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The Beach House (Chapter 7 added 10/14/20)

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11 minutes ago, Mdlftr said:

Well, this is "The Evolution Forum" - and it's all about the muscle growth, so it's natural that guys would support the muscle dude!


Besides, Ruby has really hurt his feelings - she's gone beyond just "calling him out" for (possibly) using illicit substances to attacking him personally.  It's one thing to say, "I could never be friends with someone who is (possibly) using illegal substances" versus "You're  a worthless human being deep down, no matter how you try to improve yourself."  Yeah,  thanks Ruby.  See ya! Good luck finding anyone who wants to put up  with THAT attitude! 

She has jumped to conclusions with no concrete evidence beyond what she "thinks" and "things aren't supposed to do X" and attacked him.  

Yeah, what she said was pretty harsh, but I did want her to be a somewhat sympathetic character. She was frustrated with being shown up again and again and finally just exploded; I don't think she really meant what she said about Will always being little and weak deep down. But I guess impact may matter more than intent in this situation. 

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4 hours ago, shadownexus said:

Oh please more! I want to see more Nico and Will!

More is coming, don't worry. I've just been kind of busy with a major life transition recently - that's why the next chapter has been slow to come. 

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14 hours ago, marius777 said:

More is coming, don't worry. I've just been kind of busy with a major life transition recently - that's why the next chapter has been slow to come. 

Take your time, sort yourself out.

Knowing you haven't ditched it and will come back to it is enough, even if my mind runs rampant with what Will will do to and with Nico 😉🤤

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Author's note:

Hi everyone! First, I just wanted to say thank you for the support that you've shown me as I've been writing this story - your feedback has been really wonderful and motivating! I'm sorry that this chapter took me so long to write; I just started graduate school recently, so I've had a lot of things going on, and working on this story ended up taking a backseat. I don't know how regularly I'll be able to update from here on out, but I absolutely intend to finish it - I think the final product will be eleven chapters long, so you can expect at least four more chapters after this one! Anyway, thanks again for being such a great audience, and I hope you enjoy the latest installment!

Also, just so that no one gets confused, I thought I would clarify here that this chapter is the one that happens first chronologically; it takes place the summer before Will starts college. 


Chapter 7


            “Dustin, it’s past one; you need to get up! Now!” his mother yelled through his bedroom door.

            “Alright, alright, I’m getting up,” Dustin mumbled groggily as he propped himself up in bed, yawning widely and rubbing his bleary eyes. A moment later, he heard her footsteps recede away from his door and down the stairs. “Happy now, you fuckin’ bitch?” he added contemptuously once he was confident she was out of earshot.

            After a few more seconds of stretching and yawning, Dustin eventually managed to drag himself out of bed, throw on some clothes, and stumble out into the hall. Just as he was walking past the bathroom, out stepped his scrawny little brother, Will.

            “Out of the way, runt,” Dustin growled, shoving Will roughly to the side and causing him to collide with the wall. He laughed as he saw Will wince and cower instinctively, knowing full well what the consequences would be if he tried to stand up for himself.

The little runt knows his place, that’s for sure, Dustin thought to himself with sadistic pleasure as he proceeded down the stairs and into the kitchen. He’d done a good job of making Will understand who the top dog was around here back when they were kids, and the lessons had stuck. Dustin didn’t really even have to so much as touch him anymore; just the sight of him was enough to send Will scurrying.

A few minutes later, just as Dustin was finishing up a bowl of cereal, he heard his mother yell up the stairs,

“Will, come on, hurry up; we’re gonna be late!”

“Coming!” Will called back, the sound of quick footsteps on the stairs shortly preceding his appearance next to his mother by the front door.

“What’s going on here?” Dustin asked as he walked out of the kitchen. “Is Mom taking you somewhere, Will? What are you, twelve? Can you not drive yourself?”

“Of course he can,” his mother replied curtly as Will looked down at the floor, his face turning red. “I just wanted to take him because his pre-college physical is today, and I would like to hear what the doctor has to say. Is it a crime for me to be interested in my son’s health?”

Dustin started to open his mouth to deliver a snappy comeback, but before he could say anything, she cut him off to add,

“And you know what, Dustin? I think it’s pretty rich of you to give Will a hard time for accepting a ride from me when you’re an unemployed twenty-four-year-old man who still lives with his mother.”

And, unable to come up with a suitable response, Dustin scowled, turned around in a huff, and stormed back up the stairs.

“Unemployed my ass!” Dustin growled to himself as he walked into his room, slamming the door behind him. He actually did have a job, just not one his mother thought anything of; he was the drummer in a band he and some of his friends from high school had put together. It was true they hadn’t been getting any gigs lately, but so what? That wasn’t his fault. And he wasn’t just sitting around either; he practiced for hours on end every day. It wouldn’t be long before someone noticed his and his bandmates’ talent, and then that bitch would finally see that it wasn’t a mistake for him to drop out of college to focus on his music career.

But in spite of all her nagging, her insistence that he either find a “real” job or go back to school, her problem wasn’t really that Dustin wasn’t doing something worthwhile; her problem was actually with him. His mother’s marriage with his father had been a disaster, but then, once they separated, she went on to fall in love with and marry the man of her dreams, Will’s dad, who she was still married to. So for as long as Dustin could remember, his mother had always doted on Will, her fucking perfect son she’d had with her fucking perfect husband, and she’d barely paid any attention at all to Dustin because all she saw when she looked at him was his father. But the little runt wasn’t as brilliant and great as she thought he was; Dustin was the one going places, not him, and someday he would make his mother understand that.

 - - -


Dustin was sprawled out on the couch in the living room watching TV when Will and his mother came back. He was surprised that it had taken them so long; the doctor’s office was no more than about a fifteen-minute drive away, but they’d been gone for almost three hours.

“What was the hold-up?” Dustin yelled in the direction of the front door as they were walking inside. “Did the doctor have to track down an electron microscope to examine Will’s junk?”

Normally, his mother would have scolded him for making a joke like that, but today it seemed like she didn’t even hear him. As she and Will made their way into the living room, Dustin noticed that something was definitely up; his mother’s face was pale, her eyebrows drawn together in a concerned frown. But Will’s face told a completely different story. He was frowning too, but his eyes gleamed with a kind of resolute determination. He was also carrying a thick manila folder that he was fingering nervously.

“What’s going on with you two?” Dustin asked, starting to become curious. “Is Will sick or something?” Honestly, Dustin was really hoping that wasn’t it. Not because he gave a shit about the little runt but because if he was sick, then he would become even more of the center of the universe than he already was. And there was no way Dustin would be able to put up with that.

“Nothing, nothing” his mother replied airily, avoiding making eye contact. “He’s perfectly healthy, completely ready to start college.”

But it was obvious there was something bothering her. Dustin decided not to press her further, not wanting to seem too concerned for Will’s wellbeing. But his eyes did follow Will curiously as he went into the study and put the manila folder away in the filing cabinet. What were they not telling him?

Over the next few days, the air in the house felt tense. There were times when Dustin would be in another room and hear Will and his mother talking quietly but intensely, almost like they were arguing about something. His pride kept him from asking about what was going on, but his curiosity grew stronger and stronger with every passing day.

And then, one day about a week after his physical, Will, his mother, and Will’s dad too this time left the house a little before noon without providing any explanation and didn’t return until just before evening. When they came back home, Dustin immediately noticed that Will looked completely drained; his face was as white as a sheet, and each of his parents had an arm around him, supporting him so that he didn’t fall over as he stumbled over the threshold. There was also a bandage wrapped around his left arm.

“What the fuck?” Dustin asked, bewildered, as he watched Will’s dad help him up the stairs and into his room. “What happened to Will?” At this point, his curiosity had reached such a point that he just couldn’t pretend to be uninterested anymore.

“It’s nothing, Dustin; Will’s fine,” his mother said, not meeting his gaze. “We just had to take him in for some routine bloodwork. That’s all.”

He tried pressing further, but it was no use; he wasn’t getting any more answers out of her. So that night, Dustin decided to take the matter into his own hands. He remembered the manila folder that Will had been holding after he came back from his physical last week and figured that he might be able to get some answers to his questions if he got his hands on it.

So, once everyone was asleep, Dustin crept out of his room and down the stairs as quietly as he could and then made a beeline straight for the study. Once inside, he opened up the filing cabinet and started rifling through its contents. After a few minutes of searching, he found it. The manila folder! He opened it, and, as he read through the document he found inside, his burning questions vanished, replaced instead by disbelief, followed closely by a horrible, sinking feeling of dread. He could hardly believe his eyes; it just couldn’t be true! After skimming the document several more times in a state of numb shock, he eventually put it back in the folder and headed back upstairs. He was going to have to have a few words with his mother tomorrow.

- - -

            “You have anything to say about this?” Dustin asked sharply, throwing the manila folder down onto the table in front of his mother as she was sitting and peeling potatoes. He hadn’t wanted to have this conversation in front of Will or Will’s dad, so he’d taken the opportunity to ambush his mother in the kitchen the next day while Will was in his room and his dad was at work.

            She looked at the folder in surprise and then sighed.

            “I wish you hadn’t gone looking for that,” she said, setting down the potato peeler and picking up the folder. “Will didn’t want us to tell you about any of this.”

            “Well, the cat’s out of the bag now,” Dustin said coldly. “Will you finally explain what the hell is going on?” He had some sense of what was happening from reading the contents of the folder, but he still had a lot of questions.

            “Fine,” she said with a sigh. “But first can you promise me you won’t say anything to Will?”

            “Sure, whatever,” Dustin said dismissively. His mother sighed for a third time, took a deep breath, and then began to explain.

            “Last week during Will’s physical, the doctor expressed some concerns about his numbers; he doesn’t weigh as much as he should for his age and height. So she ran some tests and ended up diagnosing him with a mild growth disorder.”

            “So he really is a runt,” Dustin said with a snicker. His mother glared at him but then continued.

            “Once he’d given him the diagnosis, the doctor told Will that, given his condition, he would be an ideal candidate for an experimental treatment that is currently being developed to stimulate growth and increase muscle mass in people with growth deficiencies. The idea is to use something called CRISPR gene editing technology to alter the patient’s DNA to increase their body’s production of hormones like HGH and testosterone; it’s apparently also being considered by the military as a way to ‘enhance’ its recruits.”

            “So that’s what you’re trying to do? Turn Will into some kind of fuckin’ super soldier?” Dustin growled. He’d read about the treatment in the folder, which had turned out to contain an informational packet explaining the details of the experiment and a copy of a signed consent form in the back, and it had seemed crazy to him then, but even now that he’d heard his mother confirm what he’d seen, he was still having a hard time believing it; it sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie.

            “No, I didn’t want him to go through with it at all,” his mother said, picking at her nails nervously. “The treatment has only just moved on to human trials, and Will is the first test subject, which means he’s facing all sorts of risks. I did my best to persuade him to not participate, but he was dead set on doing it, and, since he’s over eighteen, there was nothing I could do to stop him.”

            “So is that where you went yesterday? To get the treatment done?” Dustin asked, the sinking feeling of dread coming back to his stomach.

            “Yes, it is,” she said. “It’s all done; now we’re just waiting to see what happens.”

            “What exactly is supposed to happen?” Dustin asked nervously.

            “The hope is that he’ll get a few inches taller and fill out a little,” she said. “But the researchers aren’t sure how long it’ll take or if anything will happen at all; the treatment is in the earliest stage of human trials, so there’s a good chance it won’t work.”

            “It probably won’t,” Dustin said, the knot in his stomach starting to loosen slightly. Based on what his mother was saying it, it sounded like Will probably wouldn’t be undergoing the dramatic transformation that Dustin had been imagining.

            “Well, we’ll just have to see,” his mother said, turning her attention back to the potatoes. “And in the meantime, try to stay out of Will’s way; he’s been through an ordeal and needs time to recover.”

            “Yeah, whatever,” Dustin muttered. And with that, he stood up from his chair, walked out of the kitchen, and headed back up the stairs.

            As he reached the top of the stairs, he saw Will coming down the hall in his direction. Overtaken by a sudden surge of anger, Dustin strode over to him, shoved him against the wall, and twisted his arm behind his back, eliciting a gasp of pain.

            “I know about the little experiment that you’re the lab rat for.” Dustin snarled, twisting his arm even more. Will’s face contorted in agony as he struggled to free himself from his grasp, but Dustin was way too strong; Will was completely at his mercy.

            “I just wanted to make sure you understand that no matter what kind of CRISPR gene-editing shit they did to you, you’re always gonna be the same little runt you are. You understand me?”

            Will nodded vigorously, desperate for Dustin to let him go, but Dustin wasn’t satisfied.

            “I said do you understand me?”

            “Yes,” Will gasped.

            “Good,” Dustin said, finally letting him go. He turned his back on Will and walked into his room.

            After he closed the door behind him, he stopped for a moment and examined his reflection in the mirror on the back of the door. His face was flushed, and his dark brown hair was greasy and disheveled; he hadn’t taken a shower last night. He extended a hand to flatten it, causing his right bicep to swell up into a nice ball against his sleeve. Pleased with the way his arm looked at that angle, he rolled up both of his sleeves and started posing for himself in the mirror, admiring the fifteen-inch guns that he was so proud of. He didn’t care what experimental treatment crap Will had gotten himself mixed up in; there was no way he would ever be able to compete with these babies. No way in hell.

- - -

            A few weeks later, the summer came to an end, and then it was finally time for Will to go off to college. It was a huge relief for Dustin to have him out of the house; not seeing Will every day anymore allowed him to shove the whole situation to the back of his mind, and by the beginning of September, he’d pretty much completely stopped thinking about it altogether.

            But as the months went by and Thanksgiving began to appear on the horizon, Dustin started feeling nervous again. He tried to console himself by remembering what his mother had said, that there was a good chance the treatment wouldn’t even do anything, but he just couldn’t stop himself from imagining the worst. What if the treatment had worked? How much bigger would Will be by now? Could he possible have caught up with Dustin? He could hardly bear to acknowledge that possibility; Dustin’s size and strength was the one advantage he had over Will, and losing that would be a devastating blow to his self-esteem. He knew that the best case scenario was just for Will to get a little taller and reach a healthier weight, but this was an experimental treatment; no one was really sure what was going to happen.

            By the day that Will was due to come back home, Dustin’s nerves had reached an unprecedented level. He hadn’t slept well the previous night, but even though he was operating on just a few hours of sleep, he wasn’t drowsy at all; his stomach was full of butterflies, and he felt shaky and jittery, like he’d just had a huge cup of very strong coffee.

            He spent most of the morning and early afternoon playing League of Legends in his room, doing his best to think about anything other than Will. But then, at around two o’clock that afternoon, he heard the doorbell ring. His heart started pounding wildly; this was it, the moment he’d been dreading. A few moments later, he heard footsteps, the front door opening, and then his mother’s voice loudly exclaiming,

            “Anthony! Dustin! Come downstairs; Will’s home!”

            The sinking feeling of dread returning to his stomach, Dustin rolled off of his bed, stepped out of his room and followed his step-dad Anthony down the stairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he turned the corner, and then he got his first look at Will since he’d left for college. His jaw dropped; he felt like he’d been stabbed in the gut with a dagger.

            Although he still wasn’t as big as Dustin, the Will standing by the front door bore little resemblance to the scrawny little wimp he’d been just a few months ago. He’d obviously grown several inches taller, his eyes being nearly level with Dustin’s now, and his formerly skinny frame had filled out considerably. His T-shirt, which used to be fairly loose on him, was now rather tight, stretched taut over the well-developed muscles that shifted and rippled under the fabric. Dustin stared at Will in horror and disbelief as he took in his broad shoulders, firm, squared-off pecs, and the biceps that bulged against his sleeves as he picked up his suitcase from the porch and carried it over the threshold.

            As Dustin was still getting over the initial shock of seeing Will’s transformation, Anthony, who looked almost as shocked as Dustin, stepped closer to his son, stared at him slack-jawed for a few seconds, then laughed and said,

            “Wow, Will, I can’t believe it – look at you!”

            Will grinned proudly and stepped forward to pull his dad into a tight hug. Dustin watched Anthony return the hug and then gasp as Will actually lifted him a few inches off the floor.

            “Damn, you’ve gotten strong!” Anthony said once Will had set him back on his feet, staring at his son in amazement. He was clearly having a hard time processing the fact that his son, who had always been short and skinny, was now taller and stronger than he was.

            A few minutes later, Will’s parents had both started to bombard him with questions about college, so Dustin took the opportunity to slip away back upstairs, still in a state of shock and unable to bear being in Will’s presence any longer. But just before he turned the corner, he briefly made eye contact with Will. Instead of looking away like he normally would, Will met his gaze steadily, a small, almost smug smile playing at his lips. A shiver ran down Dustin’s spine. He broke the eye contact quickly, turned away, and hurried up the stairs into his room.

            For the remainder of the day, Dustin did his best to avoid Will by staying in his room, but when it came time for dinner, he had no choice but to go down to the dining room to eat with the rest of the family. While he ate, he tried to ignore Will and just look down at his plate, but his eyes kept betraying him, darting up to watch Will’s arm muscles flex and bulge as he cut his steak and brought his fork to his mouth.

            After everyone had finished eating, Anthony and Dustin’s mother went upstairs, leaving the two brothers to do the dishes. As he was standing next to Will by the sink, Dustin, overcome by a sudden urge to salvage some of his former power over him, addressed him abruptly and said,

            “You think you’re a big man do you? Now that you’re a little taller and you’ve put on a few pounds? You think you’re the top dog now?”

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Will said calmly, continuing to scrub the plate he was working on.

            “I’m still stronger than you, you know,” Dustin pressed on, acting as if he hadn’t heard him. “I can still kick your ass. Want me to prove it? Why don’t we have a little arm wrestling match, see who’s really the big guy here?”

            “You want to arm wrestle?” Will asked, turning to look at him with a slightly amused expression on his face. “We haven’t arm wrestled in years.”

            “What’s the matter? Scared?” Dustin replied with a sneer, sitting down at the kitchen table and getting into position.

            “You wish,” Will said, setting down the plate and sitting down across from Dustin. Each brother positioned his right elbow on the table and grasped the other’s hand. Dustin swallowed nervously as he watched Will’s bicep swell up into a firm ball against his sleeve, complete with a thick vein snaking down the middle; it looked a lot bigger from this angle, maybe even bigger than Dustin’s.

            “Ready?” Dustin asked, doing his best to ignore the butterflies that were starting to flutter around in his stomach.

            “Ready,” Will said, locking eyes with Dustin and drawing together his eyebrows in determined concentration.

            Dustin counted down from three, and then the match began. The two brothers both sprang into action, each trying his hardest to overpower the other. At first, it seemed like a stalemate; neither was able to get the other’s arm to budge. Dustin felt sweat starting to form on his face as he fought to push Will’s arm down to the table, but it turned out that Will was quite a bit stronger than he was expecting him to be; beating him was going to be a lot harder than he’d thought.

            For the next few minutes, the interior of the kitchen echoed with the deep grunts of the two brothers locked in their battle for dominance. Their faces were both beet-red, engorged veins ran along the length of their arms, and both of their sleeves were being stretching almost to the breaking point by the biceps exploding out against the fabric.

            Then, after what felt like an eternity, Dustin felt Will’s arm start to give. Encouraged by the small amount of progress he’d made, he continued to push as hard as he could, until, using every bit of strength he had in him, he eventually managed to force Will’s arm flat against the table.

            “Fuck yeah!” Dustin roared, jumping out the chair and punching the air in celebration. “See, Will? What did I tell you? You may have put on some size, but I’m still stronger than you.”

            “For now,” Will said, meeting Dustin’s gaze unflinchingly, almost defiantly. And with that, he got up and headed upstairs to his room.

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  • marius777 changed the title to The Beach House (Chapter 7 added 10/14/20)

Best story in a pretty long time, i can't wait the dynamin between the brothers changing now that will is a fucking giant lol

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