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m/m Serving my two alphas


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(Story created with AI Dungeon, there were some typos, but it's understandable anyway, Enjoy!)


There you were, Corporal Taros, running as runners do when summoned from the furthest corner of the forward base to the private quarters of their immediate superiors. The flaps of Major Brawn's huge tent barely moved as you barrelled through, snapping to attention without so much as a skip in your step and puffing your massive chest muscles outward, just as the Major liked.

"Sergeant!" he bellowed, "What brings you here?"

You paused for a moment, looking at him with wide eyes. You had been summoned by his superior officer to report on what was going on within the camp.
To report on the recents of the camp, sir.

"Sir," you replied, "I'm here because I've heard that the enemy is attempting an attack."

The Major frowned. "And how do we know this isn't some trick? They could be making up stories about what they're doing to throw us off."

> You say "We have comms from the main tower confirming this, sir"
"Sir," you say, "We have comms from the main tower confirming this."
The Major pauses, before barking a laugh. "Ha! Excellent! Excellent! It seems that the information that was passed on to us was completely accurate. Well done, soldier."

> You say "My honor, sir. Is anything else i may serve you with sir"
The Major pauses, before barking a laugh. "Ha! Excellent! Excellent! It seems that the information that was passed on to us was completely accurate. Well done, soldier."
You pause for a moment, trying to think up of more questions to ask.

> You stand still and puff out your chest.
"My honor, sir. Is anything else i may serve you with sir?"
The Major pauses, before barking a laugh. "Ha! Excellent! Excellent! It seems that the information that was passed on to us was completely accurate. Well done, soldier.

> You alter.
The Major pauses, before standing up, "actually, yes, soldier, there is something else you may serve me with" the major then looks at me with a smirk

The major then proceeds to look me up and down as he begins to unzip his pants. He leans onto his desk and says "Come closer soldier"

You pause, and look at the man beside you, your rifle only a few feet away.

The Major stops unzipping his pants and looks at you, "What? Don't tell me you haven't heard that one before."

> You say "What do you want me to do sir?"
The major pauses, before smiling, "Well, if you must know, I want you to do what you're good at"
He grins as he reaches down and begins to push your head down towards his cock.
I eventually give in, and kneel in front of him, facing his crotch directly. The major says "Soldier, you have been doing an excellent job so far, i want to give you a reward" with a lustful grin on his face.
You hesitate, before the man grabs your head and pushes it down on his crotch. You try to resist, but the smell and the size of the manans~surely you have dealt with something similar before. You smell the man's crotch as he puts your hand on his bulge.
With my hand on his crotch, i can now feel the heat and power emanating from his manhood. You hear the major begin to groan as he begins to push you down towards his crotch. He forces your head down, making you take a deep breath, and your mouth goes straight for his dick.

> You give him a blowjob.
You feel the major begin to push you down onto his cock, making you choke as you struggle to hold back. You quickly begin to realize that this is true power, and you're being forced to deepthroat a cock.
"Yeah that's a good boy" the major says, with his hand pushing my head deeper into his member. I put my hand around the base of his dick to try and stop myself from suffocating, but he's much stronger than me.
I gag on his inmense penis, it must be at least 9 inches long, and put it in my mouth. I'm unable to do anything except push my head up and down as I try to breathe, eventually gagging again as his cock enters the back of my throat.
i look up, and watch the face of my major in full pleasure, you can tell he loves being blown. His nostrils begin to flare as he begins to thrust harder and faster.
"Oh yeah, that's it... that's what I'm talking about" he groans, as his eyes roll into the back of his head.

> You play with his cock.
You play with his cock, you put your lips around the head and slide them down the shaft, before returning to deepthroat his powerful member
The major pushes me away from his cock, and points at his desk and says "C'mon soldier, bend over for your major and show me what you got" he says, grinning from ear to ear.
You look at him nervously, and begin to bend over, your ass in the air and your hands on the desk behind you.
"Damn, baby, you got some fucking toned legs"
i let out a moan as i feel the major rim my butthole with his tongue.
"Mmmm yeah, you like that don't you?"
i nod my head slowly, as the major begins to tongue fuck my asshole.
"I knew it, straight boy, begging for dick"

> You moan and push your ass towards him.
You moan and push your ass towards him, he slaps you hard and spanks you, making you yelp.
"Begging isn't going to get you anywhere, you need to take what you want"
the major slips two fingers into my anus, i let out a scream of pain, but he quickly muffles my scream with his hand.
"Scream all you want, I got what I want" he says, before licking my ear and biting down on my ear, sending chills down my spine.
His fingers move inside my rectum, sending shivers across my body

"are you ready to become a man soldier?" The major asks as he continues to play with my now dilated asshole.
"I'm ready sir"

"What was that soldier?" He screams at me as he slaps my ass hard.
"I'm ready sir!"
The major slaps you hard across the face, you yelp and look at him.
"Excellent, now get on the floor and lick my boot, worm" he orders me, and i have no other option to obey my sergeant.
You quickly crawl on the floor and lick his boots, before he orders you to bend over on the floor.
"I'll make you mine on this floor, soldier"

> You bend over and arch your back as much as you can.
You bend over and arch your back as much as you can, hoping to show off your ass the best you can. The major begins to enter you roughly, he grabs your hair and forces your head up as he rams himself deep into your ass.
"That's right soldier", he says as he slaps my ass "dont be a pussy and take my dick like a man"
He begins to rhythmically push in and pull out, as you try to keep your balance.

> You whimper.
You whimper, you hate how rough he is being being, but you need to stay in control of yourself
The major notices your hesitance and laughs.
"Cant handle the pain slut?"

> You say "yes sir"
"Quit yer bitchin'" he says and slaps you in the face
"The pain in your ass is nothing compared to what I'll do to you if you dont obey my orders"
the major rams his entire length inside me, making me scream in pain and pleasure.
He begins to rhythmically push in and pull out, as you try to keep your balance.
"Yer ass is tight, but not as tight as mine" he laughs as he begins to smack my ass hard.
"Beg me to stop"
stop sir, please

> You moan and whimper.
"Please sir, I'm begging you, please stop"
"Good, good, I like this attitude" he says and slaps you in the face
"I'm gonna make you my little ass whore, you're gonna like it"
i go blank as he fucks me relentessly, i cave in on the pleasure of having a powerful alpha male inside me, and begin to moan incoherently
"Oh yes, fuck, oh fuck, sir I'm gonna come if you keep this up"
"Come on bitch, scream for me"
You scream as he cums deep inside you, as you struggle to hold on to your knees.

> You scream for more.
"Oh yes, yell for me, beg for my dick" he whispers in your ear as he cums inside you.
The major pulls out of you and orders you to turn around.
"Wipe yourself"
"youre mine now boy, you'll be my personal toy for as long i want, understood?"
"Y-yes sir"
"Good boy"
He turns around and leaves the room, leaving you there with your knees hurting from being pressed against the floor for so long, and your ass sore from the hard dick that was forced into it just a few moments before.

> You begin to massage your wrecked asshole and taste his cum.
You massage your wrecked asshole as you try to remember every detail of the night.
The major was a bit too rough with you, but hell, if that's what it takes to become a merc, you'll endure it
You'll become a merc, and this is just the beginning.

> You stand up, and ask the major if theres anything you may serve him with.
"Fucking idiot, if you were any sort of soldier you'd know that in this situation you immediately take out your dick and start pissing on the enemy!" The major screams.

> You say "i dont want to fight anymore sir, i just want to be your boy pussy for the rest of my life"
"You do realise that that is the stupidest thing you could've said right?"
"Well what else could i say sir?"
"I don't know, how about you go gather the rest of the boys and gents and we'll have a chat about this situation."

> You say "i apologize master, ill obey"
You take a knee and begin to wait, the major storms off and you hear him yell at several other soldiers on his way to you.
Soon, he appears in front of you.
"You and i are going to have a chat later, for now get back to you position, soldier"

> You go back to the barracks.
You return to the barracks and go to your bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.
You wake up to a soldier shaking you.
"Wake up, we're moving out" he says.
"Where are we going?
"I don't know, where do you think? The allied army is being pushed back further and further, we need to keep up the morale."

> You say "alright, but ill take a shower first"
The soldier nods and leaves. You take your time in the shower, enjoying the hot water over you, you remember yesterday how you became a fuck toy for the major, and the thought of his roughness arouses you in the shower
After an hour of cleaning, you're wearing a clean uniform and you leave your room. You see the same soldier who woke you up standing there.
"Come on, we have to hurry, they're waiting for us"
You nod and follow him. You head to the conference room, where dozens of other soldiers are waiting.

> You sit down and loook at your surroundings.
The room is long and rectangular, with a large table at the front, and several chairs by each of the walls. The walls are covered with various medals, citations and photographs. You see a few famous faces, generals and whatnot.
As you take your seat, the major walks in.
The major walks past you, and you can smell his scent, that same scent that filled the room when you became his property. He sits at the head of the table, several seats away from you.
Soon, the door opens, and the soldiers stand at attention. In walks a man, in his late 40's or early 50's. He's of average height, though his muscular body is filling out a military uniform. He has fair skin and blonde hair, and is clean-shaven.
The look of this unknown alpha man begins to arouse you, you hide the erection with your backpack.
"At ease" he says, and the soldiers relax.
"Gentlemen, and lady" he says, looking at you. "I'm Captain Krozer, and I'll be leading you on this mission."
He pauses, looking at you.
"I see one of your men came begging to join us" he says.
"Yes captain" you say, feeling your dick go soft.
"Tell him he's free to come back to the barracks, his skills are needed here."
"Yes captain"
The captain sits down.
"We're heading out in an hour, and I'll be keeping this base running while you're gone. Good luck."
He looks at you, and begins to slowly stand up.
"And show him what we can do, boys"
i get a shiver down my body after the captain winks at me after he said those words. The other soldiers begin to stand up, saying their goodbyes. You stay seated, waiting for them to leave.
Then, it's just you and the captain. He approaches you, and you can feel the heat between your legs to intensify
the captain orders me to stand up with a commanding, deep voice.
He walks around me, inspecting me.
"Well structured bone structure, great skin, strong jaw" he says.
He takes out a notepad and begins to write down numbers and facts on it, while still staring at me.
"Height, weight, chest, arms, legs, neck, teeth, hair, eyes... are you familiar with the perineal nerve?" he asks.
"No, sir"
He scoffs and proceeds: "As you may know, soldier, our actual situation requires for special measures, one of them being havinf extreme precaution with who we pick for our army"
He stares at me, and I begin to feel very uncomfortable under his intense gaze.
The captain looks me dead in the eye and says: and that means we hace the duty to pick out the best of the best specimens of men available. Strong, intelligent, mature, and fit."
He pauses, staring at me.
"However, we don't want to pick out some elitist, so we offer these positions of choice to the men who serve their country."
He flips his notepad and shows me a small picture.
The picture is an anatomical sketch of the reproductory system of males and females. The captain begins to describe it as he sketches the picture:
"This system, located here," he says, tapping on the belly button, "is what creates life. When a man thrusts deep inside a woman, it creates a child."
"But that child will be a teenager, and for that man to become a man, and join the elite of men who serve for us, he needs to pass a... certain test"
The captain smiles as he flips through his notepad. He shows me a picture of a man spreading his legs wide open, exposing his sloppy and reddish asshole. "This is the prostate and perineal nerve... The ultimate activator of manhood" The captain says.

> You look at the picture.

"Do you understand where i'm going with this, soldier?" The captain says, smiling.
"Well, yes sir"
The captain puts the pictures away.
"Then you understand, that in order for you to become one of us, you need to prove you're worthy"

> You nod your head.
"Good. The plan is simple: you need to get fucked by everyone here, and let them cum inside your ass. Can you handle that?"
You pause for a moment, looking at the men, who all return your gaze.
Then, you nod your head slowly, smiling. "Yes sir."
The captain grins, as do all the men. The captain turns to leave, when he looks back at you, a serious expression on his face.
"I know this is hard, but don't fail us, kid. You're the future of our kind."
The captain leaves the room and i notice the major looking at me from the corner of the room, i wonder if he was always there.
The other soldiers begin approaching you, touching your shoulders and your arms. The major says "dont worry boys, im pretty sure he'll do good, i tested it out myself last night" letting out a laugh.

The rest of the soldiers begin approaching me. Soon i find myself in the middle of a horny group of military men who are exploring all parts of my body with their mouths and tongues. I can't avoid to feel like im getting abused, but i'm in complete ecstasy at the same time.

As they all line up to penetrate my body, one of them says: "Alright, boys, let's do it! Ooh, yeah!" as he approaches my ass with his dick.
Then, all of them begin to thrust into me.
I begin to cringe from the pain of the sudden penetration, but soon enough one of the soldiers beginf fucking my mouth with this thick cock, and all pain dissapears in an instant. I begin to feel the pleasure of the first man's load, and i enjoy the feeling of the men all cumming in my body.
i ride the men's cocks in multiple positions, i pass out a couple of times from the power and aggression of these men towards my body, but i wake up to continue being fucked, in a world full of them.
After some time, the men begin to stop coming inside me, and leave one by one.
As they leave, each one looks at me with a hungry expression, ready to attack my body again at any moment.
i lay on the floor, exhausted after hours of being the sex toy of dozens of horny and fertile military men, i feel my guts flooding with semen. But, the captain smiles at me, and he looks delicious.
"Well, little one, you're one of us now. But there's still one test to go"

> You look at the captain.

The captain looks at you, grinning. He begins to unbuckle his belt, and drop his pants. "Come on, darling," he says. He kicks off his shoes and throws his shirt to the side. "Prove to me that you're a real man."
i get up, and approch the captain who is now sitting in a chair smiling at me.
Slowly, he slides his cock out of his pants, revealing that it is, indeed, real. Long, veiny, and throbbing. He grins at me, and beckons me with his index finger.
he introduces his index finger in my mouth and plays with my tongue "Nice work you do with your mouth boy, i'm gonna have fun with you" he says and then introduce his entire hand in my mouth.
i begin to feel a little sick, but i love the feeling of being dirty and used, so i'm not complaining. The captain laughs as my face, and then begins to unbuckle his belt, dropping his pants.
He pushes my face onto his cock, a huge and veiny monster of raw power, that smells of iron and manhood.
"Suck it, boy" he orders, and my tongue begins to dance on his cock. I push my head forward, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, as far as i can take it.
"look at me while you worship my cock, son" he commands, and my eyes meet his. i can see the lust and hunger in his eyes. His pupils are black and empty, like two holes in an otherwise normal eye. I love looking into them, as they are all that is left of his humanity left. He is not an "angel" or a "demon", but a man, with flaws and desires like everyone else.
"That's it, darling" he says, and holds my head as I take him into the back of my throat. I gag slightly, but the captain just laughs.
"I'll make sure you get used to it, boy" he says as i continue to worship his cock.
Soon, he begins to moan, and i know he is about to release into my mouth. I love it when he does that, so i'm not complaining.
He begins to pump my head up and down, as he releases his spunk into the depths of my mouth.
As he begins to unload his powerful, salty sperm into my mouth, i feel a pair of fingers playing with my sloppy, almost numb asshole. The fingers enter, and begin to fuck me hard.
"The major told me of your talent, son. Now service both of us"
I look back and find the major playing with my asshole, with a lustful grin on his face
"S... sir"
"What did i say, boy?"
"To service both of you"
"Good... that's good" the major says, before laughing.
i soon find myself being plowed from both ends, im exstatic as i feel the two powerful men take control of my body and serve themselves like i'm a toy for their pleasure.

As the major begins to spray his seed into my throat, the captain begins to release in the major's hand. The major milks the captain for all he's worth, but doesn't miss a drop.
"rim my asshole boy" says the major.
"You want me to fuck your ass?" i ask, unsure of what to do.
"If you want to be a real man, you'll rim my ass" he says, as if it's the most normal request in the world. "Do it, darling"
i begin to work my tongue on the hairy, smelly tight ass of the major, tasting the pure taste of testosterone. The captain also begins to tongue fuck my sloppy hole, as i'm put in my position.
The major begins to moan, as the captain begins to fuck me harder than ive ever been fucked before.
"Major, put that pretty throat of yours around my cock, and let me finish in that pretty little mouth" the captain says, as he unleashes his man seed all over my throat.
The major roars as he releases into the back of my throat.
soon i find myself gurgling with the potent seed of the major and the captain, i look up, as the look down on me caressing my hair.
"Good boy" they both say in unison, before they begin to laugh.
The major picks me up, and hugs me.
"Now, darling, you're a man"
Soon after, my training begins.
A year passes...
It's been a year since my initiation. We've won the war, i ascended to the post of major, and i became a muscular apex military male, but i still know my place is to serve and offer my body to my major and captain from time to time. It is a glorious life.
Every day after training, and every night in between, the major makes sure my body knows its place.
i enjoy worshipping and receiving major's cock, and sometimes he brings other military superior for me to offer my body to.
The captain, on the other hand, is a lot more violent. He has much darker desires, and often punishes me for failing to perform to his liking.
The first time he gave me a hard beating, for not pleasing him enough.
i enjoyed though, as i felt for the first time the power of an alpha male. He was harsh, and took what he wanted, but in the end, he made me feel like a true man.
And for that, i will always be thankful for what he taught me...
sometimes, i leave my bunk's door open, to allow the captain or major to come and take my body whenever they feel like it.
I have been blessed, and i will make the most of it.
my asshole has gradally taken the shape of a pussy, like it could understand its true goal. meanwhile my penis has shrunk and is only useful for peeing now.
I will keep this body for as long as possible, the only thing that is certain is my life as a serving man, my life as a bottom, my life as a slave.
Slave to my two alphas.

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