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**Note from Author: hey everyone, this is my first ever story on the forum, so be easy on me. I’m heavily inspired by @dredlifter’s hot stories, and I wished there was more content like his, so I deci

Chapter 7 With Shawn and Kyle gone, at the gym once more, James and I sit there, never having been without Shawn this often. He has been overtaken with his gym obsession.  "What the hell has

Kyle, James, Shawn and I stand there, discussing what could have happened to Izzy.    “Maybe she just turned off her phone,” Shawn says, shrugging his boulderesque shoulders. “I can just try


I think you're getting your wish dred.   I mean if the shake doesn't work on Colton he's gonna find himself left in the dust by those two.  Constantly watching them rapidly pack on the pounds of muscle while he (mostly out of depression) weakens to a fat slob.  Whether they remain friends will be another story.  Also, with the adverse reaction that Colton has taken... he's likely to shrink or turn into a blob. 

The key now is to finding out why Colton had the bad reaction.  Is it genetics?  Is it just the fact that Colton hadn't exercised in a while?

If it's the latter than I hope Colton doesn't get too depressed and at least continues to grow with them and continue to share interests.  Instead of just completely be blown away.  I would like Colton to at least be sexy in the normal world and then sort of transfer into the world of muscle hulks at the gym worshiping his buddies being the subby twink of the bunch. 

If it's the former, then someone needs to tell me so I can adjust my reading frame of mind.  I don't mind spoilers.  I read it for the growth scenes.  I just don't want to get too invested in certain characters for my own sake.

Yes, I am one of those people who will read the ending first before delving into the middle.  I like to see how people get from point A to point B as well as just seeing a story progress.  For this story, like Elongro, I'll need to get a picture of the ending first.   I won't tell anyone that would spoil the fun for everyone else. 

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**Note that there will be light elements of humiliation in this story, and I have now tagged it as such, however I will not write any violence or that ilk. Just to keep y'all updated! Enjoy!**

Shawn and I immediately surround Kyle, as he grabs what remains of his shorts to try and cover up, as we accompany him back to the locker room, covering him as best as the two of us could. We get back to the locker room with little incident, beyond a few stares from passing by men and women whose eyes could do nothing but be affected by the gravitational pull of Kyle's bare ass. Kyle heads straight to his locker to change out of his torn-to-shreds bottoms, and I am immediately overcome by a huge wave of nausea, and rush into one of the bathroom stalls, puking almost instantaneously. I haven't thrown up in maybe 3 years, back when I had the stomach flu my senior year of high school. Damn, I must be getting sick. At least that explains my lack of motivation at the gym. 

"You doing okay, buddy?" Shawn says, looking at me a concerned stare.

"Yeah," I murmur, "I'm okay, but I think I'm done for the day. I might be getting sick, so y'all should keep your space."

"I'm sorry to hear that!" Kyle pipes up, now clad in some jean shorts and a polo. "I didn't bring any other workout clothes, so I can walk back with you. It's cool if you need to go slow, I am not sure how fast I can move in these puppies, especially after that workout." Kyle shakes his legs, and squats about a quarter of the way, stopped by the restraint of his shorts, not daring to go down any further and ruin a second pair of shorts for the day. 

"Thanks, Kyle. I would like that." I nod, "Are you coming back too, Shawn?"

"Nah," he says, "I think I am going to stay here and workout a little longer, I'm still feeling the pre-workout that's in the stuff Izzy gave me, and my first class isn't till 10 anyways."

"Have fun," I say, "Sorry about leaving, maybe I can try that protein powder again sometime soon?" 

"For sure!" Shawn says, "Maybe even tomorrow if you're feeling a little better."

"Haha... Maybe." 

With that, Shawn heads out from the locker room, slapping the wall space above the door as he leaves, grunting, clearly pumped for the remainder of his workout. Kyle and I start the walk back to the dorms, with the sun starting to peek out over the hillsides. Kyle is talking excitedly the whole walk back, just ranting about how excited he was to have set such a high max for himself, and talking about how he's sure he can beat it next time, and it was just his clothes that held him back. Maybe it's Kyle's confident energy that is keeping him and Shawn going, they are just crushing it lately, and Kyle clearly wants to push himself as much as he can.

"Are you doing okay?" Kyle asks, "You seem really quiet!"

"What?" I say, snapping back to reality, "Sorry, yeah. I am okay, I just wish I was feeling a little better so I could've stayed and worked out with Shawn."

"Don't worry about that," Kyle says, "It's a consistency thing. At least you showed up!"

"Yeah... At least I showed up." I agree. This doesn't feel like progress, though. My stomach feels hollow, and my bones feel like bird-bones, like even the slightest amount of pressure would snap me in half. Maybe the wind might even blow me away, so little force is going into each of my steps. We step back into the dorm, and I head over to the elevator bay.

"I think I'm gonna take the stairs," Kyle says, "Maybe that can help me burn off some of my energy." 

"Beat ya there!" I say, knowing the elevators are much faster than taking the stairs all the way to the 6th floor.

I get in, and press the button. Nobody else gets into the elevator, so I take the time to lean against the bar for a second, catching the breath I was trying to not lose while walking with Kyle. I'm so winded, this feels horrible. This sickness is the worst I have ever felt. After a few seconds, the elevator dings, and I exit out onto my floor. I look down the hall, and see my door wide open. Fuck!! We forgot to close the door, I'll have to talk to Kyle about that when he gets here. I pick up my pace slightly from my "walking dead" paced walk, and get to the door. Lo and behold, Kyle is there, setting his gym bag down on his bed. 

"Beat ya here!" Kyle says, grinning from ear to ear, his breath not even quickened. "Wait, did you take the stairs too? You're breathing really heavy!"

"Oh... Yeah." I lie, "I figured I would try to do some kind of exercise today, even if I am a little sick."

"CONSISTENCY! That's the spirit!" Kyle says. "But be sure to lay low if you're not feeling well."

"I will," I say. "I'm going to take a shower I think, and then I will get back to bed. I only have afternoon classes on Tuesdays, so I'll probably lay low."

"That's perfect," Kyle says. "I have a class at 8, so I will get ready too, but I'll head out and leave you be." With that, Kyle, with some effort, drops trow, and I see him in his sweaty jockstrap, yet again. It looks tight too, but not just from his ass. The pouch seems.... Full. Like... Really full. Like... I can see shaft from the side full. 

"Yo," I say, feeling bold. "Did you buy your underwear from that same website you got your workout clothes?"

"Nah," Kyle says, while peeling off his shirt. "I like my clothes tight, but my jockstrap loose. My little guy's gotta breathe." With that, he looks down, finally realizing what I'm talking about. "Woah! Sorry for the show. I've been getting so boned up after the gym, I just felt so POWERFUL today." 

"Calm down, buddy." I say, laughing slightly, although that makes me cramp up in my sides pretty fiercely, and I wince. 

"Shoot, sorry man." Kyle says. "I'm gonna head to the showers though. If you come in.... Don't pick the stall next to mine. Unless... Yknow. Nevermind." 

Kyle looks down, uncharacteristically sheepish, and grabs his towel and shower caddy, and heads to the restroom. Was he about to proposition me? Even if he was, I don't think I feel down for that today. Maybe not ever, a roommate sexual escapade never really turns out well, from what I've seen. I wait a minute, and head to the restrooms too, noting that the far stall is in use, with a speaker playing Lady Gaga loudly enough to cover any other extracurricular shower activities. I hop into a shower, and reach up to the side to hang up my towel. I let go of the towel, and it drops all the way to the questionably clean shower floor. I missed the hangers? After a year you would think I had the hang of these stalls. I guess not, reaching back up and hanging the towel appropriately. I rub the bodywash across my slightly hairy body, looking down and taking stock of myself. I look like I always do, although I feel much worse. I feel bloated, hollow, and stiff all at the same time. I get down to wash my dick, and there it is, 3 inches soft, like usual. It's not much to look at, but I'm pretty please with my 7 inch hard tool. It's greater than the national average. At least, that's what the internet tells me. From seeing Kyle and Shawn's dicks, when they were jerking off yesterday, I think I'm below the average at least when it comes to my friend group.

I finish up my shower, and head back to my room. Not bothering to change into anything, and I pass out as soon as I hit my bed.

The next thing I remember is waking up around 1, according to my desk clock, and I feel so exhausted I don't bother getting up. Fuck my classes, I think to myself. I do find myself feeling a little queasy too, so I pull on some loose shorts and head to the bathroom. I walk in and see Shawn, clad in only a towel, brushing his teeth. He sees me and smiles, but doesn't bother to stop brushing. Gotta get those two minutes in, I guess.  I walk to one of the other sinks and splash some water on my face to clear my mind. It doesn't help. I stand up fully and look in the mirror. It looks like someone drew black circles under my eyes with a sharpie. I look horrible. I look to my right, with Shawn done brushing his teeth and now styling his medium-long hair. His hair has a nice golden curl that I have never noticed before, but maybe I have never seen his hair this long before. I watch him fix the curls, falling a little bit above his eyebrows, and I see his biceps twitch upward and swell as he bends his arm. 

"Shawn." I gasp, "You look fantastic." He smiles, and look over at me, posing his hands on his hips like superman. He has the distinct V shape every guy wants.

"I FEEL fantastic man! I was going non-stop at the gym, I literally just got back, and I only did so because I have a class at 1:30."

"What?" I say, groggily, "You mean to tell me that you have been at the gym since 5 AM?"

"Yeah, it's crazy. I was just so in the zone, and lifting like crazy, time just got away from me. But look at this pump!"

I clearly look at his torso for the first time since we have been standing there. His chest hair has grown since even this morning, looking darker and thicker than ever before, and fully connecting between his pecs. His pecs! They stick out from his body, giving him a chest that would be noticeable even with a shirt on. He has deep crevices between his abs, leading down to those hips that every guy wants, v lines etched deeply in the sides, showcasing his lean stomach. Shawn flexes his arms, and walks closely to me.

"Feel these man, they're rock hard." He growls. I reach up and grab his arms, my hands barely able to encompass his arms. they look like they could be around 14 inches around.

"Shawn," I say, "This is way too much! You've gained so much muscle so quickly. Are you taking steroids?" 

"Nah, just supplements! All natural, baby!" He says, feeling his own flexed arm while looking at himself in the mirror. "Are you feeling any better, by the way, Connor? You look hunched over."

"Hunched over?" I look up in the mirror and see that my eyes are on level with Shawn's chin. I straighten my back, but it doesn't help. "Shawn, I think you grew again."

"What? No. That's impossible." He looks at himself in the mirror again, noticing our significant height discrepancy. "That's weird... I don't FEEL that much taller... Maybe. I have a tape measure in my room, do you mind helping me check?" 

"Sure," I say, "But I am going to get back to bed as soon as possible." I follow Shawn's wide, sinewy back to his room. He opens the door, the lights are on, and it's just the two of us. James must have woken up in time for his classes! Good for him.  Shawn opens a miscellaneous drawer, and pulls out a tape measure. He steps on the bottom, and pulls it partially up, passing it over to me when he gets to about his waist. "Can you help me out?"

"Yeah." I pull up the tape measure, all the way to the top of his head, feeling his huge presence even more with our physical closeness, him just in a towel, and me in my shorts. I am barely able to get the measure to line up with the top of his head while easily reading the measurement, "6'3, maybe a little more. How the fuck?"

"YES!" He yells, pumping a fist. "I fucking love growing, I have been feeling it lately, I love this growth spurt! But... Wait. That's only like an inch from this morning. I wasn't looking down on you like I am now. Let me help measure you.." With that he reaches for the tape measurement. 

"I'm good...." I say, trying to pull the measuring tape away from Shawn's grasp. 

"C'mon man! At least let me re-measure myself, something's off here." And he grabs the measuring tape with his long reach. He quickly bends down, grabbing the end with his foot, and pulling it up to my head. "Wait..." He quietly says to himself.

"What is it?" I say, panic creeping into my voice. 

"Well... This is so strange." Shawn says, "You're.... 5'8."

*To Be Continued*

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Ugh oh!   Big role reversals coming!    The changing is happening fast.  Can't wait to see how they react. 

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Damn Colton is starting to shrink. That's a no no for me but im a masoquist and i know i will keep reading even if i hate what is happening

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reallu lovin the story, hope colton doesn't shrink anymore, and other keep growing

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So isn’t this size theft?? That needs a tag and Idk how i feel. I definitely don’t want colton to shrink more... just leave him there

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Bigger4me, you write YOUR story. 

If some of you don't like where the story is going you don't have to read it. 

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I agree with dredlifter.  I am loving this story. 
stick to how you see your story going. 
I do like the idea of the bigger size difference, maybe they realise that the supplements are nit good for coltons body. I just hope the growth and strength continue 😀

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