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I run back to the captains office. "Capt Aqua" why couldn't she pick a cooler name? i open the door to her flowing water streams all over the place in the room. The streams are so elegant and beautiful. in short shes a water bender. "Congratulations on your last mission, Christine" she says so calmly but sternly. She always intended to bolster us but her tone said otherwise. "Thanks captain. Taking down the criminals wasnt easy" i say back politely as i could. though she says a lot of things with authority, her looks says otherwise. Imagine is Cetrion was human and had light brown skin and long black hair. "I could tell, but because of your recent achievement, you finally get yourself some partners to work with."

"i- whaaaaa.....?" now that usually would be a good thing but I'm a lone wolf. I prefer to work alone

"You got yourself partners to take people down now. C'mon out yall"

i look to my right to see 2 young men both look like they just turned 19 come out. WTF did i just get myself into?

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"These young gentleman are Ben and Avery. They both just enlisted they are both 19." Aqua says enthusiastically. Well ain't that something, they both 19. Called it. 

I'm not gonna lie they were both low-key cute. LOW-KEY. 

"Ben, Avery, this is your new captain, Christine." Captain Aqua is so good at acting. She acting like she not gonna cuss me out to take care of these "rookies". She always has some kind of Petty reason to cuss anybody out in this station.

Ben walks over to me, all friendly and shit, says "Hi, nice to meet you! I look forward to being your recruit from now on!" I look at him, trying not to cringe on how nice he was, I hesitantly shook his hand and said "Nice to meet you too..." I can tell Capt didnt take too kindly to that.

Avery standing in the back corner with his arm crossed in front of his chest. The only kind of greeting I got from him was a swift head nod, which I can respect.

"Good since y'all finally know each other, Christine lemme tall to you real quick" I can tell Aqua bout to tear me a new one. Why? Good question.

Ben and Avery walk out the office and close the door. 

"I'm not gonna cuss you out this time. But I will let you know that these recruits keep coming in and overpowering our captain's. I need you to not let that happen to you." Aqua says firmly

"What's so threatening about those 2 guys?" I really couldn't see it

"Find out their powers and you know..." 


I walk out the office too see ben and Avery waining outside. "Alright yall walk with me" I says firmly. 

Ben and avery both walk by my sides. I'm getting this sort of emo side from Avery and Ben is just happy to be here. Avery is this tall skinny guy with neck length dark hair, and booming blue eyes, and Ben slightly shorter then avery has short brown pointed up and booming gray eyes.

"Ok, I don't how much she told you about his place, but this the "special forces". And not the special forces from mortal kombat. Mostly everybody here has a power of some sort to help our cause to save this country. My job is not to be your friend, but to train you and lead you victory and survival."

I walk them outside to one of the empty hangars. Aka my training spot. I really want to see why Aqua chose these nerd looking bitches.

"So, show me your powers!" I yell squaring up with them. Avery finally looks up says "You sure?"

"Give me everything you got"

"Ok, you asked for it. Ben I'll go first"

Avery takes his shirt off and throws it to the side. He breathes in and out slowly amd calmly. I dont know what he's planning. All of a sudden his body starts shaking. He lifts his left arm flexes his bicep and the bicep starts spasing and growing. Avery looks at me with an evil grin on his face. He lift his other arm, flex that biceps and that one starts growing. Avery chuckling sinisterly and says to me "This is what you wanted and youre going to get it!" 

What the hell... did I get... Myself... 




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"Orientation" Preview


One thing I cared about is my pride and i cant tell if it's about to be shattered or completely destroyed. Here I am, with a bunch of bruises, a black eye, and a bloody nose, about to die. All I see is a giant 30 inch long, 10 inch thick, veiny cock charging up its last but powerful attack.

"Avery wait! You'll kill her" Ben yelled. At least I won't die alone

"If she wants to see what she's dealing with and to get stronger, she'll stay right where she's at!" Avery yelled back

I'm not really willing to stay where I'm at. I'm on one knee, panting, completely out of stamina, holding my left arm, and looking at a giant dick that's about to blast me either to the fighter jet behind me, or oblivion...

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Before I knew it his cargo pants started stretching and tearing at the seams. Little by little do i see his thighs and eventually they tear apart, revealing his muscular legs. Calves looking like a football. I've mever been scared but I'm low-key getting nervous. Avery took advantage of that as he saw my jaw drop. 

"Oh I'm not dont just yet" Avery says. Then his flat stomach starts morphing into and slab by slab. 2, 4, 6, 8! He grew an 8 pack! Then he flexed them to show his veins and to let me know this is the real deal. Forget low-key, now im really nervous. Lastly his chest expands and makes to large pecs with veins coming out of the nipples. Fuck nervous, now im scared. 

"So little lady. Are you ready?" Avery says smiling ear to ear. 

"Heh, I've faced muscular guys like you I can take you on." I reply confidently. That statement was somewhat true. I've fought muscular guys, just not guys who can grow muscle out of nowhere.

I have multiple weapons ranging from dual pistols, to a ring that gives my earthbending powers to my bear fists. But this guy is no joke, so i have to use my bootleg Bo staff. Why is it bootleg? Cause its basically like Jades. I extend it and twirl it around in front of me and behind my back hoping to phase this guy. It didn't phase him but it intimidated Ben who was watching. Thats something i guess.

Avery starts running at me full sprint, and i back up to a wall. He brings his arm back then forward for a punch. Before he hits me, I jump straight up and his fists break a hole in the wall. That's a big hole too. Before i land I deliver a kick to the back of his head and he faces hits the wall. When i land his right leg kicks back and hits me in my gut, causing to slide back. He gets his fist out of the wall and faces me. 

"Is that all you got, little girl?" He growls

"I'm just getting started. Big boy" I reply. 

I then run at him and try to do a sweep kick. He hops dodging it, and before he lands kick me in the face, causing me to slide back. He runs at me, jumps up, puts his fist together and come crashing down hard, but I roll out of the way. The impact makes a crater on the ground. I then swing my bo at his face but he grabs it and knocks it away from his face. He stands up, I continuously swing at his face but he keeps dodging. Looking like a dragonball charcter out this bitch. I then give a quick jab to his gut, but nothing. No grunt or movement from him. He endured it. I look at his face in shock and he look down and smiles. I then do more jabs to try and phase this dude but nothing. I did one more jab with all my strength, but he flexed his and right before contact and the staff bounces off and hits me square in the face. I back up trying to recover from the pain and he walks up to me and says "You'll never beat me". I look at his face and the next thing i hear is fabric ripping and a great force hitting in the gut causing me to fly horizontally back and hit a jet. Why did hear fabric ripping. That couldn't be his...? Nah it can't be. I'm tripping 😅. I look up to see that I'm not...

His cock is probably the most veiny and muscular cock I've ever seen. How does his cock have abs? 

"Oh that feels so good to finally let my cock out again. Hey Christina, do you want option A or B to finish you off?" He says smiling "This is option A" He aims his cock and its pulsing and before i know it a big blob of cum shoots out and makes a hole in the ceiling and traveling at least 50 feet in the air. The shipmaster is not gonna be happy about one if his hangers being used as a training ground. A few more shots also shoot out then stops. His cock is leaking a park fountain with pre drilling down his cock abs and his real abs. "And option B is surprise!" Avery says smiling

I say "Surprise me" smiling with confidence. I've been hurt way worse then this. 

"OK!!!" He aims his cock at me and shoots cum onto me meanwhile his hands are into fists, which means hes doing this with no stimulation whatsoever. "That's not my surprise. this is" avery says. Good cause covering me with his jizz was disrespecrful enough. But then i regret my statement. 

His cock aims at me, he closes his eyes flexes his arms and a ball of red energy start forming at his piss slit. And as time goes on its slowly getting bigger and bigger.


One thing I cared about is my pride and i cant tell if it's about to be shattered or completely destroyed. Here I am, with a bunch of bruises, a black eye, and a bloody nose, about to die. All I see is a giant 30 inch long, 10 inch thick, veiny cock charging up its last but powerful attack.

"Avery wait! You'll kill her" Ben yelled. At least I won't die alone

"If she wants to see what she's dealing with and to get stronger, she'll stay right where she's at!" Avery yelled back

I'm not really willing to stay where I'm at. I'm on one knee, panting, completely out of stamina, holding my left arm, and looking at a giant dick that's about to blast me either to the fighter jet behind me, or oblivion...

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I quite possibly could be looking at my death right here. I have a giant veiny dick pointed at me with a ball energy growing bigger vand bigger. I'm on one knee, panting because I've used all my energy. I can't really move or stand. I know if i stand I'll just fall back on the ground. I just fought a maniacal teen with muscular and energy beam powers, and I'm close to death.


"Well. Did we learn anything? I've learned that you're nothing! Nothing! But a regular human being with no powers. And now you'll get a taste of what real powers are!!" Avery says.


Ben sees this and matters into his own hands. He grows his body into a sprinters build. His arms become slightly more vascular, a 6 pack of and pop out of his stomach, 2 by 2 by 2, his pecs growing forward slightly and both his legs become thicker that the shorts he was wearing tear slightly at the legs.


"Are you ready lil girl?!" Avery screams. I take as he's about to release his energy.


"Here...!" Ben runs around towards the catwalks to my right.




I see Ben come around from a jet towards me.




A Bright blue light comes from his cock and flies towards me. I feel like cell testing vegetas final flash thinking it wasn't gonna do anything, but i knew i was gonna die. Ben comes in a flash picks me up from the beams path. He drops me towards the wall and then runs around and deliver a punch in Avery face, Knocking him out. He runs back over to me to check on me, but I'm too distracted by what his energy beam did to the hangar. The beam was big enough to dig into the ground and travel across the hangar. Thr jet that was behind me was split into 2 with burns marks in the middle and a hole big enough to fit a Halo 3 scorpion in the hangar wall. Needless to say, I would've died.


"Are you okay? Can you breathe? Hey. Hey. Christina? Can you hear me?" Ben kept asking I was still too distraced from the Cock kamehameha I almost died from.


"Yeah, yeah I'm good. But uh... What the fuck was that?" I ask


"Well if you haven't figured it out, we both have the power to grow our muscles at will to whatever we want, and have the ability to shoot energy beams out of our dicks." Ben says. He says that so nonchalantly like it's normal. We are a force of people with super powers but that's new to me.


"Ok... Just out of curiosity. How does that feel?" I asked. I legit wanted to know.


"Basically, it feels like a thousand orgasms into one. So fucking good" Ben says.


Captain Aqua and her assistant, Isabella came running in.


"Christina!! Are you okay?!" Aqua asks.


"Yeah, just out of energy" I say.


Isabella begins looking around the hangar, to see a big hole in the wall, a jet broken in half, and a passed out muscular 19 year old with his dick out.


"My lord, you just can't keep out of trouble can you?! Do you know how much this is gonna cost for repairs?! I come back from a business trip and this is the first thing I see. Ridiculous." Isabella says.


"When are you going to realize, that there have been bigger damages to this exact hangar that I haven't caused? Instead of being mad because that's what you do best, Lemme explain myself." I say.


Isabella walks towards me, grabs my head and close her eyes. She has the ability to read minds and saw the same thing i saw.


"That explains that boy over there". Isabella says.


Aqua gets a random water bottle on the work bench near the catwalk and uses that to wake Avery up. How exactly? She uses her water bending to make a harsh stream of water and sends it to Averys face. It looked like a firehose on his face.


*cough* *cough* *cough* "What the he-" *cough* *cough* "The hell are you doing?!"


"We could ask you the same thing" Ben says.


Avery gets up and sees the same damage I explained earlier.


"Oh shit. Where is Christina? Is she alive?"


"Yeah, I'm all good-" That's when Avery grabbed me and hugged me to death.


"Oh my god! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Avery kept saying that, while he swinging me around in his arms.


"Bruh, I'm not mad. That was one of the best fights I ever had!" I said. I was deadass too. I legit had fun with that.


"Wait, really?" Avery asked.


"Yes. Thank you for a good fight" I say.


"I just wanted to know, what possessed you to do that?" Isabella asked


"... To be honest, it was a feeling of pride. Me and Ben were almost killed a while back, and the whole time the person who did it kept demoting us. Kept saying we weren't nothing but regular human trash. Since then I've been training to find and beat that guy, and get my revenge." Avery says. Huh, maybe we do have something in common.


"Well... Thats interesting. Clean this place up and head back to the meeting room. There's a big mission we'll have to take care of" Aqua says.


"And she means within the next hour!" Isabella says.


1 hour later...


"We all know we got something stolen back in the secret base back in Miami, and we're going to get it back. And everybody invloved in this case whatsoever will get taken down." Aqua says. I was the only person confused about this whole thing. I've been in this force for 3 years and I never knew about somerhing getting stolen. Ben and Avery are focused on what's going on. I assume it must ve about them since they were transferred here from Miami.


"With the little drones we put in every city for safety, I've cased 3 possible targets. 2 mansions in Hollywood hills. An apartment complex in Atlanta, and another mansion in Miami." Isabella says.


"Soon we're gonna team up and go to these places in pairs. Me and isabella are gonna go to California. Ben and Christina go to miami. Avery and another person will go to Atlanta. Our goal is to find THIS." Aqua says.


She pulls out a picture of a Blue and purple gem. Ben and Avery both sigh heavy. I guess this makes it personal for them.


"No matter what happens, we get what was stolen from us. Just no killing" Aqua says. "Now lets move out!"


30 mins later...


Ben is getting both of our stuff packed into a jet. I come over to Avery who is standing alone, leaning against a wall with his arms cross. He has this annoyed look on his face.


"Hey, this is Carson. He has lighting powers." I say.


"Oh really? Shock me here little man" Avery says.


Carson points his finger at Avery and a small lightning bolt shoots from his finger and hits Avery. Avery steps back a couple steps to regain his balance.


"You mean to tell me a little bolt that small hurt that much?" Avery asks.


"There is no limit to my power" Carson says.


I walk back towards Ben where he's in the private jet starting it up. Before I get on Aqua comes up to me.


"Listen. You may have been the best soldier we have, but you have to be careful this time. We don't know who were dealing with this time." Aqua says. Then she hugs me, which threw me off


"Oh I will." I say. Then she walks away.


"Alright Ben lets get to Miami."


Ben lifts off and fly towards the sun. I wonder what we'll do in Miami.


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