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This part is a little bit longer than I had intended, but I got a little caught up in the growth part. Lol Here's part 2! Enjoy!   Part II   My brain couldn’t comprehend what I was

I struggled a little bit with this chapter. I pretty much have an idea of how this story is going to end, I am just struggling to fill in the gaps and not just end it right now. Lol With that being sa

This is a little something I decided to start working on. I don't put out a lot of content on here, as real life is so busy, but this idea has been running through my head for the last couple of weeks


Man. This keeps getting better and betetr.

I thought because of Will conditioning he wouldnt grow a hard gut  but a chiseled body and his new brothers being all over him cause of that

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I love this story! I think the simple muscle growth stories can sometimes be the most engaging, and this one has some good characters and a lot of great potential. I am a sucker for happy endings, though, so I really hope William comes around to his newfound manliness soon!


Lovely stuff, keep up the great work!

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I didn't think part two could possibly be better than part one, but I was wrong! It was fantastic. I love the dichotomy of how Will acts immediately after he drinks the muscle shake and then when he is more his old self, resisting the change. The descriptions of both the physical and mental changes are incredible. I can't wait for part three!

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