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Had some time tonight, and wrote this quick. I have an ending planned, but feedback welcomed. Max is newly 40 years old, straddling two jobs, one that is very unique. Enjoy!

“Hey Max, before you go . . .” It was Tracy, the desk clerk, stopping Max Sharpe as he was leaving the special gym after his shift. 
“What’s up Trace?” Max just worked his four hours, and was eager to head out.
“Ken didn’t show for his shift, and there’s a pump class starting in five minutes. Is there any way you could stay?” This was the second time. Gerry covered for Ken yesterday, and no one had seen Ken since Sunday. 
“Dammit Ken,” Max grumbled. Tracy had her puppy-dog eyes in full effect. “Fine, but he seriously owes me when he shows up.”
In truth, Max didn’t want anything from Ken. Ken was a tool. No fluff about it. First impressions from everyone were he had talent, but to say Ken was arrogant was saying there’s a lot of tea in China. 
Max remembered when Ken maxed out the K2000 machine, boasting to the gym, on Facebook, and Twitter that the owner would have to try harder if he didn’t want Ken running off to start his own lower gym. That’s what they were called: lower gyms. The owner came through, releasing the K3000, which no one could top.
“Max, if you hurry, you can warmup.”
“What level pump?”
“It’s a masterclass, five definite and one tentative.”
“Ken was teaching a masterclass? Wow!” Max had some trouble hiding his surprise. “Okay, I’ll be in room two, if it’s open.”
“All yours, and thanks. Okay to lockup?”
“Yeah, might as well. Have a good one!”
“Goodnight Max.”

“And let’s take it to 5 over your static min. We’ll pulse up and back down to no less than 5 for five minutes, and rest at 12 for three minutes to finish this set,” Max instructed in his best Mr. Rogers voice. 
Ten minutes later and the small class was placing their tubes in the cleaner. Dwayne, a younger guy, probably in his thirties, stayed behind.
“Can I ask why you’re not the primary instructor for this class? You’re great at this. This is one of the best pumps I’ve had in two years. Seriously man, this class would be packed if you were in the driver’s seat.”
“Uh, thanks Dwayne. I teach the intro courses, Manual I & II.”
“Oh, you mean stretching and pumping?”
“Yep, and clamping, ballooning, edging, etc, but I sub both the weights classes and the pumping classes. Can’t teach ‘em all.”
“Right, well, thanks for the class. I’m going to head out.”
“Okay, g’night Dwayne.” Max was glad to be rid of him. Some of the guys seemed to be confused about what the gym’s priorities were, despite the rules. As in, you weren’t allowed to cum, or to be seen outright masturbating; and you certainly couldn’t have sex of any kind. Max was always able to separate his passion for size from lust. Some new members fizzled out, thinking lower gyms were for hooking up with well-endowed men, only to be shunned by the strictly enforced rules. Max knew Dwayne was hitting on him, especially since his eyes kept darting below Max’s waist before he could put on his apron. 
All men wore aprons in the gym, changing upon arrival. The aprons covered from the waist to several inches above the knees in the front and covering the ass with an elastic band on the bare sides. Shirts and shoes had to be worn with aprons, unless you were in a workshop (class). Almost all of the machines in the open air room could be accessed by lifting the apron and stepping into the holders. 
Max finished resetting the room for tomorrow’s Man II class, and turned off the workshop room lights. He passed through the main machine room, pausing at the K3000. Despite knowing he was alone, Max checked over his shoulder, ensuring the room was empty. Max stepped onto the machine deck, and sat on the truncated seat. Leaning down, he adjusted the weights to 10lb shy of highest limit. Max removed his restriction ring, setting it atop the machine box, and lowered his soft but thick length into the holding tube. He tightened the grips and grabbed the release. The effect was immediate, pushing near 90lb of force on his penis. Max squeezed with all his might, watching a gauge on the machine readout hit 72lb. He released. 
Squeeze, 75lb. Squeeze, 79lb. Squeeze, 82lb. Max was rock hard now, adjusting the grips to loosen so he could move further into the tube. 
Starting again, 74, 78, 82, 82, 85, 86, 86, 86, 86, 86, 87, 86, 86, 86, 86. Max had to loosen the grips again. Maybe it was the combination of the fresh pump, or just knowing Ken could only push 58lb on this machine, but the K3000 was Max’s best friend lately. On nights he closed, he had it all to himself, not that many others dared touch it, as few could even master the K2000. 
He could feel the head of his dick humming, almost vibrating on his own. He stared at the weight dial. Just two notches left. Max went for it, turning the dial to 95. He’d never tried this before, but everything felt right tonight.
83, 82, 86, 88, 86, 86, 87, 86, 89, 90, 91, and safety. He felt that one! Blood pooled back into areas pushed from the last pump class. Max found this combination very successful. He knew he had the best control of any of the gym trainers. The pulsing was stronger now. He released the grips and was pulled even further into the tube. Six years and three inches. There were only 5lb left to go. Why not? Max turned the dial to 100lb. There was an audible click somewhere behind the machine’s paneling.
77, 80, 84, 86, 87, 89. Max engaged the safety. Heavy, but he wasn’t giving up. Six years and three inches, and that was just length. Nearly two inches in girth as well, but those weren’t his best traits. It was his strength, vascularity, and stamina. He used every machine in the lower gym those first few years, finding he liked the auto-pump and K-Series Stamina Builders best. After years of training, Max could summon steel erections and last for hours, even experiencing multiple orgasms when he focused. Enough rest, time to try again.
75, 81, 86, 89, 89, 91, 93.  The humming was now a pulsating, unlike the throbbing heartbeat along his veiny shaft to which Max had become accustomed. His deep tissues were burning. The pulsating traveled from the head to his flat stomach. Nearly a minute after his last set, Max was treated to a mini-orgasm for his efforts. A few more of those, and he would be breaking some gym rules. Okay, time to go again.
78, 84, 86, 89, 87, 86, 89. Dammit, bad set. Perhaps he really was done for the night, and had reached to far too soon. Max couldn’t complete 2lb on the K1000 when he first joined. The card his high-school friend gave him when they were both working at the insurance office changed his world. At first, Max thought it a joke, a San Francisco “lower gym?” It took a lot of evidence to convince him of the legitimacy, and several months before Max could ignore other gym members walking around in aprons. You saw a lot of man-flesh, and despite the rigorous cleaning practices every morning, there was always the thick aroma of musk. Maybe one more set with everything he’s got.
81, 88, 86, 90, 91, 93, 99, click. The grips released without being touched, and the holding tube split in half, by design. Max pulled his turgid rod from the machine. The underside was slick with precum, easily visible standing straight in a one o’clock position. Veins from root to head flashed full to fuller, continuing the pulsating action taught by the K3000. It all clicked into Max’s head that the machine was designed for this, to teach his cock to pulse, requiring a new level of control and stamina. It took nearly twenty minutes for Max to figure out how to reverse blood flow, a valve he could newly control. 
He turned out the lights, and went to the rest room to take a piss. Once relieved, he went to the staff locker room and removed his apron. Even flaccid, Max’s veins seemed oversized, distortion making him appear larger than actual size. In the mirror, Max tried activating his new skill. Blood rushed so quickly in his penile structure that he nearly lost his balance. His glans filled and stretched wide, and the pulsating sensation and effect returned. He pulled blood back out, slamming the valve shut once drained, and repeated the action. By the third time, his entire girth was stretching further out with fresh blood. 
After the fifth run, Max was exhausted knowing this was his last pulse-push. He ran over to the quick-measure, and placed his entire package on the scale pushing against the clear plastic plating to get an accurate length reading. Max scanned his membership card to update his measurements. The stat differentials came back: L +1.2”, G + 1.4”, V +12Pt, GT + 5Pt. Max keyed yes to save these results, but was confused about the GT number. He never saw that one before, and navigated back to the home screen to see all stats. 
Length: 10.2”/Girth: 7.1”/Volume: 92.42Pt/Growth Tangent: 25Pt
Growth Tangent? Max still had no idea what that was, but figured he could ask someone tomorrow. After packing up, Max locked up, and headed out into the humid parking lot for his ride home. The next morning Max went to his part-time job thankful he sat at a desk for four hours, as his pump from last night’s activities was difficult to hide in khaki slacks. After lunch, Max went back to Sil’s Underground. Tracy was at the desk as usual.
“Hey, I thought you weren’t working today?”
“I’m not, but I see Gerry’s on the board again instead of Ken. Sil’s going to have to get another member to step up and start training.”
“Oh, well, yes. Apparently, Ken’s really missing. No posts. No answer to calls. His boyfriend came to the gate asking questions.”
“What kind of questions?” Max was capable of putting his loathing for the man aside for some gossip.
“Well,” Tracy leaned in so only Max could hear, “according to the boyfriend, Ken had been coming here at night, after closing, with the owner’s permission, ya’know.”
“For what?” There was some jealousy in Max’s tone.
“Personal training? I don’t know. I left Sil the message, but he said he didn’t know anything when Ken first didn’t show. It’s right out of a soap opera. Wait, if you’re not teaching, why are you here?”
“I’ve scheduled use of the recovery chamber. I’m a little sore after last night.”
“Sorry about that. We received several comments in favor of your class last night, though.”
“No worries Trace. Can you let me know when Gerry finishes up?”
“Sure thing, honey. Enjoy your rec session.”
The three-part recovery gave Max time to ruminate on some of what Tracy said. Ken had access to the gym at night? That must be how he was advancing so quickly. Was the owner, Sil, training him? Max had never met Sil, though there were pictures posted at the entry: an average looking elderly man, partially bald. Once the chamber drained, Max removed the grips, and exited the chamber. The recovery chamber was fairly new, and a godsend. The primary cycle was electrical stimulation, followed by ultrasound provided by a mechanical roller, blissfully painful. Lastly, the chamber filled with a warm gel that felt like ocean waves pulling and pushing. You had to have at least 8” of length and 48 months of membership to use the chamber. Veterans of the gym viewed it as a reward for loyalty, as more lower gyms were popping up in major cities. It allowed the trainers to recover faster to be able to teach more often. 
“That’s better,” Max thought, as he headed back to the main equipment room. Many noticed him, and approached. The gym was crowded, and he answered questions, and gave advice when asked. The K3000 was empty, but there was someone on the K2000. Max walked by and checked the dial: 18lb. Not bad, but a long way to go. Walking back, Max noticed a chrome glint on the K3000, and paused to look at it. Instantly, multiple members turned to look, hoping someone dared to use the beast of a machine. Max knew better than to try this machine after last night, but the chrome was an addition to the weight dial. There were two more notches: 110lb and 120lb. Not even 5lb increments. When did Sil update the machine? Was Ken here after he left, and he and the owner updating machines? Could Ken really control 110lb? 
K-series machines taught users how to separate simple erection activities from absolute control. Experienced K2000 users could separate veins and chambers, move blood to areas surrounding the shaft, and introduce control of normally involuntary functions. 
Max went home disappointed. Why did Sil favor Ken? Was he not good enough? Max showered, ate, and watched highlights until 10:00PM, sitting in his lounger, stroking himself for almost an hour. He wouldn’t nut. This was about cleaning out dead cells. But Max couldn’t take it anymore. He had to know for himself. 
It was quiet at the gym, no cars in the parking lot. Max disarmed the building and used his key copy on the backdoor. He didn’t know what he expected to find? Sil setting up a new machine? Ken training in the dark? But there was no one. Max convinced himself that since he was there, he might as well get a quick workout in. Out of habit, Max changed into an apron, and stepped onto the equipment floor. Ken skipped the K1000. It was for new members. Once locked in the K2000, Max turned the dial to 50, and easily pushed/squeezed 40 reps out. Barely resting, Max moved the dial to 80, and engaged. This time, Max worked for 50 reps. He had to adjust the grips by about an inch, as he achieved his absolute erection. Maximum weight in the K2000 was still 100, and Max hit 60 reps with ease. 
Setting the K3000 to 80, Max pushed as much of his erect cock into the holding tube as he could, and set the grips, taking a deep breath before clearing the release. Twenty reps burned, but with the release on, the traveling pulsation returned. Max moved the dial to 90. Twenty more strong reps. Max could feel his veins bulging inside the chamber, and adjusted the tube slightly for comfort. The dial was moved to 100lb. Ten reps, and Max was now sweating, trying to focus. There was a competing sensation of pleasure mixed with disbelief. He felt bigger. This machine wasn’t for growth, but he felt bigger. He felt amazing. Max looked at the new dial settings, and without hesitation, moved another 10lb to the right. Only four reps. Max tried to remember sensations from last night, a “valve” sensation. Max released the safety, and tried again. Three tries it took, but Max found it. The head of his cock flared inside the tube, almost forcing Max to orgasm, but he stopped it.
The next 10 minutes were surreal with Max achieving ten reps at 110lb, then twenty, and finally reaching 28 reps. Max reached for the dial, noticing veins along his exposed arms sticking out. The dial clicked into its final position. Max knew what to do. He released the safety, with the weight immediately being placed on his entire package. Everything, even his balls, felt weighed down, almost pulled under this weight. He let the machine pull, and responded by embracing the valve sensation and adding his power squeeze. Blood filled his entire shaft, immediately pushing into every crevice. Another rep, and blood filled the head, and maxed out the veins. Max repped again, and felt an unfamiliar expansion. Another rep, and blood pushed past the restriction limits of the holding tube forcing blood into his balls to grow. Was is blood? This felt different. Max continued, in an altered state, as veins throughout his body, in his muscles, grew and protruded beyond his skin. Veins bulged from his forehead to his feet, always cycling back to the holding tube. Max lost count of the reps completed, when he heard another click, and the tube split open, releasing a surprise. 
Max’s shaft bounced from the horizontal position to slap his chest, glistening from tip to root with fluids. Stepping off the platform, Max couldn’t believe what he saw attached to his body, afraid to touch it. His apron was pointless, as the mass pushed the heavy cloth to the side. How big was he now? He had to know, and rushed to the quick-measure, though with difficulty. The girth and overall size stretching from his waist had a gravity to itself, requiring a wider walking gait. Max lined up, pushed against the measuring plate, and scanned his card: L +3.6”, G + 2.3”, V +72.3Pt, GT + 54Pt
*Length: 13.8”/Girth: 9.4”/Volume: 164.72Pt/Growth Tangent: 79Pt
*Member 367, your measurements will not be saved. Verification Required. Management to advise. Thank you. 
There was no option to save; just OK or cancel. Max was too shocked by the measurements to complain about some silly error message. Max removed the monster, and gripped the base to enjoy a single stroke. The already bulbous head flared wider, fit to bursting. A guttural moan escaped from Max, as he orgasmed, making sure not to break any rules by ejaculating. His moan grew into a scream as mini-orgasms came closer and closer together, continuing for nearly two whole minutes. 
The next morning, Max moved slowly, first believing the previous night was a dream. It wasn’t uncommon for him to dream of an impossible size, but last night was so vivid. Moving his right leg under his sheets, Max knew right away it was no dream. Thankfully, he was flaccid, but felt soreness along his entire shaft. In his bathroom now, Max dropped his sleep shorts for a full mirror view. If not for the Sharpie-thick veins from tip to root and beyond, the reflection could have been one of those bad internet morphs. Max moved to turn on another overhead light, causing his manhood to sway. Soft, he was at least 10” long with the thickness of a beer can, but that wasn’t the only near comical sight. Pushing against his thighs were two heavy oval orbs in newly stretched skin sacs. The shaft rested on these giant testosterone pumpers, causing a downward facing arch. 
Max gripped the base, noting his fingers wouldn’t touch, and moved to stroke the monster. Soreness stabbed at his gut and pubic base, almost doubling him over, making him regret not using the rec chamber. Despite the pain, Max had to know if last night was a fluke. He thought about the K1000, and activated muscle and mindset to achieve an erection. Blood pooled into his shaft chambers, moving the soft muscle to a 3 o’clock position becoming more turgid, rising to 2 o’clock, and finally 1 o’clock, with tip just above his belly button. Max considered the K2000, locking his erection in place, pushing blood in and out, refreshing oxygen as the center, the middle chamber, of his cock grew stronger and harder. His testicles relaxed, moving further away from his body, setting off a separate reaction of pre-cum traveling along his newly reinforced length, to collect and trickle from his exposed and plum-sized head. Veins both large and small grew large only to flatten in pace with his heartrate. Max removed his simple white t-shirt to relieve his hardening nipples. Other areas of his body began to radiate with pleasure: his pits, ass, the back of his neck, and abs all becoming erogenous zones. 
Max pushed his mind and body to remember the K3000. This time it was easy to find the valve. All parts of Max’s groin began to pulse, almost as if the veins couldn’t keep up with the new demand. Deep tissue rose to skin’s surface, pushing the veins even further out. Pre was now oozing in a continuous flow to drip from Max’s balls onto the bathroom mat. Max didn’t care. His shaft was stretching, his balls losing their egg-like shape in favor of large oranges or grapefruits. A similar sensation from last night welled inside of him, spreading further into his body. Sensations of pleasure spread from his groin into his abdominals, his legs, his chest, his back, his feet, his hands, neck, arms, and even his face. Veins on Max’s entire body grew large and angry, while his body heat rose. Lost in a state of pleasure, his head forced back by the ecstasy, Max didn’t notice the height of his shoulders rising. Veins continued to push further, straining to be released from his body. Strands of muscle forced by blood spread through his glutes and back to his groin. The loop throughout his body was complete. 
Max stayed in this state for nearly an hour, drool pooling on the now soaked mat, unable to release himself from K3000 state. Not wanting to release himself from this state. Left to charge on his nightstand, Max’s phone buzzed and pinged as an incoming call rang out. Max’s lower mind concentration broke. All power and influence in his body returned to his groin, slamming back to its home. The force was unexpected and unprecedented. Max bellowed from a deep, masculine force from with, feeling the orgasm before producing its common effects. Citing his mirror, max noticed the shaft between his engorged pecs bouncing on their own. Max felt the weight of his new grapefruit-sized sacs as if for the first time; their sensations adding to the ongoing spasms of eruptions. Max came screaming, gripping the shower curtain bar, breaking it in half, stumbling as the first eruption shot straight into the air, barely missing his new firmer chin. Max gripped the sink with the left, and attempted to point his mini-Vesuvius away from his body with the right. 
The second shot hit the mirror, the shaft easily bent by Max’s sinuous and vascular arms. The third shot was more forceful hitting the mirror and cracking it. The fourth was difficult to control. Spurts were coming faster and harder, and Max was losing control. He didn’t know what to do, where to grip to control it. Max tried both hands, and shot into the corner, his hips in time with the release. Even Max’s larger feet and thick muscle thighs couldn’t maintain his balance on the pre and spittle soaked bath mat. He slipped, and gripped the towel rod, ripping it from the wall as the next set of spasms rocked his body. Exhausted, Max crumpled to the warmed and wet floor, feeling his body exit K3000 mode, then K2000. Max arched his widened back, still ejaculating like a hose after the pressure’s been removed. It took another eight minutes for his erection and ejaculation to subside. 
Showered and three gallons of water heavier, Max checked his phone. It was a missed call from Tracy. She left a message. Max played it,
“Hey babe! It’s Tracy. Um, I don’t know what’s going on, but Sil wants to see you. Tonight, after closing. Gerry is going to cover your intro class, training that Leslie guy from New York to help replace Ken. I hope everything’s okay. I want all the details. Call me!”
Could this be because he broke in last night? Was it really breaking in if you had a key? Max ordered food, a lot of food, and tried to find some clothes that fit, but nothing did. Everything was  . . . bigger. Eventually, Max found a never-worn XXL t-shirt in the donate pile, from a walk for autism event, where he was given the wrong size. He tried some sweats but everything clung to his body. Eventually, Max gave up on briefs, missing his work apron. He cut the length of his baggiest sweat pants to make oddly erotic tight shorts. Max cleaned the bathroom, stealing glances at himself in the mirror. His cock and balls were grotesquely large and visible under their thin cover. When he walked, the tip of his glans peaked out the left side of his “shorts.” His chest pushed the shirt away from his body, constantly scrapping against his fat nipples and new skin. Irritated, Max removed the T-shirt, wondering why he ever thought the shirt was too big to wear. The sight of his chiseled abs and outline below the waist almost recharged his lust, but hunger stalled his constant groping and mirror-checking. Max ate and cooked everything in his fridge and pantry, but it wasn’t enough. 
Max spent most of the day eating and drinking, ashamed of all the times in his life he used the word “starving.” The responses from the delivery boys were becoming amusing. The first time, Max forgot he wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes, or anything other than tight shorts. After opening the door, the kid just stood there starring, his eyes going from chest to cockline, back and forth. Eventually, Max cleared his throat, and forced money on the delivery boy noting how his own hands dwarfed the young man’s. 
To be continued. 

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Great start.   Looks to be another hot story.  Bigger balls.  I wonder what that could mean.😀

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Unique premise.  I like where this is going.  Hope you continue soon!

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👍 cool story- looking forward to more!

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