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“how big do you want to get James."  I say to myself looking in the mirror.  "there's no limit."” I respond holding the syringe in my hand.  Ok.. so 1 ml…..ah fuck it lets just double it and see what happens.  Now let me begin by saying I have always wanted to be massive.  Like take a pro bodybuilder….then double it…no scratch that quadruple it.  Mainly because quads are my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong though if you saw me in person you would do a double take.  I’m about 5’10 220lbs.  any guy would kill to have my body as it already is, but not me.  I want to be a freak and after this last coach ditching me for a bodybuilder who has more potential I’m done.  I’m done relying on these guys.  So this is where I’m at and I hope you’re ready for the journey.  I begin by taking my eight mandatory poses and weight.  221.4 this morning.  Ok not bad Xls fit tight and my ass looks amazing.  But I did all this research and found a distributer of this new steroid on the market.  It’s Diatestrol.  Apparently it’s a super intense version of dianabol, test, and winstrol.  Which ok whatever no one has tried it yet.  My friend Thomas told me he could get me some before it’s pulled completely so I said fine and he ordered me as many vials as he could.  Now theres suppose to be no side effects and I’m interested in knowing….hold on my phone is going off.   Its Thomas…. Weird. 

“Hey Thomas.” 

“ James did you take the serum yet?”

Shit…..should I tell him I just doubled the dosage and shot myself up.

“No way why?”

“Oh thank god.  Throw it away James. Its completely pulled the doctors who made it are in prison.”




“You ok? You didn’t take it did you?”

“no way dude. I’ll get rid of it.  Has anyone taken it?”

“no one thank god. Apparently the government documentation said it causes mental, physical, and sexual disabilities.”

Oh god……I think to myself

“oh shit.. well thanks for calling me.” 

Well fuck…I guess I’m going to die. 

“wait before you go Thomas, has anyone died?  And how does the government know this if there isn’t any human test subjects?”

“oh they tested monkeys it says. No deaths it reports.  I don’t know man just throw it out.  See ya at the gym later.” 

Ok fuck.. well at least no one died.  Damn I’m hungry.  I really need to go to the grocery store.  *gurgle*. Fuck I’m starving! 


I jump in my car and drive to the nearest taco bell.  I know I know don’t judge me I’m just starving.  Wait didn’t Thomas call me a few minutes ago…uhm yeah I guess he did .  Weird I don’t’ even remember our conversation.  Ah fuck the seatbelt is cutting into my pecs. 

“Welcome to taco bell how may I take your order.”

“I want it all.” 

“excuse me?”

“everything you have give me 10 of everything on the menu.” 

What the fuck am I saying.  OH FUCK I’M STARVING! 


“sir seriously?”

“YES I’M FUCKING SERIOUS!” woah james calm down what is getting into you.  Wait didn’t you take some new steroid…..

“sorry I mean yes please. I’m just really hungry.”

“ok sir that will be 1068.72.”

“sure thing.” 

“theres a lot here sir can you pull around front and we will bring.”


Why does the girl look so terrified of me? Ah fuck this seatbelt is really hurting.  God damnit…oh shit…. I just yanked the seat belt off the wall….. god damnit. 

Oh praise god the first order here and I begin stuffing my face.  Just one after another and I’m keeping up with them.  Almost an hour later and I’m still stuffing my face.  My stomach protruding out fighting for space against my steering wheel.  I finish my last bite. FUCK THAT FEELS AMAZING! “GYM TIME!”

I floor it to the gym and get there seeing Gabe the big guy that trains here.  6’4 300lbs.  Ya that sounds like a lot but at 6’4 he should be 360 to be a true freak.  He still walks normal… its pathetic.  I get out of the car and slam my door.  I’m breathing abnormally heavy.  Walking in I see Thomas my slender gay best friend.  Tall dark and handsome with an ass that goes for days.  He definitely has a models body but the brains of boy genius.  

“damn james.”


“what are you on?”

“what do youmean?”

“You look like you’ve gained 10lbs since yesterday.” 

“dude I weighed myself this morni…..” I stop thinking to myself. Wait I did inject myself with that serum. I DID.  DOUBLE THE DOSE OH FUUUUCK. I stare at Thomas with a look that obviously freaks him out. 


“james…. You ok?”

“yeah I need to weigh my…” I spot the squat rack that Gabe is at.  He has it loaded with 4 plates on each side.  “I can squat that.” 


“What? You can squat what Big Gabe is squatting?”


“fuck yes I can.”  I said smacking my chest then smacking Thomas’ ass. “Come watch me crush this bitch.” I begin strutting over to Gabe.  I see him sitting on the floor sweat pouring off of him.  He looks beat. 


“are you fucking serious bro.”  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH ME TODAY. 


“excuse me”. Gabe grunted in between breaths.  His pecs heaving up and down. 


“Watch a true muscle freak.”  I go under the weight and hold on.  I’ve never even lifted over 315 how do I think I’m going to lift this.  I lift the weight.  My knees shaking but I notice veins popping out everywhere.  Thomas’ eyes are getting wider I can see in the mirror behind me.  I begin to descend down my ass hitting the bottom of the hole.  Then I try to push up.  But I’m stuck. Gabe begins to laugh. 

“oh ya what a big tough muscle fr….”He stops mid sentence as I let out an obscene scream and explode up.  I go again. And again. And again. I bust out 20 reps and throw the weight on the rack.  

“FUCK YA YOU BITCH.”  I Look up at gabe my eyes level with his chin.  He grabs my shirt 

“you calling me a bitch bro.”  


“Uh ya I am you fucking idiot.”  I say grabbing his wrists and slowly starting to squeeze.  I see pain overcome his face. I feel power building inside me. I look in the mirror as Gabe drops to his knees and his face lands in my crotch.  My cock twitches in delight as a new slave is being made.  Wait did I just say slave… also why am I getting so worked up.   I see in the mirror my muscles bulging all over.  I look massive.  Veins popping out everywhere they almost seem to be pulsing. 

“You are a fucking asshole.” Gabe spits at me.  

“oh really? Fucking asshole?”  I begin to squeeze his wrist harder until I hear a snap. Gabe screams out in pain and I look at Thomas who has a massive wet spot all over his pants.  I look back in the mirror and at the weight I just demolished.  I look around the gym and see people quickly collecting their things.  What is their issue? I’m just trying to work out here.  Damn why is gabe on the floor….. 

Oh fuck I’m starving. Noticing my clothes are so fucking tight.  I knew I sucked at laundry. 

I then rip my shirt and a shorts off.  Thomas lets out an audible gasp.  I look fucking amazing.  I’m huge. My biceps are massive and split down the center with mountain like peaks.  My traps are raising up towards my ears.  My pecs are so huge that my nipples can’t even be seen.  My 6 no 8 no HOLY FUCK MY 12 PACK! Is so fucking shredded.  I rub my hands over them a few time to which I see two legs…no they aren’t legs these are fucking tree trunks.  They are so huge that I’m not even sure I’ll be able to walk.  My calves are jutting out like perfect diamonds.  My hands are running around my body.  I finally find my nips and twist. “HOLY FUCK!”  My semi hard cock lunges forward snapping the band off my briefs.  Holy shit how big is my cock now. Its at least 9 inches and fuck its thick.  I feel a hand on my now shelf like ass I try to see who it is in the mirror but I’m so massive I’m blocking them.  A finger slips up into my hole.  I drop to my knees and moan trying to hold my orgasm in.  I feel the finger slide in deeper hitting my prostate and then I hear a deep voice. “cum.”  And like that James Vesuvius came.  All over Gabe, who seems to be relishing every moment, all over the mats, all over the mirror. I feel the finger slide out of me and I collapse on the ground.  My body pulsing.   

I hear Thomas’ voice now. 

“James come here.” 

“Yes Thomas?”

“get on the scale.”

“Yes Thomas.”

I step on the scale.  I add 220 and the scale is too light.  I had 5 lbs nothing. 10 lbs. nothing. 20lbs nothing. 30 lbs and finally the weight settles at 250. 

“Very good James.” 

“yes sir.” Wait why am I calling Thomas Sir 

“30lbs.   in one day.  Lets see if we can make it 50 tomorrow.  Thomas slaps my ass one two and then I feel a stab I try to see what is going on but I a sudden overwhelming feeling of orgasmic euphoria comes over me.  

“How big do you want to get boy?” Thomas says to me.

I stand up straight pecs bulging out.  

“there’s no limit sir.”  I scream out like I’m in the military answering my sergeant 

“correct.”  Thomas grins deliciously. 

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Let me know your thoughts.  I think this could turn into a fun series.  




“holy fuck my head.”  I clutched my head as it throbbed with pain.  “oh my god my hurts so bad. Wtf happened to me.”  What happened yesterday… I took that shot and then oh fuck I must have passed out at home.  God everything feels so heavy.  I get up and waddle to the bathroom feeling off.  “HOLY FUCKING BALLS!”  oh my god oh my god I’m massive.  I’m a fucking freak. I look like the white version of Ronnie coleman.  

“Good morning slave.”  I heard a voice. 

“Master.”  I said… wait why am I saying master. And who the fuck is calling me a slaaa oh fuck my balls.  I felt a hand grab my now grapefruit size balls and begin juggling them, but the sensation was insane. It felt like I was cumming just from master fondling my balls. Oh fuck my cock its insane! Wait…..how tall am i?  I swore yesterday I could barely see my dick over the counter and now I can barely see my head in the mirror.  “OH fuck” I moaned as two large hands grabbed my godlike pecs and twisted on my nips.  “FUUUUUUCK”. My cock standing up hitting the base of my pecs.  I can feel the precum flooding down the sides of my cock.  I’m squatting down to see who is behind me but fuck I’m massive. I hear master moaning as I feel his hands slide all over me.  I then feel a prick in my ass and then the overcoming sensation that feels so familiar.  Fuck I’m so big. And so sexy.  All I want is to grow for master.  

“Good boy. Grow for your new master. Grow as big as you can.”

“Yes sir but how.”  

“go to your basement.”

I Immediatley bolt down to my dark dingy basement and see the whole room sparkling clean and loaded with the heaviest of equipment. 

“lift. Grow. Fuck.” I mutter 

“What boy?”  I hear from behind me. I turn my whole body around slamming into the wall 

“LIFT GROW FUCK. SIR.”  I SCREAM at Thomas…THOMAS! WAIT what? I thought master.. oh yes that is master. Wait james what is wrong with you. 

“You’re confused aren’t you boy?”  Thomas says grinning.  He walks down the steps standing on the 5th step up so we are eye level now. 

“you are my slave. But not any slave you are my muscle growing god. Do you understand?”

“yes sir.”  

“you will fuck who I say. Lift what I say. And eat when I say.”  

“yes sir.” Something inside me tingled as I felt the urge to please Thomas…I mean master. No thom… no hes my master. 

“do you know what is happening?”

“no sir.” I said slightly frightened with a tinge of excitement.

“you have become my lab rat James. You will be the largest most muscular man to walk the earth.”

“but how?” 

“the serum. I concocted this serum for you specifically.  After we talked on tinder about our dreams to grow you so huge I began reeling with ideas. I thought I must grow him hes the perfect man to do this.  He will be gorgeous and dominate all other men, but theres one thing.”


“whats that sir.”


“he must be forever mine.” Thomas said with his incredible smile. “the more I fuck you and inject you the more you will grow AND I added something fun for you.”


“Sir?” I said getting even more excited.


“Remember your bodybuilding ex who cheated on you?”


“Yes.” I growled and I suddenly became overwhelmed with anger. I can’t fucking control it. HOLY FUCK I HATE HIS GUTS! FUCK.  And with that I slammed my whole arm through the wall.  


“CALM YOURSELF BOY.”  Thomas screamed as I stood there panting and grunting like a monster.  He pulled out his cell phone and hit something.  


I suddenly felt vibration in my ass so intense.  “OH FUUUCK!”  I SCREAMED  dropping to my knees.  I’m clunching the bannister and I hear the wood splintering.  


“enough”. Thomas said and clicking his phoen for the vibrations to stop.  “you now have a perfect replica of my cock permantly in you.  No one can take it out except me.  Understood.”


“yes daddy.” 


“ITS SIR YOU BITCH!”  Thomas said kicking my stomach. But I didn’t feel anything. 


“sir do that again.”  I moaned curiously.  And Thomas obeyed kicking me harder as I contracted my abs.  I saw a stirring rustling in Thomas’ shorts.  His tight little tank top on his 6’4 body his perfect Adonis like features.  His smoldering amber brown eyes looking directly into mine. His cock sanking down further his shorts.  I reach up to touch then stop.


“may I sir?”


“now.” Thomas said relishing in every movement I make.  I reach up and for the first time I see my massive arm.  I stare at it.  It looks like Tom Platz legs.  They are massive!  Thomas clears his throat.  “I’m waiting”. OH yes my master I reach up riping his shorts and shirt off in one take.  “holy fuck.”  I gasp.  His perfect hairless body standing in front of me.  His cock.  I thought mine was huge.  His must have been 18” long and as thick as large coffee mug.  


“sir may.”


“do it slave.”  Thomas said flashing his beautiful smile at me.  I instictly wrap my hands around his waist and lift.  I see his 18” cock lurch forward more to what looks closer to 24”. I see his feet dangling.  His cocks massive mushroom head flaring like its waiting for a prize.  God Thomas’ cock would even make a stallion jealous.  My tongue slowly reached for the slit in his massive cock.  Then I felt his hand on my head.  


“all the way.” He said sweetly to me. So I obeyed I slid that massive member in my mouth and down my throat.  No gagging.  No fighting just straight down.  I started pulsing Thomas in and out feeling my biceps getting pumped even more. 


“YES BOY FASTER AND HARDER!”  He screams at me. Muffled sounds of yes are heard coming from me.  I start slamming Thomas’ cock all the way in and sucking as hard as I could.  Fuck I needed his cum. I needed it.  I NEED 


“oh fuck boy I’m going to feed you now! Are you ready!”


*muffled gargled* “yes sir.” 


“Oh fuck!”  Thomas screams wrapping his legs around my neck getting as deep in as possible.  


I just feel cum filling my gut and I can feel my gut distending.  His cock pulsing with each ejaculation. One pulse.  Two pulse.  Three pulse.  More I need more. Four pulse. Five. Six. Seven.  


“BOY HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME.”  Thomas moans and screams.  His eyes rolling in the back of his head.  

“MOOOOOOOOOOORE” I roar with cum spitting out of my mouth. Ten. Eleven.  My gut is now protruding like a huge beer gut.  


The last load I felt I looked into to Thomas’ eyes.  They almost seemed to burn with a golden glow.  


“good boy now time for your surprise.” 


“MORE SIR?”  I said with excitement.  


“yes boy. Here he is.”  Thomas said ripping the sheet off the wall to reveal my ex Chase chained gagged and blind folded. Fuck he was sexy.  He looked more like Bumstead.  His muscles bulging his cock leaking with pre cum. I could hear him moaning as my hot breath hit his body.  His biceps bulging and flexing fighting against the chains.  His massive quads flexing and unflexing. 


“Time to take everything.”  Thomas commanded to me and I instantly knew.


“bitch.”  I rumble.  No response from him. I waddle up hearing Masters cum sloshing in my stomach.  rip the chains out of the wall with one swipe.  I pull the gag out.  Then set him on his feet.  


“take the blind fold off.” I rumbled.  I see his hands shaking.  His body shaking.  He’s terrified.  Holy fuck CHASE MARTINS IS TERRIFIED!  I instantly began to laugh.  His hands reach the blind fold and he rips it off and gasps. 

“JAMES! WTF?”   He screams out trying to back away, but I waddle forward. “James you were never this.  How did you get.  Oh my god.  OH FUCK I’M GUNNA CUM.”  


“Do not cum.” Thomas said and instantly Chase stops. “ James stand face to face with him. Now chase are you 6’5.  


“yes sir.” Chase grumbles. 


I waddle over to Chase to which his eyes only come up to the bottom of my pecs.  I look down trying to see him but my pecs are blocking the view. 


“James kneel down.” Thomas commands and then smacks my ass. I obey now eye to eye with Chase. 

“Chase. Would you like James to fuck you?” Thomas says. I then realize how bad Chase wants me.  So I raise my right arm.  Twist so you can see every muscle in my abs flexing.  Get my bicep flat out by his head and slowly start flexing in.  My bicep getting bigger and bigger. Until I hit the final pose and look directly into chases eyes. I begin flexing more squeezing my stomach hearing less sloshing from Master’s cum. I notice my body is pusling as I flex so I begin just bouncing my massive king pillow pecs and flexing my biceps.  


“oh fuck yes sir.”  Chase screams out.  

“kiss it.” I say he instantly begins to kiss my bicep.  But damn is he small.  How did I ever think he was a true muscle god!  His little 20” biceps flexing and unflexing his hands running all over my mountain but not even covering half of my monstrous bicep. 


“bend over.”  I say standing back to my full height. He flips around and begins to spread his ass apart.  I pick up him.  Sliding my cock maybe a 4th of the way in and he’s screaming in pleasure.  He’s never been fucked by the way. Hey I guess there’s a first for everything.  


“Cum James.”  Thomas says smiling at me and I do.  Instantly. I fill Chase full of cum.  His stomach distending like mine did earlier.  


“eat James.” Thomas commands.  I look over and see him stroking his massive cock.  “EAT NOW!”   I flip chase around grabbing his waist lifting his cock to my mouth.  

I begin face fucking muscle.  Fuck Chase is so light he’s like my own personal fleshlight.  I hear him moaning and suddenly he begins shooting torrents of cum.  Flooding my mouth I’m gulping harder and harder. 

“what is happening to me!”  I hear Chase scream in horror. With each pulse he feels lighter and lighter.  


“NO NO MY BODY!”  I hear him screaming now with a higher gayer voice.  finally, the last flood of cum in my mouth.  I swallow.  Lick my lips and burp.  I feel the light body in my hand.  What now looks like a little high school dweeb.  


“what has happened to me?!”  Chase screams as he rubs his hands over his now stick frame.  I waddle up to him and now realize he only comes up to my waist.  I take my massive cock and smack him in the face hitting him with what must feel like a baseball bat to such a little guy.  


“this is your mission James. To be the ONLY muscle god.” Thomas says to me as he pets my massive body. 




“In due time boy. In due time.”  Thomas says to me leading me away from the pathetic skinny twink in our godly presence. 

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