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m/m High School - Chapter 9 - The Finale added 11/16/19

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This story is unbelievably hot. I hope Jacob will find someone who will worship his massive muscles the way they deserve to be worshiped. I know i'd worship them

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Next chapter is up. Sorry for the wait. This took a while to set up for future chapters as well as introduce some new characters. Lots of crazy strength feats coming...enjoy!

I also want to say how flattered I am by the surport this story is getting. It's been very overwhelming.

Chapter 4

Mark and his buddies were an hour into their workout at the school gym after classes had ended for the day. Mark’s newfound determination was downright shocking. He attacked the weights with pure intensity, his friends were concerned he was going to hurt himself but he was pumped to his max and tipping the scale at 230lb had his confidence off the charts.

He just finished an astounding six reps with a new personal best of 405lb loaded on the bench press. With barely a moment to rest, he sauntered over to the dip machine and started to cranked out rep after rep. He lost count at 30 and sweat was pouring off his body. When he finally stopped his buddy Nathan could only stare open-jawed.

“Mark, look at your chest! It’s so fucking swole!”

Mark looked over at his closest friend. At 215lbs, he used to worry that Nathan would catch up to his size but he was less concerned of that now. Mark hit a side chest pose and marvelled at the fullness he saw in the mirror. He turned and hit a most muscular pose and let out a moan as his pecs swelled.

“Not enough.” he said and jumped back on the dip machine, not allowing Nathan to have a turn. Mark started to lower and raise his body, stopping at the top of each rep to really torture his pecs. After 20 reps, he started to slow down. Nathan stepped closer to spot him but Mark shook his head.

“NO! Grab my legs!”

Nathan stood and stared with a confused look on his face.

“Grab my legs, pull me down!” Mark said.

Still looking unsure, Nathan wrapped his hands around Marks huge 28” quads and started to add additional resistance. He felt Mark’s body shake as he started to perform more reps. He did 4 more reps before stopping again at the top of the rep.

“HARDER. Use your whole body.” Mark commanded.

“What?!” Nathan said. Their other two friends, Jason and Scott noticed what was going on and stopped their bench press set.

Mark didn’t respond, he just started to lower his body again. Nathan tightened his grip and as Mark raised his body again, he felt his feet leave the ground.

“Holy shit!” Jason said.

At the top of the rep, Mark stopped again. He screamed when the pain in his pecs was almost unbearable. Again, he lowered himself and Nathan towards the ground. Nathan tucked his legs into his body so he didn’t come in contact with the floor. Mark let out another scream as he powered the two bodies weighing over 400lbs in total back up. This went on for 6 more reps before Mark’s body was shaking violently. He motioned for Nathan to let go and he let his body fall to the floor.

Scott, Jason and Nathan stood over their friend with looks of concern on their faces. Mark slowly stood back up and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He grabbed the bottom of his string tank and peeled it over his head.

“FUCK!” Nathan said at the sight of Mark’s naked torso.

Mark hit a most muscular pose and slowly turned his body back and forth to see all the angles. He couldn’t help but notice the added thickness starting to form on his upper body. He relaxed the pose and moved towards the cable machine. He lowered the weight pins to 85lbs per stack and positioned himself for standing flys.

His friends looked at each other and approached Mark.

“Dude! You’re going to tear a muscle if you keep this up. There is no way you can move that weight safely.”

Mark didn’t even look in their direction. Instead, he looked straight ahead and started to press the weights. His pecs were beet red verging on purple as he started to lift. He reached eight reps before tears started running down his face.

Nathan stepped closer and tried to pry the cables from Mark’s hands.

“Mark! Stop, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

Without stopping Mark said “NO. Not stopping until I’m bigger than him.”

“Than who?”

“Jacob!” Mark said and slammed the weights down. “JACOB!” he screamed.

“Don’t you remember what he did last week in the cafeteria? Have you not seen him strutting around the halls looking like the rules this place! He’s fucking massive! I’m not going to let him or anyone be bigger than ME!” Mark screamed. He looked manic as he paced in front of his friends. He was breathing hard and sweating profusely. 

“What do you mean” Jason asked.

Mark walked to his gym bag and pulled out a bag of syringes.

“Are those steroids?” Scott asked.

“You’re damn right they’re steroids. The strongest stuff you can buy. You think I could have made these gains by myself? I don’t fucking care what it takes. I’m going to double Jacob’s size and power. I WILL BE THE BIGGEST!” Mark screamed.

His friends looked at him with fear in their eyes. They always knew he was obsessed with getting bigger but they had never heard him talk like this. 

“That’s fucked Mark” Jason said.

“Fucked?! You think being as jacked as this is fucked?” Mark said and raised his arms into a double bicep pose. What once were amateur bodybuilder sized arms now looked like the could stand toe-to-toe with the professionals. Marks lats jutted out from his back and his already massive quads looked bigger than ever.

“You mean to tell me that your guys don’t want to be as big as me?”

“Sure Mark, you’re the man, we all want to be as jacked as you but do you really want to get that huge? Isn’t that too big?” Nathan asked.

“Too big? What the fuck does that even mean? There is no such thing as too big. Want to fucking dwarf Jacob. Hell, I want to dwarf Mr. Olympia.” Mark said. He actually felt a wave of relief as he finally admitted this to his closest friends.

His friends could see Mark had made up his mind and that changing it would be futile. They took and step back and let Mark continue to torture his pecs at the cable machine. After he completed two more gruelling sets Mark finally took a break. 

He could see a renewed energy in his friends and was happy to see them becoming as dedicated as he was. Mark figured he could definitely get Nathan on gear without much convincing. Jason was really starting to show impressive gains too. Just a few weeks ago he reached 200lbs. He was by far the most ripped of the group and the others often marvelled at the network of veins that snaked down his biceps and forearms whether he was trying to show them or not. Scott was the last of them to really get serious about training but in the last six months he had started to make some serious gains. Mark was confident he would crack 200lbs very soon.  As Jason was starting his second set, they heard the door tot he gym open. They stopped and looked at the huge, dark figure standing in the dark entrance.

Jacob’s took a few slow steps into the gym. He was wearing a comically over-sized hoodie that still couldn’t hide his outrageous proportions.

“Since when did the chess club lift weights?” He said with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Fuck you asshole!” Mark shouted and stepped towards Jacob. His pumped  upper body still shirtless and glistening with sweat.

“Woah, sorry big guy, didn’t mean to upset you.” Jacob said sarcastically. “I just wanted to check out the gym. I heard it was pretty well-equipped but this looks like a fucking Curves gym for housewives. No wonder you guys look so scrawny, you don’t have any real weight here.”

The group of guys shot daggers at Jacob as he walked around the room, giving the different equipment looks of disgust and amusement. Mark’s face was red with anger.

As Jacob moved around the room, he could see from the different weight setups that the group had been working chest. He moved towards the bench press that was still loaded with three 45lb plates per side from Jason’s last set. Jacob ran his hand over the 315lb bar.

“Is this what you are using to tone your little pecs?” He asked. “Too bad I trained chest yesterday, and I mean a real workout.” 

Mark took a step forward but stopped dead in his tracks. Jacob had stepped behind the bar and wrapped his huge hands around the bar. Without any hesitation, hoisted it off the rack and started to curl the weight. As he cranked out prefect reps he looked at the group of guys and said “I guess my biceps need a workout now.”

At 20 reps, Jacob dropped the weight back on the bench. His baggy hoodie was stretched around his biceps. The guys could see veins through the thick fabric. 

He walked towards the group that were still standing near the cable machine, adjusted the handles so they were closer to the floor and dropped the pins to the bottom the weight stacks. He reset the pins with 150lbs on each side. 

“Not bad for a warm up.” He said and stepped forward. With a groan from the heavily loaded cables he moved his arms into a double bicep pose. Even through his weather, the group could see his enormous biceps explode in size. With little effort, he started to straighten and flex his biceps. The huge stacked of weights move up and down like pistons. After 30 reps Jacob stopped at the stop of the rep, his biceps rising well past his head.

“Don’t worry guys, you keep it up and I’m sure you’ll be moving weights like in no time.” He said with a chuckle and started to perform more reps.

“ENOUGH!” Mark screamed. “Get the fuck out of here or I’ll fucking make you.”

“Woah! Relax man.” Jacob said and dropped the cables, causing the weight stacks to come crashing down.

Mark stepped close to Jacob, placed his hands on Jacob’s shoulder and gave him a hard shove but Jacob didn’t move at all. It was like pushing on a brick wall.

“He dude. You better calm down before you start to piss me off.” Jacob said.

“You think you scare me man? You might be a little bigger than me but I’ll fucking kick the shit out of you.” Mark yelled.

“A little bigger! Are you fucking blind.” Jacob said and took a step back. With one fluid motion, he stripped his hoodie off and revealed his naked torso to the group. Without even flexing he suddenly made the newly steroid pumped Mark look tiny. Jason, Scott and Nathan couldn’t help but stare in awe of Jacob’s incredible body.

“Yeah, get a good look guys. THIS is what real muscle looks like.” Jacob said and lifted his pumped biceps and slowly hit a double bicep pose. His 22” solidified and his equally bloated forearms looked like two bowling pins covered is a sickening network of veins. Jacob slowly rotated his right fist which caused his bicep to convulse and contort as it changed shape.

“Pretty fucking gross right? Imagine when these are 24”. That will be pretty fucking nasty don’t you think?”

Jacob dropped the pose and walked away from the group. He stopped at the rack of dumbbells surveyed the selection.

“80lb max! Fuck that weak ass shit.” He said and turned to face the group. “How the fuck do you even get a pump in here?”

“Shut up!” Nathan yelled.

Jacob waddled over to Nathan who suddenly had a look of fear in his eyes.  

“Tell you what. You curl those 80lb dumbbells more than once and I’ll never step foot in this gym again. BUT, if you can’t perform at lease two reps, you have to lick the sweat off these massive arms.” He said and flexed his right arm right in Nathan’s face just to emphasize his point.

Nathan swallowed hard and gave Mark a worried glance. He timidly walked to the dumbbells and grabbed the 80lb weights. Before he started to curl them, it was obvious they felt heavy in his grasp. Nathan had only ever maxed out with the 50lbs dumbbells but he knew he had to try.

“You got this Nathan!” Mark yelled, trying to give Nathan some encouragement.

Nathan adjusted his feet and started to curl the weights. Instantly his face contorted with effort. The veins on his forearms exploded and his whole body went stiff. His cheeks puffed out and his left arm slowly started to move. He let out a load scream as he reached the top of the rep. He let his arm fall as he started to curl with his right arm. By the time he reached the top of the curl, sweat was dripping from his forehead. He replanted his feet and started to curl with his left arm again. The weight rose until it was level with his chest but stopped. Nathan’s eyes went wide as he realized he couldn’t move the weight any higher. He dropped the weights on the ground and looked towards Mark with look of fear and defeat in his eyes.

Jacob approached Nathan while clapping his hands loudly. “So close man. I really thought you were going to make it.” He said and placed a hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “Time to pay your debt.” He said.

Nathan looked terrified and humiliated as Jacob raised his left arm and flexed. “Start licking.”

Nathan hesitated and Jacob stepped closer. “Start licking or this huge bicep will be the last thing you ever see.”

Nathan was shaking like a leaf and slowly leaned in. Just as he was about to make contact with Jacob’s arm, he stopped flexing and took a step away.

“HA. You actually thought I was going to let you touch this muscle?” Jacob said and laughed. “Besides, I don’t think I’m done pumping them yet.”

Jacob bent down and picked up the weights. Relief washed over Nathan’s face. Jacob walked back to the rack of dumbbells and slammed the two 80lb weights back in place.

“Too bad this is all the weights you have but I guess they will have to do.” The group assumed Jacob was about to start curling the 80lb weights just to further humiliate Nathan but what he did instead was far more incredible. Jacob walked to the centre of the rack, bent down and gripped the metal rack with both hands. With a grunt he tried to stand up straight. There was a rattling of metal dumbbells but the rack didn’t move.

“What a douche.” Mark said to the others, sensing Jacob was all talk.

Jacob looked towards the group of guys, squatted back down and without breaking his stare, stood back up, this time the weight rack came with him. He reached his full height and held the massive rack level with his waist. His 22” arms inflated in size as countless veins crept to the surface of his skin. The group of guys could only stare at what they were witnessing.

“Had to adjust my grip.” Jacob said without any effort in his voice. He glanced past the group to focus on his reflection in the mirror behind them. Slowly he started to curl the rack and all the weights it contained. The metal rattled loudly as he reached the top of the rep. He lowered the weight and when his arms were once again visible they looked like something completely alien. Mark and his friends could see Jacob’s biceps visibly growing. After his second rep, there was barely amy separation between his forearms and biceps, both muscle groups had combined to a singular bundle of pure muscle.

Jacob looked down and marvelled at the sight. Even he was surprised by the grotesque display of muscle he was seeing. He refocused his attention on the group of guys and decided to offer them their final humiliation and started to curl the rack faster. At five reps, he was not showing any signs of slowly.

“Look at this POWER! Mr. Olympia couldn’t even do this. Check out those nasty veins running all over these arms. Have you even seen anything this insane?” 

To further empathize his dominance, Jacob flexed his entire upper body with each rep. In the mirror he saw his pecs, traps, lats and shoulders inflate. He looked at the group and saw Jason cover his crotch.

“YEAH! Look at all this MASSIVE MUSCLE!” He yelled.

Nathan looked like he might pass out while Scott’s cock was clearly tented in his shorts. Mark was the only one that managed to maintain his composure. It was at that moment Jacob decided to really freak these kids out. He reached the top of his either rep and gave the rack a violent shake. The loose dumbbells fell to the floor around him. They crashed so loudly, every kid jumped. Still holding the thick metal rack in his hands, Jacob pressed it over his head. He held it over his head to ensure everyone got a good view of his flared lats and enormous shoulders. With a slight adjustment of his grip, Jacob lowered the rack behind his head. It stopped at his traps and Jacob moved his arms so they hung on either side.

“I doubt any of you guys could lift this empty weight rack, let alone, press it over your head and support it on your traps and shoulders like this.”

They guys just stared, not knowing what Jacob was planning next. Fortunately they didn’t have to wait long. Before their eyes, Jacob’s body began to flex. Every muscle solidified and grew until Jacob was almost unrecognizable. The group could not deny nor ignore that Jacob was the superior being. Never had they witnessed so much muscle in real life. As they stared in awe of the full body flex Jacob was performing, they were unable to control their erections. All four of their cocks were clearly visible which only spurred Jacob on. He gripped the metal rack with each hand and started to flex harder. At first nothing happened but suddenly there was a metal groan filling the room.

“NO” Screamed Scott.

The metal scream increased as the boys started to see the metal bend around Jacob’s neck. The strain was evident on his face but he continued to apply more pressure. Seconds later the rack was bent 10 degrees more and Jacob was finally able to engage his pecs which responded in kind to become something completely inhuman. A wave of deep striations cut across their surface, starting at the bottom and moving upwards. The newly inflated mass swelled to triple its former size. The dense chest meat physically pushed Jacob’s head higher as it came in contact with his chin. With a primal growl, Jacob flexed his entire body once more and the metal rack bend so far the ends were only a few feet apart. Jacob hoisted the battered metal off his shoulders and let if fall at his feet. He squared his massive shoulders and placed his hands on his hips. He was breathing heavy and sweating profusely.

The group could no longer control themselves. The sight of Jacob’s fully pumped, incomprehensibly strong body was finally too much for all of them. Collectively wet spots formed on each of their crotches. Jacob could not help but reach down to feel his own hard cock as he revelled in the effect he has simultaneously caused.

As Mark recovered his senses, rage filled his entire body. He was overcome not only by unexplained lust but also by the humiliation Jacob had just orchestrated. Without thinking, he bent down and picked up a 35lb plate and swung it towards Jacob’s head. A load thud filled the entire gym as the metal plate made contact with Jacob’s jaw. His massive body reeled backwards but he managed to remain standing. 

“You little piece of SHIT!” He yelled and stepped towards Mark who still held the weight. As he approached, Mark used all his strength and swung the weight again. The sound of it hitting Jacob directly in his temple was truly sickening. Jacob’s body crumbled to the ground and lay motionless on the ground.

“What the FUCK Mark!” Jason yelled. Scott placed his hands over his mouth stifle a scream as Nathan ran up to Mark and grabbed the weight from his hand.

Mark snapped out of his rage and realized what he just did. Panic shot through his body. 

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” He said and started to pace around Jacob’s unconscious body.

“Let get out of here!” Nathan yelled.

“Yeah! Cone on Mark. Let’s bolt before someone sees us here.” Scott said.

Mark turned to leave as the other guys followed. Then suddenly, he stopped.


The three guys stopped and turned to face Mark with blank stares on their faces. Mark had a calm, determined look on his face. It was unsettling to his friends.

“I’m not going to just forget about what that piece of shit freak just did to use..” Mark was fuming. His whole body was tense and his pumped muscles swelled even bigger.

“Mark! What are you talking about?”

“We have him right where we want him. Look at him, he’s totally knocked out. He needs to be taught a lesson.”

The guys looked freaked out but they trusted Mark and quite frankly, were becoming a little scared of what wold happen if they disobeyed him.

“Jason, find something to lock the doors. Scott and Nathan, help me find something to tie Jacob up with.” Mark commanded.

Minutes later Nathan came back with the thick ropes used in gym class to test kid’s climbing skills. They were easily six inches around and weighed several hundred pounds. Nathan was out of breath once he had dragged them across the room. Scott and Mark pulled Jacob’s body towards one of the support beams that divided the gym in two. They shared a shocked look when the felt the incredible density of Jacob’s body. They visibly struggled to move him no more than twenty feet. The group worked together and within a few minutes, had Jacob bound with the huge ropes. He was tied in a sitting position with his legs legs wrapped in the ropes. His head hung to the left and hadn’t moved at all.

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Things really scalated on this chapter. 

Mark's rage and  steroid fueled body is making him not think things clearly and he wants revenge but deep down he wants to be just as Jacob is.

Im sure Jacob will get out of those bounds and the four of them are gonna have a hard hard time cause im sure Jacob willw ant to collect on Nathan and will make Mark and Jason join too.,

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35 minutes ago, MuscledJunk said:

By far one of the best stories on the site. Great work

Wow! I don’t think I’d agree but I’m flattered you think so.

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I agree - one of the best.  No one describes muscle and flexing the way you do!  It’s no wonder the characters cum in their pants at the sight of Jacob.   Just reading it - well TMI 😳😛

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Awesome story so far! I have a question, that  I think I know the answer to, but is Jacob on any kind of gear, or is he just a supreme genetic freak coupled with incredible dedication to bodybuilding? I've been leaning on the genetic freak  answer, but haven't been 100 percent sure. And even though he hadn't been on his new stuff very long, it seems like Mark will have to find something even much better if he ever has any hope of surpassing the almighty Jacob.

I was surprised by, and loved, the dark turn it took toward the end. I think I actually gasped the first time Mark swung the weight at Jacob and hit his temple. A lesser man than Jacob would probably be dead. 

I can't wait to see what  direction you take it from here.

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