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m/m The Sygil ( a new way to grow)


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Hey guys. 

Let me know what you think!  Its a work in progress but I think this will set up for a good story. 


Aaron looked down at me while he was riding me. “Ok Tim, do you see our sygils on our chests.”  He said with a devilish grin.  “yes I do babe.”  I grunted back feeling my cock getting thicker by the moment in his ass.  “Oh fuck babe keep edging.  I want you to picture yourself.  10 ft tall.  Taller than every man ever.  Muscular.  So fucking huge and muscular.  Grown men will only come up to your waist.  You will be so muscular that you can lift the reigning mr. Olympia like a toy.”  I saw a glint in his eye as I felt my self getting closer and closer to exploding inside him.  It’s always been mine and my partners dream to become the biggest men to ever exist. Now when I say biggest I don’t mean just like a large man.  Good example.  You know ron swanson when he says “bring me all the eggs and bacon you have….. wait What you heard me say is “I want a lot of eggs and bacon”. What I said was bring ALL the eggs and bacon you have.”  So now with becoming the biggest men to ever exist.  I mean it.  I want to be 10ft tall over 600lbs just a fucking goliath of a man.  I want grown men to only come up to my waist.  So Erin and I are combining forces to make this a reality. We are taking a scientific approach and a magic approach. Hence why Aaron just said focus on the sygil.  I look to my right and see the moon gazing down upon the pastures.  I look down at my now 5’9 230lb body.  I look up at my beautiful man. “I’m ready to accept this growth. I’m ready to be your massive growing daddy.  I am ready to accept all this power for good and serve you boy.”  With this Aaron began leaking as I watched his tone muscular body begin to quiver.  I felt my cock thicken again getting ready to shoot him full of my muscle growth cum.  “ WE WANT TO BECOME THE BIGGEST TITANS EVER TO EXIST.”  And with that we both came.  Aaron all over my chest and me inside my boy.  

            The next morning I woke up feeling alittle off.  I was super tired.  I stretched in bed and rolled over to see Aaron curled up as usual.  He was sound asleep so I quickly got up and ran to the kitchen.  I took all my supplements and downed a bang energy drink.  Grabbed Aarons cold brew and then ran back to bed to give him the snuggles he enjoys every morning.  The morning was as usual.  We worked out.  Took the dogs on a walk and then took our showers and got dressed. “fuck babe, your ass is HUGE!”  Aaron said slapping hard.  I chuckle to myself because I’m the top but I got the ass of a bottom for days.  “I know babe.  God damn these pants are tight! Remind me to let them air dry instead of the dryer next time.”  I looked in the mirror and saw my buttons straining.  Walked over to Aaron kissed and turned to put on my boots. “OH FUCK!”  I screamed grabbing my leg.  “Babe? Whats wrong?!” Aaron asked getting up to come check on me.  “My leg babe it fucking hurts.  Like bad.”   Aaron’s eyes get all huge and he starts jumping up and down. “ITS HAPPENING!!! BABE YOU’RE GROWING!”  I chuckle to myself “Maybe I am ya butthead but It fucking hurts!”  he stops and looks at me concerned. “Wait did you take all your supplements?”  I looked at him and smiled.  “I did and I took the new one as well.  I promised you I would become 10ft tall and the biggest bodybuilder to ever exist.  It will happen.  It is happening and Its happened.”  I grunt and get up after putting my boots on.  


All day I feel my legs aching but other than that a normal work day.  I eat all my meals.  I get a text from Aaron.  “babe….i’m growing too I can feel it. Lets push hard for work out tonight.” I hear a knock at the door and my employee comes in. “damn Tim you’ve been really working out hard havne’t you.  You’re looking shredded.” I look at him confused.  Shredded?  I haven’t been cutting.  Donny was a good looking dude and about 6’. I stand up and look at him.…..wtf. how am I above eye level with him.I’m staring directly at his hair line.  “you ok tim?”  OH god stop actin weird…. Oh fuck it’s the shoes.  I laugh to myself again.  “oh ya just forgot how tiny you were dude!”  He laughs and drops off the paper work, then scuttles out of my office. I feel the throbbing return to my legs. Go and sit down. Grab my phone.  I respond to Aaron. “babe has any one done a growth spell like this before?”  I see the dot dot dot pop up. “not that I know of. Why?”  I stop and think Oh fuck its happening.  “Babe we need to measure ourselves to track our growth. Lets do that when we get home.  I run to the store and grab some food but feeling hungrier than normal I fill a full shopping cart full of meat, veggies, and milk.  I guess if we are growing I may need some protein.  I run to GNC and as I run into the store I see the wannabe Jeff Seid at the counter.  You know the shredded muscly twunk.  I walk up and throw 5 tubs of protein on the counter and I look down at him.  Wait….he was taller than me.  The damn shoes.  I gotta stop comparing.  Although he is giving me a funny look.  “So dude you competing soon?”  He says looking up at me.  Fuck….it is really hot that he’s looking up at me.  “why do you ask?”  I grunt. Ok also this twerp was a dick to me last time I came in so he better be nice to me this time around.  His eyes widen staring at my bicep.  “Uh dude you’re fukcing jacked as hell.” I hear something begin to tear and feel the sleeve on my arm being to get tighter and tighter.  I look at him and see him adjust himself.  “dude can you flex them? I haven’t seen any arms that big before you’re like a pro size.”   I blush hard core and I raise my bicep up and flex.  And dude let me tell you the next part shocked me as much as it shocked the little dude seid dude.  We both stare as the sleeve rips down the center and this gargantuan bicep shreds out of it.  I throw about 300 on the counter grab my protein and dart home.  Holy shit what is happening to me? I gotta get to Aaron to see what are stats are! 

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this is quite hot so far, they both sound like they were quite big before, cant wait to see how shredded and huge they look a 10ft

i would also love to have a sygil like aaron and tim, always wanted to be 10ft and 600lbs or more of shredded huge muscles

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Well you say it is a setup but your story starts without a setup and gets right into the acton without an introduction.

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I can’t see any text on my iPad. Seems to be a white font on white background! The comments are fine and readable, but not the story itself.

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