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Before starting the story, I should point out that this story is about fetishes that I like, so gay, muscular, crushing and some smell fetish. This story can get violent. Thank you for your constructive comments.




chapter 1: history

you are called quentin a can corpulent (https://tinyurl.com/y5yr645l), aged 22 years you were gay is seen your body you had a weakness for the muscular man with fetishes adore.

you had a best friend who was the same age as you jeremy 22 years old, you were best friends since childhood because at the age of 3 you were a neighbor, but now your friendship is strengthened except that jeremy and your boss too but he always talking to you as a friend, jeremy has changed since the age of 13 because he started doing sports and bodybuilding now at the age of 22 he looks like a beast of muscle, to say next to you is a child and he is an adult he has biceps in the shape of a 30 inch demolition ball (sorry this measurement is not used in my country) on arms larger than a bodybuilder leg (https: // tinyurl .com / yh86dpbt), huge pectorals so big that a hand can be completely pushed into the joint is disappearing, eight pack (abs) super well defined, buttocks that sound like his pecs but bigger than a head human, super-developed thighs running along tree-size legs, a hand that the whole turn of a head, and feet immense, all his body and filled with dry and ultra hard muscle, he even has a Herculean force which can destroy all, clothes made to measure because it does not exist with its morphology, he wears a tight-fitting tank top that allows you to see it's muscle, a very tight leggings that pushes these thighs and his muscular ass to better see them, he likes leggings because it is a garment that is not annoying and which does not prevent it from making movements.



jeremy had bought a huge field larger than 2 football fields or he had built a manor house and made-to-measure, he works at his place and you also lived at his place, but you don't pay rent on the contrary jeremy you stay and eat for free even if he give you a salary because the job of jeremy was to make very special videos and he hired you to help him as a technician, you are responsible for filming but also for helping him in these videos like an assistant and you take care of all the editing, jeremy had your penchant for muscular men and he had you were in love with him but he waits for you to take the first step, in all the videos have you see too because you pass in front of the camera to bring him an object or to recover what leaves (clothing) because jeremy takes advantage of his body to earn money he makes 3 types of paid video
1 type: he would pose and show these muscles or he would get oiled.

2nd type: he was often shirtless and looks like in the first video except that in this one if he destroys objects of all kinds, his could go from small to military tank, he could even transform a huge safe into a very small circle about the size of a candy.

the 3rd type was more special because certainly the video was paying but in the video the fans participated against payment, the fans paid to be in this video where they are slave subject, they can touch him els muscle but also be forced to kiss it's muscle, he can also force them to do what he wants but in these videos he doesn't overwrite them even if sometimes he dreams.

all these fans were jealous of you. moreover when you were young you and jeremy had discovered your power not to die, you could even be crushed and your body this reform after, you had discovered it the day when you were 14 years old you were crushed by a car at at the beginning everyone panicked because you were in crumb but what was strange you had no blood and 1 minute after starts to move and jeremy see that your body resumes this normal form.

one day jeremy came to see you with a special request because as you are the technician, you are also responsible for finding objects for type 2 videos even if it is jeremy who pays,
"Quentin, I saw several comments that are starting to take on too much importance, everyone asks what happens if I shake a man or that head, can you see if they can buy human skulls or something that looks like is trying to have at least 6 because I would like to make a video or I crush these skulls to show that each skull becomes dust, I will crush one in bearhug, one between my thighs, one between my buttocks, one in my hand, one where I sit on it and therefore under one cheek and finally the last under my armpits "you answer him" okay i will try to find that "then jeremy sense will, you start to try to put slowly because you can't stop thinking that he is using you instead of a fake or something else. you keep looking and find a real human skull was impossible even an animal you can not find then it remains the skull made, it looks like skulls but they are not made like a skull.

then you call jeremy when he arrives you explain the situation to him and jeremy says "so if I understand correctly, if I want to crush skulls I have to take false skulls and that it is not natural." and without paying attention you say aloud "I have another solution"

jeremy had heard it and said "what is this solution?"

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1 hour ago, goremeridian said:

It's definitely an interesting (and grisly) premise; you should keep going with it!

thank you very much, in addition it is hard because i don't speak english.

little suspense: in the next episode there may be human crushing

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before doing chapter 2, I want to correct chapter 1 because I forgot an element the detail of the villa



chapter 1 bis: the villa

as specified jeremy built a villa to live but also to work that it aprtage with you, in this villa, it has the rooms after default (wc, bedroom, kitchen, living room etc) you have your own room with all els equipment (tv, landline, private computer) all of this is paid for by jeremy and jeremy to respect your privacy, but it has other additional rooms such as a room which is used for video editing (your work desk, with the best utlra software dear), this piece seen that it is for you jeremy you let the choice of decoration, it also has a huge piece or this find objects for the video (object generally buy in flea market because to be destroyed) but also the repair material and the rest of the material, in this room he also has a dressing room for jeremy this room is twice the size of a store, he has a room which is the office of jeremy even if he does not use it no, he has a huge weight room rme which are like a public bodybuilding room or what finds all the machine which exists to do this bodybuilding, of course it is machine is not normal because it was built to support the weight and the force of jeremy, it has an outdoor pool but also a room with a huge indoor pool and heating, it also has a sauna room and jacouzi, all these rooms you can use them;
jeremy is rich and want you to live in happiness, he even takes care of you, he also has a cook who never sees because it is you who makes the connection between jeremy and the kitchen. the cook takes care of all (shopping, preparing food)
you eat normally but jeremy eats for 100 people is mainly protein but his dish that he loves are dishes that give a lot of flatulence while helping the muscles why because fart makes the buttocks as muscular because when have fart generally have tightened the buttocks then release the pressure, he has other employers (housekeeper, gardener, pool employee, technician / repairer for the house) but who are forbidden to see him, because he must go through you, you are like the secretary , the only employer who does not want his guard and coach, because why have a guard with that build no one dares to steal it and if by any chance steals it, stealing it does not start again because it punishes them and it does not need to 'a coach he works as he wants is way a coach do not know how to take with a beast.

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chapter 2: the solution


you were swimming because you didn't know what to say to him, but what did it take you to say that, what will he think of you, you must find another solution, but you find nothing so you say "forget it is a mistake"
jeremy looks at you with an angry look and tells you "now that you said you can't back down anymore" he crosses his arms which makes him more badass because these muscles come out, you were drooling then some second then you take your mind back and you had no choice "Okay, I'll say it, you want to crush a skull or something that is as realistic" he answers "yes" you tell him "well I a proposal is it even allows you to do something else like 2 videos, you crush a real person living with all their bodies and not only their head to show what happens when you do not control yourself or do it on purpose then you can make a second video or you do like your video with the trunk but instead of the trunk of the tablet a human body, if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking to you about transforming into a small ball or a small disc like the once you have taken a large chest and you hold it several times until to the size of a small weight "he crosses his arms and says" I would like to make these two videos, but I don't want to kill someone, even if he is condemned to die "

you start to blush, but you throw yourself "I'm not talking about killing someone, I'm talking about doing it on me because as you know I can't die even if I'm going to suffer" jeremy smiles a huge smile, he sees that you're going to tell your secret about him, but he's going to help you, because he says "you're sure you want to do it, you're going to be very hurt especially for the second video" you keep blushing and you throw yourself "i am fan of muscular men and I have always loved you and I would like you to dominate me, that you crush me I even dream of it, that you crush my head in the crack between the biceps and the forearm with a sag that you make me bearhug to your ultimate strength, find myself wedged between your huge thighs and also be crushed under your buttocks "
jeremy is delighted that you finally admit, because he tells you "you took a long time" you look him in the eye, because you did not understand "took a long time" and jeremy tells you "i know since that you are a child that you like my muscles, but I wanted it to be you who take the first step, in your opinion why you live with me and why you are the only one who can see me all the time, but now that you say it i'm not going to be nice to you anymore i'll be the worst dominant you know, we're going to have fun "you panic a little even if you accept the situation then jeremy move your office chair so that you are in front of him


you all see his body standing in front of you then jeremy says "before starting the video i will realize one of you is fantasy" then you see jeremy this turned over you could see his muscular back with these two huge cheeks of the size demolition ball and some second after he thinks like he is sitting on your chair, you are afraid but you do not move because you wanted it too, these buttocks hit your body and the chair you had got your leg starting to scream and even the chair starts to cry then you see his back receding on you and Boom he was sitting on the chair normally with you one can crush against his back and his ass, so tightly that you could not move an inch, jeremy can to feel you under him and to feel your what bone this broken that it is on his back or under his ass then jeremy descides to move a little as if better to be seated you cry of pain in friction then it my more force when a strange noise arrives "PLOUM" the same noise as if an aspi rator with sucking something, he gets up and no longer sees your chair on the ground, he looks in the mirror at his back and sees the chair sticking to his back but what is funnier these than the seat and between these buttocks what ve said that his ass has sucked the seat and you e that makes the two cheeks therefore exceeds the top of your body was sticking against his back and the bottom of your body was stuck between these cheeks, you tell yourself if he squeezes them butt yourself and the seat will be as flat as a drawing with the shape of her ass

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