m/m JT wants to grow - part 2 added 15-Feb

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The following is more of a teaser than a story, or perhaps consider it Chapter 1. It's based roughly upon a description and profile blurb of a bodybuilder I discovered recently. I won't promise any sequels at this point, but feel free to make suggestions, or use your own imaginations to continue the story.


"How much is a day pass?"


"Fifteen dol...," the desk attendant started to reply, looking up from his paperwork. He gulped then answered more steadily, "Fifteen dollars, sir. Or sixty dollars for a full week," he added hopefully.


The corners of the tall man's mouth turned up just a bit. He was used to that kind of reaction, but he still found it amusing. If he hadn't been wearing a loose sweatshirt, the next question would have been, "do you compete?"


"I want to take a look around first," said the man.


"Of course," said the attendant pulling out a form. "Would you mind signing this waiver first? We need it for anyone who goes out on the gym floor." He looked up at the big man and added apologetically, "I'll also need to see your ID."


As the man pulled out his wallet, he inhaled deeply expanding his large chest. He observed the attendant carefully.


"Looks like you spend a lot of time in the gym," said the attendant, as he took the man's ID.


The man nodded but hid his disappointment. He knew there would be more chances to find the reaction he needed.


While the attendant was making a copy of the ID, the man skimmed over the form and signed.


"Here you go, Mr. King," said the attendant, handing back the ID. "I need to stay here at the desk, but feel free to look around. Free weights and machines are here on the first level. Upstairs are the training rooms, locker rooms, and some additional cardio equipment. If you have any questions, I'll be here. My name is Tristan," he added.


Yes, JT King wanted to look around. The equipment and facilities were important, but he was seeking something he wanted even more, or rather _someone_. He was in town vacationing and had selected this gym intentionally. It catered to serious bodybuilders. Gyms like this drew big muscle. They were also magnets for muscle admirers. That's what the big man sought. Over the years as he got bigger, JT learned to tell the difference between two groups of admirers: The Impressed and The Obsessed. JT thrived on the attention of the men so obsessed with muscle that being in the same room with him could render them speechless. The desk attendant was in the former category. While JT appreciated his attention, clearly Tristan was not obsessed.


Back when he was in his late teens, JT discovered bodybuilding. At that time, he was 6'1" and weighed 185 lean lbs. With focus, discipline, and hours and hours of hard work, he added muscle to his lanky frame. Within a couple of years, he had added a couple of inches in height and a little over twenty pounds of lean mass.


He hadn't realized how his size had changed until the day he visited a grocery store after his workout. A stranger stopped him in the aisle, remarked on how big he was and asked to feel his biceps. JT was surprised but leaned down to the shorter man and flexed his arm.


"Sure," said JT proudly. "Feel how hard this peak is." He turned his fist back and forth making the muscle jump under the man's hand. The man, his face flushed, squeezed the rock-hard muscle. First with one hand then with both together, the man rubbed and tried to knead the muscle.


"Wow! It's like stone. Amazing... like steel... so hard... so strong..." the man's voice trailed off like he was in a trance as he continued groping the muscular arm. JT noticed a tent growing in the man's pants. It matched his own.


Enjoying the attention, yet not wanting to make a scene, JT gently pulled his arm out of the man's grasp. "Hey buddy," JT said, nodding toward the man's arousal, "thanks for the compliment."


Walking out to his car, JT grinned. He had enjoyed that, especially when the mortified man dashed off toward the store's restroom.


JT strolled through the gym checking out the equipment and the other members. There was the usual assortment for this time of day--a few hardcore lifters and young business types, as well as some middle aged and older people. He had chosen this time intentionally knowing the gym would not be packed with the casual social crowd--the ones who spent more time texting and talking than they did lifting. As he looked over the free weights and other equipment, he received the admiring glances that he had grown to expect. Whether or not they were true muscle obsessives remained to be seen.


Eventually, the big man made his way upstairs. He passed several training rooms. One had a variety of treadmills, elliptical equipment, and rowing machines. Another had a weight bag, a couple of speed bags, and some thick climbing ropes hanging from the high ceiling. There was even one padded with thick wrestling mats.


At the end of the hall he found the locker room. He smiled at the floor to ceiling mirrors lining one wall. The locker room was quiet, not that it mattered. In seconds his sweatshirt and tank top were off and folded on a nearby bench. Flexing his quads with each step, he made his way before the mirrors. He appraised his lean bulk and began to pose.


Turning to the side, he grabbed his wrist, flexed his arm up under his ribs, and puffed out his chest. His pecs swelled, their striations clearly visible. The natural taper of his waist was accentuated by the side pose. Even his baggy shorts couldn't hide the high rounded mounds of his well-developed glutes. Turning to face the mirrors, JT's big arms came up as he snapped into a double biceps pose. His eyes ran over the peaks on each arm, tracing the cables of veins showing beneath his thin skin. From there he flowed into the front lat spread, arms angled out and his fists down to his sides. This showed off his big round shoulders and thick lats. He lost track of the time as he moved expertly from pose to pose, tensing and flexing each one, building up a good pump. Boom, back lat spread. Boom, side triceps. One after another. In his dreams, each pose made him grow bigger. His skin glistened from the effort.


Finally, he was ready for his last pose. He always saved it for last because it was his favorite. With a roar, he crunched down into the most muscular pose, shaking from the strain of flexing every one of his pumped muscles.


JT heard a gasp. In the mirrors, stood a man behind him staring open mouthed. JT growled and flexed even harder, eliciting another gasp from the man.


"Bingo!" thought JT. Although the man was probably old enough to be his father, JT didn't care. He had learned that true obsessives came in many shapes and sizes. It all depended upon their attitude and also, more importantly, the energy of his connection with them.


JT slowly released the pose and rose to his full height. He turned and faced the man.


"Like what you see?" asked JT, raising an eyebrow.


"Definitely," the admirer replied.


He approached JT to inspect more closely. His eyes roamed all over the bigger man's body, never pausing more than a couple of seconds at any one body part. JT had seen this reaction before in admirers who were truly obsessed. The man was like a kid in a candy store, wanting to sample everything and not quite knowing where to start.


The bodybuilder helped him decide. He pulled up the right leg of his shorts and extended his muscular quad. First, he relaxed the muscle and wobbled it back and forth, showing off its mass. Then he flexed it, locking it in place as if it were made of stone. Without even asking, the man's hands grabbed and started caressing the bulk of the quad. JT felt a small shock, like from static electricity after you scuff your feet on the carpet. The man tried to squeeze the muscle. His knuckles grew white applying the pressure, but he was able only to move the thin skin around a bit.


"You didn't bring posing trunks?" the man asked, looking up expectantly.


Without a word, JT removed his shorts, revealing a pair of bright red posers. He handed his shorts to the man and pointed to the bench where his other clothing lay. The man reverently folded the shorts and placed them on the bench, but not before bringing them to his nose to take a deep sniff.


The man returned quickly to JT's side. The bodybuilder was ready. Now that he was in his posers, the man could better appreciate the hours of squats and leg presses that he had been doing. JT turned his muscled glutes toward the man. Accepting the unspoken offer, the man placed his hands on either side of JT's remarkable ass. The bodybuilder flexed his glutes alternately, looking over his shoulder at his admirer's adoration. Next, he bent forward keeping his legs straight and touched his toes. He slowly stood back up, clenching his glutes the whole time as the man's hands moved and pressed and tried to squeeze his hard muscle.


The man's hands made their way down from glutes to hamstrings to calves, pressing and squeezing as they went. He'd stop squeezing occasionally to trace the cord of a vein. The man was muttering to himself and JT could make out an "oh my," or "so big" every now and then. JT was enjoying the attention as much as the man seemed to be.


As the smaller man's hands roamed reverently all over the powerful legs, JT waited for the right moment. Boom! JT closed his legs together tightly, trapping the man's hands between them. The man cried out in surprise, then struggled to pull them free. After half a minute, JT relented. The man pulled his hands out and wiggled his fingers, making sure they still worked.


From the bulge in the man's gym shorts, JT's muscle demonstration was triggering a reaction. JT was glad to be wearing his stretchy posers, since it was affecting him almost as much.


Turning to face the shorter man, the bodybuilder showed off his right forearm, twisting his fist in and out to make the muscle jump. The man traced up and down the thick veins with a finger and JT shivered involuntarily. That was strange, he thought. He didn't feel cold.


JT pulled his arm away and stood with his chest out, arms akimbo, like superman. The admirer froze for a moment staring at the mounds of pumped up pec meat there before him, then reached out. This time he stretched a finger and very lightly flicked the tip of a nipple.


Now it was the big man's turn to gasp. Like earlier, he felt a small shock, a bit like static electricity but not quite. And his pec quivered for a couple of seconds after.


The man had noticed. He gently flicked the nipple again, watching in awe. The muscle twitched again and actually seemed to get bigger.


"Did you see that?" asked the man.


"See what?" asked JT, adding, "that felt amazing."


JT stood with his eyes closed, enjoying the sensations emanating from his nipple and spreading across his broad pec. The man moved his finger and held it poised above JT's other nipple. He anxiously watched JT's face. When the bodybuilder opened his eyes and looked down questioningly, the man smiled and very gently flicked the other nipple.


The reaction was much stronger. JT shuddered as his pec pulsed and grew slightly but noticeably larger.


JT flexed an arm and offered it to the man. The man's hand started tingling even before he touched the bulging peak. JT felt it as well. The energy was getting stronger.


The man clasped his palm over the peak, his fingers stretching not even halfway around the already large muscle. Tingling ran up and down JT's arm. The muscle throbbed, pushing the man's fingers farther apart as it expanded.


"You must be balanced," the man said, nodding to JT's other arm.


JT flexed it and the man grabbed on. Both men reveled in the feeling of the muscles as they expanded.


They stood in awe of what had just occurred, their minds brimming with possibilities.

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Very very nice. More please!

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Awesome!  I've always enjoyed your other stories on here and other websites so I'm so excited to see this!

And this was a HOT start.  JT is awesome!

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Oh hell yeah, I definitely need more of this! Worship-and-grow scenarios like this are great, and your writing is excellent. I look forward to more!

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Part 2 – Trying out the gains


The man gazed at the bodybuilder, enjoying JT's self-discovery almost as if he were groping the muscular flesh himself.


The bodybuilder puffed out his chest and ran his hands over his pecs. They felt bigger. He flexed his arms alternately, rubbing first one than the other, appraising the small but unexpected increase in size. And he was feeling pumped!


JT quickly put on his shorts and tank top. "Hold this for me," he said, handing his sweatshirt to the eager worshipper. "I'm feeling energized. Let's see what this mass can do."


The smaller man, clutching the sweatshirt to his chest, trailed like a puppy as the bodybuilder strode out of the locker room. As he followed JT down the stairs, the man goggled at his wide shoulders and thick traps. Seen from above, they were even more impressive.


Without hesitation, JT walked directly to the nearest flat bench. "Put two plates on that side," he instructed.


The older man fumbled for a second, finally deciding to drape JT's sweatshirt over his shoulder, and added the plates.


JT slid under the bar and quickly pumped out ten reps. "Another plate on each side," he ordered, adding, "I feel strong!"


As the man added another plate to each side, he calculated the total: 305 pounds! The man shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't even do that much on the leg press. Without hesitation, JT cranked out another ten reps, nearly as easily as before. His muscles seemed to glow from the pump they were getting.


"More!" demanded the bodybuilder.


The man quickly added then another plate to each side and moved to spot, "I don't know if I can spot you with this much weight," he warned.


JT scoffed and gripped the bar precisely. Inhaling, he lifted it from the stand and slowly brought it down almost to his chest. Exhaling like a bull, he pushed the heavy bar back up. Again and again, he repeated it, lungs working like a bellows with each rep.


The man studied JT's pecs as they flexed and relaxed. They were getting bigger, bigger than if it were just from the pump. Counting along silently, the man prepared to help rack the weight.


"This feels great," JT said. "Step back, I'm going for twenty."


Eyes opened wide in surprise, the man stepped back. He still watched carefully, but it soon became apparent that each additional rep was getting easier rather than harder. JT maintained proper form. His pace was slow and methodical. As he neared twenty, he was barely straining.


JT racked the bar at twenty and stood up. His pecs threatened to escape the straps of his tank top. He placed a hand on one pec, hefting the mass. "Oh, yeah!" he moaned, then said, "time to see what these guns can do."


The big bodybuilder moved down the dumbbell rack, until he found the weight he wanted. He grabbed them and pumped out a set of ten standing biceps curls. Shaking his head, he put the dumbbells back on the rack and selected a heavier pair. This time he did a set of ten hammer curls. JT was like a machine, using perfect form for each rep.


Switching up to the next higher set of dumbbells, JT turned to the man and said, "Watch this."


The man moved right beside JT. Heat emanated from the big man, like a furnace. There was also the alluring scent of testosterone and clean sweat. His eyes focused on the nearest arm as JT started another set of curls. The biceps flexed. Beneath the thin skin, his veins writhed.


"Feel it," commanded JT.


The man eagerly grabbed on to the arm with both hands, being careful not to interfere with the motion. The veins beneath his hands throbbed with each of JT's heartbeats. The muscle was like warm steel expanding and contracting in his grasp.


As JT finished the set and placed the dumbbells back on the rack, he paused for a moment, thinking. "I have a better idea," he said with a mischievous grin. He turned quickly, placed one hand under each of the other man's arms, and lifted him up as easily as a parent lifting a child. "This will work," said JT, as he began doing reps. Each rep brought the man's crotch up to eye-level with JT. The man's prominent erection strained against the fabric of his shorts. JT loved having that effect on worshippers.


The man was in a mixed state of surprise and bliss. His hands rested on JT's flexing arms, his eyes closed savoring the experience. This show of strength was more than he had hoped. Each rep rubbed his hardness against the fabric of his shorts. It was too late when he realized he had reached the point of no return.


JT, feeling the man shudder and twitch in his hands, smiled. He set the blushing man gently back on his feet, holding him for a few moments to make sure he wouldn't topple over. Looking at the large stain spreading on the front of the man's shorts, JT said, "I appreciate the tribute." He added with a nod, "you can borrow the sweatshirt for now."


Hastily the man tied the bodybuilder's sweatshirt around his waist. "That was incredible," he said, shaking his head in disbelief.


The men heard an, "Ahem," from behind them. Tristan, the desk attendant built like a gymnast, had come up behind them.


"I was wondering why it was taking you so long for your tour, Mr. King. I guess you've decided to join? It certainly looks like you know your way around a gym," added the young attendant sincerely.


Both JT and the other man sighed in relief. Tristan must have missed the exhibition by only a few seconds or else his reaction would have been entirely different.


"That sweatshirt you were wearing when you arrived was hiding more muscle than I expected," said the desk attendant, his cheeks reddening after realizing what he had just said.


"My friend…" JT raised an eyebrow at his spotter.


"Matt," offered the older man helpfully.


"My friend Matt was helping me try out some of the equipment," said JT. "Yes, I'll take the full week."


"Great, I'll prepare the paperwork," he replied. His eyes wandered over JT's physique, lingering on the bodybuilder's large pecs and nipples. Snapping out of it, he added, "I'll be back in just a minute. Thank you, Dr. Sullivan, for helping our new member."


As Tristan stepped away, JT turned to the man beside him and asked, "Dr. Sullivan?"


Matt nodded. "By training, I'm a biochemist and an endocrinologist. My job allows me time to work on my own projects. I suspect what happened to you was related to experiments I have been doing with bioelectric fields." The man watched JT's face as the big man processed that information. "Can I persuade you to participate in a couple of experiments?"


JT's head was nodding before he had consciously decided. "Yes, I think so. Can you tell me more?" he asked.


"Certainly," the doctor replied. "I must head to the office for a couple of hours. Are you free for lunch at noon? There is a little restaurant only two doors down from here," he suggested.


"Yes, that works for me," replied JT, just as Tristan returned with the membership papers.


Dr. Sullivan pulled out a business card and motioned for the pen from Tristan. "Here's my cell number, in case anything comes up," he said, writing it on back of the card.


"Ok, see you then," said JT confidently. He looked forward to learning more.


Matt Sullivan also said good-bye to Tristan and headed quickly for the door, already late for his first appointment.


JT quickly checked over the form and signed. He looked at Tristan and asked, "I thought you had to stay and watch the desk?"


"It's ok. Josh starts at ten and came in a little early. It's usually pretty quiet at this time of morning." Tristan looked at the clock, "and my shift just ended. I wanted to make sure you were able to find everything you were looking for."


"Maybe," replied JT, lifting a big arm to casually scratch the back of his neck. He watched Tristan's reaction.


Tristan gulped at the size of the much bigger man. "Even though my shift is over, I'd be happy to answer any questions. Usually I use this hour as my workout time. Today I don't have class at the university until 2 p.m. and then wrestling practice after that."


A smile grew on JT's face as he remembered one of the training rooms. "Now that you mention it, there is something I have a question about. Let's go upstairs."

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Awesome!  I wonder if Tristan has the same magic touch as Matt.

JT wants to grow and I so want him to as well!

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Awesome story, can't wait for more!!! How is JT based on?

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Awesome story, can't wait for more!!! Who is JT based on?

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