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Dylan’s Muscle Growth




My name is Dylan. Dylan Mass. Can you actually believe that’s my surname? What were my parents thinking? My dad took part in some secret government experiment back in the early ‘90s and changed his surname from ‘Grady’ to ‘Mass’ in anticipation of “big changes” to come. Alas, the experiment was a failure. Or so the powers-that-be initially thought. One hundred men signed up for the trial of this serum connected to Area 51, or some shit like that. I don’t have all the details, as all records of the program were destroyed when the secret facility “accidentally” burned down. My dad, along with ninety-nine other suckers, were told their bodies would be transformed into supermen: Metazoans, to be exact. But it never happened. The 100 men went their separate ways and everything was forgotten over time. Until I and several dozen others were born some years later. And now most of us are in our late teens or early twenties, and things were very different for us.

Before I continue my story, let me explain what Metazoans are. We’re super-HUGE bodybuilders, one and all. Of coure, we’re not all exactly the same. This is determined by when our genetic gifts passed on by our gay fathers – yup, you heard me – actually kick in. The guys who develop early into puberty have all that extra adolescent growth hormone to help them grow not only massive muscles, but reach huge heights, too. There’s one guy in America, Ronny Fortuna, who is over 12-feet tall, and weighs over 5000 lbs. He’s the biggest documented Metazoan in the world. Huge, yes, but it’s not just about height versus weight and the overall distribution of muscle mass around the body. It’s got to do with muscle density. That’s what all we growth-freaks focus on with our eating and training, as well as how much Metazenic activity is happening in our bodies’ cells.

The lucky ones – like me and only two others in the world – were late bloomers. Sure, we went through adolescence like any other bloke, but we knew we were special because we were naturally big and athletic from late childhood onwards. But our heights developed more or less just beyond the natural threshold, so all three of us are pretty much of equal height . And, like all Metazoans, we were encouraged – with help from the Cyrus Redfern Institute of Metazenic Research – to bodybuild like fucking crazy, so that when our Metazenic genes finally kicked in post-puberty, our muscle gains would be crazy. I stopped gaining height when I turned 18. 6 feet 6 inches is really a terrific height for a bodybuilder. I may not be anywhere near Ronny Fortuna’s weight. But I’m half the height he is and, well... let me start at the beginning. Lots of good stuff here. And it’ll have you cumming like a fucking rutting bull, I guarantee it.


So back then I stopped gaining height at 18. Which was fine. It meant that I could concentrate on packing on as much muscle as possible, which to guys like me, really is to grow without limit. The feeling of my muscles getting bigger and bigger and bigger with no end in sight, makes me want to jizz just by thinking about it. Oh man, if only you normals could live my life.


Once the height increases stopped, I really began to fill out. I celebrated my 18th birthday at a special ceremony hosted by the good folks at the Redfern Institute. Cyrus Redfern came out of hiding three years before this, when the government approached him to not exactly re-initiate the program he’d designed that everyone thought had utterly failed, but to create a facility where the gay sons of the gay men who partook of the original experiment could now be monitored and studied. But it’s not like we’re lab rats or anything. We’re not locked in cages and prodded with sticks or nothing. We actually have every luxury afforded to us. Redfern and his team are particularly interested in me and the other two who no longer gain height, but seem to grow bigger, stronger and denser muscles as if by mental will alone. Daniel – from Sweden –  weighs about the same as I did back then, but my pecs are way­ bigger than Daniel’s, which got him miffed every so often, when I’d beat his bench press record, sometimes with just one arm, heh heh heh. I will admit to being an upper-body growth freak, and although my legs are pretty well-developed, I tend to concentrate on growing my upper body as much as possible. I’m the bustiest bodybuilder on the planet, even “out-peccing” the 7- and 8-footers, who continue to gain height proportionate to their increases in mass, so it looks like they’re not really filling out as much as myself, Daniel and Flex.


Flex is the baby of the three. 18 years-old now, but stopped gaining height when he was fifteen, reaching a respectable 6 feet 3 inches. He was bodybuilding near-constantly, even dropping out of school. There was no need for us to get smart. Everything we’d ever need monetarily would be provided by the Redfern Institute, so we could concentrate on being big dumb muscle-jocks building our bodies to godlike prortions and beyond. Flex doesn’t have the mass of me or Daniel, but his cock is fucking enormous. I love to get fucked by it as much as possible, because being fucked helps me to concentrate on training harder and getting huge beyond belief. In fact, Flex spends more time fucking us other “hugies” – sometimes even during our training sessions – than actually concentrating 500% on his own bodybuilding. Musky muscle-sex in a Redfern-facilitated gym is one of the best things ever. Even my gorgeous male model boyfriend Cole gets in on the action. He’s not a bodybuilder, and has no plans to ever take it up. He’s not Metazenic, but is a respectable 6 feet tall and a slender 145 lbs. His weight tends to fluctuate, though. And that’s my fault. But I’ll get to that later.


A week after my 18th birthday, I noticed that I wasn’t gaining further muscle mass. I’d been recently measured, in awe of my 48-inch arms, 103-inch chest, taut 34 waist, mammoth 60-inch thighs and 32-inch calves. The Institute developed some amazing new training equipment as a present for my birthday, plus refinements to the Enerflex serum originally given to our fathers, only it didn’t work on them but instead passed into their semen, so that when they impregnated our mothers... well you get the idea. Enerflex helps us to grow in the same way steroids work on regular 'mortal' bodybuilders. Except with us the growth is more dramatic. Enerflex used to work pretty fast, actually increasing our mass in just minutes. But that led to uncomfortable skin-tightening – and in extreme but rare cases – actual tearing. The formula was refined and now it’s a slow-release metabolic catalyst. It also makes our skin more elastic, so we don’t get stretch marks or tearing.

Redfern provided me a decent dose of Enerflex for my birthday, so I could put the new machines to the test. Using powerful electromagnets to provide the resistance where normal gym iron simply couldn’t give muscle-gods like us the workouts we deserved, I soon had their gears grinding and wailing as I pushed the machines to their limit. I broke all of my lifting records and grew ENORMOUS in just two hours, bursting out of my gym clothes until I was fuckin’ naked in front of my parents, younger step-brothers (non-Metazoans), as well as the onlooking team of understudies under Redfern’s tuition. It’s fine. My parents are really open-minded about this sort of thing because they accept and encourage me to become an even more exceptional son. My step-bros, whom my step-mum had prior to marrying my father are just typical averagely-built teenagers. Bud, the youngest, is into video-games and nothing but. He has no interest in getting a girlfriend, whereas Stevie is a bit of a slut and goes through girls like tenpins, which is his thing. Even though we’re not related, he has the same blonde hair, blue eyes, and angelic dimples as I do, so we could pass as biological brothers. Only I’m fifteen times his bodyweight, and it’s all fuckin’ muscle. I love my family, but enough about them.


I packed on 150+ lbs of muscle, that day, much to my delight. I was a massive, bulging jock of hugeness. My veins looked like they were going to burst out of my skin as I flexed and growled and cockily displayed my massive size to all those staring in shock at my growth.

“Well done, Dylan,” said Doctor Redfern, but he didn’t mind us calling him Uncle Cyrus. “That’s your most impessive growth spurt yet. And on your 18th birthday, too.” Laser scanners built into the gym-cum-lab took my measurements with ease. My fuckin’ gorgeously ballooning muscle-chest, had increased in part thanks to my birthday workout from 103 mind-blowing inches, to 116 inches. I was huge, but it simply wasn’t enough. I growled like the hulk, flexing my muscles harder and harder, my 16-inch cock swelling and hardening with every pose I struck. One of Redfern’s team was there with a vial to collect my precum for analysis, but Uncle Cyrus  regularly drank the fluids of his muscle-god progeny, as it kept him feeling young and vital and full of vigor. My dad also took it in capsule form, as it helped him grow back his receding hairline, overcome impotency, and get my step-mum up the duff at 39 with a new half-sibling. I guess I’m a walking Wellbeing Clinic. Back to my growth spurt:

“It’s impressive, yeah. But I want more. Much more. Can’t you give me a fuckin’ overdose of that Enerflex, Uncle Cyrus? I really want to grow my muscles bigger than Ronny Fortuna’s. Imagine me outmuscling the biggest Metazenic muscle-giant on planet Earth, actually weighing more than he does, but at only half his height? I’d be fucking amazing!”


“You’re amazing already, son,” my dad assured me. I got my amazing good looks from him. Pity the Metazoan stuff from days long gone hadn’t worked on him. Turned out that of the 100 participants, only the gay ones actually produced the exceptional offspring. The reason for this is still being searched for and Redfern is confident he’ll nail it, one day. My dad is gay, but also pansexual, so pretty much anything with a pulse will turn him on, so long as it’s human. He’s very happy with his missus. Of course, all Metazenic bodybuilders like me are engineered to be gay. This was initially introduced to keep our numbers low and not turn the entire human race into massively muscled mega-hunks. Also, the serum only works on the Y-chromosomes, so women aren’t affected. Sorry girls, but all this muscle is for the guys.


“You should both start drinking my jizz,” I’d often say to my step-bros. They’d yet to take me up on this, but if they took it in capsule form, like my dad, then what was there to be grossed about? It’d lenghten their lives and improve their overall fitness. I often drink my own, just for fun, and mostly after workouts. I hate wasting protein. In fact, I can’t get enough. I ate 24 chicken breast pizzas at my birthday along with a dozen massively protein-infused muscle shakes. Combined with the workout and the Enerflex, I should have grown more muscle on my birthday.

“I’m not about to hand out Enerflex freely, Dylan. It’s hard to produce and slow to quicken. There is a batch in development, but it’ll be a week at least before it’s ready. For now continue to bodybuild as you normally would, by lifting fast and lifting heavy, getting plenty of sleep, and eating plenty of protein-rich foods. You can also try different steroid combinations, but we don’t provide them here. Just stick to trustworthy sources,” Redfern advised, Daniel once got hold of some sinister shit on the dark web that made him grow huge, but it also gave him the worst urinary infection in history, and he spent nine days in hospital. We all learned from that one.

“So in a week, can I have a MASSIVE dose? I want to get fuckin’ gigantic, Uncle Cyrus,” and to demonstrate my rampant hunger to bodybuild and bodybuild and bodybuild beyond all sane thought, I exploded into a massive upper body lat-spread flex, puffing out my ribcage and inflating my muscle-boobs until you could barely see my head. I actually got out of breath doing this. Some of the research team got erections and wet stains in their pants, but that was to be expected. My body seemed to grow, but it was only just the muscles flexing with extra blood powered by my increased heart rate and adrenal gland going into overdrive. I soon came bucketloads, which, of course, was collected for study and consumption. I drank some of my own jizz back mixed with a protein shake, then worked out until long after my family had gone home. I spent a lot of time at the Institute, because I was too strong to live at home and was forever breaking things and putting my elbows through the walls and stuff. I could easily lift up the family car and toss it about fifty feet by this stage of my growth. I was even stronger after my growth spurt, so I could probably benchpress a fire truck now.

On the night my birthday ended, I lay restless in my modified bed in my modified room at the Institute. I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to get bigger. These are the thoughts that ran through my head, chanted as a personal mantra to help me grow... huger and huger and huger...

When I go to the gym, I don’t go to hang out, or to be seen, or to socialize. I go for one reason only: to BODYBUILD. This is reason for being. My only reason to exist. I exist solely to bodybuild. I am a bodybuilder. I need to grow my body bigger and stronger. And I will gain more and more freakish muscle as I enhance my BODYBUILDING progress in order to get so much bigger. So while the ‘normals’ of this world are showing off their enhanced pics on Instagram and doing shitty workouts with shitty weights, just for show and to grab more and more followers, THIS huge fucker is BODYBUILDING and BODYBUILDING, and BODY-FUCKING-BUILDING, GRRRRRRRR, bigger than he’s ever been. I AM A BODYBUILDER. AND I AM GOING TO GROW. AND GROW. AND GROW.

I am the best built bodybuilder. I am the biggest and densest bodybuilder relative to my height. Gotta bodybuild and do so much more bodybuilding, so I can bodybuild and bodybuild and bodybuild huger than ever I AM A BODYBULDER. Aw fuck yeah!!!

Watch me grow huge... into a huge bodybuilder. So huge from bodybuilding to be bodybuilt with the body of a massive bodybuilder. THIS is what bodybuilding is. It’s what it is to be a gigantic bodybuilder. I will bodybuild more. And when it seems like my bodybuilder’s body can’t grow any more, I will do more and more bodybuilding, breaking new ground, bodybuilding and bodybuilding and BODY-FUCKING-BUILDING MORE AND MORE AND GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


But the next week was hell. Because I didn’t gain another pound of muscle. And that pissed me off a great deal.


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The morning after my birthday celebration started off like any other; with check-posing in the mirrored wall in my bedroom. I needed a huge mirror in order to best appreciate my size. There were also cameras positioned at various points, with monitors to allow me to check myself out at every possible angle. Laser scanners constantly fed my dimensions into a computer to chart my progress. I also had an implant under my skin to monitor my vitals. I was extremlely healthy, although I shouldnt be, right? Fuck it. Vanity rules supreme.


At first I loved my new size. I noticed all of the gains immediately, and loved every part of me. I flexed a double biceps pose into my mirror, and granite mountain peaks pushed upwards from the oceans of flesh that were my arms. I flexed harder and harder, willing more size and density to adorn my beautiful muscles. The veins on my biceps were thick and dark beneath my thin, tight skin. With my fists balled so that my thumbs pointed down, I could force my biceps and thumbs to meet as I held this pose. Soon I planned to have bicep peaks higher than my fists. And then they’d grow even bigger, with secondary – even trinary – peaks exploding upwards. I did a full lat spread, and my upper body screamed with size and power. Veins burst forth across my incredible mass of muscle-flesh, and I instantly shot a load of jizz from my rock hard cock. Lots of it stained my mirror, flowing down lazily to pool at the floor. But I cupped some in my hands and tasted a little before rubbing the rest into my pecs to make my huge, deep and dark cleavage slick and then sticky. I loved the smell; how it mixed with my muscle-musk, and the smell boned me up even more.


I growled monster-fashion as I crabbed down into a most muscular pose. My delts and traps heaved with size and magnitude, and the more I leaned into the pose, the harder, shinier, and stronger my muscles became. My dick got even harder, thicker, and longer. Soon it would be bigger than Flex’s. Then he’d have to find a new party trick to keep us all interested. Usually after an intense Enerflex-fueled workout, I could feel my muscles tingling next morning, which would prepare me for another growth-spurt. Alas, there was no tingle this morning, which annoyed me no end.

Flex and Daniel were already done with their cardio at the Institute gym. Some of the bigger boys trained in their own section. So the three of us wouldn’t be bothered. I strutted into the gym and decided to loosen up with some free weights. I picked up my favourites, a pair of 300 pounders, and began to silently curl. The other two watched me curosily before muttering to each other and returning to Flex spotting Daniel as he worked on his chest. He was benching around 1350, these days. I used that to warm up and could do more sets than he could. But he hated it when I bragged. Although I felt it would motivate him to train harder if he saw how often I was breaking his lifting records.


“Hey there, big fella,” said Daniel is his pleasant Swedish brogue when he rested the bar back on the rack after pressing 10 sets of 12. He’d barely broken a sweat. He was a cute-looking guy, with tousles of mousy brown curls around a face that might have been gorgeous, except for a slightly crooked nose and somewhat bucked teeth out front. Flex was of Asian extraction, so his face and skin was flawlesly symetrical and seemingly without fault. I would describe him as good looking, if a little bland to the eye. Neither of them were the fucking hunks the level of which I flawlessly maintained.


“Fuck off, Daniel. I’m, not in the mood for pleasantries. I came here to bodybuild,” I grunted rudely.


Frowning, Daniel reached for a water bottle to lubricate his lips. “What’s that for? We’re all here to bodybuild, but you shouldn’t be so rude. I didn’t deserve that.” Flex said nothing. He was a man of few words. He just lifted and fucked and that was all the expression he needed.


“Sorry dude. I didn’t tingle this morning. I should be growing like fucking crazy after yesterday. But the scanners didn’t reveal any bigger measurements this morning. What if I’ve plateaued? I can’t stay this size. I need to get bigger. Way bigger.” I threw down the weights and reached for a pair of 500 pounders. I really wanted to work my muscles today. They still felt light. I’d have to move to the magnetic machines to get a proper workout. There was a gravity chamber at the institute, where we could work out under heavier gravity, but Ronny Fortuna and Breeze Brewster broke it during a recent visit, and it was still out of order. Breeze Brewster was wierd. Nine and a half feet tall and weighing almost as much as Ronny, he decided to transition to female but still maintain his gains. Uncle Cyrus wasn’t sure it was possible for him to increase his muscle mass and height and chug down loads of female hormones, but it was a curious experiment the Institute was only too happy to observe.


“Well we all go through the plateaus from time to time,” Daniel offered. He smiled sympathetically before lying down on the bench for another set. Flex obediently lowered the bar into position for him and he went through another set. “It’s our bodies way of stopping to catch a breath is all. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get bigger soon enough, and I’ll be under even more pressure to keep up.”


“Yeah, guess so. It’s just not happening fast enough for me, y’know?” I was in a crap mood. I could easily have left the gym and instead get off to loads of porn on my computer. But bodybuilding had to come first. I couldn’t miss a workout no matter how annoyed I was.

I got through all my upper body routines in lightning quick time, and decided to work my legs and calves. It pleased me that my new birthday mass had increased my strength and stamina, but it also pissed me off that even the magnetic machines were no longer giving me the pumps I so desperately craved.


Flex offered to fuck me, which was nice, so I let him and Daniel do insane sexual things to me for an afternoon of muscle worship and extreme fucking. They turned it into one hell of a good worship session, too, in the interest of cheering me up. Flex loved to take position behind me. I was twice as wide at the shoulders than he was, but that boned him up quite a bit. I would lift my arms and groan with delight when Flex started to massage and squeeze my flared lats from behind. I loved to feel his strong fingers trying to dent my amazing muscles. Whilst down in front, the “almost-as-much-a-behemoth-as-I-was” Daniel Emerstorfer hunkered down in order to rip my posers from my person and suck my dick into his hungry mouth. He was surprisingly limber for a muscle-god, and could get into all kinds of kinky positions. He hungrily worked his mouth along my sixteen-inch shaft, thankful that his lips could stretch almost snake-like to accommodate my massive meat. He applied just enough pressure to make me moan with pleasure whilst Flex now slipped his muscled arms under mine in order to grope my enormous pectorals and try to squeeze the fucking life out of them.


 I loved to have my pecs kneaded and pummeled by the strong hands of a bodybuilder. My dream was to be heavier than Ronny Fortuna one day soon, and then make him my enormous muscle-slave whilst barely coming up to his pec-line. I’d also be stronger than he’d ever be. That was my plan. But fuck this fucking plateau.


“Make me grow, guys. Do filthy things to me and my muscles,” I gasped. Daniel stretched a cock-ring around my cock and balls, to make my junk bulge even bigger and get harder and harder. I liked it best when my dick and cum-balloons felt like they were gonna burst off my body. There was a lot of tingling down there. If only my entire body could tingle, hell, I’d be growing like fucking crazy. Maybe if the guys did more shit to me right here in the gym, it might kick-start my growth.

Daniel stimulated my nipples to harden and expand as he worked on my pectoral masses more and more. They were as hard as bullets and leaking with musky oil that was ambrosia to our senses. “GRRRRRR.... so good. Gotta grow. Gotta be the biggest... gasp... body-fucking-builder,” I hollered, throwing my head back to better appreciate the experience. Tired from sucking me off, Daniel got to his feet and began to gut punch my rock hard abs. He was really strong; not as strong as me, but the feeling still caused me to adjust my footing so I didn’t fall backwards. The floor was slick with the excretions made by our sexy bodies, but we didn’t care. This had to go on and become more and more fervent. I HAD TO FUCKING GROW!!!!!

Daniel buried his face in my pectoral cleavage and slurped up the sweat that clung to the fine, dark-blonde hairs of my chest. My dick was so insanely swollen now that it fenced with Daniels considerable member as they jostled for space between our bodies. Our muscles pressed against each other, like some kind of delicious morphing fusion. This would get even better once Flex slipped his gigantic cock into the pouting, hungry hole of my bodybuilt ass. I suddenly felt stronger than ever. I began to push back against Flex’s invasive onslaught. He slid on the precum-soaked floor and I pushed him with enough force to knock him flying onto a wrestling mat. This got Daniel very excited and now all three of us were growling like madmen and wanting ours muscles to fuckin’ burst open with crazy amounts of new, rippling and impregnable muscle. I turned about and saw Flex sprawling on the mat, chest upwards, his huge dick bobbing  and throbbing above him. His cock head oozed a torrent of precum. We’d soon be soaked in it.

“Hold that postion,” I roared, before turning around and literally planting myself down with force atop Flex. His dick tore into my asshole, tunnelling upwards to the point some of my internal organs shifted to allow it room.

“Unnghhhhh.... so good,” I roared. I began to buck up and down heavily on his dick, taking every one of its 20+ inches. It was thicker than two beercans, too. I was virtually being torn a bigger arsehole and the feeling was something words cannot describe. But I wanted more pressure; more force. As if reading my mind Daniel bounced down on top of me, his 950+ lbs of muscle mass adding to my own. Flex was just about able to bear our combined weight, and the extra pressure bearing down on his dick caused me to shoot a massive load all over Daniel. Flex, likewise shot into me. He filled my anus with several liters of his salty creme. But there would be plenty left for us all to slurp down and lick from each others’ delicious, manly musculature. I then returned Flex the favor by fucking him deeply for several minutes whilst I let Daniel clean out my hole with his strong, penetrating tongue.


After the orgy we wrestled on the mat and got horny again. We played with weight plates, ripping them in half like phone books, although I managed this with ease, whereas my lesser playmates could only dent them slightly. I really was that fucking strong!!! We soon got bored and tired and fell asleep on the mat in a heap of undulating muscle, soothed by each others softening breaths and quieting heartbeats. I still wasn’t growing. The tingle wasn’t there. Maybe after our nap and some lunch, things might be different.


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