leaned down to talk to him.


How bad is that?”


Your clothes may or may not crush you under their weight.”


Weston winced. “Is that a normal thing?”


I have never seen anyone adventurous or dumb enough to try it.”


Weston took his typical thoughtful look. “Sounds like fun, but Jeremy's on my team!”


At this the room roared up once more, as Jeremy sunk his face in his hands.

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 7 added 19/08/2020)

(AM: My computer erased a whole chapter of work :'( this and next chapter may be a bit on the smaller side)

Chapter 8

As Jeremy and Weston emerged from the shop Weston yawned and stretched, but stopped before the top of his movement.


Jeremy, I can't possibly have grown already. Right?”


Jeremy grabbed Weston's sleeve and tugged at it. There was barely any give left in them.


Weston, has something like this ever happened to you? Like this can't suddenly be new right?”


Wes looked down at Jeremy. “Honest to god this is all new to me.”


Wes, what do you think about it? Are you... excited?”


Weston looked himself over. “I mean I'd be lying if I said it wasn't cool, and I'm getting stronger too. Annoying too though. I'm gonna go through all my savings on clothing in a week. Besides I don't really like being alone in this.”


Jeremy gazed up. It was so easy to look at this giant man who was getting to car bench pressing territory and forget the human side of it. Jeremy took the initiative to test his previous thoughts on how far up he could go and still manage to reach around him. Turned out it was just below pec line.


Weston put one hand on Jeremy's head and the other on his back to pull him in closer. “Jeremy how do you feel about all this? This is really weird, and we aren't that far into dating. Maybe we shouldn't.”


And leave you alone to face this? No way. Besides if I'm being honest... It's kinda hot.”


Weston leaned away to look better at Jeremy. “You find that hot?”


I mean yeah. Becoming stronger, bigger. Consider if someone finds muscle sexy, then more would be sexier right?”


I mean... I guess... If I am enjoying it I guess I could see others liking it too.”


Jeremy looked up with seductive eyes. “If you were willing, I could show you how much I like your body.”


Weston smiled, but broke off. “Thanks for the offer, but I'm a little worn out today though.”


Jeremy leaned up for a kiss, but Weston made a quick exit. Jeremy felt a little upset that maybe he had done something wrong. He texted Weston when he got home, but got no response that night. Jeremy sat in his bed at night, bouncing two books in his lap. A fitness magazine suggested by Weston, and a hulk book he slipped into the bag when Weston wasn't looking.

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 8 added 20/08/2020)
  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)

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