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Couldn't resist steaming on with part 3...




Niamh leapt to her feet. ‘Bigger?’ she said. ‘How is that possible? You’re already Arnold Schwarzenegger with glasses and a British accent.’

               I moved in front of her, concerned that she didn’t understand the situation. ‘Darling, this isn’t normal bodybuilding. Our old friend Harry’s been experimenting with his hormones. I’m pretty sure anything’s possible.’

               ‘Me growing,’ said Harry, his voice growing even deeper than before. ‘Me feel it. Shit, yes, that feel good.’

               We stared at him. He was taking huge lungfuls of air, snorting like an animal. All of a sudden, he took an extra deep breath and – snap – the stitches popped around the shoulders of his suit. His boulder shoulders had enlarged within the fabric, and through the jacket you could see his white shirt stretched tight around his physique like spandex.

He gasped with pleasure, and his pectorals swelled outward, ripping apart the shirt. Buttons dropped to the floor. His thick neck swelled like a cock hardening, and the tie around his neck momentarily seemed to be garrotting the thick cords of his throat, before bursting apart. The neck was like a tree-trunk now, and it was bizarre seeing my old best mate’s face atop it.

He reached up with a hand to caress his thickened neck, and enlarged bicep and tricep muscles – each one bigger than my head – made the stitches of his sleeve burst apart to show us flushed, furry flesh.

‘Oh my god,’ said Niamh.

I looked at her. She looked absurdly turned on by her ex-boyfriend.

He must have noticed too. ‘You like?’ he growled.

‘Who could resist that?’ she gasped.

‘Darling,’ I said, and she threw me a guilty glance.

‘Sorry, love,’ she said, ‘but look at him. He used to be a weed, but now he’s – he’s like Chris Hemsworth but twice the size. You’re nothing next to a man like that.’

‘He’s a monster,’ I said.

Harry laughed at my words and beat his chest like Tarzan, before tearing away the ruined suit. ‘And me still grow,’ he said.

With a huge slam, his belt flew apart, and his trousers split at the seams. He was truly superhuman-sized now. He looked seven feet tall, pure muscle darkened all over with curling fur, topped with my old friend’s face, now squarer of jaw; glasses framed by long, lank hair now, and a fresh, thick beard that hung down to his chest. The silver chain necklace he wore was now more like a choker. The musk he gave off was pungent in the confines of our living room.

Niamh pushed past me, perhaps drawn by that smell. She was biting her lip.

‘Want be fucked?’ said Harry.

‘Jesus,’ I said, ‘that’s not just my girlfriend, Harry. Niamh and I are engaged.’

Harry responded by flexing his monstrous musculature for her, the full posing routine of a professional bodybuilder, showing off the full size of himself: strength, fur and pheromones. Talk about Pumping Iron: he looked bigger than Arnie ever had done. Niamh gave me another apologetic look, then took off her engagement ring and dropped it on the floor. Then she stuck her face in the deep cleft between his immense pecs and lapped the sweat from his body.

‘Yeah…’ he groaned, reaching a hand inside her pyjama bottoms.

His trousers bulged with an erection. ‘No,’ I said, staring at it. ‘No, that’s impossible.’

The trouser fabric pressed tight around my friend’s hard cock, and then that split too. The erection was just too massive to be contained. It stood out of the straining suit fabric atop an obscenely huge set of balls. Harry’s dick and balls were perfectly in proportion to the muscle beast that my little friend had grown into, but I had never seen anything as big, even in porn. His cock had been a girthy eight inches back in the gym, but now it was a foot long and wrist thick with a huge purple cockhead trailing precum. The smell of that with the musk in the air was heady, and I started to feel a bit drunk.

Niamh might have been intoxicated too, but she got right down to sucking that donkey cock, as best she could at least. Harry looked me in the eye.

‘Fuck mate,’ he said. ‘Your fiancée is dirty.’

‘Please,’ I said, ‘this is humiliating.’

‘She sucks cock – ugh - pretty well,’ he said, ‘especially considering she’s never had anything this size before.’

You could really say she sucked more than a third of it, the rest of it she slobbered over or worked with her two fists, which looked small on the immensity of his meat. Meanwhile, his thick fingers were working her pussy. He withdrew them and wafted them under his nose.

‘Oh yeah,’ he said, again addressing me. ‘Smells ripe and ready.’

‘You can’t put that thing in her,’ I said. ‘She can’t take it. Nobody could.’

Niamh took it out of her mouth and stared at it. ‘I want to try,’ she said.

‘Like I said,’ Harry laughed to me, ‘she’s dirty. I wonder if she was always a slag or if I just bring it out in her.’ He looked down at her, slapping her face gently with his donkey dick. ‘What do you say, bitch? You always been this dirty?’

‘You make me feel like a whore, Harry,’ she said, settling back on the living room rug and pulling down her pyjama bottoms. ‘Now I want you to shag me like one.’

‘What about your boyfriend Max?’ he asked her, lubing up his immense knob with his spit and hers in a giant paw of a fist.

‘He used to be pretty hot,’ she said, ‘but he was never as big as you. He never will be.’

‘You mean my dick?’ he asked, putting just the head inside her.

She yelped with pleasure. ‘Oh Jesus, yes, yes, yes,’ she said, ‘but no – no, Harry, it’s not just your dick. You’re bigger in every sense than him. Stronger.’

He slipped another few inches inside her pussy. ‘Yes,’ he said.

‘More of a man,’ she said.

He grinned up at me as she slid his dick further inside and she responded with another outburst of groans and gurgles. ‘You hearing all this?’ he asked me. ‘You taking it in, Max? Because your girlfriend is – the dirty bitch…’

When he got half his dick inside her, she begged him to stop, and he began to thrust, steadily. Half his cock was too much for her. He held her tits together with one giant hand, clutching her arse for purchase as he gave her the fuck of her life. She grabbed hold of his beard, ran her fingers through the thick fur on his chest.

I had never heard her make such sounds of pleasure. I couldn’t help it – watching my wife-to-be getting pleasured by my best friend, now a superhuman muscle beast with a monster cock, I found myself getting my hardest erection in years.

He pulled his dick out, and she squirted a massive gush all over him from her front bottom. ‘Oh yeah,’ he moaned. His cock grew harder and even bigger in his hand, huge and shiny. ‘We are having the best time.’ He looked at me with my dick in my hand. ‘Aren’t we.’

Instead of his dick, he stuck his face in her juicy wet snatch. She shrieked with pleasure as he ate her out and ground his beard on her thighs. I stared, hypnotised, drunk on his musk, at the enormous piece of meat hanging between his gargantuan thighs.

Then I crawled over on my hands and knees, and without having to be told, I took it deep down my throat. The taste and sensation were amazing, and the feeling of taboo. This was so wrong but I was on fire for it with every fibre of my being.

He reached beneath him and patted my head. ‘Good dog,’ he said, slurring the words into my girlfriend’s pussy.

Slowly, he began to fuck my throat.

Up to now, everything he had done was tender. He didn’t want to hurt me, his long-term friend, or Niamh, his ex-girlfriend. And at the same time, I felt like we were in the presence of something bigger than both of us. Something electric as a storm. And slowly he began to lose control, to tongue Niamh deeper and to choke me with that horse cock of his.

Niamh came, and came again.

‘Ah fuck,’ she said. ‘That’s enough.’

‘More,’ he growled, clutching at her. ‘You need more Harry.’

She shrugged out of his grasp. ‘I’ve had all I can take,’ she said. ‘Sorry.’

She pulled her pyjamas up and ran upstairs.

Harry brought his fist down on the floor so hard the floorboard cracked. ‘She never loved me,’ he growled. ‘She only ever wanted my body. Nothing more. And now she can’t keep up with it.’

I put out a hand to restrain him, but it was like trying to restrain a car accelerating toward you. The testosterone had sent him wild again. His eyes were wide. His sinews strained.

‘Do you – do you need me to, uh,’ I couldn’t quite say it. ‘To drain you again.’

‘I want to fuck her,’ he said. ‘But I’m too big for her now.’

‘Try me,’ I said, without knowing what I was doing. ‘You can try fucking me.’

He frowned at me. ‘I’m not gay, Max,’ he said.

‘No,’ I said. ‘Of course not. But we’re mates. We have a bond.’ I reached up wiped the sweat off his brow. ‘I love you, bro.’

‘My – bro,’ he said. He reached toward me too, tenderly, I thought, and then he had ripped my t-shirt right off my body. ‘My boy cunt.’ He tore my jeans apart like they were made of paper. I had not considered what I was letting myself in for. I was forgetting what power he had.

But it was too late.

He threw me on the ground, spat on his monster cock again.

‘Slowly,’ I said, in vain. He was already entering me.

‘Need to cum, bro,’ he said.

I couldn’t speak. I had never felt anything like this before. I wanted it, and I couldn’t withstand it. He didn’t notice, of course. He just took me. Used me. Like a fleshlight. Like a fist. Pinning me down with one enormous hand. Massaging his giant pecs with the other.

I think he must have smelled her pussy juice on his fingers. He growled, suddenly. ‘She doesn’t love me,’ he said.

‘What?’ I gasped.

‘I’m too big for her,’ he said. ‘Too big.’

‘No, bro,’ I said, as he slammed into my arsehole, angry thrusts. ‘Don’t lose your temper. You know what happens when you get angry.’

‘Too big,’ he growled, each word a hard thrust inside me that felt it would snap me in two. ‘Too. Big. Too. Big. Ah, fuck!’

‘Are you cumming?’ I asked, desperately hoping.

‘Fuck no,’ he said. ‘I’m not cumming. I’m growing. I’m growing again, Max!’

My eyes rolled back in my head.

‘Oh, holy fuck,’ I said.


To be continued…

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You asked, so I am letting you know: HOLY FUCKING HELL, YES!!!! You need to continue with this story line.  I look forward to and can't wait to read the next chapters you write,

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