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New story!


Zach and Zane are driving to Leon's house in urgency.


"Zach, slow down!" Zane yells.


"Marcus sold me this car. I'm gonna drive it like I'm supposed to!" Zach yells back.


"Like I said, Leon didn't even do anything!"


"Leon was supposed to help you since you REFUSE to use the power I gave you!"


"You mean the power that our father genetically gave us?! Yeah, sorry I don't use my power to destroy buildings and cause mayhem in Atlanta!"


"Much destruction is needed in this broken ass city, so call it damage control"


"Damage control?! So throwing a car through a window because you lost a black jack game is damage control?"


"We don't talk about that. Besides we're here."


Zach drift his car into a parking spot. Ever since Marcus trained him how to properly drive a car, he's been driving like crazy ever since. A 2016 Ford Mustang. He could do drifts like crazy.


Zach and Zane get out and walk up to Leon's apartment door. Apartment 306. Zach knocks on the door very abruptly and loudly.


Leon slowly walks up to the door with a gun in his hand. He looks in the peephole and see the 2 people he don't want to see right now. Especially after that scuffle 2 nights ago.


"Open the damn door. We know you're home, cuz you're Altima is outside." Zach says.


Leon slowly backs up from the door and cocks his gun. He didnt think he had to take a life today, especially 2 people he actually respect. He aims his gun at the door. Its all or nothing at this point.


"Ok, this is taking too long." Zach says.


Zach's right leg starts growing more muscular and vascular in his sweatpants. His thighs become more shredded and his calfs start to point out like a football.


"Back up Zane" With one powerful kick, Leon's door is busted open. It sounded like a grenade went off.


Leon started shooting at the twins but no success. The bullets literally stuck to the twins. Leon kept shooting until he ran out of bullets.


"You mean to tell me this is your best friend? Since when does your best friend try to kill you?" Zach asks.


"He knew the bullets wouldn't kill us. He just using that as a warning to stay back." Zane replies.


"Yeah, exactly. The fuck you too niggas want?" Leon says.


"Zane over here just got his ass beat, because he refuse to use his powers. And I hear that you were there but you didn't help him. So i just wanna know why."


"You really think I would be able to take on those people? They had knifes, golf clubs, bats. Sorry that I'm not, you know, invincible like you are Zach."


"So you left your best friend for dead because you were too chicken to even attempt to fight back. I know you had your hand cannon on you. But I,came here to give a little bit of a warning and a punishment. And Zane will assist me whether he likes it or not."


"Exactly what are you gonna do to me?"


"You'll see."


Zach's left leg starts growing to match his right leg.


"Lemme give you a recap on what we can do. We are the sons of Hanzo Nakimoto. His greatest feat was the power he inherited from his father, Lance Nakimoto. His power was being able to grow muscles on his body whereever and whenever he pleased. That includes this" Zach then takes his hand and rips his sweatpants and boxers clean off him. His cock is exposed and now growing in front of him. Zach is now smiling at the sight of his cock growing. Leon is looking rather scared of the snake he sees in front of him.


"We can even grow our cocks, even they're not a muscle."


"What's your point bruh? Are you gonna kick my ass?" Leon asks.


"For real, like what are you planning Zach?" Zane asks


"Leon needs to know not to leave you behind again."


Zach's cock reaches up to the bottom of his chest. Zane is behind him looking real nervous on what his brother is gonna do next. His brother was always a loose cannon ever since he controlled his power. Whether the acts were good or bad, he always left a trail of destruction. Zane refused to use his power because he feared that he would turn out like his brother. Zane was the complete opposite of his brother. He was kind, soft spoken, had a good heart, and never had any bad intentions. He even helped the police to stop criminals when they couldn't. He only used his power when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. But that was rare. Zane is the nicer twin. It's even because of him that Zach isn't in jail yet.


"You see this cock up to my chest?? I can grow it to however long and thick I want it. Plus anything natural with it gets stronger too." Zach says.


"Such as..?" Leon asks


"Such as this." Zach says. Zach's cock shoots a stream of cum upwards and hits the ceiling, denting it.


"What the fu- what the hell are you doing?!" Zane yells.


"Leons punishment" Zach replies.


Leon was completely frozen. Shocked at the sight he just saw. Somebody really nutted in his house, IN HIS HOUSE, and put a dent in the ceiling from that nut, IN HIS HOUSE.


"That was just pre, this is a real cumshot."


Zachs cock begin hardening, till it becomes harder than steel. Pencil thick veins starts appearing, running from the base of his cock to the tip. Even veins appearing on his balls. Zach's hands turn into fists when another stream of cum next to the dent with the stream going through the roof and into the sky 50 ft in the air. Leon is in disbelief on what he just saw. He just saw the same guy nut again but put a hole IN HIS CEILING.


"Whoo that felt good. But I'm not done yet. You're gonna come with me outside" Zach says.


"You just put 2 holes in my ceiling! Im not going anywhere with you!" Leon yells.


"You're gonna come with me or its gonna get worse." Zach shot another stream of cum upwards and put another hole in the ceiling.


"Then I guess I'm gonna pay thousands of dollars to get my house fixed huh?"


"Then I guess you can forget driving around for a while too huh?"


Leon knew exactly what Zach meant by that. Zach starts walking towards the door with Leon and Zane trying hold him back with no success. Zach pushes Zane to the side and picks up Leon over his head. He throws Leon against a parked car, paralyzing his back. He looks up to see Zach holding his car, A pearl white 2012 Chrysler 300 in the air with both hands over him. He tosses the car straight up 500ft in the air. His cock grows up to his chin, riddled with more veins, and a lot thicker. He arches his back and lets out a big roar as a tsunami of cum shoot out from his cock and into the sky above like a rocket. The cum fly ups straight and hits the chrysler and punches a hole from the bottom and into the car, then it punches a hole through the roof of the car and it breaks into 2 halfs. 20 seconds later, both halfs of the car come crashing down beside Zach, along with a rain of cum showering him. He gives Leon a cold stare as a warning of what he is capable of.


"I hope you learned something today. C'mon Zane we're going home" Zach says.


Zane helps Leon up from his paralysis and holds him back from attacking Zach.


"Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow to help you. Call a uber, go to a hotel and rest." Zane says.


The twins get in the mustang and drift off back onto the road. Leon gets out his phone to call an uber and he reflects on the events that have happened in the past 3 days. He gets into a fight, doesn't help his best friend, get his house and car destroyed


"Well, unlike my cousin, I only have to deal with 2 and not 7..."

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I love random acts of superstrength, though I've never read about someone splitting a car in half with their CUM! Wow, impressive stuff! Nice writing, ZFerrari!

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Zane pulls his car into a hotel parking lot where Leon is staying at. He hopes to surprise him with a gift. Zane walks into the hotel lobby amd goes to front desk.


"Hello ma'am. Do you know which room Leon Burkett is staying at? Zane asks politely.


"Room 305 sweetheart" she says


"Thank you".


Zane takes the elevator to the 3rd floor and walks to room 305. He knocks on the door and a female voice answers.


"Come in" she says


Zane answers the door to see Tanya, Leon's sister laying on the bed half naked. Zane being the innocent man turns around out of respect for Leon. Tanya, trying to mess with Zane, does her best to seduce him.


"Oh come on babe. Leon isn't here. You really don't want none of this light chocolate?" Tanya asks seductively.


"I appreciate the offer but i have a girlfriend" Zane says. He really doesn't, and he's blushing hard


"😂. I'm just messing with you. What you doing here?" Tanya asks.


Zane turns back around "I came to bring gifts for you and Leon." He says. He has bag and he pulls out 3 sets of keys. 1 house key and 2 car keys. He also pulls out $500,000 in cash.


"Oh what's this for?" Tanya asks.


"It's for you and Leon. I bought y'all a better house than that shitty ass apartment. And I even bought y'all each a car. Sure they're not DeMarcus boosted cars but they're just as good." Zane says


"Aw, that's so sweet of you" Tanya says.


"May i ask where Leon is anyway? Zane asks.


"He's at the apartment getting it fixed. Where's the house?" Tanys asks.


"Outside of downtown Atlanta in the suburbs." Zane says.


Leon is putting plaster down on the ceiling where Zach made the whole. Hes cussing him in his mind wondering why he was even friends with him. He even destroyed his cousins gift from California. While finishing up he hears a loud V8 and tires screeching with the engine revving up to 8,000 rpms. Speak of the devil.


"Open the door Leon. I know you're here." Zach says. Leon is hesitant to open the door as he doesn't anything else to get destroyed. But the fact thst zach commented he was gonna make a bigger hole in the door than the hole he put in the ceiling, he literally put everything down and went to open the door.


"Aw, i was hoping to bust another hole in something else today." Zach says.


Leon looks up and down Zach's body to see he's wearing nothing but his shorts with a big hole in the middle, he's has a 3 months workout build, and there's blood splattered on his body.


"Can I ask why you're naked and bloody on my doorstep?" Asks Leon


"Well..." Zach says. He pushes Leon to the side to get in the house. Leon looks at him like "WTF? He gon disrespect me in my house?" But there was really nothing he could do cuz he much weaker Zach is so he goes with it. He sighs and closes the door. He turns around to see Zach sitting on the couch. Leon sits on the smaller couch facing the balcony.


"Lemme start from the beginning. I like to go the old construction site on the western side outside of downtown. There are drift meets every Saturday night. And you know i have a Mustang your cousin sold me."




"There was this one guy I kept losing to named Ken Harvey. Him and his RX-7 was unstoppable, until last night."




"The event was whoever could score the most points while drifting around the site in the closed course they had set up. It was the longest course too."


"And how exactly do one get said points?"


"We attached a Classic Need for speed underground drift scorer on each of our cars. Anyway Ken went 1st and scored 550,000 points then i went and scored 790,000 points."


"That's actually impressive"


"Right?! So I won and that didn't really sit well with Ken. So he gets out and tries to beat me up. So i grew to the body i have and beat him up. First he tried to throw a couple punches and i just picked him and threw him to his car. He then got in his car and tried to run me over. I just stopped it with my hands and it totaled. I opened his door and delivered 5 punches to his face. That's where blood came from."


"Did you kill him?"


"What do you take me for? No he's not dead, he's in the hospital."


"Oh thank god. So where did the hole in your shorts come from?"


"A girl informed us that the construction site will be a police station. Nobody was really with that idea. So I decided to destroy it. Would you like a visual representation?" Zach asks that question with an evil smile on his face. Leon already knew what was gonna happen, he already fixed one hole and was in the process of fixing the other. He didn't want his house to destroyed.

"So I grew my cock up to the bottok,of my pecs, and let loose. When i tell I've never felt an orgasm like the one i had, bro..." Zach says. Leon is sweating hoping he'll just tell the story, despite how disgusting it is.

"My cum blasted through the railbeams, the pipes, the wood, even the reinforced steel support beams. And instead of everybody running away, they all cheered for me which is a big confidence booster. So I came harder. My cum skyrocketed through that building. My cock so big and veiny even my balls were veiny too. I destroyed that building with my nut."

"Cool. Can you leave now?" Leon asks.

"I could, but I wanna surprise you with this." Zach's cock starts to grow out into the hole in his pants. 30 seconds later it's length stuck out to at least 13 inches and that's soft.


"I haven't released in a couple hours bro. I'm MAD horny" Zach says. His cock then grows thicker to match the width of the hole.


"Bruh please! Not in here! I just fixed this mess!" Leon yells. Him yelling only made Zach even hornier.


"You yelling for me to stop only makes it better for me!" Zach says. His cock has hardened and is standing up to his chin. His balls have grown to the size of Bowling balls.


"This is how i destroyed that building!" Zach yells. As he said that a large volley of cum rocketed out of his cock into the ceiling, busting an even bigger hole than he did 3 days ago. The cum went through the plaster with effort and was flying 200ft in the air. And that was only the first shot. Zach aimed his cock in front of him and shot a second stream of cum at Leon. Leon, growing up in bad neighborhoods instinctively dodged the shot of nut and it hit the Flat screen TV and the wall behind it. It made a big hole in the TV and wall and chunk of the both of the debris crashed into Leon's room. Some of the jizz left a big track on the ground when it tapered off.


"Nigga, what are you doing?!" Leon yells


"Doing you a favor" Zach says.


Zach stood up with his cock bouncing up his chest. He walks out the front door and shuts it. Leon gives a sigh of relief that a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He goes into his room and checks the damages. Yeah, there's a big hole in the wall. The TV is destroyed and there's a big splat of nut on his headboard. He's surprised it didnt make through that hole either. He sits on his bed, with his head in his hands wondering what he ever did to deserve this. He gets his phone out to call insurance and starts dialing the number. He gets on the phone with an agent. "Hello? Hi sir, my name is Leon Burkett. Yes... Yes my wall has a big hole in the middle and..." A car comes crashing down in the room. He was so close to it, it damn near gave him a heart attack. He was lucky he didnt get hit by the debris. He looks up to see a car size hole in the ceiling and Zach comes crashing down, putting a crater on the floor but luckily not completely breaking through to the neighbors below, who are currently at work. Zach hulked out a lot more. He now looks like the Hulk.


"Bruh what the fuck?!" Leon yells.


Zach just ignores him. Instead he picks up the Chevy Malibu by one hand on the back bumper and spins it around. Leon quickly ducks and runs out the apartment. Seconds later the car comes crashing from the front of the building, completely destroyed. Zane and Tanya come drifting in the parking lot in a 2016 BMW M5 to find Leon on the ground. Tanya runs out from Zanes car to Leon.


"Oh my god, baby brother are you ok?" Tanya asks.


"One, you're only 3 mins older. And 2, physically yes, mentally no. Why? BECAUSE ZACH JUST DESTROYED OUR HOUSE!!" Leon says.


"Bro, trust me I just did you a favor." Zach says.


"I told you not to surprise him like that!" Zane says.


"Surprise?" Leon asks.


"They bought us a mansion towards the east of Atlanta, and gave us an extra 5 million dollars." Tanya says. Leon looks at her, dumbfounded. He has the feeling that she's lying, but believes her anyway. Leon gets up and looks at the damage Zach created. All four of them look to their right and see the apartment owner comes at them with a crowbar and they hear sirens in the background. Zane, Leon and Tanya quickly get in the M4 and Zach shrinks back and runs back to his mustang and speed off. They sped off to the mansion and luckily they were gone before the cops arrived. They get to the mansion and get out their cars. They all gather around it at the front door, looking at it. Leon and Tanya just got rich and can finally get some money the right way.


"Hey Zach, why are you naked and bloody?" Tanya asks.


"Well..." Zach says.


"Uh uh! Not here! Tell that story somewhere else!" Leon yells.


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OMG Zach is so hot. Zane on the other hand is such a pussy, he does not deserve his powers. Hope Zane will lose his powers or it gets transferred to Zach instead.

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When it all happened the first time.

Leon and Tanya's new mansion is everything they could have hoped for. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 Offices, a library, a pool and a Jacuzzi. And since they got an extra 5 million along with the now both of their businesses can get booming. Leon agrees to help His cousin in the market of sending boosted cars in the east coast, while Tanya is working with her Best friends to get their clothing brand going. Its been 3 days and they both have earned $350,000 combined. That's a lot of money for only 3 days. If they keep this up they are set for life even though They basically are. Leon sold 20 cars for Marcus' customers all over the east coast. Atlanta, Greensboro, Charleston, Miami, Roanoke, everywhere. Tanya has also sold a lot of Clothes for her clothing line. Pants, sweatshirts, leggings, etc. From the money they got from Zane, they bought all rypes of stuff. Jordans, ultraboosts, and even got a new 300C from his cousin, plus new cars. Leon bought a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo, Tanya bought a 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG, and they got a 2020 Ford Explorer for themselves.
Leon and Tanya both crash of the futon in they new living room, exhausted from the work they accomplished. 
"You know, we finna be billionaires in a couple months." Leon says.
"And we got The Nakimoto fuckboys to thank for this." Tanya says. 
"Nah the only fuckboy is Zach. Zane is too pure-hearted to be one😂"
"I feel like when they got their powers, their personalities boosted. Zach wasn't as much of an asshole when they were teenagers. What the hell did they do for those 2 months when they were wiped from the map?" 
"Tbe real question is, do we wanna know without Zach cumming a hole in a building?" 
"You right. Let's do this then."
Tanya pulls out her phone and dials Zach's phone.
"Hey Zach, meet me and Leon at the junkyard outside of Atlanta tomorrow morning, and bring Zane with you. We wanna ask y'all something." 
She hangs up and puts her phone in her pocket. 
"The junk yard, which is 2 hours away? You finna drive then." Leon says. He pulls out a remote and turns it to Amazon prime video. 
"You tryna watch Madea tonight?"

The next morning...

Tanya parked the Ford outside the entrance of the junkyard and her and Leon are looking around the junkyard out of curiosity. They found scrap metal, Broken down robots and even stuff from the "special forces" ended up here. Maybe some "expirements gone wrong". They eventually hear A loud V12 in the distance and Leon knew exactly what is was. He ran to the entrance to see a dark red Lamborghini Aventador come from the distance and park next to the Ford. Zach and Zane both get out and seeing Zach fully clothed threw him off. 
"Oh Zach, wearing clothes huh? Zane what did you do to your brother?" Leon says.
"What I can't wear clothes now?" Zach asked.
"It's just unusual to see you with clothes on, that's all. And that's good, cuz I was tired of seeing your dick for fuck sake." Leon says.
"Well it's not gonna last long cuz this question is gonna have his dick exploding." Tanya says as she comes around the corner. 
"What's the question?" Zane asks.
"We want to know, You guys were non-existent for 2 months. What were you doing for those 2 months.?"
Hearing that question make Zach's dick twitch and his muscles shake. That question turned him on but he made a bet that morning. 
They had got into a argument about Zane not using his power to his full potential and a waste of his father's sperm. Zane argued that he refused to use his power for the same reasons zach used it. Zach caused destruction and mayhem whenever things didn't go his way. He crushed a cop car with a his bare hands to a mere size off a suitcase one time because he got a parking ticket. Zane only used his powers once, when he first got them. So, the bet was, If Zach can go one day without using his powers, Zane has to use his powers to destroy something. If not, Zach can't use his powers for a whole week. It would probably be better of Zane took the L because the fact of not using his powers for a whole week, whenever he CAN use them again, the strength would be multiplied exponentially. Zach went 3 days without using his powers once. That whole city block was nonexistent that day.
"Oh what's wrong Zach? You getting restrained over there?" Zane asked smiling. He was gonna be THAT guy in this whole ordeal.
"I'm fine, but I'd rather you answer the question." Zach says.
"Ok then. So it all started 6 months ago..."

Atlanta, Georgia, 6 months ago...

Hanzo Nakimoto, A 34 year old billionaire, famous in the black market. A mob boss in fact, one of the famous on the east side. He has a wife in Japan on a "business trip" named Mailynn, and has 2 sons the twins, Zach and Zane. Both with spiky hair and wears tracksuits on the regular, even outside. Zach rocked a white nike suit with Black Jordan retros 1's and Zane rocked a black adidas suit, White adidas ultraboosts with white hair. Zane dyed his hair to stand out from his twin. 
Hanzo was famous in the black market for the mysterious power he possessed: muscle growth. Nobody knew where or how he got the power from except him and his family. Many speculated that he got it from the drugs or other contraband he sold is where he got it. Nobody knew. But that added on to the fear factor he brought upon people. Even his own guards were scared of him and rightfully so. His strength from his power was terrifying to his guards and other mobs in the east coast. He was able to be the size of Jeff seid, size of Arnold Schwarzenegger and even grow enough to be the hulk. He was able to cut into a safe with his bare hands. One strong punch from was able to put a hole on the strongest material in the world. He was unstoppable. 
"Zach, Zane, come here. I need to talk to you boys." Hanzo says. Hanzo was in his office, on the laptop ordering more product to sell. He can hear his sons having a conversation from outside his office. 
"Bro. I'm telling you, I only pulled out to see how far I could shoot. I painted her wall AND her tv from 20 ft away. I was a firehose!" Zach says proudly.
"And how exactly did Kimberly feel about that?" Zane asked. 
"Dude, she was surprised. Next time, I'm gonna blow load all over her insides. Her guts are gonna be Albino when I nut in her" Zach says
"Ok Zach. I'm sure your proud of your achievement, but I'm not really comfortable of you talking about ejaculating all over a wall." Zane says.
"I'm just saying, when you have sex, you'll never be so proud of yourself in your life." Zach says.
"But that won't be for a long time from now" Zane says.
"And rightfully so." Hanzo says, smiling.
"Hey dad whatchu need?" Zach asks.
"Boys, I've got some big news for this family." Hanzo stands up and walks over to a minibar. He pours a glass of Bacardi 151 into a shot glass and walks over to a window with one hand behind his back. 
"Unfortunately I have to go over to Japan to handle things. I don't know how long I'll be over there but I'm putting the both of you in charge until me and your mother comes back." Hanzo says.
"Sweet! We'll finally be in charge of the Mafia!" Zach says.
"Ok, don't get it twisted. I made the announcement to the rest of the mob, and they're not keen on the idea of 2 teenagers who arent even legal adults just yet of running a mob for a lil while." Hanzo says.
"Yeah I agree. Why not just put uncle Louis in charge?" Zane asks.
"My brother is in the hospital because the "Cobra Kings" gang shot him while in a shootout. Dont worry, he'll be fine." Hanzo says.
"Well I got a question. Since our birthday is next week, is that when pur powers will develop? I really want to burst out of my old small clothes by the slight flex of my biceps" Zach says
"Your powers will develop when you do turn 18 yes, but when they do, they'll hit you like a truck. You'll be in pain for a while. Now i must head out. For now both of you are in charge. And remember," Hanzo pauses stick his right arm out in a fist in front of him, and his arm muscles grow bigger until his sleeve tears. "Nakimoto family for life" Hanzo says.
"Nakimoto family for life" the twins say simultaneously.
Hanzo takes his suitcase and duffel bag and heads outside through the front door. He gets into a Nakimoto Mercedes and drives off. 
"So how long is he really gonna be gone for?" Zane asks.
"Probably 2 years, he does this all the time" Zach says.

To the present...

"So I'm gonna guess he ain't back yet?" Tanya asks.
"Nope. But I got a better question. What is Leon laughing at?" Zane asks.
"Ay bruh, your boy Zach over there suffering. 😂. Why he look like that tho?" Leon says. Zane look to his left to see Zach sitting on the ground sweating his ass off. He really needs to release the sexual tension he has built up in his body.
"Ay Zach, why don't you tell what happened the next week😊?"
"I'm g- go- good..." Zach says, clearly struggling to speak.

Back to the past... 1:47 am

Zach is in his room, playing Halo 3, trying not to fall asleep. His controller died, and ends up having to get another battery pack, which is in Zanes room. He knows his brother is awake and is a heavy sleeper so he can make as much noise as he wants. He opens the door to his room a differwnt atmosphere whan usual. His ceiling light was on instead of the lamp. His desk was a mess was a mess but there was something that made him smile and proud of Zane. There was streak of white liquid everywhere. On the wall, on the window, the blinds, the ceiling, and there was a small hole in the wall towards the bathroom. He opens the bathroom door to see the hole and a white stain on the wall. 
"Damn, he nutted so hard he busted a hole in the wall. That's fucking awesome. Maybe that's why he doesn't jerk off on the regular, he can cause some awesome damage." Zach thought. He was never proud of his brother so mich in his life.
"Damn seeing this just gave me motivation to jack off and try to do the same thing." Zach said. And with that he took off his shirt showing a barely there 6 pack. He walks to the bed Expecting Zach to be asleep under the covers but he pulls back the blankets and sees nothing. He gives a confused look wondering where his brother is.
"Zane?" He calls out. He looks around the room again, hopefully looking for clues. 
"Hey Zane!" He yells, but no response. He walks out the room and goes into Hanzo's office, not there. Walks into the living room, not there. Walks into Hanzo and Mailynn room, not there. Where the hell could he be?
He pulls his phone out and calls him. He hears Zane phone in the distance. He runs downstairs and sees more destruction. The front door is gone and there is glass shattered everywhere. Did Zane get kidnapped?

Back to the present...

"Ok how do know all the parts you weren't there for?" Tanys asks.
"Don't worry about all of that." Zane says. Zane looks to his left to see Zach is nowhere to be seen. He also notices Leon isn't beside Tanya anymore. 
"Ok where is Zach and Leon?" Zane asks.
"Look behind you bruh" Tanya says. Zane turns around and see Zach on the ground laying down face first. Leon is behind him dying of laughter. He's never seen Zach that out of character. 
"Ay you know what? Ima let let your sorry ass lay there and suffer. Zane finish the story." Leon says.
"Ok then..."

Back to 6 month- Y'all know where we goin. Shit...

Zach walks outside through the front door. Him being shirtless runs a chill down his spine from the outside cold air. He sees bushes messed up, Cracks in the cement driveway, even the fountain is messed up. 
"What the hell happened?" He asked himself. He looked around more and saw Zane completely naked laying next to a tree. 
"Oh shit, Zane!!" He yelled. "Zane! Zane! Are you ok big bro?!".
Zach checks his pulse and its a 60, as good as its gonna get. People still don't know how he can tell a person's pulse without proper equipment.
Zane slowly Wakes up, blinking multiple times to get his composure. "Z- Zach...?"
"Oh my god, you're ok. Bro what happened?"
"Our dad... wasnt... Lying when.... He s-said... our powers... Were gonna... Hit us.. Like a truck..."
"Wait so all that destruction was you?!"
"I'm surprised you never even heard it all. It was really... Loud"
"Turtle beaches does wonders you know. So you really ejaculated through multiples walls? You really grew into a hulking monster?"
"You see the hole in my boxers and shred of clothing left on my body. You know what happened."
"Oh man dads gonna kill us when he gets back"
"I'll come somebody to come and fix it. But real quick, what time were you born Zach?"
"Mom always said 12:47am. Why?"
"Check the time real quick"
Suddenly Zach drops his phone from pain. Zane picks it up and sees the time. 12:47am. 
"Get ready Zach. Its gonna be long and painful..."

Back to the present for the last time...

"Wait, so you just not gonna explain what happened next?" Tanya asked.
"Use your imagination girl. But let's just say our entire 20 acres of a front lawn was painted white." Zane says.
Leon comes from around the corner of the junkyard laughing hysterically. 
"Ay bruh Zach mad then a muhfucka😂😂."
"What is he upset about?" Zane asked.
"He said, "I can't" and Punched a broken down honda odyssey. He said something about losing a bet😂." Leon replied.
Zane ran around the corner to see zach sitting on the now not noticeable minivan with his arms crossed.
"Well i guess you aint destroying nothing in Atlanta for a week😊" Zane said.
"Whatever Zane. But know when next week hits, I'll probably be able to send a dumpster flying with a flick of a finger. I'll probably be able to cum on the sun. My power will multiply exponentially Zane. You just brough more destruction when next week hits." Zach says.
"But what's to stop him from disobeying you?" Tanya asked.
"I'm stronger than him, I just refuse to show it." Zane said.
Leon takes a picture of Zach with his arms crossed pouting and puts it on his story.

#angryasian done lost a bet💀💀




Authors note: no I was not gonna write about zach hulking out. Why? Because I'm not good at it. Yall can use your imagination or write out that process yourself. I'm just not good at that stuff.

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Now I just want to see Zane lose it haha. 

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Omg I really love this story, Please keep going

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Mafia problems in Japan.



“Ay Zach you alright??”

“what do you mean Zane?

“I haven’t seen any news of destroyed buildings with “White liquid surrounding the destruction”. Zach you haven’t busted a nut in 3 weeks, and I know that the first week was painful for you.”

“What’s wrong with a lil abstinence?”

“Well when you and Sierra are nymphomaniacs, I get a lil worried about your health”

“Sometimes being the strongest person in the world is tiring and can get boring”

“The strongest person in the world is our father”

“And speaking of Hanzo, where the fuck is he? Dude has been MIA for 9 months.”

“I’m sure our father is doing just fine in japan with mom. I guess something happened to cause him to stay a bit longer than intended. Plus our uncle is coming out of the hospital tomorrow”

“I don’t think Louis will be necessarily happy to see me.  I’m pretty sure he been watching the news forecast.”



Meanwhile in Japan



Hanzo, Mailynn and a couple of henchmen pull up to a mansion in Tokyo, Japan. 2 henchmen open the doors of the Rolls-Royce Hanzo and Mailynn were in and escort them to the front door. Hanzo reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out a letter from the Cobra Kings leader, Mr. Chase Locke. Both of Locke’s security guards open the front door of the mansion and Nakimoto couple walk in.

“Hanzo!! Mailynn!! Bring it in!!” Chase says as him and his fiancée, Elise walk down the stairs. Chase is only 23 years old and Elise is 22. Chase is only 5’ 10”, skinny with only a bit of muscle showing, and Red spiky hair, wearing a dark red suit. Elise was 5’ 8”, skinny with blonde hair wearing a dark red dress. How could they possibly be running a criminal mafia? Chase’s father died a couple weeks ago leaving only him to take charge. His mother died giving birth to him so that wasn’t an option, and all of his fathers relatives despised him because of the criminal work he was doing.

“Chase, please. Lets keep it professional from now on” Hanzo says.

“OK, OK. I see you got my letter. Follow me please.” Chase says.

They began walking down a hallway next to the staircase. Elise kept looking at Mailynn in a disgusted manner. She did not like her one bit. Mailynn noticed but didn’t react, not wanting to escalate the situation.

“Like what you see?” Chase asked

“I’ve been to this house a million times. You haven’t changed one thing since your father died.” Hanzo says.

“My father had great taste when he was alive so I don’t plan on changing nothing” Chase says.

They arrive to Chases office. Chase sit down at his desk and Elise Stands next to her. Hanzo and Mailynn both sit down in the chairs across from the desk. The 2 Nakimoto bodyguards stand next to each of them. 2 of Chases bodyguards close the door and stand next to it on either side.

“So Mr. and Mrs Nakimoto, What did you want to talk about?” Chase asked

“Chase I’ve flown in from America and have been here for 9 months. I should’ve been back home 7 months ago.” Hanzo says.

“So what’s stopping you?” Elise asked

Mailynn pulls out pictures of people from their family, Chases family, and other families in the criminal un

“Uncles, Brothers, Step brothers, Aunts, Mothers and fathers. Many innocents are dying in this little “dispute” us and other crews have. The Russians are losing people, the Italians are losing people, The motherfucking Sindaccos are losing people and too many innocent people are dying.” Mailynn says.

“And what does that have to do with us?” Chase asked

“Mainly these kills count are from your crew. How do we know? There’s Cobra Kings logos and graffiti wherever these shootouts happen. The public isn’t happy and the police are getting the military involved in this.” Hanzo says

“Hanzo Nakimoto, a rich mob boss with an exclusive ability, caring about the public? That’s a first” Chase says mockingly.

“And may I remind you that your men has also shot his brother in America, over some cocaine dispute?” Mailynn says.

“Oh that was YOUR brother they shot? Leonard did say something about shooting a bald guy with glasses.” Elise says.

“He wasn’t even supposed to be there” Hanzo says.

“OK. Hanzo, Mailynn, What’s your point?” Chase asked.

“We’re maybe you need to calm it down with trying to takeover territory for drugs and money. Too many shootouts, too many drive bys are happening, too many people are dying!” Hanzo says.

“These people know what they are getting into when they drive down these streets. This part of Tokyo ain’t the same anymore.” Chase says.

“Chase, if we can negotiate the situ—”

“Hanzo” Chase interrupted “These are my streets now. The people I care about are my men, and my fiancée.”

“The death count is increasing drastically. Don’t you thin-“

“I think he made his point Mailynn” Elise interrupted.

“OK. Lady, I don’t know why you’re so rude. Innocent people are dyin-“

“I SAID I THINK HE MADE HIS POINT” Elise interrupting again.

“Miss, don’t talk to my wife like that” Hanzo says.

“Ok Elise calm it down over there. Alright I see your point. We’ll calm down and try not to get innocent people involved. Chen, Aiden, please escort these people out.” Chase says

“Arigato” Hanzo and Mailynn simultaneously say. They both get up out of the chairs and Locke’s men have them and the nakimoto bodyguards back outside.

“OK can we trust this kid?” Mailynn asks.

“No, but I don’t think he can do too much more damage than he already has done. Lets just get back home” Hanzo says. They all get back in the car and the driver starts it. As soon as it turns on, something started to beep.

“What is that?” Mailynn says. It slowly started to beep faster and faster until Hanzo puts 2 and 2 together.

“GET OUT NOW!” Hanzo screams him and mailynn were able to get far away from the car before it exploded. The 2 bodyguards were not as successful as they both died in the explosion. The explosion sent them flying 35ft forward, landing on their faces and ass. They get up and see the damages. 2 men are dead and their car is engulfed in flames. Two of Locke’s men come out to if the job was done, but saw the main objectives still breathing. They both brought out Uzi’s and started blasting. Mailynn quickly got her husband, knowing he was bulletproof. Hanzo reached in his suit jacket and pulled out a revolver and shot both men. Chase and Elise both run out to see their rivals still standing and breathing.

“Are you kidding me?!” Chase asks himself

“Yeah, We’re not easy to kill Chase!” Hanzo said smiling.

“Damn it, I run this city! ME! I will carry my father legacy!” Chase yells

“His legacy was failure!” Mailynn yells.

“You fucking cunt!!” Elise screams and grabs Chases gun and shoots at Mailynn. Hanzo grabs the bullet flying at Mailynn and crushes it. He then looks to his right where the garage was at and sees Mr. Lockes most prized possession, A Mitsubishi Lancer evolution x with the livery closely resembling Ryo Watanabe car from Need For Speed Prostreet. He walks over to the car with Chase and Elise still in shock that he caught a bullet.

“This is your Legacy right here.” Hanzo picks up the with hand under the front bumper flips it over. He then jumps up 50 ft in the air and comes crashing back down crushing it completely crushing it. This snaps Chase and Elise back into reality. Hanzo then grabs the car, or what’s left of it, and tosses it into the second floor of Chases mansion. Hanzo then runs and picks up Mailynn and run out of the front yard. Chase and Elise start running after them. Hanzo and Mailynn makes out out to the street. Chase and Elise are catching up to them. Hanzo and Mailynn sees a Mitsubishi eclipse and break into it. Hanzo was able to hot wire it in time and drive away, not without spinning the tires for fun, something Leon taught him. Chase and Elise stare the speeding car, not happy at all.

“This isn’t over…” Chase says.

Hanzo drives a good 8 miles before pulling over and stopping. He turns and tries to say something but Mailynn pulls him into her and starts kissing.

“thank you for saving me”

“It wasn’t nothing special”

“I have something special for you when we get back to the house”

“I’m willing to get that something special, but now we are more than likely gonna be at war.”

“Yeah. I hope Zach and Zane are still safe back in America.”

“We raised to strong men. They’ll be fine”


Back in America…


“Hey Zane. I wonder what it feels like to shoot lasers out of your cock.” Zane pauses the game and puts the controller down, turning to his brother looking weirded out.

“What?” He asks.

“I wonder what it feels like to shoot lasers out of your cock,”

“Where did this curiosity come from?”

“I dunno. Someone at the special forces could probably do it. You know they got all types of superpowers”

“1. Its rumored that they have superpowers and 2. Even if they did, why would somebody want to have a power like that?”

“I mean, we have super powered muscles and cocks. I split Leon’s car with my cum! Who wouldn’t want that?!”

“Normal people.”

“We’re not normal. But I bet it feels so good. Like 1000 orgasms combined in one.”

“Whatever. Wanna play halo?”

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