m/m Helping a veteran?

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This is the first chapter of a fictional story about the relation between men of different ages.  Characters are not real.  It's not my intention to offend anyone.  I hope you enjoy it.  Peace.  Stay safe, stay home.  {It's my first attempt in English.  Yikes!}


Helping a veteran?



One more week…  Memorial weekend was closing in.  It was the sole thing occupying Nathaniel Coe’s mind.  He’s been planning the weekend for months.  Why?  His baby brother, Nicholas, will stay with him.  His brother, his nephew and her sister in-law were Nathaniel’s only family.  Even in those moments when Nate, as everybody called him, was ready to quit, Nicholas always managed to cheer him up.  Nate loved Nickie more than anything.

After submitting his report ahead of time for the Board’s review, he stopped by the CEO’s office.  With a knock on the door frame.

“Boss, all’s done.  I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Hey Nate!  Did you include Donovan and Cheryl in the distribution list?”  Said Samuel Davis.  Mr. Davis a man of few words, in his early 50s.  He was sharp as a razor.  Handsome, and from what Nate has heard in some of the company’s parties, well-endowed and straight as they come.  Mr. Davis was a man’s man.  Since Nate and Mr. Davis have worked together for over ten years, they share mutual admiration and respect.

“Sure did!”

“Good…  See you on Monday.”

Inside the elevator, other guys were in a rush texting back and forth on their phones.  For some unexplainable reason, every Friday afternoon was chaotic.

Another set of goodbyes and Nate was out in the parking opening the door of his car.  Before getting inside, he peeled the tight jacket off his body.  The tie went off too to the back seat with the jacket.  The dress code made the office look classy, but for a 6’4” 327 pounds man, dressing formally was confining.  He had trouble opening the button on the neck, but once he succeeded, two more followed.  Feeling less encaged, because his dressy pants and shoes were still on, he started his car.  He went straight (as straight as a gay man can) to FoodMarket.

The dark clouds he saw when he left the office turned into a storm like rain.  Luckily, he found a spot close to the entrance.  He grabbed a big grocery bag from the collection he had in the mesh behind the passenger’s seat.  He breathed in deeply, but carefully enough to keep the buttons of his shirt in place and dashed out of the car to the store. 

The place was not as packed as he thought it would be.  Maybe, being there at 3:30 PM put him ahead of the heavy buyers.  Anyway, it was an easy in easy out.

It was still raining, but not as heavily as before.  While opening the trunk of his Escalade.  He heard a loud ‘Shit!’ coming from the sidewalk.  Standing under the rain there was a man with a cane and a mess of groceries on the curb in front of him.

Nate dropped his bag on the back seat and grabbed his umbrella from the trunk.  He went to the man.

“Hey mister!” but noticing the man’s VA hat, immediately he changed his words and extended his hand.  “Sarge, let me help you!”

The man was about 5’9” in a wear down military jacket.  Although not as tall as Nate, the guy’s stance made him look taller and somehow commanding.  Maybe in his late 40s, early 50s.  The salt and pepper stubble on his square chin contrasted nicely with his espresso skin.  And the poor soul was soaked to the bone.  The man had an upset gaze, just trying to come to terms with himself.  The deep voice made him look to his side to a wall standing next to him.  His eyes went up until he had to tilt his head.  He had seen big guys in the squad, but none like this one.  Enormous was the word that came to his mind.

“Thank you!” looking down at the mess of groceries.  “I don’t want to impose, but I’d really appreciate that you stopped to help this old man.  Paul Burks,” he said meeting Nate’s extended paw with his smaller hand in a vigorous handshake.

“No sweat, sarge.  Hold on to this” handing the man his umbrella, “before your teeth get any wetter.  Nathaniel Coe, Nate.  Nice to meet you!”

Paul was surprised of himself.  He’s never engaged in a conversation with a stranger that easily.  But the man didn’t trigger an alarm in his head.

Nate kneeled to gather the groceries that were salvageable.  Eggs had seen better days, butter was a blob, and not a single glass item was intact. 

“Come with me sarge.  Let’s get you out of the rain.”

Nate opened the passenger’s door.  Then he dropped the wet groceries on the back seat.  Next, he held the umbrella for Paul to let him sit in the car.  Paul jumped in with ease, which surprised Nate since he had a walking stick.  Closing the door, Nate went to the trunk of the car to pick up his ‘emergency kit’.  As a kid, his dad taught him to keep a bag in his car with a change of clothes and towels and blankets for any emergency.  Inside the car, he opened the bag.  He handed the smaller man a towel, picking the blanket for himself. 

Paul was already out of the soaked jacket which left him in a gray t-shirt that was clinging to his wet body.  His hat was on the dashboard.  He grabbed the towel and began to dry himself, starting with his bald head.  Then he moved down to his chest and arms.  Nate watched with fascination the stringy muscles on the man’s arms and chest.  The hairy forearms’ veins had veins!  They flexed in interesting, almost erotic ways.  A manly faint smell emanated from Paul.  Nothing overwhelming, more like fresh sweat and deodorant.  Nate’s cock stirred in its confinement.

“Do you feel better?”

“Yes, much better.  Thank you for saving me from the deluge.”

Nate smiled, then said nodding at the hat on the dashboard.  “I see you are a veteran.”

Paul looked at the wet hat.  “Retired many years ago.  Well, this leg retired me.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you’re back home.”  After an odd silence. “Let’s get a hot coffee in us before we get sick.  My treat!  Café&Coffee is right there.”

Nate started his car and went to the drive through.

“What would you like?”

“Latte, no sugar.”

“Perfect!  I’ll have one too.”

While waiting for the order, Paul and Nate started to chat.

“How did you know I was a sergeant?”

“It was a guess.  My dad was a sergeant major.  The way you guys carry yourselves around and the way you stand is different.”

“I was a first sergeant.  Too long ago...”

Nate handed Paul the coffee.

“You talk about it as if it happened centuries ago.  How old are you anyway? 48? 49?” 

Paul almost spewed the coffee in his mouth and started laughing.  “Sorry to ruin your guesstimate.  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  I’m 62.  But thanks for the compliment.  And the coffee!”

“62!  Damn!  You look no older than 50...  I wish I look as good when I reach 40.”

“You will never look like me.  I mean, half of you must weight more than three of me!” Taking another sip, “You know, the military could use a man like you.”

“Nah…  I’m 36, no longer military material.  Besides, it was my dad’s wish that my brother and I finished a career.”

Paul was rubbing his left leg absentmindedly.  Noticing the movement, Nate took a peek at Paul’s bulky crotch bulge.  Before he was caught, he said, “Is it OK to say thank you for your service?”

“I should be the one thanking you for saving me from the rain.  Even my thoughts are wet!  I did what my job asked me to do.  I don’t regret it.  But not once it passed through my mind to go around asking for ‘thank yous’.  Anyways, it’s very much appreciated.”

Every now and then and between sips of his cup, Nate took the chance the steal glances of the man next to him.  Paul looked amazingly ripped for 62.  Nate had a thing for healthy looking mature men, like his boss.  The cane just added to Paul’s sex appeal.  Nothing around Paul said gay, but Nate was feeling attracted to the mature man with shredded muscles sitting in his car.  So, he came up with an idea to get to know him better.

“Sarge.  How far do you live from here?  I’d like to drive you to your home.”

“The walk to my place takes close to 25 minutes.  Not a bad workout, but, with this leg, it’s not the same as when I was younger.  I have a place in Parker Gardens.”

“Then, allow me to drive you to your place.  You get out of those wet clothes.  Then, I’d like to bring you back to the store so you can get the things you lost.  Sounds like a plan?”

Paul considered the offer for a while.  He was afraid of the man, knowing his military training will help him out of almost any situation.  But this guy was BIG.  Then, there was the rain.  Carrying the few things home with a cane on a slippery sidewalk was like calling for trouble again.  He really needed the groceries.  It was decided.

“Yes, we have a plan.”

“Great!  Let’s say I’ll come by your place, sevenish?”

“Seven it is.”

“Well sarge show me where home is!”

Paul asked Nate to turn right on the intersection.  Minutes later Nate was parking his car in front of a nicely kept gated complex, Parker Gardens.  The rain has become a drizzle.  There was a guy in uniform smoking outside the security cabin.

“Hey sarge!  You got lucky today!” said William, the security man.

Paul turned to greet the man in uniform.

“William, I did get lucky today!  The rain was insane!”

Back to Nate, “Nathaniel, thank you for the ride.  I owe you.”

“No sweat Sergeant Paul.  I’ll be back at seven.  Here, this is my cell number.  You are welcome to call any time.  I’m always in the mood for a good conversation and a coffee, or a beer.”

“Well, thank you again.  I’ll be ready at seven.  You’re really doing a lot for me.  Thank you!”

“No sarge.  You did a lot for me, for us.  It’s time to show you how important you are.”

Getting inside, Nate started the car, “See you at 7!”  And so, he was gone.

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This looks like a white font on white background. Not readable. Can you fix that?

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I thought it was on my side.  Other stories look the same.

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9 hours ago, TaurusPR said:

I thought it was on my side.  Other stories look the same.

@CardiMuscleman, could you change the font color?  

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Off to a good start. Looking forward to more.

Regarding the font, setting the color to Automatic should allow the story to display correctly, rather than setting a color explicitly. In cases like this, it's easy enough on desktop to just use the mouse to drag-highlight over the text to make the contrast better.

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Thanks @amauiguy!  I pasted the first story in plain text, no formatting.  I really don't have a clue of what's going on.  But if you check the initial presentation of the site, before you log in, it has a black background.  White fonts look good there!   Chapter II is in plain text.  Wish me luck!  🙂


Helping a veteran?




Nate woke up to a sunny Saturday morning.  With years of starting his workout before dawn, he’s never managed to stay in bed later than 6 AM, even on weekends.

His stretched his huge body then curled his torso to sit on the bed.  His hard cock poked his left nipple.  The thing was hard as stone and his bladder ready to burst.  He jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

After hitting puberty around eleven, Nate realized that arm-wrestling his hard cock to point down at the bowl was a waste of time.  That was a battle he never won.  He had tried to bend it a by tying a 5-pound dumbbell to his cockhead.  Fruitless.  If anything, it made his cock harder and stronger.  So, he decided that peeing in the shower was the way to go.  His baby brother, Nick, has the same problem and he uses the same solution, which has gotten him in a lot of trouble with Linda, his wife, “Nicholas Coe!  You’re so gross and disgusting!”

The stream of pee hit the wall of the shower and after an eternity his bladder was emptied.  But Nate’s cock jerked demanding attention.  It was standing up rigid.  A pulsing thick vein ran on its back side from the dirty blond bush up to the big red head, shaped like a conquistador helmet.

Nate grabbed the hot appendage and move his hand slowly up and down.  The hell with it!  He’ll work out later.  His dick wanted attention now, as if it was having an ADD episode.

He grabbed some lube from the cabinet.  Standing in the shower, he poured a hefty amount on his cockhead.  The lube was cold, but soon it will be sizzling.  His cock was burning hot.  Closing his eyes, Paul’s image came to his mind.

Last night when he took Paul to the store, he spent some time contemplating at the mature stud.  Paul was clean shaven.  Tan t-shirt, jeans, sports shoes, a black VA hat, and a dark cane.  The t-shirt was clinging to his pecs, but loose at the waist.  Paul’s chest must be covered by curly hairs because Nate spotted some patterns against the tight t-shirt.  His strong, ripped forearms were covered in black hairs with gray hairs shining here and there.  His arms were not exploding with morphed dimensions, maybe less than 16 inches flexed?  But the t-shirt was having a tough time containing Paul’s hard biceps and triceps.  His waist seemed to be around 32.  And when he stepped inside the car, the t-shirt clung to defined abs.

Reaching for the sit belt, Paul twisted a couple of times looking for the lock.  Nate reached out to help him, using the chance to check the baseball size bulge trapped in Paul’s jeans.  Paul moved; the bulge moved.  He was freeballing!

Back from his memory of last night, Nate concentrated on his cock.  One hand grabbed the bloated head and the other, the base of the shaft.  Then, he squeezed hard with both hands.  His body shriveled with pleasure.  This thick tube of prime beef has been his trustful companion for more than 25 years of self-gratification and unbound sex. 

He began a fantasy in which he imagined himself servicing the mature, black stud.  Kissing the hairy pecs, licking his nipples, feeling the warmth and hardness of those ripped muscles, getting high on his masculine scent, caressing the hefty bulge.

Nate’s hand went to a steady up and down rhythm on his shaft while he kept squeezing the overheated head in rhythm.  Then, he released the head to grab his balls.  He chuckled to himself imagining Paul’s face when he discovers that Nate has three equally big testicles in the sack; two on the right, one on the left.

There were times he thought the third nut gave him his strength and size.  But doctors said although it was odd, Nate was OK.  If these three nuts had made something for Nate, it was they made his ball sack extra sensitive.  Soft caresses on them can make him orgasm.  Tight jocks and pouch boxer-briefs were the only options he had to keep his balls from rubbing too much against his pants.  After the ‘accident’ back in high school, when he flooded the front of his pants with jizz, he learned the lesson the hard way.  The less friction on his balls, the lower the chance of exploding unintentionally.

He continued wanking his cock, which was already making wet, slushy sounds.  Paul was still on his mind.  Nate knew Paul was impressed by the size of his body when they met.  And that Paul became even more impressed when at the store he saw how easily Nate moved stuff out of the way with just one hand.

Nate wanted to impress Paul.  He wanted Paul to like him.

Nate’s hand began to move faster.  His pecs bulged with ripples and contractions.  Veins flooded with blood, standing up almost too painfully under the thin skin.  Sweat was running down his face, pits, chest.  His musk replaced the air in the shower room.    

In his mind, Paul was rubbing his hard cock on Nate’s flexed muscles.  Paul was kissing him, dominating him.  Paul sat on Nate’s pecs.  His sweat dripping on Nate’s body.  A massive pole was pointed to Nate’s face, as Paul’s eyes locked with his.  Then it happened! 

Nate’s howl made the walls vibrate.  The wrinkled sack retracted around the three balls becoming smoother.  His climax came from deep inside, weakening his legs and arms.  His temples were pulsing. 

The first gush hit his face. The second went over his head, followed by three equally strong shots.  It was too much for the big man, who slid down the wall until his butt hit the floor.  Cum was sapping from the still hard log.  Nate’s vision was blurry.  He was spent, gasping for air.

He felt wet tiles under his ass.  His heart was coming back to its normal beat. 

“That’s what I call a workout!  Mother earth!  Ooh boy, I’m trashed!  I need a double dose of vitamins!”  He was feeling better, in a good mood.

“Phew!” he smelled his pit.  “I stink.”

Since it’s easy to break your neck if you slip on sweat and cum, he carefully crawled to the shower head.  He turned on the cold water, letting it rain on him.  Now that he was fully alert, he can begin his day.  He will plan his afternoon with Paul.

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Helping a veteran?




During breakfast, Nate checked his phone.  There was a message form his brother: “Big bro, we’ll be arriving at the airport Thursday, 9 PM.  Renting a car.  Don’t bother to cook.  See you around 10.  Love you!”

In a few days, his brother will be home.  Memorial Day was significant for them because it’s day to honor their dad.  Although, Daniel Coe didn’t die in the field, he was a veteran.  The boys have made the tradition of getting together during the long weekend to pay homage to their dad and the soldiers that have died in service.

Cleaning after breakfast Nate walked upstairs to check the condition of the second master’s and the kid’s room.  He’s checked them like a thousand times, but one more won’t hurt.

Nate was beyond happy to see his brother, his nephew, and his sister in-law.  He was already thinking about the things they’ll do together.  Nothing too crazy or Linda will rip his heart off his chest and eat it.  It was good she’ll be the ‘adult in the house.’  “Wow!  Nickie’s going to be here soon!  Wait till he sees I’m 15 pounds heavier.  He’s going to flip!” said Nate grinning and flexing in front of the bedroom mirror.

The bond between the brothers was as strong.  People who knew them said it was borderline spooky.  They could finish each other’s sentences and they would burst out laughing, out of nowhere, as if they shared mental joke.  When Nate was in Ireland, he called to check on Nick knowing something was wrong.  That day, Nickie had lost one his best friend to a drunk driver.  Their parents knew of their special tie and they encouraged it.

The room had a big photo of a 10-year-old Nick piggybacking Paul.  Lots of memories inside a frame.  But Paul’s favorite memory was of his sixth birthday. 

His dad, sergeant major Daniel Coe came home on a weekend leave to be at his son’s birthday.  Daniel Coe was a drill sergeant and he had the body to prove it.  Tall, about 6’1”, 200 fat-free pounds of man.  Mean and feared at the base, but the biggest teddy bear a boy could ask for as a father.  Nate loved and worshipped his dad.  He wanted to be just like him.

After the birthday party, Daniel called his son.  “Little man, come with me.”  ‘Little man’ was Daniel’s nickname for Nate.

Nate came running to his dad, still munching on a chunk of pie.  All his friends would have cake for their birthday, but not Nate.  He wanted a blackberry pie made by his mom.  “The best thing ever in the ever universe”, he used to call it.

Daniel was sitting is his recliner.  When Nate arrived at his side, he single-handed lifted the kid to his lap.  “Mom!”, Daniel called out to his wife.  Anna arrived in the room and sat across the father-son duo.

Daniel hugged his boy against his chest as if he wanted to make a stick-on tattoo out of him.  Nate was all giggles and squirms in his dad’s hug.  “Little man; look at you!  You are so big and strong!  We are so proud of you!”  Anna looked at Nate with the proud smile only moms can give.

“Mom and I have news for you, so I want you to listen carefully.  Do I have your attention?”

“Yes, dad!  What’s so important?”

“We have a surprise for you.  You have been promoted to big brother!”

Nate was confused for a moment, but then he realized what his dad just said.  He opened his eyes like big saucers, “A baby!  A baby brother!  I’m going to be Big Brother Nate!  Where is him?  Is he coming now?”

“Hold on little man!”  Daniel and Anna were laughing.  “Not yet, but he will arrive before the year’s end.”

“That long?  Why can’t he come now?”

Anna reached out and picked up her son.  “Sweetheart, you see I’m pregnant.  He still has some growing to do in here.”  She said touching her belly.  “Then he’ll be ready to meet you.”

“Little man,” Daniel cut in. “I have an important mission that only you can accomplish.  Come back here.”  Nate slide down from his mom and jumped on to his father’s lap.

“I’m going back to work.  This time I’ll be out a little longer.  I will call you every week as we have agreed.  If I can’t call you, I’ll send mom an email.  OK?”  Nate nodded.

“Now to the mission. Since I won’t be here when the baby arrives, I want you take good care of him and mom for me.  I want you to grow big and strong to keep them safe.  He’s your baby brother, so I want you to love him as much or even more than you love mom or me.  Do you understand?”

Nate was listening as good as a 6-year-old excited kid could listen.  He knew his dad was serious and what his dad was saying was important.  But the idea of having a brother to play with was more than his young mind could process at the time.  He just nodded to his dad and gave him a big hug and a loud kiss.  Then he went to his mom, hugging her and kissing her belly.  “Baby brother!  I’m Nate, your big brother!  I’m going to protect you!”

Two weeks before the end of the year, Nicholas arrived in the Coe family.  Anna and the baby did well, so both were out of the hospital the day after birth.  The whole time, Nate was video chatting with Daniel reporting every single yawn and cry of the baby.

Daniel and Anna didn’t expect the brothers to be close, mainly because their age difference.  However, Nickie (as Nate call him) became Nate’s shadow following him everywhere.  The first word the baby said was “Nah”, of course he was speaking about Nathaniel.

On the other hand, Nate was very carrying and loving with little Nicholas.  He kept an eye on him when mom was doing chores or she was busy studying, since she was finishing her master’s in psychology.  Nate helped with Nicholas’s care; for example, he put out the trash with ‘stinky diapers’ and he played a lot with the baby.  Every day as Nate arrived from school, he will call out for Nickie, who will leave whatever he was doing to crawl as fast as he could to meet his big brother.  Nate will lift him in the air making Nicholas laugh without control.

Nick was a 20 months toddler the first time Anna saw Nate pick him up.  She went pale.  Trying not to scare Nate, with a sweet voice and as calmed she could manage, she asked Nathaniel to bring the baby to her to check the diaper.  Once she had her baby in her hands, she took a deep breath.  She was afraid Nate would let the baby fall.

“Thank you, Nate!  You’re becoming as strong as your dad asked you to.”  Nick was a healthy 26-pound boy. “Don’t you think Nick is a little heavy for you?”

“No mom.  I’m doing as dad said.  I’m working out.”  Nate smiled flexing a noticeable bump in his biceps.  “Nickie is not heavy at all.  I’ll keep both of you safe!”

That night, Anna was talking to her husband over the phone.  She described how scared she was when Nate was carrying his brother like he weighted nothing.  “That’s my little man!  Don’t worry Annie, Nate’s a strong responsible little man.  I trust him.  But you can always keep an eye on them, OK?”

“OK, hon.  I wish you were here with us, tough”

“Well, Annie.  Wishes do come true.  I submitted the paperwork yesterday and my request was accepted.  I’ll be home before Spring.”

“Daniel!  Is that true?  Wait till the boys find out!  They are going to jump off the walls!  They miss you so much.  We all miss you…”  And she started to cry.

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Helping a veteran?




Compared to yesterday, this Saturday morning was nice and sunny.  The heat was the prologue of the summer to come.

Paul came back to his apartment form the gym.  Parker Gardens was a nice place for the retired, with a big pool and nice green areas.  There was a small gym with enough equipment to keep you in shape, but not to take you into a competition.  His workout was simple.  Swimming laps in the pool, then the gym.  He preferred free weights for upper body, but machines for his legs due to his bad left leg, which in fact was a bad foot.

His place was what realtors called a “comfy single unit apartment.”  It was longer than wider.  He liked that his bedroom, located at the opposite end of the entrance, had a glass door leading to a private porch surrounded by bushes and greenery.  He had a fluffy recliner right by the doors the used to nap or to read until the sun was down.

He went to the fridge to get a bottle of water.  He was thirsty after his workout.  Almost emptying the bottle in one gulp, he stopped to look at it.  He remembered how easily last night Nathaniel moved a whole pallet of cases of bottled water to make space for Paul’s shopping cart.  Nate kept his conversation as if he were moving the bowl of salad to make space for the main dish.

He thought that yesterday started as the typical boring day.  Workout, shower, breakfast, news.  Deciding to go grocery shopping was a break in his routine.  He’d never imagined he will meet Nate by accident. 

Although Nate was the size of a truck, the man was gentle and polite.  He treated Paul with respect.  Nate decided to help him without hesitation, showing that he cared for others.  Big guys in the barracks were constantly trying to prove who was the alpha of the alphas in an unspoken competition.  But not Nate, who would make those alphas look like girly girls in high school.

Paul’s smile and his deep soothing voice betrayed his rough outer shell.  Paul realized that liked Nate.  “It’s always good to have someone to talk to” said Paul to himself.

Around 9:00 AM, Paul texted Nate.  “Hi Nicholas.  Hoping you are doing OK.  I’ll be ready at 2 as agreed.  Geez!  Do I sound like a teenager?  Ha ha ha.  There’s a nice restaurant/bar close to the boardwalk.  Do you know it?”

After breakfast Paul was watching some tv.  The numbness on his foot was bothering him, so, he decided to lay down on the sofa.  A nap won’t hurt.  It will help him to relax his muscles and he will feel better for the late lunch with Nate.

He dozed out and started to dream.  In his dream he replayed the moment when the grenade exploded close to their truck.  The driver lost control.  The truck fell in a pit and bounced up in the air.  Paul and his buds went flying out of the back of the carrier.  One of the guys fell on his head.  Dead at the impact.  Paul fell on his side.  The guy that was sitting next to him landed on Paul’s leg, breaking it in two and fracturing the ankle.  The other man broke his clavicle.  “Matt!  Oh, no Matt!  John can you move!  Carlos, where are you!  Please, be alive!”

Paul woke up agitated and drenched in sweat.  The dream still haunts him after all these years.  The same nightmare over and over again, every single night, every single nap.  Pills helped him to get some rest.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.  Some nights he will take more than he was prescribed.  Sometimes, the extra pills won’t help either.  Going to the gym in the apartment complex was the only way to get some distraction.

He checked his watch.  It was close to midday.  Suddenly his phone dinged.  It was Nate.  He smacked his face twice to shake the grogginess out.

“Hey Sarge Burks!  Sorry for the late answer.  The bar on the boardwalk is awesome.  Food is good and plenty. <grin> And the best pretzels in the city are sold just across the street.  I’ll see you at 2!”

After a couple of beers, because Nate wasn’t a big drinker, both men decided to go to the boardwalk that bordered this side of the lake.  Nate was eager to bite on one of those hot pretzels.

“This view is the reason I decided to move here after my retirement.  It’s always so peaceful.”

“I know, Paul.  And the food stands sell the best treats in the city!  Are you sure you don’t want a pretzel?”

“No.  The food at the bar was good.  I’m just full enough to be satisfied and not to be miserable.  How the hell can you eat so much?”  But a double look at size of the big man, “Oh, never mind…  Go get your treat.  I’ll find a bench to sit.”  Nate went on to get his pretzel.

Paul saw an empty bench under a tree.  He was walking slowly watching the boats on the shore.  A few steps from the bench, he wasn’t aware of two guys walking towards him.

It was unexpected.  The walking stick was kicked out of his left hand as a strong hand pushed him from behind.  He lost his balance and fell on his hands and knees.  His felt pain on his leg.  He kneeled there for a couple of minutes wondering what just had happened.  A loud scream made him twist his around.

There was Nate with his arms stretched out holding two guys by their collars.  Their faces were red, but not as red as Nate’s.  The man that was standing there heaving like a raging bull was not the Nate Paul knew.  Nate looked different, scary…

Paul put his hand on the bench to get on his feet.  The guy form the pretzel stand found his cane and came to help him up.  Another scream!

“Mother fucker!  Let us go you freak!  Who the fuck you think you are?  My dad is going to sue your ass off!  You can’t touch me, you fucker!”  Both guys were trying to escape, kicking and punching the huge man.  It seemed every kick and punch hurt them more than their target.

This time it was an agonizing groan…

Paul’s military training kicked in.

“Corporal Coe!”

Nate came out of the trance he was in when he recognized the voice and turned his head to meet the origin.  Paul was standing tall, in a commanding mode.  The image of Nate’s dad came to his mind.  That stance meant ‘you better explain yourself’.

“Sergeant Burks!  Are you alright?”  Nate asked keeping a tight grip on the thugs.

“Coe, I’m OK.  Release those men.”  But Nate didn’t move a finger.  His face was still flushed.

“Can’t comply sergeant.  These two need to apologize.”  Turning his gaze to the guys hanging from his arms.  “You will apologize, don’t you?”

“The fuck no!  You heard the old man, let us go, you freak!”  One of the men said while squirming.

The second guy who had been speechless managed to speak, “Harry, man!  We’re screwed!  They are some kind of soldiers!”

“As if I care shit!  Now you playing chicken, Brad?  It was your prank, anyways!”

Tightening his squeeze, Nate reminded them of their situation.

“You have two choices.  I can shake the apology out of you,” and Nate shook them like maracas.  “Or, I can squeeze it out slowly.”  He pushed them back to back and pressed his hands together.  The pressure on their chests where Nate’s hands were pressing was unbearable.  Their bones were making sounds like those made in a chiropractor’s office.  They shouted in pain.  Their kicking and fighting stopped.

Nate felt a hand on his biceps.  “Nate, I am OK.”  It was Paul, standing by his side.  The pretzel man was behind Paul watching in awe.  Nate saw in Paul eyes that he wanted this to be over.

“OK, sarge.”  Nate relaxed his grip on the men but pushed them down to their knees in front of Paul.  “Now be good boys and apologize to sergeant Burks.”

The thugs were breathing hard.  They tried to escape, but Nate was holding them down by the back of their necks.  They couldn’t move.  They felt like they had been glued to the ground by tons of steel on their backs.

“Sergeant Burks is waiting…”  And as if a thousand more pounds were added to their backs, they fell on their hands.

Brad was the first to speak. 

“I’m sorry Mr. Burks.”

“Sergeant Burks, you piece of shit!”  Barked Nate.

Brad and Harry swallowed.  Then Brad spoke again.

“I’m sorry Sergeant Burks.  We are sorry.”  He elbowed Harry who said.  “Yeah, we are sorry.”  This gained him a good squeeze on his shoulder.

“Do I hear that you really mean it?” said Nate.

“Harry, speak man!  This guy’s nuts!”

After a short silence, Harry spoke, “Sir, sergeant Burks, I’m really sorry.  It won’t happen again.”  Harry’s voice was cracked, and he was sweating bullets.  The claw on his shoulder was hurting like hell.

“These two have tormented older people on the boardwalk for a while,” said John, the pretzel man.  “They finished high school last year, but they’ve been living out of their parents’ pockets.  All of us have waited for somebody to stand against them.  Not even the local police listened to us.  We are too old to deal with them”

Nate lifted both guys in the air to his eye level, their legs not touching the ground.  “Listen to me.  If I ever hear a word about you again, a tiny gossip about you, I’ll track you…”  Then he let them fall.

As fast as they could they stood up and ran away from the place.  While they were running, Harry looked back and shouted, “We’re sorry Sergeant Burks!  We are really, really sorry Corporal…  Shit!  I forgot his name!”  They got inside a car and disappeared.

“Let me know if you see them around again.”  Nate said to John as they watched the car disappear down the street.

He breathed in deeply a couple of times and turned to Paul.  He face was back to the old Nate.  He looked at Paul with concern.  “Are you OK?  Did they hurt you?”

Paul was quiet.  The Nate that was standing in front of him now was not the enraged monster he witnessed minutes before.  He realized Nate could be scary.  Paul felt fear for an instant.  Fear for the safety of those guys; fear for himself when he dared to touch the brute. 

Although the situation was terrifying, Paul felt something stir inside of him.

The way Nate manhandled two grown men as if they were stuffed animals was fascinating.  Exciting.  This feeling was new.  No, it wasn’t.  It was dormant inside him.  The feeling he had when he was close to someone stronger than him.  It was how he felt when he played football in high school.  How he felt watching the kid in the team with the strongest bench press.  The same emotion he had when he enrolled the military.  His buddy in the barrack doing pushups with two soldiers on his back or doing pullups with two guys hanging from him.  Paul couldn’t name the feeling.  It was sort of a mix of admiration, attraction, excitement, and lust.

Paul realized his dick was stone hard.  In panic, he held the walking stick with both hands in front of his crotch, hoping to hide his erection.  “A man my age getting hard like a teenager.”  He thought feeling the blood rush to his face.

“Paul. Talk to me.  Do you need a paramedic?  Anything?”  Nate was getting desperate.

“Nate.  I’m perfectly fine.  Maybe a little embarrassed for letting my guard down.  But I’m fine.  How about you?  They kicked you pretty hard.”

“Paul don’t worry about me,” Nate said as he started to clean the dirt off his pants.  “Your pants need some dusting too,” pointing to Paul’s knees.  “Man, did I really scare those kids!”  He chuckled.  “I lost it.  Shit.  I feel so bad.  Thank you for snapping me out of it!”

Nate looked around for a seat.  John brought them a couple of chairs.  “Big man, sarge, please sit here.  I’ll bring you some pretzels.  Kelly, from the next stand, is making coffee for both of you.  We all saw everything!  You’re our honored guests!  Thank you so much!”

“If you don’t mind, we’ll seat on the bench,’ Paul said thinking the flimsy chairs won’t hold Nate’s weight.  Nate looked so pumped and big.

Siting side by side, Paul spoke.  “Nate.  No kidding, I’m OK.”

“This is not what I wanted for a peaceful evening.  I’m glad you feel OK.”

“Well, to be honest, my leg and foot are hurting,” said Paul kind of embarrassed.  He didn’t like the idea of looking weak in front of Nate.  “They healed well, but a fall like that always brings the pain back.  I need to take a painkiller, or it’ll get worst.  I got them home.  I’m sorry…”

“Here, two coffees and fresh pretzels,” said John with a happy face.

“Thank you, sir.  But, can we have them to go?”  Said Nate.

“Sure!  Be right back!”

Grabbing their treats, Nate and Paul went back to Parker Gardens.

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Helping a veteran?




The drive to Park Gardens was uneventful.  Both men stayed quiet not knowing what to say.  Once at the gate Paul pointed out, “You can park over there.  Nobody uses that spot.  We can have the coffee in my place.  I hope it’s still hot.”

“OK sarge.”

A short walk took them to Paul’s apartment.

“Welcome to my place.  Not bigger than a match box, but it fits my needs.  Have a seat, while I get my pill.”

“I like this place!”  Nate went to the sofa that looked more like a loveseat when he sat his bulk on it.  He started to look around.  “Wow!  Are those your medals?  Neat!  I know that one, the Purple Heart.  My dad had one too!”

“Yes, they are,” said Paul from the bedroom.  “Everything in that display means a lot to me.  It’s my personal treasure.”  Walking into the kitchen, “One of my buddies made the shallow box.  He’s crafty.  In fact, he made four.  One for each of the Strays”, he said pointing at a photo in the background of the box.  “He made this one.  There’s one in Minnesota and another in Puerto Rico.  The last one is in Germany.  It was given to the wife of our friend that died the day I got hurt.  The three of us that are still alive stay in touch.  We call each other every week.”

There was sadness in Paul’s voice.  Nate noticed it and he wanted to hold Paul in his arms to hug him, but he didn’t want to scare Paul.

“Here’s your coffee Nate and extra napkins for your pretzels.”

Nate saw Nate walking around the house with a slight limp, but without the walking stick.  “Paul, is it OK to walk around without the cane.”  Nate took a big sip of coffee.  Then it hit him that his big mouth has spoken about something that might be too personal.

“My tibia was broken in two and my ankle was shattered.  They fixed everything nicely in the military hospital in Germany.  We were transported there for recovery.  My leg works, but there was some nerve damage.  I use the cane for support.  There are times I don’t feel part of my foot.  It’s like walking on cotton balls.”  He blew on his coffee, then with a smile, “And for your knowledge, people always ask the same question.”

Nate smiled and took a bite of his pretzel.  He chose not to ask for details of the injury.  Paul sadness was evident.  So, he changed the conversation.

“Paul, about my behavior on the boardwalk.  I want to apologize for ruining your afternoon.  We should have stayed at the bar.”

“Oh, stop it.  You are not a psychic.  There was no way we could know beforehand about those guys and their intentions.  The fact is, I’m happy you caught them.”

“Man, you are a fast thinker!  Calling me corporal.  I don’t even know what rank that is!”  Both had a good laugh.

“Nate.  When I saw you with two men hanging from your hands and your red face, I knew I had to act quickly.  You, well, you looked scary.  The way you were holding them like toys!  I had the feeling you would hurt them badly if I stayed quiet.  Honestly, I was scared shitless.”

“You were scared?  Damn…  So, Nickie was speaking the truth…”  Nate went quiet then took another bite of the pretzel and washed it down with a gulp of coffee.  “Can I tell you a story?  And, where can I reheat this coffee?”

“Hand it over.  I like stories, and I bet yours’s got to be interesting,” said Paul with a grin.

“Once I’m finished, maybe you will get some answers.”

So, the story started…

When Nate and Nick were kids, Nate got into some unexpected trouble. 

Nick was in first grade.  Because Nick was Nate’s shadow, he learned early how to read and write.  He wanted to be just like his big brother.  Thus, he wasn’t five and he was already in first grade.  It was the end of the day and Nate was waiting for him.  Their dad asked them to stay by the guard’s cabin so he can take them home.

While waiting, Nate remembered that on the day he found he was going to be a big brother, his dad told him to grow big and strong to protect mom and Nickie. 

(“I guess I overdid it,” Nate told Paul laughing lamely.)

Nate saw Nick walking along with his friends.  They were making a lot of noise and giggling.  From the crowd of kids, the eight-grade bully, known in the whole school for being mean and abusive, approached Nick.  He pushed Nick to the ground.  Then he kicked his books.  His bully friends were laughing like crazy. 

Nate couldn’t believe what he saw.  He turned red and became furious.  In no time he was grabbing the bully by his shirt. 

While Nate was close to eleven, he was already going through puberty, so he was bigger than other kids.  A few months ago, his dad used his razor on Nate to “tame some wild hairs growing all over your cheeks.”  Some teachers thought Nate was 15 or 16. 

Nate was stopping the bully from running.  Seeing that Nick was alright and standing up, Nate started to shout angrily at the bully.  “You, turd!  That’s my brother!  You’re going to regret you messed up with him.  I’m going to make you eat dirt!”  Nate was tightening his grip on the bully’s shirt.  Nate’s face was beet red.  “If you think you can get out of it like you always do, Not This Time!” he said shaking the kid with each word. 

The bully’s friends disappeared from the scene. And the scared bully managed to escape Nate’s grip.  He ran towards a car.  The car belonged to his dad.  The angry father left the car in the middle of the road and went after Nate.

Nate was helping his brother up, while Nick’s friends were picking up the books and cheering for Nate.

In an instant, the bully’s dad was yelling at Nate.  The man was ranting without control and he grabbed Nate by the shoulder.  Nate was still trying to control himself after seeing somebody picking on his baby brother.  Without thinking, when he felt the hand on his shoulder, he turned around and punched the man on the face.

The bully’s father was out cold on the ground.

(“The whole school saw it.  It was a big brouhaha!”  Nate answered Paul’s incredulous stare.)

About half an hour later, Nate, Nick, their dad, the bully and his dad, the school guard, and teachers that witnessed the event were inside the director’s office.

The blackeye bully’s dad was shouting at the director.  He was demanding that “a retarded 16-year-old should not be allowed to be around younger kids.  There must be a special education room in high school to place this brute!” pointing at Nate.  Daniel, Nate’s and Nick’s dad, stood up in front of his kids ready to complete what his kid had started.  The bully’s father stepped backed off and sat quietly.  Only then, Daniel went back to his seat.

It all became a ‘he said he said’ thing between kids.  An hour later, Nate got a two-day suspension for fighting in the school.  He didn’t get the week suspension because Nick’s teacher advocated for him.  The bully got the whole week off.  His father, who became incredibly surprised after the director told him that Nate was not even eleven, was charged for attacking a kid, trespassing the school grounds, and blocking the main exit of the school with his car.  Although Daniel decided not to follow with a police complaint, the school did.

Daniel told the director that he will discipline Nate.  Then he turned to the bully’s dad, “I don’t want you or your kid close to my boys, or I will be taking care of the business myself.  Got it clear?”  The man opened his eyes as wide as his blackeye let him.  Daniel was an imposing man and extremely protective.

After the incident, neither the bully nor his dad were seen again.  Some said they moved out of the state…

On the way home Nick spoke, almost whispering to his brother, “Nate you were scary.”  Those words hit Nate harder than a train.

At home Daniel explained Anna what happened.  She already knew because he had called her while they were waiting for the director.  Anna, the usually sweet mom wasn’t pleased at all.  She scolded Nate and then took Nick into the kitchen to check if he was OK.  It was Daniel’s time to speak with Nate alone.

“Nathaniel, come with me.”  Nate almost shit his pants.  At home, his dad never called him by his full name.  He was dad’s ‘little man’.  He realized his dad meant business.

Daniel took Nate downstairs into the basement, where he had his mancave/gym.  He told Nate sit down on the sofa.  He stood in front of his boy looking down at him, tall and commandingly.  After a couple of minutes, he pulled a chair in from of the boy and sat.  His face was stern, without emotions.  He was watching his son from head to toe, studying him.

“Nathaniel, you know what you did was and is unacceptable.  I’ve never taught you to behave like that.  I’m disappointed.”

“I’m sorry sir.”  Nate said looking down, not daring to look at his dad’s face.

“This is the first and last time I have to walk into any director’s office.  Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“So, do I have your word, Nathaniel?  Look at me!”  The room was so quiet.  Even the air felt dense.  This was the third time Nate has been called Nathaniel by his dad.  The man was not joking.

Nate’s eyes were welling.  He had disappointed his parents.  His mind was a mess.  He thought that protecting Nick was the right thing to do.  Why was his dad so angry about it? 

He gulped in a dry throat, “Yes sir.”

Keeping his eyes on the boy, Daniel said, “Good.  I can tell you are telling me the truth.  I’m not upset because you defended Nick.  But you have to follow the school rules.  No more fights.  You got it clear?”  Nate nodded again.  His heart was pounding in his ears. 

Daniel stood up and opened his arms, “Come here and give me a hug.”

Nate was confused, but he did as he was told and hugged his dad with all his might.  More than anything he wanted to show him how sorry he was. 

Then Daniel said, “Now big man.  Do you see that bar over there?  The one under the window.  Bring it to me.”

Nate was astonished by the weird request, but he obeyed his dad in a snap.  He grabbed the bar with my right hand.  It felt heavier than it looked, but he said nothing and brought it to his dad as fast as he could.  Nate offered it to Daniel.

“No, keep it for now.”  Daniel sat back on the chair.  “Can you bend it?”  Things were becoming weirder, but Nate did as he was told.  Nate managed to get a good curve on the bar, like a semicircle.  He said, “Dad, is this good?”

Daniel was very silent watching how the muscles on his son’s arms swelled and the veins stood out.  Nate was no longer a kid; he was becoming a man.  He remembered when months ago the first hairs stated to grow around Nate’s dick.  Nate had come to him, “Dad, there is something I want to show you.  Can we go to my room?”  In the room he pulled down his pants and undies and asked Daniel what was wrong with his dick.  “I cannot control my penis.  It’s hard like every minute.  It keeps growing.  And hair is growing around it!”  Daniel has never been ashamed of his body.  He never covered himself in front of his kids.  And he wanted them to grow feeling the same about themselves.  “Nate, nothing is wrong with your penis.  You are starting puberty.  You have leaned about it in school, right?”  Nate nodded.  “It’s the first stage of becoming a man.  You will grow hairs on different parts of your body.  Your penis will get bigger.  About getting out of control,” Daniel said with a chuckle.  “I can say it will get hard many times a day.  Nothing to worry about little man!”  Daniel said with a grin.

Coming back from his memory, Daniel saw the twisted bar in Nate’s hand, “Yes son, it is OK.  You bent it as I expected.  How do you feel big man?”

“I think I’m OK.  I can bend it more if you want, but I will need more time.”

“Big man” Daniel said grabbing the bar from his son’s hands.  “This is a grade #10, one and a quarter inch rebar.  It’s used in the construction of big, sturdy buildings.”  There was pride in his words.  “You see, not even that man that you hit today could have lifted it with both hands!  You really kept your word to become stronger.  You are my strong big man!”

Daniel dropped the bar, which hit the ground with a loud thud.  He jumped off the seat, lifted Nate in the air, and started running around like a boxing coach holding his champion. 

“I’m so proud of you!  You knocked that man out with a single punch!  I’ll be damned!  That’s my big man!  From now on we are going to workout together.  I bet by the time you are 14, you’ll be taller and bigger than me!  I’m so proud of you!”

Nate was still lost, but he was happy he made his dad happy.

Daniel stopped his run and look at his boy, “Big man, remember what you just promised me.”

Daniel was serious again.  “You are going to show your best behavior.  I expect it from you and from Nick.  I don’t want my sons to become bullies.  That kid was a bully because his dad was a bully.  No son of mine’s a bully, understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good!  Now, this conversation is between you and me.  When you are older, you decide if you want to share it.  But for now, it’s only between us.”

“Yes sir.  Not a word to anyone, including Nickie.  I don’t want to scare him again.  I think he doesn’t like me anymore because he said I’m scary.”

Nate started to weep.  His confusion and the thought that Nickie will hate him were too much for him.  His dad held him against his chest and said, “It’s OK.  Now, go to mom and tell her that you are sorry and that it won’t happen again.  Then, talk to Nick.  He doesn’t hate you.  He worships you!  Tell him that you are sorry for scaring him.  Also, that as his big brother you wanted to protect him.  He will understand.”

Daniel let go of Nate and then he lifted the bent bar off the ground.  With ease, he straightened it back.  He looked at the bar, then he squatted in front of his son.  “Big man, when you feel like things are getting ugly, like today, I want you to think about what’s happening to you.  I know it’s difficult; it has happened to me too.  Listen.  When you become angry, your senses are in alert.  You are like a big antenna.  Use your senses!  Be conscious of what surrounds you.  A smell, a color, or the voice of someone your love and care for, anything that will call your attention during that ugly moment, use it to snap out of your anger.  It’s going to be hard, but I’ll help you.  It’ll become second nature with practice.  But, don’t be walking around angry, OK big man?”  Nate nodded.

Daniel had a big grin on his face.  That day Nate loved his dad more than before.

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Awesome story!!! I can't wait to read more 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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