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m/m High School - Chapter 9 - The Finale added 11/16/19

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I know it's been a long time and frankly, I haven't been inspired to write very much. However, I recently received a message from someone on this site with a idea for a new story. As we chatted, I started to get an idea. Once I started writing, I realized the potential these ideas had. All that being said, I think this might be my best story yet but I'll let you be the judge. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Introducing Jacob...


High School 

Chapter 1

It was the first day of senior year and Jacob wasn’t looking forward to it. It would be his first day at a new school for the third time in five years. Thanks to his dad getting yet another new job, he was starting all over once again.

Not that Jacob really minded. He didn’t have many friends from his old schools to miss and wasn’t really looking to make new ones either. He had only one real priority, becoming as big as humanly possible. 

Jacob was undeniably the biggest 18 year old on the planet and if he wasn’t, he was certainly well on his way to becoming the biggest. Ever since he was elementary school, Jacob was obsessed with building muscle. It immediately became an obsession and consumed most of his time. When he wasn’t lifting huge weights, he was devouring insane quantities of food. His parents happily supported his choice because it made their many moves easier, as long as they moved his weights, Jacob never complained.

By the time he started junior high, Jacob could lift weights only veteran bodybuilders dreamed they could. In fact, to compare Jacob to a bodybuilder would be inaccurate, he desired to become something beyond what the most decorated professionals could ever dream of obtaining. He would scour the internet trying to find someone that had achieved the level of mass he was determined to obtain. Even freaks like Craig Goliath and Big Ramy were too small and weak to Jacob. He often turned to skillfully crafted morphs and artwork of fictional muscular giants just to get additional motivation.

Jacob woke up at 5 a.m. this morning so he could workout for two hours before school. He was dreading having to be stuck in class instead of spending the entire day working out. In the month since they had moved in, Jacob had done little else but lift. Aside from the odd trip to the grocery store, he hadn’t spent any time exploring his new town.

Stepping out of the shower, Jacob couldn’t help but admire his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He knew he would be the biggest kid at school but he didn’t care, to him, he was still too small. He dropped his towel and slowly raised his arms into a magnificent double bicep pose. He let out a low moan as he reached the full flex. He marvelled at his swollen biceps. He measured them after his gruelling workout at 22”. While he cursed himself about the number not being 24” earlier, he could not deny at this moment, his arms looked downright freaky attached to his 18 year old face. After a minute holding the pose, his arms were shaking but as more thick veins appear on his paper-thin skin, he couldn’t stop flexing. In his mind, he envisioned his arms surpassing his 28” waist. It was only moments later that he released the pose to grab hold of his raging cock. His intense muscle-lust coupled with his teenage sex drive resulted in this scene quite often. As Jacob stoked his cock, he caressed his bloated pecs. He kneaded the thick slabs of beef as the individual muscle fibres twitched and flexed. At 56”, his massive pecs cast a long shadow over his chiselled ads. With one final flex of his entire upper body, Jacob unleashed a thick stream of cum all over the mirror.

“Fuck, this school won’t believe their eyes” he said as he cleaned off some stray cum from his pecs and abs.

Jacob gabbed a clean tank top and audibly struggled to get it over his wide shoulders and lats. Even thought he tank was only a couple of weeks old, it already looked to be stretched to its limits. Next, he grabbed a very short pair of shorts that looked more like boxer briefs than outer wear. Jacob may not have cared wheat people thought of his body, but he certainly didn’t mind showing it off. After fixing his hair in the mirror, Jacob hit a mild most muscular pose. He heard a seam pop on his tank top and decided it was best to get going before he had to find something else to wear.

During his 10 minute walk to school, Jacob consumed two huge protein shakes and ate five protein bars. Just before he reached the front door, he looked down at his exposed quads and calves. He was immediately transfixed by the incredible pump his calves had gotten from the walk. He stopped to flex his left calf and couldn’t help moan as it swelled to a mind-boggling 21”. Thick rope-like veins covered every inch. He couldn’t help but run is hand over his outrageously massive quad, stopping to squeeze the bloated tear-drop muscle that literally hung over his tiny kneecap.

“Ok, enough of that. Time to prepare for the main event.” He said to himself as he opened the school main door and stepped inside.

“Holy Shit!”

“Oh my god!”

“Look at that FREAK!”

“Gross, that’s so DISGUSTING” 

Just a few of the comments Jacob heard before he was 10 feet into the building. One guy walked into an open locker door and hit his head pretty hard. With a confident smirk on his face, Jacob walked down the hall searching for his homeroom class.

These reactions were nothing new to Jacob. In fact, he had learned to feed off them years ago. Next to using his insane strength and pumping his muscles well beyond their limits, seeing people freak out over his size was Jacob’s favourite thing. The first time he was called a freak really upset him. But as it continued to happen and with increased frequency the more he grew, Jacob realized that it meant he was starting to achieve his dream of becoming a true mass monster. The more disgusted people became the more motivated and quite frankly, aroused he became. Soon, Jacob wasn’t satisfied unless people became physically sick at the site of him. He loved cumming while replaying people’s over-the-top comments in his head. He also fantasied about getting those same reactions in the presence of the biggest professional bodybuilders. Imagining Big Ramy puking just at the sight of his unflexed body caused Jacob to cum the most.

By the time he found his classroom, news of the freaky huge new kid had spread to all corners of the school. As he stepped through the door, all talking stopped. Jacob surveyed the room of his slack-jawed school mates as he slowing made his way to the back of the room. Everyone stared in awe but no one dared to make a sound. The teacher looked confused when he walked in to a full room of silent teenagers. It wasn’t until he looked to the back of the class that he figured out why.

“Oh my! You must be Jacob!” He stammered. “They said you were big but I didn’t expect so much-“

“Huge, freaky muscle?” Jacob interrupted.

The teacher’s mouth remained open, but words stopped coming out. A minute later, he had regained enough composure to instruct the class to find their seats. After the students were seated, the teacher looked to the back of the room to see Jacob still standing.

“Um-please find a seat.” He said to Jacob.

“Sorry Teach but I don’t think these desks are made for someone like me.”

“Please sit.” The teacher said, trying to sound authoritative but it came out sounding scared and timid.

Jacob shook his head and tried to sit at the nearest desk. The entire class turned their heads and watched as the massive boy struggled to get seated. Loud creaks filled the room as Jacob’s massive body wedged itself into the seat. The desks were the table-top seat combos that offered very little in the way of adjustment. Jacob could barely fit his meaty quads in the gap between the seat and the desk. He tried for close to 30 seconds before becoming frustrated. Suddenly his fist slammed down on the top of the desk, cracking it instantly. Jacob then gripped the wooden desk and plastic seat and started to pull. His already bloated body exploded in size. There were audible gasps from the class. Jacob adjusted his grip and let out a low roar and pulled harder. With seemly little effort, the plastic seat was torn off the metal frame of the desk. Jacob tossed the seat and repositioned his hand on the metal frame. There was a load groan of screeching metal and the frame started to bend. Jacob’s arms visibly inflated and each individual muscle fibre leap into action. Jacob’s ridiculously wide back appeared to double in size as he continued to bend the metal frame like it was wet pasta. With one final grunt and tug, Jacob stood straight up and the desk disintegrated around him. He stepped out of the pile of desk parts and placed his hands on his hips.

“Told you the desk wasn’t made for this body.” He said and slowly flexed into a front lat spread. 

Slowly his lats expanded until they jutted three feet from his sides. They only stopped swelling when they made contact with his equally massive arms and forearms. Next, his pecs rose upward and outward. Deep striations and countless veins snaked across they surface. Even under the tight tank top fabric, veins could been seen pulsing. Finally, Jacob’s traps rose up either side of his neck as his quads and calves flexed so huge, there was barely any separation between them.

At full flex, Jacob could hear loud screams and gags from the students in the room. Many had to look away in horror while others were clearly mortified at the sight they could not stop watching. Jacob turned to look a the teacher who was visible shaking and leaning against his desk to stop himself from collapsing on the floor.

“Oh my god! Please stop!” the teacher muttered.

“Sorry teach, I couldn’t hear you. Did you say come up the front of the class and show everyone just how insanely massive I am?” Jacob replied and slowly made his way towards the front of the class. It’s fair to say, Jacob always moved slowly, due mainly by the size of his quads. To even call how he moved walking was inaccurate; Jacob waddled.

Arriving at the front of the class, Jacob turned to face the class. He pointed to a skinny kid sitting in the first row and motioned for him to approach.

Jacob raised his arms and leaned forward. “Strip off this tank top. It’s pretty new and the only shirt I have. I want to try to make it last the whole day.”

The poor kid was shaking like a leaf. 

“Come on dude. My lats are WAY too big for me to get this off myself. Don’t worry, I won’t bite; unless I get hungry.” Jacob said with a chuckle.

Slowly the kid started to peel the skin tight tank top up Jacob’s back. When it was halfway up Jacob was growing impatient.

“SOMEONE HELP HIM!” he yelled.

Another petrified student joined the first kid and within seconds the tank top was pulled over Jacob’s head. Once free, he slowly stood back up and the class was confronted by his exposed upper body and a new wave to terrified screams filled the room.

“This is what a 267lb 18 year old looks like. I’m only 5’8” but getting pretty close to being just as wide as that.” Jacob said and started to hit flawless poses each one accompanied by grunts, moans and exaggerated gasps.

“No 18 year old has 22” arms, 18” forearms, 56” pecs and a tiny 28” waist. Not to mention some of the biggest quads on the planet. Check out these 32” quads and 21” calves.”

“So Gross!” Someone yelled out.

“Gross? You think all this muscle is gross. You know what I think it is? SMALL. I’m plan to doubling this size in a couple of years!” Jacob said. He was breathing hard from hitting the different poses but saved the best for last. He extended his pumped left leg and leaned closer to the class. He slowly bent his arms and started to hit a most muscular pose. His already blood-filled body exploded in every direction. Jacob showed incredible muscle control and he willed each muscle group to flex and expand. His arms slammed into his flexed pecs as his shoulders solidified into pumpkin-sized striated bolders. His vein-covered traps rose to graze his ears as his neck thickened to become wider than his head. He tightened his already rock-hard abs so each developed muscle resembled the density of bricks. His shorts could not contain the monstrous beef of his quads and rose up so high it looked like a posing suit. Even with his legs spread apart, Jacobs calves looked like they were about to touch each other. At full flex, Jacob’s entire body was shaking. His skin now covered in the light layer of sweat which made his outrageous vascular look even more extreme. He let out a glass-shaking roar and he somehow continued to flex.

Through gritted teeth he screamed “I’m not stopping until someone either pukes or passes out.”

Most of the kids were screaming and covering their eyes. A few looked like they were ready to faint and more than one of the boys held their hands over their obvious erections. Still not seeing what he desired most, Jacob let out another scream as his flexed muscles were starting to cause him pain. A pain that pushed him to flex even harder. He slowly turned to face the teacher, who was cowering behind his desk. With one laboured step Jacob moved closer. He could see the terror in the teacher’s face.

“DO IT!” He commanded and within seconds, the teacher bent over and puked all over the top of his desk. He stood up and stumbled back, slamming into the chalkboard before collapsing on the floor. As Jacob relaxed his pose he smiled as he realized the teacher had a large wet stain on the front of his pants. His recently spent erection was clearly still rock-hard.

Jacob tuned to face the class once more. He picked his tank top off a nearby desk and waddled towards the back of the class.

“Is homeroom over yet?”

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This is more of a filler chapter but gives you more insight to the primal nature of Jacob's desire to be the biggest, most powerful freak on the planet. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Mark tossed his gym bag on the floor and collapsed on his bed, glad to be alone in the safety of his room. The stories he had heard all afternoon about the new kid and his sickening display of muscle and strength had taken their toll. Mark had put on a brave face and tried to remain unimpressed around his buddies but now in the privacy of his room, he felt his emotions taking over.

He glanced around his room where he had build a shrine to the one thing that he really cared about, bodybuilding. Posters of his favourite professional bodybuilders covered the walls, numerous supplement containers littered the floor and various exercise equipment cluttered up the space. 

He stood up, stripped off his sweat-soaked t-shirt and looked at himself in the mirror. Standing 5’10” and weighing 223lbs, Mark was an impressive specimen. He was planning on competing in the state bodybuilding show later in the year and was focused not only on winning the teen category but also claiming the overall award. His body was incredibly well-proportioned with his best feature being his impressive quads and calves. Measuring 28” and 18” respectively, Mark knew he could go toe-to-toe with many of the pros. Normally after an intense workout, he would hit pose after pose in this mirror until he could barely move. The stains on the lower part of the mirror were leftover evidence of the many times his post-workout posing sessions had ended with a satisfying orgasm.

Today was different. Mark starred at his reflection and didn’t feel the same confidence he normally experienced. In his mind, the graphic stories of Jacob’s massive body and inhuman strength ran through his mind on a constant loop. Initially, Mark’s confidence was shaken. He couldn’t fathom how someone his own age cold be so huge and powerful. Suddenly anger started to bubble up inside Mark. He had worked way too hard to let some new freak steal his glory. He sat down on his bed and pulled out his phone. He hesitated for a moment before typing a text and hitting send. His heart was pounding as he immediately saw a response being composed.

“You sure?” It read.

Mark replied as fast as he could “Fuck yeah I am. I want the good stuff, double to dose.” He texted back.

“Ok dude. I’ll let you know when I get a new supply. I just hope you know what you are doing.” Was the response.

Mark tossed the phone down and glanced at his refection once again.

“I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m going to grow so FUCKING massive that Jacob will piss himself at the sight of me.” he said and went online to see just how powerful the new steroids he ordered were.


After his logic-defying show of power at school, he was too amped up to stick around for his afternoon classes. He practically ran home to start lifting. He knew if anyone could have done what he did at school they’d be too spent to even move but it only made Jacob more energized. 

Jacob entered is garage gym and wasted no time loading weights and pumping his already freaky muscles even bigger. His shoulders were still burning from the torture the table full of students had inflicted on them but Jacob wanted them to burn more. He loaded the bar with two 45lbs on each side and started to crank out rep after rep. He lost count at 45 reps and after five solid minutes dropped the weight and added another 45lb plate to each side. With no effort, he hoisted it back up and started to perform more shoulder presses. After another five minutes of non-stop reps he was screaming in pain and his shoulders felt like they were being stabbed with knives. Dropping the massive weight, Jacob squared his shoulders and looked at his refection in the mirror. Even he was shocked at the sight. His shoulders looked like they had tripled in size. They jutted out from his body like two over-inflated beachballs. Deep striations clearly defined each muscle group and garden hose thick veins covered every inch.

“Need more pain.” Jacob mumbled and walked to the impressive rack of dumbbells lining the back wall of the garage. He bend down and grabbed two 80lb weights and turned to face himself in the mirror. With barely a grunt, he started to perform lateral raises with perfect form. Jacob performed each rep at a slow and deliberate pace. The pain in his shoulders was almost unbearable but Jacob knew that was the only way he would grow. His brain was wired to feed off the pain, his whole body craved punishment only heavy weights could inflict. After 25 reps, Jacob was in agony. He stomped his foot as he raised the dumbbells for the 26th time. At the top of the rep Jacob stopped the weights and held his arms perfectly parallel to the floor. His eyes focused on the bulging shoulder muscles that rose higher than his head. The view of his massive body would have caused the most hardcore bodybuilder to recoil in horror but to Jacob, it was the most incredible sight imaginable. After holding the weights for close to 30 seconds Jacob could feel his shoulders trying to give out.

“NO! DON’T STOP!” he screamed at his refection and managed to raise the weights back to their parallel position. At the one minute mark, Jacob’s entire body was shaking but he held the weights steady. After two minute, Jacob’s legs gave out and he lowered himself to a kneeling position while incredibly, keeping the weights parallel. He was screaming in agony and tears were streaming down his face.


After two more minutes, Jacob’s shoulders had never looked so massive. Even held out-stretched they didn’t resemble a human appendage any longer. They were grotesquely deformed and dwarfed the young kid’s head. With one final wall-shaking roar, Jacob let the weights fall as he collapsed on the floor in a puddle of sweat and tears.

Jacob lay on the floor panting and moaning in pain for close to five minutes before slowly standing back up. His shoulders had regained some semblance of normalcy but still looked pumped to unreal proportions. He tried to raise his left arm but the pain was too intense to even flex. His right hand grazed his stiff cock but he stopped himself from fully grasping it. As horny as he was, he wasn’t done with his workout yet. He recovered enough to continue to perform an onslaught on his already destroyed shoulders. He worked his rear delts with cables, his front delts with front lateral raises and did some single arm dumbbell presses. While the poundages he used would cripple most veteran lifters, his body was used to such abuse and managed to withstand the assault. It was close to three hours after he started lifting that Jacob was nearing the end of his workout. 

For his final exercise, Jacob grabbed an empty olympic bar and moved towards the squat rack. Just holding the empty bar sent waves of pain through his shoulders. He placed the bar on the support racks and started to add 45lb plates. When there were six plates per side, Jacob positioned himself behind the weight. He starred at his swollen refection and felt his cock thicken in response. He looked more pumped than he had even been but it still wasn’t enough. He refocused his attention and gripped the bar loaded with 585lbs and started to crank out shrugs. Pain ripped through his shoulders as his humongous traps worked to compensate. Jacob’s thick 19” neck swelled well past his jaw and thick veins cascaded down it’s girth and snaked across his bloated pecs.  His titanic traps rose with each rep until Jacob could feel them touching his earlobes. Each individual muscle fibre exploded with power until they resembled industrial cables used to hold up bridges. Rep after rep caused his traps to flex and contract, growing bigger with each movement. Jacob could feel the increased pressure on either side of his head and it caused his cock to get even harder. At rep 20 he heard a rip when his shorts finally gave up trying to contain his quads and blood-engorged dick. The destroyed fabric fell to the floor and drops of pre-cum trickled down his mammoth quads. At 30 reps Jacob screamed ordered at his nearly exhausted muscles.


At 40 reps Jacob’s rhythm slowed but he continued to hoist the heavy bar. There was barely any definition between his shoulders, traps and neck as each muscle was so pumped they looked like one giant pile of beef. It looked like Jacob had an entire person slung over his shoulders. Just when Jacob felt his hand strength about to give out which would cause the bar to fall, he stopped moving the weight and stood as straight as he could. He starred at his face in the mirror and barely recognized himself. His eyes are wild and his face was distorted with effort and pain.

“ONE MORE SHOW!” He screamed and did something truly incredible.

With one violent jerking motion that would have dislocated most people’s shoulders, Jacob heaved the 585lb bar up and slammed it down on his waiting shoulders. The movement caused an incredible jolt of pain but Jacob held onto the weight. After repositioning his feet under the massive weight, Jacob started to lift the weight over his head. His whole body trembled as the bar rose. Once his arms were completely straight, Jacob lowered the bar again. The pain in his shoulders and traps was so intense Jacob felt like he might pass out but one look in the mirror brought he back. Even he was shocked by the sight. His whole body had mutated into nothing but a wall of pulsing muscle. With one more inhuman effort, he raised the bar for a second time. As the weight rose past his eye line, a hot stream of cum splashed all over the mirror. The orgasm was so intense, Jacob almost dropped the weight but he was determined to finish his rep. Seconds later the weight was once again held directly overhead. 

“THAT’S WHAT FREAKY LOOKS LIKE!” He screamed before letting the bar come crashing down. Several of the 45lb plates fell off and one even slammed into his shin but Jacob was too exhausted to notice. He fell to his knees and then collapsed on the floor. His workout was over.

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I can only imagine the kind of workout and coopetition Jacon and Mark will have once they meet each other.

It gonna be intense in every sense of the word

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