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“What have you turn me into, son” said Zeus, in the arms of Saturn, recovering from the mast session.

”We are more than father and son now, Zeus. Deeper bonds connect us. We are brother in arms, no longer humans. I transformed you into a God.”

”Years of research have come to this, son.”

”It was time well spent, but I missed you, dad”

”I missed you too, son.”

The new brother in arms embrace each other again, and as they embraced, they realize even further how their bodies were transformed.

”I did a good job, didn’t I, Zeus? For your body is the embodiment of what it is to be a true Man. Your abs are as deep as the canyons surrounding the colony, your chest, so vigorous and powerful” 

“I like your tattoo, where did you get it?”

”I never had it before, it was another gift from the change, father.” 
They observed each other, Saturn was emotional and proud to have transformed his father, his new brother. Zeus was thankful and loved his new monstrous being. The need to feel each other invaded their minds, Saturn touched Zeus’s pecs, feeling his strong Modified heart beating. Then he played around with his dog tag, pending on his chest. Zeus touched Saturn’s shoulders, feeling them with proud.
Saturn then flexed for his brother, making him even harder.

”You are a magnificent creature, son.”

”You made me like this, and in return I have remade you, father”

They were uncontrollably touching each other, flexing and bellowing and soon, father and son were masturbating each other, with vigor. “Fuck” said Zeus “I fucking love you, brother”

”Your need for cumming grew with the transformation, brother, you need this”

”You deserve something too”

”I can feel the need to spread our gift” said Saturn, while caressing the cock of Zeus delicately,

They were having the most filled with pleasure moment of their lives. When they came, they softly roared.

”Oh Fuck, growl”

After a long and fulfilling masturbation session, they were seen by Geoffrey, a confused Geoffrey.

”What is going on here? Who are both of you?”

”Ah, Geoffrey, welcome”



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VERY exciting but far too short!

It deserved a much longer scene with extensive muscle worship and long mutual JO session.

Thanks anyway.

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