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m/m Who Am I? - Chapter 6 (final ?) - posted June 28


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Below is Chapter 6. This is the last chapter I have written and it could be a good place to stop this story. That being said, I have been toying with at least one more chapter, so we'll see what happens. I hope you enjoyed this one.

Chapter 6

Everything in my life is about being a freak. I’m so massive, I can never blend in, I can never be hidden. My presence in the world only causes chaos. Knowing that you are the centre of attention whenever you go is something that takes time to get used to. I’ve been playing that part for some time now but there are moments when I suddenly realize how extraordinary that power can be. Over time, it’s become almost as intoxicating as gaining more and more mass. 

When I finally broke 300lbs I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied. 325lbs was still not enough even knowing how incomprehensible that was to most people. When I surpassed 340lb I knew I was entering a realm of size few would even dare to try to obtain, but for me, I only wanted more. 

“LIFT IT!” I screamed at Rick as he struggled with his 13 rep of the massive weight. He let out a window-shaking scream as he reached the top of the rep and slammed the bar onto the rack, causing it to slide a foot towards the wall. He stumbled out of the squat rack and his knees buckled, causing him to fall in a huge heap on the floor.

“That was a great set!” I said as he nodded his head and tried to catch his breath.

I added 4 more plates to the bar and prepared for my set. I ran my hands over the 800 plus pounds of metal on the bar before leaning down and positioning the bar on my inhumanly large traps. I planted my feet and unceremoniously hoisted the bar. As I lowered the weight I felt the burning pump in quads that only signalled that they craved more torture. When my ass was only inches from the ground, I grunted and started to power the weight back up. Rick had recovered and appeared behind me, which I only knew from his encouragement being shouted in my ear because I eclipsed his body completely.  At the top of the rep, I lowered the bar again, picking up speed as I did so. My quads moved like massive pistons, with no sign to fatigue. I lost count of the reps but as I raised the weight for the last time, I stopped to marvel at the sight in the mirror. My knees were no longer visible because my quad muscles were so inflated. There was barely a gap between the thick slabs of muscle even though my feet with three feet apart. Cavern-deep separation between the individual muscles could have fit a person’s hand if they were brave enough to try. The vascularity was truly gruesome, leaving no area unaffected. My calves visibly pulsed as they swelled to support my entire body and the weight. I slammed the bar onto the rack and turned to face Rick. 

“So fucking incredible. Now, add more plates and give me 30 reps.” He said.

I licked my lips and followed his instructions. With over 1,000lbs on the bar, I wasted no time in preparing to lift. As the unfathomable weight attempted to crush my body, I hoisted it off the rack. I gritted my teeth and as I entire body started to shake violently, I started to move. After the first few reps, I fell into a sort of trance. The pain in my quads and calves disappeared and the movement of the weight become automatic. In my mind, I pictured how much larger my quads and calves could become. Their proportions surpassed anything witnessed in the real world. Slabs of impossibly massive muscle appeared and twisted around my skeleton. Their girth exploded from every direction and new muscle groups we formed to accommodate how massive they were becoming. Their size grew exponentially larger and out of proportion with the rest of my absurdly massive upper body. The vision in my head was so exaggerated that even I was shocked by ow extreme it was. I was only brought back to reality by Rick’s fists pounding on my back as he shouted as loud as he could.

“CHAD! Stop!” He screamed.

I opened my eyes as I reached the top of the rep. I had been moving the bar so fast, weights started to fall off the ends and were smashing onto the floor around me. I shook my head and lowered the bar onto the rack and stumbled out of the cage.

I turned to face Rick, who was staring awestruck at the grotesque view of my fully pumped quads. 

“My god Chad. LOOK at you!”

I didn’t connect the image in the mirror as being myself. What I saw wasn’t even a human being. There was a moment of terror as I was seeing the impossibly gruesome creature I was just imagining in my mind standing in front of me. It wasn’t until I placed my shaking hands on my quads that I realized that what I as seeing was in fact, real.  My quads were bright purple with pump, try as I might, I couldn’t even flex them. I looked up at Rick who just stood slack-jawed at the sight.

“Holy shit Rick!” Was all I could say.

Rick suddenly couldn’t help himself and fell to his knees and started to feel my quads and calves. The people near us, those that dared to look in my direction, stared in awe. 

“S-s-so massive! He muttered before producing a measuring tape from his pocket. With a trembling hand, he wrapped it around my right quad. I noticed him struggle to force the tape through the nonexistent gap between my legs. When the ends met, Rick recoiled in horror and looked up at me.

“51 inches!!!” Rick screamed.

It took me a moment to register what he just said. I slowly raised my head and looked at myself in the mirror. Each quad look comically out of proportion with the rest of my body. I also couldn’t help notice that Rick huge, 290lb body looked puny next to my quads alone.

Somehow, I was able to adjust my legs and with a growl that was both the result of pain and intense pleasure, I started to flex my quads. Even in their pumped state, deep striations appeared on their surface. The ever-present veins thickened and pulsed as the muscles found room to expand further. I felt my cock get hard and threaten to rip through my shorts as I relaxed and re-flexed each quad.

“Measure again!” 

Rick placed the tape around my right quad again, showing even more difficulty making the ends meet. His mouth was moving but words didn’t come out. He looked up at me, with tears streaming down his face.

“54 inches” he finally managed to whisper.

I felt my knees go weak as a huge load of cum filled my shorts. Rick stood and embraced me. I felt his rock-hard cock pressed against my abs as we kissed and tears filled my eyes too.


“We should check out the bodybuilding show that’s happening today.” Rick said as we finished breakfast.

I laughed and continued to eat.

“I’m serious! I think it would be cool to see how people react to us.” 

“You know how’d they react. They’d freak the fuck out seeing us sitting in the audience.” I said as Rick wrapped his huge arms around my astronomically large shoulders.

“That’s what I mean. Don’t you want people to wonder why my 290lbs and your 347lb bodies aren’t standing on stage, making everyone else look fucking tiny in comparison?”

“Well, that could be fun.”

“Exactly. Come on, let’s go and watch. Besides, we might see someone to have some fun with later.” Rick said. He knew about the encounters I’ve had as I’ve grown bigger and I think he was itching to be a part of them. I wrapped my arm around his head and pulled him in for a kiss.

“Ok, let go have some fun.” 

It happened to be a rather large bodybuilding show with some well known professionals competing. As we approached the front entrance, I noticed a side door with a few people standing around. From the unmistakable tanned skin of some of the people, I knew they were competitors. I nudged Rick’s arm, signalling for him to follow me. I could see the spark of excitement in his eyes. 

As we approached the side entrance, we garnered a few confused looks but based on our obvious size, our presence wasn’t questioned. We were both wearing over-sized sweaters but they couldn’t hide the mass underneath. Once inside, we found ourselves in the middle of the backstage pump room. The sound of metal weights and nervous excitement was immediately apparent. The room was massive and filled to the brim by contest-ready bodybuilders, their coaches and a swarm of people assisting with the contest preparation. We moved to a secluded corner of the room and scanned the room. Over the loud speaker, we heard it announced that the super heavyweight class was up next and competitors should prepare to go on stage shortly. There was a suddenly flurry of movement as the biggest men started to finish their preparations. This included a final coat of oil and a rush to pump themselves up as much as possible.

I glanced over at Rick who was surveying the crowd of muscle. He was staring at an obvious front-runner standing a few feet away. He was clad in a skimpy poser that rode up his ass, displaying his ample glutes. He was curling a set of dumbbells extremely fast, trying to pump up his biceps as big as possible. By all accounts, he was a huge man, in excellent condition and ready to make an impression on stage. I spotted another formidable contestant a little father away. He was sitting on a bench having just finished his set. He flexed his pumped chest repeatedly, forcing additional veins to pop through his skin. Behind him, an exceptionally good-looking man was performing bent over rows. With each movement, his thick hamstrings would explode in size and definition. As we continued to survey the approximately 20 super heavyweights I couldn’t help but hear Rick start to giggle. 

“Uh oh,” was all I said.

Rick sauntered over to the guy using the bench press. Even fully clothed, I couldn’t help but marvel at how huge Rick looked in a sea of bodybuilders.

“Mind if I work in?” Rick asked.

The competitor appeared confused and irritated by the interruption.

“Dude, I’m getting ready to go on stage, this isn’t like the gym.” He responded curtly.

Rick moved to the back of the bench and wrapped his hands around the bar that was loaded with three 45lb plates. With barely a grunt, he lifted the bar off the rack and started to slowly curl it. The 315lb bar moved smoothly during each rep. The bodybuilder stood up and turned to face Rick with anger in his eyes. When he saw how easily Rick curled the weight, his expression changed to one of shock. Even through the thick fabric of his sweater, Rick’s 24” arms were starting to swell bigger. From a number of feet away, I could see thick veins being pushed to the surface. 

“What the FUCK dude!” The guy yelled at Rick, causing others to turn and look in their direction.

Rick stopped curling the weight and held his forearms parallel to the floor.

“Sorry man but seeing all you guys pumping weights made me want to do the same. What do you think, are my arms getting bigger?” Rick said and slowly raised the bar again, holding it at the top of the rep and visibly flexing his entire upper body. There was an audible tearing sound as his right bicep blew through his sweater.

“Holy shit!” The bodybuilder exclaimed as Rick’s thick, vascular arm suddenly appeared.

“I take it that’s a yes” Rick said, blasting out four more fast reps before dropping the bar to the floor, sending a loud crash throughout the room.

Rick took a step back and unceremoniously ripped the rest of his sweater off like it was made of paper. Underneath, he wore a stringer tank top that was little more than a few strips of fabric.

The growing crowd of onlookers gasped at the sight of Rick’s exposed upper body. He shook his arms a few times before raising them into a double bicep pose. His massive arms ballooned in size as his granite-hard bicep peaks rose to fill in the space between his shoulders and forearms. His forearms hung like pieces of meat in a deli.

Murmurs rippled through the crowd as Rick suddenly became the centre of attention. He dropped the pose, bend down and hoisted the bar off the ground. He straightened his arm above his head and started to shoulder press the weight. After a dozen reps he held the bar at the top of the rep and started to perform perfect tricep extensions with the 315lb weight. The crowd simply stared in awe at the incredible feat of strength they were witnessing. Rick let out a final grunt and let the bar fall behind him. With one fluid motion, he ripped his tank off, exposing his swollen upper body. There were audible gasps from the crowd.

Rick stepped closer to the large bodybuilder and hit a most muscular pose. The sight was truly demonic as his whole body inflated with mind-blowing size and a level of definition, no one in the room could come close too. Slabs of muscle twisted and contorted as thick veins erupted on every inch of his exposed skin. The bodybuilder couldn’t restrain himself and let out a terrified scream.

“FUCK YEAH! That was a good pump! Damn, I’m WAY bigger than you man. Maybe I should step on stage and see if I can win the overall title.” Rick said.

Rick stepped closer to the bodybuilder and without hesitation, placed one hand on his upper chest and the other between his large quads. With little effort, the huge bodybuilder was lifted off the ground and pressed over Rick’s head. The crowd let out a collective gasp.

“Oh yeah! This feels like a good weight to get the blood flowing into these quads.” Rick said and proceeded to squat with man powerless in his grip. As his massive glutes came inches from the floor, Rick let out a growl and stood back up. Frightened cries from the man-handled bodybuilder echoed throughout the room. This didn’t deter Rick who continued to preform textbook perfect reps. After 12 reps he lowered the bodybuilder who was too shocked to react.

“Still kind of light but that felt good!” Rick said before ripped his baggy sweats off, exposing his quads and calves.

“Oh my god!”
“Holy shit!”

Rick looked down at his quads and even he was taken aback from the sight. He ran his hands over the bloated, vascular mass of muscle that didn’t resemble any of the quads on display in the crowd.

“I need a heavier weight.” Rick said and looked around the room. His eyes stopped at some metal scaffolding leftover from the lights used on stage. He waddled towards the large pieces of metal. Each pillar was over ten feet tall. Rick placed his hands on one the metal structures and tipped it over so it landing on his huge shoulders. He adjusted his grip and with his hands on either side of his body, lifted the metal pillar off the ground. His grunting and panting could not hide how heavy the piece of stage equipment was. Rick positioned his feet and started to squat the heavy object. The crowd stared in terrified disbelief as his moved the massive metal with seemingly ease. After three reps his quads looked completely distorted, thick gardenhose thick veins appeared on every exposed inch while new slabs of muscle appeared to erupt in every direction.

“ARGH! This is some heavy shit!” Rick screamed at the top of his sixth rep before letting the metal pillar to come crashing down.

He stood and faced the crowd. Their collective gasp was all he needed to hear to know how inhuman he looked. He shook his left leg back and forth, causing the pumped muscles to swing and twitch before stopping his foot down and flexing as hard as could.

“FUCK YEAH! Any of you have 36” quads?” Rick asked before repeating the pose with his right leg. A few people in the crowd covered their mouths at the sight, while a number of poser-clad competitors covered their growing cocks.

“Pretty fucking sick isn’t it? 5’11”, 290lbs, 24” arms, 62” chest, 35” waist, 36” quads and 24” calves isn’t what you normally see on a bodybuilding stage is it? Have any of you even dreamed a person could be this huge?” Rick asked as he continued to flex and relax his quads.

Rick moved back towards the big pro bodybuilder who was now white as a ghost. He stuck his left leg out again next to the guy’s quad. The size difference was downright comical. Rick’s one leg looked bigger than the man’s two legs combined. 

“Damn. Maybe it’s best I’m not competing, looks like I’d embarrass you.”

Rick turned to wards me and winked.

“Ok everyone. I’m just getting warmed up. I need to pump this body up even bigger for you but to do that, I need a spot. Chad, care to help me?”

“Sure thing” I said as I emerged from the back of the room. 

As I stepped out from the crowd, there was another audible gasp as people started to comprehend what they were seeing. Still fully clothed, it was impossible not to see how much bigger I was compared to everyone else in the room, including Rick.

I walked by Rick and stopped at the metal pillar laying on the floor. I bend over and lifted it off the ground without any visible effort. I pressed it over my head as Rick approached and turned his back to me. I lowered the scaffolding onto his wide, thick shoulders and he started to squat the heavy weight again. After five reps, his pace slowed and I gave him some additional support until he completed 12 reps. Instead of dropping the pillar, like last time, I held it as Rick stepped way. Rick turned to face me as as I started to curl the massive pillar, he started to flex. I licked my lips at the sight of his freakishly pumped up body as I curled the massive piece of metal.

“You were right, this is fucking heavy. The pump in my biceps feels SO GOOD!” I said as I surpassed 15 reps. I could hear screams and whimpers from the crowd as I neared 20 reps. At 22, I stopped curling and hoisted the pillar over my head and brought it down to my obscenely massive traps. I wrapped my hands around the metal piping but instead of squatting like Rick, I started to pull. The sound of bending metal echoed throughout the room. Louder screams erupted as I the metal started to move. My whole body trembled as I forced the two ends of the metal pillar towards me.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” I screamed. I could feel the fabric of my huge sweater getting tighter and tighter on my swelling body.

“What the fuck!”
“Oh my god”
“How is that possible?” I heard the crowd yell.

“Look at yourselves.” I said though gritted teeth and the sound of metal screeching. “Every one of you bodybuilders dream of being this powerful but you don’t have what it really takes to make it happen. You see us? WE know just what it takes. WE know that being bigger is all that matters.” I said with one final surge of power, causing the metal pillar to snap in two and fall to either side of my body. 

Rick looked on in awe as I placed my hands on my hips and started to flex my upper body. As my muscles grew incomprehensibly more massive, I felt numerous tears appear on different areas of my sweater. My lats blew through first, followed by my left arm and right shoulder. I responded by flexing harder, causing the rips to grow larger. Seconds later, while still flexing, the fabric sweater fell away from my body without having to be touched. Unlike Rick, I wasn’t wearing a tank top underneath. The sight of my flexed, fully exposed upper body sent the room of spectators into overdrive. People started to scream and cry in terror, some ran towards the exist as other’s became sick.

“Look at ME! This is what real dedication looks like!” I bellowed.

I dropped the pose and transitioned into a most muscular. My cock started to get hard as I felt my muscles flex and fill in all the gaps between my limbs. I only had to glance down at my upper chest that was obscuring the rest of my body to know just how pumped and outrageous I looked. I extended my left leg and flexed. My once loose sweats tightened around my growing quad before ripping open to expose the massive limb. As more people screamed in horror, I alternated my legs and repeated the same motion, freely myself completely from my outer garments. I relaxed and stood so the crowd could take in my entire body now on full display.

“This is 5’10” and 347lbs of the freakiest muscle this world has ever witnessed. None of you bodybuilders know what it feels like to have a 22” neck, 28” arms, 24” forearms,  76” pecs, 54” quads and 31” calves. Hell, most of you don’t have 31” quads and MY claves are that big. You don’t have to tell me I’m a fucking monster; I KNOW I AM!” I yelled.

I looked around the room and spotted a man-lift that would have been used to install the stage lights on the ceiling. I waddled over to it and without hesitation, bent down and gripped the front end. With a deafening roar, I deadlifted the 2 ton machine off the ground.

“For those of you that think they can handle it, I’m about to show you how much power all this muscle processes.”

With grunts that both expressed my inhuman effort and pure pleasure, I started to lift the man-lift up and down. I preformed 6 perfect deadlifts before stopping at the top of the rep. My back muscles were so pumped I could feel my lats pressing against my tense biceps. I scanned the room and the faces confirmed just how freaky the sight was. I squared my shoulders and started to raise the massive piece of equipment and started doing shrugs.

“Oh my god!” I heard someone scream as I reached the top of the rep. I felt my traps press against my ears and try to crush my neck. The feeling was so intense, gobs of pre-cum started to drip from my now hard cock.


I let the machine go and as it crashed to ground, Rick appeared beside me. He couldn’t resist pounding his fists on my outrageously pumped back muscles. I placed my hands on my hips, with obvious resistance from the rest of my massive proportions and started to spread my lats. It was immediately evident that I was far wider than I was tall but my lats continued to grow from either side.

“FUCK YEAH Chad. Show them how massive you are.” Rick yelled.

I started to growl like an animal as I willed myself to flex harder and grow wider. For added effect, I twisted my left leg so my hamstrings were on full display along with my extended calf.

Unable to contain themselves, three pro-level bodybuilders approached and started to feel the impossibly dense muscles of my back.

“Mmmmm, yeah, feel how hard and powerful that back is.” I said as they explored every inch.

After a minute of holding the pose, I relaxed. My back was so pumped, my arms could not lower past 90 degrees. I felt my cock twitch again from the sensation of my biceps literally sitting on top of my lats. I turned towards the crowd as my new admirers continued to worship me. There were many people jerking their cocks, others had become visibly sick while even more ran towards the exit.

“I’m just getting started. You think THIS is big? You have no idea”

“Let’s show these people just how big we can get.” Rick said and walked towards some scaffolding a few feet away. He jumped up and grabbed hold of a thick metal support beam. He cranked out a few pull ups before starting to lift his legs and work his abs. His already ripped stomach transformed into a rock-scape of striated muscle and infinite veins. After a few reps, he held his legs parallel to the floor, further empathizing his extreme conditioning and muscle control. Moans of pleasure could be heard from the crowd.

“I need more resistance, someone grab onto my quads.” Rick commanded.

A bodybuilder emerged from the crowd. He was not as big as the super heavyweights but was definitely contest ready with his own set of outrageously pumped abs. He approached Rick and just before he reached up to grab hold of his quads, ran his hand up and down Rick’s fully flexed oblique muscles.

“FUCK” was all he muttered before wrapping his ripped arms around Rick’s massive quads.

The extra weight didn’t appear to affect Rick’s ability to keep his legs extended. In fact, he raised them higher. The bodybuilder who was now along for the ride could only stare in awe at the sight.

“Still too fucking light! Someone else get over here.” Rick said.

A much bigger competitor stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Rick’s legs. The added weight finally registered with Rick and he started to pant and grunt. His already fully flexed abs metamorphosed into something truly obscene. New, thicker veins erupted as each individual ab muscle pulsed and grew. Rick held his legs for close to minute and just as it appeared that he could not hold on any more he did something truly incredible. With a bellow that filled the room, Rick started to perform pull-ups with the two bodybuilders hanging from his quads. Even I watched in shock as Rick started to perform reps with the incredible weight clinging to his body. After two perfect reps, his already thick lats looked like wings sprouting from his body. His massive arms shook and twitched as they swelled larger than his head. After five reps, the pain on Rick’s face was clearly evident but he refused to stop.

“AARRGGGHHH” He screamed as his managed a seventh rep before letting the bar go and causing the two men to tumble to the ground at his feet. 

Rick remained standing so the crowd had a prefect view of his absolutely gruesome upper body. His abs were so pumped they extended inches from his body but he was so huge, his waist remained comically small by comparison. Each individual ab muscle was so extremely developed, a full hand could fit into the crevasses. The two men huddled at his feet could not contain themselves and started to ferociously jerk their cocks. Seconds later, their respective loads of cum showered Ricks vein-covered claves and quads.

“FUCK YEAH! Those two know how hot REAL muscle is!” I yelled while cupping my own hard cock. Rick was panting heavily as he looked down at the two bodybuilders. He ran his hand over his abs and even he seemed surprised by their size and density.

The crowd was worked into a total frenzy as many bodybuilders started to pull out their dicks and stoke at the sight.

I walked over to an extra piece of staging that was approximately 10 feet square. I turned to the crowd with a devious grin.

“Climb on, as many as can fit.”

A number of bodybuilder approached with a look of confusion on their faces. With close to twenty men standing on the platform, I laid on the floor and positioned myself under the edge of the stage.

“No way!”
“It’s not possible!”
“H-h-how?” They started to mummer.

I gripped the metal frame of the platform and with one loud grunt, lifted it off the ground. The people on top scrambled to steady themselves as I started to bench press the incalculable weight. I managed three reps before my pecs became so pumped, I could feel them pressing against my chin. I swelled so large, the metal frame was coming in contact with my pecs before it could touch the ground. The pain coursing through my body was so intense, tears streamed down my face. 

“N-n-n-need more muscle!” I managed through the pain.

At six reps I thought I couldn’t go on but I looked up to see the faces of the people near the edge and their reaction was all I needed to summon more power. I let out a great bellow and started to press the platform faster. Like pistons, my arms started to move. I reached 10 reps when I felt the first load of cum splash onto the floor near my head. At 12, there was audible orgasms from all around the room. When I finally reached 15 reps, Rick appeared to hold the platform as I rolled out from underneath it. I was so pumped, the stage would not touch the ground with me under it.

I stood up and stepped onto the stage, moving to the centre. Instantly, I felt countless hands groping my impossibly massive body. I slowly transitioned into a most muscular pose and couldn’t help but scream as I did so. I felt every muscle on my body respond and grow bigger than it had ever been. New, ticker veins erupted on every inch as individual muscles as big as entire men swelled and twisted to find room. My forearms, biceps and lats smashed together into one massive pile of muscle. My neck was completely swallowed by my traps. I could feel my quads pressing against each other all the way to my claves which physically pushed my feet apart to accommodate their girth.

“FFFFFUUUCCCCKKK!!!!!” I screamed. I had never felt so massive, so full of power. My body felt like it was being crushed by itself. As my cock started to spray cum on the crowd, they too started to orgasm in unison. The room filled with the sounds of moans, cries and of pure lust. I reached over and grabbed Rick and as I cradled him with one arm, I plunged my cock into his ass, tearing though his underwear as I did so. With my free arm fully flexed, I drove my cock deep into Rick as he came on a pile of bodybuilders laying at our feet.

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