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Hey guys second time posting a story here. Not really that great at writing so feedback is welcome. And all characters are over 18 in this story.


Months had gone by since Tom had last seen his family. Spring break had just started so he knew he'd be going back home and for one reason only. He needed to feel his brothers tight whole again, ever since that fateful night when they got drunk and hooked up Tom found out his brother Justin had a special power, he could make someone grow when they gave him pleasure. He missed the feeling he got feeling his body fill out with muscle, his once average cock stretch deeper into Justin tight ass. Sadly though there was a limit he couldnt keep growing or else he'd destroy his brother with just his cock let alone his increasing muscle mass. He'd give anything to hear Justin moan for him begging to worship his big bros muscles. Falling deeper into his fantasy he fell into a lustful slumber on the flight back home. But little did Tom know that very night they were being watched.

Justin laid in his bed lost in thought already missing Tom's huge body pining him as he drilled his hole. Suddenly his door swung open his father walked in wearing some baggy clothes. Hey dad what's up, whats up with the oversized clothes. Oh these...well I bought them for a special occasion actually. What special occasion dad? His dad drew closer as he hoped on the bed. It's you he whispered into Justin's ears. Without a second to process his dad was on top of him kissing him. You tried fighting back but couldnt help yourself.

Did you really think I didnt know about your little secret with Tom oh no Daddies been watching every night watching what his precious boy can do, AND NOW DADDY WANTS HIS TURN!

Come on boy dont tell me you've never thought of turning your old man huge, I mean hell you've already done your brother why no-

Justin interrupts him with a kiss.

You think I've never thought about you dad HELL I've wanted you more than I've ever lusted over Tom. I just thought you'd never want this!

Oh you've made your old man the happiest father in the world right now son. Now get ready daddy wants you to make him shred out these clothes.

Anything for you dad!

Unlike his brother who was just a sex crazed college boy his dad was a caring lover he made sure to give his boy as much pleasure as possible.

Daddies loosening you up boy or else your gonna me in a world of hurt. He laid Justin down rimming his ass and stroking his cock sending him over the moon unlike anything he'd ever done with Justin.

Alright boy I think your ready. dad unzipped his pants and out came a cock even bigger than my brothers. Wanna give it a taste Justin he said with a wink.

He didnt have to be asked twice instantly he latched onto his dads cock tasting what a real man was like.

Okay boy that's enough dont wanna go making me cum before I even fuck you.

With that he laid his boy forward, lathering his cock in lube sliding up and down Justin's hungry ass.

Easily his cock was devoured as Justin's whole was already used to the size that Tom's cock would grow to.

Ohhhhhh fuck boy not even your moms hole felt this good, shit is it already happening your ass is getting tighter on my cock.

His dads praise sent even more pleasure into his body as he grinded against his fathers cock wanting nothing more than to grow his daddy.

YEESSSSSSS that's it baby boy make daddy grow.


you watched as your father biceps explode out the XXL shirt his shoulders rising higher growing into huge cannon balls. His hairy pecs spill out as the buttons fly towards you. Each individual abb popping through his shirt one by one as they get bigger. His Jean's bursting at the seams as they cant contain his expanding tree trunks. Even his shoes are no match for his big sexy feet. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your ass you see more of his cock already not fitting in you as his soccer ball sized testicles filled with cum. Fuck how is this possible Tom never got this big that fast. (Unbeknownst to them Justin's power got stronger when his partner gave him greater pleasure and his brother was no match for his father's years of experience). DADDY PLEASE STOP YOUR GETTING TO BIG I CANT TAKE ANYMORE!

FUCK I cant help it son it just feels SO GOOOOOOOD! He picked up the speed drunk off the power his son had given him.

In that very moment Justin's body knew it had to adapt and so it did the only thing it could to survive this giant beast GROW!

Suddenly his father felt something odd his sons body was getting warmer. His focus brought back to his sweet boy regaining some clarity of mind. He instantly stopped once he realized what he was doing.

OH SHIT JUSTIN IM SO SORRY. But what he saw when he looked down was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Justin's body had started growing and was quickly catching up to his size.

His eyes ended even more watching as his cock was being devoured inch by inch by Justin growing body.

Son what the hell I've never seen this happen before but I sure as hell dont mind it.

No idea dad but if there's one thing I do know its were not done here.

With his newfound strength he pushed his father to the ground kissing him and riding up and down his mammoth sized cock.

Daddy I wanna grow so big with you I never want it to stop.

His words send chills down his father's spine as a rush like no other had hit him.

FUUUUUUUUUCK your gonna have to keep up with daddy cuz this man will never stop growing for you either. The two men kept growing at an alarming rate as they soon started filling up Justin's entire room. YEAH THATS IT GROW FOR DADDY! Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It swung open.


Just as Tom had said that, both of their cocks erupted, their dads filling up Justin to the brim with his cum spilling out his ass. And Justins was aimed directly at Tom knocking Tom against the wall as they erupted from the house making love in the cum covered back yard.

Tom was left in the remains of the room as he soaked in his brothers pool of cum.

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This is solid writing, mate! (I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a daddy muscle growth story.)

As for feedback, my main advice would be to use speech marks to indicate speech, and start a new paragraph for each new speaker. I think that would just sharpen up the flow of your writing.

Hope that helps!

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Hot!  Looking forward to more.  It looks like you were torn about who the narrator was.  Sometimes the narrator says "my", sometimes "you", and sometimes "he/his", all of which refer to Justin.  A quick and easy fix if you go through it one more time.

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*¬* I love growth, and incest dad x son.  ufffffff your story was hoooot!

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Really nice story. Would be fun to see a continuation. Definitely got me boned up.

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For sure - go for another chapter! 

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