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no sex Black Blood Experimentation


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Chapter 1: (AM note: as every story goes, first chapter lays a lot of groundwork for some major growth later)

Medusa seems confused as she look at her stores of black blood. She looks around the room only to see a shadow slide out of the room. Black arrows slide along the walls as Medusa chases the shadow. The shadowy man flips and dives away as arrows attack off the walls, slowing his getaway attempt. a clash of a dagger helps divert arrows away from dealing any serious damage to the man. Finally however the magic takes the better of the man and the arrows whip around him, constraining and tightening around him until Medusa comes to face him.

The man himself was a rather shorter 5' 4" man, wiry and lithe as only someone taller can normally be, but athletic enough to explain the aerial maneuvers he had been doing previously. Maroon brown short hair topped a rather cute face that gave the impression of being that of a young boys, but with enough lines to show the true maturity of his age of likely 30 years.

Medusa began to put together how she would respond in a witty way when the man began laughing.

"Well I knew this was a stupid idea but guess my luck finally ran out. Before you decide to bake me into a pie I should mention I'm not quite the spryest spring chicken"

Medusa couldn't help but smile at the humour of her hopeless prisoner. "It was particularly more stupid then I think you could imagine. Do you even know what you are messing around with?"

The man laughs harder. "Black blood? I've seen the damage your little son has wrecked. Colour me intrigued."

Medusa seems to weigh the man up. "A power thirsty man. Can you explain to me why I should entertain this talk any longer?"

"Because I think you would be interested in putting black blood through it's paces."

Medusa seems to chew on this "What did you have in mind?"

"You made Crona so mentally traumatized, in an effort to allow Ragnarok the ability to control him. Aren't you at least a little curious to see what happens when someone's goals align with it?"

"Now listen here little man. Based on our conversation, you just want power. Let me guess here. You have always been overlooked and felt weak. You have spent your life trying to make yourself skilled, but it's not enough. You can't hunt for the academy, you can't even steal from me well, or escape."

The black arrows let the man down, humour not seeing to be present on his face any longer. It all had bled into Medusa's toothy grin. "Boy, you think you are so different then Crona, you are just as hopeless as he is." With that Medusa approaches, takes the black blood from the man's pocket. An arrow comes from behind and pierces the man through the chest, suspending him in the air before Medusa. She unstoppers the black blood and pours it into the wound. "Let's experiment."

The black blood seeped into the man's body immediately. With that Medusa's arrow flings him out a door and onto the ground.

The man, groggy as ever got up and slowly slumped away, trying to piece together what had just happened, and what had cut both sides of his shirt but not so much as scratched his skin apparently.

Stepping into his house he stumbles on, his mind a buzz until a voice comes from the corners of his mind.

"let me in, and I will give you the power you crave"

He moves on, stumbling into a kitchen to get a drink. He had gone to steal the black blood.

"You did, and you succeeded. Let me take control, and I will make you strong."

The man stops. He definitely heard something that time.

"I can make you do anything. Untold strength. Give over to me"

It came back to him. The theft, the attack, the blood.

"You are the black blood... Aren't you...?"

"I am. You are weak, do you want to be strong?"

The man grabbed his water and looked across a kitchen island, as if he were talking to someone sitting there.

"I will be strong."

"I want to help you."

"I want your help."

"Give yourself over to me"

The man looks down, and then once his deliberation was done he lifted his head.

"I won't do that."

"WHAT!" With that a black figure bursts from the man's back. Pure black and muscular with a large white 'X' over it's face. "You are small, you're weak, you're pathetic. You couldn't become anything without me, so give into it."

The man grabs the creatures wide shoulders and pins it to the island. "And how pathetic would it make me to give myself away to you! I don't want you to control me, I want you to help me. I worked for it, and I will continue to work for it. So you can help me or I swear to god I will rip you out of my back, throw you in a blender, and drink you down just so I can do it again."

The black blood monster laughs uproariously, catching the man off guard. "I don't know if you know. I'm already in your head, Stephen. I'm so muscular and huge right now because you want me to be, because you want to be like this." The black figure flexes his pecs one at a time. "But that also means I know you are serious when you threaten me AND I LOVE IT." With that the black monster raised itself off and flexed itself in front of Stephen. "I can make you like this. You will be so powerful, but if you want me to be in, I need something in it for me."

Stephen shakes himself back to his senses from being transfixed by the face full of chest and arm muscles before him. "Oh so you don't know that part? I have something in mind."

With that Stephen began walking, the monster attached to his back followed along.

"Wait are you blocking me from seeing what you are doing. Are you doing some meditative bull to keep me from reading your mind."

Stephen seems to grin "Just testing to see if I have ANY privacy. Plus I prefer to think of it as anticipation. Are you excited... What do I call you?"

"I go by Armageddon"

As Stephen goes though his house he opens a door only to find an old maid cleaning the room. "Armageddon, meet Ophelia."

Ophelia sees the imposing muscle monster jutting out of Stephen's back and screams and falls back.

"Ophelia, you seem afraid. I like it. You should be."

"Ophelia, I wanted to thank you for your service, but unfortunately I have one more task for you. I'm offering your soul in place of mine, to become a servant of Armageddon."

Ophelia screams as Armageddon laughs, their voices fighting to fill the room over the other. Stephen sticks out his hand and a black blade juts from the end of his hand and pierces Ophelia through the heart. "My blood should now be black, infect her and replicate Armageddon. I have known her for a long time, she doesn't have the willpower to fight."

Ophelia cuts off her cry to process Stephen's betrayal and Armageddon stops his laughter in turn. "I accept your sacrifice. You will have my strength at your disposal. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN." With that black blood dribbled down the blade flowing down towards and then into Ophelia. The blade retracts and Ophelia convulses on the ground as her veins go black. Stephen and Armageddon watch on as the convulsions stop a minute later as Ophelia gets up and out of her back a clone of Armageddon, with just as much muscle and vascularity jets out of Ophelia's back.

Ophelia, now aware looks back up at the beast that frightened her before, and now sees it coming out of herself and screams once more. The new Armageddon leans around to look her in the face. "That's right honey. I'm in you, I can read your thoughts. I am infecting you more and more every second, and there's nothing you can do about it." Ophelia's eyes at first show defiance but then glaze over with hopelessness. In this moment The new Armageddon's body appear to pulse, and visibly grows larger. Where before it would have been fitting to say it was a ripped bodybuilder with the packed muscle of a 5'6 competitor, now it had that same if not more muscle packed on, and appears as though the bodybuilder in question were 6' in height. Stephen's eyes bulge at the view. New Armageddon laughs looking down at Stephen and his Armageddon. "As we take over, we gain power, and I prefer to show it in my size."

Stephen, attempting not to drool over the muscle in the room reaches out his hand. "I agree, this is going to be fun. I have plans for us all." Ophelia's Armageddon reaches out his large hand, thick with the same strength the rest of his body conveyed, and a smaller but identical and strong hand reaches from behind as Stephen's Armageddon puts his hand into the mix. "I am shivering with this anticipation."


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You got me shivering with this anticipation as well.

Superbly written and extremely hot, I'm incredibly curious to see where this will go.

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Chapter 2:

One week had passed since Stephan and Ophelia were infected, but their progress couldn't have been more different.

Stephan and Armageddon Sr were getting along well. They worked together. They helped one another. They're minds aligned a lot. Both were trouble makers, and both were so excited of what they could do in each others hands. To their credit they would often go through various forms of training. Combat, teamwork, and physical augmentation. As Armageddon had guessed, Stephan wanted to grow stronger more then anything else, and that did mean physically more then any other area. Together they worked on growing his body, forcing the blood to expand him, and grow different areas. It was not so easy as may have been thought, but together they grew him a few inches taller in the week. Even beyond that he was beginning to fill out a build, comparable to that of a swimmer.

Meanwhile Ophelia was having a very different experience. Armageddon Jr spent his time bullying her, berating her, and ultimately attempting to control her. As Stephen had said, she was not mentally very strong, and Armageddon broke her down easily. With every session of taunting he gained more control over Ophelia, and it showed in how he manifested. Armageddon Jr towered above Ophelia in a mass of pitch black mass. Even still the vascularity was clearly visible, giving the impression this manifest of black blood had blood himself. It was interesting to see the scale at which both Armageddon's grew. Sr grew slowly, as his and Stephan's relationship grew, whereas Jr grew by leaps and bounds every day. By the time Stephan called for Jr to join him for something, Jr easily could raise himself up higher out of Ophelia then Ophelia herself was tall, and was just as wide in the shoulders as that. He was completely filled in with so much muscle no human could ever hope to obtain those proportions. Jr, true to his name, reveled in being larger then his "parent" and laughed as he looked down at the other 2.

"Morning pipsqueaks. What's so important you had to drag me out? I was just telling Ophelia how worthless she was, and going through her childhood diary. You should hear about the time she asked this guy out, and he publicly announced to everyone about how she would never find anyone to be with, and she is still single." Jr laughed very hard as Ophelia shed a tear, and Jr thumped with more power. Stephan chuckled a little, but stopped after a second.

"Armageddon, I'm glad you like the sacrifice I have offered you. But you know what. You have done so well with her, I think you deserve more to work with."

Jr's face twisted in confusion, but Stephan took him into the living room with him. Just before entering he asked both Armageddon's to retreat for now, to which they obliged. As Stephan and Ophelia walked in, 30 various people were sitting around the room. Stephan took that opportunity to walk up in front of them and address them.

"Good morning, ladies and gentleman. As you know, I have invited you all here to host a help meeting. You all are addicts to various things. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. We are here to help... in a way. Essentially the reason you are here for this meeting is because your minds are often too weak to fight the voices in your head. I am however afraid to tell you all that sadly, I have not come here to help your issue."

Everyone looked around quite confused and nervous. With that Stephan walked amidst them and Armageddon emerged from his back. Stephan brought his hands in close to him, and just as people began to scream, Stephan Shove his arms to the sides, and Armageddon oozed out along the ground in a line to each person, and then ran up them in tendrils and veins, all in the space of a half second. Everything froze except for Ophelia as Jr emerged from her back to stare in wonder at the scene. From his pose, Stephan turned his head over to look at Jr, and opened his eyes to reveal pure black voids in their place.

Stephan's mouth made words, but the voice was neither his, nor Sr's. It was some amalgamation of the 2 echoing off of each other. "Listen here Armageddon. You are doing well, and will continue to do well, but here me now. If you simply consider this type of growth to be the only kind worthwhile, you will perish. One day, you will need me, because despite all you have you will remember that I am powerful as well. Don't forget that."

Two heartbeats later, the veins that were holding all the people in place pulsed again and again. It was as if time started as everyone began to scream in pain as black blood flooded their bodies. Armageddon Jr had been a little afraid of Stephan's speech, but now laughed at the scene coming out before him, and about the mastermind plan that was unfolding. Stephan eventually broke his pose and the lines that had shot out from him retreated back and Armageddon Sr, formed once more from him. Sr looked very pleased with himself but very tired, but Stephan congratulated him, though Jr was unsure how they could carry a conversation amidst this chaos. Now that Sr had retreated, the people were running, hiding, screaming, talking to themselves. One person had retreated to a corner and was hugging herself and rocking back and forth, all with black blood vessels clear on their bodies.

After a minute the first new Armageddon emerged, and this was the catalyst to more and more bursting out. All huge, identical, and ripped as Jr had been at first creation. All looked around, confused and excited to see all of their brethren. With that Stephan looked over at Jr, this time with his usual hazel eyes. "Armageddon, these are not your brothers, these are pieces of you. Join together with them into one great being."

Jr looked so confused. "Wait, what are you saying?"

Stephan looked over as it dawned on Sr what Stephan was saying. "Why can you only control one person at a time? You are blood, they are blood. Combine yourselves."

Ophelia whimpered at the idea and Jr saw what she was thinking of, and he licked his lips. The other Armageddons had heard what Stephen had said and had gathered their humans together by whatever means necessary. Jr looked over all 30 of his smaller counterparts and they all looked at him expectantly. With that he walked Ophelia into the center of them, and all the Armageddons melded together.

At first it was just a large blob, but suddenly the group of humans felt a large force pull them in closer. The black form was still supported from their backs, and after a minute it began to take shape. A solid round core of abs and obliques formed above the humans, and just above that muscle burst out from all sides. Pecs, lats, and back muscles ballooned out from the core, all displaying hills and valleys where one muscle ended and another started. Two large, heavy arms burst from the ever more defined mass. Each one bigger then any given person below the black beast. Veins streaked along every inch of the arms, from the defined strong fingers up the bulbous bicep and even across the massive tricep head behind it. Traps began rising up higher and higher out of the top of this monster. Finally After everything had formed and solidified, a normal sized Armageddon head popped out in front of the traps.

He seemed to take himself in, as did Stephan and Armageddon Sr. Jr was huge. All the humans below him took that opportunity to move out a little and look up at the creature attached to them. Jr saw all of them and could feel their thoughts of fear. It felt like a rush to him, and he flexed. He reached down and picked up one of the men who was proving more resilient to his imposing figure. It only took one arm to bring him up to his face. "Listen little shit. I own you now. You can resist me, I'm fine with that, but know that I will broke you down. I will make your five times through rehab withdrawal look like the happiest day of your life. You get a choice. You can let me have my way and listen to me, or I can get... creative."

The man's face sunk, as did several others in the group at the implication of what that meant for them. Jr felt their hopelessness feed him more. It pumped him bigger and bigger, and he even noticed a residual effect as his captives noticed the size increase and lost even more hope. His arms extended longer and more so even thicker and stronger. His chest pumped out, taking up more of his view but he felt his back expand as a counterbalance. He couldn't help but laugh at the sheer power he felt, and looked over at Stephan and Armageddon Sr.

"Boys... This is... I have never felt this good. It's amazing. Join me." Jr's giant hand reached out to them. Armageddon Sr began to reach out subconsciously, until Stephan grabbed his wrist.

"That's fine Armageddon. We are glad you are excited, but I don't want to become one of your slaves. We have other priorities in mind. You will appreciate them in time I think, but please, let me be me. If not for my benefit, please do it in thank you for bringing you these people and this idea."

Sr looked down at Stephan, incredulous. "Boy, you have wanted nothing more since day one then strength. You go to great lengths to create this powerful creature, and he offers you assistance, and you say NO?!"

Stephan laughed. "You think he was going to let me be in control? He wanted me to be another drone to feed him. That's not what I need."

Jr laughed and nodded his head. "He's not wrong, but then ask me this. Why give me all this strength when you are the one who wants it?"

With that Stephan grinned. "I have a plan, and you play front and centre." With that Stephan dropped his mental barriers he had kept from Sr. Sr saw Stephan's vision in full for the first time. He went wide eyed.

"HAHAHA My boy. That's risky. It's bold. I love it!"

Jr looked on in confusion, like a child who couldn't understand what his parents were talking about. "I can't say I understand, but it's fine I guess. I'm benefiting after all. But can I at least know what your plan for me is?"

Stephan's eyes lit up with both the Armageddon's accepting his plan. "Well Jr. Think of it this way. 30 people is just the beginning..."

The humans attached to Jr gulped, and Jr moaned as he felt another wave of power surge into him, as he began to fill the room even more, nearing the ceiling. He couldn't help but laugh at the thought of multiplying in strength, and Stephan and Sr laughed with him.

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Before I continue, I would just like to say I am honestly interested in peoples opinions in terms of the turn ons, the writing, etc

I want to become a better writer, let me know

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The lust of power, the need to get bigger, how it's the only thing that's matter... 

It's something that turns me on.


I think the story gets it quite good - it's just chapter 2. I like it till now


Forced growth - where the other person wants him to be even bigger. His need to grow him...

Another turn on.


If the growing person gets dumber is also nice. Even more as a shrinking cock.



I like a slow growth, where the growing person has to work for his growth - but that's not part of this story.

BUT, muscle theft... I like it and in some kind of way you could say this story offers it.


I like the story.

Thank you

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Amazing story so far! I agree with Perados, forced growth is one of my biggest turn ons and if you could incorporate a way where possibly the host purposely gives in and forces said Armageddon to grow even bigger.

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