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m/m Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)


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(AM: Thank you so much for the comments. I appreciate them so much 😊)

Chapter 4

After finishing off the food and sitting there for a bit the boys decided to call it a night. This involved both walking back down the path to their vehicles. Unfortunately, they had pushed their luck and the mosquitoes were out for blood.


Why do these things even exist!” Weston grumbled.


Jeremy giggled as he slapped his arm. “I've always said if the bites didn't itch I wouldn't even mind mosquitoes. Where are bats when you need them.”


Weston looked around uneasily. “Why do we want bats?”


Natural predator of the mosquito.”


Huh. Guess I never thought of it that way.” Weston shivered a little. “Bats make me uncomfortable.”


That's why Batman chose them as his symbol. People are afraid of bats, especially him.” Jeremy immediately regretted what he had said as soon as he said it. “I'm sorry. Guess I'm a bit of a nerd.”


Weston laughed a little and pulled Jeremy next to him. “Hey man it's fine. You enjoy comic books?” Weston felt Jeremy's head nod against him. “Then I'm sure it's cool. Seems a little convoluted to me but I mean so do soap operas...” Weston stopped moving and Jeremy separated from him. “Comic books are soap operas but with super powers!” He seemed very proud of himself.


Jeremy turned around, and breathed in deeply. “HOW DARE YOU?!”


So are you saying there isn't love, betrayal, people thought to be dead coming out of the woodwork, and people theoretically doing their jobs mostly in the background?”


Jeremy worked his jaw as they began walking again. “They are there but like, that's not the focus. The focus is beating up the bad guy. That other stuff is like... flavouring.”


I feel like you haven't given me a very compelling argument yet. I did say with super powers after all.”


That conversation led until they got to their vehicles, and a few minutes beyond. Jeremy wearing himself out, and Weston looking amused.


Well are sports any better? Spend all your times learning stats so you can guess where a game is going to go, and most of the time it goes that way. It's like paying for admission for something that could be exciting 1 time out of 10.”


Weston leaned up, “Hey man, no need to take it out on sports. It's not always about the outcome of the game. It's about the players and how hard they've worked. It's about seeing men putting their all into what they do, clashing against each other for supremacy.” Weston was looking on, fist clenched as if he wanted to be one of those men someday.


Jeremy did not waver. “I mean I stand my case. It could be scripted to be more compelling. It could be told or seen in a better way, with thought out dialogue that doesn't sound like it's told by a 7 year old who's had one too many concussions.”


Weston came to stand above him. “I'm sure I have no idea what you mean.”


Jeremy had been on his phone before Weston finished the sentence, pulling up a Youtube video of athlete interviews where they said stupid things. Weston leaned over Jeremy's shoulder to watch his fellow sportsmen make utter fools of themselves. Both of the boys were laughing together.


OK Jeremy, I have no words in defence of that, except that those guys weren't hired for the intellectuals... And they make more money then I will see in my entire life I suspect.”


Both men hung their heads. “Sad to think about, isn't it?” Jeremy lamented.


Hard to call them dumb when they live in mansions wanting for nothing.”


Jeremy raised a hand, becoming hopeful. “They say once you make enough money to cover your necessities without fear, that your 'happiness returns' from excess money has diminishing returns.”


Weston stands up and shrugs, “I mean sure but would be nice to have a mansion.”


Jeremy slipped away his phone. “I don't know, always been a fan of the idea of a farm. Fresh produce always available, lots of space. Maybe a few animals. Sounds like a decent living, even if it may not be an easy one.”


Weston raised an eyebrow. “Farming is very physical work. I wouldn't have thought you for that kind of guy. Figured you would sooner do something like accounting.”


I mean... that is one of my specialties. I make a mean budget.”


Hey that's a good thing. Keeps you out of trouble. I've run up a credit card a few times in my life, and always think 'How do I pay this off?'”


Jeremy whispered before he realized. “Onlyfans”


Weston looked him over and Jeremy shrunk back and spoke. “I am so sorry I didn't mean anything.”


Weston did not back down. His body going from amazingly attractive to frightful in a flash. “Listen here. So help me I worked to make this physique, and I am proud of it, but I am not some kind of sex object. I am a human. I pay taxes, and get emotional and drink. I was beginning to think you were different.”


Jeremy watched as Weston walked off, unsure at what he had done. The date had been so nice, Weston being a gentleman. There was more to him then his looks, and Jeremy did not want to see it end here. Weston was storming off, and before Jeremy could think, he started a last ditch effort.


Is it too late now to say sooooooorryyyyyy.” He began singing. Weston stopped and turned around. As it turned out, Jeremy was also not a great singer.


He continued. “Because I'm missing more then your body. Yeah.” Weston turned around further, looking at Jeremy, emotion unreadable, though Jeremy seemed to think Weston's eyes may have started watering as he had been leaving.


Is it too late now to say sorry? Boy I know that I let you down, is it too late to say sorry now.”


Weston came over again, laughing the whole way. “And you made fun of my singing?”


I'm sorry.”


OK you can stop singing now.”


Jeremy hugged Weston, pulling him in close. Jeremy's face fighting a losing battle against Weston's pecs, but he tried to not focus on them. “No I'm saying I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you.”


Weston wrapped his arms around Jeremy too. “It's fine, I might have been overreacting. Its just old to only here about people liking how I look. There is more to me, right?”


Jeremy looked up through the mans body at him. “You do. You sing like nobody can hear you. You like learning new words. You are trying to become smarter. You are... caring.”


Weston let his grip lighten on Jeremy. Jeremy thought he had said something wrong, until Weston's lips pressed against his. Weston's lips were solid, reflecting in part his body, Jeremy's own proving to betray his body and moulding around Weston's. It didn't matter. Jeremy threw his arms around where he assumed Weston's neck would be. He could not verify, his eyes closed in ecstasy. Weston was leaning down to him, grabbing his head in his hard hands, callouses digging into Jeremy's skin. Jeremy wanted to push it, to go deeper into the kiss, but he thought better of it. It pained him to break the kiss, but he did and hugged Weston close, leaning his head on Weston's shoulder.


Weston, I had an amazing time.”


Call me Wes.” Weston pulled out. “I do actually have to go though.”


The two men slowly detached from each other. As Weston walked off Jeremy tilted his head in wonder. At some point Wes' sleeves had torn right up to the shoulder. Jeremy just shook his head. Hopefully on the next date Wes could come in a shirt that fit him properly. Jeremy began to simply hope there would be a next date.

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 4 added 16/08/2020)
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(AM: This story is going to be a long chronicle. The growth is slow, and almost secondary to the story. This focuses instead on men exploring a relationship with growth being a part of it. I have had

Chapter 2 For a man who could intimidate any bullies from Jeremy's life, this man looked very skittish. It appeared he was shoving his shoulders forward trying to get his shirt buttons not to pop

Chapter 3 With that Jeremy began looking around. His fears coming into the date about Weston not being sincere, while apparently being semi-well founded were no longer present, but as a cautious


This is excellent!  Excited to learn the mystery of Weston's growth.  Is he growing???  Why?   Love it. 

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Chapter 5

Over the next few days, Jeremy and Wes talked a lot over the dating app. Based on what Wes had been telling him, Jeremy decided to investigate dojos in the area, though hadn't settled on one yet.


Jeremy it will be great fun, just remember you are doing this because you enjoy it. It's not some magic weight loss technique.”


Yeah yeah I hear you, though it would be nice.”


They continued to talk about various interests and hobbies, both discussing how much they enjoyed plays. They settled on watching Hairspray, for another date.


Jeremy, I am having a bit of an emergency.”


Why, what's wrong?”


Jeremy, I'm not 6' 2” anymore. Nothing fits me!”


Jeremy rolled his eyes seeing the text come up. “Buddy we have proved this. You are tall. You could stop rubbing it in. JK”


No. DUDE. I was 6' 2” last week. I measured myself in the same spot as I did before. I'm 6' 6” now, and I've blown up in muscle. I gained like 40 lbs. That is not natural!”


Listen man, I don't judge, but maybe tone down that vitamin S.”


JEREMY, I DON'T TAKE ROIDS. My doctor has always told me my natural T is higher then average but this is ridiculous. I'm a little scared tbh”


That didn't make sense to Jeremy either. 6' 4” had been his guess for how tall Wes had been on their date. 6' 6” was a truly noteworthy height. Jeremy wasn't even sure he had met someone that tall in his life. It felt like Jeremy would have known if Weston had been that tall.


Maybe you should talk to a doctor.”

I have set up an appointment for next week, but that leaves us with a different problem. I truly have 0 appropriate clothes for the play.”


Jeremy laughed, picturing the same shirt from last time, but even tighter now. “Buddy. It may be time to do some clothes shopping.”


Dude, they don't have clothes to fit me. I'm not even a thin tall guy. I got beefier, even proportionally. Nothing off the rack fits me in any store. Even if I somehow did have a T-shirt that fit I can't wear that to the play!”


Jeremy thought it over. “Listen man, where I work I have to have a few fancy clothes, which means I know a tailor. Maybe she can make something for you.”


Jeremy how will I know if I am going to outgrow it before the play?”


Jeremy smiled as his fingers flew on the phone screen. “I have an idea.”


The next day Jeremy again beat Weston to the meet up point, which was fine because Jeremy had purposely arrived ten minutes early.




An old woman stood at the other end of the counter. Exuding sweetness like an experienced mother, she stood on a raised floor behind the counter, and still seemed normal height. “I'm sorry deary. What was it that you needed again? I don't think I understand.”


Ms. Cleary, I know it sounds weird. I am willing to pay you double to make a suit for my friend. He has a medical condition and it's really bothering him. He is growing at an absurd rate. The measurements you take today, won't be the same ones he has in a few days when he needs this. What we need from you is to take his measurements today, overestimate them, then he can come in on the day, get the final numbers, and sew it up.”


Ms Cleary waved her head. The moment someone saw her they knew she would be very kind, but she tool her business seriously and would have 0 patience for 'tomfoolery'.


Deary, this doesn't make sense to me, but if you are willing to pay then I have no issues I suppose. Business lately hasn't been kind to me so I'm in no position to turn away such a loyal client of mine.”


A few minutes later the door opened to the shop with the clatter of a bell attached to the door, and in stepped what Jeremy was now positive was the largest man he'd seen in his life.


Weston raised himself up to his full height, having ducked into the doorway. He cast a large shadow into the shop from the light of the outside window near where he had entered. That being said not a lot was visible as he walked in covered in a sheet he had clearly poked a hole in the middle for his head.


With a thud Jeremy hit the floor. He was unsure if he had ever truly rolled on the floor laughing, but it was happening now.


It's called a poncho.”


Ms Cleary entered. She was less amused. “Well you ate your wheaties and drank your milk I'd measure. Honey, from a place of love, you are the sorriest state I have ever seen anyone walk into my shop in, and I sometimes help the shelter dress the homeless for work interviews. Take that bloody thing off.”


Weston lifted the sheet over his head from the inside. Jeremy stopped his fits to look over at what Weston had been hiding. Now Jeremy could see Wes in earnest. If he thought Wes' last clothes had been tight, these put them to shame. He wore basketball shorts, normally loose and flowing by the knee, these were tight and barely made it down half his thigh, looking as though as time went on they would ride up and show more of those hard deep lines of muscle separation. It also did nothing to hide whatever he was smuggling in between his legs, but Jeremy looked away quickly. On top it appeared Weston had attempted to put on a loose stringer, one that would hang from your pecs down to your waist. It was dangling, but barely made it past his second row of abs. It appeared Weston's large back was responsible for plastering the front tight against him. The sides of the clothing were wide open, showing off the sides of his pecs, as well as lats coming down wide and deep until they slipped back under the sorry excuse for a shirt.


Jeremy was stunned silent, staring into a god among men. Wes had been telling the truth. This was not the same man who had walked with him to the river, and was a far bit from the lean natural bodybuilder with no titles he had talked to weeks ago.


Boy, do you have any clothes that fit you at all?”


Ma'am. I am sorry to say this is the best I had.”


Cleary looked over at Jeremy who just shrugged. “OK I see the issue.” At this she rolled up her sleeves. “Donny! Get me the long measuring tape, my step stool, and as many bolts of fabric as you can carry. We got work to do.”


Jeremy found himself in awe. Cleary, who he was beginning to suspect might be asexual, had made Wes strip down to his boxers, which clearly were also becoming an issue with his new size. Jeremy got a very pleasant look at the entire body of his date before Weston realized Jeremy was staring and threw a shoe at him to leave.


Jeremy was stuck outside the fitting room for a strangely long time. Jeremy took a trip for some coffee, but Cleary would still not let him in the room, although she did have her assistant Donny come grab the drink he had gotten for Weston.


An hour later, they all finally emerged. Wes bringing up the back, wearing a simple T-shirt, and some pants, though he was still in flip flops. A situation quickly remedied as Donny went through another door Jeremy had never noticed, and reentered the room with a very snazzy pair of shoes, as well as some dress socks. Weston looked good, and it was nice to see him feel comfortable for the first time since they had met.


OK Deary I will take you up front to pay, and give you a card to remind you of the appointment on Friday.”


Ma'am thank you for everything. You whipped this up so fast. I'm just worried if by Friday...”


Same story as Jeremy. How old are you again?”


Turning 30 by the end of next month. Bit old to be growing more aren't I?”


Cleary chuckled a little at that. Apparently Weston's charm worked on more then just gay men. “Deary that's a predicament. I do say I don't know if I believe you, but I guess I will see for myself by the end of the week. We will have garments ready for you. We will take your new measurements, sew the seems as needed quickly and you'll be all set. See you then.”


Weston and Jeremy left the shop, and Wes looked confident without reservation. It was splendid to behold, to finally see Weston looking at ease.


Wes, want to get up to something?”


Care to go shopping? I would love to hit a book store.”


Eyes flew back to Weston as Jeremy stopped in place, a little shocked “Oh uh...sure." Jeremy seemed to go back and forth on something internally before saying more. "How would you feel about going to a board game shop as well?”


Weston beemed over at Jeremy as they began walking again to their vehicles. “Can't say I've ever been to one. Sounds like fun.”

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 5 added 17/08/2020)

Chapter 6

After pulling over, Jeremy looked around. He was familiar with this area of the city, but only from having driven through it many times. Before him was an independent book seller shop, to which Weston was struggling with the door of, before bending over to read the sign. By the time Jeremy had caught up, Weston was checking his watch and shaking his head.


They are closed for another 5 minutes. Think they left for lunch or something.”


Jeremy pointed over to the side. “I mean I think next door there's a magic shop. That might be cool to look through while we wait.”


Weston looked over quizzically to Jeremy. “I didn't take you for Wiccan.”


I'm not, but hey maybe they have cool things in there.”


Jeremy led Weston into the shop. It was dark and had a cabin feel on the inside. Crystals, books, and other paraphernalia adorned the walls. All available space was utilized and so as Weston entered he had to be very careful not to jostle any shelves.


A young girl looked over concerned about the giant man who looked to threaten all her organization. “Sir I'm afraid if you break anything I will have to ask you to buy it.”


Sorry,” he shouted back. “Everything is just spaced really close together. I'm trying to be careful.”


Not used to that body of yours yet. It will be a long while yet before you are again.”


The voice that had just commented had not been the young girl. It had not been Jeremy either, but instead sounded like a knowing old lady. Thus it was less of a shock to Jeremy and Weston as a knowing old lady rounded the corner, hair a mix of black and gray falling to her side a little ratty, shawl over top of many other clothes, looking to make up as much mass as her actual body might have underneath.


The young girl looked worried. “Grandmother, I didn't think you are awake.”


The old woman turned around. “It's not every day we have such wonderful guests. Please come in gents. Weston, there is more room over here.”


Jeremy looked between Weston and the hag. “Wes, you know her?


Weston was simply staring at the women. “Never met her in my life.”


The young girl fixed a stare reeking of judgment. “You are in a magic shop. She divined your name.”


Oh pish posh. I didn't divine his name. I go to his gym sometimes to use the treadmill. I simply divined they would be here and would need a little wisdom.”


Jeremy squirmed under this possibility going against everything he believed. “Actually there is somewhere we needed to be.”


The grandmother just held a jovial grin. “It will still be another 7 minutes before the store owner is back. There was a line at the jeweller.”


Weston began pressing in towards the old woman. “I'm down to listen. Jer?”


Really. This is going to be nonsense.” Jeremy couldn't believe what was happening.


A meaty shoulder half blocked a worried look from Weston. “And one week ago all my clothes fit and I didn't thump the ground as I walked. I won't lose anything from listening.”


Jeremy sighed and began trudging over. “So are you can hold your hands over a crystal ball or is this more of a pull cards kind of thing.”


Young man, it's going to be a kick-your-ass kind of thing if you can't find it in yourself to learn the moral 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.'”


Jeremy found it funny such a small woman was threatening him, but he did stay quiet.


Anyways. Weston you are going to go through a lot of changes. This is but a beginning. You would do well to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.” As the woman went on Weston was enraptured, paying no attention to the derisive displays from Jeremy off to the side.


But Ma'am. What is causing this? Do you know?”


The crone audibly guffawed at the question. “Weston don't challenge my ability. Of course I know. Sadly I have seen some possibilities, and it is better for you to figure out for yourself the cause. It is the best path. You will see though, and you will be proud. It will still be a hard road for you. You as well Jeremy.” With that she turned to face her new subject.


Jeremy looked a little off, not recalling telling her his name either. “I don't need a reading.”


She didn't look bothered at this. “Think of it more as life advice. This man is going to cause ripples in our world, and being around that will be hard for you as well. Don't need magical powers for that, just some common sense.”


Weston, can we leave now? The book store is surely open by now.”


The old lady nods and Weston begins to walk away, but then leans back and whispers something in the ear of the mystic. “Weston, deary. I can't tell you that. That would ruin all the fun.”


With a thoughtful nod Weston also exited the shop. Jeremy was already at the door of the bookstore, opening it up. He appeared to be grumbling something Weston could not hear.


Jeremy, thank you for convincing me to go in there. That felt really nice.”


Surely you don't believe-” Jeremy looked up to see the contentment Weston was feeling, and stopped his sentence short. “I'm glad you had a good time big guy. Still interested in books?”


Weston grinned ear to ear as he surveyed the entire shop from the doorway. If there was an organization to the shop Jeremy could not discern it. Still he wandered around, and eventually got as swept up in the wares as Weston did. Both went around showing each other books, making it clear they had very different tastes, though not without overlap. Jeremy had grabbed a copy of Harry Potter, just to relive the nostalgia, and Weston saw and came over as well, launching into a several minute discussion about spells and sorcery. Weston also found a fitness book that really interested him, and Jeremy grabbed a few fantasy novels.


Jeremy ended up behind Weston, and was distracted by the view he had. Weston's back was large and blocking all hope of seeing the gentleman ringing him through. The shirt gliding down and in with his lats. Jeremy wondered how far up he could go and still wrap his hands around him completely. This distracted him right up until the cashier finally broke him from his trance and beckoned for him to come up.


As the books were passed over the counter, Jeremy noted an odd empty stand on the counter. He looked over and saw Weston had picked up something from the counter as well. A comic book of the hulk it seemed. Weston flipped it over, eyes bugging out. At that point he sat it back daintily on the display.


Hulk eh big guy? Can I say how cliche it is that you are interested in the most muscular superhero?”


Weston shook his head. “Yeah, but there's more to it then that. I like the dichiometry of the Bruce Banner Timid Scientist, and the Dumb Brute Hulk. They complement each other and yet fight for supremacy over the body. They work together but they are often not allies. It's cool.”


The man behind the counter adjusted his glasses to give him a second to think about whether he wanted to respond. “Sir, you mean 'Dichotomy'.”


The bookseller seemed to calm down when he saw Weston was not angry about the question but was introspective. He then looked over at Jeremy.


He's right buddy. You definitely mean dichotomy. Dichiometry sounds like unfriendly study of lesbians.”


Weston blushed. “Oh my god ok. Got it. Won't make that mistake twice I guess.”


Weston, did you find any books you think I should read if I want to start exercising?”


The distraction from Weston's embarrassment worked. He scrunched his eyebrows in thought as he began approaching the section he had been in when he discovered his own fitness text.


As he returned Jeremy grabbed the book, gave it a quick once over, and then passed it to the cashier to add to his bag. Once both were done, they headed out.


Weston, what are your plans for the rest of your day?”


Hmm... I mean I have a workout, and then after that I have a client late tonight but I am otherwise free why?”


Jeremy tried to tone down his excitement. “Listen, I guess maybe we shouldn't rush this. Should we call it a day?”


You're worried about the board game shop aren't you? How nerdy is it?”


Oh you have no idea. I just remembered that there is an event today.”


I hear they do card tournaments.”


They're playing role playing games. Sometimes they come in costume.”


Weston bent double choking for air. “I want to see it so badly!”


Boy, that cannot possibly be any less embarrassing then painting your face and body as you sloppily cheer to people who can't hear you.”


Weston rose back up and wiped a tear. “Exact same level of embarrassment, but I've lived that one. I wanna see your version.”

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)

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