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Chapter One

"The Oregon Trail was laid by fur traders and trappers from about 1811 to 1840, and was only passable on foot or by horseback. By 1836, when the first migrant wagon train was organized in Independence, Missouri, a wagon trail had been cleared to Fort Hall, Idaho"

As the legendary guide Kit Carson looked up at the folks gathered around him, he added "This is the second stage of what I believe can be truly called "The Great Wagon Train" but you saw what we had to deal with just then, that is why we must carry on" and with that nodded his head to his trusted lieutenant Jim who nodded his understanding and reported back to his wife at the back of the train with the news that she had been dreading to hear.

“But Jim” protested his wife as she nursed her infant son, “he needs a rest from the jolting. He needs some soup!”

Jim solemnly shook his head.

“Sorry, Alice” he replied, “but Kit says no. Look, he’s asleep now. You can have a sleep yourself. When you wake up we’ll be nearer to California and he’ll be still by your side!” and with that he leaned over on his horse and kissed his wife. Reassured, she settled down and her husband re-joined the front of the train.

As the train rolled on, a violent jolt woke up the child and as he yawned he caught sight of his still sleeping mother. Rolling over and crawling to the back of the wagon, he sat down and smiled.

“Daddy, bang, bang, nice!” he gurgled

He had seen his father use the rifle latched onto the end of the wagon on a number of occasions and had always wanted to touch it, but his father always said “Daddy’s bang bang”, however with his father nowhere to be seen and his mother asleep he leant over to touch it. Just then, the wagon hit a rock and caused the son to overbalance and he fell out of the wagon and landed with a heavy bump that caused him to start crying. Whether the mother heard those cries it was impossible to tell, as soon the child became lost in the high grass. About an hour later, the small child appeared out of the brush that marked the start of the Midwestern Plains and was spied upon by Chief Grey Cloud, the most powerful of all the Native American chiefs. The little child had been taught to fear the native Americans, however as he looked at the chief whispering "Mommy and Daddy lost", the chief dismounted from his horse and looked at the child then spoke to his braves in the language of the Apache people.

“Comanche smoke signals, wagon train attacked not far from here!”

“Then papoose orphan!”.

Grey Cloud felt a great sympathy with this orphaned child. It had been two months since his own son had been killed in a hunting accident whilst out hunting buffalo and it had shaken his confidence greatly. As he looked at the child who smiled for the first time since they had met, he raised an arm to the sky and announced “I thank the Great Spirit for sending me this child, I promise to raise him as my own!”

“Grey Cloud has spoken” answered the other braves and with that Grey Cloud placed the child next to him and geed his horse to return to his tribe.

The chief’s arrival with the new member of the tribe was greeted with a great deal of interest and after an inspection by the medicine man who determined that the child was indeed an orphan, he was formally adopted by Grey Cloud and given the Indian name “Blue Eyes” on account of his piercing blue eyes.

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Chapter Two

As Blue Eyes grew up he was educated in all the ways of the native American Indians and each year his skin started to become more like the rest of the tribe’s and by the time he became a teenager the only indication that he had once been a “paleface” was the soles of his feet. When he became a teenager, he started on his next round of education, to become an Indian brave. The first lessons were not promising as it took him six months to handle a bow and arrow and on several occasions the instructor would lament “Missed again, Blue Eyes. Truly you never draw the great Bow!”

By the time he was sixteen though, he had become a past master at archery and on the last hunt before his sixteenth birthday he managed to kill three buffalo with three arrows and on the way back to the camp he was praised with “Truly, you will draw the great Bow!”. The following day, Blue Eyes turned sixteen. It had been sixteen years since Grey Cloud had adopted him and under Indian law he could now be considered a brave, if he was able to pass four tests, each one demanding of the physical and mental attributes needed to be a brave and as he presented himself before his adoptive father he recounted them.

“In order to be called an Apache brave” he declared, “you must follow in the path of all those before you. First you must have your spirit animal tattooed onto your chest; this will show that you have no fear. Secondly, you must pluck an eagle’s feather from its tail; this will show that you have the spirits watching over you. Third, you must choose a name that will travel with you for the rest of your life, this will show your intelligence and lastly, you must prove your might in a trail of strength. Now, go my son, pluck the eagle’s feather, have your sprit guide embedded into you, choose your name and prepare for your trail!”

As the sun set that day, Blue Eyes returned and taking off his shirt revealed a hawk that adorned his slim, yet muscular chest. He presented his father with the eagle’s feather and announced “I choose the name Arrowhead, in honour of our scared bow that I hope to one day draw!”

“Then, my son” replied the Chief, “prove that you have the strength to follow in those who have drawn it in the past by completing the trail of strength!” and with that pointed to a stone that was as big as the cauldron used to cook the tribe’s meals. The two strongest members of the tribe lifted the rock up and as Blue Eyes stood tall, his legs spread out and his arms raised he nodded and the stone was placed in his hands.

“Choose your next movement wise, my son” said the chief as the tribesmen stood ready, “It will be the only movement that you will be able to do until the sun rises in the morn” and with that nodded. As the two tribesmen released the stone, Blue Eyes took a deep breath and breathed gently. His father nodded his approval and declared “Let the tales be told that Blue Eyes has accepted the test!” and with that the tribe bowed to the new brave in training and went into their tepees awaiting the result of the test.

As the coyotes howled in the distance, Blue Eyes shouldered the stone with every ounce of strength he had. He could feel something in his chest pounding, he was breathing hard but slowly and he could feel the weight of the stone above him. He could also detect another presence and out of the corner of his eye, a figure walked towards him.

His bitter enemy, Strong Bear.

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Chapter Three

Strong Bear was very aptly named. He was four years older than Arrowhead and it was clear that those four years had been put to good use. His name came from the fact that he had chosen a bear as his spirit animal and as part of his trial had wrestled a bear to the death, throwing it over his head and slamming it into the ground, but Strong Bear's real skills lay in the bow and arrow, and these skills had made him the most likely person to pull the Great Bow, that was until Arrowhead came along and now all he had for his rival was complete and absolute anger. So as Strong Bear circled the brave, his eyes constantly focused on Blue Eyes he stopped in front of him and said "Remember, you cannot do anything other than breathe" and with that disappeared from view. Arrowhead could feel the thumping in his chest increase as his worries about what Strong Bear was going to do manifested themselves in his mind.

Suddenly he heard the noise of leather being cut and something falling to the ground and as he did, he felt something cold slap against his posterior. His breathing quickened and he felt sure he was going to be killed when he suddenly gasped as something long, hard and cold thrust itself between his posterior. The pain was agonising and Blue Eyes was convinced that Strong Bear had stabbed him in the posterior.

“Yes” moaned Strong Bear as the pain increased, “I am stabbing you, but not with a knife, that would be too quick. I am stabbing you with my own weapon!” and with that he chuckled.

Blue Eyes’ eyes opened wide in fear. Strong Bear's favourite trick when he had defeated a paleface was not to scalp him as other braves did but to humiliate him by thrusting his weapon into them. And that’s precisely what Strong Bear was doing to him now.

“Mmmm” moaned Strong Bear, “you’ve never experienced this pain before have you Blue Eyes. You’ve never had someone thrust their weapon into you. You’ve never had a man have you?” and with that he started to thrust his groin in and out moaning as he did so and chuckled “Remember, Blue Eyes, you can only breathe!”

Blue Eyes’ breathing started to quicken as did the pounding in his chest. The pain was agonizing and yet he knew that if he made a noise and raised the alarm he would never become a brave, the only thing he truly wanted to do in the world, so gritted his teeth and endured the agony whilst all the time Strong Bear's grunting filled the air. He had no idea how long the torture lasted but he could see a literal light on the horizon. It would soon be dawn and then he would be able to reveal what was happening to him. Strong Bear grunted gently as he thrust his weapon again and shuddered as he arrived. As he slipped his weapon out, the first rays of the sun appeared above the horizon. This was Blue Eyes’ chance and he took it, kicking Strong Bear right in the groin. Strong Bear screamed in agony and Grey Cloud was the first to emerge from his tent. Seeing Strong Bear curled up on the ground in agony, his adopted son’s face red and breathing hard and the tell-tale evidence that his adopted son had been violated he exploded with rage.

“Strong Bear” he bellowed, “for the crime of violating my son you are banished from this tribe” and with that pointed with an impervious finger towards the sunrise. Strong Bear, still groaning, got to his feet and as he walked away he turned and said “One day, one day I shall be chief!”

As the stone was taken from Blue Eyes’ shoulders, his adopted father held his sons’ face and the son gently stumbling into his father’s chest, started to weep. He would never be able to forget what had happened to him, but as his adopted father nursed him he whispered, “Strong Bear has paid for his crime” and then placing the eagle’s feather into Blue Eyes headband he added, “You withstood more than any brave has done, I am proud to call you son, Arrowhead!”

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Chapter Four

Two days later, after Arrowhead had recovered from his trial, his father took him to a nearby forest. There, in a clearing was a tree with an arrow craved into it. Grey Cloud lay prostrate in front of it and said “Great Spirit, I bring my son, Arrowhead” and with that gestured for Arrowhead to prostrate as well. As they both stood up, having paid homage to the Great Spirit, Grey Cloud reached into a hole in the tree and pulled out…

“The Great Bow” whispered Arrowhead in reverence

“This is the sacred war bow” announced Grey Cloud handing it to his son, “kept by our nation for a thousand moons. In all that time, only three braves have had the strength and power to draw it and those braves have become this nation’s mightiest warriors” and with that he replaced the bow in tree and then addressed Arrowhead, “In six moons time it will be your turn to try and draw the bow and follow those warriors, but you may only draw it once and never again!”

Arrowhead nodded his understanding and said “I hope to be able to draw the bow, father!”

Grey Cloud patted his son on the shoulders and said “If you do, you will fill my heart with joy”


A week after Grey Cloud had told the legend of the bow; he was involved in a summit conference. But not with a fellow tribal nation but with Colonel Roberts, commander of the fort near the town of Powder Creek. This was not a conference on the eve of war, this conference was to cement the peace between the Apache people and the palefaces who had colonized the area over the last decade. As Grey Cloud raised his hand in salute he said “As long as the river that flows through our land does so, the Apache nation shall never take the warpath against their brothers of the long knife soldiers and the pale face wagon riders” and as he lowered his hand his retinue including his son shouted “GREY CLOUD HAS SPOKEN!

Colonel Roberts followed in kind and replied “I am in your debt, Grey Cloud. Because of your wisdom, I am able to take some of my men to attend a war where the palefaces of the north are fighting the palefaces of the south to ensure liberty for all!

As the two detachments rode from the fort, the Apaches heading south and the soldiers heading north, Arrowhead asked his father if the palefaces were fighting amongst each other could they be trusted.

“Any vow” replied his father, “that a paleface makes is promised by their chief, the Abraham of the Lincoln nation, to be upheld for life”

“I would like to meet the Lincoln nation” smiled Arrowhead, “they sound a just people”

For the next week Arrowhead trained harder than he had ever trained before, he was determined to become the next warrior to draw the bow and pushed himself harder than anyone would have thought possible. Every sunrise he woke up and ran as far as he could before he couldn’t run any further, he lifted rocks until his arms and legs screamed in agony and he lay in the hot sun all to build up his strength and resistance for the test that would come six moons later.

As the sun rose on the tenth day of his training, Arrowhead left his father’s tepee and stretched making sure that every muscle in his body was ready for the training ahead. Just as he was about to set off he heard a “FORWARD” and before he knew what was happening his whole view was covered with horsemen. As they came nearer he recognised them as members of the paleface army who they had signed a treaty with. However, as he was about to tell his father of the visit, he became aware of a horseman next to him. He turned around and was about to say “Mighty warrior, we welcome you as brothers” when the soldier yelled, “Die, Apache traitor!” and hit Arrowhead across the head with the butt of his rifle.

As Arrowhead collapsed to the ground and started to become unconscious, he saw the soldier aim his rifle at his father’s tent and fire.

“GREY CLOUD” he screamed and blacked out.

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Chapter Five

As Arrowhead gradually regained consciousness the sight that he saw shocked him to the core. The camp that he had woken up in was now razed to the ground and all around him lay the dead of his tribe.

“Grey Cloud” he said in a hoarse voice, thinking the worst, “Grey Cloud, where are you?”

“I am here, my son” came the croaking reply and Arrowhead found him slumped outside his tent.

As Arrowhead held his father in his arms, he asked “What has happened my father?”

“The palefaces attacked” he groaned, “Why, I do not know” and then gulped hard and looked at his son, “Son, I fear I am heading to the happy hunting grounds. Please carry me to the tree so that I may see the great bow one last time!”

Taking a deep breath, Arrowhead picked up his father and using every ounce of strength walked the hundred yards to the tree where he leant his father against, and offering his prayers, removed the bow and presented it to his father.

“My son” the chief moaned, “You are the last of the Apache nation. I charge you, draw the bow and make my happy in my final hour!”

Arrowhead looked at the bow with reverence and then at his father who nodded. Taking a deep breath he placed his hand on the bow and then on the string and pulled. Instantly, his chest erupted into two quivering masses as he felt the bow resist him. The thumping in his chest returned and this time was deeper and faster than he could remember. Every second seemed like the most agonising hour of his life but knowing that his father was dying, Arrowhead closed his eyes and pulled. As he continued he thumping got louder and faster and just as he felt he was about to die himself, the bow twanged, indicating...

“I HAVE DRAWN IT!” he declared as held the bow aloft, his chest heaving from the effort

“Arrowhead” moaned Grey Cloud, holding an arm high in salute, “last of the Apache nation, you shall be a mighty warrior. Grey Cloud has spoken” and with that his arm dropped and he moaned. Arrowhead dropped the bow and attended his father and in a hoarse whisper Grey Cloud told him everything. About how he had found him wandering in the plains, how he had adopted him as his own child and how he hoped that one day he would rekindle the Apache nation and with a final “Grey Cloud has spoken” the chief died in his adoptive son’s arms.

Arrowhead was devastated. The only man he had known as father had died and admitted to him that he was not his father, but in the eyes of the Apache nation he was and so as Arrowhead buried him, tears welled in his eyes and picking up the bow and raising both his arms he declared “I, Arrowhead, last of the Apache nation, master of the scared bow, swear to punish the man who has brought destruction upon our nation!” and with that placed Grey Cloud’s war bonnet and the bow into the tree. Faint from exhaustion, he walked towards the nearby river that carried his tribe’s name and collapsed into it.

If @powerbeats wishes to draw an image of Arrowhead pulling the bow, he is more than welcome to and if he messages me, I will give him Arrowhead's physical dimensions.

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Chapter Six

As Arrowhead started to come around, he instantly realised he was bound. He wasn't bound by rope, but seemed to be bound by lots and lots of blankets, but bound he was and as he struggled to break free, the words of Mighty Coyote, the only Apache ever to escape from imprisonment in a paleface camp, started to ring in his eyes.

"Feign to the world that you are still asleep, but listen, listen to everything and the answer will come clear!"

As Arrowhead acted on the instructions, he heard footsteps approaching. The footsteps stopped in front of him, followed by the sound of wood scraping against the floor and a soft creak. What happened next caused Arrowhead to open his eyes in surprise as a voice, speaking in his own language, asked in a kindly fashion "Are you awake, lad?"

As Arrowhead's eyes adjusted to the light, he saw an elderly paleface man sitting in front of him on an object that had two long poles at the back and two short ones at the back. As the man asked the question again, still in his native tongue, Arrowhead replied "Yes, I am" and with that a conversation started.

Firstly, this paleface was not out to kill him, in fact the complete opposite because this was a doctor. He had never come across the term before and so the old paleface explained that he was, in effect a medicine man who had one aim in life, to heal those sick and injured and that is why Arrowhead was now in his care and secondly, Arrowhead and his tribe has been the victims of a terrible double cross by the person who swore revenge on their tribe, Strong Bear. As soon as Arrowhead heard that cursed name, he tried to break free from his restraint and as he did so, his taut physique showed itself. The paleface, who was called Tad Barnaby, tried to reassure the brave that he needed time to recover and in doing so, produced a small metal disc that was connected to two things that Tad placed in his ears and reassuring Arrowhead with a gentle "Yes, this will be a little cold, but won't harm you" he placed the disc on the brave's lithe chest and seemed to be listening to something whilst counting. After a short while, he removed the things from his ears and smiled "Well, there's nothing very wrong with you, just a few bruises and a cut on your forehead, but they should heal soon and then we can have you back on your feet!"

As Arrowhead smiled, he asked what Tad had been listening to.

“Your pulse” he replied and it was clear that Arrowhead was confused. Smiling, Tad took off the things in his ears and placed them in Arrowhead’s ears and said “Close your eyes and listen” and as Arrowhead did, Tad placed the disc onto the brave’s chest. Arrowhead’s eyes suddenly opened as he heard a slow, but regular thump. “That’s your heart beating” replied Tad, “that is what makes you alive. The faster it beats; the more power you feel. Have you ever experienced a time when you could feel something thumping in your chest? That was your heart pumping close to its limits making sure that you were able to survive whatever was being thrown at you” and with that he removed the disc and said, “You seem like someone who is interested in the workings of the human body, so I’ll teach you everything I know!”

Over the next few weeks, Arrowhead’s injuries started to heal under Dr. Barnaby’s care, and every day the doctor would teach Arrowhead something new about the body be it that when someone is scared witless they experience sweating whilst being very cold to the fact that the same can happen when they are very hot. Indeed, such was his recovery that just three weeks after he found himself being treated by the doctor, Arrowhead was allowed out of bed and was able to be given a full medical. Arrowhead was a little concerned, but Tad explained everything in detail and reassured him that no harm would come, in fact Arrowhead seemed to like it and when he was given "a clean bill of health!" Arrowhead puffed out his chest prompting the doctor to remark, "Ah, thank you for reminding me!" and with that produced a long object.

"This here is a measuring tape" the doctor replied, "and with it I can going to prove that you are not what you think you are!" and with that started to measure Arrowhead from top to bottom. When he had finished he said "Arrowhead, do you know how tall you are?"

"Taller than any brave!" came the reply

"I don't doubt that for a moment" smiled the doctor, "You stand five foot and ten inches tall, the average Apache stands two inches shorter" and with that indicated on the measuring tape what he meant, "and there is another difference as well" and with that led Arrowhead to a an object that he stood on. The doctor fiddled around with it and announced "You weigh one hundred and seventy four pounds, the average Apache weighs one hundred and forty four pounds" and smiled as he said "But the real kicker is this" and with that asked Arrowhead to raise a foot. As he did, the doctor took off his boots and socks and said "See, snap. you're not an Apache, you're a paleface!"

"Then, Grey Cloud spoke the truth?" asked Arrowhead, "I am a paleface!"

"You are indeed, my lad" and with that the doctor sat down Arrowhead on the chair and said “You’re a clever lad so I want to make you a suggestion. I’m getting old a bit and I need some help in my medical practice. Therefore, I want you to be my apprentice, help people get better just as I helped you get better. If need be, I’ll adopt you as my son and teach you the paleface language, then when I am sure that you can understand it completely, I have a scholarship to Boston University, the best medical college in the world, where in just six years, you can become a trained doctor like me. If you do, Arrowhead, I would be happy to have you as my junior!”

Arrowhead’s eyes opened wide. For the first time since the attack he had found a paleface who wanted to help him. Standing tall, he hailed his late father and hugged the doctor causing him to chuckle “And yes, we’ll carry on helping you keep healthy at the same time” as he felt his soon to be colleague’s mighty chest dig into him.

They really did have weighing scales in the late 19th century and here's the proof

Set of Victorian Weighing Scales, made by Avery of Birmingham (1 of 3)

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Chapter Seven

Over the course of the next year, Arrowhead turned from a tall, strong, powerful Apache warrior to the sort of person you could bump into on the way to the bank and not give him a second glance. His skin started to lighten to resemble that of Tad's, his English improved from just the occasional word to a complete and detailed analysis of President Lincoln's re-election campaign and his clothes changed from a loincloth to clothing almost akin to his adopted father, the only difference being that Arrowhead's shirt and jacket were at least three sizes bigger to accommodate his growing frame. Indeed, as he clambered into the carriage to take him to Boston, he apologised in a strong Texan drawl saying "I think I had too much chicken fried steak" when in reality it was down to the fact that he now stood five foot eleven inches tall and weighed a hundred and ninety three pounds and how did he finish the sentence? He did so with a simple nod of the head and "Please, call me James"

It took Arrowhead nearly six weeks to travel from Texas to Boston and during that time he had perfected his story. He was the adoptive grandson of Doctor Barnaby and was heading to Boston to train as a doctor to help his adoptive grandfather with his practice work. So when he arrived, he made his way to the registrar’s office and became the first person with a Native American history to be accepted into an American university. And what a culture shock it was. The university was fifteen years old and yet in that time had grown to be one of the most renowned universities dealing in medicine in the United States. But like any university it had everything that you would expect including a collection held in the main hall of the university where all the student body groups were advertising themselves. These were all new concepts to Arrowhead but as he walked around, he nearly bumped into someone who was almost as tall as him and from the expression on his face seemed to think that Arrowhead was a perfect match.

“Whoops, sorry” he said, as he held himself against Arrowhead, “guess I was going too fast. The name’s Tom and you are?”

“James" came the reply, “James Barnaby, from Texas!”

“Oh, a drawler, eh?” relied Tom with a smile on his face, “Shall I speak slowly then?” and then playfully punched Arrowhead’s chest. As he did Arrowhead looked down with a look of confusion whilst Tom grimaced slightly.

“Say” he said, as he shook his hand, “that’s a strong torso you got there. Been throwing the old pigskin have you?”

“Pigskin?” asked Arrowhead, “No, I’ve never thrown the skin of a pig before!”

“You must have done” replied Tom and then grabbed Arrowhead’s arm and squeezed it and mouthed “Oh my word” and with that he dragged the perplexed Apache to a table and introduced himself under his breath

"Our fraternity is called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, named after the first three letters of the Greek alphabet. We call ourselves this because that's what we are. It contains the alpha, beta and gamma males of the entire campus. We have members who are the biggest, strongest and most powerful of all. I mean look at me" and with that Tom puffed out his chest and thumped it with his fist stating "That's a chest that can support, with the help of these arms, a two hundred pound kettlebell for ten minutes" and leaning in added "And boy, can you see my heart pounding when I do!"

Arrowhead's eyes opened wide. From what he had been taught by Tad that meant that Tom had to be even stronger than he was, so when Tom concluded "So want to join the biggest of the biggest?" Arrowhead grabbed the pencil and signed his name before being waved off with a hefty pat on the back. As Arrowhead wandered around the various societies he was being pulled left and right by nearly every group but in the end agreed to join the astronomy society, so that he could learn the names of the stars that he would often see in the night sky, the history society to better know the people he was now amongst and the music group following a performance of a piece that reminded him of the songs that the braves used to sing. That evening, he delivered all the forms to the various headquarters as he made his way to the frat house of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, little knowing that it would be decision that would make him even more powerful than he was now.

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Chapter Eight

Arrowhead's first impression of the frat house was that it reminded him of the Greek temples that Tad had described when reading the legends of heroes such as Hercules, so perhaps he should have been too surprised to find inside a collection of men that all seemed to just exude strength and power and some of the conversations he picked up emphasised this

"See this fist?" asked one brute of a man to another who was as slender as Arrowhead, "this is the fist that made me champion prizefighter in Georgia two years ago, just before I came here, and you know what? I'm twenty pounds heavier now!"

"Can I ask your opinion?" asked another slender man to another man just as slender "When you do the iron cross hold on the flying rings to demonstrate your strength, do you get...aroused?" to which the other person just nodded with a wink

"So there I was..." said another brute of a man to another, "...a wagon full of beer heading towards me. I only had a second to act and do you know what I did? I grabbed that wagon and lifted it over my head, like this" and demonstrated the action, "and held it there for a good thirty seconds!" to which the other replied "You should have told me earlier, I'd have come and drink all that beer and make it lighter" and with that the two men fell into other laughing.

It was clear that Tom's description of the frat house was absolutely correct and Arrowhead wondered if he would actually fit in.

"ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA!" declared Tom standing at the top of a flight of stairs and as he did, everyone instantly stopped, turned to face Tom and went "HUH!" and slammed their fist onto the chests.

As Tom walked down the stairs he said "Gentlemen, today is a sombre day and at the same time, a day of joy. First, it is sombre for we remember those members who are not with us anymore!" and as the either house bowed their heads, Arrowhead did the same.

"Hulley, John, now owner of the Hulley Gymaastic Club in Liverpool, England, three times chairman and first member to lift three hundred pounds with his feet, Evans, Hugh David, now a strongman in the circus, still holder of the water barrel lift, at a weight of twelve hundred pounds. Let every pose and every grunt remember them!"

"We shall never forget!" came the chorused reply

"But it is also a day of joy, for we have a new member who wishes to join us. James, step up here please!"

As Arrowhead approached, lots of the men nodded their heads in general agreement and some of the more slender ones looked at their own torso and looked a bit sad.

"This is James, he's from Texas but we shall forgive him that" and with that Tom turned to Arrowhead and sad "James, in order to become a member, you must undergo The Test. Do you wish to become a member?"

Arrowhead nodded instantly causing the membership to chant "TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST!"

"He has agreed to the test, Issac, do your duty!"

Issac, an absolute brute of a man who towered over Arrowhead by a good four inches, chuckled as he grabbed hold of Arrowhead's clothes and in a fluid movement ripped them from him leaving him completely naked and prompting the membership to go "Ooooh!" as they noticed, not his eagle tattoo, but his flaccid seven inch cock. Next, Issac picked Arrowhead up and placed his wrists into a pair of handcuffs which were suspended from the ceiling and got him to stand on a small stool just below him.

"The test demands physical, mental and sexual stimulation. At the count of three, I shall kick away that stool and the test will begin. You have to hold yourself high, flexing those muscles that some people compare to the guns used against the Indian scourge, whilst at the same time, Issac here forces you to spill your seed. And the mental stimulation?" and as he chuckled he produced a metal colander which Issac placed on Arrowhead's head. The leads attached to them were then attached to a number of Plante batteries "thanks to our brothers in France" adding "which will stimulate the mind making it impossible to avoid the pain. You have one final chance to say "No" James, but I must hear in five...four...three...two...one!"

Arrowhead remained silent

"The test has been accepted, let the test begin in..."

"THREE, TWO, ONE!" and with that Issac kicked the stool away and immediately swallowed Arrowhead's flaccid cock.

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Chapter Nine

Instantly Arrowhead's world exploded into pain. The restraints on his wrists were digging into them, his arms, struggling to hold up his weight, screamed and Issac's sucking all combined to overwhelm the lad and a moment later he passed out. As he hang there loosely, Tom chuckled "Another one not up to the standards!" and declared "Issac, you may have your way!" and with that Issac stuck a thumb up and proceeded to suck on Arrowhead's still flaccid cock

As Arrowhead came to, he found himself not in the frat house, but in an open plain not that dissimilar from the one he used to live on. As he found himself walking on a surface he decided to explore the plain and soon saw a fire in the distance, next to which there was someone sitting with a cloak surrounding them. Approaching the stranger Arrowhead asked where he was.

"Do you know recognise the lands where you were brought up, Blue Eyes?" and with that the man stood up and removed his hood to reveal

"Grey Cloud!" exclaimed Arrowhead and instantly prostrated himself before his former father and chief.

"Stand, my son" came the command and as Arrowhead got up, he suddenly realised that this was not the Grey Cloud he knew. His hair was jet black, and his skin was smooth, it was almost as if he was looking at a younger version of his father.

"The Apache nation" said Grey Cloud, "believe that it is possible to commune with the happy hunting grounds in the sky. My son, this is one of those occasions. And yes, I am appearing to you as I was when I was your age and with that removed the cloak causing Arrowhead to stammer "You're strong?"

"Aye" came the reply, as Grey Cloud puffed out his chest and gestured for Arrowhead to place his hand on it. As he did, he could feel his father's heart pounding and looked at him in wonder.

"An echo" came the reply, "an echo of how powerful I was when I was your age" and with that looked at Arrowhead and said "You, my son, are the last of the Apache nation, you must make your way in the world and ensure that we are not forgotten" and with that started to chant. As he did, Arrowhead could feel his own heart starting to pound and was about to ask what was happening when Grey Cloud turned to him and exclaimed "The power of the Apache is yours!" and with that Arrowhead passed out again

As Arrowhead came to, he felt empowered, he felt as if he could lift any size of boulder, any number of times or for an infinite time and with this sense grabbed hold of the chains and pulled himself up.

"Maybe I underestimated him!" thought Tom and with that nodded to Issac who stuck two thumbs up and increased the speed of his sucking

Arrowhead's biceps bulged as he continued to pull himself up and after four heaves, that made the rest of the gathered members stare in amazement, Arrowhead took a deep breath and roared "THE POWER IS MINE" and heaved himself up again, taking Issac with him who was lifted a few inches off the floor. As Tom stared at the sight in disbelief, Arrowhead took a deep breath, inflating his powerful chest and pulled on the chains with every ounce of strength he had. Slowly, but surely, the chains started to come out of the roof and as they did, Arrowhead dropped the five feet he was in the air and landed on both feet, causing Issac to be propelled backwards. Standing there, covered in plaster, his heaving chest seemed to have the entire frat house hypnotised until Tom declared "Gentlemen, our newest member, ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA!"

"HUH!" and as the frat house slammed their fists into their chest, Arrowhead did so as well and as he started to recover he looked up to see a ghostly image of his father, the way that he remembered him as an old man, raise a hand. Arrowhead nodded and as he did so Grey Cloud disappeared with Arrowhead saying to himself "Grey Cloud has spoken!"

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