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**Note from Author: hey everyone, this is my first ever story on the forum, so be easy on me. I’m heavily inspired by @dredlifter’s hot stories, and I wished there was more content like his, so I deci

Chapter 7 With Shawn and Kyle gone, at the gym once more, James and I sit there, never having been without Shawn this often. He has been overtaken with his gym obsession.  "What the hell has

Kyle, James, Shawn and I stand there, discussing what could have happened to Izzy.    “Maybe she just turned off her phone,” Shawn says, shrugging his boulderesque shoulders. “I can just try


Keep writing for sure! The pace seems a bit fast but add more details and transitions and u should be ok! Looking forward to it

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Great story so far, just a little tip though as it's a little difficult to see it; if you're typing it in a word processor and then copying and pasting it to here, once it's pasted scroll down to the bottom and click "paste as plain text instead."  That way it'll keep all the spacing but change the font size and colour to the default one for the forum.

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Good job man!  Really liking the setup.  I'm really wondering what will happen with Colton and how it would compare with what I would do with his character 😈.

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OMG!!!! I am so intrigued to read more about these growing studs!!!

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The three are drinking whatever is in those proteins but of course Shaon and Kyle get better results cause they are doing tripple the work  Colton is doing but we are seing some rogress- He is loosing weight already. Lets see how much muscle he gains

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