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EDIT: I've accidentally posted this story in two different places because I didn't realize there was a separate place for unfinished stories. I can't figure out to delete this one. Oh well!


Hey bros. Writing a pretty personal story that I'd thought I'd share with you all.

I'm super tired and depressed these days, so writing stuff like this really helps me process. 

This story isn't just a quick sex scene, so I want you to try and get into the characters. It's still in progress, so any feedback helps.

Appreciate it!


CHAPTER 1 - The Gay Bar Escapade



They met online. 


Usually, online connections don’t really work out. Sometimes, you think you’re talking to a cute boy who just got out of college, so you start texting each other. But suddenly, when it’s time for you to meet each other, you find out that it’s just a 60 year old man who’s lonely, bored, and a compulsive liar. 


But this time, it worked. And don’t ask me why. Sometimes, it just does. And you always hope that it does.


Jake was always on the computer. He didn’t like going outside a ton, because going outside meant that he had to face the terrible world of adulthood and wearing pants, and really, no one wants to do that. 


He’d met Brad randomly, on a YouTube comments section. It was a sadder song, the kind that people listen to when they just want to feel things. He’d offhandedly commented on the music, and someone had replied, with a message that was strangely kind. “I feel that way too,” the comment said (strange, knowing the kinds of comments youtube had), “do you have any other music like this?”


And so they’d kind of bounced music back and forth, and it was kind of exciting because they’d feel the same about certain things, and they got to discover music together, and it was strangely easy and anxiety free.


One day, when Jake was flipping through recommendations, he’d stumbled on Brad’s actual channel, which included his face, and the upper half of his body. Brad did commentary on random things— this time it was about an indie video game released in 1994. Jake was infatuated instantly- not only because Brad’s beard was full, dirty blonde, and masculine, but because Brad was someone who wasn’t an idiot or a liar. He didn’t do things for the attention. He had a good head on his shoulders. And goodness, he had some good shoulders.


And suddenly they were seeing each other. Texting at first, then video chatting. Then they were talking about life, coming over to each other’s houses, sharing the same sweaters. It never seemed this easy with other people he’d met. Brad was easy to talk to, and seemed to keep conversations going. Jake was quieter and less socially skilled, but had a lot to say when he opened up. For whatever reason, it was like they already knew each other, already wanted to find out more. Brad was older and had the money to move around, and wasn’t afraid of many things. So they got together one day, after a multitude of texts, and it felt pretty effortless.


It helped that Brad was especially eager. When they first started seeing each other, he’d not stop texting. Before they were even close, it was clear that Brad wanted to initiate. And sometimes it was a little uncomfortable, because Jake had never dated anyone that seriously before (besides one girl he’d seen in High School for no reason except for the recognition).


Brad was taller, 6’4”, well built, with a slightly greying head of hair that Jake would always ask about. He had nice shoulders, the kind you could put throw a hunted deer on, to take home to eat. They were wide and muscled, and always fit well into the XL T-Shirts that Brad would wear just about everywhere. He looked like a dad in a lot of ways, especially because he had the girthiness that only enters into the muscles with age. A moderate weightlifter, he made sure to work out all the parts of his body with equality. He loved his body, as he would tell Jake. He made sure to take care of it so that it looked good for other men.  


Jake was certainly shorter. Many would call him a gold star gay, because he looked so unsuspecting and everyone would invite him to events because he was just an easy gay person to have around. With surprising biceps that he got from being on the swim team, Jake was always just trying to be more than ordinary. He didn’t want to be the typical person, didn’t want to have a normally sized body, didn’t want to act like all other gays. It was hard though, because who else was he supposed to be? He wanted to be manly as hell, this huge man with a life. But instead, he was average, average, average. 


His dirty blonde hair and eyebrows got him a lot of looks from the girls, and some of the guys at school, but never the attention that he wanted. He’d always been drawn to the football players and swim guys, but they were all too immature or terrible to have decent relationships with. Once he thought he had a thing with another player on his water polo team, but it turned out the other guy was just drunk and touchy. He was too closeted and didn’t think Jake was valuable enough to come out for. 


So it was always back to the computer for Jake, trying to find something worthwhile, but getting nowhere with people he didn’t even care about. People online were just awful. They spent no time getting to know him and only wanted pics. “Nice jawline!” “Your so Hot” or “<3 ❤️ <3” were the only kinds of conversation he got. It wasn’t even worth his time. Not to mention the people on the other end of those comments were always these creepy men that clogged up any hope of real interactions. 


When Brad showed up, everything changed. It was like there was finally someone he could talk to. Someone he could be there for. Someone who didn’t hang around just because the scruff on his face made him look so cute. It was because Brad really wanted Jake, even before they could see each other. When Jake thought of this, it really turned him on, in ways other things hadn’t before. 


The first thing they did when they got together was go to a gay bar. Just for kicks. Also, because Jake had never been to one before. 


It was a surreal experience, one that still didn’t make sense to Jake after he thought about it.


“You ever go to a gay bar before Jake?” Brad had asked him in the car.


“No, it’s kind of scary to go out into places like that,” Jake replied.


“Why’s that?”


“Well… because… I don’t know,” Jake started.


“Naw I get what you mean,” Brad replied with a giggle, “gays are just about the most unpredictable thing you’ve ever seen.” As if to emphasize that, he grabbed Jake’s thigh. It surprised him.


“Yeah! I—” Jake started.


“Okay I’m gonna park the car around back, and you can get out and wait for me in front,” Brad continued, interrupting Jake casually. Jake was confused by this at first because all his attention was drawn to the human contact on his left leg, and Brad was talking like nothing strange was happening. But he nodded like it was just nothing out of the ordinary.


They pulled up at the bar, and Brad shoo-ed Jake out of the car. Jake was on the darkened street now and awkwardly walked toward the place that they were trying to get into. It must have been around Eight o’ clock, so the street wasn’t well illuminated by anything but unnatural light. As he neared the bar, he immediately felt a bunch of eyes on him, like he was walking into the wrong classroom. It wasn’t a gentle kind of attention either. It was aggressive, almost thirsty. A couple standing out front, illuminated by the purple yellows of the neon looked directly at him together, and continued talking. The Bouncer immediately turned to face him. The line waiting to get into the bar glanced at him like he was kind of a challenge. Jake remembered why this was something he didn’t do. 


He got into the line, even though it was painful, in the vague hope that Brad would show up before he got into the building. But after an uncomfortable amount of time, he’d gotten to the front, and Brad still hadn’t showed up. 


“ID?” said the bouncer.


“S-Sure,” Jake stammered. He was trying to play it cool, but really had no idea what that looked like here. He pulled out his wallet and took the card out of the display. He handed it to the bouncer.


“So what’s this all about again? Trying to get with older men?” The bouncer said. This was so painful. Jake almost wanted to shut down completely. 


“Oh, uh,” he said, “I mean, that’s my ID.” There was almost no conviction in his voice. 


“Hey, it was a nice try, but you gotta do better than this,” the man said. He unhooked the rope that led the line into the bar. Jake could feel the eyes of everyone on him. This was so embarrassing. He looked like a child trying to cheat other adults. He looked around like someone would help him, but felt only the small smiles that the people in line were showing. He didn’t know what to do, so he froze up.  


Suddenly, Brad was there. 


“Hey bud, what’s going on here?” He half shouted. Jake looked up.


“He handed me a fake so I got him out of here.” said the bouncer, addressing the man walking towards them. “You can’t be coming into bars if you’re not old enough.”


“What?” Brad’s brow wrinkled. “This kid’s too honest to use a fake. If he were trying to get in with a fake, don’t you think he’d try a little harder?” The bouncer sighed.


“Look,” said Brad, his face starting to make sharp movements, “this is a gay bar. Gays have had it rough enough. The kid’s 22, and I know, has the courage of a 17 year old, but we’ll pay the cover charge, which is like 10 each right? Just let us in.” Jake looked around. He was trying to dissociate from owning the trauma of the situation, but he’d realized that the cover was only 5$ that night.


“Hm,” the bouncer looked at Brad, then back to Jake. “Are you his Dad or something?” With this, Brad grabbed the rope that had been unhooked, and with the other arm, grabbed Jake’s entire torso. He moved forward, clipped the rope back in, and pulled out a wallet. 


“‘Preciate it,” Brad said, as he handed a 20 to the bouncer. He didn’t seem to respond with resistance, so they kept walking forward. They made it through the door and onto the hellish disco in front of them.


“Thanks,” Jake said weakly, looking back at the bouncer.


“What!?” Brad replied, looking at Jake. They met eyes. “Did you just thank the bouncer?” Jake just chose not to reply. He looked kind of dazed. He’d thought it romantic, and scary, and embarrassing all at the same time and wasn’t sure which emotion to proceed forward with. 


In front of them was a lake of people jumping to a neon fuschia music beat. Things were essentially cloaked in darkness, save the glow in the dark paint splatters across the walls that strangely resembled other less appropriate substances. All around, people came and went in a sweaty, disorganized cacophony. The looks were less intense in here, and the biting coldness of the air conditioning felt kind of nice. It was almost like a different world entirely, one that wasn’t faced with so much social pressure.


They started to walk over to the bar, and Jake found himself clinging to Brad without actually touching him. It was like he actually had a Dad today, to go with him places and make him feel less afraid. It was nice. Jake eased up a bit. 


Along the way, Jake met the eyes of a cute blonde guy who was skinnier than him. There was this strange burst of electricity, and then he broke eye contact. He’d noticed that the man was only wearing a thong, which really turned him off.


Brad walked up to the bartender girl making drinks, and ordered something that sounded like a country and a randomly generated noun. It was hard to hear over the noise, and the words didn’t usually go together anyway, so Jake had a hard time recognizing what was being said. The girl nodded, cocked her head, and gave them a brief smile. 


“Do you ever wonder,” Brad asked, facing Jake “how many good, attractive people like you are just sitting at home, too afraid to come out and meet people?” .


“Oh thank you,” said Jake. Brad had just complimented him, and it made him feel good inside. Then he realized he forgot to answer the question. “Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. Like, there are probably so many amazing people out there, but it’s just so hard to meet them.”


“Right,” Brad replied, looking around, then back at Jake. “I guess the problem is that there are so many brave idiots who really should just stay home and do some thinking.” The bartender came back with their glasses.


“Been a while since someone here’s winked at me,” she said to Brad. “Are you his dad?”


“Oh honey,” Brad said with a melodic gruffness that surprised both the girl and Jake, “I’m gay. Just think you’re cute is all. The bandana on the arm is such a touch.” The girl beamed with enjoyment. She was incredibly pretty, and had a soft face that was somehow angular. 


“Well thank you” she almost squealed, “that’s so sweet. Gay men are so wonderful. You know they’re being honest because they don’t use compliments to try and get inside your pants.” She handed them their drinks. Brad started a little bit too quickly, and Jake watched as his Adam’s apple moved to compensate for what was going down. It scared him and intrigued him. He looked at his own drink and took a sip. It tasted like vodka and did not go down easily. Again Jake felt like a tiny, tiny boy, out of place.


“How’s it taste?” the girl asked Jake, a little too pointedly. She’d noticed. 


“I… like sweet drinks,” Jake replied with a smile and a cough. He felt comfortable around her, like he did all women, but was finding it harder and harder to sound cool. She laughed.


“I’m Lacy. You two are kinda likable. I’ll keep you in my mind,” she said to them.


“Lacy, I’m Brad.”


“I’m Jake. This place is kinda nuts isn’t it?”


“Yes,” said Lacy with a nod. “But it’s fun. I get to be a mom to these sisters. Don’t have to dress like a nun. Men won’t try to grope me except sometimes. And even then they’re just lonely. I can work with that.” Lacy nodded and looked at the group of other men clumped around the bar. 


It was growing harder and harder to have a conversation. “Well see yuh!” Lacy gave them a small wave and then grabbed a rag to wipe up a spilled drink. She picked up the cup and placed it on the counter in front of an older man who looked severely drunk. She slapped him on the cheek gently and told him to pay attention to his containers. He nodded, stupidly. 


“Wanna move around a little?” Brad said. Jake met eyes with Brad again, and felt a little flutter in his chest. Brad was just....he was just… incredibly sexy. Jake didn’t really have the words to contradict or express a desire. He just nodded. He wanted to be next to Brad. So they started walking. They headed towards where everyone was dancing, and Brad got sidetracked looking at a Go-go dancer. Jake wasn’t paying attention, and was drawn in to the mass of excited bodies. It was interesting. He started to smile and join in.


It felt good, to be in a comfortable place, moving to a beat in unison with a bunch of other strangers. They weren’t aggressive or mean. They just smiled and danced along. 


After a couple minutes, Jake opened his eyes and saw the guy from before standing still with a glass of wine, staring straight at him. It was unnerving, but he continued to dance. He moved into some people’s bodies to get away from the gaze, but he knew it was following him.


Seconds later, he felt a touch on his back. He turned around to the same guy from before.


“Hey babyyyy!!! What’s up?!” the voice said loudly.


“I don’t know! Just dancing!” It was a dumb answer, but it was true.


“That’s hot,” said the other guy. The statement made Jake uncomfortable, but he wasn’t sure what to say. Jake was half moving, half conversing with this other person for a couple of seconds before he spoke again.


“So where are you from,” the guy asked. He moved in strangely close.


“I’m from around here, yeah,” said Jake. What was going on here? He spotted Brad, but Brad wasn’t looking at him. Jake was beginning to feel awkward. 


“Oh really me too! What High school did you go to?” The man was persistent, and Jake was clearly not interested.


“Uh, Carp High,” he said, not really sure if he should have lied there or not.


“Oh my god that’s where my sister went!” the person replied with a strange sense of eagerness. Why was that exciting? It was just high school. 


“Yeah, well that’s great!” Jake was trying to be as polite as he could. “Did she like it?”


“No, she kinda hated it. Her name’s Angelina. Did you know an Angelina?”


“No I didn’t.” There was a long and uncomfortable pause. 


“Mmm, I like your face,” said the man. Jake was trying his best not to cringe inside. And then it got really weird. The man leaned in and got close. 


And put his hand on Jake’s crotch. 


Jake froze up and blinked. He couldn’t believe what was happening. The music proceeded as usual and no one seemed to notice. Brad didn’t even step in. 


“So…” said the guy, noting the lack of response, “do you like sucking dick or anything?” Jake could not believe the nerve of this person, how oblivious of the right things to say in conversation he was. He remembered what Brad had said about idiots being the bold ones. Jake didn’t want to be here. But he was having a panic attack. Brad walked by and stood watching. 


Jake broke away and walked over. The person followed. 


“Hey Brad, can we go somewhere else?” Jake said.


“OH, is this your DADDY??!” said the man, “He’s so cuuuute. And sooooo masculine. Hashtag, masc for masc!” Brad raised his eyebrows. Jake was shaking.


“You know, masculinity is like… toxic, just so that you’re aware. Just embrace your inner queen, okay sister? Don’t try to be masculine when you know inside you’re just as gay as the rest of us!” The man teased. Jake put his face really close to Brad. ”Besides, the guys you find on Grindr don’t actually want to be your friends.”


“Hey Brad,” Jake said, in a normal voice, but one that could be heard over the volume.


“Yes, Jake?” 


“He uh, he grabbed me. I feel weird.” At this Brad’s face turned to stone. He found Jake’s hands and started to squeeze them. The man was still there, and he’d got some other guys to sniff around as well. What happened next still felt like a dream to Jake, though the whole night was hazy.


Brad started to breathe, faster and faster, as he looked at the person behind Jake. Jake stared absently at Brad, and then started to notice that ever so slowly, his hands were starting to move. Not move, just expand over his. Like they were growing. Jake thought Brad was somehow looking to hug him, but as he looked upward in the dim neon lights, he realized Brad was getting bigger somehow.


It was subtle, and with all the movement happening, it wasn’t super obvious, but Jake noticed because he was starting to feel more skin and more hand on him. There was a guttural rumbling he could hear through their bodily contact, and immediately, Brad broke contact and went up to the man. He was immediately encircled by two others, though they didn’t seem to notice the slow growing Brad kept up. Brad spoke slowly, with intention, but the other guy made no expressions that he was afraid or sorry. Then one of the men took out a cloth and put it over Brad’s face. Jake’s eye’s widened.


All he could remember happening next was calling the police because there was too much to think about. He’d never done it before, but when the men noticed he was on the phone, they scattered, and Brad sunk to the floor.

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CHAPTER 2 - The Boy and His Beast

[Growth scene]

Brad woke up on a bed. Jake’s bed. He moved his head in a daze. 


“I guess they sprayed something on that rag,” Jake said from a chair. He’d been watching Brad.


“Yeah, no kidding,” Brad replied. His head didn’t hurt but everything felt foggy. “Did you call the police?”


“I did.” Replied Jake. “It was actually a little scary. I thought they might be mad at me because I couldn’t catch the people who did this to you.”


“They’re not gonna be mad…” Brad’s voice trailed off. He let his head hit the pillow, and stared up at the ceiling for a short minute. He knew Jake wasn’t experienced but why would the police be mad? It was their job. It looked like Jake thought they would be.


“Your shirt tore,” said Jake, nervously.


“Oh did it?” replied Brad quickly. 


“Yeah, uh,” said Jake, “I got my biggest sweater for you, but I don’t know if it’s big enough.” Brad looked a little annoyed. There was a silence. Jake clearly knew something was up, but wasn’t sure how to ask. He got up from his chair and sat next to Brad on the bed. He leaned close to the man, and the man leaned back. They touched. It was weird, but for some reason it made sense. Brad’s face softened.


They’d both had a weird night. For a couple moments, they just stared around the room, feeling each other’s heat, acknowledging each other’s confidence— Brad’s standing up to the creep at the bar, and Jake’s hospitality. The moments passed, and the quieter sounds of the evening started to become loud. Jake started to notice the faint buzz of his lamp. There was a cricket stirring outside. Both of them were breathing at different speeds.


“Do you wanna,” started Brad, and then he stopped.




“Can we take our shirts off? I wanna tell you something.” The sentence didn’t make sense, but it felt strangely okay at the moment. It was a man to man thing. Plus, Brad’s shirt was tearing. Jake slid his shirt from over his head, and then rearranged the hair that it displaced. He giggled. His normal sized torso looked very small in comparison to Brad’s. Brad let out some chuckles and grabbed the bottom of his shirt.


“When I get excited,” Brad said slowly, “whether by anger, or pleasure, or god knows what, I start to get bigger.” Jake nodded, slowly, then quickly. Brad looked at him.


“No questions?” Brad said, confused. He let go of his shirt. 


“No, I understand. It’s… like the Hulk, except different.”


“Right. Right.”


“I got it.”


“But... isn’t that strange to you?”


“I mean, yes, but,” said Jake. “I’m used to strange. When I found out I was gay, I thought I was a mutant of some kind, though it wasn’t a superpower. I just felt different and wrong.” Brad looked on in amazement.


“You don’t believe me.”


“No, I do. Your shirt didn’t just tear itself.” Brad couldn’t stop staring. What was this kid thinking? Where was his mind? He couldn’t figure the kid’s brain out, though its aloofness was pretty consistent.


“I, I guess I believe in a lot of things already, so it’s not like, super weird for me to accept this kind of thing, you know? Like, I always wanted to believe in Harry potter. I actually…” said Jake.




“I actually fantasize about a lot of things.” Jake replied, almost solemnly. Brad blinked. “That’s like, what I like, you know, sexually.” 


The word sexually stopped Brad’s thoughts, then he breathed. Jake’s lips pushed together and he looked away. Apparently what he said was kind of vulnerable. 


“Can I show you something?” Brad said, quickly. Jake’s lips relaxed.


“What?” said Jake.


“Yes. You gotta… you gotta, you have to make me feel good, and I’ll do it.”


“Okay,” said Jake, rather interested. “What do you need me to do?”


“Uh, well I gotta get excited,” Brad ruminated. Jake thought for a moment.


“Well Brad, I’m actually really in to you,” said Jake, “I think that having something like this is incredible. And I appreciate you helping me get into the bar tonight.” Brad’s eyes flicked to Jake and he softened.


“Jake, that’s really sweet.”


“Yeah. I mean, you’re not growing, but I just… I needed to tell you that.”


“Mmmm,” Brad replied. He nodded.


“Let’s see. Uh, I really like your arms. They make me feel comfortable. Like when you held on to me back then.” Jake just stared straight forward. “You’re incredibly smart and insightful. I’m glad I get to think about things with you.” Brad’s mouth curved into a short smile. Jake continued. 


“I want you to just grab my throat sometimes so I can feel you hold me.”


“Mmhmm,” Brad stated, again. Nothing was happening.


“And, well, I kinda fantasize about you a little bit,” said Jake, his face becoming a little red, “I wanna hold you and make you into my dad.”


“You know what,” Brad interrupted, “this is great. I’m just going to accept everything you’ve said. I appreciate it. But it’s not exciting me the way I need it to. Let’s try something else.” Jake was a little embarrassed by this, his face turning red.


“It’s not that I don’t like it,” Brad laughed. Jake looked around sheepishly. “I just…” Brad started putting his arms around Jake. Jake recoiled slightly but then let it happen. Brad closed his eyes, which felt strangely innocent to Jake. They allowed themselves to fall back onto the bed. Jake was laying on top of Brad, both of them breathing there for moments. Jake could feel Brad under him, with his back and his butt. His head rested in a comfortable spot on the older man’s breast. 


Brad started to feel his friend on top of him with his hands, starting with the ribs, and then up to the upper parts of Jake’s chest. He gently grazed the small and firm muscles of Jake’s breasts and then cupped them in his hands. Jake smiled slightly, and breathed out a quick snort of air. It felt good. 


“How’s this?” asked Brad softly. It was incredibly playful, but somehow romantic. Jake didn’t care whether or not Brad started to grow. 


“You’re just exciting me dude,” Jake laughed. Brad smiled. 


Brad then grabbed Jake by the sides, much like a kid holds a doll, and they repositioned themselves on the middle of the bed. They lay there for seconds, Jake being felt up, not hating it. Brad folded his hands on top of Jake’s belly and kept them there. He let his legs wrap around the smaller friend cradled in his chest. Jake waited for some kind of response, but was distracted by how comfy he felt. There was a low exchange of  heart beats that felt sure and strong. Jake almost started to drift off to sleep. It was so nice. 


And then it started. 


It was slow at first, but soon Jake started to feel it happening. From behind where his head lay on Brad’s chest, Jake could hear a low growl, like a dog’s, rumbling in the man’s lungs. 


Jake didn’t really believe what was happening at first. It was one thing to believe a concept, and another to feel it. The torn shirt started to break again, and Brad’s body started to pulsate with each heartbeat. 


“Mmmm, ughhh,” growled Brad. It was starting now, and it felt good. 


Jake held onto Brad’s arms, still folded on his chest. He could feel the expansion from his back, the pec muscles starting to widen, thicken. Jake could feel his own heart beat quicken. It was amazing, and it was impossible. It turned him on. He stared straight forward and let Brad do his thing.


“Uh, UH! Uah!” 


Brad was thickening, each one of his limbs, slowly. Each muscle was getting pumped with blood, until they started expanding. Jake could feel a burst of growth at the end of that sentence. Suddenly, with a deep and low moan, Brad had grabbed Jake’s sides and started to feel him up, more violently now. 


“Uhnn. Uhhn. Uhhn.” He started to moan like he were being pounded from the back. 


Brad’s pecs were cushioning outwards, they flexed and prodded like they were being worked out. Brad’s neck muscles stiffened and expanded, and the arms that suspended him above Jake started to gain muscle. It was a lot for jake to take in. Brad’s face was right next to his own, and he was just panting, trying to gasp in more air.


“Dude,” said Jake. At the sound of his voice, Brad started to shake. 


“Uggghhh!!” Was the throat cry that emerged. Jake turned to face the sound. Brad’s eyes were closed, and his face was flushed red. There was a vein in his forward that had expanded, to compensate for all of the blood flow. Jake looked down across his familiar room, and saw Brad’s legs flex outward. They were pumping too- if Jake didn’t know any better it looked like it might hurt, the way the legs were sticking up like that. But Jake could feel a growth starting further up, at the base of his legs. Brad was starting to get erect. He liked what was happening. Jake stared at the two trunk legs that were starting to spread farther apart as they got bigger. Brad’s thighs were filling up his pants.


“Oh, oh SHIT,” Brad said. Jake looked back at him. “My pants. I forgot to take them oooOOOfff.” Brad couldn’t stop the next force of growth, which caused him to groan mid sentence. Jake understood immediately. The pants were tightening around the increasing legs. He quickly got up and unbuckled Brad’s belt. There was a release as Brad’s midsection burst outward. Jake felt a little strange taking this man’s pants off, but if he didn’t, they might break. He quickly unzipped the pants (the top button was already unbuttoned) and tried to peel them off of the legs that were quickly becoming trees in his room. The bed started to creak. Jake realized after pulling the pants midway off of the legs that it was hopeless. Brad’s legs had expanded too much. The pants were just going to have to tear.


“Ah, Ah, AH!” Brad’s heart beat was incredibly fast now.


“Well shit,” said Jake, "your pants.” It almost sounded like Jake was trying to lighten the mood. Though, it didn’t sound like Brad could hear anything. When Jake looked back up at the expanding mass of a man sitting on his bed, he felt like he was being absorbed. The towering mass of a man that sat where Jake slept was pumping, larger, and larger. Brad’s eyes opened and stared at Jake. Jake’s heart quickened, though he knew that he was strangely safe. Brad suddenly started to growl and then lunged out at Jake. It startled Jake quite a bit, and suddenly he was pinned gently under the body of this huge, hairy, muscular man. Brad was still growing. Jake was breathing, this time a little fearfully. Brad sniffed the cheek of the small adult underneath him, panting. Jake looked at the man and touched his nose to Brad’s. Brad recoiled, confused by the sudden expression of affection, and then smiled, a toothy, animal smile. 


A large burst of growing, let out of Brad’s body, his whole being turned on by the thought of being loved by the small man below him. The animal in Brad and the person in him were both activated. Pumps of blood shook the entirety of Brad’s body, and his abs flared out. Brad flexed his upper body in a display of pride, and then curled his body backwards. The growing was pushing his glutes out, and his crotch started to move in a thrusting motion. His pants finally tore off of his calves, but he was too in the moment to care. 


Brad put his face close to Jake and stuck his mammoth behind up in the air. It was bulging, outward, upward, widening as Brad started to thrust it inwards and back. He couldn’t control the hormones he was feeling. 


Jake was lying face up on the ground of his room, pinned under a monster of a man that was his boyfriend-dad only a couple of minutes ago. The large man was steadily growing, bigger and bigger, threatening to swallow Jake inside his enlarged chest. They were both immensely into it. 


“You, you like?” Brad said slowly, garbled. Jake nodded, paralyzed. It sounded like Brad was paying attention to something else, like a bodybuilder, fully in his body, not as articulate with his brain. “Do you want to, you want to, do you want to feel me? Feel my guy?”


[Sex scene]

This was confusing to Jake at first. His guy? Then Jake remembered they were both gay, and that an expanding man usually implied that all parts of him expanded. Jake’s face turned red again, but he nodded eagerly. This was so surreal, so terrifying. But he wanted to see what was going on underneath. He let Brad push his enlarged torso upwards, so that he was sitting upwards. Brad his grabbed the strained underwear and tore it off. He let out a groan of satisfaction and relief. 


Then the tower fell. 


It was amazing to watch. Brad was semi hard, so the long piece of flesh fell with a flop. It was so stupid thick. Just excessive. Brad looked proud; he sneered a bit when it made a thud on Jake’s naked chest. Jake started to lose his ability to see. This couldn’t be real. 


“To-Touch it.” Brad said, almost out of breath. Jake flared his nostrils, and soon the animal inside him took over as well. He let himself grab the pillar of Brad. It was starting to get hard, but it wasn’t fully there yet. His fingers wrapped around the soft, yet firm cock. He was just about able to wrap his whole hand around it. There was about an inch of space between his thumb and fingers. It was huge. And this one was different. There were so many ridges and details. The veins on Brad’s penis protruded widely, and they curled this way and that. He was surprised by how many blood vessels there were. Brad wasn’t just expanding- his body was rapidly producing more of itself. Jake clutched it and moved the skin up and down slowly. He noticed that the head expanded with blood as he did this. Brad was liking it.


Jake looked up at Brad, and was shocked when he saw the eyes above the 6 foot torso staring intently down at him. 


“Keep going,” Brad said, in a strangely caveman-like way. His voice was so deep- there was a vibrato that vibrated Jake’s body when he spoke. Jake nodded.


The slab of meat on his stomach had to have been about a foot long. Jake pictured a ruler, and thought about how he would describe this to a friend. He wanted to take a picture, but his phone wasn’t in his pocket and he didn’t want to break the moment. The penis was long, generously sized. 


Jake could feel the heat of the cock on his stomach as he grabbed it and stroked it in long, intentional movements. He went slow at first, admiring how long and how thick it was. It was pretty much the size of his arm. 


“Ah. Ah.” Brad started. Jake looked at the head of the penis and touched his finger on the slit. The head almost burst outward when it felt this. Jake blinked. Brad was getting more and more aroused. He wanted to play with it, to please Brad.


Up and down, he moved the skin of the shaft, feeling the ridges underneath the skin. Jake liked that he was making Brad feel the same thing he was. He started to move faster, up and down, up and down. Brad was panting and letting out short groans. He gripped the cock with his other hand and did the pumping with both. He looked at Brad, whose mouth was wide open. Brad was sweating and breathing, and his pelvis was thrusting forward, his animal side trying to inseminate another being. He was thrusting subconsciously, and it was pretty cute.


Jake went up and down, again, and let his right hand twist around the head. Then he let himself move it a little faster, and felt his own penis press up against the surface of his pants. Jake’s penis was filling up as well, though it wasn’t as large as the snake of a cock he was holding. Jake moved his head up and sniffed the tip of the penis. It smelt faintly of fish, prominently of Brad’s skin. Brad started to shake. Jake put his mouth over the head and gave it a wet smooch. Brad let out a laugh and a moan. Jake laughed too. Brad started to bounce up and down, filled with excitement and pleasure. They were both enjoying each other.


Brad was almost fully erect now, and the pressure of his penis kept it suspended in the air. Jake pulled himself back out from underneath Brad, and took his pants off. As he went to grab the penis again, he was met by Brad’s giant hands. Brad was holding onto Jake like a small doll, and suddenly Jake felt a little fear. Brad breathed down on Jake and gripped his hips firmly. Then he started to touch him, all over.


Jake was surprised by how eagerly Brad was gripping him. Why was he so interested in his average body? And yet it felt good, and right, to be touched like that. Brad was really into Jake. It wasn’t just a ploy. The hands greedily gripped onto his legs, and Jake shifted a little to respond. It wasn’t every day you felt a monster grip you like this. And this monster was really excited. 


Brad awkwardly waddled on his knees towards the young adult, and the two met close together. Jake could feel that Brad was feverishly hot, still expanding, though less quickly. The pumps of his heart beat were still fast, but they seemed more full, more deep. Brad bent over and put his normal sized head next to Jakes. He sniffed at Jake’s ear and then sucked on it awkwardly. It felt like a kiss and slobber at the same time. Jake swallowed. It was so innocent. Brad clearly wasn’t as tactful as he was usually- his coordination was clearly a little off. So this time it was Jake who was fully aware of what was happening, and Brad was the idiot.

Jake caught Brad’s face and gave him a quick peck on the lips, smiling. Brad took a moment to process this, and returned with a lick. Surprised, Jake cocked his head and laughed. Brad continued to curiously feel his boyfriend up, and then he got to Jake’s dick.


“Can I,” Brad said, “can I touch… you there?” Jake almost frowned. He wasn’t upset. He was filled with emotions. Brad was clearly able to rip him apart if he wanted, and yet he was still willing to ask for consent. Jake felt so honored that it almost made him slightly sad. Jake took a hold of the monster hands hesitating around his small penis, and directed them to what was under his briefs. It was incredible. They were touching it, cradling it, together. 


Quickly, Brad took off the black briefs Jake was wearing and bent down. Jake was looking at Brad’s eyes, which lowered to meet the pink organ between Jake’s legs. Then, like an animal, Brad slurped the flaccid penis into his mouth and started to suck it back and forth. He brought one of his mammoth hands to steady Jake’s legs and the other to direct it. Jake helped him out. It almost looked comical, to see the huge mound of body bending down to digest something so normal. Jake was fully hard now.


Then, Brad picked him up, holding him by the thighs like they were chicken drumsticks. Jake was in the air now, and Brad was sucking his penis— up and down, up and down— like he were downing a bottle of wine. Jake was almost hitting the ceiling, and when he went up, he hoped that his head wouldn’t hit. It felt so good, like he was being ingested by the beast in the middle of his room. He could feel the semen stirring in his body.


Jake placed his hands on top of Brad’s head, like Brad was the servant in this situation, and rolled his eyes back in ecstasy. It was so pleasing, to be inside this man like he was, to be held and moved up and down, like he didn’t weigh anything. The thrusting continued, and Jake helped Brad suck by thrusting his own pelvis back and forth. Brad was “mmming” every now and then, breathing heavily all the while. Jake was so turned on.


“Ahhhh,” mouthed Jake.


“Uhnnnngh,” moaned Brad. Brad started to shake Jake a little more violently, quickly enough so that Jake had to hold onto Brad’s head for stability. 


That's as far as I've gotten for now.

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