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This is the first chapter of my new series of short captions; FertiliGro. I hope you enjoy. 😋

I also post his on my bdsmlr blog. Fair warning, in addition to muscle growth content, I also post mpreg stuffs there, so be informed if that's not your thing. Future entry of this story may also contains mpreg contents too. https://beastcz.bdsmlr.com/post/168180867

I also have a blog on this forum, in case you guys want to check it out. 😁 


FertiliGro Snippet 1

Ever since Jason took the new fertility-enhancing pills, FertiliGro, to help with his low sperm-count problem, he feels like a changed man. The company advertised it would help increase virility in men, improving potency and volume, as well as working like an aphrodisiac, enhancing libido and extend erection time, and all-around improve sexual experiences.

It sounds too good to be true at first, but he was desperate, and there was a lot of good reviews of the product, so he bought some and began taking them.

And he has to say, the advertisement weren't exaggerating the effects of the pill. If anything, it might be TOO effective. He has been horny and hard non-stop since he started them. He has to rub out a few load a day now just to keep his libido manageable. Even still, his swollen gland would still snake down his pants, throbbing and dripping with pre-cum.

He also noticed other side effects. He started feeling restless if he doesn't do anything physical activity for too long. His muscle grows quickly after his time in the gym. There's more hair on his manlier body now, and his beard is coming in quickly he'd sport a fair goatee even if he shaved in the same morning.

Damn, the thought of his increasingly sexy body make him hard again. Gotta take care of this. He wasn't attracted to guys before, straight as an arrow, but lately any hunks would give him a hard on as good as any bombshell, the urge to fuck overwhelm him just the same.

As he powerfully stroke his breeding tool, he noticed it feels bigger and longer in his hands. The more opaque pre-cum is soaking his hands and abs. Even after he shoots, he still keep going, addicted to the powerful pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms his cock is giving him.

Maybe he should go out and find someone to breed. With how virile he is right now, he might even knock a guy up. The idea sent him into another mind-blanking spurts.


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i kinda want to know what video is that gif from...



for research...

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9 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

i kinda want to know what video is that gif from...



for research...

If you find out, please let me know too. I only found the gif of it. 😆

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FertiliGro Info 1: Side effects 1


Image taken from PapaWereBear on bdsmlr. 

FertiliGro is created and advertised as fertility-enhancement supplement for men. However, in addition to improving user's reproductive capabilities, side-effects have been observed, especially in repeat-consumption.

Side-effects may includes, but not limit to :

- Increases in user's muscle development. This effect is observed even in users who partake in little physical activity, but the effect is greatly enhanced by activities which promotes hypertrophy. 

- Increases in user's hair growth. In particular, hair growth that is typically associate with masculine traits, such as body hair, facial hair, and public hair, etc...

- Changes in user's personality and mentality. This effect varies from user to user, but it typically involves changes in user's sexual preferences. Both in terms of their preferences for sexual roles, dominancies, fetishes, and also orientations. The user's attitude towards sex commonly become more open-minded and expansive, with the majority of user's orientation changes toward bisexuality or pansexuality, but changes to homo-sexuality has also been observed. In addition, users commonly become more open to sexual encounters and explorations of new fetishes and relationships. Due to the varied and wide scope of this side-effect, more studies are needed.


A little world-building for the settings to help me break my writer block. Hope you enjoy this little info-post! More of these to come.

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Finished this just in time. Happy Valentine's day! ♥️

Fair warning : this chapter contains mentions of m/f sex, though not in details.

FertiliGro Chapter 2 : Thomas


Thomas is getting desperate, and is on the verge of trying something risky. Many would describe the 52-year-old man as successful. He runs successful businesses, a rapidly growing advertising company and a marketing consulting firm, keeping a fit healthy body, married to a loving wife, and has enough money to comfortably retire.


However, one facet of his life that he wants, but has yet to have, is children. So many things seem to get in the way of him having his own kids. First, it was money, he wanted to have enough savings to support his family, and he felt like he didn’t have enough. Then, it was time, he was too busy with starting and running his own company. After that, it was health, knowledge, living arrangement, one thing after another. Before he knew it, years flew by. And when he felt like he was finally ready, he found that he’s unable to.


He and his wife had tried, again and again, but it never worked. No matter how many techniques or supplements he took, no child was conceived. When they finally visited a fertility clinic, only bad news awaited them.


Perhaps it was his age, perhaps it was genetics. Regardless, the result was the same; He was the problem. Both the volume and the quality of his sperm were low, the doctor told him. While the possibility of pregnancy wasn’t zero, it was very unlikely. Other doctors and clinics they visited produced the same result.


His wife, bless her sweet and gentle soul, tried to stay positive and cheer him up. “They didn’t say it was impossible, right?” she would teased “Then I supposed we’d have to try more often, hmm?”


Thankfully, nothing was wrong with his sex drive and performances, so they keep at it. They fuck like rabbit, often and everywhere. While they are happy their sex life is better than ever, the pregnancy they had hoped for is still out of their reach.


Which is where his current situation comes in. FertiliGro. The new supplement that promises to not only solve his fertility problem, but also takes his sex life to a new level beyond his dream. Bold claims, like any number of “miracle drugs” that con people into buying their bogus products. Normally, he would dismiss it like the rest, but he’s desperate, and it was recommended to him by one of his nephew-in-law, Jason. He also suffered from a low fertility problem, and they got along well enough. The young man has changed a lot since he last saw him. More muscular, and more confident. He grows out his beard too, the well trim hair frames his jaw well. He suggested the supplement after he heard about Thomas’ plight, swearing that it has changed his life. Jason shared some of it with him, saying that he no longer needs it.


So, here he is, getting ready for bed with his wife, one of the capsules in his hand. He still has his doubt about its effectiveness, not to mention its safety. But he’s running out of options, and he figures it should be safe enough since his nephew seems to be fine. “Ready for tonight, honey?” his wife asks from on top of their bed.


Well, here goes nothing! He decided, swallowing the tiny capsule before turning around and walks to the bed where his wife awaits.




The next morning


Thomas wakes up to a morning sunlight, feeling surprisingly refreshed and energetic. And horny, so very horny, his cock is harder than it has ever been since puberty. Maybe even harder. With the frequent baby-making attempts, he hasn’t had a morning wood in a long time, so it comes as a pleasant surprise.


His wife still sounds asleep beside him. He carefully removes himself from bed, and starts getting ready for the day. He brushes his teeth, washes his face, putting on some deodorant. He even looks livelier than usual in the mirror! With basic hygiene taken care of, he starts getting dressed. He tries putting on his underwear, with some difficulties. His somehow-still-stiff cock tenting out from the clothe. The horniness is starting to get to him. Maybe he should stay in today and have some fun with his sweetheart. The sex last night were more passionate than usual. He must have pumped quite a few loads into her.


The memory of last night drove him over the age, he let slip a moan as lust jolted through his body. A bit of pre-cum leaks through his underwear. Or is it the actual cum? It is cloudier than his usual pre. The thought makes him leak a bit more.




Wow! That was intense. And he’s even hornier now somehow. He feels insatiable, aroused beyond belief, like he would explode from sheer lust if he doesn’t bust out a few loads right now.


“Someone’s in a good mood this morning~” The sensual voice came from his bed. The sight of his wife fill him with vigour. He practically leap to their bed with a strength he didn’t know he had, fuelled by his desire to fuck his lover until they physically cannot anymore.


It took them hours until they finally left the bed.




It has been almost two weeks since he first started taking FertilliGro. His libido has been higher than ever. He fucks five to six times a day, and jerks off when his wife’s not available. He’s been quite distracted from work. Thankfully, he’s the boss, so he has some flexibility. 


His workout has also seen stark improvements. Weights that he used to struggle with now barely strain him. And his muscle has been growing like his sex drive. His previously lean body is now bulging big and beefy. And talking about bulge, his cock and balls feels larger and more sensitive. His once smooth body is now dusted with light but sexy amount of hair. Maybe FertiliGro increase his testosterone production? He supposes it would explain the recent changes.



He has noticed more appreciative glances his way in his gym, from girls and guys alike. He certainly enjoys the extra attention, and it has been difficult holding himself back from responding. For the first time in his married life, he considers the possibility of having sex with others beside his wife. 


A hot gym stud just flirted with him. The fit young hunk has been hanging around him for a few days now, and he finally makes his move. He teases and makes innuendo at Thomas, all but coming out and ask the mature man to fuck him. The words don’t even register in Thomas’ mind anymore as he follows the muscle slut to the locker room.


They only left after the slut’s hole is full of his enhanced cum.


Edited : fixed formatting

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