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m/m/f The Grocery Manager Updated 8/3/20

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The Grocery Manager


First let me introduce myself first. My name is Sam and I'm currently 19 years old. Currently I'm 5' 8” and weigh 130lbs. I know, im skinny, but i'm working on it. I try to eat as much as I can but can never see any growth. My brother just got a gym membership and I’ve been going with him lately so I can finally grow some real muscle. 


Recently I was getting tired for working for my father's landscaping business and wanted to try other jobs. I applied to several places but the only one to reach back was my local supermarket. I went in for an interview, signed some papers and got the job. It was real easy work which was a great change of pace as Im used to working in 95 degree weather all day long. Bagging and pulling in carts were my main duties, as well as overall maintenance around the store. 


A week in, I noticed a cute-faced man who would be walking around frequently checking in on how things were going. I asked a coworker who he was and found out his name was Matt Johnson and he was actually the manager for the grocery department. Matt… what a manly name. When I went home all I could think about was getting up close to this guy and meeting him. The next day the grocery kids needed help and asked my department if they could borrow some workers. Me and another kid were sent over and were helping them make the products look nice. Suddenly, Matt rounds the corner and notices us. 


“Hows it going guys?” He said in his cheery tone. God this guy was a dream. The usual “Ok.” and “Fine.” was muttered. Then, me and Matt lock eyes. 


“Whos this guy?” He asks me. “One of the checkout kids” someone answered for me. 


“Name is Sam, nice to meet you.” I stuck out my hand. He stuck out and grabbed mine. God, his hand was enormous. It completely engulfed my hand and even some of my wrist. It was also incredibly rough and calloused. I could tell he worked with his hands alot. 


“Nice to meet you.” His voice boomed while simultaneously also using a friendly tone. He shook my hand and let go. If I could guess his stats, it would be 6’ 2”, 260lbs, 45 years old. He smiled and continued on, leaving me speechless. I went back to helping but I couldn’t get him out of my head. God, what a daddy. Later, I asked to speak with him to my manager and he phoned him over.


“Whats up chap?” He said.


“Hey… Mr… Johnson…” God I was stuttering. Why am I so nervous? “I was wondering if I could transfer… to the grocery department? You wouldn’t happen to have any openings would you?” 


“I’ll see if I have any openings, come with me.” I followed him to his office. He had a slight waddle from what I assumed was his legs rolling over each other from how big they were. Everything about this guy was massive. He had a coat on as all the managers did so it was difficult to gauge how big this guy actually was. When he got in his office he sat down and took off his jacket. 




He was so big. His chest, stomach and arms all bulged through his tight oxford. He released a sigh of relief as if his coat was making him sweat. I could see a visible outline of his armpit sweat as well as some sweat under his chest, creating a line that defined his pecs. He reached in his drawer and pulled out a binder and sifted through the pages until he found a specific page. “Looks like we have an opening next week, since this one gave his 2 week notice a few days ago. I can work you into the schedule but I can't give you many hours at first. Is that fine with you?” 


My heart fluttered. “Of course. Thank you sir. Do you need me to do anything for you?” 


“Nope, you’re all set chap!” He wrote something in the binder. “Just tell your manager you're transferring next week, so he doesn't need to worry about you any longer. Glad to have you on my team!” He heartily chuckled. 


“I will sir! By the way, looking great!” Shit. Why did I say that? Now he’s going to think I'm some weirdo. What type of guy compliments another guy on their body? Im so stupid. 


“Well,” He said, “There is another thing you could do for me… depending on if you want to do it. I’ve been in need of a little release recently.” He put the binder down. “I’ve noticed you checking me out, and I think I may have what you want.”

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Sounds like great potential!  Looking forward to your next chapter's posting.

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Part 2


I smiled. He smiled back.


“Only if youre comfortable with everything. No need to rush haha!”

He's far too polite. But it just added to his incredible hotness.


“You’re all I ever want.” He got up after folding up his glasses. He was so delicate with them, probably learned to be  more gentle the hard way. As he got up I inspected him top to bottom. Barreling chest, firm, round gut, overdeveloped quads, and a gentle scruffy face to top it off. “What's your stats?”

“Actually, I have no idea. I've grown since the last time I checked about 2 weeks ago… I should really check actually!” As he opened the drawer I heard the wood crack under some pressure. “Whoops… haha! Man it takes some getting used to your strength when you grow this fast… I can’t help myself!” 


“You mean this is all new to you?”

“Well yes. I am a completely different man than the one I was a month ago!” He said as he pulled out a sewing measurer. “Mind giving me a hand? I can't quite reach over any more…”


Fucking hell. This guy was so big he couldn’t even bend his arm to the other side without his biceps bumping into his chest. He handed me the tape measure and I dropped it over his arm. Pulling it tight, he flexed his arm causing it to be almost ripped out of my hand. When I pulled it all the way around, I was able to read the number. 27 inches. 27 fucking inches. That's more than the world record. I was immediately erect from reading Matts measurements. Chest was a bit more difficult. Since I couldn't even reach halfway around his torso, I had to have him hold it for me. I read off 82 inches. Quads measured 39 inches. 


He let me do all the measurements as he patiently waited for me to finish, smiling whenever I read off the numbers. In the corner he had a scale which I had saved for last. When I asked him to step on it, he gladly obliged, with a smile on his face. When it gave us the final number I was dumbfounded. 335 Pounds of beef. “Man, and to think I was 170 just a month ago… for a sixty year old I’d say that's pretty good!”




Sixty years old? This guy looks 45 tops. And over 5lbs a day at that age is almost impossible. How does this even happen?


By now I had a raging erection in my pants from all this talk. He caught me as I pounced up to him, my lips locking with his. He tasted amazing.

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