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Just now, superkappa said:

@LJackson any chance for a continuation? 😬

Oh yes, but I wanted to add to Max & Harry first.

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Andy wiped the sweat from his bench with a towel, and then the sweat from his brow. He was done for the day, and at last it was time for him to drink his shake and go home. Andy always worked hard in

After popular demand (thanks @Superkappa @Hialmar @Debatel @shizumaru @MochiNii @Kona @Isosuke @BigBen @Neverbigenoughmuscle and @Two) here is part 2: ‘Please, guys,’ said Andy. ‘Don’t – don’t hu

Part 3, guys. Let me know what you think!   Andy had never seen his lover like this before. Ben had always been in charge. Even that first time they met had been because the older man

On 5/11/2020 at 12:49 AM, LJackson said:

Oh yes, but I wanted to add to Max & Harry first.

Yes! Can’t wait, such a hot story

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I didn't expect I'd be interested in a story starring bullies, but their attitude while changing was pretty engaging. I'd be interested in a continuation, but I hope the other kid has a chance to turn the tables himself.

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  • 3 weeks later...

This one shouldn't be relegated to third page.


Up. Hoping for a new chapter.

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After popular demand (thanks @Superkappa @Hialmar @Debatel @shizumaru @MochiNii @Kona @Isosuke @BigBen @Neverbigenoughmuscle and @Two) here is part 2:

‘Please, guys,’ said Andy. ‘Don’t – don’t hurt me. Stay back.’

               The muscle chavs looked at each other and laughed.

               Oh, please don’t hurt me!’ mimicked Dean, in the squeakiest voice he could manage, now that his own tone had dropped in a bestial growl.

               ‘Such a pathetic little dick-squirt,’ said Lee. ‘Look at him, poncing about with his tits on display, thinking he’s the big ‘I am’.’

               Dean advanced on his victim. His raven hair, shaved high and tight on his scalp, bristling as stubble around his hard jawline, emphasised the cruelty of his blue eyes and the aggressive pout of his mouth. ‘Look at you, little gay porn boy, thinking that’s a big chest, innit.’ He loomed over Andy, so close the boy could smell his bully’s Lynx deodorant. Inside the bully’s tight white t-shirt, he made his pecs bounce and dance. ‘Check out these beauties. And – gah!’ He snarled with pain and staggered backward.

               The already impressive chest now swelled and grew huge. Panting, Dean hooked his fingers in the fabric of his t-shirt and effortlessly ripped it apart. His huge chest was covered in curly dark hair, with the little gold cross glinting from amongst them. Dean looked down at the new, juicy pecs appreciatively, a wolfish grin on his face.

               ‘Fucking yes,’ he said, running his big hands across them. ‘God, I look good. And strong. And I feel like I could fuck ten girls and fill them all up with hot spunk.’ He licked his teeth and looked at Andy again. ‘Scared yet?’

               Andy held up his hands. ‘Of course, I’m scared. You need to stop and think about what you’re doing.’

               ‘No time for that, mate.’ Lee came alongside his partner in crime. He took off his baseball cap and wiped the sweat off his brow into his short blonde crop. The big orbs of his pecs, shoulders, biceps and gut were gleaming succulently with perspiration. He clenched and unclenched his fists excitedly, and muscles moved in his big beefy forearms, dusted with blonde hair, and making a Millwall tattoo dance. He put the cap on again at an angle and adjusted his chunky chain.

               ‘But look at yourselves,’ said Andy. ‘It's like you’re mutating. You’re not just strong and powerful bodybuilders. You’re almost acting like animals.’

               Dean looked down at himself again, considering Andy’s warning; his hands were still massaging his furry pectorals, his fingers working the big, dark pink, light-switch nipples, as though he were about to have a big wank. But next to him, his mate Lee just lifted up his huge arm and gave the sweaty, blonde furry pit a good deep sniff. ‘Yep,’ he said. ‘Fucking smell like a dog or a lion or sumfing.’ He curled the arm into a big, round, vascular bicep. ‘And after we’ve finished with you, you pathetic little cunt, we’re going to go out and find some nice sweet gaping cunt and we’re going to get up to our nuts in their guts, just like a dog on fucking heat.’ He clutched his cock through his trackie bottoms. Either he’d chubbed up, or that had grown too, or perhaps a bit of both.

               ‘I’m worried you’re going to lose control,’ said Andy, backing away into the showers. ‘You might do something you shouldn’t do.’

               ‘Hmm,’ said Lee. ‘You could be right.' He grinned.

               ‘And it sounds good to me,’ said Dean, walking after Andy into the deserted, tiled space. He was still teasing his own big left tit. With the other hand, he was reaching for Andy.

               ‘Yeah,’ said Lee. ‘I’m about to fucking lose control and I think I love it!’

               Dean gave Andy a little shove and the lad went down hard, landing on his arse and looking up at his two assailants. Dean chuckled. ‘Hey, Lee, your uncle knows what he's doing with that stuff. I’m so strong now, innit? Think we can score some more off of him?’

               ‘Don’t you think you’re big enough?’ said Andy. ‘You’re like - I dunno - Chris Evans with that body, Dean.’

               ‘Not as big me though, Deanie boy,’ said Lee, muscling in. ‘Check out these guns. I am Thor!’

               He flexed. Dean flexed in comparison. They were like two animals sparring. Andy thought quickly. Could he turn it to his advantage?

               ‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘I think Lee could be the bigger guy.’

               ‘Fuck off is he,’ said Dean, his brows knit. ‘Look at me. I’m bigger than him. I’m bigger than anyone.’

               He pulled his trackie bottoms down to his ankles, and pulled his dick out of his boxers. ‘Knew it,’ he said. ‘Fucking huge.’

               Lee’s jaw dropped. ‘Mate,’ he said. ‘Have you always been that big, bro?’

               ‘No way,’ said Dean. ‘It’s that supplement, mate. I could feel it make my cock and balls grow when it done the rest of me. And this ain’t even fucking hard.’

               ‘I gotta check mine,’ said Lee. His tracksuit bottoms were so tight, he had to rip them to get his dick out. It was obvious, even while soft, that he was very well endowed. ‘Holy shit, it was 7 inches this morning, and I thought it was big then.’

               ‘I was always 7.5 inches,’ said Lee. ‘So I’m gonna be bigger now too.’ He looked across at their victim. ‘Get over here, you filthy little cocksucker. Tell us who’s biggest.’

               ‘Yeah,’ said Lee. ‘This is your special subject.’

               Andy was suddenly worried. What would these lads do to him, high on testosterone, big as bulls? But there was nowhere to run. He got onto his knees and shuffled over to them. The lads’ big dicks were stiffening at his approach. It was genuinely hard to tell who was biggest. Both were thick and long, but was Dean’s longer? It looked more than 9 inches now. And then again, could Lee’s have been thicker.

               Lee suddenly smacked Andy in the face with his meat stick. He laughed. Now Dean was joining in, both of them whacking the submissive lad’s face with their huge cocks, sticky with pre-cum.

               ‘Stop it,’ said Andy. ‘Please.’

               Suddenly, there was a noise in the changing room. The sound of a door slamming, and then someone whistling. Andy felt hope for the first time.

               ‘Dad!’ he called.

               ‘Oh, man,’ growled Dean. ‘Is it going to be Andy-Pandy’s daddy-waddy? Is he going to see his little lad like this, on the floor for his superiors?’

               ‘Fucking awesome,’ said Lee, laughing.

               ‘Andy?’ A familiar face appeared around the corner, with a shaved head and a thick neck to follow. It was Ben. ‘You okay?’ He took in the situation and his kind eyes went wide. ‘What the fuck’s going on here?’

               Andy looked up at his hench chav masters. ‘Ben’s not my actual dad, guys, he’s a little older – and he’s my trainer. In the last couple of weeks, well, he’s become more than that.’

               Lee made a ‘going to be sick’ noise, and Dean said, ‘Oh my days!’

               ‘Is anyone going to explain the situation?’ said Ben. ‘I mean, I know we’re not exclusive, Andy, but –’

               ‘These are the guys I was telling you about,’ Andy said, trying to catch his breath. ‘The guys who have been bullying me for years.’

               ‘Aww, he talks about us to the old geezer who sticks his dick up his shitter,’ said Dean. ‘Hi, Andy’s Dad.’

               ‘The two scally lads?’ said Ben. ‘But you said they didn’t go to the gym. You said they were two little streaks of piss.’

               ‘We were,’ said Lee. ‘But we grew. And we grew. And we grew.’

               ‘But if you want a streak of piss,’ said Dean, and stuck his long hard erection in Andy’s mouth, unleashing a torrent of pee into his throat. Andy spluttered and tried to get away, but Dean grabbed his hair and kept his forehead tight on his sculpted abs, the hard dick buried deep in the unwilling gay boy’s mouth. ‘Ah, yeah, take that you little gay cunt.’

               ‘Oi, cunt, pick on someone your own size!’ Ben strode over to them and shoved Dean hard in the chest. Ben was one of the biggest guys in Andy’s gym. Andy always glowed with pride when they worked out together, spotting one another. Today he wore a black singlet that was stained with sweat and showed off the pump and vascularity of his extraordinary physique.

               But Lee was bigger than him.

               He squared up to Ben, and with his jaw clenched and chain glinting, the sheer bulk and threat of him was disturbing. ‘You wanna start something, eh?’ he was saying. ‘You wanna fucking start something?’

               Ben immediately realised he was in too deep, and raised his hands in surrender, but the two pumped up muscle beasts were both directing their energy at him now.

               ‘Get on your knees,’ Lee said. ‘Get on your fucking knees.’

               ‘Do it, Dad,’ said Andy. He felt strangely excited. His dick stood out hard as iron from his body.

               Ben heaved a huge sigh and went down on his knees, his face red with fury.

               ‘You thought we were just two pathetic chavs,’ said Lee, caressing the close-shaved back of Lee’s scalp. ‘And maybe that’s what we were yesterday. But now we are your superiors. Alpha male muscle beasts with anaconda cocks. You’re going to show me what a good little cocksucker you are now. Worship this muscle. Worship that king size knob.’

               ‘And I,’ said Dean, flexing his huge, flushed, furry muscle, ‘am going to cram this monster knob in your tight little gay behind. Innit!'



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2 hours ago, LJackson said:

After popular demand (thanks @Superkappa @Hialmar @Debatel @shizumaru @MochiNii @Kona @Isosuke @BigBen @Neverbigenoughmuscle and @Two) here is part 2:




And it was well worth the wait! 


Just please... Don't make us wait too long for the next part, because now we're all yearning to know what happens when Lee and Dean get their hold on another bottle of the stuff! 😬

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Def excited who gets the pills and who ends up out growing who?!?!

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Part 3, guys. Let me know what you think!


Andy had never seen his lover like this before. Ben had always been in charge.

Even that first time they met had been because the older man had strode across the gym floor to tell Andy that his form was wrong. ‘You’ll never build proper muscle in the shoulder like that,’ he had said, ‘and you’ll probably knacker your back.’ He had stood directly behind the bodybuilding ingenue, a skinny teenage wrist in each big, hairy fist, moving Andy’s arms for him until he got the idea. Andy could feel Ben’s hot breath on the back of his neck, and the older man’s huge, hard pectorals on his shoulder blades, even though they weren’t standing that close together. It gave Andy a hard-on that was impossible to hide while Ben was holding onto him, the pair of them facing a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

The two guys’s eyes met in the mirror.

‘I’ll give you some tips,’ said Ben. ‘Show you how it’s done.’

Andy’s mouth had gone suddenly dry. ‘Thanks, I’d love that.’ But it had not been a question. It was an instruction. Perhaps a challenge.

‘I’ll make you a man,’ Ben said.

Andy could feel Ben’s own erection pressing into his arse-cheeks. He leaned into it, and the pair of them stood there, panting with longing, while all around them, men and women worked out obliviously.

They had not gone to bed together right away. Ben had taken care with Andy, prepared an intensive split routine and dietary regime. He was really concerned with building up his new friend.

Nonetheless, the difference in size between them was marked and all part of the attraction between them. That, and Andy’s subservience to his trainer. He always obeyed instructions to the letter, with military precision. One day, Ben lifted Andy’s t-shirt for him and showed him in the changing room mirror that he had changed. What had once been skinny was more shapely, his biceps had peaks, his chest had definition.

‘You need to pose for yourself, to show yourself what you’ve gained,’ Ben said. He pulled his singlet off over his head and struck a series of poses. Then he undressed Andy and told him to do the same.

Andy imitated the moves and smiled with pleasure at the sight.

‘It’s amazing, Ben,’ he said. ‘I don’t know how I can thank you.’

‘Call me Dad,’ said the older man.

He fucked him that day in the shower. The pair of them were soaping one another up, and things got out of control. Andy had never experienced such pleasure and fulfilment as this, his pumped muscle flushed and throbbing, his arsehole stretched by the older man’s stout dick, both of them going too quickly, terrified somebody would discover them.

It became a ritual then, after every Friday evening workout, they would eat a protein rich dinner at Ben’s place, and then they would fuck, each time trying out new positions, all part of Andy’s education. Ben was a great teacher.

But now he was on his knees sucking dick like a whore.

‘Mmm,’ said Lee, ‘nosh on that huge juicy knob.’

Ben worked steadily and methodically, swallowing the big cock to the root, then licking the head clean of his own spittle and Lee’s pre-cum. His face was flushed with fury, the huge knots of his muscles were tense.

‘Take every thick inch,’ said Lee, his chunky silver chain swinging as he bucked his hips, fucking the older man in the face.

Ben gagged, but worked through it.

‘Good boy,’ said the giant teenager to the subservient, older muscle guy. ‘You know your place don’t you, good little cocksucker.’

‘Show me that pussy,’ said Dean. ‘I want to see that poofter pussy, innit.’ Precum was spilling from his long cock in a long drool of anticipation.

Ben was working dutifully on his master’s thick cock, so Andy ran to assist, pulling down his older lover’s gym shorts to reveal the huge hard orbs of his well-developed glutes.

‘That’s right, little queer,’ said Dean. ‘Get your Daddy ready for me.’ He grabbed the back of Andy’s neck and forced the lad’s face into his teacher’s sweaty arse-crack. ‘Lick out that pussy.’ It was hard to believe Dean had always been a mumbly, lanky weakling, lean and raw-boned. Now he looked like a powerlifter who had taken too much testosterone. Even his long dick was hairy. It stank of precum and sweat as it pushed past Andy’s face and invaded Ben’s arse. ‘Bet you’re used to being on top, aren’t you, Dad?’ said Dean. ‘That pussy is well tight.’

‘Fuck that pussy, mate,’ said Lee, looking across.

‘I’m fucking it deep, bro,’ said Dean, with a smile at his friend.

Ben did not get fucked. The pain of taking a dick for the first time in many years must have been extreme; he couldn’t help breaking off from his work on Lee’s cock to wince and growl. He looked like a bear being cruelly baited.

Lee was having none of this. He slapped Ben’s face. ‘Focus on taking this fat teen chav cock, Daddy whore,’ he said.

Andy watched as the ‘Daddy whore’ obeyed. His dick was hard at the sight, and at the same time he longed for them to give up.

Dean only increased the pace. Ben moaned again, with the girthy dick in his lips. He began working Lee’s cock with a similar pace to Dean’s thrusts deep into his guts.

‘Oh, this is so tight,’ said Dean. ‘I’m loving this.’

               ‘Slow down,’ said Lee, ‘you pair of gay cunts. Slow down and worship me properly, before I – argh!’ His eyes rolled back in his head, and he grabbed the back of Ben’s head to clamp his face onto his crotch, as he released a torrent of cum down Ben’s throat. ‘Take that fucking load down your fucking throat you queer cumwhore!’

               Dean was banging Ben’s muscled arse like a pornstar on fast forward. ‘Oh Jesus, yes, I’m cumming in your arse, Dad, take it, take it!

               Andy watched for the big cock to slide out of his lover’s tight arse. Hot spunk ran in rivulets through the dark hair around Ben’s pink arsehole. Ben gulped and swallowed the chav bully’s load, before looking at his young gym student, and mouthing, ‘Sorry, lad.’ Cum hung in strings from his lips.

               The big chav bullies were laughing and high-fiving. ‘That was reem,’ said Dean.

               ‘We ought to go out on the pull tonight,’ said Lee. ‘I could definitely do that again.’

               Dean was panting for breath. ‘I could do it now,’ he said. ‘Is this what all those muscle freaks feel like? They must be horned up all the fucking time.’

               ‘Look at little Andy,’ said Lee. ‘He’s jerking his little dick over us.’

               ‘Fucking pathetic,’ said Dean, laughing. ‘He’s never seen a real man before. Just this queer muscle-head. Take a look, little guy.’ He draped a muscled arm around his bro’s massive shoulders. ‘This is real man. This is what you respect from now on.’

               ‘And worship,’ said Lee. ‘Respect and worship the bigger man. Law of the jungle.’

               ‘Is that so?’ said Ben. Everyone looked at him. He was climbing to his feet.

               ‘Does Clark Kent want to play again?’ said Lee, folding his arms in an intimidating stance. ‘Because we two Supermen are ready for you.’

               ‘Think you got that wrong,’ said Ben. ‘You don’t mean Clark Kent. You mean Bruce Banner.’ He spread his arms like he was inviting them to embrace or fight him. For a second, Andy was confused, and the big chav bullies laughed between the pair of them.

               But suddenly they stopped laughing. ‘What – what the fuck is going on?’ said Dean, his face thunderous.

               ‘He’s fucking growing,’ said Lee. ‘That’s what’s happening.’

               ‘I thought so,’ said Ben. ‘I don’t understand it. But I can feel it. Thanks for the load, big guy.’ Around his square jaw and buzz cut, his shoulders and upraised biceps swelled like a tide. ‘No, I mean, same-size-as-me guy, sorry.’ He flexed harder, grunting with the strain. His already impressive physique was growing in height and broadening out, his big pectorals blowing up till they barely looked human, the black singlet stretching tighter and tighter, thinner and thinner, till it ripped suddenly down the front, exposing a mountain of furry flesh. ‘No – no, I mean, little guy.’

               ‘This is bullshit,’ said Lee, looking up at the ‘daddy whore’ who had been on his knees a few minutes ago. ‘My Uncle never told me this would happen.’

               ‘He probably didn’t expect you to get your dick sucked by a muscle guy like me,’ said Ben. His already deep voice had dropped an octave. ‘My hormones are already flowing. And I already know my body. Whatever chemicals you just put inside me, son, I’m able to use them better than a pathetic pussyfucker like you.’ He picked the cap off Lee’s head and ruffled the lad’s blonde sweaty hair.

               ‘What’s he going to do to us?’ said Dean, looking like a worried superhero.

               ‘Good question,’ said Ben. ‘I’ll have to discuss it with my son. Get over here, Andy.’

               Andy dutifully moved alongside his muscle monster Dad. He felt Ben’s huge hand run appreciatively up and down his back, coming to rest just above his arse, where there was a strangely sensitive spot. It was like an electric jolt.

               ‘You know who else is already a muscle guy in training?’ said Ben. ‘Who else has his hormones flowing after a workout today? Who knows his body? My hot son, Andy. And I don’t understand it, but I know I can do this –’

               The electricity seemed to flow through Andy’s body in waves. Andy had to control his breathing. It was a dangerous feeling, but it was also exciting, even pleasurable: the soft, delicious ache of a huge work-out, coupled with the powerful, expansive feeling of orgasm. What was his Dad doing? Could he really be – growing him?

               The looks on the faces of his two chav bullies was the first clue. Their eyes were wide and they looked confused and intimidated, particularly Dean. Lee’s jaw was gritted with fury as the situation slipped out of his control.

               Andy felt his arms tighten as the muscle swelled in his biceps and triceps. Suddenly, if he glanced down, he could see the shelf of his chest where he had never seen it before, and extending further outward. It suddenly prickled with a feeling like heat rash, and he ran his hand across his pecs and felt thick curling hair for the first time. He felt his body become more erect as the muscles in his back and abdominals strengthened and forced him upright.

               ‘Fuck, Daddy,’ he said, in a new deeper voice, looking up at his lover. ‘Thank you. It feels so good to be big.’

               ‘Just the beginning, son,’ said Ben.

               There was one last glow of delicious energy and Andy looked down at his already hard cock. It had been about seven inches – he had measured and re-measured it, longing for it to be bigger – but as he watched, it became seven and a half, eight, nine.

               ‘No fucking way,’ breathed Dean.

It stopped growing at ten, wrist-thick inches; the monster cockhead all round, shiny and purple and ready for use.

               ‘Holy shit,’ said Lee.

               Ben and Andy looked between the two chav bullies who had looked so massive to them a minute ago and now seemed almost normal. ‘Where shall we begin?’ asked Ben.




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