m/m The Tank Procedure

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On 11/26/2019 at 7:30 AM, DieselMass said:

"But why the genitals?" the Sergeant asked in a concerned manner. "What point does it serve?"

The scientists stood in front of a screen which displayed a well endowed model of the TANK's design. The head scientist stepped forward.
"There are three reasons Sergeant .

The first is, plainly put, big-dick-energy. The cock will be a symbol of power to our units. Early experiments seem to indicate that the low-dose test subjects who were granted larger packages performed noticeably better in controlled combat. We also noticed their cocks become engorged with energy as they prepared for battle.

The second reason is - as a weapon. Believe it or not, the erect cocks of our men are sturdy enough to function as high-grade jousting devices, as well as are capable of piercing through concrete and flipping trucks!

The third reason may not be what you'd like to hear. The sheer amount of testosterone fueling our TANKs will produce copious amounts of semen. Our units will require strong 'vessels' to dispose of their radioactive genetic... waste."

The Sergeant stood up, slamming his fists. "We were told this wouldn't be a problem! We can't have our soldiers emitting any radioactive genetic material! We have NO idea what would happen if a human came into contact with their fucking cum!"

The scientist quickly responded. "There is no other way Sergeant ! You're asking us to build a nuclear reactor with no nuclear waste! We designed their suits to prevent them from releasing regularly, but you WILL have to clear them a... few... times a day."

The Sergeant grew serious. "How many times?"

"Only a few!"


The scientist paused, drawing a breathe. "For proper maintenance and behavioral control... 10 times a day. And each session will produce 10 gallons. 


You wanted machines Sergeant. 



They won't be normal men anymore."

(with apologies)

The Sergeant stared at the scientist and stammered "A hundred gallons?"

"a day" continued the scientist explaining that "twenty five thousand times the normal, well, 25,236 times the normal, but as I said, you wanted machines!"

"And what are we expected to do with that residue?"

"As they say in all those departments that you give reports to...Not my problem!"

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You can hardly remember what happened...


The fluid.

The violent pulses of gamma radiation.

The pheromones being pumped into your lungs.

The feeling of every muscle shredding in your body...





More powerful with each convulsion.

The incredible throbbing in your cock.

The heat in your sack.

A storm needing release.


It's not that you feel any dumber. It's just that you can't think of anything but one thing.


You need to fuck.



You try to reach your foot long rod with you monster arms to jerk it, but it's no use. You're way to fucking big.


"UGH!" you cry in agony. Unable to get what you want or properly communicate through the heat, you take your ape fists and beat your massive chest ferociously. You are surprised at just how hard your pecs have become. Not only is it impossible to see down past them anymore, but rather than giving into the force of your fists, it feels more like beating two unloving boulders. There's just no give anymore. Their weight is incredible. It feels like real work for your slab of a back to keep them hoisted upwards and out.


Through the heat you see Alpha-78, now out of his chamber, being measured and examined by the scientists. He stands so resolute in his steel skin that he might as well be a statue. He turns without even being commanded to, as if knowing what needs to be done and when. What did they do to him? What will become of me? You manage to think this for a split second before being dragged back into a state of incomprehensible horniness.


"FUCK! FUCK! ME WANT FUCK!" you scream, and through the glass you notice people were able to hear.


As the radiation dies down and your hyper-bulking ceases, you begin slowly emitting an unstoppable stream of pre-cum no longer able to be contained by your sack. You hear the familiar announcement.




As the red grid begins scanning your body, your heart begins to race. The fear is enough to make you forget momentarily about how badly you want to cum.


You know what's next. What will be left of you after this?


As the red grid reaches your face Alpha-78 turns his chiseled face towards yours, as if aware of your condition. As he locks eyes with you his stoic face commands you to relax.




It'll be over soon.


The glowing red of his eyes (or is it the grid?) blinds you, and suddenly all you see is a bright, unending sea of red...




From the red steps forward what can only be described as a golden god – a massive soldier, ass naked, with twice the height and twice the bulk as Alpha-78. His pecs are incredible – jutting out far and wide, commanding obedience. His arms hang down, propelled outward by his lat wings. A roided-out six pack runs down to an impossible large cock. As he steps closer you see that it's... moving... throbbing... ready to give.



Who you? you manage to think through your heat.


The golden beast responds.


I am KRATOS. I am the alpha artificial intelligence constructed to command all TANKs. You're body has been properly formatted, but you lack control. You will now be made whole.


You beat your pecs and thrust your rock hard cock forward and back.


Me no want speech! Me want to fuck!


Kratos maintains the unflinching face of a soldier. He steps forward, extends and arm, grabs your rod, and squeezes – hard. It hurts.


You grimace in pain. Kratos' grip tightens even more.


You will be assimilated and made whole. But first, OBEY!


You watch the blood pump down the veins of his golden forearm, easily three times the size of a body builder's bicep, as he tightens his grip further. Finally, you can't stand it anymore.


"I obey! I good boy!"


His grip releases. You feel your entire body relax as you submit to the procedure. Kratos turns you around.


With one hand he begins caressing your tortured cock. Feels good – real nice.

With the other he holds you in place. Suddenly you feel his throbbing cock against your bare ass.


"You will be made complete."


"I will be complete."


You feel Kratos begin thrusting.

It gets harder – faster. With it, so does his strong grip on your cock. You feel your balls swell and a fire is lit in your rod.

Meanwhile, in their transformation chamber, you can feel something being added to the oxygen you are breathing through a mask.


What this? What the fuck! Uhmm – feels good – FUCK! What the FUCK you doing to me!?


Kratos responds. Nanobots are being administered to your bloodstream. They will provide a circuit for you to control your new form by synthesizing with your muscle fibers – it is impossible for a normal human nervous system to do it alone. But they serve another purpose – networking. You are being linked to all other TANKs, and me.


No! Me want out! Get me out!


You feel the nanobots fill your bloodstream and make their way to every last muscle fiber. You suddenly feel... connected... to your body. You feel like you can control yourself again. You flex your biceps – they pulse full of streams of raw testosterone. You even find you can bounce your pecs. You bounce the slabs of meat three times, then three more times individually, enjoying your new power.


As the nanobots cover your spine and mind, in the redness you see Alpha-78 appear in silver. You stare in awe as Kratos fucks you. Alpha-78 is resolute, unflinching, gazing at you in indifference. He stands tall, propelling every bulging piece of mass on his body with pride. His cock sticks straight out, just like his steel nips.


You want to be him.


Suddenly you see others step forward – there are more soldiers who, like you, have been transformed far beyond the capabilities of normal men. Like Alpha-78 they stand at the ready, watching your assimilation.


"You are a TANK."


The soldiers beat their chest with one strong fist in unison.




You feel your blood fill with copious amounts of testosterone.


"I am... TANK." you mutter, and Kratos responds by caressing your hungry cock even harder. You feel his massive frame against your back – golden sweat dripping onto you.


"You will serve the military perfectly!"


The soldiers spread their tree trunk sized legs, standing at the ready. You want to join them. You NEED to join them.


"I will serve the military perfectly!"


"You will do justice for your country."


We obey and serve!


"I will obey and serve!"


"What is your name?"


Soldier Beta-78!




"What are you?"





"What is your purpose?"


"To obey and serve, SIR!"




Suddenly the soldiers being beating their chests with both of their ape-fists in unison while chanting like a frat.




Kratos' thrusting becomes rapid. His grip tightens. You lose yourself in ecstasy among the tribal chants – all in the deepest baritone voices you've ever heard.


Your own baritone voice joins in.





You feel the nanobots link your mind and body fully to the machine.

You feel Kratos cum.

You feel an eruption readying in your engorged sack. It rips up your rock-hard rod, and you grimace in agony at the fiery intensity of the radioactive fluid being pumped through your new body's piece.


The soldiers, Kratos, and redness all dissolve at once.

Like a shotgun it all travels to the point of exit with incredible speed.


Feels good to be a man – a soldier – a TANK!


You get one last gasp of nano-bot infused oxygen in before the final release...

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On 12/27/2019 at 2:12 PM, CardiMuscleman said:

(with apologies)

The Sergeant stared at the scientist and stammered "A hundred gallons?"

"a day" continued the scientist explaining that "twenty five thousand times the normal, well, 25,236 times the normal, but as I said, you wanted machines!"

"And what are we expected to do with that residue?"

"As they say in all those departments that you give reports to...Not my problem!"

The gallons of cum can be used to create new soldiers like this one. I’d love to see one of the scientists being hit by it and becoming the next tank

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