m/m Matt in the Mirror (Parts 1 - 13)

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I hope you enjoy what happens to Matt, a worried teen who grows to realize his dreams.



The shirt was torn, useless…he didn’t care. It wasn’t going to last much longer with a body like that. Already it was difficult to button the shirt stretched by his huge chest dominated by massive, hanging pec slabs and by his enormous back packed with muscle upon muscle. The sleeves barely contained his mountainous arms, so tight it was difficult to move them. He loved the look, he loved the sensation, back to the gym tomorrow.

The session in front of the mirror had exhausted him. He pulled himself off the floor, but in doing so heard his pants rip along the seams of the thighs. A new shirt and pants would be required for work. He sat on the edge of the bed and thought about how he had grown to this size…


Part 1

“Matty, can you hear me?” his dad yelled. “I’d like your help cleaning out the garage.”

Matt Nelson’s father probably didn’t need his help as his father was a large, strong man capable of lifting and moving more things than Matt could imagine. Greg Nelson had been a professional bodybuilder for a number of years and even though he no longer competed he retained some of the fantastic physique from his earlier days.

Greg Nelson competed for close to six years, but eventually gave it up after he married Matt’s mom and started a family. Twin brothers, Ethan and Logan, were born to the family five years before Matt. While raising his three boys Greg continued to work out at the gym but never to the same extent as in his younger days. Greg had hoped his boys would take up bodybuilding and tried to encourage them by installing a small gym in the basement for their use, but it never amounted to more than a few half-hearted attempts. It probably didn’t matter given their genetics. They were already athletic and excelled at most sports and were often the envy of other teammates due to their size and natural abilities. Greg decided he was happy if they were happy.

Logan loved wrestling and competed throughout his high school years moving up a weight class each year finally making it to the heavyweights when he became a senior. Ethan played football as he was a large teen as well. Both boys developed into muscular young men always a little ahead of their peers in physical development. Even their beards and chest hair developed quicker much to the envy of the other guys at school

Ethan and Logan would soon be departing for college and wouldn’t be around to be a role model or offer advice to their younger brother Matt. Greg wasn’t sure Matt would listen to them, but at least advice from an older brother might be more acceptable than advice from worrisome parents. Greg just hoped Matt would find himself and gain some confidence and self-direction. Matt was always the quiet kid and usually kept to himself. You could say he was a loner and Greg hoped he would grow out of that but couldn’t be too sure of it. Time would tell.

But quiet Matt had observed his brothers and father. He was intimidated by their bodies and wondered if he would develop like they did. At age 14 Matt worried and felt insecure about his body. He wasn’t sure what would happen during puberty, but was convinced that his body wouldn’t necessarily develop in the same way. Matt frequently looked at himself in the mirror trying to see if his body was changing, but all he could see was a skinny kid. Tufts of hair had started to appear under his arms, on his legs, and around his cock. What if his body grew to the size of his brothers or even his father? Wouldn’t that be awkward and embarrassing? Think of the attention he would get from everybody. Shy, loner Matt wasn’t sure he wanted any of that. But what if…? Was there a way he could get a sense of what it would look like? He had an idea.

The garage door closed and Matt’s parents drove off leaving him alone in the house. Matt raced upstairs to the attic taking a dozen or so shirts with him. He started putting the shirts on one by one. In a storage box were his father’s old sweaters from his bodybuilding days which he put on over all the shirts. Now he was starting to look big. He added a jacket too and began to walk around the attic thinking about how it looked and felt. His heart was racing at this point. He flexed his arm and could feel the clothing constrict his movements. This was exciting and confusing. Wearing all these cloths made him feel hot and light headed. He needed to get out of them as quickly as possible. Besides, his parents could come home at any moment and he definitely wouldn’t want to be seen like this.

That night after jumping into bed Matt replayed his attic experiment in his head and thought of how he could get more of the muscular look he desired. His heart started thumping at the prospect, but this time a new sensation arose that he hadn’t anticipated. He could tell his cock was starting to tingle and inflate. As it brushed against the sheets it grew even faster. Matt reached down and felt its warmth and hardness. He wasn’t sure what was going on but liked the feeling. He held his cock for a while until it became soft and then fell asleep. In the morning he noticed a sticky patch on the bed, still damp from the night. This had happened a few times in the past, but only at night when he was in bed. Uncertain as to its meaning Matt didn’t want to discuss it with his parents. He wasn’t sick and didn’t want to be seen as bed wetter and so kept quiet about it.

Two weeks later he was back in the attic putting on all the clothes he could find. This time he wrapped towels around his legs before pulling on his dad’s pants. Instead of wearing a jacket on top he wore a buttoned shirt stuffed with towels arranged across his upper chest to simulate big pecs and cinched it all together at the waist to create a crude v-taper. The look perfected he began to walk around and noticed how tight everything felt. He carefully made his way downstairs to take a look in the mirror. He stood there and began flexing as he had seen his father do in competition photos. He liked what he saw and liked what he felt. By this time his blood was pulsing throughout his body and Matt began to shake. Was it the clothes or his thoughts that were creating the heat? Matt stood there flexing, feeling the tightness, imagining the weight, fantasizing about the look. Then it happened. His dick started to grow, but this time with a greater urgency than he had ever felt in bed. With so much stuffed in his pants there was little place for his cock to go and its constrained hardness became too much. Matt shot his load causing him to gasp and double over.

Matt tried his clothing experiment many more times, each time with the same result. He knew what kind of body he wanted, but wasn’t yet sure his body would develop in that way.

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great start! looking forward to more!

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Fun introduction.  Hope to see more.

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Thanks for the comments! Here are the next three parts of the story.

Part 2

By his fifteenth birthday it was clear that Matt had begun his transformation to manhood and could see changes to all parts of his body. He grew taller, his head took on a more squarish look and his voice settled into a warm bass sound. His growth was evident in his hands, feet, arms, his shoulders widened and his chest deepened. His cock and balls also plumped up in size, especially the head which had grown big and rounded. Matt’s bone structure became that of a big, lanky kid, but he lacked the muscle to fill it all in. He looked thin and stretched in his new size and felt weak and clumsy. He wondered at what age he’d stop growing.

Encouraged by his growth Matt wondered if it was time to start lifting some weights to see if he could improve his appearance. He was particularly dissatisfied with his chest as his boney ribcage was quite evident and he wanted bigger arms like so many boys his age. After messing around with the basement weight set for a few months he thought his strength had improved but not his appearance. His father saw it otherwise, however. Greg could see that Matt was eating more and was becoming more muscular looking. He was excited at the prospect of Matt taking up bodybuilding, but decided to hold back his enthusiasm for a while longer to see if Matt would continue his interest.

Finally, one day when he knew Matt was in the basement Greg decided to go down and talk to him about lifting weights and bodybuilding. He found Matt staring at the pile of weights on the floor lost in a dream.

Greg approached and said, “I can help you with that.”

“With what?” Matt said with a red face.

“Matty, I know you you’ve been playing around with these weights and it’s ok. I can see the changes in your body and I think you’d be good at this.”

Matt was embarrassed and didn’t want to draw attention to himself. He didn’t think much at all had happened to his body.

“Matt, I’m proud of you and if you’d like to take up bodybuilding, I’m all for it. Nothing would excite me more.”

Realizing his lack of knowledge about how he should go about it, Matt quietly agreed to his father’s plan.

“Matt, it’s totally up to you, I can put together a routine for you in no time. You can take your time and see what you think.”

“Dad,” he hesitated, “just don’t ask me to take off my clothes and flex for you all the time. That’s too weird, ok?”

“Fair enough, I won’t do that. Do we have a deal?”

“Sure,” Matt said. He walked away wondering how it would all work. That night in this room as he thought about that decision, Matt reached down to this cock which had already come to attention. Would a stiff cock be the side effect of working out? He smiled to himself as he pumped his cock up and down. In no time he came and felt happy.

Within a few days Greg had the routine ready for Matt and proposed they start on the weekend when Greg would be around to help. Matt agreed and on Saturday the adventure began. After an hour in the basement Matt felt exhausted and unsure this was the right thing to do. But after a couple of weeks of working out, he began to gain confidence and didn’t feel completely wiped out all the time.

Two months later Greg had to increase Matt’s routine as he had already gotten used to the exercises, the sets and reps. Greg thought Matt’s chest was already responding with increased muscle and his shoulders appeared bigger too. Both of Matt’s parents noticed Matt’s increasing appetite and commented on it.

Greg said to his wife Linda, “I think we have a growing teen on our hands.” Matt’s mom Linda wondered if they be able to keep enough food on the house for him.

After watching Matt’s dedication for a few months, Greg decided he needed to make a few improvements in the basement gym. He announced to Matt that a new incline bench, leg press, and lat machine were on order along with more free weights to help him with his workouts. Greg had a local exercise equipment store do the installation which included floor mats, various accessories, and a full-length mirror.

Matt came home from school one day to find the revamped home gym. He liked the idea of the new equipment, but wasn’t sure about the mirror. But it was the pictures of the bodybuilders mounted to the wall next to the mirror that really surprised him.

“Dad, it’s great and everything, but I’m not sure what the mirror is for.”

“Son, you have to check your form from time to time, and I thought it would be an inspiration to see your own progress. Oh, and these pictures of Mr. Olympia contest winners… that’s just more inspiration,” Greg exclaimed.

Matt wasn’t too sure about the mirror and was silent about the pictures. He suddenly felt hot and flushed as he contemplated the pictures with the incredibly muscled men. He looked them up and down and didn’t know which one was the hottest. Matt had to get his mind off them otherwise he’d bone up right in front of his father and he was afraid his underwear wouldn’t hold back his big cock. He changed the subject to talking about the new equipment.

That night while his parents watched television, Matt made his way downstairs to the weight room, flicked on the light and gazed at the Olympia posters. He’d seen most of these pictures online before, but having them here in his own private weight room was too much of a turn on. Matt had figured out that he was gay, but his parents didn’t know it yet and he wasn’t sure about announcing it. His eyes darted from huge chests with massive pecs to big oversized backs, lats bulging way beyond their normal range, vein-filled muscle packed arms, ballooned quads and calves. He imagined these guys waddling around, swaggering with all that muscle. What did it feel like to be so jacked and pumped? Matt started boning up right away. Still wearing his training shorts, he was tenting mightily and looked in the mirror. He ran a hand across his chest then settled on his cock that had already inflated to 8 hard inches. He thought these guys were so damn hot looking and started stroking his cock. His eyes darted from photo to photo while continuing to pump faster. He couldn’t hold it any longer…just a few more tugs, then exploded in his shorts.

He couldn’t believe his dad had set up this fantasy chamber of hot muscle humping men. He wouldn’t need to pretend disinterest in bodybuilder pictures anymore. His father encouraged it! If he only knew.


Part 3

The months passed and Matt’s 16 year old teenage hormone fueled workouts swelled his body. Little boy Matty was fading as Matt the man revealed itself. His pecs had grown outward and showed more definition. Even his nipples had grown as his pecs had stretched larger. His biceps had bulked up too and were looking rounded and more defined. He loved his bulky muscular legs and his back which had thickened too and pushed against his t- shirts. Matt was working out every chance he got and eating as much as he could. Even he could see the progress now and loved it.

Matt returned to school in the fall and noticed the changes in other classmates too. Over the summer some of the guys had gotten their growth spurts and had shot up in height, added weight or needed to shave more frequently. Matt had experienced a similar metamorphosis but didn’t want to draw attention to it. He knew that some of the jerks would make fun of his body and, in time, coaches would be tapping him on the shoulder to play on their teams. He wanted nothing to do with that. His plans were elsewhere and that didn’t include team sports. Matt had walked around much of the time with hoodies and bulky clothing to hide his body from unwanted looks and comments.

Another school day done and Matt raced home to settle into his weight room. The thought of it started that feeling again. The rush of blood in his body, a quickening pulse and his dick jumping at the prospect. He hoped no one would see the bulge as he walked. Ever since he started his weight training, he found himself getting a hardons more frequently. Hardly a day went by that it he didn’t take care of it, sometimes twice a day. The feeling kept coming back reminding him of what he liked. And, what he liked was there in that basement, the center of his universe, his weights and his men. His father’s initial six pictures had now grown to a collection of two dozen photos mostly added by Matt. It was the guys with the best features and the ones that turned him on the most. Greg saw them and critiqued them from time to time but Matt didn’t care as they were his favorites. Greg was happy that his youngest son was really getting into bodybuilding.

Even Greg was starting to get interested again in training. He had felt that his own body had declined and softened over the years since his bodybuilding days and seeing his son get so much enjoyment out of it made him think about competing again, perhaps in a masters category. He still had the frame and knew the muscle memory would have him back in shape in no time, or would it? Since his glory days in competition, Greg had some difficulty controlling his weight. It had gone up and down during his training years, but lately it had mostly gone up. His belly was getting harder to hide and he wondered whether his thoughts of getting back into a training routine were all nonsense. From time to time he would do some sets when Matt was not using the gym and pretend that he was getting serious. Greg witnessed Matt’s voracious appetite and used it as an excuse to eat a little more himself. Matt noticed his dad’s growing belly and couldn’t resist kidding him about it and asked what he was training for.

Matt continued to develop and grow in all ways. Accommodating his teenage growth and added weight required bigger shirts, now all sized large, and longer and bigger pants. His cock was now 9 inches, growing an inch per year since he turned 14, and his balls were also bulkier and hung lower to accommodate their size. The package felt hot in his pants and filled his underwear as never before. He was constantly boning up at the slightest movement or thought.


Part 4

Matt continued to add weight and size in his senior year at high school. At 17 he had grown to 6ft and weighed in at 190lbs. Still lean, perhaps boyish in some respects, but definitely a shapely young man. He realized how much he loved to work his arms and chest and how quickly he was developing the bodybuilder look he wanted to have. Matt’s face had developed a new leanness that changed his look and dark stubble grew along his jawline. His hair, now longer and full, had coarsened and darkened.

At school he attracted the attention of many of the girls, but tried not to make too much eye contact with them. Even though he was friendly for the most part, his conversations with women were short and didn’t go anywhere. His eyes were on the guys. He developed ways of looking at them so they wouldn’t notice and kept a short list in his head of those he found most interesting. He imagined them bulking up into bodybuilders and fantasized about which body parts of theirs would develop best. As far as he could tell, none of them were interested in other guys. Matt’s shyness would curtail any exploratory conversation with them. He just couldn’t go around and ask if they liked dudes.

Matt’s final year in high school quickly came to an end and after graduation he decided he’d spend the rest of the summer training, spending as much time as possible in the basement gym. This was his last chance to make good progress before heading off to City University in the fall where his training routine would be in doubt.

That summer Matt worked out day after day pushing himself further and further. He gave up all other activities just to stay in the cool basement gym and lift as much weight as he could. And, when he wasn’t lifting he was eating. His parents didn’t make a big deal about his appetite, they just tried to make as much food available to him as he wanted. Greg had been keeping protein supplements in the kitchen pantry for a while, but now noticed they were being used up at a faster rate. He didn’t say anything about it to Matt and just made sure there was plenty on hand for his growing boy. By early September Matt had reached his 200lb goal and was pleased with how he looked and felt about himself. He could feel the added weight and how his clothing felt tighter.

He frequently checked his progress in the basement mirror posing and flexing like his bodybuilder guys posted on the nearby wall. Sometimes he’d strip his shorts off too for an extra workout. He liked seeing his big soft cock pulse and grow as he struck poses in the mirror. It had continued to develop too and topped out 10 inches with its big cockhead. He dropped some saliva on the head and played with it for a while enjoying the feeling. He imagined making out with his fantasy men and took his big dick in hand and began to stroke it over and over feeling the aching hardness. Within minutes his fantasy fuck session was over and he watched his cock deflate. Matt thought it never seemed to go back to its original size and liked to think the constant jerkoff sessions were the reason for its size. He wanted to test that theory further, but also wanted to find his own muscle dude he could fuck and play with. Maybe he’d find someone at university.

Matt’s parents were saddened the day he drove off for school. Hugs and kisses were shared, some tears shed. Greg gave his son one last prolonged hug. At 6’-1” Matt was now almost as tall as his father and Greg could feel how muscular Matt’s chest and arms had become. “Now I’ll finally get a chance to use those weights,” Greg said as his son got in the car. He handed Matt an envelope saying “Take this, open it when you get there, good luck, we love you!”

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Sweet story - looking forward to Matt taking things to the next level!

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Parts 5 - 7 today and to be continued.


Part 5

Orientation Day at City University turned out to be a hot late summer day. Matt was sweating by the time he arrived and came wearing a thin t-shirt that left little to the imagination. Most noticeable was his muscular, broad chest as it pushed outward against the clinging, sweaty shirt. His shoulders looked full and rounded, too. His traps which had really filled in over the summer added to the package. His summer shorts covered part of his powerhouse legs and accentuated the nice bulging ass that filled them. Matt had never revealed himself like this in such a public place, but this was no longer high school and he felt like he was starting a new life. As he walked along, he saw the glances and stares from other freshman students including some of the guys. Matt decided that if he could see a good-looking guy coming his way, he would discretely pull his shoulders back and puff up his chest and check out their reaction. The ones that looked too long he decided were gay. He soon realized that he wouldn’t know what he’d say if one of these guys happened to stop and talk to him and stopped his experiment.

Matt got home to his new apartment and remembered the envelope his father had given him. He opened it and found a note with a business card. The note read, “Matt, I know you have your ideas about the best way to train, but I have a couple of old bodybuilding friends I think could really help. It’s up to you. Love, Dad.” The card read, “Nitro Gym - Thor Thorvaldson & Tank Roberts.”  

Matt was uncertain about using a gym across town, likely with an expensive membership fee, when CU’s recreation center was so close by and was free for students. He checked out the center and found some good equipment that would be an improvement over his home gym and yet other machines that were trashed. There were a mix of goofs and jocks who seemed only to be there to meet chicks. Nobody was seriously working out. Matt thought his father was probably right and that he should check out Nitro Gym. He looked up their website and read the list of extensive equipment and the services provided. He lingered on some of the photos showing the muscle studs that trained there. Both his heart and cock started thumping.

On Friday Matt drove over to Nitro Gym and walked by once just to check it out. He started to get nervous and afraid about going in. His shyness was reappearing and he wasn’t sure he was ready for this level of involvement. He finally got up the courage and walked in. The music was blaring loudly and there was the din of machines clanking, guys laughing, grunting and talking, weights hitting the floor. Matt couldn’t hear the guy at the reception desk ask if he needed help. Matt fumbled for the business card in his pocket and presented it.

“My dad gave me this!” Matt yelled.

“Ok, who’s your dad?” the guy said.

“Greg Nelson. He knows these guys!”

“Just a minute, I’ll get them.”

Matt perused the room seeing a dozen or so guys seriously pumping iron, big sweaty dudes you didn’t want to mess with, but there were a few cuties as well. Matt stood there looking with his mouth open not noticing that Thor and Tank had appeared from a side room.

“So you’re Greg Nelson’s kid,” the man boomed. It was Thor who spoke first. Matt understood right away why he was called Thor. This god seemed to be in his late 40s and was about 6’-6”, had a shaved head and goatee, tattoos up and down his arms that rippled with the gnarliest veins he had ever seen. Matt couldn’t judge his legs as they were covered by camo pants, but thought that Thor filled them up. His dark tanned skin and nasty scowl completed the look.

“We’re glad you finally made it,” said Tank. Tank looked like he used to be lifter or wrestler. His blocky physique filled his stringer and workout shorts. He appeared to be about foot shorter than Thor with huge upper body development that lacked definition. His chest hair was plentiful and merged with his bushy beard. He was around the same age as Thor, but unlike Thor, he had a belly. “I hear you’re going to CU,” Tank shouted.

“Wait,” Matt shouted, “how do you know all of this?”

“Your old man told us all about you. We’ve known Greg for twenty years, but haven’t seen him since his years in the business, How’s he doing?” Tank said.

“He’s doing fine, not at the competition weight he used to be. He’s afraid he’s getting fat though.”

“Woah, aren’t we all, well…I should say I am and not you from what I see.” Tank lifted his stringer and bared his hairy belly which curved outward below his pecs.

“Greg says you’re pretty serious. You think you have what it takes?” said Thor.

“Well, I’m not sure. It’s just been my dad training me and I’m not used to all of this.”

“Come with me,” Thor commanded.

The tour of the gym started with Matt leading the way at his own pace. Thor and Tank wanted to see his reactions to things, but they were also checking out Matt’s physique. Matt paused to look at most of the machines and tried not to stare too much at the guys. After a while, he couldn’t resist looking at the biggest dudes, marveling at their development and size.

“Is this where the pros workout?” Matt asked.

“You bet. Would you like to meet a few of them?” Tank said.

“Sure, but I don’t want to…”

“No, no it’s ok, really, these guys need to meet the newest competition. They can’t rest on their reputations or always believe they have best bods in town. There’s always another one that comes along.”

After a few introductions Matt’s eyes locked on a handsome man around 30 with an amazing, massive physique.

“Matt, this is James Wilkerson. He’s one of our success stories…trains mostly at Eastside now.”

Matt reached out and grabbed James’s huge square hand which was connected to a massive forearm that led  into an insanely wide bicep with a pronounced vein running along the side. An unbelievably developed tricep tied into a striated bulging delt that connected into a crazy trap which finally swept up to the face of a gorgeous man with a set of piercing blue eyes. Matt thought he was going to pass out and cream his pants all at the same time.

“Matt, are you ok?” Thor said, “Do you need some water? Let’s go outside.”

“I’m ok, it’s just a little overwhelming.” Matt was speaking softly now.

“We like what we see and since your Greg Nelson’s son we know you have what it takes. Can you start tomorrow?” Thor said.

“Well, but…. I don’t know if I can pay for this.”

“Don’t worry, we’re taking you on. We can see you have the right genetics to make this work. You’re a pretty buff dude already. There’s no cost to you. We’ll provide the training, advice, supplements and some meals. If you say yes, we’ll get you set up today with some clothes if you need them, and a meal and supplements card to use next door. We only ask for a four year commitment, the same amount of time you’re here attending CU. Do we have a deal?”

Matt started feeling woozy again. He couldn’t believe their offer. He could only shake his head up and down.

“Great, tomorrow is chest day. Be here at 4pm.”

Matt couldn’t believe what just happened. On the drive home he thought about how he would use the equipment and how he would juggle the training routine with his school work. He replayed the visit right up to the part where he met massive James Wilkerson. At this point his cock started to thump again, blowing up bigger with each beat. He struggled to walk discretely from his car into his apartment with his boner surging in his pants. His dick was relentless and it wanted release, but he wasn’t sure he’d make it inside before shooting. Although trembling, he managed to get in the apartment, pulled his pants and shorts off, then wildly jacked off with thoughts of massive Wilkerson in his head. Before falling asleep that night he jacked off again thinking of Wilkerson’s body and fucking this huge, muscle stuffed dude.

The workouts were more than Matt imagined. Thor and Tank showed no mercy and demanded everything of him. Each workout focused on a certain body part with an intensity Matt had never experienced before. Just when he thought he was getting used to what was being asked of him, Thor and Tank upped the ante. Week after week and month after month the workouts intensified. Matt continually had doubts and struggled with keeping up with his studies.

Next door to Nitro Gym was Muscle Bar, the other part of Thor and Tank’s business that catered to guys training in their gym or anyone else who appreciated their prepared foods and needed vitamins and supplements. Matt had a benefits card which entitled him to three meals a day and any supplements he needed. Matt was told that proper nutrition was the key to his success in bodybuilding. For that reason they kept a nutritionist on staff to cater to the needs of serious bodybuilders. Matt was happy with the plan as it was convenient and the food tasted better than what he could make at home, and it saved a lot of money. The nutritionist kept the records of what Matt ate, what supplements were used and reported it all back to Thor and Tank.

Needless to say, the combination of well-planned workouts and the right nutrition supercharged Matt’s physique and he could see the change. He could feel the change too as his clothing became tighter in the following months. Within a year of starting Matt gained more muscle increasing his weight to 220lbs. He was finally convinced he was on the right path.


Part 6

One day while striding across campus in a hurry to get to his workout Matt saw a guy walking towards him. What caught his eye was the well-fitting top he was wearing that showed off his shape. Matt couldn’t see too much detail of his face or body as the sun was shining directly in his eyes. Matt continued checking him out as he got closer but as they passed the other guy said “Text me, 788-4573.” He put it out of his mind as he was running late for his workout at Nitro.

The next day he thought about the encounter again and tried to remember the number but wasn’t sure of it. He tried a number but the message couldn’t be delivered. After another try his phone chirped back, “1090 W Maple St, Apt 514.” Matt wasn’t sure what he might be getting into and wondered whether or not to proceed.

Matt drove to Maple Street looking for the address which turned out to be a newer apartment building. He thought it wasn’t too dangerous looking so decided to go in. Matt looked for 514 on the building directory and pushed the button. He started to get nervous and apprehensive. No answer. He considered driving away but decided to wait in the car for fifteen minutes or so and try again.

Returning to the building he punched 514 again and a voice came on, “Hello?” the voice said. “Um… you gave me your number, and I…” Immediately the front door buzzed letting Matt in. In the elevator lobby a technician was servicing both elevators so neither could be used. Matt looked for the stairs and started to climb to the fifth floor. He quickened the pace and by the time he made it to the fifth floor, he was breathing heavily from the climb and from the nervousness. He knocked on the door to 514.

The door flew open revealing a barefoot young guy wearing just a worn pair of pants and no shirt. His tousled hair was wet and he had a 3-day scruff of beard on his face. Matt estimated him to be about 6’ and 30lbs lighter than himself.

“Sorry, I just got out of the shower and threw this on. I’m Steve.”

“Matt,” he exclaimed still almost breathless, his chest heaving up and down for Steve to see. Matt wasn’t sure he recognized him but wished Steve hadn’t bothered with the pants. This guy was gorgeous! This man obviously worked out and he had the most amazing proportions, not too big, not James Wilkerson big, but perfect in so many ways. Matt swept his body with his eyes trying to be discrete, but the attraction was obvious. Steve’s v-taper from his chiseled abs up to his wide shoulders was perfect. Meaty arms with full, shapely biceps hung at his sides. Beautiful pecs were punctuated by large, tantalizing nipples. All of this with pale, hairless skin that wasn’t artificially tanned or tatted up. The smoothness, size and form of his muscles was perfection.

“S-s-so you like dudes?” Matt stuttered, already knowing the answer to his question.

“The last time I checked,” Steve nodded. “Here, let’s sit down.” Steve led the way into the living room. Matt watched Steve’s backside enjoying the movement of his muscles, back and ass.

Now Matt was starting to sweat. “Sorry, but I’m feeling a little warm. So that was you I saw on campus last week?”

“Yes, of course.” Steve could see the shimmer of sweat on Matt’s forehead. “You know you could become more comfortable too.” Matt was still not at ease. “Why don’t you take your shirt off? That’s the custom in my house.”

Matt hesitated then peeled off the sweaty polo he wore.

“Very nice, now doesn’t that feel better?” Steve questioned. He was blown away by Matt’s fantastic chest development and tried not to stare too much. Matt was bigger than Steve, especially his chest, but not by too much. At 19 Matt’s light chest hair covered mostly his pecs, but not below except for a trail down the center of his torso which deliciously disappeared into his pants.

Steve switched to talking about himself while continuing to check out Matt’s incredible body. “I’m the nutritionist at Muscle Bar and a third-year student in the nutrition science program at CU. I’m also minoring in physical education. My schedule just wasn’t matching with yours so we’d never run into one another. Thor and Tank told me how you almost passed out when you met James Wilkerson and I began to wonder. I saw you once at Muscle Bar from the kitchen during the shift change. It took that long to run into you on campus.”

The conversational banter went back and forth which gradually made Matt feel more at ease. He wondered why his dick hadn’t gotten hard yet, but as he gazed at Steve’s body and became lost in the dance of Steve’s muscles, he felt the hardening begin. He hoped Steve wouldn’t notice his cock thrusting upwards in his pants, but maybe he did. Steve did notice and suggested that indeed it was hot and that they’d have to “get even more comfortable.”

At this point Steve came over to Matt and pulled him up off the couch. Steve took the next step of unzipping Matt’s pants and letting them drop to the floor. Matt’s cock was tenting his underwear pulling the top of his shorts away from this waist. Steve ran his fingers along the obvious outline of Matt’s still growing cock and pulled the waistband away to let the huge helmet-shaped cockhead escape and expand above it. Steve lowered himself to the floor and pulled down Matt’s shorts letting his cock fall outward and marveled at the 11 inch tree trunk before him.

“Fuck, now this is a man’s cock and I do love men.” Steve said. At this point he started licking Matt’s enormous cockhead and worked his way down the shaft and back up again. He sucked the engorged head for a while before resuming the licking and teasing. Steve realized he couldn’t take all of Matt’s fully hard cock but tried nonetheless. Matt enjoyed seeing his huge dick stuffed into Steve’s mouth and gasped as the pressure increased and became unbearable.

Matt placed his hands on Steve’s head and wanted to fuck his mouth badly, but exclaimed, “I…can’t take it, I’m going to…” Matt’s cock bucked and pumped stream after stream into Steve’s eager mouth. Steve pulled back momentarily to watch Matt erupt and milked him off into his open mouth and onto his face. The final pulses of thick cream dribbling out Matt’s big, reddened cock were captured by Steve’s waiting tongue.

Once it was over Steve said, “How long have you been saving that up?”

“A lifetime.” Matt mumbled to himself. He took a few minutes to recover.

Steve stood up and unbuttoned his own pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear, but his pants didn’t fall immediately as they were held by his own bulging cock. Steve gave a little jump and his extra fat cock popped loose.

“Holy shit, look at this!” Steve’s 9 inches started from a wide base bigger than Matt’s and curved upward, sword-like, from there only tapering slightly and culminated in a thick head. It pulsed and bobbed as Matt got down on his knees and began to sample it with his mouth causing Steve to moan. There was amazing hardness and strength to his bull cock. Within a few more minutes Steve couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out of Matt’s mouth and sat back down and jerked himself off shooting all over his own smooth chest. Matt used the opportunity to clean up the cum with his tongue. Up and down Matt went licking and making sounds, pausing at Steve’s nipples which remained hardened. Matt licked circles around them and lifted his head to say, “These are beautiful, but we’re going to have to work them like the rest of your body. I know just the trainer and the exercises.”

After a long evening of talking Matt gave a yawn and told Steve he had to get some sleep and be ready for classes and the gym the next day. They embraced in a very sexy way and called it a night. Steve said, “Saturday? I’ll send you a text.” Matt smiled a big goofy grin and walked out the door with a hardon.

Back at his apartment Matt couldn’t believe the evening he just had with Steve. His excitement prevented him from getting a decent sleep and he went to school tired the next day. Saturday was just two days off, but he could hardly wait for the day. He kept boning up at the thought of seeing Steve’s beautiful body again. Matt picked out a tight t-shirt and short workout shorts that would show off all his lumps and bulges.

Saturday came and Matt knocked on the door of Steve’s apartment. As before the door quickly opened but this time Steve stood there with nothing on. His big cock was already hard and throbbing.

Matt smiled and jokingly said, “Room service! I’m here to make up the room.”

“Well, I guess that means we’ll have to mess it up,” Steve replied.

Matt began to strip off his clothes at the closed door and Steve helped him peel off the snug outfit. Matt could barely get the t-shirt off and Steve ran his hands over Matt’s back, ass and thighs pretending to be of help. It only served to get Matt harder and they both headed off to the bedroom with their hardons waggling back and forth as they walked.

Steve laid down first and Matt sprawled on top of him, their cocks pulsing with excitement. Matt pawed Steve’s body and started licking his pecs and then nipples trying to work them up to further hardness. Matt continued licking his way down Steve’s chest and took a mouthful of his cock and remained there a while enjoying the fantastic pole. Matt sampled his large balls that were held tight against the base of his cock. Matt then quickly spread Steve’s legs further and pointed his own fuck pole into Steve’s asshole. Matt pressed into Steve and jabbed him a few times, but didn’t enter. Steve grabbed some lube and gave it to him. Matt poured some on his engorged cockhead then fisted his cock to spread it around. With one solid push he was in and Steve yelled out. Matt was so horny by this point there was no stopping and he fucked Steve wildly to the inevitable climax. Steve had been jerking his own cock and blew shortly after Matt. “How’s that for room service?” Matt said.

The evening continued with more sex play and fucking. This time it was Steve’s turn. Matt positioned himself on the bed on his hands and knees as Steve approached from behind. Steve ran his hands over Matt’s back, thighs, and ass enjoying the muscles. Steve thumped Matt’s ass several times with his hard cock, now wet with precum. “Do you want this, are you ready?” He lunged into Matt’s ass and began to pound away. “Ride…me…big…boy,” each word Matt yelled between thrusts. It didn’t take too long before Steve let out a loud moan of delight as he wildly rammed his cock a few last times exploding his load. Exhausted, they both collapsed on the bed exhausted and fell asleep shortly thereafter.

In the morning they started all over again.


Part 7

Matt and Steve couldn’t get enough of each other and spent several nights each week and the weekends together fucking and enjoying each other’s bodies. While at the apartment they were usually naked and couldn’t resist admiring, touching, grabbing, licking, and sucking each other’s bodies. Their conversations at some point usually turned to training routines, favorite exercises, goals, and more.

“How big do you want to get? Steve asked.

“I think I can add another 60 or 70lbs to this frame, maybe more.” Matt stood up showing the areas he wanted to work on in his quest to become a massive bodybuilder. The more he demonstrated his proposed improvements the more he saw Steve’s cock grow until it was fully inflated. “Can you imagine that?”

“That would be so fucking hot. My dick already approves!”

Matt bent down and gobbled up Steve’s juicy hard cock causing him to moan.

“Oh yeah…that’s it… take it all, muscleman.” Steve watched Matt give his cock a workout cramming as much of it in his mouth as he could. “Matt…I want you to get big… as fucking big as you want and I can help you.”  Steve imagined Matt growing into some huge muscle-stuffed dude barely able to move. “What would you do with all that muscle?”

“Keep you happy, hard, and satisfied.” Matt resumed his enthusiastic sucking until Steve blasted his hot load into his mouth.

Later that summer Matt and Steve decided to move in together. Matt’s one-year apartment lease was up and Steve’s place was more suitable for two and it was also closer to Nitro Gym. This arrangement would benefit Matt’s training in that Steve could make meals, shakes, and snacks that Matt otherwise did not have time to make and were not covered by Nitro Gym’s meal card. Steve could make sure Matt was getting the right food and enough of it. And, obviously as lovers, Matt and Steve could suck and fuck just about anytime they wanted.

The months went by and Matt continued to dedicate himself to the challenging routines Thor and Tank had demanded of him. With the help of improved eating habits and increased meals planned by Steve, Matt put on another 15lbs of dense muscle in less than six months. This made Matt and Steve very happy. Steve felt he was as much a part of Matt’s success as Matt himself was and enjoyed watching him eat and grow. He especially liked seeing Matt eat without his shirt on. Steve would stare at Matt’s huge upper body and watch his biceps bunch up as he ate. To please Steve, Matt ate everything placed in front of him and frequently struck a sexy double bicep pose at the end of the meal to indicate his satisfaction. Matt realized too that if he kept up his flexing and posing they’d end up back in the bedroom for another kind of workout. They both loved teasing each other with their beautifully muscled bodies.

At the end of the school year Steve graduated with his nutrition science degree and Thor and Tank hired him on at the gym as a full-time nutritionist and occasional trainer. This brought in more money that could be spent on more food and supplements Matt and Steve needed to maintain their size and further their growth.  

Matt enjoyed having the summers off from school as it gave him the opportunity to ramp up his workouts to the next level without the distraction of school. Thor and Tank had stopped determining all his workouts once they realized Matt had a natural instinct for knowing what worked best for his body and always seemed to be motivated to improve. He continued to use Muscle Bar for some of his nutritional and supplement needs, but relied more and more on Steve’s customized nutritional planning to boost his growth and to provide meals away from the gym. By the end of summer Matt was eating seven basic meals throughout the day with supplemental protein snacks and vitamins in between. His continued weight gain and muscular development was obvious and Matt was very happy with the progress. Sometimes Matt would pretend his growth was all Steve’s doing and say “Look what you’re doing to your growing boy.”. Matt would flex a bicep to its maximum peak, then ask Steve to feel its amazing size and hardness. Steve could never resist Matt’s invitation.

Motivated by Matt’s progress, Steve also worked on his body. He was now tipping the scales at 205lbs continuing to add to his superb development. Steve wasn’t as wide or tall as Matt, but the added muscle still bulged in all the right ways. Like Matt, Steve enjoyed his upper body workouts and had developed quite a treasure chest. Steve made sure his pecs were kept in top form as he knew how much Matt liked them, especially the wide, dark nipples which were accentuated by his pale skin. But as a part-time trainer, Steve didn’t want to get too big as he found that some people became intimidated by size and wanted guidance from someone who was more normal looking.

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Parts 8 - 10 today and to be continued.

Part 8

After four years at City University Matt graduated with his construction management degree and turned his thoughts to looking for a job. He was excited about pursuing his chosen field, but had concerns about the effect a full-time job would have on his training routine. Matt didn’t know what the future had in store for him and decided that it was best to take advantage of the extra time he now had and spend it working out when he wasn’t looking for a job. After all, he continued to make amazing progress and wanted to see how big he could become. For a few moments he wondered whether an employer might think someone of his size could not effectively perform their job. Matt was sure he could prove otherwise.

At 22 years old Matt’s appearance was that of a fully developed, masculine man. Obviously appearing as a bodybuilder, he now sported a full trim beard and which complemented the dark fur which covered his pecs and lightly covered his abs. Four years of training had packed pound after pound of dense muscle onto his body engorging it to amazing size and proportion. It all felt natural and was as if he was supposed to be a huge muscular man. His growth seemed to have no limits.

At 275lbs, Matt’s appearance was nothing short of amazing. His traps lay thick and angled down across his wide shoulders that were made to look even wider by his broad, rounded deltoids. His back had blown up too growing deeply humped with muscle and wide from incredible lats which sprang almost perpendicular to his torso. His huge wing shaped back development pushed his arms out too, helped along by giant horseshoe shaped triceps. His biceps which he loved to work had grown unbelievably large and wide and contacted his forearms and pecs when he worked out and when he bent his arms. His pride and joy were his enormous pecs which he made a point of working to a huge size. The massive heavy pads had grown in all directions creating a magnificent cleavage and a bulging which started immediately from the clavicles and curved outward down to a heavy overhanging shelf. His nipples which had stretched wider by the underlying muscle meat had rolled under the ballooned pecs and pointed mostly downward. Matt’s love of squats, leg presses, and the like resulted in a pair of supremely massive legs and a meaty solid ass. The effect on Matt’s mobility was now undeniable. He had developed the bodybuilder swagger from thighs too big to move past each other without a rolling walk which also caused his glutes to flex and jostle. His hulking arms hung at an angle against his wide wing-shaped back and caused him to walk through doorways sideways. At last he knew what it felt like to be a mass monster and he loved every part of it. The power, the look, the feeling, it was all intoxicating.

During the three years Steve had been with Matt, he had watched Matt’s physique grow out of numerous shirts and pants. Matt and Steve were constantly on the lookout for the next larger sizes and styles that would fit Matt’s huge body. Steve preferred seeing Matt in clothes that were more revealing, especially tight, v-neck t-shirts that couldn’t fit over his bloated biceps and scrunched tightly on his boulder-wide shoulders. These shirts would necessarily stretch and gap open across Matt’s bulging, meaty pecs. These tight tees showed off his deep cleavage darkly covered in chest fur and accentuated his broad muscular back. A skin tight pair of jeans wrapped around his ass and bloated thighs completed the picture for Steve. Steve also like to buy Matt skimpy underwear he knew would barely hold Matt’s big balls and 11 inch man dick and hang open at the top overstuffed with its contents. Steve loved to see Matt bone up inside these with his dick either busting out the top past the waistband or growing down his leg.

For the most part Matt had given up the idea of trying to conceal his growing body and accepted the fact that there was no hiding someone of his size and shape. He often wore athletic or bodybuilding gear given the accommodating fit, but still liked traditional clothing when away from the gym. He liked nice buttoned shirts but found it harder to find ones that would work for his upper body. Usually the shirt sleeves looked ready to explode and shirts often remained unbuttoned at top to allow room for pecs that never seemed to stop growing. He relied on pants with stretch fabrics to fit over his monstrous legs and conform to his trim waist.

Steve felt lucky to have such a hot, hot man. He loved watching Matt’s oversized, muscle stuffed body no matter what he was doing or wearing. His contribution to Matt’s development made him very happy and served as a real example of his skill as a nutritionist. He fantasized as to what he’d look like in another two years and wondered how big Matt would eventually get. Steve boned up at the thought of his continually growing, massively developed, muscle stud.

Steve never tired of watching him eat his meals without his shirt on, especially now that Matt had blown up so huge. One morning as Matt sat at the table eating, Steve watched from the kitchen and waited for Matt to strike his typical double bicep pose signifying his completion and satisfaction. This time Steve walked up behind him and started to massage Matt’s enormous biceps as Matt struck his pose. Steve worshipped their huge mass and ran his fingers over the bulges, veins, and peaks and cupped the oversized triceps that curved heavily below.

“These are so beautiful.” Steve started kissing the bicep peaks that Matt had flexed to maximum size.

“They’re just for you. This is all for you, anytime you want.”

As he continued kissing Matt’s arms, Steve undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. All that remained was Steve’s stretchy yellow t-shirt that accentuated his own chest development and protruding nipples. Steve spun around and straddled Matt sitting in the chair. Steve used his hard cock to prod Matt’s big, furry pecs, then traced their outline with the same, pausing to tease his nipples. Matt’s twin boulders of outrageous pec meat were incredible and Steve couldn’t resist pressing his hard cock against them. At the same time Matt grabbed Steve’s chest and began pinching his nipples through the t-shirt shirt causing them to harden. Steve moaned and started to thrust up and down against Matt’s chest, his cock eventually lodging in Matt’s deep pec cleavage. Matt pulled Steve closer and flexed his pecs against his cock to increase the pressure while Steve continued fucking Matt’s pecs until he exploded. At first Steve launched ropes of cream all over Matt’s chest, but Matt couldn’t resist the delicious treat and pushed him back just in time to catch the final pulses of man juice in his mouth. Matt took as much of Steve’s cock as he could and took in more as his cock softened.


Part 9

At Nitro Gym Thor didn’t need to wonder what Matt would look like in another two years. He felt Matt was ready for competition now. He approached Matt as he was blasting through some sets of bicep curls. Unaware of Thor’s approach, Matt hear Thor’s unmistakable voice.

“Don’t think you can fool me by wearing those hoodies all the time, Matt. You’re one fucking muscle head and it’s about time you did something for us,” Thor snarled. 

“W-what did you have in mind?” Matt stuttered.

“Take that thing off now!” Thor demanded.

Matt unzipped the hoodie and quickly removed it. He had another sweaty top on underneath that clung to his musculature.

“Take the shirt off!” Thor yelled even louder.

Matt struggled to get the shirt off and up over his head as his bulging torso and arms had grown so large.

“Fuck, Hercules, look at you! You’re the biggest fucking guy here, just as I thought. I’d expect no less from Greg Nelson’s son. You know that’s why you’re here.”

Big Matt was feeling small at this point.

“After four years it’s time for the payback. In two months we’re having our first annual Nitro Universe contest. It’ll bring in muscleheads from all over the city and beyond and you’re the star attraction. Think of what that’ll mean for this business. And, if you win… we’ll be paying you to work out here.” Thor walked around Matt assessing his body. “The tits are too big and you’ll have to shave. Your posing lessons start next week and your diet starts tomorrow. Don’t fuck it up!”

Matt was in shock. He wasn’t expecting anything like this. He was content doing his own thing, but obviously the Nitro Gym had other plans. Matt was proud of his massive chest development and was hurt by Thor’s comment. He had grown his pecs large on purpose and was turned on by the look. He knew other guys liked them too, in fact, Steve absolutely worshipped them. He looked in the mirror and bounced them up and down a few times. They probably were a bit freaky. Maybe Thor was right.

Steve was waiting by the door when Matt walked in the apartment. He gave Matt a big hug and told him he learned of Thor’s plans only that morning.

“He wants me to drop at least 20lbs so I’ll look more shredded and ripped. Then he wants me to shave my chest smooth for the contest and learn how to pose all in eight weeks! I’m not sure I want to be in front of all those people. This new training routine’s going to eat up a lot of my time just when I’m trying to get a job.”

“I think we can make it work and I’ve already got some nutrition ideas, but there’s no denying it’s going to be a lot of work. I’ll support you in any way I can. Regarding the interviews, I’ve found some new shirts, dress pants, a jacket and tie you can wear. Do you want to try them on? This will get your mind off things,” Steve said.

They went to the bedroom with the full-length mirror. One by one Matt tried on the pieces. They were nice looking, all a little small and didn’t hide his massive physique whatsoever. Matt felt constricted by the shirts which barely fit his chest and arms and the pants barely held his ass and legs.

Matt looked in the mirror and waddled around the bedroom a bit. “You know, this is hot looking.” He was starting to get aroused by the image and feeling of the tight clothes.

Steve said, “I think they look great! This is who you are, get used to it. You are my hot man and these make you look like a hot professional man.” Steve got closer to cinch his necktie together. It dangled free below Matt’s big pec shelf.

Matt put his hands to his own pecs and said, “You know these are going away. Thor says they’re too much.”

“That would only be temporary as far as I’m concerned!” Steve grabbed Matt’s ass cheeks and pulled himself into Matt’s crotch. He could feel Matt’s hardness grow. He knelt down to unzip his pants and pulled out Matt’s fat cock and pumped it until it was full. “There, look at that” Steve said turning Matt sideways to the mirror. Matt stood there stuffed into his new clothes with a thick veiny hardon surging from his pants. His huge cockhead was a thing of beauty. “Now this is what a professional looks like!”

The next morning Steve awoke with his usual morning hardon and found Matt already out of bed. He heard some noise coming from the kitchen and thought that Matt must be assembling his first meal of the day. He quietly padded out to the kitchen to find naked Matt facing the sink and guzzling down a large protein shake. The sight of Matt’s huge muscle humping, overdeveloped body and beautiful ass did nothing to diminish his hardon. He softly approached and inserted his hardness into Matt’s upper thigh cleavage. Matt continued to drink letting his lover explore further. Steve nuzzled Matt’s back and reached up with one hand under Matt’s arm and placed it lovingly on Matt’s furry chest. With the other hand he reached down in front and grabbed Matt’s cock which had already started to inflate. They stood there for a moment before Steve started to gently thrust his big curving cock in and out and then adjusted the angle to poke at Matt’s asshole. Matt purred with delight and Steve continued until Matt took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom where Matt started deep throating his cock, as much as he could take. Matt paused and positioned himself on the bed ready for the pounding he was about to receive. Steve’s rock-hard saliva slickened cock entered without hesitation and the steady jabs came one after another until Steve’s hardness broke. Afterward he laid his head at Matt’s crotch and played with Matt’s half hard dick, then took it in his mouth ready for anything it might do. Matt let him rest there enjoying the sensation of Steve’s tongue.


Part 10

The next eight weeks were terrifying as Thor and Tank stood by at every session and used their not so gentle techniques to instruct and motivate Matt. It seemed more like punishment. After the first several weeks he could start to see the difference as more and more definition appeared. They were careful to not give him too many pec exercises and concentrated on other areas to make him look more proportional. Even his face started to thin out and more manly accentuated by his beard stubble. Matt found he was hungry all the time and felt he didn’t have enough energy to complete the workout because of the lack of food. Steve had cut back the portions and switched to leaner meals with less carbs, typically consisting of chicken or fish and plain rice. Matt wanted more of everything and his stomach would ache from hunger.

On the other hand, Matt’s job search was going well. He had a couple of interviews at least, but they didn’t result in a job offer. His third interview was with Wilkerson Construction. They had an opening for a junior level construction manager which he felt was a good fit based on his qualifications.

The interview started at 2pm. Matt had worn his new outfit including the jacket and tie. The first questions were asked to which he gave satisfactory answers, but he felt all eyes in the room were on him and they weren’t listening to what he said. This made him nervous and sweaty at which point he said he needed to remove his jacket. He stood up and obviously struggled to remove it. There was absolute silence in the room as they stared as his upper body straining the dress shirt.

Breaking the silence, one of the interviewers asked, “So Matt, what do you like to do in your spare time?”

Matt was amused by this question. “Well, you might be able tell that I like to go to the gym.”

“Uh, yes, so it seems. If hired for this job would you be trying to juggle a gym life with a work life?”

“Well, yes at the moment. In five weeks I’m competing in the Nitro Universe bodybuilding contest, but no plans after that.”

”Would you say that you’re a dedicated individual?”

“Certainly sir, that’s the only way you can be successful in life.”

“Ok, does anyone have any other questions? If not, we want to thank Matt Nelson for spending time with us today. Matt, could you step out of the room for a moment?”

Matt didn’t know what was going on. He went to the waiting room and sat in an upholstered chair too small for him. After ten minutes, which seemed like an eternity, he was called back into the conference room.

“Matt, we’d like to introduce you to James Wilkerson. He’s the vice-president of the company.”

Through the door walked a very large, well-dressed man, around 35, who obviously knew his way around the gym.

“We’re looking for guys who can command a presence and keep some of these foremen and construction guys in line. I think you could show who’s boss. And, I know what it’s like trying to train and work at the same time. I admire you for it.” Wilkerson said. “Do you remember me from Nitro Gym?”

“Oh, you bet, of course I do! You’re incredible!” James extended his huge hand to shake Matt’s equally large hand. Matt could see the telltale chest development through the open jacket front and saw his arms bulge the sleeves.

“Welcome to the company, Matt. I know you’ll do just fine. You don’t need to start until after the Nitro Universe contest.”

Matt couldn’t believe his ears. Everything he wanted was happening. He was so excited to get home and tell Steve all about the job offer and his bodybuilder boss, but by the time he got home his hunger was so great he immediately asked Steve what he could eat. “I’m starving, I need to eat something now!” Matt demanded before telling Steve about the successful interview.

“We can celebrate tonight, but not too much. We can’t blow your diet.” Steve said. He didn’t like seeing Matt lose weight, but knew this contest was important to his bodybuilding aspirations.

“Not just a little bit?”

“I have something you can chew on and I think you’ll like it. Come with me, Manager Matt!”


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Love this story!  Hope to see his dad come back bigger then ever making Mr Olympia look small. 

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A great, fun, nice and sexy story.


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Man this story is deliciously good in every single way.

Matt and Steve romance and love for muscle it's the best thing in this story.

I like how Matt's shyness is still there even when he became one hot piece of a man.


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