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m/m/f AI Dungeon Diaries (a collection of short stories)

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***NOTE: Feel free to post any of your AI Dungeon Stories in this thread. I will list the contributors here :) ***



I have been playing around a lot with the AI Dungeon (play.aidungeon.io). Many of the stories are short and just discarded. Sometimes the AI just runs off the rails and it becomes too much hitting the back button and "correcting" the story. Since this will be a variety of stories, they will not all be m/m/f. Being asexual, I don't really care if it is male or female. I am interested more in the muscle growth responses. The Demon Contract has m/m. The next story that I am editing right now has m/m/f and m/f.

The Demon Contract was my first time playing it. I had some trouble wrangling the AI to work with me, but some of the results were great. It starts off slow as I was testing out the system. I deleted some of the repetitive things in there.

Just a bit of a spoiler for this story, I never actually found out what the demon contract was. lol. Also, I apologize for the pronoun usage. At some point the AI started switching You's and I's when it was talking about "the man" I was with. I did my best switching it back to describing the man, but I may have missed some. The parts that make no sense was when the AI was throwing curveballs and I was trying to adjust. It also kept changing my name a bunch in the beginning. I hope nobody minds the story being added here :)

The Demon Contract

Generating story...

I am Gerald, a peasant living in a small village in the kingdom of Larion. I have a pitchfork and nothing else. I dream of getting out of my village and having an adventure. I go to the fields and begin working. I look up and see a large creature approach me. I know its a monster, but I don't have any other word for it. I cautiously approach the creature, it makes a loud bellow that shatters my eardrums. I fall to the floor and hold my hands to my ears as blood runs down my wrists. The creature lets out a short burst of laughter, it sounds somewhat human. I begin to laugh as well and soon I'm on the floor laughing uncontrollably. The creature begins to rub my belly in an affectionate way. The creature disappears and I find yourself in the middle of my village again. I go back to work. I clean my ears with a rag.

It was all a dream...

I wake up. I am Lahan, a weak man living in a small village. I have no dreams. I become a man who can provide for his family. I begin working on the harvest, alongside all the other peasants. We work tirelessly, and the day comes when the harvest is complete. We put all the fruit in big sacks, and begin the long walk back to town. We arrive at the tavern for a well-deserved rest. I flex my muscles, and they develop into impressive pecs and abs. I walk outside, and am approached by a pretty girl.

"What's your name?" she asks.

"Gabri," I reply.

"I'm Lucy," she says, leaning forward.

We begin dating for the rest of the week, but sadly, she dies from an illness. I absorb Lucy's energy and become stronger. I become a demigod and use the might of my muscles to create a small empire, with her as my queen. I have many children, all of whom become great warriors. The Empire stands for a thousand years, until I die from old age.

It was all a dream...

I am a weak, skinny kid who has bad coordination and a nervous stomach. I live in a village of poor folk. I build muscles. I join the Hunters, a gang of boys who travel in small groups and often steal from merchants on the roads. I become the leader of my group, calling ourselves the Bloody Talons. I leave the hunters. One day, I see a small group of men robbing a merchant on the road. I try to stop them, but the leader, a huge brute called Ned, beats me unconscious. I wake up tied to a chair in Ned's cabin. Ned looks at me and laughs.

I say "Can you help me be as strong as you?"

"I'm sorry lad, but you're not getting any younger," Ned says. "You might live another fifty or sixty years, but your body isn't going to last that long."

I say "What can I do?"

"If you really want to be strong, you'll start training with us when you join us," Ned says. "If you prove yourself, I'll let you join when you're older.

I say "I will join you to become stronger"

"Good choice," Ned says. "You're going to hate training more than anything, but you'll find the experience a positive one. We start training tomorrow."

I say "Thank you, have a good night."

Ned laughs. "I'm not planning on going anywhere," he says.

The next day, I'm woken before dawn by a guard.

I say "Are we going to start training?"

Ned nods. "I'll be there in a moment, go wake the others," he says.

I nod and walk outside. I let out a sigh of relief as I feel the sun on my face. I wake the others. I walk back inside and wake my friends.

"I have great news!" I say.

"Do tell," Owen says.

"Ned asked us to train with him, starting tomorrow."


I say "Yes, let's help each other get stronger."

Owen nods.

"Excellent, let's get to training," he says.

The next day, I walk into the woods with my friends.

I wait for instructions on how to train. I sit in the middle of the woods with my friends and wait. After a few minutes, Ned appears in the distance, walking towards me. "Hey lads, follow me," he says. I follow Ned deeper into the woods, to a clearing with a large training area. We all sit down in the center, and look up expectantly at Ned. "Okay, here's the plan," he says.

I say "Please tell us the plan"

Ned laughs. "Sorry, I was trying to wind you guys up," he says. "The plan is simple. I want all of you to start fighting each other."

"What?," I say.

"I want you all to start fighting. No rules, no holds barred, as hard as you can. Then, I want you to do it again."

I stand up and get ready to fight.

"Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way," Ned says, his eyes flicking from one of the boys to the other. "The hard way is for weaklings. If you want to prove you're worth training with the demon's contract, then follow me." Ned disappears into the woods, leaving us all stunned.

I follow Ned deeper and deeper into the woods.

"Stop," someone says, panting.

I follow the sound of the voice, and come across a boy lying on the ground, clutching his side. I walk over to the boy and help him up.

"Thanks," he says. "I tried to stop him, but he's way faster than me."

"You don't have a leg to stand on," I say, rolling my eyes.

I see a flash of brown out of the corner of my eye, and hear a thump noise.

"Ow!," the boy says, grabbing his side.

I turn around, to see a short boy holding a dagger an inch from my throat. "What are you doing?" I ask.

"Checking to see if you're honest," he says.


"If you were lying, I'd kill you. Now, get off me."

"Alright, alright, I'm not going to hurt you," I say, getting off him.

I stare at the other boy.

"What are you waiting for?," the boy asks.

"How much does he charge to train us?"

"Five gold coins."

Confused, I shake my head and walk back through the woods, deep underbrush scratching at my arms. I walk for a while, before I see two paths splitting off. I walk down the path, as it quickly becomes a rocky dirt road. I follow it until I see a strange building. I stare at it in confusion. Fed up with all of this, I sign the demon contract. I raise my hand, writing my name in blood and signing it. Suddenly, I'm whisked away to a better place. I sit in a luxurious room, with leather chairs and a large desk. On the desk is a bowl of fruit.

"Welcome to the Waiting Room," a deep voice says from behind me.

I say "Thank you, where are we?"

"You are in the waiting room. When someone worthy signs the contract, we'll take you to see Mr Gaange."

I sit in silence for a while, unsure what to do. I finally speak up "Who is Mr Gaange"

"Mr Gaange is the owner of this company. He'll be able to explain everything else to you."

Suddenly, I hear howling in the distance. I stand, and listen closely. I hear howling again. I say "I need someone to talk to. Can you take me to Mr Gaange?"

"Sure, follow me."

I follow the man up a twisting stone staircase, deep into the mountains. I climb up for ten minutes, before reaching the top of the stairs. The man leads me into a large, open room. There's a massive table, where many other young men and women wait. One of them is reading a book, while another sits staring out at the mountains. They all turn and look at me as I enter.

"Oh! The new boy!" says the man nearest to me, smiling.

I smile back and sit in the chair next to him. The man pulls out a large book, and begins to read from it:
"Name: Gerald. Hmmm... Interesting. Do you know why you're here, Gerald?

I shrug. "I don't know. They just brought me in."

"Tell me about yourself."

"Well, I'm nineteen years old, I'm a chef in the kings kitchens..."

"Where did you grow up, Gerald?"

I say "I grew up in the village of Cherrywood as a peasant and then I joined the Hunter gang. Ned found me in the forest and told me about the demon contract."

The man jots down notes in the large book. "Who else do you know that can back up your story?"

"My brother Mallack and my sister Makana can vouch for me." I say "Ned can also vouch for me. He was training me in the forest."

The man pauses, and glances at his book. "Ned... Ned's been dead for two years. Oh. He died in a hunting accident."

I say "I was following ned in the forest when I signed the contract. Are you saying that ned was a ghost?"

The man pauses again, and continues writing. "Tell me about the demon."


"What did the demon look like? What was it like to fight?

I say "Are you saying that Ned was a demon? He was very strong. He was able to overpower a lot of us and tie us up. He wanted to start training us to fight each other."

The man raises an eyebrow. "That's good to know. But tell me, did you actually see the demon?"

I think carefully before replying. I say "Yes, he beat me up in the forest and dragged me to a cabin. "

"Hmmm... So you're sure it was a demon."

I shrug.

"How do you know it wasn't the gods?

I say "That makes sense. He could have been a demon or a god. I do not know how he found me in the first place. I was with the Hunter gang and Ned came out of no where."

The man looks up at me. "You don't know?" I shake my head. "Okay. I'll let it go this time. So, you don't know why you're here?"

I say "I signed the demon contract and was told to meet Mr Gaange"

The man shakes his head. "I've never heard of Mr Gaange."

I say "The deep voice man who led me up the steps told me that I was visiting Mr Gaange."

The man pauses, and looks up. "Did he now?" I shrug, not knowing what else to say. "So, who is this Mr Gaange?

I say "I think you are Mr Gaange"

The man smiles. "That's a very interesting theory, but I don't think that Mr Gaange is a suitable name. It's rather formal."

I think carefully about what to say. I say "Are you a demon or a god?"

The man smiles. "Thank you for noticing, guest. I don't believe I know that one. I'm not sure. But you seem pretty friendly."

I say "I think you are a god."

The man looks shocked. "Well then I'd say you're spot on. Would you like to go deeper into the city?" I nod eagerly, and the man continues leading me through the city.

I say "How did we get to a city? We were in a room up a staircase."

The man pauses, before smiling. "You're really far ahead of yourself, aren't you? We'll go back to the room and then we'll explore the city together."

I say "Are you able to teleport us?"

The man smiles. "I have my ways. Care for a tour?"

I nod eagerly, and follow the man through the streets. He stops in front of a tall building. I say "Can you give me huge muscles, that is the reason I signed the contract in the first place?"

The man laughs. "I'm sorry I can't help you with that. But if you'd like to try again, we're heading to the museum now."

I say "Can you make me stronger, at least?"

The man laughs. "I'm sorry I can't help you with that either. The museum is pretty strong itself though. Would you like to see it?"

I nod eagerly, and the man smiles. I say "What powers do you have?"

The man laughs. "Alright, I'll let you in a little secret, but you have to swear you won't tell anyone. Wizards are the only ones who can create portals to other places."

I say "That means you are a wizard."

The man laughs. "I'm not that kind of wizard. Swear not to tell anyone either?" I nod eagerly. "Alright, first we have to head back. We're going the long way round."

I say "What kind of wizard are you?"

The man looks shocked. "You really want to know?" I nod eagerly. "Alright then, but I warn you, it's a long story."

I say "Please tell me the story"

The man shakes his head. "I can't. I'll have to refuse." I shrug sullenly and the man grins. "Alright then, how would you like to go to a museum?"

I say "yes, please"

The man takes my hand and we both walk into the museum. "Welcome to the museum of modern art, have you ever been here before?"

I shake my head. I say "I was a peasant. I have never been to a museum"

The man laughs. "Well then, let's go through the modern art room, if you want to see some of the more famous paintings."

I nod eagerly and follow the man. I say "why are we here?"

The man pauses. "The museum is having a special exhibit, and I thought it would be good for you to see."

I shrug and continue following the man. I say "What is the special exhibit?"

The man smiles. "A group exhibit." I shrug again and continue following the man. "So... what do you think?"

I shrug. "They're alright."

The man sighs. I look at the exhibit. I walk past a van Gogh painting, a da Vinci, a Monet, a bunch of others.

He says "Hey, what do you think of the exhibit?"

You shrug. I say "These are beautiful paintings"

The man smiles. "Thanks. I thought you might like them." I shrug and the man sighs again.

I get excited about the paintings. I walk ahead and the man sighs again. "You sure are."

I shrug and the man smiles. "Thanks for humoring me. Come on, let's go look at the old masters."

The man takes me to the old masters room. It is filled with magical artifacts, like Merlin's wand. I can feel them, magical things that witches and wizards used in ancient times.

I say "This one is beautiful."

The man laughs. The man shows me a magic mirror that can make me look like anything I wish. He says "Try it on." I lift up my arms. "Higher up!" I lift up my legs. "No, no, that's fine!" The man takes the mirror from me. The man points his wand at the mirror and says a magic spell. I gain 50 pounds of muscle.

I say "Whoa."

"How do you like them?"

"I love them."

The man laughs again. The man turns to me and says seriously "That was a very expensive piece of art."

I say "I bet any magical artifact that can make you gain muscle is expensive."

The man laughs. "You'd win that bet, but no, the mirror isn't magical."

"That's good, but why...?"

"Because it wouldn't be able to fool you."

The man points his wand at me and I gain one hundred pounds of muscle.

In shock, I exclaim "Ah, now I'm scared!"

He says "I told you, the mirror isn't magical." The man sighs and turns off his wand.

I look at myself and am amazed that I am nineteen years old and over two hundred pounds of bulked up muscle. I say "What do you think?"

He says "It's weird."

I say "Why? It's me." I look down at myself. At nineteen years old, I am over six feet tall and nearly as bulky. The man points his wand at me again and I gain another hundred pounds of muscle.

I say "I'm a monster."

He replies "You're a transformation." The man points his wand at himself again and becomes a swarthy man with black hair and sharp features. "What about you is a monster?"

I look at myself again. I look like a beautiful muscle monster at three hundred pounds and only nineteen years old. "What do I look like?"

The man turns off his wand and looks at me. "You look like you should see a doctor."

I flex my pecs and they are huge globes of flesh.

He says "They're not fake."

I say "Ah. I thought so. Why should I see a doctor?"

"Because they feel so real I'm worried that you'll get hurt."

I frown and flex my pecs again. My pecs bounce up and down. The rest of my body is equally muscular and cut. I have a thick black duffel bag full of money that I got from a drug deal last week, as well as some extra product for later this week. The man takes the duffel bag.

He says "Stop."

I reply "What?"

He says "Stop flexing your muscles."

I frown and stop flexing my muscles.

He says "How much do you weigh?"

I frown. I say "I weigh three hundred pounds now."

The man nods. "Let's go over the ground floor."

I nod. The man opens the door and the smell hits me. There is a heavy stench of piss and something else. The man points his wand at me and I grow to eight feet tall. The room is tiny but I can stand up and move around with no problem. The smell is overpowering but I can still smell it and it doesn't offend me in the least.

I say "What the hell is that?" The piss smell is actually a magical growth potion that is making us grow stronger. The something else smell is me. "You smell that?"

The man nods. The man looks like he is gaining muscle as he smells me. He lifts up his shirt and I can see muscles forming on his stomach as he takes deep breaths. "I feel like I'm going to piss myself." He says.

"Do it anyway." I reply.

The man gets closer to me and takes a deep breath. His muscles continue to grow. He smells like piss and man sweat. I can smell his sweat has grown increasingly muskier. I want to take a deep breath but my lungs are full of muscle. The piss smell evaporates and all that is left is the musky smell of testosterone and man sweat. I move in close to the man and press my body against his. His smell fills my nostrils and my eyes are drawn to his defined six-pack. I breath in his scent and gain more muscle. I could flex my biceps with no problem. I could probably pop his abs if I tried.

The man looks at me and grins. "We have to stop."


The man wants to stop, but he is addicted to his growing muscles. He sticks his head into my armpit and inhales deeply. His shirt rips apart and falls to the ground. I snort and turn away from the sight of two nearly naked men, naked men that smell like sweat and man. I walk towards the man's throat. I kiss his neck passionately and leave multiple welts on the paper thin skin.

The man yelps in pain and pulls away. "Stop!"

The man flexes his muscles and gets bigger. His throat distends and his Adam's apple moves up into his neck. The man is almost as big as me now. I am only nineteen and look young, but he looks incredibly masculine and hot. His body continues growing to almost twice the size of mine but I am only half his age. I look down at myself and see that I have gotten bigger as well. The room is getting really tiny as we continue to get bigger. I step back and the man to my left continues to grow. He breaks through the ceiling and his body hangs from it by mere threads. I lean back against the wall as the room gets even smaller. His scent feels the room and I grow again, breaking through the ceiling. My body hangs from the ceiling and my head nearly touches the roof of the museum. I flex my muscles and they tear through the ceiling.

The room is just too small now and the magic in the room is fading fast. The man pulls out his wand and casts another spell. Our muscle continue to increase in size and density. I stop growing as the spell ends and look down at myself. I have to duck to get through the ceiling and my body is so dense I can barely move it. The man stops growing and falls from the ceiling, hitting the floor with a loud thud. I grow back down to my normal size and join the man on the floor. He looks at me and touches my face. The man looks at me passionately. We are both more muscular than when the spell started. I know I should stop him but I am captivated by his gaze.

He takes my hand and touches my chest. My breath hitches as his fingers outline my pecs. My pecs twitch under his fingers. He slowly runs his fingers down my abs and stops at my genitals. He traces the outline of my manhood and my heart pounds. The man licks his lips as I get hard. I want to push him away but my whole body is frozen in place. He touches his tongue to his upper lip and moves closer to me. He smells my breath and moves in for a kiss. I let him kiss me to see what kind of spell he is casting now. He tastes of me and musk. My lust for him grows stronger. He grabs my shoulder with his other hand and pushes me away. My legs feel weak and I collapse to the floor. I look up at him with passionate glance.

He grabs his wrist with his other hand and the spell ends. He flexes his muscles and screams as they rip through his skin. His bones crack and break as he screams in pain. I watch in horror. He screams for a few seconds before falling silent. He looks at me and nods. I stand up and touch his face. He look at his hand and screams. I try to comfort him. He screams again when he dies, a strangled sound. He screamed for a good minute before he stopped breathing altogether. I collapse on the floor next to him. I cry and hug the man. I cry for a while before I fall asleep.

I wake up and the man's body is gone. His magic wand is sitting on the floor where his body was. I feel like I am still dreaming. I wake up and find him next to me, asleep.

"Hey," I say.

"Hey... You cried a lot."


I pick up the wand, his voice is just an echo in my head. I start to speak and find the words just coming out of my mouth. I say "You cast a spell on me."

He replies "Yeah, so?"

I say "I want to do it again."

"Again?" He nods and grab my hand. "Come with me."

I frown as he pulls me up from the bed. He leads me outside and into the forest.

I say "What spell are we casting this time?"

"I don't know," he says. "We're not casting a spell."

I reply "What do you mean?"

He says "You fell in love with me."

I say "Yeah. So?"

He says "I fell in love with you too, so I wanted to cast a spell so we could be together."

I look at him confused. I say "I do love you now. But you died and came back. I am so confused."

He says "I'm sorry."

I say "What's the point of this spell?"

"So we can be together."

"I don't understand. We can just stay together forever."

By together, the man means merging into one body and having more muscles than we did before. He is more than just a wizard.

He says "It's very complicated."

"Then why are we doing it?"

"Because I love you."

I grab his hand. "Then let's do it. What is your name?"

He replies "You don't need to know."

"Tell me or I won't do it."

The man stops and stares at me.

"Fine. I'm the man who loves you.

I kiss the man gently and smile. "I love you too."

The man grabs my hand and leads me to the river. He pulls off his shirt and I help him take his pants off. We are both left in our underwear. He picks up his magic wand to start casting the spell. I feel a little nervous.

"You'll be safe. Don't worry." The man says as he waves his wand.

The river starts to boil as a giant snake swims out. The snake wraps around us and we begin to merge bodies. I can feel myself changing. I'm becoming a hybrid of man and beast. I'm still human inside, but I have animal strength and speed. We start walking back to the manor. As we walk our bodies merge into one and we start growing again. We need to take natural rest every few hours. It's a good thing we both work out. After a few days we finish growing and stop feeding.

I look at the man. "What now?" I ask.

We have become a giant snake man with huge muscles. We can barely move. We spend a few more days like this until we are satisfied with our new body. We return to the manor and I stare at the sleeping man. He looks so peaceful. It is weird seeing both myself and the man at the same time when looking in the mirror. It makes me feel like I am missing something.

After returning to the manor we decide to become human again. I stare at myself in the mirror. I don't like what I see. We become the merged snakeman hybrid and grow bigger this time. We burst through the ceiling and become taller than the manor. We drop to the ground and begin walking towards someone. He wakes up when we are only a few feet away.
"Hello. Do I know you?" He asks.

We pick up the other man and merge him into our body. We gain more muscle. It's weird, but kind of feels natural. We both start walking towards the manor. I see myself in the reflection of a window and realize what we are doing. We are copying the hobs. We copy more and more hobs and absorb all of them, gaining more and more muscle. By the time we reach the manor, we are huge. We drop the other man as the front door is broken open.

We absorb the entire manor and become a muscle god. We aren't sure what comes next. We keep growing and absorbing more and more hobs until we reach a point where we are bigger than the city. The hobs go wild and run amok through it. It's like an orgy every time they have one. We absorb the city and grow bigger than a mountain. We sleep for a few hours and wake up in the middle of the night. We become an undead juggernaut that consumes everything in its path. It's weird, but we seem to have a libido. As an undead juggernaut snakeman, we consume the entire world. We continue to grow and divide ourselves once more. Now, we are each an immortal god of the new world. Every time we passionately kiss, we consume another world and create new universes. Every time we embrace, we create a new world. We don't know how many we've created. The only universe that we haven't created is the original. We know when we have sex, all of creation will end and begin anew.

"You ready?" I say.

"Aren't you?"

The answer is obvious. I am always ready. We have rough god sex and universes flash in and out of existence. Afterwards, we collapse into an embrace and we are both satisfied. The force of our love creates a new dimension where we spend eternity living forever.

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This one turned out better than the first, in my opinion. I learned that speaking in the second person helps a lot with the name changing and pronoun usage problems. I also figured out how to switch characters and send a story through email, so we get to move the stories around now to make multiple continuous parts. I am going to explore this story some more. There will be a part two when I get a chance.

The Blue starts in the same place as The Demon Contract. I like having a story start blank with a people. It seems more interesting to see where it goes and what branches they offer. Just like in the first story, the AI was going off in weird directions sometimes. I edited this story more than the first one. The blatant weird stuff that the AI produced was changed to things that made more sense. Some of the weird things, such as Bb being the name of every peasant wife, was pretty funny and I didn't want to remove it. Please comment on whether you like the second person perspective. I hope you enjoy.

The Blue (part 1)

You are Co, a peasant living in a small village in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pitchfork and nothing else. You dream of getting out of your village and having an adventure. You go to your fields and begin working. You look up and see a dragon flying overhead. You are terrified and yell for help. Your wife runs over to you. Bb is the name of the wife of every peasant in the land. Your wife asks you what's wrong. You explain the situation. You and your wife decide to follow the dragon back to its horde. After all, what could be more interesting than a dragon? Eventually you reach a plateau overlooking a large castle where the dragon is waiting. The dragon begins to speak to you and your wife.

"What are you two doing here?" the dragon asks.

You say "We would like to learn more about you."

"And why should we trust you?" your wife asks.

You pay your respect to the dragon. You have heard the dragon's tale and tell him of your own life. You and bb enter the dragon's lair. He has a sizable collection of treasure, including an especially large jeweled staff.

"Take the staff," he says to you, "and may it serve you well."

You take the staff, and then take a seat on the plateau.

"Now," the dragon says, "take the jeweled staff and throw it as far as you can."

You grab the staff and hold it tightly. With magic fueling your strength, you throw the staff for a hundred miles. Free from the staff's magic, the dragon transforms into a human named Kres. He asks you if you are ready to begin your adventure.

"Yes," you reply.

"Alright," Kres says, "I'll go first."

Kres is now a stocky man with very wide shoulders and a strong chin. He wears a blue bandanna, brown leather armor with a tattered blue coat over it, old and patched brown boots, and a large hunting knife. Kres tells you about how the staff forced him into his dragon form. He says the magic was powerful, but also unpredictable. As a result, he was stuck looking like a dragon while unable to transform back. He begins to jog into the forest, and disappears. You and bb follow Kres into the forest. He is not hard to find; the forest floor is churned up from his path. After a few minutes of jogging, you reach a large river.

"Go," Kres says. "Cross it."

You help bb cross the river. As you reach the other side, you notice a cave on the opposite shore. "Inside," Kres says. You enter the cave, and find yourself in another large, dark room. You ask Kres about the cave, but he doesn't seem to know. He doesn't seem to know much about anything, actually, other than wanting to be in the cave. You begin to feel sorry for transforming him. As you're thinking, Kres suddenly appears behind you.

You say "Kres, where are we?"

"We're in a dragon's lair."

You turn around. You are standing in the middle of a large cave. There is a pile of treasure at the other end, next to a giant rock. The dragon was Kres's enemy when he was transformed. Now that he has been freed from the curse, the dragon has everything Kres once had: a kingdom, a wife, children... all of it. It is up to you whether or not to help Kres get revenge.

You say "Lets go get your stuff back."

Kres is extremely grateful. He says he cannot repay you for this enough. He says he will try to find another item for you to steal, perhaps an item that will prove more difficult to acquire.

You say "Can we steal some if this dragon's treasure?" You look at the pile of treasure. You notice a few odd pieces that don't seem to belong. One in particular catches your eye: a strange, silver ring. "I think I found something." You pick up the ring and can feel magical power radiating from it.

"Do you recognize this?"

Kres looks at the ring and his eyes widen. You give the ring to Kres, who examines it.

"This is the scepter of a former, now-defunct kingdom," Kres says. "It used to belong to the king." Kres puts on the ring and states that it fits perfectly. He then asks you if you would like to see something amazing. "I have another kingdom's royal treasure," he says, "stuffed in the walls of my lair."

You nod at Kres. "Sure thing."

He leads you through the cave, past several tunnels and secret doors. Eventually, you reach a small, hidden room. You walk in and find yourself in a small, circular room.
You notice that the magic of the ring is making Kres's shoulders wider.

"That's one," he says, pointing to a large golden chest in the center of the room. "And over there," he says, pointing to a strange, human skull on a throne, "is another."

You pick up the skull and can feel that it has magical powers.

"Now," he says, "we just need the scepter."

You notice a single, golden chest in the corner of the room.

"That one's locked," says Kres.

You pick the lock with one of your wife's hairpins. You open the chest, which contains a large amount of gold.

"And there's the scepter," says Kres. "You can get it back in my body by feeding me a part of myself."

You take your dagger and cut a bit of flesh off of Kres's arm. You feed him the flesh and he holds it up to his mouth and bites into it. He slowly chews and swallows the bit of flesh, then nods.

"Thank you," he says. "I can't repay you for this. I don't have anything else of value."

You nod, and Kres takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and leans against the cave wall. You give Kres the magical skull. Wearing the ring, eating his own flesh and holding the skull brings back Kres's magical powers. His eyes snap open, and he looks at you.

"Can I have this for a little while?" he asks.

You nod. "Sure."

Kres takes the skull and puts it on. You and bb are amazed at how much stronger Kres looks. Kres's shoulders are much wider now. His blue coat and leather armor rip apart as his muscles tear through them.

"I'm ready," he says. "Let's get this done."

You nod. "Okay. Let's do it."

Kres now looks wider than two men and ten times as strong. Kres is still shorter than you, but much bulkier. Kres obviously wants to have sex with you and bb. BB wants to have a three way also. You nod in agreement. All three of you want to have sex with each other. You, Kres and bb all begin to remove your clothing. You take off your shirt and shorts. You are now standing there naked. Kres looks at you.

"Wow," he says.

Kres is impressed by your ten inch penis. He looks interested in having it in him. You and bb agree. You begin to caress Kres's huge muscles. Bb gets on her knees and starts to fondle Kres's flaccid dick. She plays with it a bit and then opens her mouth and begins to suck on it. Kres is so wide that you have trouble holding on to his cannonball delts. Bb continues sucking on Kres as he gets hard. His erect dick is twenty inches long and nine inches in circumference. It's huge. The most you've ever been was during a three way with your neightbor, who measured a mere five and a half inches. Your dick becomes hard and you plunge it into Kres's hole. You begin to thrust as Kres begins to push back. You both enjoy this position. Meanwhile, bb looks exhausted having Kres's massive member in her mouth. You and Kres continue pounding. Bb continues sucking and manages to swallow all of Kres's 20 inches. Kres blows his load into bb's throat. You continue to thrust as Kres begins to enter an animalistic state. You both moan as you both enter into this state with each other. A few moments later, Kres leans back, his eyes shining. Kres lifts bb into the air with his huge muscular arms. He cums a second time. Bb's stomach looks like it is being stretched from all of the cum. You lovingly trace Kres's wide back muscles as you continue to thrust into him. Kres's muscles pump up a little more as you speed up your thrusts. Kres grunts as he cums for a third time into bb. Bb gets off of Kres and spits out some of the cum overflowing from her belly.

"Fucking... awesome," she says, out of breath.

You finally cum a huge load inside of Kres. Bb lies on her back and spreads her legs for Kres. He leans over kisses her and puts his huge member into her. She screams in ecstasy as he begins to thrust in and out of her. You climb on to Kres's huge back and continue thrusting in and out. Kres is now fucking bb and being fucked in the ass at the same time.

Kres's back grows even wider. You can no longer reach the sides to grip, you can only hold on to his bulging traps. You stroke his neck and traps as he continues to thrust in and out of bb bouncing you around his own hole. At the same time, Kres cums inside bb and you cum inside of Kres. You scratch Kres's mountainous ridges on his back. Kres howls in pain but keeps on gyrating his hips. He finishes inside of bb and then collapses onto the floor. You catch him before he hits the ground and set him back on his feet.

"Fucking awesome," you say.

"Yeah," bb says, "I want to do that again."

You nod and stare at Kres. He stands up and stares back.

"I'm spent," he says.

"I'm sure you could go one more round, you fucking beast," you say.

"Nah, I'm good," he says, "but you go right ahead."

"Okay then."

You and Kres begin kissing passionately. Bb positions herself in front of you and allows your ten inch cock to enter her. Kres gets immediately turned on again and moves around your back, still kissing you. Kres now enters your butt hole with his twenty inch cock. It's been a while since you've done it and his member is much thicker than your neighbor was.


"Oh my..." bb says breathlessly.

You begin thrusting in and out while Kres and bb stare into each other's eyes across your shoulders. They are passionately kissing you from both sides.

"I think I'm going to..."

You cum inside of bb first. Kres cums soon after. Afterwards, you lie on the floor with bb and stare at Kres.

"Well?" she says, "Are you going to go be with him?

You say "No bb, you and I are married. I love you. I would never leave you."

Bb hugs you. You both love Kres, too. You and bb look at Kres. Kres is now as wide as three men and stronger than a hundred. The thought of leaving him is too much to bare. You and bb decide to live in Kres's lair. He provides plenty of food for all of you. As the weeks pass, bb and you find ways to make Kres happy and keep him from going on rampages, like dragons usually do. You all have a good life. After nine months, bb gives birth to a baby. It is one-third dragon. Bb, you and Kres are all the parents. The dragon and human cum inside of bb all mixed together. The baby is incredibly strong and fast. It has all the best traits of the dragons, but none of their weaknesses. You name the baby Alistair, after your father. You, Kres and bb still have sex with each other. However, most of your time is spenton helping Alistair grow stronger.

When Alistair turns 18, he is full grown, and more powerful than all of you. You all know this could be the start of the end. If he succumbs to the dragon rage, he will hunt you all down and kill you for food. You and Kres always taught Alistair not to kill anyone. When Alistair came of age, he agreed and chose to use his strength for good instead of evil.

One day, Alistair decides to go on an adventure of his own. He kisses all three of you goodbye. Alistair is six foot six and five hundred pounds of muscle. You know he will be able to take care of himself. But it is still difficult watching him walk away. He leaves the cave and finds a clearing in the trees.

"I'm off!"

You, Kres and bb decide to have sex all night. Alistair starts his journey by seeking out evil dragons.

The next day, bb finds you in the throws of passion with Kres. "I'm going to have a daughter," she says...


You become Alistair
You are now playing as Alistair.

You fly over the city and release a small black orb into the middle of the bridge. Everyone on the bridge is wiped out by the blast. You hide yourself among the survivors. You think about your parents. Kres is your dragon father. Co and bb are your humans parents. You've grown to love them all and you know they would do anything for you. They're also the only other people on your side, but that may be changing. You continue your search for the evil dragons. You inspect your surroundings and hide yourself once more. You've noticed a change in the dragons recently. They've grown much bigger and more powerful looking than before. You look down at your own body. You've grown considerably, but it's nothing compared to the other dragons you've seen. You are now 6'6" and 617 pounds. You look like a human with wings. If humans saw you, they would be shocked and terrified by your sheer size. They wouldn't be able to see you as anything else. You are a beast. Your muscles ripple across your body. You have almost zero body fat. You are the strongest human being on earth.

You hear a noise and look up.

"Hello," you say, "I am the last of the good dragons."

A voice comes back at you. "We've been watching you. We are the disciples, and these are Xoskes, and Kyerkhax, and Vuksak." You recognize four of the dragons from the other day.

You say "You are evil. I cannot let you survive." You open your mouth to let out a blast of fire. The disciples back away in terror.

"Don't be foolish, human," Xoskes says, "We are your friends. We came to help."

You listen to what they have to say.

"Where are the other dragons?" Vuksak asks. "We were hoping to find them here. Why are you the only ones left?"

"We had a disagreement about how to live," Xoskes says, "The others wanted to destroy you. I wanted to capture and tame you. I was right, wasn't I?"

You say "I do not need to be tamed. I had three parents who raised me to love the world."

They are shocked by what you just said.

You explain that you had three parents. You were born as one third dragon because two of your parents are human. You spent your life in the care of Kres, Co and bb. They taught you to be a good person and not fear anyone. You had a human mother so you are labeled as a human.

You say "I want to hunt all evil dragons."

They wonder if that is the reason you look like a human but have the power of a dragon. You wonder if that makes you good or bad.

"I do not know," you reply, "All I know is I feel the dragon blood coursing through my veins."

You attack and kill the closest one to you instantly. The others flee. You laugh and find the next closest one.

"Yes! I will destroy you!"

You fire your flame blast at it but it turns and spits back fire. Your flame is much more powerful and its fire is easily overcome. The second enemy dies quickly in fire. You laugh once more. You chase after the other two. They stop running and turn to face you.

"Why are you laughing?" Xoskes says, "This was a serious matter.

"The humans are cowards," the unnamed disciple says, "They fled the moment things looked difficult. No true friend of dragons would have done that."

You strike, but they evade and manage to lose you in the forest. You fly around searching for a while, but have no luck. You eventually land at a human town and fold back your wings so that you may look a little bit less imposing. You sheer size makes that a bit more difficult. You quickly enter a shop and check out some clothes from the shelf. You hear someone calling you. You turn to see a female cashier who looks at the clothes and then smiles.

"Hello," the cashier says, "How can I help you?"

You smile and reply "I have heard your voice before. Do you recognize me?

The cashier's eyes widen as she remembers you. Many months ago, she was attacked by a dragon in the forest. You saved her and destroyed the dragon.

"Yes," the cashier replies, "I remember you. You are the brave warrior who killed the dragon that was attacking me. I am honored to finally meet you."

She is shocked at how big you are up close. You were much further away during the fight. You are only wearing a loincloth made out of fur. The loincloth shows off your six hundred plus pounds of muscle. She stares at the bulge barely being hidden in your loincloth and notices the tip of your cock peaking out from the material. She wants to rub her hands all over you. She knows that you would be able to fit everything in her that she has ever wanted inside. You flex your muscles for her enjoyment. The large muscles on your arms and legs flex and contract. She could stare at them all day.

"I have an idea," the cashier says, "Why don't you try on some custom clothes?"

You agree and step behind the counter. The cashier smiles and pushes your body closer to the clothes.

You smile at her. Your face is the most manly face she has ever seen. You smile exposing large teeth a thick jaw that can crush stones. Your face is filled with confidence and strength. You take a shirt, pants and a more tailored loincloth from the pile behind the counter. You take off the fur loincloth and put on the clothes. The material is stretchy and hugs your body all over. The stretchy loincloth does a much better job containing your member. You flex your muscles to see how they feel. They all fit perfectly.

"Wow," the cashier says, "You look amazing."

You look at yourself in the mirror. The cashier was right, you do look amazing. The clothing does not hide any of your assets. In fact, it seems to enhance everything. Your huge cock is now wrapped in a massive package, further pushing out from your body by your grapefruit sized balls. The shirt also adequately hides your wings. You look much more human wearing these clothes. You are an obscenely huge humans, but human none-the-less.

"Thank you," you reply, "I feel amazing."

You grab the other clothes and stick them into a rucksack and step around the counter. You pick up the cashier and kiss her passionately. You drop the sack and wrap your tree trunk leg around her waist. Your tongue pushes into her mouth as you take control of the kiss. Your long powerful tongue is able to massage all corners of her mouth. You gently push the cashier up against the wall and run your hand over her body. Your mitts are huge compared to her thick frame. Her body heavily muscled from working in the story, but she feels like jelly in your hands. She shudders in ecstasy as you palm her body. You push your tongue further into her mouth and run your hand up her legs. She explores your body through the clothing. She can feel how hard you are. She pushes the pants down and touches your skin. She can feel the muscles rippling under your skin. She moves her hand under your loincloth and feels how wet they are. She could so easily slide your erect member inside her. She could bring you to an amazing release.

She could fill her body with your child. She could feel your child inside her.

She could stop this moment and the two of you could live happily ever after.

She could so easily do that...


You slide your 24 inch cock inside of her.

The cashier lets out a groan. Her face turns into ecstasy as you push your body against hers. Your massive body pushes her up against the wall. Your thrusts are fast and deep. Your massive hands grasp her body tightly.

"Yes, yes, yes," she says, "Give it to me. Give it to me hard. I want your animal inside me. I want your child."

The cashier can barely contain herself. Her breathing is uneven as she tries to remain silent. She wants you to know how she feels. She doesn't want to say it out loud. She wants you to show her how much you want this. Your manhood slides in and out of her tight body. It's so big that it's almost impossible for you to get inside of her. She's used to your size. Most girls aren't.

"Oh... Y-yes," she says, "I'm going to..."

She can't hold back her voice anymore. She lets out a yell as she finishes. You finish as well and empty your animalistic seed deep inside of her. You keep your legs wrapped around her as you fall to the floor. You stay inside of her as you begin to soften. You slide out of her and fall to the floor as well.

"What... What happened?" she asks, "I can't even..."

You both laugh. The sound of your laughter fills the room. It's a sound that you haven't heard in a long time. It's a sound that your heart desires to hear. She embraces you. Her body pressed against your chest. She hugs you tightly as you embrace her back.

You say "I'm sorry, I want to stay with you forever, but I need to leave now. I am hunting evil dragons."

You tell the cashier everything. She looks at you with shock. She understands that you need to leave, but she also feels a sense of sadness.

You say "I will come back for you one day."

She smiles and hugs you. "I know," she says, "Thank you for everything."

You walk to the door. She watches you leave. You blow a kiss from the doorway and wave goodbye. You head back to the village, carrying the dragon heads with you. When you arrive back in the village, the crowd of people are amazed at what you have accomplished. Some of the villagers are scared of your immense size and run away. Others stand there with open mouths. You are praised in the village as a hero. Everyone knows that it was you who killed the evil dragons, saved the village and brought back the dragon heads. You ask where the lord of the village is. Some of the villagers tell you that he is in the tavern. You walk into the tavern and see the lord of the village. He has a few friends with him. They are drinking and laughing. You place the dragon heads on the lord's table. He stops drinking and looks at the heads.

"What the hell is this?" he asks, "Where did you find them?"

You explain to him what had happened. You say "They wanted to tame me to make me evil. I had to hunt them for two weeks straight. Unfortunately there were some casualties with the plan of attack. The dragons had some men under their sway."

He pours himself another drink. His friends laugh at him.

"I don't see why you're laughing," he says, "These men were sacrificing their own kind for dragon blood! They wanted to sacrifice a man to make him into a monster like the dragons!"

You tell the lord that you are one third dragon. The lord himself seems to be one third dragon as well. He grins at you. The lord is no where near as large as you, but he clearly outmatches his friends.

You say "We are of the same blood. Hail to you my brother."

He pours himself another drink. "I like you human," he says, "You are direct to the point of absurdity. I am the lord of this village. My name is Eldolith."

You say "Hello Eldolith. My name is Alistair."

He gives you a big grin. "You've slain the dragons. You are now one of us. We can do anything."

He laughs with his friends. They all drink and have a good time.

You say "I need to know where the other evil dragons are. I cannot stop until I have ended their reign of terror."

He frowns. "I thought you had slain them all?"

"I have slain two, but the others escaped. It's likely that they are in a cave nearby."

"Hmm, yes. The evil dragons that escaped must be the disciples of the Blue. We should prepare for him."

"Yes, I will be glad to slay the beast," You say "Where is his cave?"

He nods. "I will show you."

The lord of the village leads you to the cave. It is quite a long way away. You go there by foot and arrive within ten minutes.

You say "Are you coming in to fight?"

He nods and enters the cave. You enter as well, not able to wait any longer. As soon as you enter, you see a horrible sight. You see two half rotten skeletons of dragons. It looks like they were killed quite recently. They resemble the two disciples that escaped.

"The Blue is here," you say, "We should leave."

"Good idea," he says.

You stop at the entrance and devise a plan to kill The Blue. You would ambush him. That way you wouldn't have to worry about him breathing fire, which can do a lot of damage even at point blank range. You all leave and return to the village. At the tavern, all of you figure out the ambush plan. "We split up. Three men enter, one man stays outside. We can surround him and beat him to death with clubs before he even gets a chance to breath fire."

"That is a good plan," says Eldolith, "But how will you know which dragon it is?"

You shake your head, El is obviously quite drunk. You think for a second. "Oh, yeah. I'll just wait until he sleeps. No reason to risk getting burned."

"That's not how it works!" says the man who was beaten by the disciples of the Blue before. "You don't know that he'll stay asleep when you get close! He could start spewing fire from his mouth at any second!"

You say "My flame breath is strong. If he spews fire at me, I might be able to deflect it."

The other men laugh. "Yeah right," says one.

"I don't find that funny," says Eldolith.

You have no choice but to take this up with the Blue alone. You say "The rest of you stay here. I do not want you to get hurt."

Eldolith nods. "Understood."

You leave with only three men, and go to the Blue's cave. When you arrive, the Blue is lying in his bed of dried blood. You tell the three to wait outside. You will draw his attention and they can ambush from behind. You enter the cave alone and approach him from above. You stab downwards, straight into his throat. He gurgles and dies before he can spew a single flame. You're surprised at how easy it was. It seems that the Blue was as tired as you are, and you were too fast and strong for him. You laugh. The others laugh with you.
The cave begins to rumble. You realize very quickly that this was Blue's baby. Blue herself is much larger. She must have recently given birth to it for it to sleep through the attack. That would be why the disciples were killed, to feed the baby. She roars, and you hear two men scream as they are burned alive. You run back to the entrance to avoid the baby's mother's flames. You drop the third man outside and rush back into the cave. You run back towards the dragon's den, where you hope to find a smaller cave in which to hide. You see the other two men engulfed in flames. They howl desperately as they are burned alive. You take out Kres's magic ring and activate it. You concentrate on the fires. The flames go out. The men might just survive. You can't go check on them, you have to press on. The dragon's den is large and open. You see the mother dragon curled up in the corner around her baby. She looks furious.

You say "Blue, this needs to end. The reign of the dragons is over."

"Blue?" she asks, confused. "Am I dead and in a dream? This isn't my cave..."

You say "It doesn't matter who's cave it is. I need to destroy you."

"Why?" asks the dragon. "You're no mortal."

You grab a nearby stalagmite and toss it at her. She avoids it, and you run towards her. Her word echo in your mind. She is right, you are not mortal. The dragon stares at you as you approach. You feel fear rise up inside you. You stop and look at her. You know her eyes were once blue, but now they are red. Like the fires of her throat, like the flames of her cave.

She speaks one word to you. "Mortkan."

You know that word. You can't forget it. It's the one word that scares you more than anything in the world. The God of Death in draconic. You feel your heart stop. Your blood turns to ice.

You say "Why are you doing this?" It feels like it is hard to breath. How can the Blue evoke the gods like this?

She speaks, but you can barely hear her. "Kan kan kan..."

You shake your head to try and get your hearing to work again.

"Blue?" You cry. "Blaauuue."

You look around for, but there is no sign of your three companions.

"Why are you doing this?" You repeat.

"Kan kan kan..." You drop to your knees, pleading with her to stop. You know this is it. This is how you die.

You say "It can't end like this."

"Kan kan..." She stops and looks at you. "It can end any way I want."

You laugh bitterly.

"Like a hero, or a slave?" she asks, preparing another chant.

You say "I will do as you wish."

"Kan kan..." She stops, and looks at you again.

You know she can tell you what you want to hear, to convince herself as much as you, but she can't help you anymore than that. You choose to be a slave. Her power over you is too great. You want it off your life, off your soul. You drop to your knees, and look at the ground. You don't want to see what is to come next.

"You've chosen a difficult path,"

You wait for instructions.

"I'm...not used to being polite. You can choose to die now, or serve me for the rest of your life."

What a hard choice.

"I want my freedom..." You say "But i will serve you." You choose to serve Blue for the rest of your life. "Very well. I'll be sure to not be too much of a burden."

"Great!" she smiles, much to your surprise.

She tells you that your first task is to impregnate her. You had just killed her baby and she needs a new offspring. Without even bothering to transform into her human form, she climbs on top of you and you're forced to enter inside her. Being one third dragon, you are adequately equipped for the task. Her body weight is enough to force you into the ground. Luckily, your muscles can take the punishment. The pain you feel is immense, but after you are done, she rewards you with a kiss.

She tells you to come to her every time you feel pain for the next week to give you a kiss. She is enjoying mocking you. The week passes, and she seems very happy with you, though it might be just your imagination. You suppose that, as a slave, you don't really have a choice in the matter. It's a struggle, but you manage to get by, until you hear of the rebellion taking place. The Nalin Empire, ever-watchful of it's territory, sent an army to wipe out the rebels. Blue tells you not to concern yourself with the rebellion. All you need to do is to stay out of sight and you'll be fine. The Empire takes back what it considers it's own.

You continue living as a slave until Blue give birth to a two thirds dragon baby. She names her child Dendrin, and he is an incredibly beautiful baby. Dendrin turns out to be very powerful, he seems like he will be more powerful than either of his parents. Blue raises Dendrin to be an evil dragon. Whenever you can, you teach Dendrin about being a human. He's a quick studies, but there's so much still to teach him.


You've been Dendrin's teacher for about ten years when one day Blue comes home with a man in chains. Blue snarls at you and you look down at the ground. You can't imagine what this man has done to deserve such a horrible fate.

"Look at you," Blue says, "cowering before a man and a baby. What kind of slave are you?"

Dendrin is upset about being called a baby. He belches fire and for a moment you think he's going to set you all on fire. You calm Dendrin down, and remind him that the man only did his job. You were the one who was merciful by setting him free. Blue ignores your words, she only pays attention to you when it benefits her or her son. You look at the man in chains. He isn't so much a man, but rather a boy. You have never seen a human boy as bulked up as this boy. He has short blond hair and a very fierce face.

"Who is this?" you ask.

"His name's Cyrus," Blue says, "and I should probably kill you for setting him free."

You are confused, not remembering setting anybody free. But if your master says it is so, that is what you believe. The Blue chains Cyrus to a wall.

Many years pass. You continue teaching Dendrin while Cyrus is chained to the wall. Blue leaves him alone, only taking him on jobs when necessary. Life becomes monotonous for you, and you feel you are losing a part of yourself by not killing Cyrus. Killing Cyrus would be an act of kindness to prevent further torture. One day, while Blue is out hunting, you decide that it is time to act. You could kill Cyrus and make it seem like suicide. Just as you are about to enact your plan, Cyrus tells you that you are his father. You take this in silence, not really knowing how to react. You look deeply into his eyes and realize the truth. You tell Cyrus that he is right and that you will free him. Cyrus thanks you profusely. Dendrin sees you and starts screaming. Cyrus tries to quiet him, but fails.

You say "Dendrin, Cyrus is your brother."

Dendrin starts crying.

"Dendrin!" you shout, "stop that this instant!"

Dendrin stops crying and continues looking at you. He seems to be testing you.

You say "We are a family... We are a family," you repeat, as Dendrin seems to nod.

You tell Dendrin and Cyrus how to find Kres's lair. You tell them that all will be explained when they arrive. They seem eager to get going, and leave your cave without a second thought. You don't blame them. You probably would feel the same way if you hadn't been stuck here for so long. You cry. You know you will never see your boys again since you are a slave. It won't be long before Blue returns home and you know the punishment for what you just did will be severe.

Your thoughts drift to Cyrus's mother. She was the store shop cashier from so long ago. Would she still be alive if you hadn't helped her in that dragon attack? Does she know that her boy had been kidnapped? You don't know the answer to these questions, but you can make one thing certain, you won't spend all of your remaining years as a slave. Your eyes glow with a fire that you have not felt in many years. You begin to prepare for the Blue to return.


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I meant to make this one short but then started getting into it. :)

The Field

You are Rory, a peasant living in a small village in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pitchfork and nothing else. You dream of getting out of your village and having an adventure. You go to your fields and begin working. You look up and see a man on a horse. It looks like the lord of the manor, but it could just be a traveler. You can't be sure so you continue working. You are the most handsome and masculine out of all peasants. You smile your brilliant smile at the lord. He is very impressed by your beauty. You go over to him, and tell him you are working on a field. He asks if you have any extra help. You flex your bicep and tell him your arms are all the help you need. The lord nods and leaves.

A few days later he returns with a small bag of gold. He tosses it to you and tells you to go buy whatever you need. You tell the lord that you missed him. You want him to stay with you. The lord smiles and says he is glad to be back with you. You both embrace in a tight hug, which feels really good. You want to do it again, but the lord says he has to leave. The lord wants to leave but your beauty forces the lord to stay. The lord becomes very sad and his sadness makes you feel sad too. You ask the lord what the problem is, and he tells you. He says he doesn't want to leave, because he is incredibly attracted to you. You invite him to work the field with you and live in your home for a while. He agrees to stay together.

After a week of working the fields with you, the lord is looking quite muscular. You and him engage in passionate sexual activity. You are happy again. A month passes, and the lord tells you he needs to leave again. You agree to this once again because you have fallen in love with him. After a few days, he arrives again, telling you that he is compelled to continue working the field. The field has magical properties. Working in the field makes people stronger and more masculine. Any man who works in the field for a month becomes more masculine, stronger and happier. The field is like a drug, but one that helps you become a better version of yourself.

You are living with a muscular man who loves you, what more could you want? Obviously, you and the lord want more muscles. You and the lord engage in a lot of physical activity. You begin lifting heavier bundles of crops, as well as doing more push-ups and body weight exercises at home. After a month of training you are stronger than ever. You and the lord begin working the field naked. Your bodies are so masculine that you are not shy. The lord used to be a bit pudgy, but now he is so masculine that he is no longer self conscious. You and the lord are not shy in bed either.

One day while working in the field, you notice how huge and ruddy the lord's chest is. You are quite curious and start rubbing your hands over his pecs. Your attention is diverted when you hear the town drunk arguing with the town blacksmith over a coin. The drunk notices you and the lord out in the field alone. He gets curious and walks out to greet you.

"Hey there, sir. I recognize you. You are that lord from the manor house! What brings you out here?"

"We're working," the lord replies.

"Oh, really? What are you doing?" The drunk is shocked to see the lord naked. You glare at him.

"We're working." You repeat.

"You work very hard, sir. I'll leave you alone..." The drunk says and walks away embarrassed.

The drunk stops. He is compelled to join you in the field. The drunk strips off his clothing since he is already drunk and not in a bashful state of mind. He is quite ugly from years of being the town drunk. Neither of your cares about what he looks like. You know that in time, he will begin to look quite muscular. The drunk begins to feel happy tending the field. He feels masculine. He feels strong. He feels powerful. He feels... loved. The thought of getting drunk no longer seems appealing because the field has filled the void in his heart.

You and the lord have fun with the drunk for days. The lord shows no mercy with his sexual proclivities. One night, while you and the lord are having a little fun, the drunk loses control. The drunk starts crying and tells you both how much he loves you. He feels like you will abandon him at some point. The drunk begins to weep. You look at the lord. You and the lord discuss it. You agree the the drunk should stay with you from now on. The drunk becomes so happy he stops crying.

The drunk looks at you both and says "I'm sorry for doubting you. I love you both."

The drunk and you both laugh. The three of you make out all night long. You wake up the next morning and all three of you work the field. The drunk is now much better looking. The lord is masculine and beautiful. You are so attractive that anybody would immediately fall in love with you.

One month passes and the lord is stronger than ever. You and he engage in even more intense activity. The drunk looks on in amazement. One night, after an especially strenuous round of lifting one ton bails of hay around the field, the lord calls a stop to your activities. "Rory, I'm afraid you will have to leave again."


"I want to have fun with you. I don't want you working for me anymore. I want to be with you Rory."


"We're a couple now. Your days of working for a living are over. Come with me to the manor." the lord says.

You agree and tell the drunk that he can tend the field on his own now. You stay at the lord's manor for the rest of the week having fun. The lord is more than happy to oblige your every whim. The drunk quickly gets over his hang-ups knowing that you two need to have a life and that you did not truly abandon him. The drunk works the field all day and all night while you are at the manor. While you are out having fun, the drunk is becoming much stronger and more masculine. One night, he screams in pain as a change takes place. His body hair disappears. His voice deepens. His body becomes leaner and longer. His body is developing muscles that he never knew he had.

"I'm turning into a man! I'm becoming a real man!" he cries. "I'm not ugly anymore! You've done so much for me. I love you," he calls out to the sky.


One year passes and the drunk is now a tall, well-muscled, completely naked man.

"Rory! You're home!" he cries, running into your room. He is very happy to see you.

"I'm back. What time is it?" you say.

"It's night, and it's late."  he smiles. "I stayed up to watch the sun go down while working in the field. I wanted to see you come home. I missed you."

Your train of thought stops as you stare at the drunk. He is so tall and muscular. His body is completely smooth with a golden tan from working in the fields naked. It showing off his perfect muscle definition. He is everything you imagined a "perfect bodybuilder" would be. You can't believe this is the same man who sat next to you in the tavern years ago begging for a coin to buy a drink. He is so transformed. You scan his body and your mouth hangs open as you realize he is more manly than you are. He is far more attractive. You have nothing on him. You ask him how he became so beautiful. He says he worked out with the fields with dumbbells attached and spent hours working on his body.

"Why? So you could look like this?" you say.

"No, so I could attract you."

You are quite attracted to him. You're scared of how you feel.

He looks at you with longing. "I worked out so that when I became a man, I would be attractive to you."

You ask if you can feel his muscles. He says of course, but you turn away blushing.

The lord walks into the room. "Rory, why are you blushing?" The lord then notices how beautiful the drunk is. "Rory, you are also quite attractive. You've always been a pretty boy, but now, we have some competition."

The lord walks over to the drunk and touches his face. The drunk is much taller than the lord. The lord is looking directly at the drunk's nipples. They become instantly hard and erect with the lord breathing on them.

"You are an incredibly sensual being. Your body is a temple and your manhood is a torch that can burn for as long as you want it to. Don't waste a moment." The lord says before walking away, leaving the drunk looking very confused. The lord comes back in with a slippery substance he calls lube. The lord starts lubing up the drunk's entire body.

"I'm nervous," the drunk says. "I don't know what's going to happen."

"Stop talking and just let me do all the work," the lord says.

The lord starts worshiping the drunk's muscles. He feels the hardness and traces every line of definition. His face is stone as he enjoys the experience. The lord works the drunk's body very slowly. He begins to moan. You watch the muscle worship from your bed. You begin to masturbate. The feeling is incredible. The lord finishes the slow sensual torture and slaps the drunk's face as he erupts. He unloads five or six ropes of cum on to the drunk's legs. His body is completely limp and exhausted. You also cum when you see the lord  explode. The drunk turns the lord over gently. He slowly inserts his cock into the lord's ass.

"Ah...!" the lord sighs as the drunk begins thrusting.

"Oh, my lord! I'm home!," the drunk whispers.

The lord and his lover kiss deeply and passionately. The drunk fumbles around and finds your arms.

"Come on, lover! Let's see those muscles in action!"

You get out of bed. You and the drunk make out like teenagers. The drunk easily hold your massive body up while still thrusting into the lord. Your hands trace along the other man's perfect body. The lord's body is almost chubby, but his pecs and abs are so cut that he looks strong. Everyone looks chubby next to the incredibly lean and overly muscled town drunk. Your body feels weird, but you're turned on beyond belief. The drunk can go all night long. The drunk starts massaging your back and ass with one hand, while still holding you up with the other. You continue passionately making out. The lord cums a second time from the intense pleasure of having the drunk inside of him.

"Oh...my...god...." the lord groans.

The drunk buries his face in your neck and continues thrusting into him. You begin humping the drunk's chest. You are having an out of body experience. The thrusting rhythm you've set is sending you into some kind of primal state. You don't know what's happening, but you can't get enough. The lord is panting and sweating. The pair of you finish together. The world explodes into pure ecstasy and pure bliss. The lord collapses to the floor and begins rolling around in ecstasy. He cums a third time. You slowly come back to your body. The lord turns over and smiles at you.

"Well, lover, what do you think?"

You can barely talk. You can only nod and smile.

The drunk pulls out of the lord and sighs in relief. You and the lord begin worshiping his muscles. The drunk tells you to wait. All of you should go work in the field. The drunk straps huge weights on to all three of you. It is hard to move, but all of you go out to the field and starting working. All of you work in the field for ten days straight. You eat some of the food you are tending and drink from the well when you need to. The rest of the time you work. On the eleventh day, a small man appears.

"How are things going?" he asks.

The three of you grunt and struggle to show how well you are doing.

"I'm starving," he says.

You hand him a vegetable from your basket. The man is shocked. He thought that you were wearing clothes. Instead, you are naked with weights strapped on you. He eats and listens to you tell him the story of the magic field.

"Magic... It seems you were cursed."

You nod.

"And this field is your prison?"

You nod again.

He looks up at the sky. Even though he knows it is a prison, he feels the compulsion to work on the field. The man tells you his name is Geoffrey. He explains that this is still your prison, but that he is able to unlock it. He takes out some chalk and a piece of parchment and begins to write. He stops writing a couple of times to look up something in a book. You watch him work for a moment, then go back to working. You keep working the field while Geoff writes. He hands you the book and you see that it is about spells. The three of you struggle back to the town and remove the weights. You can barely walk. The three of you go to the tavern with Geoff and order three hot meals. All of you are naked, but the townspeople are so enamored with your beauty that they let it go. Geoff describes the spells to you.

The first one turns you back to your natural form.

The second one makes you extremely sexually attractive to the entire male population of earth.

The third one breaks the curse, you will become five times as muscular and masculine as you currently are. The problem is the you have to cast the first two spells and not have sex for an entire year.

You, the lord and the drunk agree to casts the spells. The lord orders a round of drinks to celebrate. The following day, Geoff casts the first spell on the three of you. You can barely walk after the shock of the transformation. By nightfall, you are practically glowing with the power of the transformation. The lord orders a round of drinks to celebrate again. The drunk is back to his old self and happily accepts the free drinks. You are now a regular looking peasant. The drunk is back to his short ugly self. The lord looks like a handsome, slightly chubby, nobleman. Geoff nods in approval. All of you are sad about being normal, but you know it has to be done.

The next day, Geoff casts the second spell.

The lord looks a little worried when the drunk says that you should all have sex tonight.

"Why?" the lord asks.

"Trust me," the drunk says.

The second spell works very quickly. Geoff lunges at you and begins kissing you. You feel like you have to have sex or you will explode. You do not want to hurt the lord's feelings, so you tell him to get ready in the next room. Soon, you, Geoff and the drunk are naked and having fun. The lord walks in and stops all of you. He is the only one who has a strong enough will to resist the spell.

"What the hell!?" he asks.

"We told you to stay in the other room!" you say.

The lord shakes his head and forces all of you apart. He reminds you that you can't have sex for an entire year. All of you agree that you should live in isolation for that year. You harvested enough grain from the magic field to last. All of you part and go to your separate homes. You are isolated from each other and the outside world. You have the year to get through while being incredibly attractive to other men.

The first month is ok. During the second month, you cannot get the lord and the drunk out of your head. But you know you must resist. You decide that any sexual contact during the day will ruin your plans. You focus on spell research instead. During the third month, it is even worse. You are going mad.

Then you hear a knock on your door. It is the lord.

"How do I know I can trust you being here?" you ask.

You explain that you could not resist him and the rest. He says that he is glad to help you. You dive into the lord and start kissing him. You cannot get enough of his lips. His hands are on your body within a moment. You take control of the situation. You know you have to be careful. You cannot have sex with him, but there are many other things that you can do. You take him into your room and tear off your clothes. You feel his hands on your back. It is so good to be touched again. You feel an explosion in your groin. You hold it back with all of your might. But it does not matter. The feeling is so overwhelming. The lord punches you in the face and laughs. That ended your arousal for the moment. The lord smiles at you and you smile back. He begins feeling your thin, wiry muscles. You gently caress his soft doughy body. Both of you fall asleep in you bed, enjoying each other's company.

You wake up feeling refreshed. You know that you can last another few months now. The lord tells you that he is going to the drunk's house to give him some company. You are happy to see him go. You take off your clothes and dive into the bathtub to splash some cold water on yourself. The lord has left you with some extra food from his stores, which you gladly eat.

Two months later, the lord visits again. It is much easier this time. You two talk and eat. You go to sleep in each other's arms.

It is another month before he returns. But, each time he does, you are able to last for the next month. The lord begins suggesting new and exciting things for you to try. This drives you mad with desire, but at least it satiates you for the intervals.

In month ten, the lord comes with sad news. The drunk had gone to the tavern and gotten wasted. He lost control of himself as all of the men were coming on to him. He failed to fend them off in his inebriated state. You try not to cry. You do not want to upset the lord, who is already upset about the situation. The lord suggests that you have sex. Nothing bad happened to the drunk when it had happened. He is still ugly but incredibly sexy so the magic continued. Neither of you know whether Geoff was right or if he will even return. You have so much pent up desire that you agree. You both immediately dive into bed kissing passionately.

The lord suddenly stops.

"What happened?" You ask.

"I have to go." He replies and leaves.

You are left confused and incredibly turned on.

The lord comes back every three days. He always says the same things and leaves with sad faces. He tells you he loves you and that he is so sorry. You are going insane. You need to have sex. You feel like you are losing control over your body. The lord begins suggesting things to you again. After many days of this, the lord comes with awful news. The drunk had lost his battle with his addiction. He had gotten himself intoxicated to the point of death. You break down in tears. You feel the lord's arms around you, but that is not enough. You cry in his arms for hours and then feel them disappear. Your body is numb. You walk into town. The lord is nowhere in sight.

A thief sneaks out of an alley to rob you. Right when he sees your face, he falls madly in love. He begins groping you. He leads you back into his alley and strips off both of your clothes. Your mind is not completely there. You want to have sex more than anything just to numb your pain. You have no willpower left and just let yourself go. You insert your modest four inches into the thief and pound him for the next three hours. He cries that he loves you as you finish. You do not care. You continue down the road still having no idea where you are going. You have no interest in anything anymore and just go home. You want to die. You come back home and find that the lord has been waiting for you. He hugs you and tells you that everything will be fine. He tells you to rest and that he will be back tomorrow.

The following day, there is a knock at your door. It is Geoff. He smiles at you and asks if you are ready to go. You smile a sad smile back. He tells you that today is the day. The lord comes up behind him and smiles at you.

The lord says, "We are finally breaking the curse, that should at least help you get over your sorrow."

You begin to cry, telling them about last night. The lord apologizes, he should have been there for you. Geoff is sad about the events, but needs to cast the spell now or the window will pass. He needs you to come with him. You nod and walk into the woods with Geoff and the lord. You do not know where you are going. You just follow behind. You come to a clearing. Geoff tells the lord to stand in the center. You watch from the side.

Geoff begins to cast the spell on the lord. The words are too quiet for you to hear, but the lord suddenly winces and clutches his head. He stumbles to the side and drops to the ground. He begins convulsing violently. You call out to him. He looks up at you. He smiles and reaches his hand out to you. You run over take a knee to help him up. You look into his eyes. He looks back into yours. You tell him that he is the love of your life. He looks away, he begins to say something, but stops. The lord falls unconscious.

You struggle to revive him. You hold his hand tightly begging him to wake up. A powerful magical burst explodes out of him. You are thrown back and tumble on the ground. You look up to see the lord. His eyes are rolled up into his head. He is having a seizure. The lord begins hulking out of his clothing. You run over and grab him to try and help, but he is still convulsing. You scream for Geoff to help. The lord suddenly stops and the transformation stops. He falls unconscious again. You try to help him up, but he is absolutely massive. Even the drunk at his biggest would had trouble maneuvering the lord. You are struck by how insanely beautiful the lord is. His pecs are overflowing out of his chest. You stick your hand into his pec cleavage and it gets covered up to the wrist.

The lord's mouth opens and closes soundlessly. You think he is trying to speak, but no sound comes out.

Your hand is stuck. You get on top of him and begin pulling. His abs easily support your weight as if you were nothing. Your hand comes out with a pop sound. You stumble back but find some support before falling over. It is the lord's massive rod. It is easily three feet long and as hard as steel. You notice your bare feet feel like they are on a lush fur rug that you had seen as the lord's manor. You look down and gasp. The fur is actually the lord's body hair. It is so soft and dense. You caress the hairs with awe. You stumble over and stand up again, now that you have the lord's giant rod in hand. It is simply too big to fit in your hands. You run your hand down the shaft. The lord's pubic hair is even more dense. It is the most soft and fine hair you have ever felt, but so dense that your cannot see your hands running through it. You start stroking the hairs and find that they are softer than the finest furs. You look up to see the lord's eyes. They are black and as deep as the darkest night. His jawline is chiseled out of diamonds. His cheeks are so defined that you could draw murals on his face to look like billboards. You slowly start stroking the lord's jaw. You run your hand down his jawline, across his chin, and pause to cup his mouth. He kisses your hand gently with the most supple lips you have ever felt. You cum without even touching yourself because his kiss is so electric. You gasp, his lips are so perfect. You suddenly realize you have stopped touching him as his head rolls back in another fit. The lord falls unconscious again.

He begins hulking out again. You feel yourself lifted further into the air just from his growth. He is easily double the size that he was just a moment ago. You feel his soft fur growing and caressing your feet. You cum again from the feeling of a million tiny fingers giving your an erotic foot massage. You look at his face again and almost faint from the sight. If his jawline was cut from diamond before, now it would shatter diamond. His black eyes soften to a brilliant blue. They are deep pools of water that you would be happy to get lost in forever. Geoff comes over and calls up to you. He tells you the the spell is done and the lord is now at his full size.

"The curse of the field is now broken." He says as he drops his magical wards. The wards protected him from your seductive charms. "I am sorry, but with the magic finished with its cycle, you two are now stuck as you are."

You hang your head in sadness and shame. The lord wakes up and looks at you. He purrs a seductive growl. You look at his face in shock.

He says, "You know that you are my first love, my only love." He tenderly rubs your back with a huge paw that is as big as your entire torso. You buck your hips and cum a third time just from his touch. You blush and he smiles at you. The smile would have sent you over the edge again if you hadn't just cum. "I never cared about your body even with the curse. I fell in love with you. You invited me into your field and shared the magic with me. I thought that you were so beautiful back then. But letting me join you showed me a beauty that was much more deep than I had ever seen before. That is who you are and that is what I fell in love with." The lord pulls you close and smashes you into his pecs. You wince slightly, but he is gentle enough to not cause any damage. You are slightly surprised by how well he can control his strength.

The lord stands up and holds you and Geoff in one hand. You two fit sitting side by side, each straddling a finger. As the lord carries you back to his manor, he playfully twitches his fingers. Each time, causing you and Geoff to explode. He giggles each time, a deep rumbling that vibrates through both of you to the core - ensuring that you stay hard for his next twitch.


After spending some time having fun at the manor, the three of you had to part ways. You still could stay with the lord whenever the fieldwork was done for the season. However, after a year of neglect, you know that it would take a lot of work to get things going again. The manual labor helps divert your thoughts from your massive muscle god of a lord. It is also relaxing getting back to work. Slowly, you start to revive the crops and the field looks lively again. It is eventually time to reap your first harvest. As you are chopping down some wheat, you feel tingling through your body. You flex your arm instinctively and a little bulge forms. You smile and put all of your effort into your work. You can't wait to see what this harvest brings.

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Well this is a coincidence.  I ran into AI Dungeon last week.  I'm, among other things, a wannabe programmer and avid gamer, so I had to try it out.

And yeah, that "Griffin" AI.  It's absolutely f-in impressive from a technical standpoint, even if it's not ready for primetime: you aren't going to get a coherent story out of it unless you make it the junior partner (i.e. edit or reject many of its responses).  I'm curious to find out if the premium AI is a vast improvement.

Anyone else wanting to try it, give it a few chances because the more you learn about the input and how the AI thinks, you'll be able to coax more satisfying, sensical responses from it.

So Desato, I inadvertently wrote my first muscle fic with the AI and have been working on how to present it.  I think you came to some of the same conclusions I have, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on conventions to make a story with AI participation a better read.

1. During writing, be liberal with the "redo", "edit", and "thumbtack" features.

1a. If you see a fantastic direction to take the story in the short run and you know the AI is going to screw things up trying to get there collaboratively, sideline the AI until you get past the desired plot point, revelation, etc.

Editing before posting the story:

2. Break the paragraphs up into AI responses and your replies, then use color or letter formatting (bold, italics, etc.) to make clear what's primarily AI and what's all you.  This step will also help readability when encountering the issue in 5 below.

3. Where helpful or funny, include commentary about an AI response (set off with a style different from that used for the AI responses and your replies).

4. It's okay to thoroughly edit the AI responses at this point to aid readability.  The problems it creates with verb tense, grammatical person, and forgetting who the protagonist are very distracting.

5. Verb tense is tricky to completely harmonize since the player (probably) and the AI will tell the story variably in present and past tense.  I'm going to flag this issue to the reader since it's tough to fix without massive rewriting.

6. If there are long sections where nothing interesting or necessary is happening (usually when the AI goes in loops or takes only baby steps advancing the story), edit it out.  If you can do something interesting with commentary or the AI's response is funny (even if it doesn't move the story in the moment), leave those parts in.

Any more tips?  See any problems?

And do you think suggesting AI dungeon have its own sub board would be helpful?  I did a quick search, and there are a few other attemps floating around.  The board could also have a sticky for AI tips and faqs.

Nice job, and thanks for sharing.



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Yeah, that is a great writeup. Thanks so much for the input.

1. The only command I used was the change character command in the second short story. It actually worked pretty well considering it completely switched the story. I tried the alter command a couple of times and it gave me incredibly strange results.

2. I try to keep all of the writing in the same tense as the AI. Using "you" instead of "I" in the present tense gives me the best continuity.

3. This would a good idea. I was keeping everything continuous, but writing some commentary would be good for some of the bizarre or funny directions.

4. In all of the stories I did heavy edits. In the second two stories, I fixed the names when the AI was changing them. In my third story, the AI started calling me Rory, so I just changed the original name to Rory.

5. Right, try your best to keep everything second person present since the AI likes that the best.

6. Yeah, totally. There are many times when the AI repeats the same sentence or even paragraph multiple times.

I have a couple more tips to add:

7. Use the Story input more than Say and Do. That is the best way to keep the AI on track. Say and Do usually end up with the AI getting confused. It actually does well with a longer (even a few sentences) of you writing Story.

8. I use the AI to give me prompts more than anything. I sometimes delete what the AI wrote and rewrite things my own way. It works fantastic as a rapid idea generator. I have written all of these stories in about 2-3 hours as opposed to a few days like my normal stories.


If you feel like posting here, feel free. This is just a collection of short stories, so I do not have a problem with others contributing. As long as it was made in AI Dungeon, its all good :)

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Interesting concept.  AI (artificial intelligence) generates a fantasy/muscle growth story with a lot of potential side plots.  It reads like a fever dream, since each scene leads to another scene without much connection.  It has a lot of incidents, but not a lot of character development. 

Thanks for sharing this with the Forum!

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This one has a tiny bit more character/story development :) I figured out that if you write about other characters instead of yourself, it does not force the plot twists as much.

Warning: it switched to playing as a woman, but the growth happens to her sons.



You are George, a peasant working the fields. You look up and see a giant from the village comes walking towards you. You run back into your house and close the door. The giant, surprisingly, does not break down the door but instead walks around to the side.

You say "Hello? Did you need me for something?"

The giant looks at you. "Do I know you?" he asks.

You don't reply, just stare back. The giant puts his hand on his sword and starts to look around. The giant tells you that he wants to have sex with you. You are not sure what to do.

"Just go ahead and have your way with me," you say. "I'm not going to fight you."

The giant slowly moves towards you. He puts his hand on your chest and pushes you up against the wall. There is something erotic about having a hand that is larger than your entire torso holding you in place. He realizes that you are not like other humans. You would make a wonderful mother, which confuses you since you are a man. The giant asks if you would have a baby with him since human males can be impregnated. You nod in agreement, you always wanted a child. The giant places you on the bed and begins foreplay. The experience is not unpleasant. You rub the giant's masculine hairy chest.

In the morning, you wake up and the giant is not beside you. You look outside, which is quite a distance away from the village. The giant has not returned, though you are a little worried. The next time you look up, the giant has returned with a large sack over his shoulder. You ask the giant where he went.

"Nowhere," the giant replies.

The sack contains supplies. Half giant babies are not like human babies. Half giants do not need a lot of things to survive. They are always hungry but do not require the best conditions for survival. They can subsist off of boiled grass, for example, which is what you plan to do if the need arises. The giant bids you fair well and says that he will return when the baby is born. You know it's going to be a boy. You look forward to holding him and looking into his big green eyes.

The months pass and the giant returns with another large sack of supplies. This time he is accompanied by a woman. The woman looks rather angry.

"Why have you brought this woman here?" you ask.

"I want to have more than one child," the giant says.

The giant proceeds to impregnate the woman. He tells you that you and the woman will live together and help each other give birth. You and the woman will take turns staying with the giant while he feeds on his children. The cycle will be repeated until he says otherwise. You look at the woman. You ask the woman her name.

"I'm Annah," she says.

You start making a plan with Annah to run away and give birth in a cave. A few days later, you have your baby and hand it over to Annah, telling her that she needs to take the baby and leave. Annah is hesitant but you convince her that staying will result in death. You will do what you can to delay the giant. Annah agrees. You and Annah stay in contact. You keep your relationship hidden from the rest of the villagers to protect your baby.


The only good thing about this snowstorm is that it's keeping most of the other idiots in the village at home. You wake up shivering and crawl out of your blankets. Kneading your stiff back, you stand up and look outside. You are Annah, an 18 year old mother who lives in a cave home where you are raising your adopted son. He sleeps in his blankets in the corner of the main area in the cave. Most nights he spends crying or babbling to himself.

George told you to run away and live in a cave. You packed your bags and headed to Keplavisk where you knew George could contact you. George usually never told people what to do, but in this case, he told you to take his son and run away from home. After the giant impregnated you and said that he would eat your baby, you knew you had to leave. When you took George's son with you, he was just a newborn baby. You still feel sick when you think about it. The nightmares are bad. The past few months have been nightmares, too.

The village is still in danger of giants. Last night, you saw them. The village is in chaos. You pick up baby Geo. You look out at the blizzard and cuddle your son. Wolves howl and cry out in pain all around you. A few moments later, you hear loud footsteps.


You put out the fire and cradle Geo and make gentle hushing noises so that he does not make a sound. You hear a series of cracks and the ground shaking. The entire cave is shaking and you cannot find your footing. The wind begins to blow snow through the cave mouth. The snow grows heavier and heavier. You are cold, but you keep Geo wrapped in a blanket to protect him. The wind grows louder and louder. The cave begins to shake harder and harder. It is almost impossible to move. You are shaking so hard that you can barely stand up.


The shaking starts to grow more faint. You had a huge stroke of luck, the giants did not see you. They move on, searching elsewhere. You stand up and start walking towards the entrance of the cave to look around. You do not see any signs of danger other than the storm. You go back into the cave and light a fire. You begin warming your hands. You rock back and forth on your feet, warming yourself. You wait for hours, but there is no more shaking. The storm has passed. Finally, you crawl into bed and fall asleep cradling Geo. The next morning, you feed Geo and then start building the cave to be more of a home. You need better protection in case more storms or giants come by.


The past four years have been full of hardship. George is dead, but the village is slowly rebuilding itself. Most of the new homes are half-made with their foundations in the ground. You were sad to hear that George died. Geo is a happy four year old, though. You also gave birth to your son and named him Neo. You worry about the future, but you and your sons have a roof over your heads and food to eat. This is more than most can say right now. Your life may not be easy, but it is certainly manageable. You tell Your two boys stories about the village and the giants. One day, you will take them to see it for themselves. Sometimes you worry about the strange occurrences in the village, but you can only be thankful that they have not been happening around your cave.

You live in the cave for another six years. Neo and Geo are now beautiful ten year old boys. They still look like humans even though they are half giants. They have still never seen a giant, but you are convinced that they are living in the midst of them. The giants raid the village every once in a blue moon.

Eight years later, all three of you are celebrating Neo's 18th birthday. Geo turned 18 earlier in the year. You are now 39. There were no giants last week, but the villagers are on edge. You pick up scant details here and there whenever a traveler passes by the cave. The raids always come around the time of a new moon and this one is nearly full. Both of your sons are incredibly bulked up with muscle even though they have never worked out. They look like they should join a strongman competition. Geo is 6'6" and Neo is 6'4". They are both becoming adapt at hunting to maintain their enormous appetites. Though, eating boiled grass for so many years still seems to have done their bodies good.

Neo begins working out to become stronger than Geo. Geo is much stronger being 8 months older and two inches taller. You don't have much to give him. Most of the coin you can scrounge up goes to food and supplies. However, there is still a little left over to give to him to buy iron at the blacksmith. Neo works out every day with fierce determination. That night, he is sound asleep and his muscular body is loudly snoring. You wake up due to the snoring and smile at him. Little did you know, Geo found a magic spell book and was learning how to cast spells - one of the easiest to master being a snoring spell. Neo's full name is Neopolis. Geo's full name is George named after his father. You never could have known that life would bring you such special boys...


Now, the boys are in their mid twenties and the village is in complete disarray due to the fact that there are now two full grown giants running around destroying everything in sight. Neopolis is huge and muscular. George is an adapt spell caster, while still bulked up more than any regular human. They decide to fight the giants and take back the village. This is where your life as a runaway ends and your life as a hero begins.

Neopolis and George and half giant brothers. They are also half brothers, sharing the same father. They look like humans, but Neopolis has massive muscles far greater in size than any human. His biceps alone are larger than many men's waists. With his ruddy barrel chest and overly developed broad shoulders, he would not be able to fit through a common door. Luckily, all of you live in a cave with no doors. George has magical powers from the giant blood running through his veins. The three of you head towards the village, but half way there, you smell something bad. It's the stench of brimstone. A black cloud is coming from the ground. George tells you to stay back. The giants are casting inferno spells. They must be aware that you are coming to cast such powerful spells. George and Neopolis head towards the village while you hide behind a boulder. George uses his magic to deflect the inferno spells, keeping Neopolis safe. Soon, the village is in flames. People are screaming and running around in panic. George and Neopolis are standing in the middle of it all.

"Come on! We need to go!" George shouts at the villagers.

George casts a spell to create a storm cloud to rain on the village, putting out the fires. Neopolis grabs several villagers at a time and carries them to safety. They feel like nothing to him, but he doesn't want to hurt them by take too many at once. You lead them back to your home. The three of you continue to the cave, but halfway there, you hear a monstrous voice bellow. One of the giants followed you and got ahead. He blocks the path. You draw your sword and fight with all your might. You slash, you stab, you beat, you hit, you hit again, you fall on your back. You have become great with wielding a sword from your time in the wilderness, but the giant is too much for you. Neopolis leaps in front of you and wrestles with the giant. George leaps up and hits the giant in the head with his mace. The giant backs off, but still has not decided to leave. George starts to chant a spell while Neo slams his fist into the giant's leg. The giant shakes his head as if to shake off the cobwebs. George takes advantage of this and hits him again in the face with his bolt spell.

The giant is stunned.

George hits him again with the spell and the giant falls backwards. Neopolis begins to pummel the giant's face with powerful blows. George summons all of his strength into one massive surge. He finishes the spell and the giant explodes into a fine dust. The cave resounds with a thunderous boom, creating an echo that makes it seem like it's playing in your head. Neopolis drops to the ground and flashes his big brother a grin.

Knowing that the second giant won't be far behind, you usher the villagers into your cave. Neopolis and George ready themselves for the next fight. The second giant arrives. He grabs George and hurls him against the rock face, knocking him out cold. Neopolis hears his brother's scream and goes into a fury. He attacks the giant with all of his might and speed. You hear the scream and race out of the cave. You see the giant crushing George and smashing his mace into Neopolis' body. You enter the giant's blind side, hoping to reach him in time to hit him in the face. You throw your sword and nail him. The giant reels backward, clutching at the sword in his face. With his faced covered in blood, he roars at you with a deafening scream. You dodge his attack and run your other sword through his calf. The giant bellows and swings his club at you. You roll out of the way and grab your sword handle, pulling it out of the giant's calf.

Neopolis crawls to his brother. George is alive, but hurt. He pulls himself to his feet. Even though his vision is blurry, Neo comes to help you. You fight the giant together, but this time, you keep your sword raised and ready to strike. Neopolis leaps up to stab him in the back and the giant roars again. He swings his club around and knocks Neopolis down. You slice into the giant's leg with five rapid blows. The giant roars again and swings his club at you, which you barely dodge.

George gets up and starts to chant the first words of a spell. The giant hears the chant and roars at him in the bestial tongue. George casts a spell to increase Neopolis's strength. When the spell finishes, George falls to the ground unconscious. The giant turns around and charges you. You slash his arm as he leans in to strike you and follow up with a cut to his chest. The giant roars again and swings his club into your knee. He easily breaks your leg and launches you twenty feet to the side. You narrowly miss hitting a tree. You scream in pain and roll to the ground before you are able to move any further. You gasp for air as the giant roars.

Neopolis watch from their cave entrance, trying his best to move with his severely broken ribs. Neopolis feels the strength spell surging through him. His height doubles and his muscles increase ten fold. The giant throws his club at Neopolis. You struggle to crawl away. The giant steps on your broken leg and crushes it with his foot.

You black out from the pain.

When you wake up, the battle is over. The village healer is treating your wounds.

"I need to kill that giant." You say with a start. The pain instantly hits your again and you almost pass out.

"You won't be able to walk for a month." The healer says.

The healer tells you that Neopolis killed the giant. George had fallen unconscious after casting his spell. The healer had started treating George at the entrance to the cave while the epic battle was going on. The giant was still a few feet taller that Neo, but the lad was just as wide, if not wider than the giant. The two exchanged massive blows that shook the earth.

You scream in anger and rush at him, but he backs away from you. "Where are my boys! Are they ok?!"

He tells you that they are and that he is sorry for your injuries, but there was nothing he could do for you until after the battle was over. It was a miracle that you had not been damaged further during the brawl. You leave the cave and find the village celebrating their victory over the giants. The healer is helping you since your leg is broken. You aren't sure if you'll be able to walk properly again, but the healer says he can fix your gait and make it a little better as things start healing. You thank the healer for his help. You look on at your boys with pride. Your sons saved the village, for now.

A month passes...

Your leg is mostly healed and you have had a couple more treatments done on you. George has recovered from his injuries, but he has scars on his face and head. If he had been a regular human, he would have died. As it stands, he will still need a month of bed rest for the head trauma. Neopolis' ribs healed pretty quickly. All of the damage done while the strength spell was active faded away when he returned to normal (if you call a massive wall of muscle normal) size. Neopolis has been using the opportunity to explore the giant's home and has found several things. He found a new spell book for George to study. He also found devices that giants use for working out. He took several of the larger weapons and stashed them in your cave for a later time. When the strength spell was cast, his body grew, but his weapons had stayed the same size. Next time, he will give the giants a run for their money.


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Heart of the World

You are Thatch, a squire living in the kingdom of Larion. You follow Sir Theo as he enters the forest, he turns to you and says, "Wait here, I need to gather some supplies." You watch him enter the trees and wait patiently.

Suddenly you hear something, it is a voice, "A human has entered the forest." The voice seems to be considering you. It recognizes that you are not like Sir Theo. It asks you what you are. You tell it that you are a squire to Sir Theo and that you are gathering supplies for him. The voice seems to approve of this, "He is honest. Good. You may pass." You are about to move forward when you hear a rustle in the leaves, "There are other creatures here. They do not like humans. If you enter, they may attack." The voice tells you that Sir Theo will most likely die, but you may be able to enter since you are not human. You think that is a weird thing to say.
When Sir Theo returns, you tell him what the voice said. You may be the only one who can enter. He seems hesitant, "We should proceed with the mission." You nod in agreement and begin heading towards the center of the forest. Suddenly you hear a crack and a limb falls right in front of you. The limb stands up and you recognize a face. It is a dryad. They are creatures that resemble small trees that walk around. They are about the only things that can survive in this forest. They usually mimic the behavior of the trees around them, but you recognize her as odd. She swirls her hand and Sir Theo is instantly covered in vines. She beckons you onward.

Sir Theo tells you that he can handle this. You both had been warned that there would be dangers. He tells you to follow the dryad. You proceed with the mission. The dryad takes you to a clearing. There are stone idols surrounding an altar. She gestures for you to lay down on the altar. You do so without hesitation. For some reason you trust her completely. The dryad walks up to you and puts a hand on each of your shoulders. Her eyes begin to change from the green of the trees to the red of the flames.

Your sense of the current time and space disintegrate and you find yourself standing in a forest. You hear screams, the sounds of combat, and roaring. You see dryads fighting through the area. Some are surrounded and killed by wendigos. In the distance, you hear a baby crying. You see a baby dryad on an altar. You run to him and pick him up. You feel your energy being drained. You are no longer human, you have been possessed by a wendigo. You hear the screams of men, women, and children. Sir Theo stands in front of you. His sword is covered in blood. Sir Theo attacks you with his sword. You claw at the knight. You feel your nails tearing through his armor. He falls to the ground and you finish him off with a brutal back hand. You hear an odd sounding horn. It is an alarm. Soldiers pour into the forest. You feel arrows pounding into you. Your strength is slowly draining. You try to run, but you are surrounded. You begin to hear a sizzling sound. It is your flesh being stripped off your body by the dryad's magic. Your energy completely drained, you collapse to the ground and pass out.

You open your eyes and you are looking at a horrible battle field. So many dead - humans, beasts and dryads. You see a soldier tending to Sir Theo. He just barely survived the attack. Near him is a dead wendigo. A soldier rolls the body over and finds it clutching a little boy. The boy looks a little bruised, but otherwise ok. The soldier takes the child away. A dryad tree surgeon arrives on the scene. He begins removing arrows and treating the wounded. A human healer tends to Sir Theo first. Sir Theo waves the healer away, saying that he will be ok. The knight walks to the soldier and asks to see the child. The child is brought out and the knight looks at him.

"He will have to heal for a bit." Sir Theo says, looking at the child. Sir Theo checks over the child's wounds. He nods to the soldier saying that the boy should survive. "Well, boy, what shall we call you?" The child looks up at Theo. "We should call you Thatch." You gasp. The child is you. You become aware that you are a vision of the past.

The young you smiles at Sir Theo and says, "Are you my family?"

Theo smiles at the question. "Yes, I am your new family." You beam at the answer.

The knight puts his arm around you and walks you to his horse. Sir Theo takes you home with him and begins raising you. He teaches you the way of the sword. You were a frail child, barely able to hold a sword. At age eight, you were still frail. At nine, your body could barely take the training. But, it was strength of heart that would matter in the end, not just pure muscle. You continue watching your life events. Every time you were defeated in training. Every time the other squires laughed at you for being so weak. You watched every time you were beat down and got back up. It took you 7 years to pass the trials for becoming a squire. Most squires start at 12, but you were 19. Sir Theo loved you, but he knew that you would never become a knight. The best you could hope for was staying a squire. Even then, eventually younger and stronger squires would come and replace you.

Sir Theo took you as his squire. At least them he could spare you the heartache of losing your status and keep you protected. You feel a tear roll down your cheek as you wake up. You are lying on the altar where the vision first started. The dryad is holding your shoulders. She looks into your eyes and smiles. You stare intently at her. What just happened begins to click in your mind and you realize that the vision showed that you were a dryad as a child. Your eyes look at her with confusion, searching for some answer. You look and feel human. How can you be a dryad?

The question vanishes from your mind as you notice she is torn apart. It is then that you notice all around you. You are surrounded by dead bodies, dryads slain in this forest. You are back in another vision of the battle. You see the dryad running through the forest towards the clearing. She gently lays a child, the same child that the wendigo stole in the original vision, on to the altar. She places her hand over the child's heart and both glow with life force. Then, the dryad turns to you and howls. You raise your sword, but the dryad leaps at you. As she hits you, the vision vanishes into a puff of smoke. You find yourself lying on the altar again and staring at the dryad. The pieces of the visions are finally becoming clear. "Mother...?"

She nods and smiles at you. You are overwhelmed with emotion as you reach forward and hug her. She hugs you back for a few minutes. She then taps your heart and pulls out a glowing stone. It is the same pulsing green life energy from the last vision. Your mother places the stone over her heart and then gestures towards your heart. You nod, although you are not exactly sure what she intends to do. As she starts to pucker her lips, you suddenly feel an unfamiliar burning sensation in your chest. The dryad blows air out in a kiss. A blue flame of life force hits your chest. You scream in pain. Your mother than reaches into the flame and places the stone.

Your vision fades back to the battle from 18 years ago. Sir Theo is with your mother in the forest. She makes some hand gestures and Sir Theo nods. "Yes, we need to save the heart of the forest. The wendigos are just too powerful. I will watch over your son until he is strong enough to protect it. You must escape. Come find us when the time is right."

You wake up as the dryad's lips turn back to normal. You stare at her and you feel something change inside of you. A strange buzzing feeling starts in your heart. The flame on your chest turns a shade of green, matching the gemstone. A brilliant light flashes, blinding your for a moment.

Your vision jumps to Sir Theo checking over the young you after the battle was over. He inspects your body as he did before. Except this time you are not quite as frail. Sir Theo's eyes sparkle as he recognizes something deep inside of you. He cracks a smile. "Well, boy, what shall we call you?" Sir Theo then ponders for a moment, "We should call you Thatch-óre." You recognize the elvish word for heart being added to your name. The young you smiles at Sir Theo and says, "Are you my family?"

Theo hugs you and says, "Yes. You are my son. I am so sorry that I abandoned you, but your mother wanted to raise you in the forest."

You hug him back and ask "Can I see mom?"

He sadly shakes his head. Sir Theo touches your chest. "The time must have come to give you your birth rite. You now carry the heart of the forest, but your mother sacrificed herself in the future to pass it to you."

Sir Theo picks you up and tells you that you both have to hurry home. The wendigos will be attacking again soon and you must be protected. Sir Theo takes you home with him and begins raising you. He teaches you the way of the berzerker. You were a thin child, but quickly began to fill out. Your eyes began to turn a yellow-green, like the forest around you. At age eight, you were incredibly impressive. At nine, you surpassed any training Sir Theo could give you. The heart of the forest coursed through your veins. You spent the next 10 years training with the elite berzerker squadron. They were the kingdom's greatest warriors. When you were nineteen, the king called you to his chambers.

You walked in on the sight of a fierce orc warrior and a large grizzled bear. Your final test was to fight an orc with his bear familiar. Without warning, the battle began. You stabbed and slashed at the orc's legs and feet. The bear grabbed you in his massive maw and began to crush your bones. It roared in pain as you stabbed it with your dagger and broke free. The orc slammed his war hammer into your side, shatter all of the ribs it impacted. The bear was wounded, but still trying to crush you. You grabbed his paw with one hand and grabbed one of the large bone in its muscular leg. You yanked as hard as you could.

You broke the bear's front paw just before the orc smashed your side again. You tumbled aside, gasping for air and clutching your side. Already, your vision was becoming blurry. You used the orc's hammer to stand before the orc regained his composure after the last swing. But a quick swipe of the bear's paw shredded your hand. The orc raised his war hammer once again. Your berzerker training kicked in. You grasped the claw and spun around, jabbing the sharp talons into the orc's powerful arm. The orc howled in pain and dropped the hammer. He slammed his other hand into your throat. You rolled backwards, absorbing most of the blow. But your face was still red from the damage. The orc roared and ran forward to finish you off. You grabbed his war hammer with your good hand. You twisted the hammer as hard as you could to get some leverage.

The bear managed to bite into your leg as you were trying to grasp the hammer. You howled in pain as you twisted the hammer even more. You felt your hand beginning to give out from the tight grip. You kicked the bear and used the stored up energy to slam the orc in the stomach and continue the turn to pummel the bear across its face. The bear slumped to the ground, knocked out and stunned. The orc looked up to see you knocking out your opponent.

"W... what are you?" the orc asked, clearly in shock that you took out his companion.

"I am a berzerker."

The orc chuckled, his eyes turning red with rage. "That makes two of us." He growled, and charged towards you.

You slashed the hammer off at the handle, creating a wicked looking short sword. The hammer was just too heavy to handle one handed. The orc laughed as he sees your new weapon. The orc blocked the sword with his new pulsing muscles. He jabbed his elbow into your chest and pushed you backwards. As you tumbled, you managed to stab the sword into his leg. It didn't seem to have much effect as you kicked your legs out from under you. The sword's handle snapped off as the sword was twisted out of your grip. The orc quickly shoved his knee into your damaged side. You slumped to the ground. The orc's new strength felt worse than the war hammer. The orc pulled the sword out and tossed it aside.

Your vision begins to fade. The last thing you see is the orc standing over you, laughing at your weakness.

You wake up, alone on the altar. You look around for the dryad and find her dead on the ground. She looks like she has been dead for decades as the wood structure of her body is dried and somewhat petrified. "No! Mother!"

Sir Theo runs into the clearing after hearing your scream. "Thatch-óre, are you alright?"

"My mother! My mother!" You panic and weep.

Sir Theo kneels down to comfort you. Sir Theo looks you up and down, taking in your new body. You are now well muscled. He says, "Well, this is a surprise." He feels your 20 inch bicep. "Your mother always said that the effects of the stone were strong. I didn't realize that she meant strong in a literal sense of the word. But it seems like her sacrifice has been in vain. I can see that the power transfer did not get completed. The wendigos will still win the war. We must take one more step. Get back up on to the altar."

You stand up slowly.

"We have to complete the ritual. That's why your mother was here, to help us. Just focus and try to feel your way through it." Sir Theo takes out a brown stone and begins to chant some words in elvish. He paces back and forth across the altar while he does this. You can see the lines of power forming in the stone, it's very subtle, but you can feel them. You lie on the altar while Theo continues to chant. The air begins to hum with energy. Sir Theo closes his eyes and twirls the glowing stone, which is now a deep purple.

"Now!" he shouts, and you dive into the void of the stone.

You find yourself once again on the battlefield 18 years ago.

The soldier looks you over. "Poor boy, that must have been scary for you. I'll arrange transport back to the castle for you." He asks you what your name is and you shake your head unsure of the answer.

"What do you think it is?" The young you asks. You cannot see Sir Theo in this vision. You wonder how the events changed. One thing you can certainly detect is that you are no longer a frail child like in the previous versions.

"I don't know." He responds sadly.

You get transported back to the castle where you are an orphan. By the time you are 6, you take the squire test. You are easily stronger than any of the children twice your age and can instinctively handle a sword. You are also incredibly fast. Within a week, you become a knight - the only child in the history of the land to be knighted, let alone a 6 year old. By the time you are 10, you are assigned to Castle Oren, where you stay for the next 4 years. Because of your skills, you are then sent into the front line against the wendigos. You are a general in the army and command your own legion of soldiers. The 14 year old you does not command from the back, no, you are at the front of every battle leading your troops with courage and strength that cannot be matched.

You wake up on the altar. You are back in the present time. Theo stands over you. Except, Sir Theo is a petrified statue. He is still in the last position you remember him being in. Your dryad mother is also petrified wood, to the side. Your parents both sacrificed themselves to give you the heart of the forest and the blood of humanity. The memory of your visions flash through you mind. You can remember your original life as a frail child and experiencing new versions of your childhood through the visions. You swing your legs over the edge of the altar, shedding a tear for your parents. You stand up and begin to shed tears for Theo. Your petrified friend, your mentor, the man who saved your life more than once. Your father.

You begin to realize that your movements feel weird and heavy. It feels like your arms weigh a thousand pounds each, but you can move then with more speed and power than ever before. Your chest feels like it weighs a few thousand pounds, also. But your back is so powerful that you are not slouching. You are standing straight and tall. The weight in your chest is that of a normal man's. You notice your mouth move as you speak. Your voice is so deep and rich, it sends shivers down your spine. It is the sound of pure masculinity. You take a step with more power and speed than any human could ever have. You leave the ground as if floating. You thought that you were taking a normal step, but your legs are so powerful that you launched into the air as if you weighed nothing. You land a few hundred feet away from the altar and leave a small crater in the earth. This gives you some idea of how incredibly heavy you are now. Your mind goes back to the vision of the orc berzeker. You could crumble his entire body with one punch. That power is within you.

You need to find a way to harness the strength within yourself. You are no longer human, you are a creature of the forest. You turn and walk into the forest.
You continue forward and stumble upon a hut deep in the forest. It is not made of wood, but rather of stone. Inside you see a very old man sitting in a chair.
He is hunched over and looks very frail. His face is scraggly and shows signs of long unkempt hair. He is wearing furs and hides. You hesitantly approach, unsure of whether your size would frighten the man.

Without looking up, he says "You do not have to be afraid. I know who you are. I knew this day would come eventually. I take it your parents have sacrificed themselves to give you the power to defeat the wendigos." He turns and looks at you, craning his neck way way up. "I assume you already know that you are 'the heart and blood of of the Earth', Thatch-óre."

You nod your head slowly. "How?"

"The heart and blood of the Earth is known to all beings that connect to the Heart of the World. The wendigos attack my village for the hearts of many of my people. All of us channeled our magical energies into the forest heart and the blood stones. You were chosen as a benefactor of that power. You were the only child born of two worlds. Sir Theo and Mistress Elwan did the impossible and produced a half-dryad baby. That baby was you."

You respond, "So...when I grew up in those visions, I gained the power to stop the wendigos?"

"Only if you release the energy of the stones."

You nod slowly, a huge grin on your face. "I want to release it. Let's end this war."

"Of course." He leans back in his chair, smiling.

You sit in front of the frail old man who is many years older than Sir Theo was. He stretches out his hand, which you grasp tightly. To you, you are barely putting anything into the hold. But your massive maw of a hand seems to swallow up the old man's. You both concentrate and in a flash of bright light, you are gone. You find yourself in the middle of a wendigo army, thousands strong. The old man smiles at you. The old man chants a quick spell and blows a kiss at your heart, just like your mother did before. As the fire leaves his lips, his body turns to stone. The flame lands on your chest and begins burning. The pain is great, but you smile. You have felt that fire before. You could use the pain to channel your strength. The green and purple stones begin to glow. The heart of the world is yours. You can feel your strength double. No triple. No quadruple. Your muscles strain and pulse. Your incredible vascularity thickens and glows a brilliantly green color.

You punch the ground causing a shock wave to topple over the closest hundred or more wendigos. You channeled just a fraction of your energy into that punch. And you can still feel your power increasing. The wendigos aren't able to get up again. They are all covered in glowing purple vines. They begin to shiver and shake and then die. You roar, your muscles are practically ripping out of your skin, they are so huge. Where your skin begins tearing, it gets replaced with bark. As your muscles keep growing, you are literally forming your own armor. Being half dryad, muscles that humans do not even have are also growing. You have muscles upon muscle and all are growing to insane proportions. You grow a final time and become a true giant. You smash the ground with such force that it destroys the ground itself and opens up a giant chasm. You are already jumping down the hole before it closes. You become one with the earth.

You can manipulate the terrain as if it was your own body. Your muscle weave into the ground and you gain the strength to reshape mountains. As you look around, you see the aftermath of your actions. The remaining wendigo flee in terror and confusion. You flex your biceps and a mountain range shreds out of the earth, blocking their escape. You bounce your pecs and a deep gorge sucks the wendigo horde down into the vast valley of your cleavage. You decide to be merciful. You allow the wendigos to live in their valley, but warn them that you will not be so kind if they try to escape.

You can still feel your muscles growing in size and strength. You take a moment to erect a monument in the honor of your parents and all of those who sacrificed themselves for your strength. You decide to use it for good and protect the world as its guardian.

You spend the rest of your life in peace as harmony washes over the world.

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