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there was a time and place where all the mythical creatures set war at our world.

the question is " what kind of creature will save the day,life,and independense".

the answer is " at the fullmoon the creature that we fear is actualy helping us, the one that we called

half man half wolf".


werewolf's are known as human eater's,now they have change.


 spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngthey actually help us like they were human again.


there leader is the most generous wolf that we ever seen his name is lucario de fario.

he was strong, kind, and sometimes the lady's think that he is hot by saying " i think he is a handsome for

a werewolf" then he talk to the lady's and said " thank you for your honesty , surely i hope

all of you will have a beutiful future".


well for me thank's for one of the werewolf that accidently bite my arm because he think's 

i was the a living ghost.

so i live my live as a werewolf now, because of that i change my name to mitropolos.

i guess it's cool because it has the name of a zodiac called mitropholos. 

then when lucario see me building up my body he said " when i am no longer here 

you must take my place as the leader".

after exercising i been thinking about his ofer i was like " why did he tell me this

anyway?" then i went to bed and sleep.

when i was sleeping somebody just pat my me in the head and said

" you are so cute when you sleeping".

then i instanly wake up to see who is the one did the pading and

talking when i was a sleep , it was a litte girl smilling at me .

when i look into the mirror i see my self as a werewolf but still me.

then i ask her " what is your name little girl?", she said

"my name is lucy".

after she tell me her name i answered back " my name is mitropolos,

what are you doing here little lucy" she said

" i am trying to find some food , but when i saw you 

i want to pat your head because you look like a little pup sleeping"

that actualy make me laugh, i say to this little homeless

girl " you want to stay at my place to night?"

the she said " i would love to !"

chapter 2

love & war

in the daylight, at my place lucy is still sleeping in my single cozy bed " so at the end i have to sleep

at the sofa".

but thats okey because i acctualy to love lucy as a kid of my own, infact we almost like

all of the same stuff espesialy choclate

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