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Welcome to the channel


What’s going on everyone it’s your boy Clarky379 here...God that sounds lame with my accent.

Ok let’s try again.

Hi guys and welcome to the vi…

Oh yeah and girls…if they’re watching...hi guys and girls…gah! That sounds even worse.  I didn’t realise it’d be so difficult to start this off.

Right…anyway…screw it.

Welcome to my first video and I guess welcome to the channel. 

As you can tell by that terrible intro I’m not really into multiple takes or editing so this is going to be pretty raw and probably include a lot of rambling.  There’s a good reason for that though and it’s because I don’t want anyone to think I’m doing any video wizardry or anything like that to trick you all.  I might have to do a bit of editing if I need to stop filming and start again for some reason, but hopefully that won’t happen.  I’ll probably end up repeating myself quite a bit and there may even be some swearing so if that offends you then I apologise in advance, but like I said, I don’t want to go back and edit anything unless it’s something that might get the video taken down, like one of my testicles coming into shot or something like that.  Um…not that I’m planning on any nudity being in this so I have no idea why that example came into my head; but you get the picture.

Right so; let’s get things started shall we?  Ok, so first things first my name isn’t Clark, like, Clark doesn’t appear in my real name at all; not first name, middle name or surname, I just picked it for…I dunno really, I just kinda like it.  And the numbers don’t mean anything either, I just picked them out at random and luckily no one else had that username.  I’m not going to be saying much about my real life as I think things might get complicated later on if I do.  Having said that, I will point out that I’m over eighteen, whether that’s by one day or a few years I’m not going to say, I’ll leave you all to speculate on that.  I don’t have any family to speak of so I’m just kinda bumbling around the UK at the moment like a feather in the wind.  I have no real plan of where I’m going or what I’m doing; I’m just kinda going with the flow.

So why am I making this video then?  And why am I in a forest in the middle of nowhere?  Well I’m glad you asked, or at least I hope you did.  I don’t even know if anyone’s gonna watch this thing but whatever.  So the reason for all this is because things have gone a little weird with me lately.  I dunno what actually happened but a while ago I got this weird feeling one night like…I dunno…a kind of energy surge or something like that.  You know like when you get an adrenaline rush?  Only it hasn’t really stopped since then.  It just feels like my body’s about to go through some weird change so I thought if it does then it might be worth documenting it.  I don’t mean a change like puberty or anything like that, obviously that’s been and gone, but this feels like…I dunno…like I feel stronger, but for no reason.  I mean look at me, I’m not exactly a fit guy or anything like that.  I’ve tried working out in the past but I just get bored and my mind starts to wander.  The only reason I’m as slim as I am is because I walk a lot and eat right.  Well ok, that’s not technically true, I eat unhealthy crap but it doesn’t seem to affect me so I’m not going to complain.

Speaking of eating though.  I don’t feel like I’ve been eating or even drinking as much as I used to lately.  It’s like I’m only eating when I feel I should be and even then I’m going for stuff I like the taste of rather than thinking about what will fill me up.  Like I might just have a chocolate bar and that’ll last me for hours.  Maybe I’ll try and see how long I can last in a day without eating.  If I don’t post any videos after that you’ll know it was a stupid idea and I starved to death in a forest somewhere.  Oh yeah, that brings me back to the earlier question, why am I in a forest?  Well to be honest I want to get away from people when I’m making these videos, because if something really weird is going on with my body I don’t want loads of people around asking questions about it.  What could be going on I hear you ask, well that’s just the thing, I don’t know.  But like I said, it just feels like there’s this huge surge of energy and I almost feel like I’m getting stronger.  If that’s the case then it might be safer to test it out here rather than in a town or city where people will be in the way all the time.

I know I keep saying I feel like I’m getting stronger but it’s the only way I can really explain it.  It’s just…I dunno…like there’s a fire in all my muscles, like, you know how you get that pumped feeling when you’ve worked out?  It’s like that, but it’s all the time.  As far as I know I haven’t gotten any stronger, I mean…let’s have a look round here…ah ok, hold on a sec, there’s a nice big boulder over there, lemme put this down and try something. 

Well ok that didn’t work.  I thought I might be able to move it or something but obviously not.  At least all you lucky people got to watch me struggle and look like an idiot.

There’s been other things as well, like yesterday I tripped over onnannun…blah!!  Yeah I tripped over my pissing words there.  Dickhead.  What I was trying to say was on...an...uneven path.  Christ that was a mouthful, anyway, my arm whacked into the floor on that path and it didn’t hurt, and look, no bruising or anything.  It might not seem like much but I definitely think there should be something there.  I dunno, maybe I’m being stupid and seeing stuff that isn’t there but who knows.  I just wanted to do this video as an introduction in case something weird is going on but if not then there probably won’t be any more videos, and this will get lost in the shuffle online somewhere.

Anyway, hit that like and subscribe button…I dunno why but that’s what all the other vloggers say, so yeah, do that and maybe even leave some comments.

Catch you later peeps. 

Oh Christ that was lame as f…

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Down Under. G’day mates and welcome to Australia. I know it’s been a couple of months since the last video but, as you’ve probably seen, a lot has happened since then.  Now I know there’s a

Welcome to the channel   What’s going on everyone it’s your boy Clarky379 here...God that sounds lame with my accent. Ok let’s try again. Hi guys and welcome to the vi… Oh yea

Things are getting a bit strange. Hey guys, welcome…oh shit guys and girls… You know what, screw it.  Like, thirty seven people watched the first video and some even down voted it so I’m jus


I can't wait to see not-Clark's growth in first-person! Believe me, I'd like and subscribe if I could.

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Things are getting a bit strange.

Hey guys, welcome…oh shit guys and girls…

You know what, screw it.  Like, thirty seven people watched the first video and some even down voted it so I’m just gonna stick with hey guys from now on and ignore any complaints.

Right so, welcome to the video.  I know it’s been a couple of weeks since the last one and I didn’t know if I was even going to do another, but then things started changing again.  The weather’s been getting better and I don’t know if that’s been a help or not.  Because it was nice though I decided to take a trip to the coast last week, and with the sun being out for a change, I decided to work on my tan, but that seems to have made my energy levels go up some more.  Almost like I’m a battery and somebody’s just put me on charge.  

I actually tried looking back over weather patterns and things like that for the time when I started to feel like this and, according to NASA; there was a particularly big, X class solar flare around that time.  Now these things aren’t uncommon, so they’ve happened before in my lifetime, however sometimes when that’s happened it’s affected other countries as they were facing the sun when the flare’s effects hit.  This time though, it hit our side of the planet and, unlike previous times when these things have happened, I was camping up in the far north of Scotland as I was hoping to see the northern lights, so I’m thinking maybe I got a full blast of it, even though I didn’t notice.  Now like I said, these things have happened before but I was living in…well let’s just say much further south and maybe living in a house or being in school shielded me from that sort of stuff, or maybe I was too young to be affected, or maybe it’s always affected me and I’ve never known, or maybe it’s a massive coincidence.  I dunno, I could just be clutching at straws here but it’s a theory anyway.

So like I said before I went to the beach and now I’ve found myself a new forest to record in as I’m pretty far away from the last one.  And before you ask I’m not in The New Forest, as in the national park, I’m just in a new forest to me, does that make sense?  Ok, I’m gonna stop there before I confuse everyone.  So what’s new with me then?  Well I think I might be getting a little stronger, like, you remember last time there was that boulder I couldn’t move before, right?  I found one here that’s a similar size and tried I moving it earlier, and this time it actually did move.  Now I’m not going to get too excited about it as maybe it wasn’t embedded in the ground as much as the first one or maybe it was a different type of stone, but it’s something to think about.  It’s not like I moved it a lot anyway, it just kinda wobbled a bit. 

Something else I’ve noticed recently is my memory seems to be getting better.  I mean, I’ve always had a pretty good memory for facts and things like that, but lately I’ve found myself being able to recall things I’ve seen, even just briefly, in perfect detail.  Like there was a sign outside the forest telling people about all the rules and random information about who’s responsible for the land, and I can picture it perfectly.  It’s kinda like my brain is recording everything I’m experiencing and I can rewind and pause it to see what I missed, or get the information I need from that memory.  There’s no way I can demonstrate that on here though as there’s probably loads of ways you could say I was cheating, but trust me, it’s true.  It’s just a pity my brain wasn’t working that well when I was back in school.  Makes you wonder though, I mean, would it be cheating if you could recall everything you’d seen in a textbook or on a website, even if you didn’t actually read it?  I mean, technically you’re not learning that stuff; you’re just copying and pasting what someone else has written.  Damn this can mess with your head.

What else?  Oh yeah, I’ve been testing out my pain threshold a bit since the last video, but again it’s really hard to do.  I don’t like the idea of cutting myself or anything like that, and you kinda have this self-preservation thing that stops you from trying to purposely injure yourself, so I’ll have to see what happens if I have any accidents or clumsy moments.  One of the weirdest things I’ve found is that for some reason I don’t seem to be feeling temperatures the way I used to.  I mean, I can feel and see that it’s a hot day today but I don’t feel uncomfortable or sweaty at all.  Tell you what, I’m gonna try something here.  If I put this jacket on for the rest of the video I’ll see if I’m roasting by the end of it. There we go; and I’ll zip it up to make it extra toasty.

Oh and an update on the eating thing, I haven’t actually had anything to eat or drink for about…forty nine hours roughly.  I tried doing it on the days I went to the beach but the food just smelled sooooo good over there.  I didn’t actually feel hungry at the time; I just really wanted to taste some of that stuff so I caved in.  I’ve been pretty disciplined since then, and for the last two days I’ve had nothing to eat and, frankly I don’t feel hungry at all.  Maybe I don’t need to eat anymore.  That could seriously save me some money but I think I’d still want to out of habit and for the taste.  Which brings me to the other thing.  I haven’t had to…you know…go lately, if you know what I mean.  It’s like my body doesn’t have any waste to produce anymore.  I thought I might be constipated at first but I’m not in any pain or discomfort so why worry?  All other fluids seem to be working ok, like I can still spit and…spurt…if you know what I mean.

And on top of all that, I don’t really get tired either.  Like a last week I had a plan of where I wanted to go but it was pretty far away, so I tried to work out how to do it best.  I thought about trying to get a lift off someone but hitchhiking really isn’t a thing anymore, and I didn’t really want to spend too much on buses or trains so I thought, I’m not in any rush to get there so why not just walk as much as I could and camp out at night when I got too tired?  Only thing is, I didn’t get tired; at all.  I was quite happy walking for miles at a time without aching and without eating as well; it just felt like my energy levels never went down.  I also tried going as long as possible without sleep and I managed about forty two hours in total.  I didn’t really feel tired after that but I thought I really should as it’s probably not healthy to go without for so long.  Turns out I was right.  When I woke up I actually felt refreshed and like my thoughts were more in order, so I’m aiming to have a couple of hours sleep every night just to feel normal again more than anything.

Besides all that not a lot has changed since the first video.  I’m still living like a bit of a nomad, travelling from place to place, seeing more of the country rather than being tied down.  That was always my plan though after college, to use the money I’d saved to go travelling around for a year and then see what happened after that.  I didn’t really intend to become a vlogger or anything but I suppose if you’ve got something to say then you might as well say it, even if no-one’s listening.  And for anyone who’s wondering how I’m uploading videos from the middle of nowhere, well, I’m not.  I might be filming in some random forest but there’s usually a town nearby with free Wi-Fi.  It might just be that the videos get uploaded a day or so after I’ve filmed them.

So anyway, I’m gonna leave the video there and as always, hit that like button and subscribe, and feel free to send any questions in the comments and I’ll see if I can answer them.

Later guys.

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Radio Gaga.

Hey guys, welcome back to the middle of nowhere.

What d’you think of this old, abandoned house I found?  Ok now there’s a reason I’m in here at the moment, besides the fact that it’s kinda cool and creepy; oh and speaking of cool, there was a question in the comments on that last video I posted about how I felt keeping that jacket on when it was so warm.  Well ok, it wasn’t so much a question; it actually said “you forgot to tell us if you were sweating, dickhead.”  So yeah, it’s nice to see someone’s actually been paying attention to the video and not just clicking it and backing out.  And you may have noticed I’ve even got a few subscribers now so that’s nice.

Anyway, I actually forgot I was wearing the coat until about two hours after I finished that video.  I was walking back through the forest to the nearest town to upload it when I saw a couple out for a walk wearing just T shirts and shorts.  They obviously spotted me as well because I overheard one of them say I must be boiling and I suddenly realised I still had it on.  The curious thing about that though was that the guy was quite a way away from me when he said it, but I heard it like he was right next to me.  I know it’s only been just over a week since the last video but I’m still noticing all these changes going on.  

Which brings us nicely onto this place.  Ok, so like I said, the house kinda has a creepy vibe, even though it’s daytime, but it’s got a huge cellar which is pitch black, even now.  I’m gonna take you down to check it out so if you’re scared of the dark then, well, there’s not really a lot I can do about that. 

I’m not too sure how well you can see this as there’s a bit of light from the entrance behind me but that’s about it.  I mean, I’m looking at this little screen on the camera, seeing what you’re seeing, and all it shows is darkness, even when I put the little light on.  Now the weird thing is I can see perfectly in here.  Like, literally I can see everything like it’s daylight, and that’s not all.  Everything else I can see has been much more vibrant lately and it’s like, I can see a lot of the other wavelengths of the light spectrum, even the radio waves.  Do you know what I mean? 

Like, if I bring you all outside I can actually see the radio waves coming from a big transmitter over there somewhere, even though I can’t see the tower itself.  Some of the waves are still pretty faint at the moment but every day it seems like they’re gradually getting clearer.  Even my sense of smell and taste have gotten stronger lately, which is pretty annoying as not only can I can smell delicious foods from miles away now, I can also smell all the animal shit in these woods pretty readily.  It’s a good thing we don’t have bears in this country otherwise I’d definitely be telling you they shit in the woods cos I can smell it.

It’s not all bad though, I mean, I can actually tune stuff out, so it’s not like I’m constantly seeing all these light waves or smelling every nasty little thing.  I can at least control it enough to only deal with what I want to at the time.  The other thing I found out about my vision is that I can focus that a little more and see smaller things in more detail or see distant things a little closer, almost like the lenses in my eyes are working like a telescope or microscope.  I’ve been testing it out as much as I can and I’m getting better at seeing what I want to.  Like I said before though, things seem to be changing and improving all the time so with a bit more practice things should become easier.

Same with my hearing; like I said earlier about hearing that conversation, it seems like my hearing is getting better, so I’m having to tune out a lot of sound otherwise it’ll be overwhelming and I’ll start shouting at you like I’m trying to talk over the noise.  If I focus enough though I can actually listen out for certain things like people talking in the distance, or I can listen out for specific birds or animals moving around.  It’s a bit difficult to work out where the sounds are coming from specifically or how far away they are, but I’m getting better at figuring it out.

Let’s see, what else is there?  Oh yeah, I’m definitely getting stronger and check this out…I got abs!!!  Ok, I know you haven’t seen my body before but trust me; they weren’t there when I made the last video.  And before you say it, I know it’s not exactly some chiselled six pack but I can definitely feel them there, even if you can’t see it too well on here.  But again, I’m definitely feeling stronger.  Hang on, lemme put this down again and try lifting that tree trunk over there, it looks...


…you see that?  Sorry for swearing but that was kinda cool.  I’ll have to go somewhere with some heavier stuff around next time or maybe trying something different like…hang on a sec…ok, here’s a nice sized rock, it’s kinda like a little brick.  Right let’s see if I can crush it…hmmm…ok, so maybe not that strong.  That would’ve been pretty cool to crush with my bare hands but I guess I’m not quite at that level yet.  It kinda makes you wonder though y’know; I mean…why is this all happening?  And why to me?  I’m no one special, as far as I know anyway.  I keep thinking about an old TV series I remember watching a few years back called Smallville.  If you never saw it, basically it was about Clark Kent growing up into Superman and his powers developed gradually so maybe that’s what’s happening to me.

Oh my god…Is that it?  Am I actually getting super powers?  This doesn’t make sense though, people aren’t like Superman, I mean, he’s an alien for God’s sake, and more than that he’s not real, so how fu…how the hell is this happening to me?  Sorry guys, I know I’m rambling again but the thing is…I don’t know anything about my past besides…actually I don’t really wanna go into that on here, I mean if this is really happening then you never know who’s going to be watching this.  Oh shit!!  What happens if weird men in black suits start coming after me?  Is that even a thing over here?

Ok, I’m gonna end the video there.  I need to get my head round all of this.  Remember to like, comment and subscribe and hopefully I’ll be back soon.

Later guys.

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I got jumped


H-Hey guys.  I ju-I just got mugged.

Sorry if I seem a little jittery but my heart’s still racing.  That was…like…the scariest thing that’s happened to me in a long time and the guy…oh god…I can still hear him.  I’m…I’m gonna have to do this later guys…I can’t deal with this right now.


Hey guys, sorry about that first part.  I was gonna delete and just start off here but I thought no, I really wanna make these authentic so even if bad stuff happens I’m gonna try to document it.

Ok so here’s the deal.  I dunno whether you noticed I was holding a knife in that last part but I’ll show you that in a minute, and you’re probably wondering why I was in a big field with all my clothes trashed rather than this hotel room, so here’s what happened.

I watched the last video back and noticed that when I went to pick up that log you couldn’t hear what I was saying because I was too far away from the camera.  So I decided to go to one of the bigger towns nearby to see if I could use the internet somewhere to shop around for a better camera.  Now I’ve never been here before so I don’t know where the rough parts or the nice parts of town are, and I certainly don’t know my way around it enough to be able to find anywhere easily.  Oh, and I figured I’d treat myself as well since I haven’t been sleeping much lately, so I got myself this hotel room to have a decent bed instead of camping, and then I could use their Wi-Fi as well.

Anyway, I managed to find a pretty decent camera that wasn’t too expensive, and a Bluetooth mic that can work with it, so I’d be able to stand a little further away to show you things.  The best part about it was I was able to find it in a place where I could collect it from a big, national chain shop in town rather than having to get it delivered somewhere.  Again I’m not gonna say which shop or which town in case anyone wants to check the security footage to track my movements or anything like that.  I know I’m sounding paranoid but if it turns out I’m an alien or something like that I really don’t want to be taken to a lab somewhere and get dissected.

So yeah, after I’d found out if the shop had it in stock I went to find the place.  Now since I said my hearing’s been getting better I’ve been wearing earphones more so I can play music to drown out the noise around me.  That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do as I ended up stopping next to this alleyway to check my phone for directions when this guy came towards me and pulled out a knife.  Hang on a sec…here we go…so yeah, he pulled out this knife and I was freaked out so I, stupidly, started backing off into the alley and trying to reason with him.  Next thing I know he’s lunging for my phone so I tried to turn away and as I did he slashed me with the knife. 

Now I’m ok so don’t worry about anything cos it kinda hit my stomach and just grazed along it without doing any damage, apart from putting a big gash in my shirt.  For some stupid reason though my first instinct was to reach for the knife, which ended up with me grabbing the blade and twisting it, but as I did I heard this horrible cracking noise and – urgh it’s making me sick thinking about it – it was like a stick snapping and then he’s screaming out in pain while I’m still holding this knife.  When I looked down at his wrist it was pointing a way it really shouldn’t and then, somehow, I could see his bones beneath the skin.  It was gross.

That’s when I just took off.  I just wanted to get out of there so I just ran until eventually I ended up in that field.  I only had my phone with me so that’s why the last part of the video was a bit shaky and weird but I’m gonna edit that onto here anyway rather than scrapping it or uploading them separately.  The weird thing about it was I shot that video about two minutes after it all happened but when I checked my position on my phone I was about twenty miles out of town, like, with no idea how I got there so fast.  So I managed to walk back to the hotel, and trust me I got some seriously strange looks from people because of the state of my clothes – but we’ll get to that in a minute – luckily I dropped the knife in the field.  I mean, could you imagine how it would look if they saw some dazed guy with a knife walking into town?  I’d have had the police all over me.

Speaking of which, look at this thing?  I mean who the hell needs a knife like this besides Rambo?  It’s insanely sharp too and look at these nasty little, jagged teeth on it.  This thing’s only made for one purpose and it’s definitely not cooking, at least not in a regular kitchen.  And if you’re wondering how I’ve got it now then it’s because that whole thing happened about two days ago, so I’ve been able to get my new camera stuff and go back to the field to retrieve it.  I dunno what I’m gonna do with it yet as I don’t have a sheath for it and I can’t just wander around with it in my hand or my pocket.  I could throw it in a bin or something but I don’t really want someone hurting themselves with it.  Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

And check this out.  You can see here there’s no marks on my hand where I grabbed the knife, and if I lift this shirt up you can see there’s no marks or scratches where it cut across, it’s almost like he missed, but I definitely felt it touch me.  Oh yeah, and you can see there’s definitely abs there now aren’t there?  Hold on, lemme get this off.  Ok, so like I said, definite abs there.  And not only that but all the other muscles seem to be filling out a little more as well.  I mean, it’s nothing amazing but there’s a little more definition coming in and considering I haven’t been eating much or doing any proper exercise, something’s undeniably working on them.

Anyway…sorry, I keep going off on random tangents.  So yeah, getting to the field.  I ended up running from the alleyway to that field and it seemed like I’d been running for ages, but like I said it had only been a couple of minutes from when I’d started running until I got there, but for me it seemed like a lot longer.  I’ve played the memory back in my mind and it’s weird to see how everything around me was moving in slow motion.  I don’t even think anyone even saw me as I was going that fast.  Hang on; let me see if I can work out the speed on my phone…Holy shit!!  Look at that!!  1,200 miles per hour!!  That’s like, nearly twice the speed of sound!!  Well ok, not quite, but it’s still a lot faster than I’ve ever been on a treadmill. 

You could probably see on the first part of the video that it shredded my clothes, I mean look at the state of these.  The funny thing is, you can see here on the T shirt the big gash where that asshole slashed me with the knife, but there’s no damage up here near the chest, nor on the trousers around my thighs; it’s only the areas where the material was away from my body that took the brunt of the damage.  That’s something I’m gonna have to check out later on, but I think I’ll have to do that somewhere a bit more remote.

The other thing I mentioned from that day was seeing that guy’s bones in his hand.  Remember how I said that I could see radio waves last time?  Well it seems like I can now see any part of the light spectrum, even the ones invisible to the human eyes.  I’m not sure how it works exactly but I’ve noticed that I’ve got much more control over what I can see and when. Like last time I said I can focus on things smaller or further away but I’ve been practicing a little and I’ve been able to see things like they were under an ultraviolet light which, trust me, you don’t want to use in a hotel room.  The same with seeing in the dark, that’s kinda like seeing in infrared, but if I change the focus slightly then everything is in colour, rather than being black and white like on infrared cameras.   I can also see in a thermal imaging way as well, so I can actually see like that Predator guy from the films.  I’m not going to practice too much while I’m here though as I’ve been reading up on some Superman facts and there’s a lot of discrepancy about how his heat vision works so I don’t really want that to accidentally kick in here and burn the place down.

I’m still a little freaked out by all this though, I mean, am I actually becoming Superman?  So far everything is kinda looking that way but do I want this?  I guess I don’t really have a lot of choice so I might as well just see what happens.  I’m gonna try and do another video this week trying out a few more of these powers, if that’s what we’re calling them.  Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I’ll, hopefully, be able to answer them.

See ya later guys.

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Awesome story, @sithspawn! It'd be interesting if Clarky measured his growing strength with someone else around. Hopefully some big guys that weren't threatening him with weapons. 😄 Maybe he could even save them from some kind of danger.

For Clarky: Try jumping!

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8 hours ago, flamedelft said:

Awesome story,

Story?  What story?  This is just the transcript of some videos that have been appearing online 😜

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I agree Clarky- try jumping. If you keep shredding your clothes because they’re too loose, why don’t you try wearing a speedo or a wrestling singlet? The spandex should fit to your body so it won’t rip off. I hear red and blue look the best on 😉

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