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Me encantaría volver a ver ese video of hulum ultra 4 size, ¿alguien sabe dónde puedo encontrarlo?

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Whispers started to make their way across the compound and Logan, having little else to do, had managed to piece things together: another myostatin-poor candidate had been found. He could see the writing on the wall. Soon enough, he’d be just a cog in the muscle machine, one of hundreds that would fuel a nation of empowered beings, broad and infinitely powerful the way he had always wished to become. He’d never get his freedom, his life spent being milked in captivity. He looked down at the soldier taking his load with eager, fervent eyes. That man adored him, bowed before him, trembling in his hunger for power. Logan glanced out the side of his eye to the haggard scientist who had spent every waking moment by his side looking at the screens and nearly every sleeping moment too. He had an idea.

The next slated to receive his load was Sven. As the first and longest-lived recipient of Logan’s loads, the ashen Viking was magnificent. Even with the load wearing off and his muscles beginning to wane, Sven was now 6’8” and 375 lbs. Unable to contain his mass within the available clothing, he had fashioned himself a loincloth and a cloak that just barely covered his back. Unlike the soldiers, he refused to wear their impenetrable armour, charging into battle bare-chested like the crazed berserkers of old. Just two days prior he had topped over 400 lbs for the first time and upon learning this, crazed and drunk on his own power, he had gone on a bender and slaughtered all the inhabitants of a nearby village. He stroked his bloodstained, full, regal beard, contemplating the power he was about to receive, and knelt onto his knee with a reverent “My Lord.”

“My Son,” breathed Logan.

“Yes, Master?” Sven looked up, totally rapt.

“Is it not time, that we were joined by Dr. Reich?” Logan nodded towards the frail and exhausted scientist. “See how pathetic and weak he is. He hungers for power, can’t you see?”

A light shone in Sven’s eyes, “Yes. I see!”

Dr. Reich looked sharply up.

“Doctor. Isn’t it time that you finally got what you deserve?”

“I-I’m not ready yet! The subject is still-“

“I know you Doctor. The power. You’ve desired it since we began. Why have you waited so long to take what you’ve always desired?”

“I don’t- Scientifically- I-“ But his cock betrayed him. Dr. Reich’s penis stood sharply erect at the thought of himself finally as he had always dreamed, a lion among men, the intelligence in his brain replaced with simple brutality and the all-encompassing drive to become bigger, stronger, dominant.

Sven guided his old mentor’s face gently to Logan’s cock, and with only the slightest hint of coaxing the Doctor had inhaled Logan into the deepest recesses of his throat and sucked with a vigour that belied his tired, weary state. Logan’s hips bucked on command and Dr. Reich guzzled his cum like it was the Fountain of Youth, slurping it down with unmatched efficiency.

Arms splayed out, eyes closed with a beatific smile, his head tilted up carefully like a vessel full of precious liquid not to be spilled, Dr. Reich waited. A violent jerk caused him to jump to his feet. Muscle upon muscle, pecs, delts, arms, glutes, calves ballooned out of him, stretching his worn lab coat to bursting. The thin goatee he had been nursing for years filled in all around with thick, course stubble, all the way up his cheek and jaw and for the first time joining with his sideburns. Masculinity blossomed across his face as his brow thickened and deepened and slanted his eyes into a permanent aggressive gaze, changing his serene smile into that of an arrogant, dominant alpha male.

“Yes…” he grunted… “all I’ve ever- wanted!!” he was interrupted by a second violent jerk, as the second phase of his growth put him into direct conflict with the seams of his clothing. No match for his expanding flesh, they began to stretch and pop, ripping down his arms and back.

“FUCK YES!” He roared in a newfound baritone powered by his now solid trunk of a core.

His lab coat exploded off of him, revealing inside mounds upon mounds of ripped, shredded, powerful muscle. At the same time, there was a loud clang in the room as the handcuffs on Logan’s wrists and ankles burst open. Some circuit keeping them together began to spark, and soon the electricity travelled down towards the machine, causing it to short and smoke, bursting in a shower of sparks.

Logan clenched and unclenched his hands, revelling in his newfound freedom. Grabbing the operating table, he found he could easily lift it with one arm. Soon enough, the room was packed with the rest of the enhanced men in the facility, who had hurried over to check out the commotion they had heard. Logan looked down upon them and found all of them kneeling before him. The only exception was Dr. Reich, who, with a dimwitted expression that belied none of his former intelligence, was fully engaged in flexing and feeling himself and the hardness of his new body.

“He’ll come around,” interjected Sven. “Subject #34, you are our Master, Lord and Saviour. You have given us power, and we are sworn to you. Direct us where you will, and we will conquer.”


It wasn’t long until Logan’s subjects had made good on their promise. Soon enough he found that with each time he had cummed since his operation, he had actually grown in very slowly in size and greatly in strength and mass, and at 7’1 and 1563 lbs, he had finally outgrown his shackles and was effectively bulletproof. The American soldiers, naked and shivering, were the first outside subjects that Logan found were more than eager to convert to the cause after a single taste of the power he could give them. The newly made men were awestruck by their invincible master, all of their previous desires and fears wiped out in an instant as their bodies exploded with vigour and strength. His army was menacing, unstoppable and unquestioningly loyal. As country by country fell, they instilled brutal regimes focused only upon creating more powerful alpha men to fill their ranks. One country finally tried to nuke them, but it was found that this did nothing but greatly accelerate the effects of the serum. It wasn’t long before the world was one under Logan’s image, all men transformed into ultramasculine, bearded, shirtless patriarchs where strength ruled and all thought was directed to the purposes of growing strength and muscle, sexual domination and violence against all opposition.


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