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Well, I already posted this elsewhere, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

The Revenge of Jafar : Chapter 1 - "You Can Do Whatever You Wish"

I’m not looking for sympathy, I know that 2020 hadn’t exactly been a year most of the world wants to remember, but it’d been a particularly hard one for me.

As the Coronovirus spread across the planet and much of the workforce in Britain went into lockdown, my boyfriend, Marcus joined the thousands who were unable to work. I on the other-hand continued to venture into the office to keep the finances of my employer balanced. Working in accountancy might not be a “sexy” business, but as the weeks wore on both Marcus and I were grateful for the regular income.

Elsewhere, cracks were beginning to show between the two of us. His casual attitude to cleaning and taking care of our apartment seemed to decline as he filled his days with Xbox Live, microwaveable burgers and watching whatever mindless crap he could find on Netflix. To be fair to him, he’d always been the more chilled-out of the two of us, but our home was slowly transforming into a teenager’s bedroom whilst Marcus transformed at an equally alarming rate.

The gyms had closed, the hair stylists had put away their scissors and Marcus was starting to become a victim of these losses. His normally flat, toned stomach had gained a layer of fat whilst his thick arms seemed to be losing definition on a daily basis. I couldn’t complain too harshly, my own physique had never been too impressive - but as a fitness model, the decline Marcus was allowing himself to slide into was somewhat alarming.

I’m not saying I only fell for the guy because he had a tight six-pack, cute smile and an arse you could park a bike in… he was charming and sweet, he loved to cook and made me laugh so much. But, as I walked in to our shared home; the place littered with empty Coke cans, random socks and a faint smell of B.O, I was irritated. “Hey Handsome!” I chimed at Marcus as I stepped through the door. He sat on the sofa, controller in hand, headset on, shooting zombies or aliens or God knows what. “You had a good day?”

No reply.

I stepped between the screen and Marcus. “Hello?” “Oh for fucks sake, Jake! I was winning.” He yelled, throwing the controller down on the coffee table. “I was just saying ‘hello’! I won’t fucking bother now!” He glared up at me. Glancing around the room, I lifted a pair of his worn sweatshorts from the kitchen island, where they’d been left 3 days ago. “Been busy?” I asked. “Oh don’t start with me.” He shot back. “It’s okay for you, you get to go to work”. I stared at him, mouth open, waiting for my mind to find the words, but instead, instinct kicked in. “Oh, I GET to go to work? I GET to wake up at 6am to sit in an office to pay OUR bills? I GET to come home to see MY apartment slowly become a tribute to downtown Beirut?”.

And so the argument began. I didn’t mean to be so hurtful, but after weeks of swallowing down little annoyances here and there, the words essentially poured from my mouth. Some time later, after the shouting had stopped, Marcus stomped out of the apartment, a selection of his clothes and carry-able items forcefully stuffed into a holdall.

That was three months ago. And I was still struggling to get to grips that the man I’d been with for four years had walked out and not come back after one argument.

Fortunately, the world had, in some ways, started to return to normal. Bars and restaurants were open. Shops had embraced the return of their loyal customers and travel restrictions had been lifted. And so, after months of hard graft in the office, I decided I’d take the opportunity to get some sun, unwind and try to get past the events of this horrible year so far.


As I took a sip of my Mojito lounging by the pool of the Shangri-la Hotel, I questioned myself as to why I’d chosen to come to Dubai. As an openly gay man, it wasn’t exactly the no.1 destination to come and cruise for a replacement for Marcus. Still, this late in the year it was the perfect location to get a tan, drink some cocktails and get a little early Christmas shopping done.

As I readjusted my sunglasses and sank down into the heavily cushioned sun-lounger, my vision went dark. Lifting my sunglasses, I was greeted by a tall, handsome, dark-skinned man. His black shirt looked painted onto his chunky pectorals and rounded deltoids. Equally black was his impressive thick beard that dipped to the bottom of his neck and framed his square cheek muscles. “You look like a man in need of adventure” he purred.

My brain took a second to process his proposition. It came back blank. “I’m sorry?”

“Jeep Desert Safari! One on one. A totally Personal experience. Only 500 Dirham.” His deeply accented voice continued, as he pushed a pamphlet into my hand. “I’m sure you’d love it. Out in the sand, bumping and crashing through the dunes.”

If he hadn’t been trying to charge me over a hundred quid to sit in a Jeep on some sand, I’d have been certain he was flirting with me. “I… “ I struggled again for words. “I really just want to unwind. Relax by the pool, maybe have a couple of drink..”

“Live a little! You’ll love it when the ride gets rough!” He interrupted, his earthy brown eyes penetrating my resistance.

And so, less than an hour later Majid and I were blasting down the dunes in his, thankfully air-conditioned Jeep Wrangler. Any pretence of flirtation out of the window as Majid continued to tell me the best places to flirt with the British girls that came to visit and the best places to get a drink where the alcohol wasn’t watered down beyond all recognition.

Whilst a small part of me mourned the lack of potential to have a night of wild sex with this handsome Arabian hunk, a rational part of me realised the low potential for this, even if he had been gay, due to my totally average appearance. More immediately, the adrenaline fuelled part of me was genuinely enjoying the G-forces and thrills of driving over the sands.

Soon, Majid slowed the Jeep to a standstill atop one of the dunes. Other than the sound of the cooled air rushing from the vents, there was silence. He looked towards me. “We’re well off the typical trails most take here” he practically whispered.

“Totally deserted.” I offered, looking out of the windscreen.

“Totally deserted desert!” He laughed. I chuckled too, more out of politeness - it wasn’t funny.

“Can I get out?” I asked.

“You can do whatever you wish.” Majid replied. “Just don’t stay out there too long, you’ll bake your skin.” He laughed again.

I reached behind his seat and grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder as I stepped out of the Jeep. The heat was instant and oppressive. I was thankful I’d chosen to wear closed shoes as the sand beneath my feet felt genuinely unbearable to walk on. I reached into my bag to retrieve my phone, opening the camera app, I activated the Panoramic mode and began trying to capture the expansive nature of the sand that surrounded me - only the Jeep giving any frame of reference.

As I continued to spin to complete the photograph, something bright reflected against my eyes, briefly dazzling me. I lowered my phone and looked towards the source of the glare. In the huge expanse of sand in every direction, there appeared to be something sticking out of the ground about 30ft away.

Trudging towards the mystery item in this brutal heat was torture. Each step a monumental effort. But eventually, I arrived at the source of my curiosity. There, buried in the sand, appeared to be the spout of a teapot.

I crouched down and placed my hands around the spout, an eerie coolness tingling on the tips of my fingers. As I pulled the spout upwards, it revealed a pitch black oil lamp. Covered with intricate swirls, and what appeared to be inscriptions, it was almost ice cold to the touch. I raised the lamp to eye level. I couldn’t believe the coolness of the metal against my palms. I pressed it against my forehead and the chilling effect was instant. Pulling it away I looked deeply at the lamp… It was impossible to determine the age, material or even physical origin of it, but it held my curiosity.

“MY FRIEND!” Majid yelled. “My friend are you okay?”

I whipped around to face him, hiding my literal buried treasure behind my back. “Fine, all good.. just wanted to explore… Laurence of Arabia, you know?”

“We should be going. Soon it will get dark!” He offered.

“Okay, be right there.” I howled back, stuffing the lamp into my backpack and moving back to the Jeep with a renewed vigour.


I thrust the keycard into the slot of my room’s door, the drive back to the hotel had seemed to pass by almost instantly as my mind became increasingly fixated on the lamp that sat inside my Jack Wills bag.

Entering the room, I walked towards the bed and sat down, my fingers unzipping the bag in one fluid motion. Almost like magic, the lamp tumbled out of the opening and onto the crisp white cotton sheets where it sat perfectly on its rounded base.

My hands gently cupped around it and raised it to the light, trying to make out the barely visible inscriptions that covered its entire surface. They were so fine, and lightly made that seeing them was near enough impossible. I reached for my phone and opened the Google Translate app. Using camera mode I tried to snap a section of the lamp that seemed to show the symbols “خطر” and “قوة” but the camera seemed unable to pick up the details.

I sighed, placed my phone onto the bed and wet my thumb in my mouth. Slowly and carefully I began to rub the insignia on the lamp to try to make it clearer when, abruptly, red smoke began pouring out of the spout.

Deep, villainous laughter began to fill the room as the smoke began to coalesce into a solidifying shape.

As the smoke became tighter and tighter, the laughter became louder and louder.

Before me, a huge, godlike figure began to appear. Laughing heartily, his hugely muscular figure flexed and grew. His skin as red as a bloodstained ruby. Lightning crackled across his impressive frame as he rose higher and higher into the room. His still laughing face seemed fixed in a near instantaneous sneer. His arms large enough to choke an elephant, his deep cobblestone abdominals flexing as his evil chuckling continued.

My heart pounded in my chest, fear flushing through my body as he fixed his gaze towards me, his eyes shining yellow without pupils or iris, his thick goatee wrapped around his mouth as he exclaimed in a language I didn’t understand “’iinaa har! huriyat alaintiqam min ealam habsani!”

At that point, the world became incredibly wobbly and as I slid off the bed, I began to feel as though I was… about…. to.. faint.



Jafar glanced at the pitiful human who had collapsed at the mere sight of him. He looked around the room; it looked unfamiliar to the world he knew before being trapped in the lamp. Once again he looked towards the human, and then towards the strange glowing rectangle on the bed next to his cursed lamp. He lifted the item, turning it over in his colossal, clawed hands. “iPhone” he mumbled to himself, and then turned it over and began to investigate it.

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In one of his colossal palms, Jafar cradled the illuminated glass rectangle. As a creature made of pure power, his curiosity had been deeply piqued; in all his years as a man he’d seen nothing close to this item. With his other hand, he attempted to gently caress the LCD but due to his indescribable, inhuman strength, his clawed finger pierced the screen, pushing all the way through to the other side of the casing.

Jafar felt a wave of anger flushing through his entire being as he removed his digit from the mangled device, but managed to calm himself. With barely a recognisable gesture, a fraction of his magic so negligibly insignificant flowed from his finger and into the destroyed handset, the glass and crushed circuitry weaving itself back together, the screen re-illuminated; all traces of damage removed. He concluded that if his touch was too forceful to unravel the secrets of the gadget, he’d have to use another method.

With another gesture, magic infused the phone and it levitated in the air. The powerful creature stared intensely at the screen with his glowing eyes as he held the magic connection between himself and the hovering machine. The screen burst into a flurry of activity as Jafar attempted to control it with his mind - words, both written, spoken and thought appeared within the Google Translate application jumping from Arabic to English, to French, to Tajik, to Hindi, to Portuguese and shortly thereafter every language available to the program. Words streamed through the application at a dizzying pace, Jafar rapidly becoming fluent in every language and utilising his powers to speed up the device’s capabilities beyond their limitations.

A sinister grin spread across his vermillion face as he had finally discovered the function of this “iPhone” and within seconds learnt all of its secrets - or so he thought - as a flow of his magical power inadvertently pressed the home button and the screen changed to show a vast selection of new functions for the curious magical behemoth to get to grips with. Minutes passed as Jafar scoured through the conversations, messages and e-mails between Jake and the other humans who made up his circle of associates. The unrestricted access to his social media, photographs and all other forms of communications held on the phone was providing him with a very rich picture of the man who had freed him from his cursed lamp. As he used the device more and more, his magic warped around him, allowing to look into all the files, folders and information contained within the handset almost simultaneously. As he gained access to Jakes internet history, he paused.

As Royal Vizier to the Sultan, he’d been able to exercise his authority to build up a collection of female conquests - in Jafar’s time, all men lusted after women - just as he had done for the young, supple Princess Jasmine. But as thousands of videos began to play in front of the muscular, power-filled giant, he became aware that Jake lusted after his own kind… “or his superiors” Jafar chuckled to himself as he saw the vast online collection of studs and hunks that filled the history of Jake’s phone. Just as Jafar himself had lusted after power, Jake too craved it… only he appeared to want to serve those with more impressive physiques, those who clearly stood above him in the food chain. Jafar probed deeper into the internet history, hoping to learn more of the scrawny man… no, boy, who lay on the floor, but sadly he’d exhausted this particular repository of information.

Suddenly, his attention turned to another aspect of the phone itself. The internet. Immediately, Jafar was captivated by the irresistible interconnectedness of it all. Being a being of infinite possibilities, now connected to a platform of near infinite knowledge his eyes went wide as he received a complete history of the world since his imprisonment within the lamp. He dived between topics and details across the web, his mouth salivating slightly as the knowledge he was acquiring began to crystallise as a plan. All he needed was the help of a gullible, weak-minded human.


Pain wracked through my head as I slowly regained consciousness. And then. Nothing. It was gone. Like magic! I placed my hands down to raise myself up off the hard, tiled floor but they sank into a deep layer of silk. Looking around, I realised I was in the middle of a huge, four post, canopied bed. Not the one that belonged in the room I’d been staying at the Shangri-La. But the rest of the room, looked largely the same - the large LCD television hung on the wall opposite, the mini-fridge and coffee maker - the large ornate, solid gold door that lead into the throne room…. the throne room?!

I got out of the bed and strode over to the door, stepping through. There, lounging on an opulent, hovering, ruby silk seated throne was the scarlet hunk who had made me pass out moments ago. From the waste down, he was a swirling maelstrom of gasses, clouds and lightening flashed which seemed to, at the same time flow into and out of the black lamp that was nestled next to the large chair that seemed to be made out of golden snakes that had weaved into each other. But from the waist up, his body was simply perfection. Huge, rounded muscles. Puffy, thick, round nipples you could suckle on for days. Strong, vein ridden arms that flowed towards his thick, black tipped fingers. His glowing eyes reflecting in his golden bracers.

“AH! Welcome back to the land of the living!” his deep, power-laced voice called across to me as I stood in the doorway, awestruck. “I took the liberty of creating us a little more, space” he chuckled. It was then that I realised, behind him was an open expanse of galaxies, planets, stars and space itself.

“How…..? What….? Who….?” The words barely left my mouth.

“Oh Jake, my dear boy, you needn’t stand in the doorway, mouth agape. Come…” He patted the throne as it shifted shape, becoming a love-seat made for two. “Join me.”

My legs carried me without thought, my eyes barely able to tear themselves away from the huge, impressive pectorals of this living God. Sitting beside him, he towered over my form, his head at least 2 ft above my own. “Who… are you? What are you?”

“How rude of me! My name is Jafar,” he purred deeply, raising one of his giant mitts to gently caress my face, “and I am here to give you a whole new world.” He lowered his head towards mine and forcefully kissed me, his inhumanly long tongue diving deeply into my mouth.

A strong cocktail of fear, passion, lust and confusion stirred within me. As we broke the kiss, his eyes bore deep into my own. “That was magnificent… now, what else would you wish me to do?”

“I’m beautiful in my way, ‘cause God makes no mistakes, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way!!” Lady Gaga interrupted from the other side of the room. My phone ringing loudly, breaking the moment, announcing the arrival of a new text message.

“Excuse me, just a moment.” I got up slowly from the enlarged throne, putting my hands down in front of my crotch to hide the bulge Jafar had created just moments ago. “I’ll be right back.”

“As you wish, Jake.” He rippled in his deep rich timbre.

I grabbed my phone and made my way to the bathroom, hoping I could conceal the growing stiffness between my legs until it subsided. Once there, I unlocked the phone and opened the message. It was from a number I didn’t recognise, but read: “My Friend! I hope you enjoyed today’s activity. If you’re looking for another ‘activity’ tonight, feel free to let me know.” How the hell had Majid got my number? And thinking about any night time activity involving him certainly wasn’t going to help soften the lump in my shorts.

I needed a distraction, or better yet, to clear my head and blow my load so I could deal with Jafar and whatever that entailed. I unbuttoned my shorts and opened the Safari web browser with the intention of finding a video of some cute little twink being plowed by a meathead, but my History was full of articles about Joseph Stalin, Napoleon, Kim Jong-un and Adolf Hitler. Talk about a boner killer.

“Ah, that’s where you’ve gotten to…” Jafar whispered as his lips began gently sucking on my ear, his hands wrapping around my pecs and the length of my penis simultaneously. “…don’t tell me you’d prefer the company of any other being when I’m here, because we both know that’s a lie.”

I groaned as his giant right hand slowly worked my shaft, somehow feeling like a handjob, blowjob and the tightest arse you’ve ever felt at the same time. His left slowly tweaking my nipple, making it spark with electric touches that threatened to crush my sanity.

He sucked the small of my neck and turned me to face him. “Now, what would you wish me to do next?”

“Stop.” I panted, heat rising through my body.

“Stop?” He whispered his hand still working my penis. “Why ‘stop’ when we can ‘Go’?!” He buried my head into his right pectoral.

I feared I’d struggle to breathe, but somehow I didn’t need to. His body radiated heat that seemed entirely unnatural, it was as if his veins were filled with magma. In an exasperated movement, he grunted loudly and forced my mouth to his nipple.

“Suckle on me, mortal. Taste my magnificence.” He boomed.

Fearfully I took the flesh into my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around his fat, thumb-like nipple. His skin tasted of cinnamon and honey… a simply delicious combination. It was silky smooth, and filled my mouth with its thickness. I sucked hard on the nipple, hoping to coax as much joy from this inhuman figure of manliness.

My eyes darted up to his face hoping to catch an expression of lust and joy, but instead he looked disdainful almost revolted at my touch. I withdrew my mouth from his chest and stepped backwards, letting my length fall from his grasp.

“Jake. Neither one of us is satisfied.” Jafar muttered, with a voice laced with menace.

“I know, and it appears one of us never would be.”

“My only wish is to please you, Jake.” He replied, sounding somewhat sincere. “What would your wish be?”

“My wish?” I asked out loud. “My wish?”

I stood for a moment, thinking of how best to vocalise my heartfelt desire, after discovering that the intimate moment we’d shared seconds ago appeared to repulse the hulking, red deity.

“I wish….”

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The Revenge of Jafar : Chapter 3 - "One Wish Down"

“I wish….” I started, staring at the image of perfection in front of me, longing to feel his touch, longing for him to desire mine. “I wish…”.

Pure lust clouded my mind. Here, in front of me was a vision of pure godliness… or devilry if you’d prefer. His crimson skin without flaws or imperfection, but somehow deeply unnerving. He fit almost every depiction of a demon: His hair neatly flowing from its golden top knot, his eyes that burned like fire, his skin almost too hot to the touch and his fingers tipped with ebony claws that seemed capable of tearing out my heart without effort. And yet, as he towered above me, my heart and head drowned in pure lust - he radiated dominance, might and energy.

It hurt that his attempt to seduce me was some sort of game. An attempt to… what? Embarrass me? Control me? I just wished… oh. That’s it.

I took a step slowly towards him, resting my hand on the wall of his abdominals. Looking into his eyes and mustering the sexiest and most flirtatious tone my voice could produce I said “I just wish we wanted the same thing”.



Jafar had a lot of experience when it came to mind control. As a human, he’d twisted the minds of the weak and feeble to rise through the ranks of the palace to become Vizier to the Sultan. There he had sought to control the thoughts of the ruler of Agrabah to suit his own desires using his beloved snake staff. But as merely a sorcerer his powers had limitations - the staff proved fragile and ineffective. Now though, he had absolute power, and he’d been directed to use it with a wish that was so open to interpretation, it practically gave him carte blanche to do whatever he desired. Whenever he desired. Wherever he desired.

And so, he would create a magical pathway between Jake’s and his mind. Slowly twisting Jake’s goals, aspirations and aims to the point where he practically became an extension of Jafar’s will. Oh, they would “want the same thing”… but only one of them would choose exactly what that thing was to be.

With a flick of his wrist, Jake was hit by a blast of pure power. “Woah!” he exclaimed as he experience the greatest headrush of his life, his erection springing back to life with immediate effect.

“And now, to seize control…” Jafar thought to himself as he completed the link between his own superior, enchanted mind and that of the pathetic and insignificant mortal before him. He knew immediately something was wrong. The instant the neurones of the two individuals had connected, Jafar had tried to exert his dominance upon Jake’s will, to essentially enslave him without delay. He was, however, unprepared for the tsunami of pure sexual filth that crashed into his own mind. Images flashed across his mind of Jake and him rutting into the night. Jake’s body being used over and over by the powerful being. Wild, passionate, animal sex that saw both individuals in every conceivable position. Sex that was so powerful it could drive a man insane at the point of climax. Sex that was beyond sex.

Jake’s mental images of having Jafar deep within him, his body heaving in sheer delight under the magical touch of this near Godlike being, filtered into Jafar’s mind like a balloon filling with water. As the images continued, they started to become more depraved …and twisted Jafar sitting atop his golden throne, Jake’s body somehow enhanced to become a muscular, Arabian teen… chained to Jafar like a slave, worshipping his horselike cock, his eyes glazed as if deeply hypnotised. Somebody else was adjusting the mental picture and it wasn’t Jake. This was an unexpected chain of events for Jafar… but he could work with it.

The pair shared the mental image - Jake’s face flashing a look of pure confusion as he realised that whilst it was him in the cerebral theatre the two were experiencing, the young man looked nothing like him.

“Aladdin” Jafar panted as the arousal burnt within him, growing more and more intense as the seconds passed.

“What?!” Jake quizzed, his breath catching in his throat.

“Aladdin, the boy who imprisoned me in the lamp.” Jafar clarified. His breath becoming more ragged.

“You want HIM as your love slave?!” Jake asked, practically panting the words.

“No!” Jafar yelled as he closed the mental link between the two, catching his breath. He looked across to Jake, a sharp grin forming on his face. “No, I want you.”


Jafar pointed his finger at me again and another flash of his mystical energy engulfed my body, raising it off the ground. My shorts, t-shirt, socks and shoes disintegrated as the enchanted clouds and swirls of electricity carried me past Jafar to the large bed, which had somehow remade itself. As the gravity defying power lowered me on to the sheets, I felt a tight pinch as two solid gold rings formed in my nipples. This was followed by a sensation of fabric sliding tightly between my buttocks, I looked down to see my genitals were now encased in a thong weaved from pure, gold.

“DIvine.” I looked up to see Jafar floating towards the bed. The closer he got, the more the gasses that formed his lower half seemed to solidify. As he reached the bottom of the bed, he now sported two muscular, vermilion legs that lead down towards gigantic, yet perfectly formed feet. Each toe tipped with an obsidian talon. “Absolutely divine.” He growled, looking down upon me.

“You have feet.” I whispered.

“Well of course I do,” he sneered “How else would you be able to worship at them? That is what you want, right Jake? Because it’s certainly what I want… well, to begin with.” Jafar sighed, placing his hands on his hips, casually directing my attention to his new golden loin cloth and the mysteries that lay underneath.

“I erm… I’m not sure.” I nervously replied, the lust and desire I had starting to become tinged with fear at the thought of sex with someone so physically and magically powerful.

“Sure you are!” Jafar cheered, reopening the mental link between the two, flooding Jake’s mind with the imagery he’d previously forced into Jafar’s. Jake writhed on the bed with pleasure. “After all, we both want the same thing, right?” He said, closing the mental link and sitting on the mattress next to Jake.

“Yes.” Jake panted - his eyes half lidded, his brain scrambled with lust.

He raised Jake’s face to make eye contact. “Good boy. Now. Worship me.”

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The Revenge of Jafar: Chapter 4 - "Two Bodies, Two Hearts, One Mind"

With little more than a snap of his fingers, Jafar shifted reality so that he was now lying on the decadent, silk covered bed, his torso supported by a collection of elegant golden and red pillows. His upper body resting against the headboard of the enormous four post bed, his expansive chest rising and falling as he looked down at me.

Somehow, as he’d teleported himself onto the bed, I’d been transported to the floor, facing the bed but kneeling; arse in the air, my hands splayed out in front of me - almost as if bowing to his godliness. I looked up to meet his gaze and my mind fogged again in a haze of pure, carnal arousal. Stupefied, I merely stared at his bodybuilder-like physique as my cock soaked pre-cum into the gold thong I had been gifted and it pooled on the floor.

Jafar held out a hand, almost as though he wanted me to reach forward and take it. But as soon as the thought crossed my mind, he pulled back, his arm tensing as if he were pulling an invisible rope. My nipples lurched forwards, upwards and towards him, dragging me along the floor, stopping as I reached the foot of the bed, and coincedentally, the feet of Jafar.

“You may commence your adoration”. He chuckled.

Immediately I reached for one of his feet, rubbing its immenseness with both hands, I took his apple-sized big toe into my mouth. Sucking, licking and desperately trying not to slice my throat open with the razor-sharp talon that it possessed. His feet, much like the rest of him, were flawless. Even red skin flowed from his soles up to the top of his head, not a single scar, scratch, wrinkle or spot. The skin similar in touch to satin and almost uncomfortably hot to the touch.

Looking upwards, to his perfect, beard-lined mouth it pleased me to see it curl into a genuine smile. “Mmmm… perfection.” He groaned, placing his hands behind his head as he lounged. His approval of my work emboldened me to double my efforts. Removing his toe from my mouth I started kissing, sucking and slightly nibbling on his legs, kneading the calfs and thighs as I moved north along his body.

I shifted my weight as I climbed higher, resting my buttocks against his crotch as I bent over to lick his abdominals whilst tracing my hands along his adonis belt up to his pecs. I ran my hands down his arms, massaging and caressing his shoulders, biceps and triceps as I went down and back up again, finally looping my hands around his neck as I raised my mouth to his and began to kiss him deeply. As before, his long tongue invaded my mouth, but this time it appeared to separate and coil around my own, almost as if milking the kiss to continue it.

The was no other term for it, Jafar radiated sex.

Our kiss ended, but ny massaging and physical reverence of his body continued as I licked his armpits, tracing my tongue around to his nipple and began to suckle. This time as I looked towards him, his eyes were shut tight, a delicious open mouthed smile spread across his face. “And here I was thinking, I was the only one with powers.” He panted. I chuckled, my brain momentarily gaining a moment of clarity, but falling back into it’s blur of eroticism. I began grinding my hips upon his crotch as I could feel something truly monumental beginning to stiffen beneath me.

Jafar lowered his hands and wrapped them around my torso, raising me slightly. With a casual nod towards his groin, the loincloth unwound itself and presented his astonishing length. It was, quite simply perfection. Bright red from base to mushroom headed tip, veins running the entire length of it; it was hard to determine what was more impressive - it’s length or girth. Even on his gigantic, nearly 10ft frame, it looked truly immense and sat atop a pair of the largest, plumpest testes the world had ever seen. I swore if I listened carefully, I could hear them churning with the sound of his majestic, magical seed. His cock pointed straight up, almost aimed purposefully at my anus, a small blob of bright, golden pre-cum oozed from the slit. Jafar removed one of his hands from me, dipped the index finger into the liquid and brought it to my mouth.

In an instant my body felt energised, powerful and strong. It was ambrosia. It was like drinking life itself. My body thrashed in a wave of pure passion, and in-between the moments of maddening arousal, I looked to Jafar to see his smile widen and his eyes glow even brighter. Clearly he was just as excited as I was, but in a momentary lack of control of the pair of us, I was struck by blinding pain at the side of my body. The combination of my lust-driven flailing and Jafar clenching me tighter as his arousal grew meant his sharp claws had punctured my skin and driven deep into my body. As he looked at my expression of shock and pain, he loosened his grip and blood began to pour on to the sheets.

“This will not do.” He murmured and forced my head towards his gigantic penis. It plunged into my mouth, forcing my jaws to open wider than they should have been able to and his pre-cum began to flood down my throat. “For what I have planned, you’re going to need to be far more… resilient” He chuckled once more.

As his magic imbued fluids soaked into my organs, it began to weave the holes created by his impressive black nails shut. The pain subsided almost instantly, but yet he forced me to keep drinking. Energy worked through my body as if a trickle burst into a stream. I felt a surge of strength I’d never, ever felt before. At the same time, I felt a pressure as Jafar’s grip seemed to tighten on me once again, but I was wrong. My body was expanding; muscles plumping, frame stretching, skin darkening. I grew upwards and outwards, Jafar placed me gently onto the bed; I stood admiring my perfected form. I looked for the familiar scar on my arm, gained from when I attempted to grab a burger too early from the BBQ as a teenager… gone. The slight ache in my hip that had been there since I attempted snowboarding a few years ago… gone. There were no aches, no pains, no issues - my hearing had sharpened, my vision enhanced slightly. I had the physique of a career gymnast, lithe and muscular, with an all-over tan that showed off my tone and shape. I looked over to the mirror above the vanity unit, standing close to 6”5’, and with eyes that glowed yellow just like Jafar’s I moved with a grace and fluidity that I’d never possessed. And from the next down I was slick, smooth and hairless. The fine lines and wrinkles on my face, the result of nearly 30 years of sun damage and a lack of moisturising… erased. My penis had grown substantially, putting almost every other man on the planet to shame. I was staggered. “I’m…”

“Perfection.” Jafar concluded.

I couldn’t disagree. A small taste of his immense power had made me into the best possible version of myself… I stood admiring myself in the mirror, caressesing my toned body and admiring my Yogi-like flexibility.

“And now, the main event.” Jafar loudly rumbled, pulling once again on the invisible ties connected to my nipples.


It had been over 4 hours since Jafar had first impaled Jake with his colossal, sexual weapon. He chuckled to himself. He loved to think of his endowment as a ‘weapon’. “A tool to bring pleasure… or pain.” He mused to himself as he placed his hands onto Jake’s shoulders and forced him deep onto his dick, all the way to the hilt. Jake’s stomach buldged obscenely, the gigantic cock-head pushing his abdominal muscles from the inside. If he had been a normal human, he’d have died many times over at this point, but thanks to Jafar’s ‘gift’ his body was unable to be harmed, healing instantly from any damage the mighty, red giant chose to inflict upon him.

During the course of their sexual escapades, Jafar had experienced several intensely powerful orgasms - each more delicious and addictive than the last. Jake however, had been kept in a state of near-orgasm for the last 240 minutes. Jafar had placed an enchantment around the base of his penis, keeping him unable to reach climax. As he lay on his back, sweat dripping down his smooth, caramel coloured body, he looked into Jafar’s sneering face, eyes pleading with the genie for release.

“Please!” He begged. “Please Jafar, let me come”. What had started as the finest, and most incredible sex of his life had shifted into an horrific form of sexual torture. Jafar had used slivers of his magic powers to morph his gigantic penis in a number of ways; adding sharp barbs, ridges, vibrations and judders that had nudged, poked and prodded Jake’s prostate in increasingly pleasurable ways.

Jafar looked down upon the smaller man; he was so pleased he’d used his magic to make-over the previously pasty and tired looking Jake into this vision of handsomenesss. Whilst he hadn’t planned on Jake’s sexual desires to warp his own - turning him completely and irreversibly gay - he was determined to take full advantage of the situation. Jake had assumed Jafar had granted his first wish already - that was an assumption Jafar was more than willing to capitalise on. He could have forced the boy to wish for release - made him squander another of his wishes to achieve something so simple. But he had a greater idea in mind.

“Is that truly what you want, oh Little one?” He teased. “Are you truly ready?” He continued, pumping vigorously and brutally into the body beneath him.

“Yes. Please. Anything. I beg you”. Jake was practically crying at this point, tears streaming from his eyes. His mind, body and soul were so absorbed in sex that he was nearing the point of complete physical and mental exhaustion. This was the moment Jafar had waited for.

Jafar reopened the mental connection between the two. He was greeted with near silence - Jakes mind essentially driven by only one need: To come. The time was right. He waved away the magical chastity device he’d placed on Jakes genitalia and wrapped his hand around his penis, his thick thumb rubbing the head as he stroked the shaft. He could feel, both physically and mentally that Jake’s orgasm was rapidly approaching and as the crescendo struck, so did Jafar.

Jake’s mental vision was flooded. The sky bright red, swirling around Jafar who stood at least 100ft tall, his body somehow more impressively pumped and charged with power. Naked for all the world to see, his fingers and toes adorned with fine golden jewellery, levitating above his head was a fine golden crown. Jake looked left and right to find vast crowds of people bowing, worshipping, praising Jafar.

He blinked.

He now saw Jafar sat atop a gigantic throne, looking down upon the earth, swarms of young scantily clad men rubbing, stroking, kissing, sucking and pleasing their new master in every way they could devise as Jafar played with a collection of planets and stars between the fingers of one hand, whilst cruelly destroying an entire city with the other, only to bring it back to existence, restore life and do it all over again.

The vision shimmered and suddenly he was back in the room - his orgasm shook his being to his very core, consuming almost all of the energy he had left. It was by far the strongest orgasm any man had ever experienced, but the worrying visages had essentially ruined it for him. “You…..?” He panted deeply, trying to catch his breath.

“Yes?” Jafar smiled.

“You want to rule the world? As it’s new king?” Jake asked, shocked as the words tumbled from his mouth.

“Well, ‘God’ would be a better fit, wouldn’t it?” Jafar chided.

“You want to enslave mankind? You want to have the whole universe as your plaything, you want power over everything?” Jake gasped, his breath still not fully returned.

“Yes.” Jafar began. “And, thanks to your glorious first request of my powers, now, you want that too.” He snickered in triumph.

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The Revenge of Jafar: Chapter 5 - "A Desire Realised - A Reality Twisted"

“You want to enslave mankind? You want to have the whole universe as your plaything, you want power over everything?” I gasped, my lungs burning as my breathing returned to normal.

“Yes.” Jafar smiled. “And, thanks to your glorious first request of my powers, now, you want that too.” He chuckled evilly.

A look of terror must have flashed across my face. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out his words. But, in my minds eye, all I could see was him. In the rational part of my mind, I tried to cling to the horror and fear that I felt; the chaos and destruction that allowing such a cruel and powerful being to become Lord and Master of all creation would unleash. But, as the mental image of him surrounded by men prostrating themselves to his desires grew stronger, my penis sprang back to life. I tried again to feel the disgust and dread I knew I would naturally have when picturing a creature such as Jafar toying with humanity; torturing innocent people for his pleasure; killing, maiming, transforming and enslaving just for the Hell of it - but I couldn’t. The more I allowed my mind to picture him as an unstoppable, all-powerful deity, warping reality to suit his needs and desires, the more I realised that it truly was my greatest desire. I wanted it. I craved it. And it terrified me.

My eyes shot open, Jafar’s face inches from my own. “No.” I whispered, desperately trying to will my mind to rationalise, to see how terrible it would be if my heart’s desire came to pass.

“No?” Jafar asked, leaning his perfect face closer to mine, our lips almost touching.

“The people. The world… “ I started.

“Is appalling, I know, Jake.” He said wrapping one hand around the back of my head and forcing me to look into his eyes. “I’ve seen your world Jake. It’s not the utopia you wish it was. I’ve read every YouTube comment, seen every Daily Mail article… one group of your kind hates the other because of the colour of their skin. Another hates individuals like you and I, Jake, just because we enjoy the company of men. Worse still, whole countries on this planet hate each other because they happen to pray to a different invisible, non-existent creature in the sky.” He continued. “Imagine if you could rid the world of all that hatred, and fill it with love.”

“Love?” I questioned.

“Love. Desire. Adoration. Praise. Worship. All aimed in one direction… me.” He breathed. “Seven billion souls, all existing for one purpose. To serve and please me.”

His words made sense. Complete sense. I tried to argue against them, but I couldn’t. Giving into my sole desire would save the world. Save the world by enslaving it. Enslaving it? No. That couldn’t be right. That didn’t make sense. My arousal began to subside the more I questioned Jafar’s logic. The glow in my eyes fading away.

“What about freedom? What about free-will? Independence?” I asked, my tone becoming almost defiant.

“The people of this world will be given the opportunity to accept me as their new master willingly.” Jafar replied, stroking my hair in his hands, still holding my head towards his own.

“And those who choose not to?” I demanded.

“They will be forced to.” He replied. “Little One, I think you just need a touch more convincing.” He growled erotically. He forced his lips against my own and once again, my mind was invaded with images of his conquest and complete overpowering of earth. Breaking the kiss, he softly spoke “Now, isn’t this what you wish for? Isn’t this what you crave?”.

“No.” I called out. It took every ounce of strength I had to say that one word. “No, I don’t.” I stated loudly. Inner turmoil filling my brain as my desires wrestled against my rational thinking.

“You and I want the same thing, Jake. Humanity deserves me as it’s new God. Don’t fight what you know to be true.” He stated, matter of factly.

I got off the bed, backed away and turned so I wasn’t facing him. Forcing my eyes shut and thinking of the least erotic thing I could (Judi Dench, naked and eating chocolate fondue slowly), I clearly stated. “What I want, Jafar. Is for you to go back into your lamp.”

“WHAT?!” Jafar roared angrily, his volume literally shaking the room.

“Return to your lamp, now.” I squawked, my back still turned to the bed. A loud cacophony of whooshing and swearing filled the room, gradually quietening until there was silence. I turned to face the bed and witnessed a small puff of smoke flowing back into the spout of the lamp.

Almost as soon as he was trapped back inside, I longed to release Jafar once again and find a way to make our shared desire a reality. I reached out to once again touch the inscription laden surface, stopping myself mid-motion. This wasn’t good. NOW, I really needed a distraction.


Inside his minuscule, black prison, Jafar seethed with rage. He had been so close and yet somehow Jake still wouldn’t obey his mental conditioning. However, he knew it would only be a matter of time before the seeds of corruption he’d planted in the weak man’s mind took root. Better yet, he was certain Jake hadn’t understood what Jafar had done to him, or how Jake himself had wished to be in this very situation. His anger subsided as it dawned on him; he was a genie with a master who knew nothing of genies… Before long, curiosity would get the better of the boy, he would once again release Jafar from the lamp and soon after, with a little gentle persuasion, unleash him upon the world. The universe becoming his to command, to control for all eternity.


My foot tapped nervously against the polished marbled floor in the reception of the Shangri-La hotel. I’d bathed and redressed myself in a black shirt and white linen trousers, my feet clad in brown, woven leather slip-on shoes. Whereas before the garments would have hung loosely on my body, now they hugged my toned physique, showcasing every curve and bulge. I was nursing my second espresso Martini - the caffeine to rouse me from my state of near exhaustion, the alcohol to dull the constant barrage of images flooding through my head. Every time, I blinked, paused or let my mind wander slightly, my brain conjured images of Jafar’s dominance over the planet. I attempted to focus on the Muzak that was playing in the lobby; a medley of Nat King Cole songs, but as I mouthed along to the words of “Let There Be Love”, my mind flowed back to the statement Jafar had made in the room about the word falling hopelessly, eternally in love with him. My desire was growing stronger, my eyes began to flicker with flashes of golden light as I became lost in thought.

Tyre squeal broke my concentration as a familiar, lifted, shining, black Jeep suddenly stopped outside the main entrance. Majid hopping out of the driver’s side and striding in through the glass doors. “MY FRIEND!” He yelled warmly. I stood to greet him, quickly downing the remainder of my drink, ice and all. “My friend, Jake! The Dubai sun is clearly good for you! You look good, brother.” He smiled, pulling me into a strong hug. Amongst his thick shampoo, natural musk and cologne, I could smell the natural spice of his skin. “Shall we go? I’m so glad you chose to come out!”

“Believe me, Majid, so am I.”


We had been drinking for quite some time when Jake leaned over the counter of the shesha bar, waving his Amex card towards the attractive young barmaid. “I’ll have a double J.D. and coke. No, a triple. Two doubles. Two double J.D’s and cokes and….” he looked over to me.

“I am fine, thank you.” I gestured, my hand raising shaking the near-full glass he’d previously purchased for me.

“PFFT!” He sighed, loudly. “Four double J.D’s, with coke.” He slurred.

It was clear the vast amount of alcohol Jake had consumed was having a profound effect on him. He was on his way to being very, very drunk. I kept a cautious eye on his behaviour for most of the night. He seemed so different from the shy, mousy young man I’d met just hours before - it wasn’t just his rich sun-tan - he was almost a completely different person; confident and walking with swagger, but at the same time nervous and distracted. I’ll be honest, befriending him had been an attempt to get this rich, white boy to perhaps buy me a few drinks, put some fuel in the Jeep and maybe convince him to help me care for my “poor, sick mother back home”. It wasn’t exactly a con, just a way to get something out of providing company to a lonely, shy man in a foreign country. But, his increasing inebriation was becoming cause for concern. I was beginning to regret bringing him to one of my regular haunts. As his drinks arrived, I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the beach, guiding him to one of the free booths, pushing him onto the padded velvet seat. “My friend. Jake. I think you need to slow your drinking.”

Jake looked to me, the focus of his vision struggling to find my face. “And what would you know?” He said, belligerently.

“Nothing.” I offered. “But you do not seem happy - perhaps we could talk?” I said, placing my hand on the arm he was holding one of the glasses in.


I wasn’t drunck. I may hav seemed drunk. I may have soundeded drunk… but I waaaasn’t. However, Majid had managed to get me to open up. He wanted to talk so we talked. About the pressures of my work, what life back home was like and so much more. Majid insisted that I seemed like I was unhappy, and whilst gesturing to one of the more attractive female staff of the bar he’d driven us to, implied she might have a way to put a smile on my face.

“I’m gay.” I replied. Bluntly. Loudly.

Majid tried to shush me. “No. Please. My friend, you must be quiet.”

“Okay!” I retorted, in an exaggerated, overly-loud whisper. “But, it’s the reason I’m here.”

And so the sorry story of Marcus and me was replayed for a new audience of one. I shared how, in retrospect I realised I’d been cruel in what I’d said during the break-up, and dismissive of what Marcus had been going through during Covid-19.

“Oh. It was terrible everywhere” Majid responded. “It’s bizarre how something as simple as a virus could bring the whole world to its knees.”

A flash of mental imagery. The world on its knees. Bowing. Praising. Worshipping. Lusting. Pleasing. My eyes flared briefly with golden light, I forced them open. “I’m sorry, do you mind if we change the subject?”

“Of course, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have probed. It was unfair of me to do so. I sometimes get a little too personal, I guess it comes from…” Majid was interrupted by a series of flashes and cheers. Across the bar, a group of young holiday-makers were laughing loudly whilst posing for a series of selfies. “Ugh!” He sighed. “Look at them, glued to their phones. Practically slaves to them”.

Another mental flash. Slaves. Slaves stretching as far as the eye could see. Toned, muscular, handsomely shaped, gorgeous slaves. Dressed in erotically tempting garments, desperate to please their beloved Jafar. My eyes glowed, my penis hardening between my muscular thighs. I crossed my legs and downed my drink.


After practically pouring Jake into the passenger seat of my car, I carefully navigated our way across town and back towards his luxurious, high rise hotel. His behaviour back at Smoky Beach had been embarrassing. I am not a prude, but I have never seen a man so willingly consume so much alcohol so quickly. Whilst he had offered to pay for me to drink along with him, there was no way I could match his pace. And so, at just 11:15pm, with only a couple of drinks in my system, I was determined to return him to his hotel and never see him again.

As we arrived at the front of the hotel, I pulled into one of the vacant spaces. I was sorely tempted to kick him out of the car and drive away - but he was clearly a man in a fragile emotional state - even if his physical one seemed essentially perfect. I looked over to him, slumped against the passenger door and sighed heavily. I reached over into his front trouser pockets to look for his hotel key-card. Inadvertently, my searching hand brushed against his penis.

“Hey hey!” He grinned sloppily. “Buy a girl a drink first!” He chuckled to himself.

Ah yes, his sexuality. Another reason to say goodbye to Jake. It didn’t sicken me like it did my friends and family, but men laying with men was just… unnatural. As I reached into his other pocket, I grasped his keycard and the pouch that contained it.

Mercifully, our journey through the lobby, into the elevator and up to the 11th floor had been free of complications, aside from Jake leaning against me the entire way. His alcohol soaked body relying on my own for support. As I reached the door to his room, I jammed the key-card into the slot, thankful this horrible night was nearly at an end.

As we entered into the pitch-black room, I was struck by the stench of sex. The whole room reeked of it. As I fumbled to insert the key into the power switch, Jake shuffled over to the bed and collapsed down onto it. The card slipped into the slot and the room lit up. My mouth hung open. Somehow, in the middle of this, admittedly luxurious, but essentially normal hotel room was the largest, most luxurious bed I had ever laid eyes on. It was the size of four King-sized mattresses, stitched together. Created out of solid, obsidian marble and covered in pillows of all shapes and sizes - all red and gold. I also noted that the sheets were soaking wet, and as I stepped closer to them, I realised it was where the rich aroma of intercourse was coming from.

I was ready to leave the room and Jake at that point when I noticed a gigantic golden door that was partially open and seemed to lead into the next room. But it didn’t seem to fit in with any of the other decor in the hotel. Curiosity got the better of me, and I walked towards it, pushing it open. Before me lay an impossibly large golden chair, defying gravity as it hovered without the need for legs. The large room was otherwise unfurnished, but was created out of the finest honed natural stones the world had to offer - ornate designs of marble, quartz and granite covered the walls, floor and ceiling. Behind the chair, there was a swirling vortex of blackness - stars, planets and galaxies dancing around, almost framing the chair.

“This is…. absolutely incredible” I stammered, my mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“Hey Majid!” Jake shouted, I returned to the doorway and looked towards him. “If you think that’s incredible… wait until you see this”. He smirked, clumsily rubbing what looked like a black teapot in both hands.


Jafar reemerged from the lamp in seconds taking up a reclined position on the bed, once again his arms behind his head. He looked calm and well rested. “Hello, my love. How have you been my Little One?” He moved his hand towards Jake’s head and pulled him towards his mouth. The two kissed deeply, their tongues fighting for supremacy.

A small chirp of fear from Majid broke their embrace and the pair looked towards him.

“Oh, hello.” Jafar smiled warmly. “Now, who do we have here? A new little toy for me?” He said bringing his gigantic red hand to his beard, twirling it thoughtfully. “Oh I know! ‘Majid’… right?”.

“IT IS A DJINN!” Majid shouted, to everyone and no-one.

“A what?!” Jake asked, exasperation and confusion lacing his words.

“A DJINN! A BEAST OF PURE POWER!” He yelled towards Jake, his voice full of fear.

Jafar turned to face Jake. “Your thoughts were right, Jake, he is a handsome little fellow isn’t he?” He resumed his gaze at Majid “You should see some of the things Jake wanted to do to you when he first set eyes on you. I have… they’re delicious.” He mewled.

“DO NOT TRUST IT. IT WILL DECEIVE YOU!” Majid pleaded with Jake.

“Better yet, you don’t need to me to show you. Why don’t we have Jake show you himself?” Jafar grinned.

“DO NOT LET IT MAKE YOU WISH FOR ANYTHUMNNN” Majid’s voice became muffled as Jake suddenly felt a warm, wet sensation soak around the length of his impressive cock. Majid’s mouth was wrapped around his bulbous mushroom head.

“There we go!” Jafar giggled. “An easy way to silence his foolish words.”

Jake looked down, Majid was performing a blowjob with expert knowledge, but the look across his face was far from one of pleasure. His eyes were full of tears, his expression moving between shock, disgust, sorrow and revoltion as he gagged on the flesh in his mouth. It was a sobering image that was deeply upsetting to Jake.

“Jafar, you can’t MMMMMMM” Jake tried to speak, pausing due to the pleasure. “You can’t do this. He’s straight.” He pleaded with the musclebound giant, who had returned to his reclined position.

“Oh. That little problem?” Jafar smirked and snapped his fingers.

A ripple of magic washed over Majid from head to toe. His trendy street clothes vanished and reformed into a leather harness and crotchless thong. His penis thickened into an erection and a golden cock-ring formed at the base. His body hair fell away and as Jake looked into his chocolate eyes, they clouded momentarily. He blinked and when he reopened he looked towards Jake with an expression of complete, unwavering adoration.

“No… HNNNGH!” Jake started, fighting against the pleasure in his loins “This isn’t what he wants.” He tried.

“Really? You think so? Let’s find out.” Jafar motioned and Majid floated away from Jakes cock, as if he were a puppet held by invisible strings.


“Seems pretty clear to me.” Jafar chided and with a flick of his wrist, mouth and penis were reunited.

Jakes eyes flared with pure golden light and he grunted with wild abandon. His penis was being worked overtime; Majid had began to caress his balls with one hand as he inserted a finger to expertly massage his prostate with the other. It was sublime. Jafar leaned in close to Jake, his mouth next to his ear.

“You see? Majid is having his needs and desires taken care of, I’ve made certain that you’re having yours dealt with too. It’s only fair that I get mine isn’t it? Ours?” He whispered erotically, reestablishing their mental connection.

“Yes!” Jake panted.

“Isn’t it time for the world to witness my glory?” Jafar continued.

“Yes!” Jake cried images pouring into his head of Jafar hovering above cowering humans, forcefully ploughing some young twink.

“Isn’t it time for me to take my place, my will leading all mankind?” Jafar teased, his hand pulling gently on one of Jakes nipple rings.

“Yeees!” Jake howled, the picture now of Jafar mentally fucking every man on the planet at the same time.

Jafar leaned in even closer. “Then wish for it, Jake. Tell me you wish for my freedom.”

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Sure thing:

The Revenge of Jafar: Chapter 6 - "So Close. So Very, Very Close."

Jakes eyes flared with pure golden light and he grunted with wild abandon. His penis was being worked overtime; Majid had began to caress his balls with one hand as he inserted a finger to expertly massage his prostate with the other. It was sublime. Jafar leaned in close to Jake, his mouth next to his ear.

“You see? Majid is having his needs and desires taken care of, I’ve made certain that you’re having yours dealt with too. It’s only fair that I get mine isn’t it? Ours?” He whispered erotically, reestablishing their mental connection.

“Yes!” Jake panted.

“Isn’t it time for the world to witness my glory?” Jafar continued.

“Yes!” Jake cried images pouring into his head of Jafar hovering above cowering humans, forcefully ploughing some young twink.

“Isn’t it time for me to take my place, my will leading all mankind?” Jafar teased, his hand pulling gently on one of Jakes nipple rings.

“Yeees!” Jake howled, the picture now of Jafar mentally fucking every man on the planet at the same time.

Jafar leaned in even closer. “Then wish for it, Jake. Tell me you wish for my freedom.”


“Jafar!” Jake panted, his glowing yellow orbs locking onto Jafar’s. “I wiUUUURRGH!” He groaned loudly. Majid had struck the mother-load. His precise actions had whipped Jake up into a frenzy of eroticism and though Jafar had almost completely drained the young man of any fluids just hours previously, his new, magically enhanced genitals were firing volley after volley of his hot seed into Majid’s mouth. The sexual explosion had caught both Jake and Jafar by surprise, Jafar firing a look of deep hatred towards Majid whilst he greedily swallowed all Jake had to offer.

Jafar fixed his gaze towards the perfected man who lay inches away from him, watching him catch his breath and get his heart rate back under control. “Little one. Jake. Your wish?” He murmered.

“It isn’t what I want.” Jake replied, panting out the words with his eyes tightly shut. “And it isn’t what you want either.”

Jafar could have slaughtered Majid right that second. He had momentarily stalled his plans, once again. But, trying to maintain his composure, Jafar attempted to clarify the situation. “Jake, I know precisely what I want.”

“No.” Jake replied, pushing his body upwards, into a seated position, his upper body resting on some of the scattered pillows at the head of the bed. Majid, shifting himself to begin a deep, loving massage of Jake’s feet. “No, I don’t think you do.” He opened his eyes, looking again to a deeply confused Jafar: They still glowed as intensely as they ever had. A visual representation of his freshly minted mentality.

Jake continued. “If I were to free you now, we might get what we want… for a while. But you’re vulnerable.” He sighed casually.

Jafar snorted loudly. The boy wasn’t making sense. He knew that even with his binding to the wretched lamp, he was the most powerful being ever to have graced the planet.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Jake said, placing an hand on Jafar’s cheek and running his fingers down to the corkscrew beard beneath his wondrous chin. He began to curl the hair around his fingers. “You are the most powerful creature on earth. But, let’s imagine I set you free, we get what we both long for. And then one day, some weak, little, insignificant human wonders out into the desert and finds a lamp. With one sentence they could undo the new reality we’ve created - and - have wishes to spare to do whatever they please with.”

Jafar paused. He knew the situation Jake had just imagined was unlikely, more than unlikely - almost impossible, but he couldn’t help think about how close he’d come to getting exactly what he wanted all those years ago in Agrabah. Only for his ambition and hunger to be twisted against him; to condemn him to an eternity of servitude. He looked at his golden bracers and tried to think of a response. For once in his life, he was speechless.

“The way I see it, Jafar.” Jake whispered, pulling Jafar closer via his beard. “If we want your reign to be absolute, then you need to have absolute power.” He smiled, Jafar leaned in to kiss him.

“HE SHOULD BE GOD!” Majid cheered at the pair, breaking the moment. They turned to face him, Jafar’s face snapping to become a portrait of loathing.

“I. Will. Be. A. God”. Jafar pointedly said. As if he were talking to an infant.

“Not A God. THE God.” Majid merrily replied, Jafar’s repulsion passing over him as nothing - he was so besotted with Jake’s feet.

“Now, that’s a start!” Jake smirked. He got off the bed and walked over to the vanity unit, Jafar unsure of what the athletic young man had in mind. Majid thoroughly upset he could no longer needle Jake’s toes with his hands. Jake sat at the desk scribbling away, Jafar’s curiosity growing by the second, looking at him through the mirror, he saw as Jake scrunched his face up as if deep in thought. He reached for his phone, searching for something on the internet. When he found it, he beamed widely, shifting his focus briefly to Jafar and then back to the paper as he excitedly continued to write.

Moments later, Jake stalked back over to the bed, climbed up the mattress and onto Jafar, where upon he straddled his chest and looked down upon Jafar. “How does this sound?” He began. “‘I wish that the instant Jafar is freed from the lamp, his power shall be multiplied by a googolplexianth factor. In that moment, he shall be the one and only God of this and any other worlds, galaxies, and realities. He shall be omnipotent, omniscient but in no way omnibenevolent. His word becoming law - eternal and unstoppable. Existence will be his, to do with as he pleases.” Jakes erection flared as hard as steel, beneath him Jafar’s member was having a similar reaction.

It dawned on him, for the first time in his existence, someone was finally, thoroughly and passionately on his side. It didn’t matter that Jafar had made him that way; he’d merely nudged Jake’s desires in the right direction. He looked down at his engorged length, flaring at the words Jake had used to describe his glorious triumph and then back to Jake. “I couldn’t have put it any better, if I’d tried, Little One.” He grinned, cruelly. “Granted.” And he snapped his fingers.


I could see that Majid was just as shocked as I was when absolutely nothing happened. I assumed he’d anticipated some sort of cosmic fireworks display, just as I had. So, following the finger snap from Jafar it wasn’t hard to be more than just a little disappointed when all that happened was his skin glowing for a moment or two.. I looked down to the golden bracers, still wrapped around his meaty, cherry red forearms. My eyes flowed down to the lamp, as I bent over to reach for it, Jafar grasped my arm, pulling me back to face him.

“I am still not free.” He said. Bluntly.

“Oh that’s right!” I grinned, a small look of menace creeping into my smile. “Which means, until you are - you’re mine.” I pushed my weight against the head of his huge cock. Rubbing my pucker against the very tip. Just one small touch and I was in ecstasy. He leaned forwards and pulled me towards him.

“I am nobodies.” He grunted, and started sucking the side of my neck, circling his hot, long tongue over my flawless skin. My whole body squirmed, inadvertently, I grunted with pure pleasure. Then, I felt an electric pulse running from my hole to my brain as I pushed myself down. His entire length darted in my tight hole. This time, I was in control.

Jafar stared deeply into my eyes, mine glowing just as wildly has his did, he pulled me close to him, wrapped his clawed fingers around my torso and our lips met. He kissed me with surprising tenderness. Whereas our previous kisses has essentially been tongues wrestling and fighting for dominance - this time, he was gentle. I decided to take the lead and forced my tongue deep into the hot, wet cavern of his mouth. Kissing him sensually.

Jafar continued kissing me as I began grinding on his thick cock; in and out of my hole. We both began to shudder with pleasure. I gradually increased the pace and started banging my hole down onto his crotch, his gigantic, sloshing balls slapping against my thighs as I threw my head back in ecstasy. He began to growl in an inhuman way; like a chorus of bears, lions, and a whole host of other wild beasts as I slammed his thick, hot tool into my body. My mind was becoming scrambled, all I could do was stare into his eyes as he stared into mine. We rutted, me leading all the way.

Suddenly, it was as if we were floating in the middle of an endless galaxy. The twisting Milky-Way in the distance; planets, suns and stars revolving around us as we both climbed towards our inevitable orgasms. I could see Jafar beneath me, feel him within me, smell and taste him around me. But in that moment, I knew Jafar. I KNEW him. At this exact moment, as I continued to make him hammer my insides, I realised just how perfect he was. His appearance was already Godly, his intellect and cunning beyond that of any human to have walked the continents - Soon he’d be so much more than that. He was flawless and complete. I adored him. He was mine and I truly adored him. I adored him. The vision began to become unstable; it shifted to yet another representation of Jafar seated as ruler of earth and then back to reality, the pair of us in room 1108 of the Shangri-La.

“I ADORE YOU!” Jafar thundered as he exploded deep within me, his eyes never leaving mine. His orgasm triggering a chain effect; my own cock firing and soaking the ceiling, 7ft above us, and Majid wailing in delight as he erupted onto the floor - the sight of us having been a catalyst for the wank of a lifetime.

I cupped Jafar’s chin, kissed him tenderly and finally succumbed to my exhaustion. Cradled in his elephantine arms, against his slab like chest. His girthy organ still wedged deep inside me.


My dreams were beyond heavenly. I again pictured Jafar’s sheer magnificence seated in an opulent, slave filled palace. Trays of food brought to him by terrified female chefs, for his delectation. His ebony talons being polished by a collection of muscle-bound men, others massaging, bathing and oiling his bodybuilder physique. A selection of freshly appropriate slaves brought to him directly from one of the sexual worship academies began tending to his now 12ft long penis. In one hand he playfully toyed with a fully grown Siberian tiger as if it were a week-old kitten. When it dared to scratch him, the skin healing as soon as it opened, he clenched it in his palm - crushing the cat and causing it to cry out in agony before it vanished entirely, he opened his hand and conjured an Amur leopard and began again.

The look on his face was one of absolute and complete bliss. He had all of creation exactly where he wanted it, and as I looked around the room I couldn’t help but feel a wave of pride as I realised I had been the one to make this happen. I looked down to my feet.

I looked down to my feet.

I tried to look down to my feet.

I was being ripped away from the dream-world my brain had so lovingly created.


I gasped awake. The room was in almost complete darkness. The bedside clock showed it was the early hours and as my vision adjusted to near blackness, I looked through the ornate, gilt doorway, dimly illuminated by the visage of space and time, to see Majid solidly asleep. Curled up like a puppy on Jafar’s throne. Turning my head, I realised Jafar too was soundly slumbering.

I closed my eyes and tried hard to see the vision of my heart’s true desire. Once again, I was greeted by the image of Jafar, hundreds of feet tall. Cruelly stomping on the buildings around him, the sky churning a deep, bloody storm around him. I raised my hands in an attempt to snatch his attention - I had no hands. I had no arms. I had nothing.

I opened my eyes again, the realisation made me involuntarily jerk bolt upright. I now knew. In every single vision I’d had of Jafar’s victory - I wasn’t there. I never had been. Not once. Even if I had been, compared to his might and power, I’d be an ant under the soles of a God.

My sudden movement must have roused Jafar, as from behind me, the room illuminated in an unearthly golden glow. “What troubles you, Little One?” He lazily grumbled reaching for my arm. I turned to face him, his face a reference for excellence, his body so magnificent. As I had late last night I straddled his chest. “Again? You are insatiable. So delicious, Jake.” He smirked.

“No.” I whispered, trying not to awake Majid in the next room. “Not that. Jafar, what happens to me when you’re free?” I asked.

He was silent.

“What happens to me?” I softly pleaded.

He sighed, “You become another of my playthings, my slaves, my toys… just like everyone else on earth.” He smiled, sweetly.


“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow. “Jake, this has been our desire from the beginning.”

“I didn’t…” I had no way to finish my sentence. Freeing Jafar was still the thing I wanted more than anything else in the whole of creation. But setting him free meant he would no longer be mine and it was only just dawning on me.

“You didn’t what? Little One. The world only needs one God, and your generosity will ensure that will be me… you’ve given the world the greatest gift it could ever receive - and I adore you for it.” He delicately stated.

“It’s just that…” I tried again to find the words.

“What, Little One?” He interrupted, trying to silence me.

“I just… I just wish we could always be together.” I tenderly replied. And then a look of shock flashed across my face. As soon as the words had left my mouth, I yearned to be able to scoop them back inside… but it was too late.

Jafar looked at me, a mixture of disappointment, uncertainty and anger across his brow. “Done.” He stated, and snapped his fingers.

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What a great chapter? How many are there? Well done. I've always loved the Nagar character. You've captured him well. 👍

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Only one... I kinda ran out of steam with it a little. It wasn't exactly loved on the other site, but I can post it?



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