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Ever since Adam was a boy, he wanted to be attractive.
Not just good enough to have a partner, but the most perfect adonis the world had ever seen. He longed to put the male models, the movie-stars, and the statues to shame. He had a vision of a 6'2 man with a jawline of marble and deep eyes; but what he wanted most was that body, the muscles of a Greek god, with barely an ounce of fat to cover them so every contour and muscle could be seen when he flexed, which this character often did. Early on in his life he knew he liked men as well as women, but he didn't want a model, he wanted a short little twink who would worship his body and nestle into his mass of muscles. 

Adam's fantasy began to really show when he entered his teenage years, but he soon tried to accept that it was a fantasy. He was only 5'9, and he still looked like a stick; he had a jawline and a thick head of hair, and he could have a girlfriend or boyfriend if he wanted one, but the male model of his dreams seemed a million miles away, even if he got into the gym.

However, one evening, he discovered a peculiar ability. The bullies at his school had begun targeting the short kids; and despite the fact he wasn't even that short, Adam found himself in the firing line. After an especially had episode, he found himself lying on his bed, wishing he were taller. In that moment, he did more than fantasize, he pled to whatever power may be out there to alleviate the mockery he recieved. After a few minutes, his legs began to tingle and burn as if they were being exercised really hard, followed by a feeling Adam had never experienced before, like his legs were in a box and were fighting for more room. He kicked furiously to try and sooth whatever this pain was, but it didn't stop, and there seemed to be more weight behind every kick. When the feeling subsided, Adam tried to rush to the mirror, but stumbled over his own legs, before he could see himself.

The difference was immediately apparent; the top of his head was now cut off in the mirror, and anyone would have noticed how he looked lankier than before. He stood next to the notches on the door frame his mother had made to mark his height, and sure enough, he was a good three or four inches taller than the latest notch made only a month ago.

Adam began to panic, this wasn't what he wanted. How could be explain suddenly growing overnight? He's heard of growth spurts, but this was absurd.

It was at that moment that the sound of the door opening came from downstairs, and Adam's father walked in. Adam's panic went into overdrive, what would be say? In a flash, Adam was face to face with his father, nervously shifting back and fourth out of fear. But, the only weird thing noticed was how his son seemed so agitated. Adam breathed a sign of relief, but he was still certain his colleagues at school would notice how he'd grown. He barely slept that night, imagining what people would say.

When he woke up the next morning, he went right back to worrying. However, he couldn't remember exactly how much he'd grown. He remembered he had, and recalled the burning feeling in his legs, but was he 5'7 or 5'9 before? When he went into the school halls, not a word was uttered about his growth, even when he passed the bullies, they didn't even register him.
As time went on, Adam forgot his life in average height. He never forgot that he made himself grow, but in his memory, he remembered family members commenting on how tall he was getting or how he stood over friends instead of seeing eye to eye with them. It was a thoroughly bizarre experience, so much so that he tried to forget all about it. Even if he was still miles away from his male-model fantasy, he at least had the height.

Years passed, and Adam went off to a good university. He left his old life as the awkward lanky, quiet kid behind, and wanted to be more confident. But, his old fantasy still chased him. People were leaving the remnants of puberty behind, and some looked like the dream men he wanted to be. Not to mention the available women and twinks who went towards those who looked like his fantasy.

The frustration mounted and mounted until one day, he snapped. He never forgot about his ability, no matter how much he tried to rationalise it. He went into his tiny room in accommodation before falling on his bed, just like he did a few years earlier, and began to plead. The years of looking at pictures of those he wanted to be like had culminated in this. Over the years, he'd compiled an image of his perfect body, and begged whatever force had caused him to grow before.

At first, he felt nothing, and the feeling that the whole thing had just been in his head crept in. But, just as Adam was about to get off the bed, the feeling returned. His scalp tingled as if it was being massaged, and he felt as his hair became thicker and silkier; running his hands through it was such a calming experience. The feeling moved down to his head, and the feeling turned to a burning as his bones began to reshape; his head grew and his brow jutted out as his jaw expanded. The features of his face changed; his eyes felt as if hot water had been thrown into them as they became deeper set and changed to a deep blue colour, his nose hurt and his lips ached as they became softer and kissable. Every imperfection in his skin from the acne scars from his youth to his dark spots faded, his face now had a healthy glow. Then the thing he'd really been waiting for, his body. Once his neck expanded a little, his shoulders felt as if he were carrying weights on them as his arms got further apart and the bed seemed to get smaller. His biceps and triceps grew to the point where he felt them lightly pressing against the rest of his body even while lying down, his forearms grew to the size of tree branches, and his hands grew but enough to grasp his new meatier arms. His back muscles looked like a winding map as what little body fat he had melted away from his face and down. Adam could barely contain his excitement as his chest started to burn and his pecs began to swell; he'd always been most fixated on the chests of the men in the magazines, and now he had his own sturdy balls of muscle. The slight gut he had was now gone and taught skin stretched over his pale belly remained, until a set of three pairs of abs burrowed their way forward and protruded out to give him a wash-board six-pack. His already thin waist cut down to form a v-line that was a work of art. His legs became two strong trunks, accented by a large and muscular butt. Once his feet finished straining in their socks, a recognisable burning returned as he grew to 6'4 tall, two inches taller than his fantasy. The process was finished off by a light tingle all over as most of his body hair from his eyebrows to his waist fell away, then his skin went from pale to a glowing, slightly-tanned appearance.

When he was certain it was all done, Adam rose from the bed that could now barely contain him, once again having to find his feet with his new height. When he stripped down naked and made it infront of the full-length mirror, he felt like a God among men. He blew every single one of his expectations out the water; while he was exactly like his fantssy, it looked so much better in reality. His dreams had become reality. This felt like his true form.

Adam showered and went out into the public. He darted into the first barbers he found and got a stylish haircut that showed and framed his face perfectly before heading to the high-end clothes shops in the city. He used every spare penny he had to get himself a new style and gym membership (he needed to keep up appearances); his clothes deliberately clung to his body to show off every muscle. Even with strangers, people stopped and stated at him, people treated him better. Adam was on top of the world and he was never coming down.

He went out with a few friends he'd made in university to a party. Since his friends had last seen him, Adam had become indistinguishable from who he was before, but they treated him as if he'd always looked this way. The second Adam entered the room, people turned to look at him; women and a few men seemed to naturally flock to him, laughing at every joke from his deep voice, and taking every opportunity to touch the muscles that bulged from his new sharp clothes. He proceeded to court a stunning woman from the party without even trying, with his new natural confidence making him irresistible. When he brought her back to his room, they were tearing each others clothes off in seconds, only stopping so Adam could dart into the bathroom upon realising he'd forgot about what lay under his briefs. When he walked out, he had a raging eight-inch erection, and the two people who were strangers a few hours ago had mind-blowing sex before collapsing onto the bed that barely even took up Adam's size alone.

When Adam awoke and saw his new friend on her way, he thought about the events of yesterday. He knew he'd change, and had some outline of what he looked like before, but when he thought back, he remembered going to the gym after school, how he was one of the tallest kids in class, how rumours seemed to circulate every week about a female classmate who had a crush on him. He was almost certain that even if he'd changed, he hadn't changed that much, only giving himself a bit of a boost.

Adam soon found plenty of modelling jobs coming in when he put himself out there, even receiving some offers before. He was mainly concerned with his studies, but it was a fun side job. His favourite and speciality was underwear modelling; it brought him such satisfaction to strip down to a pair of tight briefs that hugged his massive package and bubble butt, showing off his perfect body with the knowledge that he'd be seen by thousands of hungry eyes. Also, there was always one or multiple people at every shoot who would be desperate to have him.

After university, even when he got a regular job, the modelling continued. He didn't care about being spotted by his colleagues dressed in little more than small piece of fabric. He was such a star on the scene, he got away with a bit more muscle with some scruff around his face and chest than his contemporaries, it drove his fans wild. He relished the attention he got on Instagram, beaming ear to ear when he read the comments thirsting over him.

It seemed like Adam's life was on a clear path, but things were about to change when he met Sammy. There was a big advertising campaign around some new line of men's aftershave, and the company was prepared to pay a hefty some to get an attractive beefcake for the TV adverts. Adam committed more time for the gym in preparation for the job, and was the most muscular he'd ever been when he stepped on set in a ridiculously tight shirt that showed off his arms and pecs. Sammy was an actor in an extra roll of the advert, an wanted to catch a glimpse of the famous model he'd seen pictures of. When Adam was finished, his eyes fell on Sammy, who he thought was a cute little twink like he'd imagined. The two casually chatted, thrilled they'd got the attention of the other, and hit it off.

They were the couple they'd both dreamed of, almost. As happy as they were together, as much thrill as it brought to call them boyfriend and boyfriend, their fantasies were not quite matched. Sammy was 5'8 with a skinny-fat body, and worshipped his boyfriend's body, but Adam couldn't escape the feeling that he could get more. One night, when Sammy was asleep, Adam was wide awake crafting the perfect partner. Then, he began to plead once more, and to his surprise, he could change Sammy as he did with himself. Firstly, Sammy's head began to change, his features became a bit softer and better proportioned. Then, his body began to shrink as the body fat melted off and he began to lose height down to 5'7, then 5'6, then 5'5, and eventually stopping at 5'4, an entire foot shorter than Adam. Finally, what little body hair he had began to fall away until he was as smooth as an egg below his eyebrows. In his sleep, Sammy tossed and turned from the strange sensation, but when he woke up a few hours later, he was oblivious to the fact something has changed, and so was the rest of the world. Sammy was Adam's perfect boyfriend, the man he dreamt of. This was Sammy's true form.

There was one more change for the couple, the most radical one indeed, as Sammy's true desires for Adam became clear. Adam was one of the most attractive men in the world, he would turn heads wherever he went, he commanded such respect, he had photo-shoots and interviews from magazines constantly, but Sammy's desires were a little different. He always thought his boyfriend was attractive, but the men he was truly obsessed with were the true muscle gods, the bodybuilders. He wished his boyfriend would spend more time in the gym in the hopes that he could be held by a true obelisk of muscle, but he could only fantasize when enveloped by the vast body of Adam.

However, when he wanted to see what Sammy was looking for in terms of men on the internet, Adam snuck a look on Sammy's phone. He expected to see men like himself, and he did if he went far back enough, but what he saw in the recent searches was giant bodybuilders with muscles that were far bigger than his own. Adam felt gutted, knowing that he wasn't living up to the greatest fantasies of the man he loved. He pushed the hair he was growing out for a new style out of his face, and made a decision. It would mean drastically changing his life, and he would lose the some of the luxuries he'd had as a model, but for Sammy it was worth it.

That evening, after Sammy had gone to bed, Adam began pleading for the last time. He was more nervous for this than any of the others, but the changes still happened. First his neck began to change, filling out his chiseled jaw somewhat, then his shoulders began to grow as they'd done years ago. His pecs swelled like balloons to the point where Adam could barely clap his hands together. His biceps and triceps grew to the size of various sport balls, and another pair of abs emerged in his core. His legs burst out, ripping a seam out of his trousers, and the already tight shirt burst open to reveal the body of a superhuman. The arm and leg hair that was so maligned in the modelling world returned with a vengence along with some new chest hair; this was unusual for bodybuilders but Adam was between competitions. Then, for good measure, the snake in his trousers burrowed a few inches further and balls grew to sizeable weights.

Suddenly Adam's life changed. He'd practically lived in the gym for years, doing his homework in the gym, making friends in the gym instead of at parties, and making connections with his fellow bodybuilders. All those photoshoots and interviews weren't about modelling, they were for fitness magazines and bodybuilding forums. Of the heads he turned in the street, only some were lusting over his body, but most wanted to see the towering mountain of muscle. His Instagram followers were of a different crowd, fitness enthusiasts, and fetishists like Sammy.

Adam liked the new him in the mirror, while the old him may have been a man, he was playing a boy's game. He marvelled every time he flexed, which he barely had to do see an array of muscles pop out. The only sign of his past life that remained was his hair, still grown out in a pretty-boy style. He was desperate to complete this look, so he grabbed the clippers he used on his beard and have himself a number 3 all around. The look was finished, a perfect masculine superhuman. This was it, his true form.
When Sammy saw his boyfriend the next morning, his eyes lit up in a way Adam had never quite seen before.
 "Wow, you cut you're hair. It looks so good with your muscles, that old style was getting a bit femme." Sammy crawled into Adam's body, the two perfectly nestling into each other.
 "Thanks babe, you make it all worth it." Adam replied, finally satisfied.

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