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m/m The Blessing: Part 2

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Part 1 Here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/20010-the-blessing/?tab=comments#comment-274869



So, when my alarm when off at 7, I realized Claude was still resting on my body, his face nuzzled between my neck and my shoulder. I nudged Claude, but he was still out cold. I slipped from underneath the gentle giant and began decorating the roo— I just realized I didn’t describe it earlier to you. 

Ok, so it was a square room, and I had one of those joint desk/bunk bed thingies that was parallel to the door in the back left corner, against the windows. Claude had a full, probably from coaxing the college into a bigger bed. Anyways, his was against the back right corner, facing the door, and his desk was on the other wall perpendicular to mine. 

To return to the story, yes, Anyways I continued to unpack when Claude started to stir awake.

”Hey bro.”

”G-good morning”

”Did I fall asleep during the movie? Hope I didn’t snore”

”Ah it’s ok, you did but I feel asleep in my bed after you passed out.”

”Ah ok, I’m gonna go take a shower to get rid of my stink, wanna come along?”

”Uhhh sure.”

Claude and I walked to the communal showers, It was quite spacious. It was 18 showers, curtained off from each other, with a large skylight above them. The morning sun made the seagreen tiles look almost translucent. 

“I’ll be right back Steven, I need to go grab my towel.” Said Claude

I entered one of the showers in the corner and turned it on, icy cold at first, but warmed up quickly. I began to reflect on yesterday’s events. I still can’t believe I met such an amazing guy like Claude. He was perfect in every single way, I loved his round pecs pressed against my face, His strong arms wrapping me tightly, His perky butt that bounced when he ran down the football field. It was such a shame he is probably straight.


I started to massage my 6 inch cock and tweak my nipples. Just the thought of Claude turned me on. I heard the door to the showers open and close. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I turned around,  and there standing was Claude. He was completely naked.

”Hello Steven. Why did you say you slept in your bed when the sheets weren’t even put in yet?”

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