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m/m Daddy Sean

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Matt, hsmusclboy. This is a tribute. I wondered what would happen if we caught up with his characters today...

Part 1.

Sean was still huge. Sean was bigger than ever. He was now Coach of his old high school football team, king of the county with his golden hair now jet white and standing out against his golden, muscle bound alpha body. 'Fuck yeah. So fuckin big' he moaned as he squirted out his 9th load of the day, his fist thick ropes thwocking against his trophy cabinet. He'd won everything he'd competed in. Ever. Pictures of him with bro Billy and beast Tim, their mouths wide in surprise at Sean's neverending growth adorned the walls caked in days, weeks and months old cum. Trophies overflowing with his white cum lined the shelves with rusted cum ruined medals. 'Ungh can't stop cumming'. Cum was important to Sean. After his orgasm had subsided, Sean stuffed his monster cock in his posers, the only clothing he's worn for twenty years, his veiny dad cock and white pubes overflowing. Sean stepped over a wide legged and leaking conquest from last night who once they came around, would have to make their own way home and take a week off work to recover.

'Gonna fuckin lift' he mumbled as he waddled outside and picked up his truck, which he hardly ever drives, with one hand, then one finger, flexed 'Aww yeah' and he started to bone and leak in front of a growing crowd, familiar with this late thirties behemoth and his 8 in the morning lifts. 'So fuckin huge.' Life had remained simple and constant for this muscle god. His neighbours, sleep deprived every night and every day as 'Oh my fucking God Sean' rang out across the street and 'Fuckin pussy' in response in it's insane, almost banal regularity. But they never complained and never moved. 'Pussy' to Sean was what he called any hole. It was mostly men these days, better to withstand his voracious appetite and physical dominance. Men built their bodies, piling on muscle and practiced fucking themselves with inhumanly big sizes just to better take Sean's whale cock and kegs of cum. Sean never learned their names. They were just 'pussy'. As he continued to flex his cum flowed into the towns already backed up drains.

After his lift, Sean went back inside. Despite being paid as head Coach, no one knew when he last did any work, other than fucking, jacking off, lifting and flexing. Sean had just started to tease out load 10 when he heard a knock at the door. 'Look at my size' he mumbled to himself and to an audience that wasn't there. As he started to flex and bone in the hallway mirror again, forgetting why he got up in the first place he heard a second knock. Sean reluctantly opened the door.

As the sun pierced through the opening door Sean couldn't believe his eyes. Standing in front of him was a muscle god, his size, maybe bigger? 'Fuck dude' mouthed Sean...




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Hell to the yessss!

we need more fics with this art and you just made a pretty good one. 

I for sure want more

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