no sex A Good Deed and its Reward

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This story is me testing how to post something with images and a challenge to see if I can write a story of this adult nature on the fly. So please be kind. Also I don't remember where I got the picture, but I'm 90% sure it wasn't on this website. X^D

Kevin was just a few months from his 19th birthday, but unfortunately having a bad combo of weak genes and little to no exercise ended up making him look like a shrimpy 16 year old.

Light brown hair that he lets grow to his chin cause he still hasn't figured out his "look", and mud brown eyes complete the set as it were.

His high school bully, Mitchell would "joke", while shoving him in the nearest locker, that Kevin would make Wally Cox look like Lou Ferrigno.

After Kevin looked up who Wally Cox is, (AN: the original voice actor of Underdog) he got his revenge by spreading a rumor that Mitchell likes to wear pink underwear. 

The stay at the hospital was still worth it. Most of the cheerleaders visited him, feeling sorry for the nice wimp who's good at tutoring, and to talk about how Mitchell is such a jerk and is being transferred to another school.

His parents on the other hand...hoo boy. They made it clear that doing petty acts like that would get him in deeper trouble or worse injuries unless he wises up.

So Kevin made a private vow to follow the Golden Rule and to not act all ass-holey like the Mitchells of the world.

Having graduated with minimum fuss, Kevin decided to get a job for about a year or two before trying college. And hopefully by then, he'll look like his proper age and be taken more seriously.

So far, it's not been going well. He got a job cleaning in a motel, which didn't bother him all things considered, but it was how his boss tried to give him below minimum-wage on account of him being "a minor". It took a bit of work to prove it, calling his doctor was sooo embarrassing, but Kevin convinced the boss that he is legal age and deserves the full pay amount per hour.

Eight months later.

"Ugh." Kevin winces as he pulls someone's bra from behind the side table. "Why do they always forget these things after they check out?! If it's not bottles, or condoms, it's these..." He blushes as he keeps muttering to himself. "and seriously, why do they always buy these big ones? I saw her as she left, she was totally packing socks in there." He takes the cart and moves to the next room. 

While this really isn't supposed to be that kind of motel, being across the street from a popular bar ended up having drunks, one-night stands, and drunken one-night stands be the main customer base. Still, there would sometimes be more normal people checking in at times.

Not this time, though.

Kevin knocked on the door at the end of landing just before one reaches the laundry/store room. "Cleaning service! It's after checkout time so I need to get in."

"Just a sec." A woman's voice filtered thru the door.

Dayum. That voice sounded like sex personified! Kevin had to readjust his coveralls as he got halfway hard just from hearing that.

'Don't make anything of this.' Kevin mentally reminds himself. 'The voice never fits the face. No way she's gonna loo-duuuuuu...'

The door opens to reveal that, yep. The face did fit the voice. And the body exceeded expectations.  

She had an exotic, dark-tanned look that implies northeast Africa or Middle-eastern. Gorgeous hourglass figure in a turquoise, barely reaching the knees, dress that almost looks painted on. Matching Go-Go style boots. Black hair done up in a braided bun, grey eyes that mesmerized and cupid's bow lips that would make any straight man or gay woman to immediately  think dirty thoughts.

She smiles, which makes Kevin mentally stagger and get harder than he ever did since puberty kicked in.

"Thank you for waiting. I hope I didn't make too much of a mess." She walks off towards the lobby.


Kevin smacks his cheek to snap out of it. And while taking deep breaths to control the pain from below his waist, Kevin starts his routine of changing the bed sheets and praying that there won't be any questionable stain this time. 

As he pulls the covers back, a wallet flops out of one of the folds.

"Aw, crud." Kevin grabs it and rushes to the lobby as fast as he can, wincing all the way.

He catches sight of her halfway out the doors. "MISS!"

She turns and he will swear for the rest for his life, that she moved in slow-mo with one of those shimmery Hollywood lens effects framing her. A ringlet tickling her cheek from the movement.

He nearly trips, feeling a SLAM of arousal hit his entire body, if such a thing is possible.

"yes?" She patiently asks. No doubt she's used to men of all ages making idiots of themselves in her presence.

"wallet." He wheezes as he holds it out to her while using the other hand to brace himself against the wall.

She takes it and smiles even more radiantly than before. "How good of you. And with such a miserable job, the fact you weren't once tempted to keep my cash and credit cards is even more admirable."


She places a hand on his chest. Her golden-painted nails carefully gripping the denim. She murmurs something foreign and then lets go. "You have been rewarded. Go live your new life." 

And with that enigmatic speech and a blinding smile, she leaves.

"...the Hell was that?" Kevin shakes his head and walks back to the room to finish. He's gotta clean all the rooms on that floor before his shift ends.

Forty minutes later, Kevin wheels the cart into the laundry/store room and writes his time on the work clipboard, hanging on the wall.

"uhh..." He wipes his face with his sleeve. 

He's been feeling way too warm since that sex goddess touched him. What if he's coming down with something? If he has to take a sick day, the boss will just fire him and hire someone even more desperate.

He splashes some cold water on his face. After drying, he opens his locker to get his clothes. "The Hell?!"

Instead of his clothes, someone replaced them with a black shirt and jeans several sizes larger.

"Who did this crap?! I'l-AAARGH" He doubles over as the heat reaches scorching temperatures in his gut. Despite the pain, he manages to stay on his feet.

"wha..." He groans as the heat pulses again. It seems to reach every bit of his body.

throb throb throb throb

He tries to take deep breaths, but his body won't stop shaking. "someone help me!" He tries to call out, but there's no one within hearing range.

throb throb throb throb throb

With his eyes clenched tight, Kevin doesn't see that he's growing taller. Two inches. Another two inches. Going up till he's around 6'5. His overalls are tight and the leg cuffs are now brushing against his shins. His wrist cuffs are closer to his elbows then his wrists.

Then the pain starts to shift. it's still scorching, but it begins to feel...good. Like watching a really great porn good. And the heat feels like the burn Kevin felt the one time he tried a gym out and overdid it.

Soaked in sweat, Kevin pants and finds the strength to straighten up. Then he looks at his arm. "wha?"

The denim sleeve grows tighter. His arm is swelling. With muscle. 

His hand grows till it's disproportionate to his body. Then his forearm, with veins sticking out all over the skin, his upper arm, till his shoulder is nearly dodgeball size. The sleeve creaks from barely keeping it together. 

Kevin breathes harder as his other arm soon follows in size and strength. He stares at the mirror over the sink.

Both arms look like they're thicker than his thighs. It's almost cartoonish how over-sized they are. But on the other hand...

"This is hot!" Kevin grins.

The growing feels so good and his arms are massive. His sleeves are in danger of either cutting off his circulation or breaking apart.

He tries that double bicep pose he's seen on the internet and the sleeves just disintegrate into rags with a loud shhrripp sound!


Before he can savor tearing his uniform sleeves to pieces, he feels the heat build in his chest. He looks down.

throbs throbs throbs throbs throbs

The top button breaks off with a ping and flies off somewhere. Then the second one.

"Don't stop." Kevin pants as he sees his chest slowly block his view to his feet. "Bigger. Please, keep going! This is so effin hot!"

One button ricochets off the mirror with a loud ptink! His pecs jut out more and more, growing into solid muscles with a deeply defined crevice in between till they could give 70s era Schwarzenegger a run for his trophies. 

Enough buttons broke off to show his bare chest down to the first set of carved-in abs.

"I GOT ABS!" He shouts in delight.

He moves his fingers over them. A 6-pack that feels like it's made of marble. And damn, touching them feels soo good!

 By now, Kevin's shaft was rock hard and throbbing in time to the heat that's transforming his body. He tries to unbutton the remaining buttons but his fingers are too large and he's having trouble seeing his waist in the mirror as it's chest high.

"Crud." He just grabs his crotch thru the denim and starts massaging. "uuuuuhhhhhhhhh

Kevin was never one for masturbating, whenever he watched porn, he felt too self-conscious about his 5' shaft. But heck with that, he's gotta keep this sensation going!

Though it was tricky, with his thick arms reaching around his massive chest, he manages to find the right rhythm and grows more used to working his new limbs. "uuuhhh." He moans and slurs in a haze. "Thas...it's feelin' bigger..."

His shaft does very slowly, compared to the rest of his body, grow larger in length and girth. Thankfully, Kevin's in no hurry, it feels so damn good to feel his member grow with each rub and grip.

As he keeps touching himself, his waist contracts just a pinch but all the lingering fat converts into raw muscle to support his gigantic upper half.

Then the heat moves downward to his increasing ecstasy.

He shouts some really filthy words as his rear grows till he looks like he's practically got bowling balls in his pants and just as hard. His briefs barely stay on, only so many threads keeping the structural integrity intact, and the tightness threatens to damage his groin but he doesn't care.

His thighs turn as thick as his old waist size and force him to widen his stance, his calves achieve that perfect large diamond shape. The legs of his coveralls rips to shreds. His feet break thru his tatty sneakers with ease.

Kevin stomps on each foot to shake off the remains and to get used to his new posture. He steps back a pace to better examine himself in the mirror while still moving his hand over his groin, and moaning from the pleasure.

His coveralls are nothing more than shredded rags barely keeping him from being completely naked. Despite his small head and still too-youthful look, his body looks like a urban Tarzan.

Then it happens.

As he has been massaging his shaft almost non-stop since the changes began, Kevin feels the pressure build and build and all the heat in his entire body converge to the one organ.

He screams as his climax hits him as powerful as a bullet hitting glass. The geyser of his seed destroys his briefs and the remains of his coveralls till he's naked and shooting at the mirror, causing minute cracks.


Unaware of anything but raw joy and liquid fire erupting from his tool, Kevin doesn't feel the final changes occurring. His head grows more in proportion to his giant body and his features turning to look more early-20s-ish, his hair turning ink-black and shifting to give a almost buzz-cut style. His eye color turns black as well. Facial hair grows over his upper lip, and chin and jawline. His complexion giving off a attractive Latino vibe.

The pounding heat keeps him going several seconds longer than all of his past climaxes combined. And far more amazing. After his 12th or 14th stream, he finally feels like he's running out.

Bracing his hands on his knees, Kevin rests his chin on his pecs and focuses only on deep breaths. "...holy...shit!"

The only sounds in the room besides his breathing, is the drip, drip of his seed from the mirror and overflowed sink.

'I need to see.' He takes one of the biggest clean towels and works on wiping the mirror until it's clean enough to suit him. He steps back far enough so only his waist and down are visible.


His shaft is 10 inches long and still halfway hard and nearly as round as a pop can. Exhausted beyond measure, Kevin forces himself to not touch and to focus on something else.

His new clothes.

Kevin examines them better now that he's getting more used to moving in this Super-Atlas body. The underwear are basically silky speedos but they fit perfectly and keep his shaft in place without constricting. He wiggles a little, enjoying the sensation of silk whisper over his shaft. Regular jeans but somehow the denim feels smooth against his skin. He makes himself think of Mitchell to stop getting hard again. Though the thought of running into Mitchell in his new body makes him grin an evil grin.

Socks. Shoes. Nothing extraordinary other being of higher quality then his usual clothing budget.

As he dresses, Kevin doesn't notice that his torn stained clothes, and the mess on the mirror and sink have disappeared. 

He puts the black shirt on and admires in the mirror that the deep collar gives him awesome "he-vage". He flexes and poses for a few minutes, watching his shirt get tight in places, feeling his jeans move against his rear cheeks, feeling the silk caresses his member.

Sucking in a breath, Kevin splashes cool water against his face. He really doesn't have the strength to climax again. Especially if it's gonna be as insane-explosive as before. It'll be fun to find out when he gets home.

He checks the rest of his locker for his personal effects. His watch is now the kind that's expensive heavy-duty, can take a lot of punishment, watch. And the latest iPhone model, but it still has all of his games and music.

And finally his wallet. 

'Oh crap. I don't look anything like me! How am I gonna explain this to Mom and Dad?!'

But he relaxes as he looks over the contents. He's got a driver's license, still the same age though now he looks older, which is awesome, and a pic of his new face and in defiance of DMV tradition, his picture flatters him.

"I got a car!" He fist pumps. His key ring shows it's a Ford Ranger. "SWEET!"

His photo of him with his parents last Christmas shows him in his new body dwarfing his parents with his arms around their shoulders. "Huh."

And according to the remaining stuff in his wallet, he now works at the expensive car restoring place downtown. 

Knowledge of cars, engines of various brands and models, and expertise to handle older, fancy cars floods his brain and he stumbles for a second. "whoa..."

And Kevin smiles and gives a silent thank you to that gorgeous woman wherever she is.

Once he's got everything he needs in place, Kevin faces the mirror for one last pose. "You are one hot stud!" Grabbing his phone, he takes a selfie.


With his latest paycheck deposited in the bank yesterday, Kevin decides to celebrate by heading to that bar across the street.


Sipping his beer and studying the ladies from his barside seat, Kevin notices a pretty Asian lady. 

She notices him and smiles. She motions for him to join her at her table.

As he walks over, Kevin vows to do a lot more good deeds per week. 

Who knows what could happen next time?


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Loved it 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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28 minutes ago, Jtchef2 said:

Loved it 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Aw, thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

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I bet he would love to bisit his former bully.

Great job man

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On 7/13/2020 at 9:12 PM, Ro20316 said:

I bet he would love to bisit his former bully.

Great job man

Thanks! If anyone wants to write the sequel to that, go ahead. Just give me credit. 

Maybe that mysterious woman teaches the bully a lesson.

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