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m/m High School - Chapter 9 - The Finale added 11/16/19

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I hope Mark and his posse grow massive and think they can take Jacob only to find he's grown even bigger. Also Nathan worshiping Jacob is very very hot

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One more chapter to go after this I think, but you never know. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 8

Dixon arranged for additional gym equipment to be delivered to school. He also had the locks changed and placed “closed for renovations” signs on the doors. Mark, Jason and Scott were each given keys to the back door so they didn’t have to walk through the school the gain access. The keys were essentially useless since the three kids rarely left the gym. 

Three weeks had passed since Dixon decided to help Mark become as big as possible and he arrived at the school gym at just before 6am. He was delivering his near-daily supply of food and supplements to the group before the other students started to arrive for classes. As he got closer to the door, he could hear the loud clanging of metal. He unlocked the door and dropped the bags of supplies at his feet.

Across the room, Mark was performing deadlifts but he wasn’t using a squat bar. The guys had built a makeshift raised platform so Mark could use the leg press machine for deadlifts! The massive machine was loaded with countless 45lb plates and Mark gripped the base of the machine as was preforming quick reps. As he reached the top of his latest rep, Dixon could only stare in awe at the sheer mass billowing from his back. Every inch was covered with thick veins and each muscle group was so pumped, Mark looked like a mutated anatomy chart. 

Dixon cold not believe what Mark was able to achieve in only a few weeks. His determination was manic. He never seemed to tire and when he wasn’t inflicting torture on his body, he was eating enormous amounts of food, injecting the powerful cocktail of steroids and guzzling every drop of cum he caused his group of admirers to produce.

Dixon stepped closer as Mark started to struggle with the incredible weight. The brutal amount of weight he was moving caused so much strain on his body that his face contorted in pain and spit flew from his mouth with each movement. With one final roar, Mark dropped the leg press machine causing numerous plates to fall off and crash to the floor. He turned to face Dixon and placed his hands on his hips while trying to catch his breath.

The sight of the former budding teen bodybuilder’s current physique caused Dixon to stumble back and land on the floor. Mark was unrecognizable not only as a 18 year old but he barely even looked human. Each muscle group was so exagerated and his proportions were so extreme it was a marvel he could still move at all. The individual muscles on his body visibly fought for real estate on his frame. Dixon had followed professional bodybuilding for most of his life and he had never witnessed someone so outragously developed.

Mark jumped down form the platform causing the cement floor to shake. He grabbed a jug of water Dixon just delivered and started to guzzle it down.

“Needed to train back before Scott and Jason get here.” He said with a lower voice than Dixon remembered from the day before.

“Mark! That was incredible! How much weight were you just using?”

“No idea. Doesn’t matter anymore. There is no amount of weight I can’t lift.” He said and let out a huge burp before drinking the rest of the water. As the excess ran down his chest it mixed with the sweat that already coated his body.

“My god Mark. I can’t get over how massive you’ve become in such a short time” Dixon said and raised himself up to his knees.

“Fuck yeah. I’m a little surprised myself but I feel unstoppable now. I can actually feel myself growing every second of the day. I know the gear is helping but I think a lot of this growth is phycological. When I made the decision that becoming a total mass monster was the only thing that mattered, my brain started to re-wire itself. Muscle is ALL that I need and my body’s sole purpose was to provide me with it.”

Dixon started to rub his hands all over Mark’s sweaty body. He couldn’t believe that human flesh could feel so soft and hard at the same time. It was like touching a boulder that had been smoothed by centuries of ocean waves.

“Your quads are like granite. I’ve never seen anything so big and strong in my life. These striations are so deep and the definition is so extreme. Oh yeah, show me those hamstrings. FUCK Mark, they’re so ripped. Yes, when you bend your leg like that I can see that they hang so low they practically touch your massive calves. Fuck yeah, flex that calf harder. Make it touch your hamstring. Yes, it’s so close. FLEX HARDER. Yes! You did it. No one has legs this developed. My god, look at your glutes. Pulsing them like that is so hardcore, so grotesque. Look at the striations! How is this even possible?”

Dixon stopped talking as he started to lick every inch of Mark’s wet quads, calves and glutes. He moaned with pleasure as he slurped up every drop of moisture. He was lost in a muscle worship trance, as was Mark who continued to position his body so Dixon could experience every inch.

Mark placed his hands under Dixon’s armpits and lifted him off the floor. Dixon’s hands, tongue and lips started to explore Mark’s truly astounding abdominals. His eight abdominal muscles were each bigger than Dixon’s formidable biceps. With a stunning display of muscle control, Mark started to flex each muscle independently which sent Dixon completely over the edge.

“How is that possible? No one can control each ab muscle like that. My god Mark, you are a complete freak. I know I say this a lot and you love hearing it but you are a monstrosity. Look at the thick veins running all over your abs. They are so gross yet so hot. Uh, these pecs. So massive and full of power. Yes, bounce them for me. I need both hands just to try to move one pec. They are so hard Mark, like nothing I’ve ever felt.”

Dixon’s attention finally turned to Mark’s arms. His biceps were awe inspiring and his triceps protruded inches from his body they were clearly visible from the front. Both titanic appendices blended into the most outrageously developed shoulders Dixon had ever witnessed. Even exaggerated comic book characters didn’t have shoulders as thick and wide as Mark.

“Your arms are truly magnificent. How big are they today?” Dixon asked, know that number would not last 24 hours.

“24” last night. They’ll be 26” by tomorrow.” Mark said and slightly curled his arm causing layers of muscle to twist to life while more veins erupted on the surface of his skin. Mark started to tug on his raging hard-on as Dixon continued worshipping his slightly flexed arm.

“I’m about ready for a protein snack and I think you need to feel just how huge these arms have gotten.” Mark said.

He bend down and slid his right arm between Dixon’s legs. With no effort he scooped his 255lb principal off the ground so he was straddling his huge bicep. Dixon left out a moan as he wrapped his legs tightly around the muscle, feeling it twitch between his thighs and against his hard cock. Mark plated his feet and slowly straightened his arm. Dixon could feel the muscle transform as it moved. With his arm completely extended Mark’s body didn’t seem to register the entire person it was holding completely off the ground. He made a fist and started to curl his arm back up. He licked his lips as he watched Dixon’s body rise higher on his massive bicep peak. Mark continued to straighten and flex his arm until he could see Dixon was about to produce a hearty snack. Mark signalled to Dixon to pull his pants down and when his hard cock flopped out and slapped Mark’s shoulder, he simply moved his arm towards his mouth, taking Dixon’s entire cock in one gulp. All Dixon had to do was place one hand on the mass of shoulder muscle before he released a massive load down Mark’s throat. With Dixon spent, Mark let him slide off his arm.

“That was fucking good, like a good pre-workout.” Mark said before looking around for his next lift.

“Can you weight yourself before you start another set?” Dixon said with a sense of anticipation. Mark waddled to the scale and stepped on.

“Holy FUCK! HOW?” Dixon yelled when he saw the number on the scale.

“Like I said Dixon. NOTHING CAN STOP ME. I said I’d be the biggest and that’s exactly what I’m becoming. Now help me setup for my next set since Jason and Scott aren’t here yet.”

Dixon snapped out of his trance and turned to help Mark.

“Yeah, where are they anyway?” Dixon asked.

Jason and Scott had secured a new supply of gear for Mark and as they were leaving their dealer’s apartment they turned towards the alley where they had parked their car. As the were about to turn off the street, Scott grabbed Jason’s arm and stopped dead in his tracks.

“Oh no!”

Jason looked up and stifled a scream. Walking directly towards them was Jacob and Nathan. Before they could dart down the alley, Jacob saw them.

“Well well, look who we have here.” He shouted.

As Jacob and Nathan approached, both guys could not believe their eyes. Jacob was wearing a sweat shirt that looked like it was designed to cover a boat. He had cut the neck hole so wide, his massive traps traps were completely visible while the rest of him was lost in the excess material billowing around his torso. The lack of definition could not however, disguise the sheer enormity of his body. He wore equally bagging sweat pants that were cut off mid-way up his calves. The half that wasn’t covered looked downright obscene. They were easily as wide as most people’s waist and covered with a disgusting network of gnarly veins.

“What brings you guys to this neighbourhood?” Jacob said and looked at the brown paper bag in Scott’s hand. He then started to smile.

“Ah, you getting more gear from Gary?” He asked and motioned to the nearby apartment building.

Jason and Scott exchanged terrified looks.

“Don’t worry guys. You think Gary would sell you the good stuff? That’s reserved for just me.” Jacob said and bounced his pecs causing the loose fabric to flap. Jacob looked the two guys over closely. He had noticed Jason’s increased bulk weeks ago in the woods but he hadn’t see Scott since that day in the school gym. While still much smaller than himself, Jacob had to admit that Scott was looking pretty beefy.

“You too don’t seem to be gaining as much size as you were so I assume that gear isn’t for you. So, who’s it for?” Jacob said with a serious tone in his voice.

When they didn’t answer. Jacob reached down and grabbed Scott by the collar of his shirt and easily lifted him off the ground. He leaned in close so he could feel Scott’s breath on his face.

“It’s for Mark isn’t it?” Jacob asked. “ISN”T IT?”

“Yes it’s for Mark! Now let him go.” Jason pleaded.

With a flick of his wrist, Scott fell to the ground a few feet away.

“So Mark thinks he can compete with me?” Jacob said and shot Nathan a smile. Nathan responded with a chuckle.

“Compete? Mark is going to dwarf you you piece of shit!” Scott screamed as he stood up.

Jacob could only start to laugh hysterically.

“Whatever Jacob. You’ll see. You have no idea what Mark is capable of.”

Jacob stopped laughing and stepped closer to the two guys. They both suddenly looked very worried. Jason could have sworn he saw Jacob’s sweater stretch tighter on his body.

“You have no idea what I”M CAPABLE OF!” He screamed, sending drops of spit on both of their faces. “Now, I’m giving you 10 seconds to get the fuck out of here before I decide to show just what I’m capable of.”

Jason and Scott didn’t need to be told twice. They both darted around the corner and down the alley where their car was parked.

Jacob and Nathan exchanged a cocky smile as they heard the car start and its tires screech as they floored the engine to get as far away from Jacob as quickly as they possibly could. 

A second later, Nathan saw an object exit the alley and move towards him and Jacob at an incredible speed.

“JACOB! LOOK OUT!” He was able to scream just before the car reached Jacob.

With lightening fast reflexes, Jacob stepped out the of way of the car just before the back bumper would have slammed into him. The car came to a stop and Jacob could hear Jason and Scott frantically yelling at each other inside.

“What the FUCK Scott? Quick, put it in drive and get the fuck out of here!”

Scott managed to get the car in gear and just before he slammed his foot on the accelerator the vehicle jerked violently, like it had hit something. Jason turned and looked out the back window and let out a horrified scream. Jacob’s massive frame covered his entire view as he stood directly behind the car.

“GO! GO! GO!” Jason screamed as Scott started to press the gas but nothing happened.

Jason looked back and saw the reason they weren’t moving. Jacob was squatting behind the car with his hands gripping the back bumper. The engine revved but it wasn’t moving. With another violent jolt, Jason and Scott felt the back of the car rise.

With barely any visible effort, Jacob hoisted the back of the car and held it like he was holding a wheelbarrow. With astounding control, he started to pivot the vehicle so it faced the alley.

“You think a car can stop me?” He yelled with a look of determination and rage in his eyes.

More screamed could be heard from inside the car as the engine revved louder. Jacob dropped the backend and the car took off back down the alley. Scott was able to slam on the breaks a few feet from the brick wall at the end of narrow alley. He spun around in the drivers seat to see Jacob lumbering towards the car.

Jacob reached the back of the car and once again, squatted down and gripped the bumper. Without a moment of hesitation he once again housed the car up so it was level with his waist.

“Ho-how is he doing this?” Scott screamed.

Jacob didn’t just hold the car a foot off the ground though. With a cocky grin on his face he moved his right foot forward a few inches followed by his left. The guys in the car watched in shock and horror as the car started moving towards the brick wall. Jacob took a few more steps and the front of the car slammed into the brick wall. The sound of screeching metal echoed throughout the alley.

Scott panicked and put the car in reverse and slammed his foot on the gas petal. The front tired screeched and the car moved back a few feet before coming to a compete stop. He didn’t have to look back to see why.

Jacob adjusted his stance so he was now leaning into the car like a football player readying himself to block a tackle. His once baggy pants stretched tight across his massive quads and calves. The thick cords of his hamstrings inflated and his calves ballooned to their maximum girth. He let out a primal growl as he fought to overpower the car’s engine. As smoke started to billow from the front tries of the car, Jacob slowly started to move forward. His whole body was shaking as every muscle on his body started to swell with raw power.

“You think this car is stronger than this muscle? Yeah, that’s right, rev that engine, push my body to the limit!” Jacob said.

The smell of burning rubber filled the alley as the front bumper of the car once again met the brick wall. Jacob only grunted and applied more pressure; he was far from done. More screams came from the car when one of the front headlights shattered. Suddenly there was a deafening screeching and popping of metal. The guys in the car looked on in horror as the car’s hood started to bend.

“FUCK YEAH! This car is NOTHING to me.” Jacob screamed and twisted his body so his right shoulder slammed into the back of the car, causing it too to dent the metal. He exhaled deeply and started to apply even more pressure. The crushing sound of the car intensified as the hood started to look more deformed. After another minute of pushing the car, there was a loud bang and the engine started to sputter. This only caused Jacob to intensify his assault and after a few more seconds, the engine finally gave out.

Jacob stopped pushing and stood up. He was breathing heavily and sweat had drenched his huge sweater. Even fully clothed he looked bigger than even.

“You two better turn to watch this. I want as many witnesses as possible.” He said.

With tears running down their faces, Scott and Jason turned and looked at Jacob’s insanely pumped body. Jacob stepped closer to the car and slammed both fists down on the trunk. The car shook violently at the moment of impact. The metal of the trunk was instantly mangled making it easy for Jacob to tear it completely free. He placed his arms around the huge piece of metal and started to squeeze. The sounds of bending metal was deafening and within seconds the truck was unrecognizable. Jacob tossed it aside and stepped into the exposed trunk space. Through the rear window, Jason and Scott could only look up at the massive creature standing above them. Jacob raised his left foot and drove it through the back window, filling the inside of the car with shattered glass. Jason and Scott recoiled in terror fearing that Jacob would reach for them cowering inside but that moment never came. Instead, they saw Jacob’s hands grip the stop of the rear window frame. There was more screeching metal sounds as Jacob literally started to pry the roof off the car. The sleeves of his sweater had rolled up to his elbows so they could accommodate Jacob’s swelling forearms. The sight was truly disgusting. Each muscle looked to be over 24” and thick, repulsive veins covered ever inch. As Jacob’s iron-grip on the metal proceeded, the muscles of his forearms inexplicably continued to grow. A minute later, the back part of the car’s roof was completed bent and Jason and Scott could see Jacob’s face staring down at them.

“Quite the view isn’t it. My fucking forearms have more muscle on them then both of you combined. Fuck this metal is giving me a good workout though. I bet I won’t be able to jack myself off later.” Jacob said and laughed.

Once the roof was pried a little higher, Jacob grabbed either side and started to violently tug at the huge piece of metal. The remaining windows smashed and the whole car shook back and forth. With one final grunt, Jacob wretched the entire roof completely off the car and lifted it over his head before tossing it 10 feet behind him. He reached into the car and grabbed Jason and Scott by their shirt collars. With seemly no effort, he lifted them out of the car and held them in the air.

“Fuck you to feel so light to me now.” He said and dropped them on the ground behind the car before jumping down himself, shaking the ground as he did so.

“Thanks for the little workout guys but frankly, I’ve had enough of this bullshit. Stand the fuck up!” He commanded.

Jason and Scott slowly stood and faced Jacob. Nathan, who had been watching Jacob destroy the car, approached and placed his hand on Jacob’s left bicep.

“That little workout sure got you pumped you big freak” Nathan said as he felt Jacob’s arm though his sweater.

“Yeah, not bad but I think it’s time for a real workout.” Jacob said and stepped closer to Jason and Scott.

“Where’s Mark?”

When neither answered, Jacob turned and slammed his fist into the brick wall beside him. His fist embedded itself so deep, only his wrist was still showing. He slammed his other fist equally deep into the wall and when he pulled them both out, half a dozen bricks followed.

“I’m not asking again. You said Mark could dwarf me? Well, I think it’s about time we see if that’s possible.” Jacob said and took a step back. He placed his right hand on the collar of his sweater and his other on the waistband of his pants. With one quick tug, both garments were torn from his body, leaving him wearing only a pair of skin tight workout shorts.

Jason, Scott and even Nathan stepped back and gasped. The sight before them was like nothing they had ever imagined could exist. Even their wildest fantasies, or darkest nightmares; could prepare them for the creature standing in front of them. Jacob didn’t even have to flex to highlight the abomination he had become. 

“Take me to Mark. NOW!” he screamed.

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Holy. Fuck.


This is incredible. Jacob's forearms are as big as Mark's biceps? There will be no match. And I'm just imagining how small Jacob's head must look in comparison to his shoulders. Jesus. 


I kind of hope that Jacob takes all the gear meant for Mark, even if it's not the good stuff! It might add *some* size!

I'm really hoping for more than just one more chapter. There's so much more disgusting growth for these guys! You think they'd be satisfied with the growth they attain in the next chapter? I don't think so!

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And what WAS the number on the scale?

I find it so interesting that your characters react to massive, ripped muscle with disgust and even nausea. I know it's not uncommon for some people (women especially) to do the "Eww ick!" thing when looking a bodybuilders, whether they're blown-up off-season mass monsters or ripped to shreds and contest ready. But I've never heard of anyone actually, you know, *hurling* at the sight of them!

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Am I the only one who would like to see Mark show his power by taking Dixon and/or his friends from behind and plowing their asses?  Feeling stronger and growing more muscle with each thrust?  And maybe Jacob with Nathan?  Or is it just me?  🤔

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Chapter 9 - The Finale

As the group of guys walked through town on their way to the school, chaos followed. Jacob’s nearly naked monstrous body was impossible to miss. They witnessed three car accidents, several people walked into parking metres, streetlights and power poles, they heard numerous screams as well as a torrent of disgusted remarks. Jacob loved it all. It had been so long since he displayed his enormous body in public he had forgotten how motivating it was. He could feel his body swelling not only with new mass but also with pride.

Jason and Scott could not stop staring at Jacob. Each step he took caused countless muscles to flex and swell. He appeared to be growing larger and more menacing as the got closer to school.

As they approached the back door of the school gym, Jacob stopped and held up his hand, signalling for the others to follow suit. Jason and Scott exchanged a curious look and waited to see what Jacob was planning.

“I want to make a really special entrance.” He said and shot Nathan a grin.

Jacob approached the large metal door and ran his hand over the cold steel. He took a few steps back and with incredible speed, bent down and charged. There was a loud bang from the impact of his shoulder against the heavy door. The door was ripped from its hinges and flew five feet inside the building. Jacob stepped through and towards the centre of the room.

The loud crash of the door caused Mark and Dixon to spin around and they suddenly saw Jacob step into the gym followed by the three other guys.

The two massive beasts squared off and stared each other down. It was instantly apparently that they were both in awe of each other. Neither of them had ever been in the presence of so much gruesome mass. They mentally compared their outrageously pumped pecs, their over-inflated biceps, triceps and forearms. They marvelled at the relatively tiny waists and horrifically shredded abdominals. Their eyes travelled down quads as big as entire bodybuilders and calves so gargantuan they both stifled gags. If their individual size wasn’t incredible enough, both guys were astonished by the level of vascularity being displayed. No Mr. Olympia had even achieved the frightening level of definition they both had.

Jacob surveyed Mark’s shocking transformation and could not help but become concerned. He was comically smaller than Jacob just weeks ago and now he was a literal monstrosity.

“How big are you?” Jacob asked, tried to hide his concern and worry.

Mark didn’t move any of his extremities but started to flex nonetheless. Instantly, his whole body tightened and expanded. His already nauseatingly ripped body became even more extreme. Various muscles could be heard slapping against others as they all increased in size.

“310 of the freakiest, strongest, indestructible pounds of muscle this planet has even seen.” Mark said in a low grumble.

Jacob felt his knees go weak but managed to stay still. His mouth went dry as he tried to fathom the amount of mass Mark’s body had acquired so quickly.

“You think you’re hardcore Jacob. Remember what you did to the weight rack that day in here? I heard about what you did in the cafeteria and in the woods with Jason. That sounded like some serious muscle shit but you have NO IDEA what hardcore really is. If you had witnessed any of my workouts lately, you would have lost your lunch at the sight. The torture I’ve inflicted on myself to get this huge is downright terrifying. Hell, I’ve scared myself many times. Seeing my body growing at a rate I never thought possible, lifting weights so heavy my body should have been crushed or hitting a pose in the mirror and displaying the grotesque level of mass I’ve obtained is some REAL SCARY SHIT!”

“You don’t think I know what you’re thinking right now? How the fuck could that small kid have gained so much weight so fast. Well, I’ll tell you. I”M A FUCKING MUSCLE MAKING FREAK! NO ONE WILL EVER BE AS BIG AS ME. EVER!” Mark screamed, spit flying from his mouth and his eyes went wild.

“Sorry to burst you bubble Mark but you aren’t the biggest, and frankly, you’ll never be.” Jacob said and hit a most muscular pose. Suddenly it was like he had been holding his muscles back because he inflated like a ballon, if that ballon was made of stone. From every angle he exploded. Traps, pecs, quads, tricep, calves, everything expanded and filled every crevasse on his body. He instantly morphed into a vein-covered ball of muscle. From behind, his head was lost in a lump of back and trap muscles, there was no visible gap between his legs from his crotch to his ankles. His arms and pecs pressed against each other so hard his skin tuned purple.

“327lbs you little bitch” Jacob said with obvious effort as his pecs pressed against his chin, preventing his mouth from opening all the way.

Now it was Mark’s turn to feel anxious. He just stood in awe of the incredible size of Jacob’s completely flexed body. For a moment, he was transported back to that day in the gym when his 230lb body felt puny next to Jacob. He snapped back to reality and rage filled his entire body. With lightening fast speed, he reached for a nearby olympic bar and swung it with all his might at Jacob’s midsection.

The sound of the impact was sickening and Jacob went tumbling backwards, crashing into a weight machine. Before he could regain his footing, Mark pounced. He started to rain blows onto Jacob’s body. As he felt his newfound strength making contact with Jacob’s muscles a feeling of superiority washed over him. He placed his hands around Jacob’s neck and yanked him violently to a clear space on the gym floor. Before letting go, he raised his huge quad and slammed it into Jacob’s unsuspecting abdominals. He grinned when he saw Jacob’s immense bulk lift half a foot off the ground. Mark stood Jacob’s body up and quickly wrapped his arms around him. He struggled to clasp his hands around Jacob’s formidable pecs but once he did, he let out a triumphant roar. He heard a gasp from the group watching and a quick glimpse in a nearby mirror confirmed the reason.

The two 300 plus pound monsters looked completely gruesome pressed together. They made become an entanglement of muscles and veins. Mark’s front was seeming fused with Jacob’s back. His face was almost completely obstructed by Jacob’s ridiculously huge trap muscles.

The reflection in the mirror only caused Mark to become even more primal and ruthless. He tightened his vice grip on Jacob’s body, causing his opponent to let out a whimper of pain.

“FUCK YEAH! I bet you’ve never felt someone apply this much power before.” Mark whispered in Jacob’s ear.

Jacob tried to shake himself loose but Mark’s grip was too strong. Jacob’s eyes were wide as he felt Mark’s flexed muscles pressing hard into his body. His pinned arms were digging into his ribs while Mark’s arms crushed his meaty pecs.

Mark was panting like a wild animal as he continued to tighten his arms. He could feel his whole body swelling with new size and strength. It was as if all the pain he had inflicted on himself was building up to this moment. He let out a terrifying scream as he squeezed Jacob with all his strength. Jacob let out a gut-wrenching howl of pain that only made Mark grow stronger. Mark released Jacob from his vise-grip. Jacob’s legs were unsteady and it appeared that they were about to give out but Mark was ready. He lowered his body and jammed his shoulder into the small of Jacob’s back. He wrapped an arm around one of Jacob’s legs while the other grabbed an arm. With seemly no effort he lifted Jacob’s off the floor and across his monstrous shoulders. He tuned to face the group watching and when he say their jaws drop in unison he roared.

“LOOK AT THIS! Look how fucking powerful I am.” He bellowed as he moved back and forth in front of his admirers.

Jacob tried to wiggle free but Mark only tightened his grip, causing more pain to rip though Jacob’s body.

“You feel so light to me Jacob. I feel like I could hoist three people your size without any problem.”

Mark stood for a moment, relishing the feeling of Jacob’s massive body draped over his shoulders. Suddenly, a menacing look came over this face. With a quick adjustment of his grip, Mark started to press Jacob higher. His whole body trembled from the effort and he visibly swelled even bigger. The display of pure power was truly unimaginable. Once his arms with fully extended, Mark dropped down onto one knee while still holding Jacob. When Jacob’s body came in contact with Mark’s quad, the sound of the impact was sickening. The air was knocked out of Jacob and Mark pushed his onto the floor like he was a sack of potatoes.

Standing over Jacob’s prone body Mark said. “A few minutes ago I was in awe of this body but now all I see is a weak piece of shit.”

Mark turned to face the group and raised his arms in hit a double bicep pose. The display was nothing less than inhuman. Slabs of muscle hung off every inch. Veins snaked in every direction and visibly pulsed bigger than garden hoses. There was nothing aesthetically pleasing about Mark’s body; every muscle group was so exaggerated he no longer just looked like a massive man, he looked like something else altogether. He transitioned to a most muscular pose that made Jacob’s recent display look comically small. New levels of mass bulged over ever surface.


Jason fell to his feet and started to lick the sweat off Mark’s quads, while Scott ran his hands up and down Mark’s left bicep. Dixon kneaded his pumpkin-sized delts and even Nathan could not resist the temptation. He placed his hands Mark’s pulsing lats while the continued to spread wider. Mark held the most muscular pose until he was shaking but refused to let go. He wanted them all to feel just how insanely huge he had become. The muscle frenzy was so intense, no one but Mark noticed Jacob starting to come around. He relaxed his pose and turned to face Jacob’s body which was now knelling on the floor.

“Ready for more punishment?” Mark said and stood over Jacob’s prone body. “Because I’m just warning up.”

Mark placed one hand on Jacob’s chin and yanked his whole body until he was standing on his unsteady legs. Mark leaned forward and hoisted Jacob onto his left shoulder.

“Fuck I need to left some heavy weights and I think you should help.” Mark said and carried Jacob towards the squat rack. With incredible agility, Mark adjusted his grip on Jacob and the group watched in amazement as Mark body-slammed Jacob into the concrete floor. The impact of his huge body hitting the floor caused shutters to run through the group. Jacob lay motionless on the floor as Mark started to load the squat bar with plates. When six plates were added to each side, Mark causally stepped under the bar and easily lifted it off the rack before starting to squat with the 585lb weight. He pumped out 12 reps with lightening speed before racking the weight. He stopped for a moment and flexed his enormous quads, watching the monstrous muscle sway and flex in the mirror. He ran his hands over the rock-hard muscle before caressing his equally hard cock.

“Need more weight.” He grunted and looked down at Jacob’s crumbled body. He grabbed Jacob’s arm and yanked his body upwards until he could fully lift him off the ground. Mark shot a quick look tot the group watching before laying Jacob across the loaded squat bar. The guys let out gasps as they realized what was about to happen. Mark slid his body under the bar and placed one hand on Jacob’s shoulder and the other around Jacob’s quads. Mark positioned his body and let out a primal roar as he lifted the bar off the rack. The strain was immediately evident on his face as he held the 585lb bar and Jacob’s 327lb body off the ground using just his massive quads. Never had the room witnessed such a stunning display of raw power. Mark steadied his body and slowly lowered the enormous weight. He let out a barbaric scream when his giant glutes were only inches from the ground. He summoned a frightening new level of power and started to lift the weight back up. His bloated hamstrings pressed against his massive calves even when his legs were half way standing. As he rose higher, his fully pumped quads extended two feet in front of his body. It was a wonder he could move his legs at all with all the muscle spewing from them.

“NO FUCKING LIMITS!” Mark growled at the top of the rep. 

He braced himself and started to lower the weight again. Jacob’s body actually look small as it was draped over the bar and Mark’s outrageously pumped body. When Mark reached the bottom of the rep his movement completely stopped. His whole body was shaking with effort but he was unable to rise. The effort and determination in his face was obvious. After 20 seconds of trying, the group started to approach to offer any assistance they could.

“NO. WATCH!” Mark commanded.

They all stopped in their tracks and watched as Mark started to rise. His already grotesquely pumped body grew even larger to the awe and terror of the group. To aid in the lift, all of Mark’s muscles swelled, not just his quads. When he reached the half way point, his workout shorts could no longer contain his swelling glutes and throbbing cock. The fabric literally exploded and fell away, leaving him completely naked. Mark looked at the reflection in the mirror and instantly started to cum. Never had he imagined he could feel look so immense and powerful. This sensation allowed him to lift the bar and body back to the top of the rep. He slammed the weight back on the rack and let go of Jacob, letting him fall to the floor once again. Mark stumbled out of the rack and into the arms of the guys standing nearby. They all strained to support Mark’s hulking body while each feeling the sheer mass and power it possessed.

“I need the gear.” Mark said in a low voice.

Jason and Scott starred at each other in shock, while Dixon and Nathan exchanged a terrified glance.

“WHAT! Mark, look at you! You the biggest freak that’s ever lived. Besides, you just squatted over 900lbs. You need to take a break”

“A break? Do you think I’m finished? I’m never going to stop. I NEED MORE MUSCLE!” He replied.

Knowing better than to deny Mark what he wanted, Jason, Scott and Dixon followed him to the other side of the gym. They started looking for the newly acquired gear but came up empty.

“It’s not here!” Jason said as he frantically searched the area. Scott joined in and started to rummage through the various bags and boxes on the floor.

“IT HAS TO BE!” Mark screamed, causing everyone to yup with fright.

“It’s gone”

Mark and the others turned slowly and looked across the room to where Jacob was now standing, Nathan by his side.

“I have to say, I didn’t think Gary was supplying you with roids as good as mine but I’m pretty impressed. Of course I’m saying that after injecting a full 12 syringes worth, which is a lot more than I usually take. Jason and Scott were so freaked out on the way over here they never saw me inject myself.” 

Jacob started to stretch his body as he regained his footing. As he stood at his full height, they group stared stunned as he appeared to swell without even flexing.

“Mark, I have to say, you have some serious power now. I actually felt a little pain when you bear-hugged me. Ok, when you hit me with that olympic bar and slammed me across your knee that hurt. I hope you’re not too mad that I played possum but I really wanted to see what your jacked up body was capable of. I have to say, I’m impressed. I like the idea of someone trying to get to my level of size and power. I never thought I would but it’s cool not being the only freak in town. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s fucking hot; you’re fucking hot Mark. Look at the body you’ve build. You got slabs to insane muscle piled all over yourself. Your vascularity is off the charts and talk about power, FUCK YEAH! That last squat show was amazing and your orgasm was so intense, I struggled not to have my own while draped over those shoulders.”

Jacob ran his hand over the squat bar that Mark was just lifting. He stepped closer and gripped the bar and easily hoisted it off the rack but he wasn’t squatting it; he was curling it. Jacob’s massive arms tripled in size as he curled the 585lb weight like it weighted nothing. Three reps in and his arms, forearms and shoulders swelled to one mass of twitching muscle. At eight reps, Jacob simply let the bar fall like he’d suddenly became bored with it. He waddled over to the makeshift deadlift contraption they had constructed. He eyed the countless weights loaded onto the leg press machine, including the ones stacked on the seat.

“See, this is what I mean. Regular gyms and weights are enough for freaks like us now. Do you get frustrated not being able to get a decent pump some days Mark? I fucking do.” Jacob said and wrapped his hands around the base of the leg press and stood up, supporting the mammoth machine with just his biceps. The group let out a collective gasp as he stated to curl the weight ladened machine. With each rep, his arms grew to truly awe-inspiring size. New veins appeared as he barely registered the weight the was moving. Again, Jacob seemed to loose interest and dropped the machine and started to look around the gym for what he considered a real challenge.

This whole time, Mark and the group could only stare at Jacob’s insanely massive body. Each slight movement caused waves of new muscles to ripple to the surface of his paper-thin skin.

Jacob cracked a smile as he stood looking at the metal beam he was tied to not long ago. He felt the indents his body made in the hard metal.

“That was a crazy day wasn’t it? I remember waking up tied to this beam and being so pissed at you guys and myself. Pissed at you for thinking some big ropes could hold me and pissed that I let you put me in that position. Since then, I’ve shown most of you just how unstoppable and powerful I am. You can clearly see that there is no limit to the amount of muscle I can pack on this body. And now here’s Mark, a true, roided-out monster. I can see you still want to crush me Mark and that’s ok, I get it, you don’t want to be just a massive freak, you want to be THE massive freak. Don’t worry, you’ll get over that. Besides, just think about what we could all become if we worked together.” Jacob said looking at the group of confused faces.

“That’s right, fuck this need to destroy each other. Look at what Mark and I are becoming. I’ve seen all of your reactions to our freaky bodies. Hell, you’ve all packed on some nice size in the last little while. You mean to tell me any of you wouldn’t want to reach half this size.” he said and flexed his right arm to emphasis his point. Instantly, the muscles twisted and rose to a rigid peak.

“Mark. You still look a little pissed. Do you need some final convincing that I’m the one and only true monster here?” Jacob asked.

He turned to face the large metal beam that he cold barely dent last time. He wrapped his blood-engorged arms around it and started to apply pressure. The sound of bending metal started immediately but it was Jacob’s body that was truly a disturbing sight. He expanded to previously unseen levels but continued to swell. His back spread well beyond his height while the entire surface was covered in the deepest striations imaginable. The seams of his shorts gave away as his gargantuan quads swelled so large his feet were pushed farther part. Each flexed calve displayed more development than most professional bodybuilder’s entire body. Even though his pecs were pressed tightly against the metal beam, they visibly swelled outwards and filled any remaining space between Jacob and the bar.

“YEAH, I can feel it. I’m so FUCKING pumped!” He chanted.

After a minute of applied incredible pressure to the beam, Jacob released his hold and the group looked at the once strong metal with shock. The side Jacob was pressed against was now a mutated lump of distorted metal. The once sharp edges were bent and twisted to the shape of his outrageously proportioned frame.

“I hope this beam isn’t holding this place up.” He said and began his final assault on the metal. He landed a flurry of lightening fast punches to the hard metal, sending loud bangs throughout the room. Each blow left a visible dent on the hard surface. Jacob then bent lower and placed a hand on either side of the beam and started to yank it towards himself. He had trouble keeping his feet from sliding forward but after three violent tugs a loud cracking sound filled the room. Concrete from the ceiling above started to rain down on his sweaty body and the beam started to move. Summoning all his power, Jacob gave the beam one final pull and dislodged it from the ceiling. The twenty foot pice of metal came crashing down, cracking the concrete floor and flattening a few gym machines in the process. The entire group let out a sigh of relief when the ceiling didn’t follow.

Jacob sauntered over to the beam and bent down. He wrapped his hands around it and started to lift. The group of onlookers could not believe their eyes. The beam had to weight over a ton and it was being lifted. Jacob visibly struggled but somehow managed to deadlift the beam.

“COME ON. HELP ME!” He screamed.

The five guys rushed to Jacob and held different parts of the beam. They all, Mark included, marvelled at its weight and then at Jacob who was able to lift it off the ground alone.

“HIGHER” Jacob said with gritted teeth.

The group’s added assistance allowed Jacob to lift the beam to his waist. They all stared at his muscle-ladened arms as they swelled even bigger. It as truly a sickening display of power but Jacob was far from done. When the beam was raised high enough to allow him to bend his arms more, they all felt their assistance was no longer needed. Jacob steadied his footing and started to raise the beam without their help. He positioned it across his pec-shelf like an olympic powerlifter before adjusting his grip. The group stood silently as Jacob started to shoulder press the massive metal beam. The beam wobbled as it rose above Jacob’s head but he was able to steady it once his arms were completely extended. 

The disturbing display of power was too much for the group to handle. They were standing inches away from the most massive, powerful creature they had even witnessed. Every muscle on Jacob’s body was pumped to its utmost limit. His paper-thin skin looked like it was ready to tear apart as it tried and failed to contain his growing muscles. There wasn’t an inch on him that didn’t display the most extreme level of vascularity while new veins crept to the surface, visibly pumping blood into his starving muscles.

“FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT THE POWER, THIS MUSCLE!” Jacob screamed as he caught his reflection in the mirror. Even he was taken aback by the sight. He finally saw what he always believed was possible, he had become the biggest monster on the planet and he knew there was nothing stopping him from surpassing even his wildest fantasies. He slowly lowered the beam and before it touched his swollen pecs, powered it back up, relishing the shearing pain in his boulder-sized shoulders. He lowered the massive beam once more but this time he could not keep it from resting on his waiting pecs. His arms shook as he attempted to press the beam back up but it refused to move. It was at that moment Mark’s face appeared only inches in front of Jacob’s.

“COME ON! YOU CAN DO IT! USE THAT MUSCLE AND PRESS THAT BEAM!” He shouted. Mark was joined by Jason, Scott, Dixon and Nathan as they shouted encouragement.

Jacob strained to smile as he feed off the group’s words and felt a surge of power rise within himself. He steadied the beam and started to apply every ounce of power left in his body. Slowly the metal started to rise. As it hit the top of the rep, Jacob looked at the group of guys. They all had their cocks out and as they showered him with buckets of cum, he too released his load. Jacob motioned for the group to stand back as his lowered the metal beam and stumbled back a few steps. He was steadied by the group of panting guys who started to worship every inch of his inhumanly massive body. Jacob started to feel their bodies too, as small as they were in comparison.

“FUCK YEAH. I can’t wait to see you all get fucking massive.” He said and moaned with pleasure. He grabbed Mark around the neck and kissed him long and hard, kneading his thick traps as he did so. He stopped kissing and looked at the huge metal beam that lay on the floor at his feet.

“Mark, it’s your turn.”

Mark looked at Jacob with shock.

“That’s right you’re going to press that fucking beam just like I did.” Jacob said with confidence and turned to face the rest of the group.

“You will all become big enough and strong enough to shoulder press this beam and when you do, I’ll bend it into a pretzel.” Jacob said.

Mark approached the beam and bent over. As he did so, Jacob looked at his massive body, closed his eyes and pictured the day all six of them weighted over 400lbs and they were the most outrageously developed group of beings on the planet. 

“LIFT IT!” He screamed and Mark did.


I hope you you enjoy this final chapter. This was fun to write and you never know, I might have to revisit this group of freaks down the road when they've all surpassed 400lbs.

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 Whata fantastic end for the story and a new beggining for the six of them

Thanks man!

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