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Wew sweet james is almost as big as shawn with one dose. Hope he gets another ~

Also coltons formula doesn't have side effects for him even if overdosed? So he can take as much and grow as much as he wants??

Just wanted to make sure ahaha 

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Chapter 7 With Shawn and Kyle gone, at the gym once more, James and I sit there, never having been without Shawn this often. He has been overtaken with his gym obsession.  "What the hell has

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On 10/15/2020 at 9:51 PM, someguy4343 said:

Wait when did James have some of the formula??

It wasn't explicit, but I think it was implied that James and Kyle tried the formula when Colton went to pick them up, and went to the bathroom to change. As soon as they get to the gym, Colton notes how James is pretty much keeping up with him in their workout, even though he's never lifted before, and Kyle is acting sick, as either version of the formula now negatively impacts his body similarly to how the original formula impacted Colton.

This chapter was awesome. I figured James had benefited from the formula, but didn't it was a great twist having it affect him to such an incredible extent. One more dose, and he will be by far the biggest guy around! It will be interesting, as the other commenter said, to see how suddenly being the biggest and strongest affects him mentally.

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! 

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