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m/m The Wall (chapter 27, added 9/14)

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The Wall, Chapter 19  “Carnal Knowledge”   After the kiss, we never made back to the Gala. Pup’s hotel was closer, but my suite was larger; so we opted for a ride back to the DeWitt. By the

Here's the revised version. There are enough substantial changes that I think you'll enjoy it, even if you read the previous rendition. I've removed some of the unnecessary portions to help cut to the

The Wall, chapter 17  “Gladiators in the Pit” I arrived at the Sportzdungeon at the appointed time. I was dressed in a navy blue hoodie and a pair of black sweatpants, chosen to camouflage some o

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The Wall, part 5, “Angelo”

Tuesday morning came all too early. After fucking and sucking with the boys until well after Midnight, we got a few hours of shut eye before my phone beeped with a text from Daphne: “Storm warning. Kennedy diverting. Mr. Tenachi (your 10:00) landing in Atlanta instead. Atlanta office will meet with him there. Your morning is free. Sleep in. xD.”

Good ole Daphne. Waking me up with a 5 am text to let me know I could sleep in for the day. She was the best PA on earth, but she had no understanding of my sleep cycle.

I lay in the middle of the king size bed, flanked by the two younger guys. Pup’s head was at the foot of the bed; so, when I turned my head to the right, all I saw were the heels and soles of a pair of feet on the pillow. Turning my head to the left, I beheld a loose tangle of dark, tousled curls and the sounds of soft snoring. Then, I looked to the ceiling. In the early light of the morning, I could just make out the reflection of our three naked bodies, loosely entwined, a sheet thrown across our middle portions, only our torsos and limbs and Pups cute butt exposed. Despite the pedestrian feel of the small mirrored apartment, the scene looked as beautiful as a Renaissance painting.

My bladder was full, and I needed to pee. If I was going to get back to sleep, I’d need to untangle from AJ and Pup to go hit the head. As I plotted my extrication and started to move, a AJ stirred lightly, and dark lashes parted to reveal golden brown eyes, looking at me from beneath the soft chestnut curls. At that moment AJ and beauty were one and the same. He looked like  an angel, a big, handsome angel, but an angel still the same. Then it struck me. AJ. Angelo.

“Good morning,” I whispered.

He hummed groggily in reply.  “Morning. What time is it?”

“Too early. I just have to get up for a second. Go back to sleep.”

“But I’ll miss you.” 

“I’ll be back in a minute. You won’t even know I was gone. Besides, Pup will still be here with you until I return.”

“He told me his name is Tom.”

“I know,” I whispered. “Pup is just a nickname I use.”

“Do you have nickname for me?”


“Angelo is not a nickname. That’s my real name. I just have AJ on my nametag so that people won’t know my dad owns the restaurant. D’Angelo’s. He named it for after me.”

“What does the ‘J’ stand for?”

“Junior. My dad is Angelo, too.”

“Are you sure he didn’t name the restaurant for himself? D’Angelo. Of Angelo, and he’s Angelo, and it’s his restaurant. Besides, I remember going there as a little kid, before you were even born.”

“Yeh, but Pop says he always knew he’d have a son and name him Angelo – the restaurant just came first.”

“I think you might just be a little bit gullible, my angel. Sweet but gullible.”

I chuckled. Angelo was adorable. His innocence was part of the package. It was easy to develop a crush on him. I knew firsthand.

I kissed his forehead lightly and started to crawl over him on my way to the can. I was hard as a rock, and my morning wood brushed against his, sending a jolt of pleasure to the base of my dick and from my prostate and straight up my spine to my head. As our hardons made contact, he arched upward, grinding his crotch into mine and pulling me back into him. The first kiss was wet and sweet. The next was more passionate. Then we were devouring each other. 

God, I was hard. Maybe it was a combination of the full bladder, the morning wood and this handsome muscular boy in my bed, but needed to cum again, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. As we continued to kiss, I began humping his thick thigh and jacking his enormous endowment with my hand. Pup was now stirring behind me, and I soon felt his hands on the backs of my thighs, traveling up and grabbing the beef of my ass, then exploring the vast relief map of my back and my traps and my shoulders. I shuddered out loud when his hard cock brushed against my perineum. I squeezed my thighs together, trapping him there.

Pup grabbed the meat of my biceps and rolled me onto my back. Now he and Angelo were each jacking themselves and alternately sucking and jacking me off. It was too much to handle. I felt Pup cum first, spraying hot across my chest. Angelo was still jerking and moaning when my first shot hit him across his throat and his chin. As I continued to cum, Angelo pointed his dick at my mouth, and I swallowed him whole. His whole body shook, and a hard flex of my biceps under his hands was enough to finally send him over the edge. He came shot after shot, and I swallowed it all. I myself continued to shoot as Pup used both hands and his mouth to milk every last drop until only a dribble remained to be licked from the tip and shared with a kiss.

I was in bliss… and in pain. God, I needed to piss!

As I rose from the bed, I thought: Angelo, my temptation, my salvation… that devil, an angel.

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Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and guidance. As a first-time contributor to this forum, I welcome your suggestions and live for your feedback. Weird as it sounds, I actually get turned on when I read that you enjoyed a chapter or a scene.  Let me know what you think.

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Well then you should know that when your characters give in to their feelings of muscle lust, that makes your story hot for me. Without inhibitions, they reach out to feel a flexed bicep and the guy flexing gets turned on by being touched.   Gay, straight, bi - it doesn’t matter.  Hard thick muscles just bring out desires in a natural way.  More people should acknowledge that, right?  This to me seems to be the themes of what you write.  

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Meanwhile, in the garden...

I'm looking forward to our hero getting his Stonewall (and, if I'm guessing correctly, his becoming one! A wall of muscle, that is!) But guesses don't count as spoilers, right?!?!

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1 hour ago, arpeejay said:

Meanwhile, in the garden...

I'm looking forward to our hero getting his Stonewall (and, if I'm guessing correctly, his becoming one! A wall of muscle, that is!) But guesses don't count as spoilers, right?!?!

I really couldn’t say. This story seems to be writing itself. We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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This chapter is a little bit different. Like I said, the story seems to be writing itself; so  I'm letting it go in the directions it takes us. Don't worry, we'll get some boys back together in the next installment. For now... 

The Wall, Chapter 6 “Reflections”

I opened and closed the bathroom door, walking in without turning on a light. It was my first private moment in 24 hours. I just needed to be inside my own head for a minute.

A thin strip of light from under the door illuminated the room just enough for me to make out my target. I lifted the lid and exhaled deeply. As I let my stream go, the muscles of my neck and back relaxed. It was a pleasurable sensation, one I had noticed before but not paid much attention. Silence. Just me, standing alone in the dark. Peaceful. I shifted my stance and sensed more weight than before. Gravity.

My eyes gradually adjusted more to the darkness. I could make out my form as a silhouette in the mirror, but there was no other detail. I was larger than I had been before, noticeably rounder and larger in shoulders and arms and much narrower and tighter at the waist. The  outline was impressively V-shaped. My hand rubbed across the expanse of my chest. Thicker. Swirling patterns of fur covered silk. Denser. My fingers explored the midline crevasse between my pecs. Deeper. I lifted the pec muscle and then let it fall. Heavy.

My hand traveled south. The sharp demarcation between my pecs and serratus was now more defined. Leaner. My fingers traced 8 distinct cobbles and razor sharp obliques. Cut. On the way to my scrotum, my hand brushed by my cock. I sucked in a breath. Sensitive. My scrotum was heavy; my balls felt like lemons. Powerful. My hand encircled the shaft of my cock. Enormous.

I turned on the light which seemed blinding at first.  My eyes quickly adjusted. I studied the man who looked back at me. He was not someone else, but something had changed. It was me, and I had stepped closer to perfection than I ever thought possible. An ideal physique. Still shy of the size I wished to achieve, but larger than I had been just one day before. Perfectly shaped. 

The face of the man was my face as well, but tight and defined and squarer of jaw. The stubble was thicker and darker, and the skin underneath was both rugged and smooth. I leaned toward the mirror. Thick brows and black lashes framed hazel-brown eyes that sparkled warmer and brighter. The nose was straight. The lips were full. Handsome. 

I knew I had changed. I felt there was more. I flexed. Anticipation.



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