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m/m The Adventures of a Mighty Mouse - Parts 1 - 5

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Adventure Number Four


My frail-looking little body screamed to have the night air massaging it.  I went shirtless, even though I looked like a lily-white twig walking across campus.  Someone might have even mistaken me for a kid in junior high.  There was a giant boulder smack in the middle of campus.  A crane had placed it there many years ago, so senior classes could paint it each year to leave some legacy until the next graduating class came along.  Last year’s class had written something in Latin that took everyone by surprise – it was usually lyrics to some popular thought-provoking song of the year.  I decided it would be fun if tomorrow the campus suddenly seemed a little off to everyone else because the rock was in a new place.  I also knew there would be a small gaggle of muscled jocks that would be hard all day because they’d know exactly who moved the massive thing.  They’d probably all beat off a few times just imagining the small dweeb hefting up the huge boulder as if it were nothing more than a tennis ball.  Hell, I knew I could hold the damn thing with one arm and that made my cock shoot harder than ever just thinking about it.  I decided I needed to film myself doing the move – so I could beat off to it later on, as well.  Who knows, maybe I’d send the video to some of my new friends just to give them an extra thrill. 


I figured if there was going to be a video out there of me showing off my strength, I’d need to wear a mask to conceal my identity.  I walked over to a fuse box and ripped the steel plate off which was covering it.  It came off as easy as if I were unwrapping a present.  Bolts were ripped in two and metal plating peeled apart simply because my tiny, super strong, delicate looking, manicured hand wanted it to happen.  The sound made my cock throb.  Steel screaming because it was manipulated like it was foil.  Just for fun, I reached in and grabbed the multiple fuses in the box and squeezed.  Countless volts of electricity zapped my small hand and it merely tickled.  Sparks flew everywhere, like it was a Fourth of July fireworks show, and I simply soaked up the power like it was a bolt of protein-lightning.  My little frame tightened up like someone was wringing out a wet rag – strength multiplied within me and I could tell I was churning out electrified testosterone as if it were just a light sheen of sweat.  Lights flickered and then went off throughout half of the campus.  I had just sucked in enough fuel to run half of our huge university.  I was jacked up beyond my wildest dreams and my cock was harder than titanium.  I felt like I could take on the world.  I turned toward the big boulder and viewed it as if it were just a tiny pebble.  A hundred men would not have been able to lift the thing, but I sensed that I was much more powerful than that many huge guys.  I walked over to the side of the thing – it towered way above my head and was the size of four or five SUV’s.  I put my forefinger against its side and pushed.  My small, weak looking toothpick of a finger easily dug into pure rock – like I was poking through icing on a cake.  I let out a high-pitched moan at the ease of my destruction.  


I also thought about punching the side of the big thing and disintegrating it into a big pile of rubble, but I knew the school would frown upon that and, besides, moving the thing to a new spot would get a lot more attention.  I would wait for them to bring the crane in to lift it back into its original spot and have some fun with the machine late one night.  I thought about inviting some of the big boys to come and watch me pump out a ton of repetitions with a huge crane and that got me even more excited.  Who knows, maybe I’d be brave enough to bend the huge machine into some unrecognizable blob – but I didn’t want to encourage a group of ex-bullies by doing something so wrong.  Still, ripping apart a huge crane would be fun.  I could make sure the company the school used was corrupt and then it wouldn’t bother me as much.  We’d have to wait and see.  For now, I just wanted to toss the boulder around and then put it somewhere fun. 


“Hey squirt, did you see what happened to the fuse box?  Man, you should wear a shirt.  No one wants a gander at your bony little ghost body.”


I quickly removed my finger from the boulder and turned to see two hulking security guards standing nearby, looking at the fuse box.  It was a glorious sight – two roid-gutted, bulging arms in tight sleeves, strongmen-competitor-looking, clearly cocky as hell, underpaid, over enthusiastic, not that bright security guards.  It was also obvious that they considered themselves more like vigilante cops than campus security.  One even had his steel baton out – as if the little guy standing beside the school boulder might be a formidable foe.  He had no idea he was way out of his league.  I smiled and cocked back my slim young schoolboy shoulders and sauntered in their direction.  This was going to be fun.  I could already tell they needed to be taught some manners.


“Heloooo officers.  The fuse box?  Oh yeah, I needed a little jolt for an upcoming orgasm, so I grabbed the fuses and let a ton of electricity pump into my little body – giving me the same kind of rush you both probably get when someone shoots steroids into your ass.”


“What the fuck was that, pipsqueak?”


“Officer, number two – as I was saying to your partner.  I stopped here to pick up the university boulder and move it somewhere else, you know, just to freak people out, but then I decided I needed a mask.  Cause, you know, I want to film myself lifting the rock and I don’t want people to know it’s me.  So, anyhoo, I tore off the metal cover to the fuse box to wrap it around my face.  See, I fold the sheet a couple of times, like this, to make a thin strip and then I can easily poke two holes in it like this.  Nothing to it.  Shoving my finger through a sheet of metal is easy – especially since I just made a finger hole in the boulder, too.  Now, I just wrap it around my face like this and it stays in place because it’s metal.  And voila, I have a good mask.”


“Quit your stupid aluminum foil trick, little boy and head on home.  You have delusions of grandeur – saying things like taking electrical shocks, folding metal, and lifting a three-ton boulder.  Go on, get outta here.  Children shouldn’t be out after dark.”



“I’d be careful who you call a kid, officer.  Cause could a kid do this?”


I grabbed hold of the jagged pointed end of the huge boulder and lifted.  Immediately, the giant thing ripped free of its cement mooring and soared into the air above my head.  It was like lifting a deceiving prop from a movie set or a giant piece of Styrofoam.  Picking up the three-ton giant rock was nothing for me.  The faces of the two men went from shock to confusion to doubt to fear in just a few short seconds.  Just to play with them some more and make them really nervous, I let go with one hand and balanced the massive boulder in the air with just one hand.  I even lowered and raised it a few times to show how easy it was for me. 


“Ralph, are you fucking seeing what I’m seeing?”


“I am, Stu, and it just doesn’t make sense.  Look at the scrawny weakling.  He’s holding the boulder in the air like it was a balloon.  How’s that possible?  We must be asleep and dreaming.”


“I assure you, gentlemen, you’re not dreaming.  This dweeb, this child, this scrawny weakling happens to be about a thousand times stronger than you could ever dream of being.  I can toss this big boulder in the air and catch it with one hand.  Like this.”


“Fucking no way!”


“Yes way.  Here, let’s break off a chunk for you guys to feel.  That will tell you all of this is real.”


I reached up with my free hand and broke off a piece of the tip of the boulder.  It was about the size of a bowling ball.  I tossed it to the biggest guy – Stu was his name.  He caught it, but I could tell the weight of the thing was much more than he had anticipated.  Seeing me easily toss the boulder in the air made him actually believe he could easily do the same.  He was shocked by the density of the chunk I tossed him.  He stumbled back a little from the weight.  He then tried to break the big thing in two.  When it was clear he would not succeed, he reached up and tried to break off an edge.  That, too, proved way too hard for his big muscular hands.  He handed the piece of stone to his partner and Ralph tried to demolish it, too.  Neither guy could even get a sliver to break off. 


“You see, fellas, it’s the real deal.  I’m the real deal, too.  I’m fucking lifting a three-ton rock over my head like it was nothing.  Here, why don’t you guys try holding it.”


I let the towering boulder fall in their direction.  They screamed like young school boys.  Ralph covered his face with the back of his arms and Stu hit the ground fast.  My grip easily stopped the big boulder just a few inches from Ralph’s hands.  The wind created by the big rock moving blew the guy’s hair back like in a cartoon.  The two men continued to yell for a while and then they realized they weren’t smashed like pancakes.  Ralph parted his hands and the relief on his face was priceless.  He saw that I was basically holding the rock inches from his face with on outstretched hand and for a second I thought he was going to pass out. 


“On second thought, fellas, I’m not sure those steroid bloated muscles of yours could hold this heavy thing.  We wouldn’t want you both flattened like cardboard cutouts.  I’m not the kind of guy to hurt others – even when they’re bullies pumped up with fake muscles.  So, let’s whip this thing back up in the air like this.  See, this little mouse of a guy can play with a three-ton boulder like it was a ping-pong ball.  Kind of turns you on, doesn’t it, fellas.  Well, it turns me on something powerful.  I’m basically a tiny Atlas holding the world above his head.  You guys probably thought two hundred and something pounds was impressive for an overhead press, right?  But look at me, pressing the weight of three huge elephants into the air like it was just two pounds.  So, my roided weaklings, my goal was to move the boulder so everyone will be a little confused tomorrow.  I think that nice open spot right over there is good.  I think I’ll just slam it into the ground so it sticks up in the air.  The jocks will have fun climbing on it tomorrow and everyone will be surprised they didn’t hear the crane that came in to move it.”


By this point, both Stu and Ralph were standing and staring at me – mouths open, eyes wide as saucers, and each man was mumbling obscenities about how all of this was unbelievable.  I walked about two hundred feet away to a grassy part of the quad.  I grabbed the boulder’s tip with my other hand and then slammed the thing into the earth below.  The force of my shove sent the tip down into the ground until a big portion of the boulder disappeared – securing the thing as if it had been there for eons.  The main part of the huge rock stuck up into the air like a miniature mountain in the middle of campus.  It was higher than some of the nearby trees.  I suddenly realized I had created a rock climbing wall for students.  That will be fun.  I knew there’d be some shocked faces tomorrow.  I also knew there’d be a group of guys that would instantly need to beat off because they’d know the mighty mouse they had met the night before had done this little job – easily.  That made me remember my two new security friends.  I quickly jogged back to where they were – knowing there was more fun to come.


“I’m sure you two meatheads are now going to want to beat me with your nightsticks.  My display of super strength will not have been enough to convince you that nothing you could do will hurt me.  It still doesn’t compute that this little so-called dweeb of a guy has more power in his pinkie than the two of you put together.  Now that the boulder is not high above my head – being easily held with one hand – you both think I’m just some late-night ruffian that needs to be taught a lesson.  Go ahead, fellas, pound away.  I need a good massage.”


Did I know muscle-headed goons or what?  As if right on cue, the two security men raised their batons and let them fly towards my hundred-pound small frame.  These were weapons that could make a large grown man fall to his knees instantly.  These were tools of destruction that could pound through a wooden door easily.  These sticks of metal could bust through a car windshield in one or two strikes.  But when the heavy metal weapons struck my little, tightly-packed, indestructible body they bounced off like they were nothing but toothpicks.  I could tell the reverberations shooting through the lead pipes as they hit my undentable skin made the guys hands instantly sting with unexpected pain.  The two morons, however, continued to bash down of me as if they thought the sixth or tenth pummel would make me fall.  I didn’t budge and inch.  As a matter of fact, I took this time to look at my nails – knowing some dirt and paint from the boulder had found its way there.  I could tell the strikes against my body were getting softer . . . well, softer to me.  Both men were getting tired of swinging their weapons and not accomplishing anything.  Their little brains could not compute how this skinny tiny dude in front of them was taking the kind of beating that could have stopped a rhino.  I decided it was time to give them a rest.  I raised my hands with super speed and easily caught both batons in mid-swing.  I jerked them out of the guards’ hands with just a slight tug – sending even more pain up the arms of each guy.  I then quickly put the two sticks together and held them up in the air, so both men could clearly see them.  Bending them was a breeze, but I did it slowly just to emphasize my inhuman strength and to make both men moan out loud as they watched their trusty weapons being demolished by a guy they considered a munchkin. 


“Bending super strong steel makes me horny, fellas.  Look how my tiny hands and little fingers warp these things like they were just strings of taffy.  Notice how my fingers are squeezing into the metal like a baker manipulates dough.  Just imagine the strength in my boyish hands, good sirs.  It’s the kind of power you can only fantasize about, right?  Oh yeah, listen to how your puny sticks are screaming from the destruction I’m causing.  They’re saying that no guy is supposed to have this kind of power.  They’re saying they’re supposed to be indestructible.  Look how I’ve now bent them in half and it took no effort at all.  Let’s go for quarters, shall we, boys?  This dweeb you just pounded away on and did nothing to him is folding up four layers of Grade-A baton steel with his little hands and he isn’t even breaking a sweat.  Damn, I love destroying weapons that don’t hurt me at all.  It’s like I’m righting some huge wrong in the world.  It’s like these batons are bloated steroid muscles, too.  All show and no substance.  Look how I’ve turned your precious tools of pain into nothing more than a glob of steel.  Now, to work out my grip.”


I held the twice folded batons in one hand and squeezed.  Steel was crushed by my powerful hand like it was warm cookie dough being molded by my fingers.  I was so turned on by my own display of strength that I hadn’t noticed both men were moaning in awe and pleasure.  Two red-necked, power-hungry, juiced-up, massive bodybuilder security guards were finding it impossible to not get off on my power.  Stu actually absent-mindedly reached over and started rubbing the hard crotch of his pal, Ralph – clearly knowing, just from the moans, that his partner was sporting a massive hard-on.  Ralph, in return, did the same favor for his friend.  I squeezed my hand tighter and the ends of the stick pushed out from my hand like gooey candy being smashed.  Finally, both ends fell to the ground.  My hand had easily pressed so hard that the stick broke in two.  The crotch rubbing in front of me intensified as both men stared at their destroyed weapons on the ground.  I thought it was time for my new friends to explode and I knew just how to accomplish that plan.  I walked over to them.  I reached down and slid my hand between the legs, letting my fingers rest under their asses and my thumbs press against their rock-hard cocks.  Their balls were resting in my palms.  Both men continued to play with the heads of their partner’s cock through the material of their uniform pants.  I raised my hands to the joyous double-moans of both men.  The two massive bodybuilders went up into the air – picked up shamelessly easy with my powerful arms.  I held the two big roided men above my head and pressed my thumbs into the base of their cocks, while squeezing their balls with my palms.  They both clearly had short fuses or maybe it was just that my strength was too much for them.  Either way, they were goners.


“I think the big guys are ready to pop!  There she blows!”


To see two big bodybuilders orgasm powerfully at the same time is my kind of porn.  To know that I caused both orgasms just makes it even more special.  But to be holding said two men in the air with one arm each and literally squeezing the cum out of them with your little super-powered hands is almost overwhelming.  I could have easily joined them in their intense spewing, but I was saving myself.  My upstairs neighbor in the dorm had taken to playing his music really loud at all hours of the night and I had decided to blast a hole through my roof – his floor – tonight with my cum.  I was then going to easily jump up through the hole and make sure the dude learned some manners about living in community.  Smashing his speakers was going to be fun.  Saving myself for blasting semen through thick concrete was going to be worth it.  I don’t think my two security friends could have prevented their overpowering blasts even if their life had depended on it.  Underwear was filled with steroid laden spunk – gobs and gobs of it.  The two muscled guys shook like they were human vibrators on top speed.  I held on tightly with my powerful grip and they looked like those bobbing toys some people put on their dashboards.


“Look-a-there, big boys – this little guy made you both explode like dynamite.  You just couldn’t handle all my dominance, could you?  Got off on the dweeb holding you both in the air like you were just over-muscled Ken dolls.  That’s some dick you’ve got there, Stu.  You’re still spewing and your friend, Ralph, has been finished for a while.  You’re like a big old cum factory, aren’t you?   It’s going to take you hours to clean up all that juice you’re gushing.  I guess you both like being lifted by someone clearly a hundred times more-brawny than you.  I might be small, but I have the strength of Hercules, Thor, the Hulk, and Superman all wrapped up into one, boys.  Want a building moved?  I’m your man, dudes.  Want an army destroyed?  Send in the mighty mouse, fellas.  Want a guy to shoot off an orgasm harder than he ever has or ever will again?  Let this colossally strong runt manhandle them like they were babies.  You won’t be forgetting me anytime soon, my good muscle-headed friends.  You also won’t be getting soft anytime soon, either.  I seem to have that kind of effect on guys – making them so hard it makes it difficult to walk.  Now, both of you said some hurtful things earlier.  A weaker guy would have gotten mad and taken care of you like I did that three-ton rock, but that’s not me.  As you can see, I’m not a weaker man.  I do think, however, you both need to be taught a lesson.  You need to learn that you should be nice to others.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you – I see the fearful faces.  I’m just going to make it so you remember the masked mighty mouse for a long time.  But, my identity is to remain a secret, okay?  If not, I’m going to visit you with the boulder in my palm again and this time I won’t stop it from smashing you.  Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes sir.”


“Yes sir.”


“Wow!  Such manners, fellas.  I’m impressed at what fast learners you are.  It’s only right that you should show some respect to a guy so much more powerful.  Strength is a respect magnet, isn’t it, boys?  No need to answer, your twitching hard cocks are all the answer I need.  Now, to help you both learn a lesson.  Let’s leave you as a calling card for the morning security shift, shall we.  First, let’s set you aside for a few seconds, Stu.”


I went over to one of the metal streetlights – shaped like British oil lamps of bygone years.  There were two balled nobs sticking out from either side.  The light had been off for a while, extinguished by my absorption of electrical power earlier, so I knew it wasn’t hot.  I lifted Stu a little higher and looped the back of his belt over the nob, so when I let go he was dangling in the air like some kind of figurine hooked to a Christmas tree.  He dangled in the air – clearly still trying to recover from his momentous orgasm.  I also noticed that Ralph was almost dozing – his own explosion having wrecked him completely.  I walked him over to another street lamp.  I grabbed the pole in the center and pushed forward, bending it down like it had been only wet pasta.  I then held Ralph in place as I bent the upper part of the lamppost tightly around his body.  When I stepped back he stayed in place – sticking out over the walkway and his shoes a few feet off the ground.  It was like the metal pole was a belt holding him like a giant’s grip.  I could tell the guy barely registered what I had done – he was so spent he merely wanted to fall asleep.  And that’s exactly what he did – upright, trapped by a twisted metal pole.  Morning security was going to have a hard time figuring out how to free these guys.  I walked back over to Stu, who was now pretty wide awake and clearly shocked by what I had so easily done to his partner.  He looked down at me.


“How is it possible?”


“Let’s just say I ate all of my vegetables, big Stu.  And I worked out by lifting bulldozers.  Wow, that sure made you moan.  Look at you, still hard as a flagpole.  That’s a pretty powerful tool you’re packing, Stu, but I bet it can’t shove through metal like mine can – can it?  Yeah, I thought that would make your eyes roll back into your head.  Well, let’s get you secure, too, shall we?”


I lifted the big man off of the knob, held him in place, easily bent his pole down, and then wrapped it securely around his body, too.  He, like his partner, was a few feet off the ground completely trapped by a hand-manipulated steel pole.  It was like I was decorating the campus for some kind of bodybuilder holiday.  Seeing the roided, wet crotched, huge men dangling in the air – one, sound asleep – was pretty amazing.  I marveled at my handiwork – the boulder, the metal mask I was wearing, the tons of voltage my body had absorbed, and the great work I had done with the officers’ steel batons – not to mention the lamppost holders.  It had been a fun way to top off an already glorious night.  It was definitely time to get home.  I was ready to blast out a huge chunk of my ceiling with a super powerful ejaculation.  It would be a deafening explosion that would even drown out my upstairs neighbor’s music.  He would remember this night, as well. 


“Good night, Stu.  Don’t forget this mighty mouse, okay?  As if you could.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again real soon.  Remember, only nice comments from now on to people smaller than you.  There’s no reason to be a big bad bully.  Cause if you are, I’ll come back and tighten that lamppost until your roided gut is a size twenty.  I’m not sure that would be good for the digestive system or your breathing.  And now I’ll be off into the night air.”


Just to give the groggy officer one last thrill – hell, it probably would make him orgasm again – I jumped into the air.  A gush of wind followed me as I soared upward and I heard a loud moan come from the man below.  He had clearly exploded again – as predicted.  The cool breeze on my tiny nipples felt good as I basically leapt to my dorm across campus in a single bound. 

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Man, another awesome chapter of this story, love what this little guy is capable of, and also love that maybe, he's capable of so much more than he has been showing. I don't know if he was being hyperbolic when he was saying he could lift a building, that he could defeat an army, I would love to see something on that level, if possible. I don't know if it is right for the character, himself, but I just love seeing bigger and bigger feats of impossible strength attempted and then shown to be utterly easy for him. So yeah, I look forward to more! 

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Adventure Number Five

To be a puny guy soaring through the sky and then landing on the ground about a half a mile away is pretty awesome, but causing there to be big cracks in the concrete beneath you when you land makes it even better.  I was a dweeb, it was true, but I was a dweeb that could twirl an SUV on his index finger.  I’d have to try that soon.  I’d always gotten turned on a little when jocks spun a basketball on their fingers.  Doing the same with a huge vehicle would certainly be hot.  I happened to land next to two jock-boys looking at their phones and smoking cigarettes outside of my dorm.


“Where the fuck did you come from, dork?” one of the goons asked after they felt the ground shake as I landed – he looked down the street to see if a truck had passed.


I just glanced up at the sky.  I barely came up to mid-chest level on both men.  I was standing there without a shirt on – my small frame highlighted by the moonlight.  Confidence radiated from my body – like the way a massive tank could demand space on the road.  I flexed my bony arms – skinny, non-existent biceps taunting my onlookers.  They clearly missed the fact that my feet had caused a substantial indention in the sidewalk and sent cracks shooting out in all directions.  God, it was good to be so powerful and no one ever even began to expect it.  My twig arms could send both of them into orbit if I so chose.  That thought made me bone up.  The other guy spoke as he took out his lighter to start another cigarette.


“Dude, you’re so thin if you turn sideways you’d disappear.”


I let out a quick puff as soon as the flame of the lighter came up.  It was like a big gust of wind shot out over them – blowing the fire out immediately – and causing both guys to take a few steps back.  You could tell they were shocked by this sudden strong breeze.  I chuckled to myself that I could breathe hard enough to make two guys stumble back.  They both thought the night air was swooping down on them, when it was really just me using my breath to dominate them. 


“What the fuck was that?” asked the guy holding up the lighter.


“I don’t know, but look – the dweeb was too short to be hit by that gust of wind.  It just hit the big things.”


Again, the lighter was flicked on and, again, I sent out a puff of air that not only put out the flame, but it was strong enough to send both guys to the ground.  They each hit the sidewalk with a loud thud.  I smiled when they looked up from their sitting positions.  I could tell a slight glimmer of understanding was starting to be formed in their Neanderthal brains. 


“You fellas really shouldn’t smoke,” I said, still smiling.  “It will stunt your growth and could lead to cancer.  It could also weaken your lungs.  As you can see . . . and feel . . . my lungs are fine.  As a matter of fact, my lungs are pretty powerful.  Here, let me show you.


By this point, both men had scrambled back to their feet – ready for a confrontation.  They were clearly prepared to show the little runt in front of them who was boss.  I inhaled deeply, making it loud and dramatic – just to freak them out more.  I knew I could be even more powerful than the wolf in the story of the three pigs and blow the entire dorm building down, but that was not my goal.  I simply wanted to share the feeling of immobility with the two big goons.  My burst of breath sent both guys flying into the dorm wall behind them – each one was flattened against the bricks and unable to pull away at all.  I then slowly tilted my head back, causing both men to slowly inch up the wall.  I was holding them in place with a steady stream of powerful air, but I was also sending their bodies a few feet off the ground.  The look on their faces was priceless.  They couldn’t understand how it was possible that the tiny, skinny, dweeb in front of them was rendering them defenseless with just his breath.  By this point, they were high enough that their crotches were at eye level.  I had moved in close enough to reach up and place a tiny hand on the front of each guy’s pants.  I figured I’d grope some cock as foreplay before I went back to my room.


“You fellas should see me blow hard enough to do hurricane-like damage,” I said, smiling up at both guys as I easily held them against the wall with my small hands. 


I was happy to feel that both of them were sprouting some wood because of my powerful breath.  I’m sure they were each thinking about the kind of mind-altering blowjob I could give.  I pushed a little harder against their crotches so they could feel my power.  It was quite obvious to both of them that I could have easily shoved their bodies through the brick-covered concrete wall.  I thumped my forefinger against their hardening cocks to give them even more pleasure.  I was rewarded with big-man moans and both men immediately turned red – embarrassed by their reactions from me so easily playing with them. 


“I could flatten both of you like pancakes, dudes.  But where’s the pleasure in that?  It’s a lot more fun to watch you get simultaneously freaked out and turned on by my surprising strength.  The little dweeb’s holding you both against the wall as if you were nothing but a piece of paper.  Then, again, I did hold you here with just my breath, too.  Yeah, that made you moan again, didn’t it?  Watch this, fellas.”


I turned my head and faced the street to our right.  I noticed a white pick-up truck parked on our side of the road with a big empty space across from it.  I inhaled again and then let out a steady, powerful stream of air.  The truck easily slid across the street to the other side – pushed by something much more powerful than it.  I turned back to my two captives and was rewarded with eyes so wide you would have thought they had seen a ghost.  Cocks were now fully hard.  All three of them, in fact.  The appreciation of my strength from two big guys was just too much for me.  I loved easily dominating men that weighed two times my weight and towered above me.  They clearly loved it, too. 


“I’m not looking too dweebish to you now, am I fellas?  This mighty mouse is getting you both excited.  That’s really hot.  Go ahead, reach out and feel that super hard tiny arm holding you in place.  Yeah, look at how quickly you both grope my puny biceps – that mere minutes ago you were making fun of.  You can feel the strength in my guns, can’t you?  Here I am, pressing you both against the wall, your toes dangling in the air, and the strong-as-hell sticks for arms easily holding you in place.  Yeah, we’re all getting off on that, aren’t we?  Feels nice to be dominated, doesn’t it?”


“Yes sir,” they both quickly said out loud.


“Aw fucking hell, look how you two turn so submissive and polite in my strong grasp.  You just gotta yield to a guy hat can blow a big tuck across the street, don’t you?  Well, that and hold you against the wall so you can’t move.  You want to be this little man’s muscle slaves, dude?  When you step out of line I can punish you with my strength.  Toss you across the room.  Hold you down until you say you give.   Wrap heavy metal around you and leave it there for a while.  Squeeze your balls until you sing soprano.”


To emphasize this last point, I brought my fingers together tightly around their hard cocks and aching balls – making them both scream out in slight pain and ecstasy.  It was as if they wanted me to continue to squeeze, but knew – deep down – that I shouldn’t.  I used very little of my true power and they fully realized it.  That turned them on even more.  These were my little pussy-whipped muscle boys and I wanted to show off for them even more.  I was long passed caring about being decent.  I just wanted to do powerful things.


“Sorry, dudes, I just gotta let my cock do its thing.  It’s simply too powerful for me to contain it.  Forgive me for being so X-rated.”


With only my words as a warning, suddenly my super strong small-ish dick ripped through my blue jeans – bursting through the zipper and material at the same time.  It seemed to be even more powerful than my tiny arms.  I pressed the guys into the wall even harder as I placed the tip of my rod against the bricks.  Concrete shattered and crumbled away as my hardness pushed into the wall.  More powerful than a super drill or electric screw driver, my cock shoved the wall in to make a hole.  I was fucking a concrete wall like it was wet paper.  I was the one getting the feeling of something tighter than hell, but the two dudes against the wall – who were watching my rod destroy the wall – moaned as if they were the ones feeling the thrill.  Soon, my pubes were compressed between my powerful crotch and the bricks I had easily penetrated.  Buried to the hilt – as they say – I let out a deep growl that more resembled a high-pitched whine because of my small stature.  It didn’t matter, though.  Seeing me jolted with pleasure was just too much for the onlookers.  Suddenly, both of my hands felt a sticky, syrup-like liquid seeping through nylon basketball shorts.  There had been no way for either man to prevent his orgasm – the power of my super-strong cock was just too much for them.  This fueled me on more and I pulled my ass back, jerking my cock from the hole it had made, and then slammed it back into a new space on the wall – busting up bricks and concrete as if I were a giant wrecking ball.  The wall was defenseless against my raging powerful boner.  I pummeled about six holes in the wall, but willed myself to not orgasm.  I was saving myself for my upstairs neighbor.  To my amazement, the guy on my right actually ejaculated for seconds when my cock slammed into the wall the sixth time.  He had dumped two major loads into his underwear – causing both embarrassment and extreme satisfaction.  My hands were sticky and smelly from the giant mess of both men.  I pulled back my arms and let them drop to the ground, each of them barely able to stand because of the seismic rattle of their orgasm.  Luckily, the wall was there to help them stay erect.


“Take that, you wimpy wall,” I said, loudly, as I thrust my cock back into it for a seventh time.


“What are you, dude?  A superhero or something,” came the raspy voice of the bigger dude as he struggled to catch his breath.


“Yeah, man, I’m Super Runt.  Or Mighty Mouse.  Or Powerful Puny-Man.  Take your pick.  You fellas deposited enough sperm to start an orphanage!  Just couldn’t take the destruction my little body can do, could you?  Never in a million years would you have guessed that the tiny man that landed from the sky in front of you could plow concrete like it was nothing.  Your virgin asses would be defenseless against my power tool, fellas.  I could fuck you until you walked funny for a year and you wouldn’t be able to stop me.  But that’s not the kind of guy I am – as I told you earlier.  And I’m saving myself for Jamal, anyway.  Yes, the six-foot eleven-inch, four-hundred and thirty-pound rugby player that lives above me in the dorm.  Just can’t help myself, fellas, I’m into dominating huge men.  He’s not going to know what hit him when I pound him like a maniac.  When this little dweeb picks him up and twirls him around like a bread stick he’s going to freak out.”


“Fucking hell, sir, you’ve got to let us watch you do that.  Jamal is the biggest badass on campus.  Trucks stop in the road to let him cross – fearful of the damage his body could do to them!  There’s not a guy on campus that’s not afraid of him.”


“Except yours truly, gentleman.  He may be huge, dark, and scary – but I’m a hundred times more powerful than him.  When he sees my puny little arms holding his huge muscled guns in place during an arm-wrestling match and easily defeating him, he’s going to think he’s on some kind of acid trip or dreaming.  And then when I easily slam him against the wall, jump on something to give me some height, and thrust my pork into his gorgeous, muscled, chocolate, tighter-than-this-concrete, bubbled ass he’s going to realize that Mighty Mouse . . . or Super Runt . . . is more than just a myth.  He’s the real deal.  And when I’ve sent his body into orgasmic heaven by blasting cum into him as if it had been shot from a cannon, he’s going to devote himself to me as if he were a pilgrim that had crawled on bended knee for twenty-days to gaze on some deity that they worshipped.  I’m going to have a rugby giant who will bring me breakfast in bed and offer up his ass any time I ask him to.”


I had worked myself up into such a sexual frenzy I could feel my balls hurting from a need to ejaculate.  I was sure my two big friends were spent and ready for bed.  I thought it would be fun if I personally tucked them in for the night.  Hoisting each of them up onto one of my shoulders was a breeze.  Only because of my tremendous strength could I hold them on that skinny, bony part of my body.  It was kind of like balancing a mountain on a mole hill.  They weren’t going to go anywhere, though, and they both knew it.  I walked to the front doors and gave out a puff of air to force them open.  This gave a jolt of added thrill to my two riders.  My rock hard skinny dick still stuck straight out from my ripped jeans as I easily carried the two big guys through the lobby.  My strut was full of bravado, now.  I could feel my two muscled admirers groping different parts of my body as I walked – both of them desperate to feel how hard my small frame was.  They knew the power that existed in my runt-like body and it made them hornier than hell.  I jogged up two flights of stairs – carrying them both as if they were just an old rag I had draped across my shoulder.  Their big bodies flopped around happily as I bounded up the steps.  My powerful legs could have allowed me to just jump to the second floor, but I decided the ride would be more fun.  I dropped the guys to the ground when we got to the first door.  The dude started fumbling for his keys.


“Naw, man, I’m going to rip open your door and strip the lock.  I want easy access to your room in the future – so I can drop by and show off any time I like.  Tossing each of your around your place will give us all hard boners.  Punch me in the gut before I destroy the lock, dude.  Just to give you something to remember me by – as if you could forget all this power.”


I stepped back to give him room to swing his ape-like arm around to hit me.  I’m pretty sure I heard some bones fracture as his fist smacked into my skinny stomach.  I didn’t move at all, but his hand was stopped as if it were hitting solid rock.  The dude didn’t even notice the pain in his hand, he was just too turned on by the fact that my itty-bitty body could stop his fist like it was nothing more than a bothersome gnat.  The smacking sound of my skin deflecting his punch was almost too much to handle.  I could have easily spurted if I wasn’t saving myself for the hulking Jamal.  The poor big fella did not have the same amount of strength, however, and he instantly ejaculated after impact.  He sank to his knees from the force of the orgasm.  He was beginning to smell like a jockstrap that hadn’t been washed for months.  I patted his head as my hand passed by to grab the locked doorknob.  I twisted and pushed in – as if the thing was already slightly ajar.  I stripped the lock with a fraction of my true force – easily opening the door.  I then bent down and grabbed the big dude by the front of his pants and shirt and then tossed him to his bed across the room.  He landed with a loud thud and immediately curled up into a fetal position – actually sticking his thumb into his mouth. 


“That’s it, fella.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the beddy-bugs bite.   I’ll come by some time and surprise you with a little strength show.  The anticipation of that ought to give you wonderful dreams for the rest of your life.”


I then pulled the door shut – loving how there was no clicking sound since the locking mechanism had been totally demolished by my power.  I turned to my other adoring fan and decided he’d love to slide to his room at the other end of the long hall.  I grabbed his pants at the crotch – noting that he was still rock hard – and his shirt at the chest.  I then picked him up, swung his body back, and then sent it sliding down the hallway with one quick thrust.  He let out a joyful yelp as he sailed down the smooth floor.  I jogged down after him and was happy to see that I had judged the distance versus my strength perfectly because he stopped right in front of his door.  I pulled him to his feet when I got there by grabbing his shirt with one hand and easily jerking him up.  I then put my forefinger in the center of his doorknob and pushed in – forcing the lock to go flying across his room on the other side.  It only took a simple shove of one finger to do the destruction.  I pushed open the door.  The big man stepped towards me – offering his crotch and chest, so I could easily toss him to his bed as well.  As soon as he landed, however, he pulled out his big thick cock and started yanking away – clearly thinking back on all I had done earlier in the evening.  I stood there and watched for a while – marveling at the fact that this big macho jock was beating off to images of my puny body.  Of course, there really wasn’t anything puny about what my body could do – so that’s mostly what turned him on.  I finally pulled the door to and heard him emit a loud moan as he orgasmed.  I walked down the hall and bounded up the stairs to the third floor, where my room was – happy as a clam that I had made the nights of so many big men.  A cheek full of air blown through my lips pushed opened the door to my room.  I had ripped the knob off by mistake a long time ago and still no one had noticed.  I kicked lightly, to shut it behind me.


“Now to bust a hole through my ceiling.  Jamal is going to be shocked.”


In one quick jerk of my hand, I ripped off my shorts and underwear – not caring at this point that I’d be losing some of my wardrobe.  With just a little effort I jumped through the air and landed on my bed, which was already busted and basically a box springs and mattress on the floor.  I had jumped in bed one night and the heavy density of my small super body had been too much and destroyed the frame.  I glanced around the room and saw all the mess I had created by twisting or destroying things.  The safe that came with the dorm room was ripped into tiny bits of metal in one corner.  There was a trail of twisted items – wrenches, crowbars, pipes, and other things – strewn across the room.  I just always got bored and needed to destroy things.  That’s the main reason I had become a bully buster on campus.  I was getting bored of the easy destruction I was doing in my room.  I grabbed hold of my rock-hard cock and started stroking it nice and slow – as I thought back over what I had done this evening.  Lifting the school boulder in the middle of campus, playing with fellas in the gym, ripping a bench full of guys out of the concrete, and so much more.  It didn’t take me long to find myself breathing hard, yanking on my rod like a madman, and aiming my bazooka strategically toward the ceiling.  Images of my cum blasting through the ceiling and scaring the hell out of big Jamal was all I needed to reach the breaking point. 


“Aw, fuck yeah, I’m going to demolish things with just an ejaculation,” I said, out loud to push me even further. 


Even though I was powerful enough to blow a car across a street with just a puff of my breath, when I finally shot my load my little body could only produce a high-pitched moan that sounded more like a scrawny cat in heat than a super-strong dude blasting out a missile-powered load able to burst through thick concrete.  To know your cum-shot would cause such destruction is such a confidence booster.  Aiming for a corner of the ceiling above you and knowing there’s soon going to be a loud explosion of concrete makes you even more excited.  Chunks of the ceiling fell to the floor as my orgasm splattered powerfully against it.  Light from the room above spilled downward.  I was thrilled to find Jamal still up.  Luckily the noise from the damage wasn’t as loud as expected and I figured it only woke up guys in the rooms near us.  They’d probably go back to sleep quickly.  I knew for a fact, however, that Jamal would not be getting any sleep.  My second and third blast of hot, sticky, powerful, mighty-mouse cum made the hole about as big as large platter – clearly sending bits of rock, dust, and tile into the big athlete’s room.  By the time my small, insanely strong cock finished shooting, I heard a deep, gruff voice coming from the hole above.


“What the fuck you doing down there, asshole?  Playing with dynamite?”


Some voices simply match the bodies that are producing them.  If you didn’t even know Jamal as the massive dark mountain of muscle that moved across campus shirtless most of the time, you would have clearly figured out he was the size of four normal dudes put together by the deep, commanding, strong-as-fuck sound that came out of him.  My softening cock shot back to fully rigid just because of Jamal’s voice.  He was a walking wet-dream-of-a-massive man and I was about to introduce him to my much more powerful body.  I didn’t bother with shorts, I wanted him to freak out when this little dude – who looked like he could still be in junior high – came barreling through the floor.  I stood up, aimed for the hole, and jumped.  My head and shoulders met thick concrete, tile, and who knows what else, but it felt like nothing more than flimsy tissue as my body rocketed through it.  I must have looked like a wimpy fish jumping through the water into the air.  I wasn’t big enough to make the hole much wider, but I still shot through concrete as easily as a finger might poke through paper.  I don’t know what shocked huge Jamal the most – having a munchkin suddenly burst through your floor or having said munchkin totally nude and sporting a hard-on just a little larger than the massive athlete’s thumb. 


“I’m going to squish you like a grape, scrawny asshole.”


Oh fuck, his confidence was amazing.  I’d just jumped through thick rock and he still thought he could easily defeat me.  His giant black body – clothed only in some cotton shorts - was glistening with man-sized sweat droplets and it was clear he had just returned from the gym.  If the sweat hadn’t given that fact away, his bulging, pumped-to-the-max muscles would have.  It was like looking at some god who had just landed on earth after traveling through an intense storm.  The man had a set of pecs that looked like the front ends of two semi-trucks coming at you.  His arms were so huge they looked like the bodies of junior bodybuilders hanging from his aircraft carrier wide shoulders.  The word ‘beast’ didn’t come close to describing the hulking figure that now reached out and placed his plate-sized palm around the top of my head – long fingers dropping down below my ears.  I started to leak some gobs of pre-cum when the big man shoved down hard and nothing in my body – not my pixie-thin neck, my tiny mid-section, or my skinny-boy legs – immediately splintered from his he-man force.  His face registered surprise for a brief second and then he shoved down even hard – probably using enough force to compress the roof of a car.  I stayed as firm as a pillar of titanium and it made the mountain of muscles even more mad.  He didn’t stop to wonder how I could resist his power so easily.  He just flew into a rage that equaled that of a stampeding herd of buffaloes.  He quickly threw his other hand around my neck – catching me in the V of his humongous mitt – and squeezed hard.  He fully intended to easily snap my throat, windpipe, and beginning of my spine in two.  It would be a quick end to the puny-man disturbance.  I, however, simply smiled as his strong hand felt like nothing more than a light scarf draped around my neck. 


“Let’s send you through another ceiling, punk!”


Cockiness oozed out of every pore of this behemoth.  His arm, which could easily curl weight that equaled an SUV, was going to toss me into – and maybe even through – the ceiling of the dorm room.  I knew to keep my eyes on the watermelon-sized biceps – because those muscles were going to explode.  Big Jamal knew he could lift heavy things.  Tossing my body was going to be a piece of cake.  Imagine his surprise when his arm couldn’t lift me off the floor or even move me at all.  His arm boomed into tensed mountains as he struggled even harder to lift the pathetic, scrawny guy in his grasp.  A flicker of doubt raced through his eyes – mixed in with a little panic.  I was ready to show off.


“Big Jamal, did you think you’d lift me in the air like this?”


I reached out and grabbed the front of his shorts – ecstatic beyond belief when my hand felt a tree-trunk sized cock flopping around in there.  I squeezed his dick and the front of his shorts at the same time.  The guy gasped at the strength he felt in my grip.  I also felt his gargantuan member start to harden.  I basically squeezed his cock into arousal and submission.  And then I lifted – with one little arm.  The mammoth Jamal flew into the air above my head like a rocket blasting into space.  I was certain the last time he had ever been lifted by another human was when he was a toddler.  His deep, bass voice let out a pleasurable gasp and then moaned as if he were a whale in heat.  My skinny arm held his huge body stock still above me.  I looked up at his manly shocked face.


“Not used to being the weakling, are you, cutie?  Here, let’s press you up and down.”


One arm presses with an enormous rugby player, who was almost nude and glistening with succulent sweat, was just too much fun.  I glanced at the mirrors across the room on his sliding closet doors.  It looked like someone was playing a trick on people – the short, little, pathetic-looking dweeb was holding up the monster of a man as if it were nothing.  Jamal glanced at the mirror, too, and let out another shocked moan.  It was as if seeing what was happening made it even more real than being the thing that was actually dangling in the air.  I tossed him with one arm over to his bed, making sure I held onto the material of his shorts at the same time.  As he sailed across the room the material ripped and he landed totally nude on the mattress.  The sight was pornographic heaven.  A cock thicker than a two-by-four and a body of such muscled ebony that I almost shot my load right there.  Jamal was the kind of human that caused heads to turn and cars to wreck.  He threw his big hands down to his crotch but there was no way even those huge things could hide the giant snake growing hard between his legs.  I walked over, bent down, and grabbed the bottom of this bed with one hand – easily lifting it and him back into the air. 


“You’re so fucking huge, Jamal – everywhere.  That turns me on so much that I just have to show off for you.  I’ve got to show you how powerful I am.  You never thought you’d meet someone stronger than you, did you?”


“No . . . never.”


“God, even your voice is super sexy, Jamal.  I could cream to that voice.”


“How strong are you?”


“I’m not sure.  I’ve never fully tested myself.”


The big man was peering over the edge of the bed as I lifted it up and down.  I put the bed back down on the ground and the mountain of a man slid off to stand on the other side.  He knelt beside the bed and then put his big arm on top of the mattress – ready for an arm wrestling match.  My cock throbbed with excitement – something Jamal noticed right away and I was shocked to see that he wasn’t turned off by it.  He had to lean his arm out a little because I needed to get my little palm into his giant one and his limb was so much longer than mine.  He instantly gripped me with all his might – knowing he could and also figuring I’d barely feel it.  He was just that bold – having always been the alpha in all situations.  I squeezed hard, but with just a fraction of my strength.  Jamal’s eyes immediately bulged out and he let a slight scream escape from his mouth.  I instantly lessened my grip and I could see he was very thankful.  His biceps was ten times the size of mine.  My arm looked like a toothpick beside a redwood.  I nodded my head as a sign for the match to begin.  Jamal instantly used all of his tremendous strength to try and surprise me.  My arm, however, had the stability of a mountain and all of his brute power did nothing to move it.  I smiled as Jamal exhausted himself trying to make my hand move even a little. 


“My turn,” I said, smiling.


I moved my hand so only my forefinger was pressing into the middle of his giant palm.  I then started pushing slowly and deliberately.  His hand couldn’t stop my one finger even he had gotten to use his whole body behind it.  His grunting, the sweat pouring off of his brow, and the stanky aroma his body was giving off was almost too much for me to handle.  I slowly pushed his big meaty paw into the bed and pinned it there with just my finger.  I could tell it was causing him much discomfort, but the huge alpha never gave up the fight.  He was too enthralled by my power.  I finally removed my finger and Jamal immediately started shaking out the pain in his hand.  At the same time he scrambled over the bed to be on my side and he held out both of his hands – palms facing me and his fingers spread apart.  This big guy was a glutton for punishment.  He wanted to lock hands with me and see who could make the other give first.  I smiled and let my child-like fingers lock with his mammoth ones.  Looking at the difference in our hands made me feel so small, but it didn’t matter.  I knew my tiny hands had a hell of a lot more power than his.  He immediately squeezed his hands so hard that he let out a loud grunt.  I felt nothing.  Jamal pushed with all of the strength of his tremendous body and my arms didn’t budge.  I saw the frustration this caused in the massive man.  He could not get his head around the fact that I could not be beaten by him.  He doubled his effort, leaning towards me and putting one of his keg-sized legs behind him for more leverage.  I stood there like I was playing patty-cake with an infant.  I wasn’t using even an ounce of my true strength to hold this beast in his place – and Jamal knew it. 


“It’s not fucking possible!  I take down four guys with little effort and, yet, I can’t even make a puny runt move at all.”


“Let me show you how defenseless you truly are, mighty Jamal.”


I squeezed my fingers hard enough for him to go up on his toes and let out a high-pitched whistle.  He was clearly trying to not show just how much my little clasp had truly hurt.  I let him stay up on his toes for a while – truly grasping just how powerful my tiny hands were.  He knew I could crush his bones if I wanted to and I’m thinking part of him would have enjoyed that, but I wasn’t that kind of guy.  I lessened my grip, so it just felt a little snug for him.  I then started pushing my hands forward, bending at the wrist.  Watching the giant, powerful Jamal fall to his knees in front of me was mind-blowing.  His huge, shining, naked black body was tensed as hell because of the abuse my small hands were dealing out and it made his muscles pop in ways that showed his incredible definition and size.  He was huffing and puffing like a woman giving birth – trying desperately to adjust to the pain I was inflicting.  I now had his big hands almost bent completely back – lying on top of his mammoth shoulders.  The guy was in some deep pain, but he wasn’t giving in.  He was still trying desperately to battle my incredible power – but it was as futile as trying to open an umbrella in a hurricane. 


“Man, you are one massive dude, Jamal.  I’ve never seen a guy so huge.  Your muscles dwarf mine about a hundred times over.  It must feel incredible to walk into a room and take up so much space – with so much pumped up beef.  God, I love muscles, Jamal.  But I guess you already figured that out, didn’t you?  But you know what I love more than muscles?  I love power.  Strength.  Brute force that can do mind-blowing feats.  People expect you to be powerful, Jamal – because of your size.  They take one look at your humongous body and they know to stay clear of you.  But me . . . well, no one expects little ol’ me to be so strong.  That’s the best part of my super strength – it’s such a big surprise.  You’re still trying to figure it out, aren’t you, Jamal.  You’re still baffled that the little dweeb standing in front of you has made you drop to your knees in pain by beating you so easily in a hand strength contest.  You are also turned on by my power, too.  No need to try and deny it, big guy – that diving board long hard cock tells me you find my power incredible, too.  That’s what I was hoping for, Jamal.  I need a big muscle slave – and you fit the bill perfectly.  I love that you’re still battling away against my grip – huffing and puffing – but I’m as calm as a cucumber.  I’m not even breathing hard.  I could take a bath in the sweat you’re producing and, yet, I’m as dry as ever.  I’m barely using any of my power to defeat you, Jamal.  Well, well, well – look how that revelation makes your stiff cock swing up and down with excitement.  Need a break, big man?”


“Yes, please.”


“Say you give, Jamal.”


“I give.”


“Smart man.” 


I couldn’t help myself – before I let him go, I released one hand, placed it at the back of his huge head, and then pulled his face into my balls.  He could tell what I was doing and tried hard to resist me, but I merely smashed his nose and mouth into my little hanging sack and rubbed it back and forth.  I wanted him to get a good whiff of my power.  I also wanted to get him used to pleasing a more powerful man.  I had plans for that giant cock of his and I knew I needed to ease him into man-on-man action slowly.  Jamal was all about the women.  He had every girl on campus leaking just because he walked by.  Hell, he had most guys leaking, too.  He was a mountain of ebony covered muscle that just soaked up any light that was nearby – finding a specific big-man radiance when reflecting the sun.  You could see him from across campus, he was so big and muscular.  My cock had hardened to full staff the first time I ever laid eyes on him.  He was lifting a cute blonde girl over his head with one arm, just to show off for the gaggle of women that surrounded him.  Every other girl, there, was begging to be next.  I knew, instantly, that a guy who liked to show off that much would probably be into super power – even if it was from a dweeb like me.  I was in lust from the get go.  And now I had the big rugby player’s face pressed into my crotch with a grip he couldn’t break if he wanted to.


“Go ahead, breathe in my power, Jamal.  As if you had any other choice, right man?  I love how you’re shoving as hard as you can against my skinny little bony legs, but they aren’t moving a bit.  You can almost wrap those big mitts of yours around my entire thighs, but you couldn’t budge them to save your life.  I know you’re worried I’m going to force that super strong tiny cock of mine into your mouth, but don’t worry, Jamal, I’m not that kind of guy.  Even though I’ve heard that you’ve forced yourself upon many a drunken girl on campus, I’m not going to reinforce that bad behavior.  I’m going to wait until you’re begging to wrap those bit juicy lips around my penis to satisfy me.  And it’s going to happen, Jamal.  It’s going to happen before you even know it.  That hard-as-rock cock tells me that you secretly love the fact your huge body can’t make my little hand move at all – even though you’re pushing with all your might.  My hand keeps your face plastered into my balls and you can’t do a thing about it.  That kind of power is mind-staggering for you, isn’t it Jamal?  The little ant is holding back the mountain without any problem.  Man, the stench of your profuse sweating is so turning me on, big guy.  I think you need a little down time . . . am I right?”


I released the pressure on the back of his head and was amazed to find that the giant kept his face against my balls for a few seconds more – taking a deep inhale before he pulled away.  This close to four-hundred and fifty-pound behemoth was getting a strong whiff of the power my runt-like body could produce.  The big man was hooked just as I thought he would be.  He suddenly remembered who and what he was and he pulled his body away quickly, turning away from me so I couldn’t see how his massive cock was throbbing up and down.  He stood up and my first up-close glance of his enormous back almost made me self-combust.  The guy was bigger than a bull.  If I laid horizontal on his back my entire body would not be the length of his wide-as-hell shoulders.  It would have taken me hours just to count the muscles that bulged everywhere on that colossal expanse.  And the man’s ass looked like someone had fused two hot air balloons together.  He didn’t have a bubble-butt – it was more like beach-ball butt.  I could have laid out a full-course meal on the shelf of his ass.  The sight of his bulbous cheeks was too much for me.  I lost control.  I prided myself on being able to control my sexual urges, but seeing that magnificent, black, protruding double mass of beef made me turn into a crazy man.  I grabbed Jamal by his hips – really just pressing my palms into his sides since he was so thick – and easily lifted him straight up and over my head.  I tilted my chin upward and then slammed his unsuspecting ass down onto my face.  Instantly, my nose, mouth, and cheeks plummeted into the dark luscious cavity between his hard-muscled giant cheeks.  The big man let out a yell that shook the foundation of the dorm.  He had never been invaded in this way before and was probably one hundred percent sure it would never happen.  I had done it with little effort.  I had shown him what it felt like to be utterly defenseless in mere seconds.  The big man immediately began to squirm and fight – still foolishly thinking he could out-power me.  He did not want to give up his big hole for any man – but especially for a runt like me.  I couldn’t have cared less.


“Nooo!!!” he yelled.


I heard nothing, though.  My face was buried in the sweet goodness of his ass and my super powerful tongue was ready to pop his fucking big-man cherry.  It registered on some level that his ass cheeks were squeezing my face with enough strength to surely crush metal, but I felt nothing.  I also knew he had his tight virgin hole clenched probably tighter than the security at Fort Knox, but that was nothing for my battering ram tongue to penetrate.  By this point, I just wanted to taste the hulking man and lap up his beast-like testosterone insides.  I was a man that had been wandering in a sexless desert for many years that had just stumbled upon the deep dark oasis lagoon of my dreams.  I needed to drink in the essence of this monster as much as I needed air, itself.  I easily plunged my tongue through the supposedly impenetrable fortress of massive rugby star Jamal and Pandora’s box was blown open wide.   If this encounter had been filmed it would have shown a little pint-sized dude hoisting a muscled giant in the air with no effort at all.  It would have also shown said giant trying desperately to prevent the little guy from invading his ass with a surprising mighty tongue.  It would have also shown the sinewy mound of muscles throwing his head back, arching his back hard, and stiffening his legs as if they were girders of steel as soon as the tongue thrust into his chute.  The low beast-like howl that erupted from the big man’s body sounded like a rocket bursting through the atmosphere.  But the film would have also captured the unbelievable quickness of how Jamal Springer – badass of this university, no . . . of this town – went from fighting the invasion to accepting defeat and then to welcoming the pleasure being offered.  I rammed my tongue back and forth into his hole like some kind of well-oiled piston hammering away in a machine.  The big man’s defenses were nothing for me to battle.  My tongue had more power than his entire body.  I pounded away, making his sonic boom-like yell turn into joyful cooing within mere minutes.  Jamal became my bitch simply because of the power of my tongue.  I pulled my face back – causing him to emit a disappointed cry and to reach around and try unsuccessfully to push my head back in between his cheeks.  He was simply no match for my strength.


“Yeah, the big man tastes good, just like I knew you would.  You’re loving that hole being invaded, aren’t you, Jamal?”


“Hell yes, please go back to doing what you were doing.  Please!”


Pleasure is pleasure.  It doesn’t matter if it’s being given by a short, skinny, small guy or the nice tight body of some gorgeous female co-ed.  Jamal had learned this lesson quickly.  Using my tongue as a butt-plug for the huge rugby player had taught him the joy of being rimmed.  He was now clearly hooked.  He was pressing against my head with all the strength he could muster – desperate to get my tongue back inside him.  I teased him, mercilessly, by not allowing my head to be moved even part of an inch.  He was like an addict needing a fix.  He was grunting loudly and now banging on my head with his fist – knowing I couldn’t feel it but hoping it would make me return to forcing his hole to do my bidding.  I slammed my face back in between his cheeks hard and had my tongue fully extended so it penetrated him quickly and deeply.  This made the man go wild.  He let out a loud moan of pleasure and pushed his ass back – hoping to make my tongue go even deeper.  I started flicking the tip of my powerful weapon around the cavity of his chute and this made the big man squirm like a fish gasping for water.  For some wild reason Jamal’s body sank into a receiving motion as if he had been fucked for years.  The dude had some moves that would have put Jennifer Lopez to shame.  Soon, I didn’t have to do anything at all except flick my tongue back and forth quickly – Jamal was ass-plowing my face like a pro.  My big muscled bitch was growing up.  It was when his grunts became louder and quicker that I knew he was close to losing it.  I felt his hole tighten and his cheeks squeeze harder right before he shot a beautiful cum fountain into the air with about ten thick, long ropes streaming high and then falling back to splatter snowy white against his dark abs, mammoth man-tits, and keg-like thighs.  His hard, manly body went limp in my hands as soon as he shot his last dribble.  I lifted his butt from my face and then tossed him to his bed again. 


“You’re my big butt-boy now, Jamal.”


“Yes sir.”


He was laying down – spent as hell – and had turned around to smile at me.  He held his arm up in the air, inviting me to join him in the bed and be wrapped up by his insanely massive biceps.  I, of course, accepted.  I slid in beside the mountain of muscle and loved how he quickly cupped to my smaller body – as if I might need protecting.  Jamal was used to small women needing his power.  We both knew, however, now he was squeezing me harder than he’d ever been able to squeeze another human being and I felt nothing but warmth.  Within seconds, the big man was snoring loudly – sound asleep from exhaustion.  What a typical he-man was – cum and then out like a light.  I spun around, easily out-powering his massive arm.  I wanted to take a look at all of his hugeness and beauty.  His muscles were incredible – gigantic, but chiseled like he had been sculpted from black marble.  The definition of his bulges was like a world-class bodybuilder instead of a bulky rugby player.  I sucked on a nipple for a while and groped every mound of hard meat I could.  I then got even bolder and kissed him on the lips.  He unconsciously responded with a passionate kiss back and I wondered if he were dreaming of me or some voluptuous woman of his fantasies.  It didn’t matter – either way his huge cock was back to fully hard and poking between my small thighs like I was resting on a tree.  I fell asleep with his tongue in my mouth, his lips pressing against mine, and his cock twitching against my ass.

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Loved reading this story Londonboy, a complete and utter turn on, I loved that you went into two parts, the initial part with the jocks and then the part with Jamal, showing off twice, first with his breath, holding the big jocks there against the dorm with a steady stream of his breath, and then showing off against a guy that towered over him by a great deal and was 10 times bigger than him body wise, and was quite strong in his own right, and yet was completely overpowered and dominated by the puny looking guy with ease! Great stuff, I look forward to more of this kind of story from you!

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