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m/m A friend at last

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I'm really enjoying the story. However, I'm confused with some names in the chapters. There is Jake in the first chapter and Frank in the third. Are these typos or different characters? 

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Cravvy I completely agree with the above comments.  I hope inspiration strikes you this weekend to continue💪🍆

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That IS inspiring, yes!

I'll try to correct a few mistakes before posting more, yes, especially in names...

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15 hours ago, Supercrav said:

That IS inspiring, yes!

I'll try to correct a few mistakes before posting more, yes, especially in names...

Please make it soon!

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o make things worse, Jack had to leave the city for a little while. Family issues. It sounded painful so Gunther didn't dare to ask more. It was just for a few days, yet, Gunther knew he would be missing his friend very much, and wondered how he would be able to cope with his absence.
They called each other every day and spent a great deal of time on the phone. The few days became a week, and soon, without much more explanation, Jack said that the matter at hand might very well keep him away quite longer.
Gunther couldn't help worrying and fearing that Jake, the adventurous, fearless and charming Jake, just fled to new horizons as he had grown tired of him. Tired of the big muscle retard novelty.
Jake just didn't have the courage to tell Gunther that he had to serve a two-month sentence in jail in Nebraska. After a few weeks, it was Jake's turn to worry, as Gunther seldomly answered the phone when he called, and when he did, the conversation was lackluster, and ended promptly. Jake felt so bad about lying to the man. As soon as he will be freed, he will do anything it takes to win him over again.
There was a simple reason why Gunther was difficult to reach, and could hardly hold a conversation when he did answer the phone. He just thought that if Jake would ever return to him, and if indeed he liked his big muscles, he might as well grow his muscles as huge as possible to make him happy. And if Jake didn't come back, as lifting iron was his only passion and the only thing he knew how to do, bodybuilding was his best option to try keeping his mind off the angst.
Gunther, who already was the hardest working bodybuilder who ever lived, doubled his efforts, putting his health at great danger. At the gym, a lustful Jimmy made sure that he got fed with high power steroids accordingly - not missing a chance to inject some more when the behemoth fell unconscious during a set.
Mind-blowing results didn't fail to occur.
Every now and then Gunther remembered having a cell phone, and checked on it, the message Jake had left mentioning the date and time his train would arrive, Gunther was filled with joy and went back to sleep. When he woke up, he looked for the message, found it, was glad it hadn't been a dream, and wrote down the details. Misty-eyed.
When his train arrived at the station, Jake's heart was racing. He was finally back. He hadn't received an answer from Gunther after he had announced his arrival two days ago, but he couldn't help hoping he would be there.
Jake stepped off the train, looked all over the platform, and Gunther was nowhere to be seen. He didn't have to look twice, Gunther was quite easy to spot.
Jake entered the station's lobby, and... even before seeing Gunther he saw the shocked, amazed, scared looks on all faces, staring at the center of the hall, and indeed, there he was. There was the freak.
Maybe eight feet tall, or so it seemed, barefoot, shirtless, almost naked in fact if it weren't for the bunch of fabric tied around the waist, stood at least half a ton of bloated, overblown muscle, pulsating with power and veins, and ready to explode.
Jake shouted "Gunther!", and when Gunther spot him, he crouched down and opened his arms to welcome his friend running to him. They had a long and firm embrace, without the need for words to say how much they missed each other, and then Gunther released Jack, stood up, then leaned on the side to do the thing he had been dreaming of doing, if he ever had the chance to see Jack again, ever since his arms had passed the 90 inches mark : bending one arm, flexing his almighty biceps and ask - with all the assurance he could muster :
" So how do you like these huge biceps?"
With a tear rolling down his cheek, Jake approached a trembling hand to the colossal pair of bicep muscles throbbing before him, as dozens of bystanders stared aghast, the hand met the most gigantic biceps muscle ever built, the two men smiled at each other then it occurred to Gunther that
"What happened to your face?"
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