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m/m Grow Closer (Chapter 17/18/19 added 18/09/2020)


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(AM: This story is going to be a long chronicle. The growth is slow, and almost secondary to the story. This focuses instead on men exploring a relationship with growth being a part of it. I have had

Chapter 2 For a man who could intimidate any bullies from Jeremy's life, this man looked very skittish. It appeared he was shoving his shoulders forward trying to get his shirt buttons not to pop

Chapter 3 With that Jeremy began looking around. His fears coming into the date about Weston not being sincere, while apparently being semi-well founded were no longer present, but as a cautious


I love this first chapter, and I am glad that you said it was going to be a long chronicle. I am really looking forward too many more chapters 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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Chapter 2

For a man who could intimidate any bullies from Jeremy's life, this man looked very skittish. It appeared he was shoving his shoulders forward trying to get his shirt buttons not to pop off. Jeremy recognized it as a move he had done himself after gaining weight but refusing to buy new clothes, albeit Jeremy had been getting fatter whereas he was unsure the adonis before him had ever so much as seen a pizza. Finally, the man looked over sheepishly at Jeremy and jumped at the opportunity to stop drawing everyone's attention and sit down. Before that though he held out a hand for Jeremy to shake. His hand could have engulfed Jeremy's, fingers firm and hand riddled by harsh veins popping, even in places on his fingers. It could have engulfed Jeremy's hand, but instead his touch was light, matching Jeremy's own which was soft from day jobs at a desk and an aversion to most sports. As he took it away Jeremy noticed why he was so vascular. Further up he had a meaty arm, biceps pushing out one way, triceps creating a bulging horseshoe shape on the other, and around it all a tourniquet done too tightly that was camouflaged as a shirt sleeve.


The large man took his seat, and silence ensued. Neither knowing quite what to say. The man seemingly occupied with making sure his shirt stayed on. Jeremy leaned to say something, and then came up short.


Wait. We have been talking for a week or two now. I don't think we ever traded names.” The man's eyes bulged, affirming that Jeremy had been correct. “My name is Jeremy. What may I call you?”


The man seemed to have directed all focus to Jeremy now, and Jeremy felt a little nervous having such a model of a man looking into him.




May I call you Wes?”


Weston looked playfully across the table and drank from a glass of water Jeremy had ordered before he arrived. “Maybe. Sounds like second date level familiarity.” He winked as he took another glug, Adam's apple bobbing in the middle of a triangular landscape of a neck. Most necks Jeremy was used to tended to be two lines going up and down, but Weston's didn't, and behind what someone might call his 'neck' were two huge muscles drowning the neck are. Jeremy didn't even know what muscles could shoot out from the back of ones head that arched down slowly to ones shoulders. They looked strong, and he could only picture a massage therapist staring at it trying to figure out which part was a knot and which part was just rock hard muscle.


OK Weston, well next question. I enjoy openness in any form of relationship. Not just dating but friends and such as well, so I hope you don't mind me saying... But why did you pick to come meet me in a shirt that looks like it might be tight even on me.” Jeremy fixed Weston with his own version of a playful look as he returned the wink.


At this Weston returned to being self conscious. “It's my favourite date shirt. Had it for a long time. Really shows off the muscles nicely-” Before Wes could continue Jeremy choked on some water he had been drinking. Wes looked a little exasperated. “I mean not like it does now. You know, to a nice level. I work hard for my body I may as well show it off a little. But now it's suffocating me. It fit last week! I guess I haven't been eating great maybe I put on a little pudge?” Weston inflected the end, as if asking Jeremy for the answer, which Jeremy assumed must have been rhetorical, but after a moment of silence Jeremy felt the need to answer.


Weston, I am doubtful you have at any point in your life so much as smelled a cheeseburger. Anatomical models don't show muscle and vein placement as well as your body. If you GAINED fat to look like this, then before you must have been an emaciated corpse.”


Weston laughed as Jeremy spoke though he drew up short near the end. “Emaciated? I don't know that one.”


Jeremy blushed. He loved speaking in a heightened vocabulary, but sometimes it lost people along the way. “It means thin, to the point of being weak and sickly.”


Weston chewed on that word for a minute. “I like it, except for the part where you are calling me weak.” Seemingly forgetting his predicament, he raised his arms into a double bicep pose, which would have proved too much for his sleeves, if the top button of his shirt hadn't given up first, flying out and bouncing off Jeremy's nose. He noticed immediately, reversed his movement and looked over concerned. “Are you ok?”


Jeremy was more then OK. Not only had he found the whole display, button popping and all to be dazzling, but Jeremy was entranced by the man's shifting from dominating and proud, to meek and humble.


Several seconds after the button had hit him, Jeremy recoiled in a melodramatic fashion as if the plastic button had been as striking as a baseball bat. He let his head fall to the table just light enough not to disturb anybody's water. “Weston, why did you attack me in this way? Did you always plan this? Do you take boys out on dates only to strike them down in their prime and take them home to do countless things too horrible to be spoken of in this establishment.”


Weston leaned over, concern on his face. Jeremy had been laying it on thick but was unsure if Weston maybe was a touch dense, until a knowing smile cracked the behemoth's lips. “Usually I wait until a few dates in but yes. I do. I bring them back to suffer through my many tortures. First they have to... play video games with me.”


Jeremy widened his eyes in mock horror. “No... Please..” he pleaded, but to no avail.


Weston continued in his hushed tones. “Yes, and if we play Mario I will toadstool jump them into all the pits.”


The horror”


And then, I have a karaoke machine. I sing until their ears bleed.”


Jeremy giggled, still attempting to pretend like he was dying. “So like... 2 songs?”




Jeremy wriggled up back to sitting, apparently delirious from any onlookers, despite his gleeful grin. “Don't you have any humanity?”


Weston closed his eyes, and when he opened them again his eyes were white, except for a little iris peeking out near the top of each eye. “None. And then the coup de gras. By then I am usually hungry and they have to stomach... my cooking.”


Jeremy no longer could hold it in. He burst out laughing, drawing some attention from nearby tables. Weston was smiling but also attempted to shush Jeremy. As Jeremy calmed down and was finally able to talk, he gasped out, “And here I thought you were going to say made them work out with you.”


Weston laughed at that, though not as boisterously as Jeremy. Still it was quite loud, but deep and charming. “No Jeremy, I want to torture the men, not kill them.”


Jeremy chuckled as his overflowing mirth subsided a little. “I mean anything you're doing would kill me so yeah sounds about right.”


Weston got a slightly puzzled look and seemed in that moment to be rather analytical. Jeremy was unsure how he felt under his gaze, but couldn't fault him for staring. Weston's body had been about 70% of Jeremy's focus so far in the evening, so it would only be fair for Weston to assess Jeremy's body too.


Listen I've been at this game for about 7 years, and was athletic to begin with, so let's put me on 10 years. You workout hard like I have for that long and then do the workout I do now, and you would complain it's too easy.”


Jeremy was a little taken aback. Firstly Weston didn't seem bothered by Jeremy's physique, or lack thereof, but also while he had been aware of the idea Weston was saying, it was odd hearing someone like Weston say it out loud. It was still something Jeremy was unsure he could accept.


I mean I guess..”


No guessing. I am a trainer and I see things like this all the time. I didn't come out of the womb benching 350 pounds, and you didn't come out crunching numbers. If we didn't have glorified calculators on us at all times I would be screwed. What does 2 plus 2 equal again?...”


Jeremy laughed at the end, cheering him up from his self loathing over fitness. “I mean depending on the number system you are working in and how you define addit-”


Weston immediately went cross eyed. “Please stop before I toadstool jump you into a pit.”


The men resumed laughing, though Weston was quickly drawn back to his shirt.


Weston, this is ridiculous. At least undo the buttons. I am actually concerned for your health.”


Weston's face twisted in determination as he twisted his body attempting to find some magic position that made the shirt fit. “I just don't get it. I wore it last week. I know because I had it when I-” He came up short at that and stopped moving.


Jeremy sighed, “Given it's your date shirt can I assume you were on another date?”


Weston looked away nervously, this time avoiding looking at Jeremy. “Maybe... Guess that's not something you bring up on a date.”


Jeremy rolled his eyes and got up from his seat to go over to Weston. Weston stared from his seat, barely needing to shift his head up. Jeremy quickly grabbed at his shirt and began undoing his buttons, and made quick work of about 3 before Weston began to protest and fight him a little. “Stop” and “Hold Still” were shouted in equal measure as the men wrestled in the restaurant, enough to cause the manager to come out from wherever managers hide.


I need you both to leave. The outfit you wore is outrageous enough but this kind of behaviour is not OK in here. Take it outside, or better yet GET A ROOM.” With that the portly gentleman physically shooed the two out in quick order into the cool night air of summer dusk.

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  • Astromuscle changed the title to Grow Closer (Chapter 2 added 14/08/2020)
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Chapter 3

With that Jeremy began looking around. His fears coming into the date about Weston not being sincere, while apparently being semi-well founded were no longer present, but as a cautious man he was unsure what to do. Jeremy had told his friends where he was going to be for another hour. Earlier they had joked about Weston stealing young men away, but now that they were standing the difference in size and strength was stark as light and night. Weston struck a powerful silhouette against the street, hampered only slightly by his constraining shirt. Jeremy had a similar shadow on the ground, though much shorter, and wide in a way that was less intimidating.


Weston cursed as he looked back in and sagged his shoulders. He undid his last few buttons and opened his shirt up. His arms still looked deprived of all oxygen but at least he looked calmer. Jeremy now beheld a chiselled and quite plump chest. Striations were visible though subdued as they were not flexed, running paths out of the big mans sternum to unknown regions under his shirt. Abs popped out of his core like pez lined up in parallel columns. Fine details were hard to see in the dark of the setting sun but what Jeremy could see sent his mind reeling.


Weston looked down at Jeremy, and snapped him out of his trance before Jeremy had the chance to drool. “So uh.. big guy. How hungry are you?”


Weston sighed as he looked around. “Famished. I need to eat something soon.”


Jeremy thought for a minute. “I don't really know this-” Jeremy stopped, and then amended “What I mean is, I'm not sure there's anywhere good around.”


Weston swore a little and looked longingly back in the restaurant.


A phone found it's way into Jeremy's hands and fingers flew as he used an app. He also used the opportunity to update his friends on where he would be. All done, Jeremy grabbed Weston's hand and led the way.


Weston let out a few protests and questions but Jeremy dismissed them all, charging forward. Eventually the path led out to the river where a few benches sat.


Jeremy, this is a great view, but this isn't food. I was serious. I need to eat something.”


With that Jeremy flipped around his app, showing Weston that pizza delivery was on the way to their location.


Huh, isn't technology the darndest thing?”


Really big boy?” Jeremy shot him a judgmental stare, though in the fading light he wasn't sure if Weston would see it. “Gonna go with 'Darndest'? Are you turning 50 or 55 this year?”


Weston turned but his face was in full shadow. “Don't make fun of how I talk. I am not above pushing you down this hill.” With that Weston began slowly meandering carefully down the hill. The fact his arms were pinned up by his shirt actually helping him in this situation. Jeremy slid over about 10 feet to a set of stairs and began climbing down.


Jeremy was the first to reach the bench, though Weston wasn't far behind. Not far behind either of them was the pizza man too.

Why do you say you are 6' 2?”


Weston looked over confused. “Because when I stand next to a measuring chart the top of my head is at the mark labelled with the numbers 6 and 2... in that order...”


Finally the pizza guy reached us, and began taking out 2 pizzas. “Excuse me, how tall are you man?”


The pizza guy raised up, also being very tall. “Oh I'm about 6' 3” sir. Why?”


Jeremy grinned, to no one in particular. “My friend here is delusional. Thinks he's shorter then you. Can you compare?” Weston got up to say something but the pizza guy was already facing the other way, preparing to go back to back. Weston complied and followed suit.


From where Jeremy was, he could see it stark as day, Weston had an inch or even more on the pizza guy, but it wasn't enough for Weston to see over him. He may not believe it. The pizza guy solved that problem. He grabbed a pizza box, levelled it on their heads, and all of us heard the pizza shift away from the height of the box, Weston's head.


Jeremy thanked him, and paid for the pizza plus a sizable tip for all the trouble. As he left, Weston took a pizza and sat down heavy on the bench. “Jeremy, he is lying. He isn't 6' 3". I know I am 6' 2”. I measure myself regularly. It's part of competing. BMI and bf% and all sorts of things need height.”


Weston he's not lying, even I can tell you are taller then that. Is it such a big deal?” Jeremy began eating, talking between mouthfuls. “I mean, I was just wondering why you would lie about your height on the app, especially to appear shorter. I see people short like me giving themselves a few inches. I didn't mean to give you an identity crisis.”


Weston wasn't touching his pizza, which was causing his stomach to protest in all sorts of deep profanities which through his muscle was just growling.


Weston, eat please. You will feel better... We were in a pizza place, I know this isn't the pizza you had in mind, but surely it can't be that bad on your diet right?”


Weston shrugged. “No it's my cheat meal today. The pizza is fine. I'm just really confused. My shirt doesn't fit and I am taller. I'm too old to grow though, right?”


Jeremy shrugged. He dived into his pizza with a voracity that showed he had been just as hungry as Weston was. Finally, hunger won out and Weston ate the pizza. He laughed a little as he ate, causing Jeremy to ask the cause.


I get very few cheat meals. Normally I make sure they are worth my while. Nice artisanal pizza would be right up my norm, but now I am eating the fastest of fast food pizza. Just funny is all.”


Hey if you don't want it, I will eat it.” Jeremy reached over to grab a slice, but Weston grabbed his wrist mid air and looked him dead in the eye.


Over my dead body.”


Jeremy laughed nervously and took his hand back. “Easy big guy, in the dark it's hard to tell if you are kidding.”


Weston now made sure his face was all black as he looked over. “Get between me and my cheat meal, and I will not be held responsible to what happens to your body.” A pure silence stilled the air for seconds on end until that deep gutteral laugh broke it, and Jeremy joined in, even bumping into Weston's side a little. At first Jeremy moved his body away, but then he leaned in purposefully this time and Weston draped his arm on Jeremy's other side as they watched ducks float by on the current of the river.

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