m/m ThInk It: A Writer's Tool - Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Chapter Six (15-12-19)

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Well... here you go.  A new story... first part of... maybe three of four.  Not really sure.  Hope you enjoy it!!  Oh... Ive seen so many incredible illustrators out there... if anyone is every interested in illustrating one of my stories... I would love it!!!  -Q


ThInk It: A Writer's Tool (Based on a True Story)

Chapter One:  The First Chapter

Quinn O’Rourke had never been much of a writer until he began penning erotic muscle growth stories to help further feed his obsession.  Finding both mental and physical release through his writing, he lived for sharing his monomania for serious muscle growth and transformation of both mind and body to all of the unknown readers on a website.  It made him grateful when he read constructive criticism, and over the moon when people wrote or DM’d him on how much they enjoyed his stories, got off on them, and just like himself, wanted more.

His own mania with all things muscle and growth had begun when he was 12 and read a Dungeons and Dragons Choose Your Own Adventure-type book.  In it, the hero was a young ninja trying to save his land from a dark magician. As he read, Quinn had become spell-bound when the hero, finding a liquid in a bottle, drank it, and began to grow into a massive and muscular giant.  Unfortunately for Quinn, that adventure had ended there as the hero grew and took down the castle, burying him beneath him.

Quinn lay there after reading that page… and could feel his blood boiling.  He didn’t know why… and he didn’t have the language to comprehend how reading this had turned him on… and how it would mark his future.  He did disagree with the ending, and imagined one where the hero rose through the rubble like a God, growing as massive as a mountain, and becoming more and more muscular.

When Quinn eventually hit puberty… late… at 16… he hit it with a bang.  Up he shot to 6’6, his shoulders became naturally broad, and his body had the musculature of an active teenager.  His mother, being somewhat over protective, never let him play after-school sports, but he did excel in gym class, and did go for a swim and run every morning before school.  In his bedroom, he jerked off to daydreams of men with muscle beyond imagining, massive penises, and growing to enormous size… his mind always going back to that first story.

In college, Quinn worked out for the first time…  and took to it like the metaphorical fish to water.  Watching his body change, sculpt, and grow became an obsession… one could say… an addiction.  By senior year he had really bulked up, adding over 46 lbs of pure muscle, and discovered that his own body turned him on more than anything else… well that was not entirely true…

As he stood in front of the mirror, flexing various muscle groups, admiring his own symmetry and size, running his hands over his meaty pecs, and loving how thick his quads were…. he would also fantasise about getting even bigger… more masculine… more muscular, taller… thicker… a beast of a man.  Grabbing onto his 7” cock, he would stroke it slowly as he took in his body… imagining growth shooting through him making him bigger and more mighty… more mountain then man. Faster and faster he would stroke, not wanting it to end but needing to feel that orgasmic rush flood through him. Minutes later, sweat dripping from his head and his pits, beads flowing down through the valley between his pecs and over his cobblestoned abs, he would shoot a massive load all over the mirror.  Exhausted and panting... he would lean his head against the mirror, frustrated that he would never reach his full potential.

Time passed… Quinn graduated… got an internship with a bank… did well… they kept him on… and he began to climb the corporate ladder.  He still worked out and took care of his body… but time never allowed him to do it with the same intensity… he was just maintaining.  

He dated guys… loved how it felt when they worshipped his body and screamed out when he fucked them, but he never could reach the high he was always searching for.  Usually when the left or slept, he would go into his bathroom, stand in front of his mirror, flex, lick, and worship himself, imagining his shoulders growing broader, his pecs thicker and larger, his biceps ballooning to sizes larger than his head, and his quads bursting into redwood proportions.  Ejaculating to this often satisfied him more than a mouth, ass, or hand could.

He once met with a guy who simply wanted to worship his body and muscle, and ‘bask in his masculinity.’  Quinn thought that this might be exactly what he was looking for… but unfortunately it just did very little for him.  Perhaps it was that he wasn’t physically attracted to the guy. He did do his best when it came to massaging, licking, cleaning, and all over worshiping Quinn, and even though he was an expert ass-eater and cock sucker… when it was over… it didn’t give Quinn the same high his own overactive imagination could give.

Quinn was now 32… he had a high powered job, an office with a kick ass view, a body most 25 year olds would kill for, and a lot of money in the bank.  When he was offered the transfer to London to oversee the international sector, with a raise and a bonus of £500,000, he packed his bags and moved.

London was an incredible city… always on the move and always alive.  There was something to do every second of the day, and when he wasn’t working or working out, he was going to clubs, the theatre, museums, and festivals in the park.

It was at Hampstead Heath in July where Quinn’s future took a turn.  The Heath, a popular gay cruising site, was a large park with three swimming areas: one for men, one for women, and one for families.  With some friends, Quinn went one Bank Holiday to the pond, and there, while swimming, he met Russel. Lying in the sun, they talked, drank, and it was obvious that they both wanted the same thing.

As Quinn fucked him at his flat, Russell screamed out words that rang through his head: ‘You’re huge… fuck your muscles... such power… you’re a beast… fuck me harder… use all the strength your body has… use me… show me how Alpha you are!!!’  

Using Russell’s words for inspiration, he fucked the life out of him… and when it was finally over and Russell was leaving… he kissed Quinn and said:  ‘Fuck!!! If I didn’t have work tomorrow I’d let you do me all night. Never met an Alpha like you! The only thing better would be two of you… or two of you rolled into one!  Fuck yeah… muscles going on for days! Fuck… you’d be a mountain of a man! My ultimate fantasy come to life!!! Welcome to London, mate! They exchanged numbers with the knowledge they would never get in touch, and as Quinn lay in bed that night, his cock hard and leaking, he heard the words echo in his head: ‘Alpha… you’re huge… mountain of a man… such power… you’re a beast… use all the strength you have… your muscles… two rolled into one… muscles for days…my fantasy come to life.’  Yes, Quinn thought as he shot all over himself and the bed… that is my fantasy as well… ’

The next day, Quinn made a decision that changed his life.  He worked hard but worked out even harder. As his muscles grew larger… he let the hair on his head and body grow out.  No more shaving his chest for him… he was a beast... No one at work said anything… but everyone noticed the transformation occurring.  You couldn’t miss it!! Within a year and a half he weighed 266 pounds of hard, swollen muscle. He had let his dirty blonde hair grow down to his shoulders, grew a beard, and had several tribal tattoos designed and inked to decorate his body.  His exterior matched the Alpha he had always been inside… but as he venerated himself in front of the mirror… as he flexed and licked and touched and stroked… he wanted more… he needed more...he would have more.

That was 8 months ago.  With months of hard work, some hgh and test, Quinn weighed in at a stacked 293 pounds of ripped muscle.  He still did extraordinarily well at work, and even if his boss didn’t like the new look… he couldn’t argue with a man who was bringing in millions each day.  Quinn could care less, though. His heart just wasn’t in his job anymore. All he cared about was muscle… fucking… and being the biggest and best in the room. The true Alpha.

Through a Google search, he found his way to a muscle growth story web site, and had spent days reading, and wanking.  He loved most of what he read, and really respected a good handful of writers… especially the ones who could get him leaking and on the edge of cumming without ever touching himself.  Now, those were outstanding stories… but he also felt that many didn’t go far enough. The desire for muscle was one thing… but the need… the obsession… the hunger and the yearning for supremacy wasn’t always there.  That erotic mixture of bodily pain and pleasure… that was what Quinn needed.

One night, when his fantasies and throbbing cock wouldn’t let him sleep, he decided to try his hand at writing a story of his own.  The first couple were horribly cliche, and he wouldn’t dare show anybody. For a while he tried to write at night after work, but found that his imagination was completely fuelled right after working out. \in a new ritual, he would leave the gym swole and horny, his balls churning for relief, take a shower at work, get into a suit that barely fit him anymore, and sit down at his desk to write.

Finally, after weeks of hard work, and afraid but willing to give it a shot… he decided to post the first chapter of one of the stories he had been working on… and people actually liked it!!!  Soon his days were filled with working out and writing with some work thrown in. The good thing about being upper management of a bank is that everyone below you does the actual work for you. He was just there to manage a team, get the information needed to make the bank even more money, tie it together and deliver with a pretty bow.  

This gave him plenty of time to write.  As he became more captivated by his own words… turned on by his own writing… he wouldn’t let himself cum until what he was working on was perfect!  Everything was flawless until the bank put up a new firewall on all of the computers. No attachments could be sent to unauthorised outside computers.  

If he asked to have his home computer authorised, that would put up several red flags… what could he want to send to himself?  If he brought a laptop to work… that would look odd, and if he used a Zip drive in the computer, that was logged automatically onto the system.  The only thing he had left to write on was his phone, and his hands were just too large to comfortably hit the right keys on the touch screen.  

Opening the App Store, he searched for writing apps where he could use his voice to type.  Several popped up, but one that caught his eye was called: ThInk It Writing Tool. Reading the app description, it had everything he could want: it was easy to set up, it would detect only one voice if he was outside or somewhere public, it could be programmed to only respond to his voice, it would sink to his cloud, and as an added bonus, it hosted a community of writers and readers if he was ever interested in putting his stories out there to a wider public.  The one thing that solidified the deal was the logo: a muscular arm holding a globe with an illustrated brain in it.  

Waiting till he got home to try the App, he was grateful to see that his friend Jacob, from the States, wasn’t around.  He’s probably either at rehearsal, out sightseeing...or whoring around, Quinn thought with a grin as he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Any one of those options was a possibility.

Quinn and Jacob has been frat brothers in college, and used to play volleyball, and sometimes workout together.  After graduation, Jacob followed his dream of staring in musicals on Broadway, and now he was actually doing it. He was in London for the next 8 months playing the role he had originated on Broadway in a West End musical. 

The production company had rented him a flat, but while it was being recarpeted and painted, Jacob was staying with Quinn.  Their friendship was purely platonic, thought being the only two out gay guys in their frat house, they had fooled around together until they realised they were both tops, and just kept the friendship.

Jacob fit the quintessential leading man stereotype.  His was talented, his voice was amazing, he was an incredible dancer, he was tall, dark, and handsome with a tight hairless muscular body, square jaw, and a smile that could battle the brightness of Piccadilly Circus.  The one thing he didn’t have going for him was that he had a small cock.  

Now, it wasn’t freakish small… it was about 4.5 when hard, and perhaps it was a little thin, but it worked perfectly fine.  No one had ever told him that they had a problem with it… but for Jacob, with his height and looks, he was always subconscious.  

Quinn has never thought this was an issue to Jacob until the other night, when after a few drinks, he began to confess how inadequate he felt.  Apparently he had gone home with this cute blonde twink, and found him to be packing a huge piece of meat. Jacob had felt so belittled that he couldn’t even perform and had to leave.  He was the top!! The bottom couldn’t have a bigger cock than him!! Totally understanding how Jacob felt regarding his own body dissatisfaction, Quinn tried to talk to him, but Jacob blew him off with a laugh, exclaiming that he had to be joking:  Quinn was a muscle master, he said, and he knew it! After that, Quinn never brought it up.

Sitting in his favorite chair in the empty flat, a story began to pop into Quinn’s head.  He couldn’t help Jacob, but he could write about it. He got out his phone and opened ThInk It!  A blank white screen popped up.  

Character/Characters Name:  We recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters.

Using just his voice, Quinn said loudly:


Effortlessly the name popped up on the screen.  Yes, he thought. This is going to work out great.

Wonderful.  If you have additional characters, please return to this prompt.  What is Jacob’s goal?

To have a massive cock.

Wonderful.  How will Jacob achieve this?

He buys an experimental drug from a sex shop in SoHo.

Wonderful.  What is Jacob’s location?

My flat.

Wonderful.  Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life.

  • Jacob sat on the bus a few moments away from his stop.  He was sweating and his heart was beating fast as he thought about what was in his backpack.  If he got only half of what that guy had, he thought, he’d be a happy man. Pressing the button, Jacob waited for the bus to come to a stop, and got off.  Quickly he walked down the street until he came to the door of the street entrance flat he was staying in for a week with his friend Quinn. Jacob unlocked the door hoping that no one was home, and as he ran from room to room, he was positive he was alone.  Quinn must still be at work, he said to himself out loud…

Quinn was startled as the door to his flat flew open and Jacob rushed into the living room.

          - Hey man!!  How’s it…

          - Quinn?!  You home?  Quinn??

          - I’m sitting right…

Jacob walked right past him and began looking in each room, calling his name.  Finally he returned to the living room.

          - Quinn must still be at work.

As soon as he said those very words, Jacob stopped moving and stood frozen in place.

          - You okay, man?  

Quinn got up from his chair and walked toward his friend.  Jacob appeared before him as if Quinn had paused him on TV.  Even with all of his strength, Quinn couldn’t move him.

          - What the fuck??

A bell tone came from his phone.  As he tried to move Jacob again, the bell tone occurred more often and proceeded to continuously get louder.  Frustrated, Quinn grabbed it from where he had laid it down.

Wonderful start!  Jacob is waiting. What happens next?

Quinn looked back at Jacob, looked at his phone, and spoke aloud:

  • Secure that Quinn wasn’t home, Jacob grabbed his backpack, sat on the couch, and opened it.  From within he pulled a black plastic bag.

Quinn had just finished his last word when Jacob started moving again, doing exactly as Quinn had described.  As soon as he pulled out the black bag, he froze again.

The bell tone rang again and Quinn looked at the screen.

Wonderful!  Jacob is waiting.  What happens next? When you feel that your authorship of Jacob’s story is complete… you will be faced with the options of saving, deleting, or editing..

How, Quinn thought, how can this be happening?  He didn’t want to believe it, but it was true: Through the app, Quinn was controlling Jacob’s reality!!

  • Lets see how far we can go with this!  

From the black bag, Jacob removed a long box.  With serious intention, he opened the box, and sitting within with was a large syringe filled with an orange/brown fluid.

Quinn laughed out loud as he watched his words come to life.  Looking at the frozen Jacob, Quinns cock started to get hard as he thought about all of the possibilities.  Soon his cock began to leak as his imagination went wild.

Jacob pulled the large syringe out and looked at it, admiring the orange shine.  With a steady hand, he placed it on the table. From the box, he removed a typed slip of paper and read aloud:

  • In the chamber are 6 cc’s of compound 8GN.  Although human trials have been conducted, we have discovered that the effectiveness varies per individual. As this compound is not diluted, feel free to dilute with saline solution 1:1 to soften results.  As the adage says: a little goes a long way. Remember that all effects are permanent. To use, inject into quad. Results are nearly instantaneous.

Jacob put the sheet on the couch next to him, stood up, removed his shoes, and pulled off his jeans and underwear at the same time.  Taking a quick glance at his own quad, Jacob leaned over and grabbed the syringe. He had never been a fan of needles, but there was no stopping him now.  On the count of three, he impaled his right quad with the syringe.

Once the needle was all the way in, Jacob stood there questioning what to do next.  With a shaking hand, his thumb pressed down on the syringe and watched as 1cc of liquid plunged  moved into his muscle. Stopping for a moment, Jacob proceeded again, this time adding two more.

Satisfied, he was going to pull it out, but he stopped himself.  

  • If this works… I know myself… I’m gonna use it all.  That guy who sold it had a solid 12 incher, and that’s exactly what I want.  I want some guys to turn me down cause it’s too big! I want a bulge that shows the world I have a serious piece of meat in my pants.  I want to be known by everyone for my twelve inches!! I’ll be a fuckin legend!!

Filled with new determination, he injected the rest of the compound, and swiftly removed the empty syringe.  Returning the syringe to the box, Jacob sat back down on the couch and waited.

One minute passed, then two, when suddenly Jacob felt a flush of heat go over him.  A third minute passed, and Jacob began to giggle… he didn’t know why… he just couldn’t help himself.  By the fifth minute, Jacob was leaning his head back on the sofa and breathing deeply. Rapidly, his cock went from flaccid to hard in less than three seconds.  

  • It’s working!!!  I can feel it!! It’s fucking working!!!

Jacob lifted his heavy head and looked down at his cock with a grin.  It had never been this hard or this swollen ever in his life!! Every vein was plumped up as if he was wearing a cock ring, or had some sort of invisible vice around the base of his shaft. 

His head kept falling back as wave after wave of elation and rapture shot through him.

With each heartbeat Jacob could feel his cock filling more and more with blood, but it seemed as if none of it was exiting back into the rest of his body..  Looking down again with a laugh, his cock looked purple and swollen, the head tighter than it ever had been before.

His cock was pulsing to his heartbeat now as more blood was forced in.  Jacob was beginning to feel serious pain in his cock, and through his euphoria, worried that perhaps he had made a big mistake.  With each heartbeat, as more and more veins popped up and fed his shaft, he worried that the skin from his cock was just going to split open and rip his cock in two.

  • Need to call 911 or watEVER…

Jacob fell back onto the couch as he felt himself get kicked in the balls over and over again by an invisible foot.  The pain was agonising as his body convulsed. Just when he was positive that he was nearing death, the convulsions tapered down until all he felt was a swelling and a dull burning ache in his testicles.

Leaning his head on the back of the sofa, beads of sweat dripping down his face, he moved his shaking hands to his balls and could feel that both were much larger than before, and like his heartbeat, were pulsating.  Every few minutes the pain would intensify, and Jacob watched as his balls swelled larger. Within four minutes his testicles had grown to two large eggs fighting for space in his sack.

Quinn was certainly hard right now watching Jacob in a fit of pleasure and pain.  How far was he going to take this? A rush of power went through Quinn as he suddenly realised he held Jacob’s future in his hand… everyone’s future.  He simply had to speak it and it came true. An idea came to him that he wanted to try out.

In his fog of testicular growth, Jacob was startled when Quinn came home from work.

The chime on his phone went off again, stopping Quinn from proceeding.

Wonderful!  Are you adding an additional character?  


Wonderful.  What is their name?


Quinn’s name appeared on the screen.

Wonderful.  What does Quinn want?

This remains to be seen.

Wonderful!  If you need any character goals, please simply say:  Goals. Would you like to return to your story?



Quinn took a deep breath and began again.

  • - Fuuuuck!!!  Man… I…

Yes… Quinn thought.  He can finally see me!  I’m part of the story now.

  • What the fuck’s going on??

Jacob tried to answer him, but was slipping into an abyss of carnal lust.

  • My cock… growing… soon… gonna have… twelve inches… of…meat… UUURRRGGGHHH!!

Jacob’s head was thrown back as he panted and moaned.  He knew Quinn was there… but he didn’t care! He could feel it in his crotch… as his balls continued to swell larger… he knew the birth of his new cock was just around the corner.  Lifting his head, he could see his balls were as big as large kiwis now and swelling faster. The pressure in his cock was rising, and either it was going to explode with growth, or burst apart. 


Jacob’s cock began to swell thicker.  Breathing heavily as if he were in labour, laughing as well… in minutes it was Coke can thick and he finally felt like he had a real piece of meat in his hands.

  • Growing… a… real… ass… ripper...

Throbbing pulsing, and growing with his heartbeat, Jacob realised with glee that his thumb and fingers didn’t meet anymore.

  • Almost as… thick as… my… wrist… now… Quinn.

  • I can fucking see that!!

  • Feel… it… feel how hot… and thick… it is…  Feel… it… grow…

Quinn kneeled down and placed his large hand on the shaft.  

  • Fuck, man!!  It’s nearly as thick as a Foster’s can!!

  • Only… the… beginning…

Jacob spread his legs wider to accommodate his orange sized testicles that were now laying on the sofa.  His sack had begun to grow along with his balls now, and Quinn was shocked when he could actually hear them churning, becoming super driven cum factories.  In no time at all, Jacob’s cock head flared wider, the slit grew longer, and pre began to shoot from his cock as if he were cumming.

Quinn’s fingers were no longer meeting as Jacob’s cock continued to thicken.  The room began to smell of bleach and musk as pre was continuously flowing. A couple of heart beats and a couple of throbs, and there was more than an inch between Quinn’s thumb and middle finger.

  • Gonna… have to… train boys… to take… it… FUICCKK!!

Jacob’s cock swelled even wider until finally with the pressure, it began to lengthen.

  • Really… growing… 

Elated, Jacob and Quinn both watched as Jacob’s cock crept up over 5 inches.  Once it had started, it seemed to Jacob that his cock made up for lost time. Passing 5 inches… it soon reached six… and then seven.

  • Let me… feel it… growing.

Quinn took his hand away from Jacob’s cock, and in the time it took Jacob to place his own hand there, it was 8 inches.  Jacob grinned wildly at Quinn, and throwing his head back, began to stroke himself.

Quinn could only stare in awe as his best friend stroked his growing python, Jacob’s moans getting louder and more primal as it grew.

Jacob’s balls were larger than baseballs, and shooting out more precum in greater volumes.  His cock was now most certainly thicker than Quinn’s own wrist, and showed no sign of stopping.

  • Is it… ten inches… yet???

  • Oh yeah.

  • Should… be… stopping… soon…

But, his cock, enjoying its new power, lengthened to eleven inches and then twelve.  Quinn noticed that the veins of Jacob’s cock had grown much larger to force more and more blood in, nourishment needed for the newborn monster.

When it hit 13”, Jacob’s cock-head began to join in the growth as it swelled thicker, flaring up and outward.  Wanting to be larger than the shaft, it began to lengthen as well as becoming meatie,r until Jacob’s cock head was longer than half of his old cock!!  With a loud rip, the slit lengthened even more, till it rivaled the length of Quinn’s thumb. 

As it hit 14”, Jacob moaned loudly as his cock and balls proceeded to swell even larger.

  • Won’t… be able… to fuck… anyone with… this… now…. too… thick..,

  • I know…

  • I… don’t… care!!  I… want… a… monster… Make me… a… freak… Quinn..,

It’s as if he knows what’s happening here…. Meeting his best friends eyes… as another wave of growth hit him and it stretched longer than 15”

  • Is this what you want?

  • YES!!!!

  • Are you sure?

  • Do… it!!!!  Make me… a fuckin… freak!!!

Jacob smiled at Quinn.  Within moments of speaking those words, his cock proceeded to grow even faster.  

  • FUCK YEAH!!!!

At over 17”, his cock head much longer than his old erect cock, and his shaft thicker than Quinn’s 22” bicep, Jacob’s cock began to dip down as the weight of his beast began to overtake it.  His balls were bigger than grapefruits now, and were constantly producing enough cum and testosterone for ten men.

Using two hands, Jacob was frantically trying to jerk himself off.  When it hit 18”, Jacob looked at Quinn and spoke in a suddenly surprising deeper voice

  • I… need more… hands!!!  Jerk it… with me!

Quinn placed his hands on the immense column, and felt waves of superiority coming from it.  The musk Jacob was emitting along with the smell of pre was intoxicating… Quinn looked at his friend, and realised that where once he had been clean shaven, a thick five o’clock shadow had taken up residence on his face.

  • My body… is becoming... a tool for... pure… sex…. 

Quinn stroked the immense stanchion as it continued to get longer and thicker.  More and more veins erupted to the surface, thick as hosing, feeding the emerging beast.

Jacob’s stroking along with Quinn’s became more vigorous as his cock grew to a whopping 19”.  Quinn stood to get a better grip on the upper shaft and head. My God, he thought… Jacob’s head is bigger than two of my hands!  Jacob gave up using his hands and started to simply thrust his cock through Quinn’s hands as if he were fucking them. Jacob’s moans got deeper and louder as his cock hit 20” and showed no sign of stopping its incredible growth.

  • My balls… can you hear them… so loud… producing more cum... and testosterone... than an army of men!!!

Quinn looked down at the laughing Jacob.  Staring at Jacob, Quinn could see that a change was overtaking his friend.  The testosterone flooding through his veins had indeed done a number on him, and he was looking more primal… more masculine than he ever been before.  Even his face was changing as his brow began to extend a little further and his eyes became deepset. He had a full beard now, and hair all over his body had sprouted and thickened.  The smell coming off of him in waves was overpowering… it made Quinn’s head swim and had him thinking that he wanted to submit himself to Jacob and be used as his sex toy. As the essence passed through both of them, it became apparent that nothing on earth mattered except Jacob and the colossus that was wildy emerging from his crotch.

Moaning and thrusting himself faster and harder into Quinn’s hands, lost in his world of sexual stimuli, Jacob began barking orders at Quinn.

  • Fucking… lick my.... Cock head… boy!!!

His voice, Quinn thought… his voice is so powerful… so loud, so deep, and… and so commanding.  What is all of that testosterone doing to him? Trying to keep in his head that he was the only true Alpha in the room, Quinn found himself obeying Jacob and starting to feverishly lick his cockhead.

  • That’s it… boy… worship this cock!!!! 

  • I am.

  • How big… am I… boy?

  • At least 25” inches long… thicker than my quads…

  • Am I… a sex… god… now?

Quinn struggled to answer… but he knew he had to tell Jacob the truth.

  • YES!!!!  All of the world will worship your cock!  Never has there been one so huge, so magnificent, so impressive, so potent, and dominant.  

  • In a few minutes... I will cum… I can… feel it… Tell me… what will happen?

  • Your cock will shoot up even longer and thicker.  Your balls will swell larger, flooding you with more and more testosterone… You live for one thing and one thing only now… SEX!!!

Jacob threw his head back and in a voice that sounded amplified, echoing throughout the flat… a deep deep bass… oozing with sex and power.

- YES!!!!

Jacob thrust twenty to thirty more times as Quinn tried as best as he could to worship this mighty cock.  Suddenly, without warning. Jacob stopped moving, stated at him wide-eyed… and Quinn realised in the silence he could hear the torrent of cum rising up from Jacob’s balls.  


Jacob tried his best to grab onto his cock, but as the largest orgasm known to man overtook him, all he could do was close his eyes, pant, moan, and shout.

A minute later,  a geyser errupted from Jacob’s cock, and cum shot all over the room, hitting Quinn and throwing him backward on impact.  It was impossible to control the massive hose as it began to spray the walls, the ceiling, several windows, and shattered the screen of his plasma TV.

With each pulse that sent more and more cum skyward, Jacob’s cock and balls proceeded to gain more and more size and mass, shooting up past 31” and getting so thick that it was hard to believe this was a penis and not some redwood or stone pillar.  After 5 minutes of continual orgasm, Jacob’s cum production began to slow down until he was only leaking from the massive slit.  

Just when Quinn thought it was all over,Jacob let out a thunderous,

  • FUCK

His cock shot up several more inches, and then he collapsed onto the couch, barely able to hold his head up.

Quinn looked around at his flat, completely covered in cum.  His friend was frozen once again on the couch, a drop of cum leaking from his cock frozen in mid-air.

Fuck, Quinn thought… it's really easy to let your imagination run away with you on this app. Needing to clear his head,  Quinn opened up a window. I can’t believe I allowed his musk to become so strong that I couldn’t even control myself. A few minutes longer and I might have let him fuck me.  Great to go huge my first time!!!

Quinn was taking in another deep breath of clean air from the window when he heard the chime from his phone.

Wonderful!!  Is your story is finished.  Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes.  What will be your choice?

Quinn looked at Jacob and wondered what he would want.  Is this how he would want to live… a sex dominated stud with an unimaginably massive cock, a musk that held guys in his power, guys falling to their knees to be fucked by him, cumming gallons every time…. is this how he would want to live?  Is this how I would want to live?

Looking deeply at Jacob, Quinn knew what he had to do.

Jacob tried to catch his breath as he came down from his mind altering orgasm.  As he looked around the room at the chaos surrounding him… as he took in his slowly deflating titanic cock and balls, and as he began to feel the beginnings of his balls starting to churn again, he moved his eyes up to meet his friend, grinned, and said in the deepest and most sensual voice Quinn had ever heard:

  • Fuck me!!

  • That’s a pretty powerful weapon you got there now!

  • Tell me about it!!

  • You going to keep it?

  • Don’t think I have an option!

  • Well… while you were firing cumshots around the room, I looked online to see if there was an antidote, and it seems that if… rub olive oil and salt on it…

… couldn’t think of anything better on the fly, Quinn???

  • … within the first three hours of injection, it sucks the formula out and everything goes back to normal.

  • Yeah… I don’t think so.

Well, you got your answer.

  • This monstrosity is the best thing to ever happen to me.  You have no idea how it feels!! For the first time I feel alive!!!  Really alive!! I don’t even exist anymore! It’s my master and I need to serve it.  My life now is devoted to sexual pleasure only. I need to find more and more people to worship it, lick it, suck it, let me fuck them with it, and cum over and over and over again.  I’ve been called for a greater purpose, boy, and I need to minister to it. You understand?

  • Yeah.  I think I do.

  • Good.

Jacob stood up the best he could and walked on shaky legs to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water.

  • It’s insane, Quinn.  My balls are already starting to churn, and it feels even more potent than before, and I think this is how it’s always going to be… getting stronger and stronger… cumming longer and longer, until one day I just orgasm for eternity.

  • How can you carry such weight so easily.

  • The muscles in my groin… I think they evolved to enable me to.  It’s heavy… but in a good way!! Love feeling the tug and pull!!  Looks like I’m a grower and not much of a shower now!

Quinn could see that fully soft, Jacobs cock was only twelve inches long and as thick as a Pringles can.  Even his balls had shrunk to something a little more manageable.  

  • Take a good look because you’re not going to see it soft like this very often!!

  • I bet!

  • Join me!!  Go buy a syringe and join me!

  • I’d love to, man… but I have my own journey coming up… and I think it’s going to rival yours!!

  • Good to hear!  I can’t wait. Well, wish I could stay and clean up, but I have followers to initiate into the world of hedonism.

Jacob took off the T-shirt he had been wearing and stood in front of Quinn in all of his glory.  The testosterone of hundreds of men had perfected his body giving him a larger, muscular frame, and a hairy chest that made his muscles look even sexier.

  • No more clothes for me anymore.  Won’t need them.

  • How will you survive?

  • Didn’t I tell you?  The day I left America, I bought a lottery ticket… and I won!  50 million dollars!!  

Good thinking, Quinn!!  Give him an even happier ending... a massive cock and 50 million!!!

  • That should be enough to build a temple great enough for this cock.

Jacob walked toward the door, opened it, and was about to step out, when he turned back to his friend.

  • Thanks for everything, boy.  I might just go to that shop in Soho and buy another syringe or two… see what another dose will do!

  • I bet it will be amazing.

  • I think so too!  See you soon, Quinn… and take a hold of that journey you’re about to go on by the balls, and demand the world sees you.

  • Oh… if everything goes to how I imagine it… the world won’t have any option but to see me.

  • Good boy!!  It’s our time now.

Quinn could hear Jacobs balls loudly beginning to churn and saw a flow of precum begining to leak from his cock head.  The aroma hit Quinn right away, and he felt as if he needed to kneel down and worship that God-Cock. Before he submitted, Quinn moved toward the window to clear his head.

  • Bye, Quinn.  Don’t worry… we’ll meet again!

With that, Jacob left Quinn’s flat.  What did the future hold for him? Quinn wasn’t sure, but he knew whatever it was… it was going to be a life satisfying every carnal whim.  

Exhausted, Quinn leaned against the wall, his own balls aching for relief.  Fuck!!! That was amazing, he thought!  

He was just about to whip his own cock out and jerk off when the bell tone came from his phone.  

Wonderful!  I see your story is complete.  Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes.  What will be your choice?

  • A.

Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see.  Having completed one story, you have unlocked several new options. We look forward to working with you on your next story.

Me too, he thought as he leaned against the wall stroking his hard cock.  I can’t wait to see what my next one is!!  


... to be continued


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Me encantó! Espero que pronto salga la siguiente parte, no puedo esperar a saber que hará quinn consigo mismo!! :3

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woao and this was only chapter one? Imagine what will come next

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That was one of the hottest things I've read in quite a while! Very imaginative and, as with all of your stuff, very well written. 

I hope Quinn writes his own first chapter soon... very soon.

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3 hours ago, Kymuscleboy said:

That was one of the hottest things I've read in quite a while! Very imaginative and, as with all of your stuff, very well written. 

I hope Quinn writes his own first chapter soon... very soon.

Thanks!!!  I really appreciate your kind words.  Working on Chapter Two now!

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22 hours ago, Ncgazza said:

Thanks!!!  I really appreciate your kind words.  Working on Chapter Two now!

Awesome! And I didn't even mention the VERY hot, buff man on whom the story is based. 😁

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Oh man, I absolutely love the Alphas you write, especially these ones that get so overwhelming with how much testosterone they produce and other males submit on instinct!

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Here we go with the second chapter.  Hope you enjoy.  Thank's Vince for letting me tell part of your story!!

As alwasy... Hope you enjoy!!!

ThInk It: A Writer's Tool (Based on a True Story)

Chapter Two:  The Second Story


That night, after cleaning as much as possible of the ‘cumnami,’ Quinn sat down to map out his own story.  Since he discovered that things could easily go out of hand with a lust filled mind using Think It, he wanted to ensure that he knew exactly what he wanted before he spoke it outloud.  My own will be my last story… and my legacy.

Maybe I should just try it out once on myself first, he thought.  Nothing major… maybe just add 10 lbs of muscle mass. Taking out his IPhone, Quinn tapped on the app.

  • Welcome back, Quinn.  Ready to start writing again?

  • -  Yes.

  • -  Wonderful.  

The white screen appeared again before he was prompted: 

Character/Characters Name:  we recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters.

Already starting to get aroused, Quinn spoke loudly and clearly:

  • -  Quinn

  • Wonderful!  Is this the same Quinn as used in your last story,

  • -  Yes.

  • Wonderful.  Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters?

  • -  No.

  • Wonderful!  If you have any need for additional characters, please return to this prompt.  What is Quinn’s goal?

  • To add twenty pounds of muscle to his frame.

  • Wonderful.  How will Quinn achieve this?

  • -  He drinks a protein shake that secretly contains a growth serum.

  • Wonderful.  What Is Quinn’s location?

  • -  My flat.

  • Wonderful.  Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life.

  • Quinn waaaalllkkkeeedddddd…

Time slowed down all around Quinn until it stopped completely.  His movement across the room was frozen and he couldn’t proceed no matter how hard he tried.  He could feel his thoughts slowing down… sputtering… stopping…

Quinn regained consciousness mid step, and fell to the floor in a heap.  His phone landed next to him. How long was I out, he thought. Does the whole world stop, or is it just my ‘character?’  Looking at his phone, he could tell no time had passed. Jacob has left the flat around 8, it had taken two hours to clean up, he began writing his outline around 10:30… and decided to try the app out around 11.  Looking at the phone, it was now only 11:09. Opening the app, he saw the following words on the screen.

  • App shut down after six hours of non-use.  Story entitled: Quinn remains in draft folder.  To go back to this story, just say Drafts, and Title.  To delete, just say Delete.

  • -   Delete!

Frustrated by his inability to have the app work on himself, he decided to take a shower, where he dropped another of his own cum loads.  Drying off, an idea went through his head… an object from another story… if I can get an object that works in one story… can I use it myself?  

Quinn ran to the rubbish bin and pulled out the box and syringe Jacob had used to supersize his cock.  It was still there… but no liquid was left in the chamber to even try it out. Where did he buy it? He said he wanted to buy more. Does this now exist in our reality?  

Thoughts running through his head, Quinn went to bed.  His brain was still contemplating what to do to make his dreams come true… but his body was falling asleep.  As his eyes closed, Quinn thought: I wonder what Jacob is doing right now… who he’s doing right now…. with a smile, Quinn fell asleep.

Waking up very early the next morning, Quinn could still smell Jacob’s cum and musk in the air.  He opened the window in his bedroom, but even the air outside smelled of Jacob. Taking a step outside, it smelled as if all of London was covered in a haze of musk and sex.  This instantly aroused Quinn, so while showering, he quickly rubbed one out. At least this proves I hadn’t dreamed it, he thought as he came down from his most recent orgasm.  His cock remained stubbornly hard and wanted another go, but Quinn dried himself off and dressed to head for the gym.

When he arrived at the gym around 4:30 am, he saw that Vince was already doing squats.  Quinn had been introduced to Vince about three months ago by a fellow Early Bird at the gym.  It was obvious, and from what he said, it was true, that at one time Vince had been a model. Unfortunately, after getting two girls pregnant, marrying one while trying to support the other, getting a steady job managing a pub, and then getting a divorce, his looks had faded somewhat, his tight body had gotten saggier, and his waistline much larger. 

Once his divorce was settled, Vince had finally joined the gym to get his body back in shape and get back on the dating scene.  Watching him in between sets on the bench press, Quinn admitted that with some hard work, Vince could have the body of a model again if he wanted to, or in the least, be a really hot guy.  The looks were there… just a little buried.

Taking a further look at Vince, Quinn began to get an idea.  If Vince had something… an object that helped him regain his old body and looks, I could take it for myself and use it!!! Yes!!  Vince would be the perfect test subject, and if this worked, he would try it on himself.  

With Vince, it would be something simple… but what he planned to do… and what he WAS going to do to himself would be amazing… extraordinary… world shattering…. This would be his legacy he would leave to the world!!!  Fuck yeah!! 

Fate had handed him this incredible present!  He had been given it… no one else! This morning, when he went back to the App Store to see who had created it… the ability to purchase or even update the app was gone.  It was as if it had never existed… but it did, because it was on his phone.

He read some of the several stories that had been published on the app’s platform, and it was obvious there were others who had also been gifted the app and were using it as he was, but there were only a handful… and the ways they were using it was pedestrian: fame, money, making someone fall in love with someone else.  No other writer had his imagination… or his vision! 

At the moment he couldn’t figure out how to be the central character in a story without freezing, so perhaps an item taken from another story would work.  If it did, he would take it, and use it this weekend. He would go to the middle of nowhere where he wouldn’t be disturbed, and he could do whatever he wanted.  That would give him three days to plan out exactly what he wanted and how to accomplish it.

Hiding a determined hardon, Quinn left his weights unstacked and walked swiftly to the locker room.  It was 5:30 now, and the gym was fairly empty… but Quinn began to wonder again as he walked to the locker room, if the whole world stopped when he was using the app, or just the person he was “writing” about.  I guess we can test that with Vince as well. If someone walks in… the answer’s clear!

Just to be safe, he wasted time going to the toilet and washing his hands until two other Early Birds had left.  Grabbing his phone, he tapped on the app and waited for to go through its authorisation and updating phase as it loaded.  Finally the familiar logo and white screen appeared:

  • Welcome back, Quinn.  Ready to start writing again?

  • -   Yes.

  • Wonderful.  Since your last publication, eight readers have upvoted you… seven more and you will be eligible for added content.  For example, having completed one story, you have been selected for the option of an upgrade. With this upgrade, you are still in control, but your characters will have more free will than before… they will be able to suggest what they need, and even be able to make decisions for themselves… talk for themselves.  We use a matrix of millions of phrases or choices for them to use, so play along. We believe that this upgrade helps new writers strengthen their dialogue with the writing of their stories. Would you like to activate this upgrade?

  • Sure.  Why not.

  • Is that a yes, or a no?

  • Yes.  

  • Wonderful!  Upgrade in affect.  If you wish to stop this upgrade, just say: Stop Upgrade.  You will then be in complete control.

The screen went white again, and then the words Quinn had seen before appeared: 

Character/Characters Name:  We recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters.

           -  Vince

Like Jacob before, Vince’s name popped up on the app screen. Perfect!!!

  • Wonderful.  If you have additional characters, please return to this prompt. 

  • -   Quinn is also a character.

He hadn’t had any problems being a character in Jacob’s story, so he shouldn’t freeze in Vince’s.  It was only when he was alone did he have issues.


  •  Wonderful!  Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters?

  • No.

  • Wonderful.  What is Vince’s goal?

  • To get his body back in shape and look even better than he did before, his muscles larger and pumped.

  • Wonderful.  What is Quinn’s goal?

  • To get the ring for his own use once Vince has finished with it.

  • Wonderful.   How will Vince achieve his goal?

  • Ummm… he bought a ring that is rumoured to offer the wearer in wish when turned to the right.

  • Wonderful.  What is Vince’s location.

  • This locker room.

  • Wonderful!  Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life.


Vince sat down on the floor and stretched.  His workout had been crap as a result of not being able to concentrate.  All he could think about was the ornately carved silver ring he was wearing on his right hand.  It was difficult to believe his mate that it worked, but Archie had gotten it from a relative who told him it worked... and then wished to win the lottery… and four days later he did!  Now he was £80 million pounds richer. Not bad for a 22 year old Eastend Barman.  

Archie has handed over the ring to him last night after a night out.  Both pissed, they had sat outside Vince’s block of flats, and Archie had confessed it all.  Taking the ring off of his finger, he handed it over to Vince letting him know that it only worked once… after that it was useless until another person was given it.

Until Archie had passed out on his couch, they had joked about what Vince should use his wish on.  Archie wanted him to wish for money right then and there… but Vince was a planner… he never did anything spur of the moment.  In bed he had fallen asleep with his brain pondering what to do.

Leaving Archie asleep, Vince had gotten up at 4:30, and headed to the gym, yet it didn’t matter how hard he worked, he simply couldn’t concentrate.  Deciding to pack it all in for the day, Vince got up from the floor and walked into the locker room. He was surprised to see Quinn sitting there looking at his phone.

  • Hey, mate!  How’s it going?

  • Vince!!  Hey there!  Good. Doing well.  Chest day for me today.

  • Legs here.

  • Nice!

  • Yeah!

  • Hope you don’t mind me saying… but you look like shit today!

  • Fuck, man!  Feel like shit.  Didn’t get any sleep.

  • What’s wrong?

  • Man, you wouldn’t believe me!

  • Try me.  I’ve had some weird shit happening in my life this week, so I’ll believe anything.

Vince sat down heavily on the bench next to Quinn.  If he was honest with himself, if there was someone he could talk to about this, besides Archie, it would be Quinn.  This guy, who was built like a brick shit house had taken him under his wing, mapped out a workout plan for him, and had developed a diet that had Vince quickly dropping the pounds.  He had already shared everything about his life with him… why not this?

  • This ring here…

  • Yeah?

  • A friend gave it to me.

  • Nice.

  • Yeah… it’s… fuck.  Don’t think I'm crazy… I mean… he won the fucking lottery!!

  • Wow!  Very cool.  And he bought that for you?  Good friend.

  • No.  He won the lottery with this.

  • I don’t get it.

  • This ring… it’s magic.  He wished to win the lottery, and he did.

Vince looked at Quinn with the hope that he would understand.

      - STOP!!!!

Quinn watched as Vince froze.  Getting up, Quinn cracked the changing room door opened and looked out into the gym.  Everyone was completely frozen. Walking to look outside, Quinn realised that EVERYTHING was frozen… the whole world!!  It was an odd feeling for Quinn to know that he was all alone in the world. He had begun to feel this way more and more as he got bigger and more rugged… as people shied away from him or were intimidated by him.  Now… he really was alone.

Moving back to the Changing Room, Quinn thought about how to proceed.  It was strange having the device just write words for Vince and for him to speak them at the same time.  It frightened Quinn somewhat as he felt so out of control, but it was also easier since he didn’t need to think of what Vince needed to say.  Anyway… why should I worry? It’s an upgrade… they wouldn’t have added it if it wasn’t helpful.  

Sitting back down where he was, Quinn grabbed his phone and started to speak.

  • Magic?  Really?

  • I know it sounds crazy… but I have to believe him.  He’s 80 million pounds richer, and he wished for that exact thing… and he got it.

  • Damn!!  How does it work?

  • Archie said you just make a wish and then turn it to the right.  That’s it.

  • What are you going to wish for?

  • That’s what’s driving me crazy… I don’t know.  Probably money.

  • Yeah.  Everyone can use money.

  • Especially with two kids and an ex wife.

  • True… but… I hate playing devil’s advocate, but if that’s what you really wanted… you would have done it already.

  • I know.

  • What is it you really want?


Quinn looked at Vince, waiting for the app to give him the words.  Say it! Say what you want!!


  • Honestly… if I could have a rockin body again… I’d make the money… and have fame.  I’d have everything I could want. I want my old life back… but even better than before.  

  • How so?

  • When I was modeling… I looked good… for that time period.  Everything’s changed. Every model has a body like yours! That’s it!!!  I want your body!!

  • You don’t want my body.

  • Yes, I do!!  I want your body.


Quinn began to panic.  I need to fix this before he wishes he HAD my body.  Who knows what would happen.


  • You mean, you want a body like mine. 

  • Yeah.  A body like yours… tall, built… rugged...a real bloke… But I also need to stand out from the crowd.  

Vince got up from the bench and began pacing around the changing room.

  • Yeah… stand out from the crowd.  I would rake the money in… everyone would have to notice me!  I wouldn’t give them the choice. How tall are you?

  • 6’6”

  • Weight?

  • 293

Vince continued to pace like an animal in a cage… finally he stopped and looked at Quinn.

  • I wish… yeah… I wish to have a body everyone needs to pay attention to.  I want to be tall… and big… and rugged like you… hairy… and oozing that caveman testosterone like you do… and a cock to match that body!  Yeah!!! I’m fucking tall… like… fucking talll… I’m stacked with muscle and ripped… and a cock and balls like yours… only much bigger!!  

  • That’s great Vince… but what would your stats be if…

Taking no notice of Quinn, Vince turned the ring to the right.  The ring glowed for thirty seconds, both men simply staring and amazed by its brilliance, and then in a jolt like an electric current, coursed through Vince’s body.  In a moment it was over, and the changing room was quiet.

  • Fuck!!!  That was intense, mate!!  Do you think it worked?

  • I don’t know.  How do you feel?

  • Fine… totally fine… maybe a little on edge but… that can beeeEEE…

Quinn watched in surprise as Vince’s entire body seemed to flex and then relax, causing the ex-model to stagger a little.  Vince leaned against the wall to steady himself, when it happened again… this time with more force. As his body flexed, turning red as it all became engorged by more and more blood, Vince attempted to speak.

  • SSSsssoooOOMMeethi...ngggg… iiiis haaaapeNNNING!!!

Quinn watched in awe as, covered by a thin T-Shirt, Vince’s pecs began to swell.  The contractions affecting his whole body continued, but it seemed to Quinn that the uncontrolled flexing was doubly focused on Vince’s chest.  

With hands shaking from the continual flex and release of his entire body, Vince reached out to cup his pecs.  He grinned at Quinn as his hands were forced higher and further apart as his pecs began to swell even more.  

  • This is…. the most incredible…. feeling… ever… and it’s just… getting stronger!!!!

Quinn watched as Vince’s T-shirt began to get tighter on his growing frame, but this wasn’t simply due to his pecs exploding with size…. other muscle groups were joining in.

  • The… best… wish… mate!!!!  My… whole body…. expanding… multiplying… like… a time lapse… of me… working out… for twenty… years!!!!!

Vince’s neck began to swell as it developed into a thick column of strength.  His growing traps caused his shoulders to rip the upper half of the T-shirt apart as Vince’s shoulders and deltoids began to swell larger and become more rounded.

  • I can feel my strength growing…. I can’t believe this is really happening!!!

Vince leaned his head against the wall as the muscles from his neck stretched upward and began to invade his face.  As the tentacle-like muscle fibres forced their way up, his chin began to take on a square and rugged look, his eyes deeper set as his brow ridge was extended, and his entire face became more refined and chiselled.  

  • My arms!!!  I can feel it in my arms now!!!

When Vince spoke, his voice was now much deeper and louder… much more commanding.  When he spoke it reminded Quinn of the type of voice to emerge from a Marine Drill Sergeant.  

Flexing, Vince watched as his hands began to expand and thicken with muscle.  As his hands began to grow larger, Vince began to feel uncomfortable pressure beginning to form on his right hand.  Looking at his baseball mitt sized hands, he realised that while his hands thickened, the ring was remaining the same size and refused to break, squeezing and cutting off circulation to his finger.

As the pain of his right hand mixed with the pleasure of his growth, Vince began to panic.  Pulling at the ring with his left hand, he was in a battle with himself as his continual lat growth was preventing him from bringing his hands together.

  • Quinn… mate… the ring!!!  Help… me…

Realising that the ring was going to rip Vince’s finger from his hand before breaking, Quinn ran over and tried to remove it himself, but found it wouldn’t budge.  Vince screamed out as his hand continued to thicken, his finger now swollen and beet red.  

With determination, Quinn ran to his locker and removed the bottle of lube he kept in his gym bag for unexpected encounters.  Running back to Vince, he poured the contents onto the growing paw. Grabbing hold of the ring with all his strength, realising suddenly that Vince’s hand was now twice the size of his own, Quinn pulled and pulled, twisting the ring as he did.

  • Take… It… OFF ME!!!!!

Wondering if it had been by his own growl of a command, the ring appeared to swell for a moment, and with one sudden movement flew off of Vince’s finger and across the room.  Quinn scrambled to find it while Vince roared with relief.

Looking down at Quinn crawling around the floor to find the ring, Vince smiled, lifted his grizzly-paw sized hand and drove it right into the concrete wall.  A deep bellowing laugh came from Vince as he removed his hand from the hole. Over and over he punched the wall till he had created a massive concrete crater.

  • Barely… felt… anything!!!

On his hands and knees searching for his future, Quinn watched in awe as first Vince’s fore-arms swelled, then his biceps joined in along with his triceps in magnificent growth.

Each moment that passed forced his upper arms to get larger, gaining inch after inch.  Flexing his arms, Quinn gasped as the process was sped up, and Vince’s guns grew bigger, adding inch after inch after inch with every tick of the clock on the wall.  The circumstance of Vince’s upper arm soon matched Quinn’s, and showed no sign of stopping… just continuing its growth.

As Vince panted, basking in the orgasmic rush of growth, Quinn found the ring in the corner of the room.  Not wanting to lose it again, he slipped the ring on his own finger and watched as it swelled slightly to fit over his large knuckles.  Looking closely at the silver ring, Quinn was able to see the intricate carvings etched into its surface. How badly he wanted to join his friend in his own growth… but that would have to wait...

Vince was so transfixed watching his arms getting thicker, that he failed to see his T-shirt bulging further.  It was only when the ripping noise echoed around the changing room, and Vince was unable to let his arms hang down to his side that both he and Quinn realised his lats were widening his back, and forcing his arms upward.

Joining in with his shoulders, Vince’s upper back grew wider and wider.  With both his pecs and back growing thicker, Quinn realised that soon Vince would need to move sideways to get through doorways.  Wanting to show off his amazing growth, Vince threw a rear lat spread, which only succeeded in growing him even larger and tearing the remaining t shirt from his body..

Watching his friend, Quinn’s cock came alive.  This should be me, he thought!! This WILL be me!!  I can’t believe how huge Vince is getting, he thought.  He hardly looks like himself anymore!! And from the reaction on his face and the wet spot and tenting of his shorts, this growth must be the best, most erotic feeling ever!!

As his back spread wider, Vince found it more difficult to grab onto his thickening pecs.  By now, as they continued to grow, Quinn realised he had never seen pecs this massive before, and with a cleft so deep.  

  • Since Hannah isn’t here, Quinn, this is going to have to be just between mates.  Get over here and feel this body. Feel my muscles strengthen, stretch, widen, and thicken.

Quinn didn’t have to be told twice.  Walking over to the growing beast, Quinn watched as Vince did his best to flex, forcing more blood and growth to shoot into his pecs.  Placing his right hand on the smooth, hot, yet stonelike pec, Quinn’s right hand grazed Vince’s blossoming nipple. Crying out in ecstasy that he had never felt before, he forcefully pushed Quinn out of the way, grabbed hold of both nipples, and began to squeeze them harder and harder, howling in ecstasy.  When he released them, panting like a dog in heat, Quinn could see that they both had grown larger and darker, sticking out like the top of his pinkie.

  • Suck my tits, Quinn.  You know you want to…

Vince’s voice had gotten even deeper and sexier, and without thinking twice, Quinn attached himself to his right nipple, toying it with both his tongue and teeth.

  • YES!!!!

Vince grabbed onto Quinn’s head, brought it toward his own, and began to kiss him, forcing his tongue deep into Quinn’s mouth.  Fuck, Quinn thought as he animalisticly kissed Vince back, even his tongue is bigger and more muscular!  

With his still thickening hand, Vince separated himself from Quinn.

  • More time for that later.  Now… watch me grow!!!

By this time, Vince’s pecs had gotten so dense that they were being forced to turn downward.  Joining in with his upper body, all of the fat was being stripped away from his gut, and his abdominal muscles began to thicken.  Each ab was becoming so solid and each crevice was so deep that it looked as if cobblestones had been shoved under his skin. Soon his waist had grown significantly, but there wasn’t a trace of fat on him… it was simply all red-blooded armour like muscle.

As Vince’s hands explored his abs, his legs began to flex and quake… first the left… then the right… then both of them together.  Quinn thought that he might fall, but the new muscle man was able to remain standing by widening his stance. With amazement, Quinn watched as hose like veins began to erupt under his skin and start to criss cross his legs.  Fueling then both with more access to blood, his quads began to explode with power. Not to be outdone by his tree trunk quads, his calves swelled until the thick diamond-heads were as large as his old quads had been. Widening his stance even further to allow more room for growth, his quads proceeded to swell even larger than any bodybuilders had ever been.  Giving up the fight, Vince’s shorts and underwear burst apart, fluttering to the floor in a heap of scrap.

Wanting to get a good look at himself in all his naked glory, Vince waddled past Quinn, his legs still morphing and enlarging, pushed Quinn aside, and placed himself in front of the full-length mirror.  The first thing he realised when he took a good look at himself was that his body no longer fit in the mirror anymore!! He was too wide, and proceeding to get thicker and wider.

Widening his stance further, Vince watched as his body packed on more and more muscle mass.  If he had been wearing any clothes, his excitement would have been obvious by the tenting in his shorts.  Since he wasn’t, Quinn got a good look at how pleased Vince was. Standing there, flexing and admiring himself, Vince’s cock was rock hard and leaking.  Every once in a while his hand would subconsciously begin stroking it, but it appeared he was more aroused by how he looked then any sexual stimuli.  

Vince’s cock was fairly thick to begin with, but as Quinn stared, he began to realise that his cock was getting thicker and longer.

  • FUCK!!!  I can’t stop flexing!!  I can’t stop looking at myself!!  This is how you must feel all the time…. feeling how my body moves with so much mass attached to it… FUCK!!!  I’m even bigger then you and still growing!! Even my cock!!! Fucking big cock of a stud! Of a MAN!!! It has to be at least 9 inches now!!  Even my balls are bigger!!! Look at me, Quinn!!! Have you ever seen something so incredible.

Quinn had to admit that he hadn’t.  The wish appeared to have improved every aspect of an already handsome man.  His skin was perfectly clear now and tight, his eyes appeared a brighter blue… more aqua… even his hair was a more vivid shade of brown.  He was indeed the epitome of a man… Perfection.

Grabbing his cock with both hands, he began to gently stroke it, admiring how each muscle group flexed and relaxed with the simple movement.  A small pool had gathered at Vince’s feet as his cock proceeded to leak even more. As he jerked himself, he looked directly into Quinn’s eyes.

  • You want this… don’t you.

  • Yes.

  • Not the size… you’ll never be as big as I am… I think I’m even a foot taller now… but you want ME.  You want to feel me… lick me… be possessed by me… feel me inside of you.  

Quinn looked deep into Vince’s eyes and knew he was right.  All he wanted was for Vince to fuck him… to use him…


No!!!!  I will have your size… and more!!!  Believe me!!!


  • It’s stopping.  How much do you think I weigh!

  • Probably around 380.

  • Measure me!!

Quinn did as he was told… a fire burning in both his cock and his ass.  No matter how much he wanted to deny it… all he wanted was that cock inside of him and the massive brute attached to it ducking the shit out of him.

  • Height?

  • 6’8

  • Fuck yeah!!  Four inches taller.  My weight?? I can’t see past these pecs!!

  • 427 lbs.

  • Nice!!!  Chest?

Each measurement brought more excitement to Vince.  He would stand there flexing, stroking his ever flowing cock, and tweaking his nipples.

  • 72 inches

  • Waist!

  • Tight at 34 inches.

Vince was stroking himself faster now and with more and more determination. 

  • Bi’s:

  • Fuck!!  29.5 inches… 

  • My quads!!  Measure my quads!

  • They’re 37 inches… and your calves… thick at 26 inches.

  • Now measure my cock!

  • It’s… wow!  It’s 13.5 x 6 inches.

  • And my nuts are like what???  Say it!!

  • They’re like oranges!

  • That’s right!!  Bigger than both of yours combined.  Now… guess what we’re going to do.

  • What?

  • I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you!!

Vince reached down and grabbed Quinn.  One part of Quinn wanted to fight back, but another wanted him so badly.  With one hand Vince tore Quinn’s shirt from his body and forced him to the floor.

  • Look at you!!  You look like a baby compared to me.  Pathetic!! That’s how the whole world is going to look to me now… small and pathetic!!  Get on your hands and knees!!

Quinn tried to fight the growing need, but he couldn’t.  Soon he was on his hands and knees and facing away from Vince.  Shaking slightly from fear and excitement, Quinn could hear the breathing of the beast behind him.  In one movement, Vince’s hand moved down to Quinn’s shorts and tore them from his body.

Kneeling down and separating Quinn’s ass cheats, Vince took in Quinn’s musk.  

  • From now on… you are mine!!

Quinn let out an audible gasp as Vince’s tongue began to lick and toy with his asshole.  Quinn’s mounting passion went on for several minutes as the bodybuilder forcefully tongue fucked him, getting in deeper and deeper.  Moving his face away for a moment, Vince spit on Quinn’s hole and began to rub it in with his thick fingers.

  • Whenever I want to fuck… which will be a lot… you’ll be there… ready to take my load!  Let’s get training!!!

Vince spit in Quinn’s hole again, and then began to roughly shove his sold pointer finger into his ass, and dominantly knead his prostate. Quinn was so shocked, and the finger was so large, that he couldn’t help himself, and let out a loud moan.

  • That’s right.  Just imagine how your gonna feel when you got my cock in you all the way to the root.

Quinn began to quiver as his prostate was massaged at different tempos.  He’s definitely done this before, Quin thought with a grin, letting out a louder and longer moan.  Behind him, Vince had begun to moan as well, getting louder… and more frantic… and… deeper..,

  • Fuck Yes!!!!  It’s happening again!!  I’m starting to grow again!!!!

Quinn could feel Vince’s finger begin to quake, swell, and lengthen inside of him.  Should I stop it now, Quinn wondered. The app was deciding for itself what Vince did and said, but wasn’t it going too far with more growth?  Should I stop it now… or see how it plays out?

  • It’s even… stronger than… before!!!  Need to… watch.

Vince rapidly removes his finger and tossed Quinn to the side like a stuffed doll.  Walking toward the mirror, Vince stumbled, finding it difficult to keep his footing as he became invaded by wave after wave of increasing surges of growth and power.  The flexing of every muscle group was more intense this time, and trying to steady himself, Vince destroyed several large areas of the concrete wall.

Naked and a tad concerned, Quinn watched as Vince’s pecs began to swell once again, this time even quicker than before.  The two expanding globes quickly blocked any hope of Vince ever seeing below them, and began to force his head to slightly tilt upward as they blossomed larger.  

Vince let out a deafening roar as the power of growth took over his entire being.  Doing his best to look at his mounting frame in the mirror, Vince could see that beyond his chest, his arms grew quickly past their new 29.5 inches.  Flexing them, Vince began to find it more difficult as his biceps and triceps swelled and thickened to unimaginable proportions.

His shoulders quickly morphed into two formidable muscular cannon balls.  Not to be outdone by the rest of his rapidly growing muscle groups, Vince’s lats began to surge outward, inflating to look like muscular wings, getting denser and much wider with each heartbeat.

  • Almost… too… much!!!!  Every muscle… multiplying… getting larger… to better serve… ME!!!

Quinn watched with his mouth open and his cock hard as Vince’s abs proceeded to get even denser.  What had once been cobblestones we’re now thick bricks made of iron… and getting larger. His waist now had to be 38”, but it was all unimaginably dense and solid.

Along with his waist, Vince’s legs began to grow.  His 37” redwoods began increasing quickly in size, each being allowed more room to grow by his thickening waist.  His calves exploded into unimaginable proportions, larger than anything Vince had ever witnessed… larger than any powerlifters quad.  Quinn could only watch as more and more mass was piled onto Vince giving him a frighteningly muscular engorged look. One that was freaky as hell… and beautiful at the same time.

As the growth of his body proceeded to move into a more frantic pace, Quinn gasped as Vince’s buttress of a neck swelled even larger and his shoulders burst even wider, developing into massive cannonball like plates of muscle.  His arms… Quinn’s cock nearly exploded when he looked at Vince’s arms. His bi’s and tri’s were so amazingly proportioned, but the proportions were so huge. It was as if someone had taken a gym ball, shoved it in place of his upper arms, and was now pumping it up.  The horseshoe shape of Vince’s triceps rivaled that of a Clysdale, and soon even surpassed that.

Vince tried to speak but found that no words would come out… he was simply trapped in a wave of growth that seemed as if it was never going to stop.  He watched his muscles swell larger until he feared that they would explode. He was getting too big… his muscles to massive… but he loved it!!! When he didn’t think that any more mass could be piled on his body… more was… much more!


Quinn couldn’t help but look as muscle mass grew on Vince’s body faster then he could think.  One moment he was looking at a quad that had to be measuring 45 inches each, and then suddenly his waist would explode to being forty inches in pure abdominal muscle.  If this doesn’t stop soon, Quinn thought to himself, this guy is either going to be completely imobile… or he’s going to explode! Just when he thought this might be a possibility… Vince began to get taller.


Up toward the ceiling Vince grew, surpassing 7 foot and kept growing.  The sound of his bones and his muscles expanding taller and thicker along with Vince’s moans of pleasure rang in Quinn’s ears.  Vince’s feet were stretching across the tiles of the changing room floor, getting longer and thicker, an obvious sign that this growth was far from over.  This second round of growth is changing him completely, Quinn thought. 

 Before he was the image of male perfection… now he looks more neanderthal than man.  Which was more beautiful, Quinn wondered. After the last growth, Vince would have been a model on top of the world.  Now, he was a man who exuded pure animal lust. No matter how he moved, muscle groups flexed swelled and rippled. Vince flexed for Quinn, and when he did, his biceps nearly touched his clenched fist...he was now that massive.  He was becoming the biggest man to ever have lived… and Quinn had every urge to worship him. Everyman will want to worship him. He is what we all wish we were. He is our animal side let loose into a tamed society. No one will be able to control him, Quinn thought.  No one.

As he rose closer toward the ceiling, Vince let out a roar as hair erupted on his face.  Within moments a full beard had formed and continued to lengthen. Vince ran his hands through his beard, tugging on hair with hands that were larger than dinner plates.  From his chest, hair spewed forth, traveling down over his abs and covering his pubic mound and massive balls.  

Growing past 8 foot, Vince had to widen his stance again as his quads burst with more size and larger veins began to snake and erupt all over his body.  With more to feed them, Vince’s muscles went into overdrive getting even bulkier as he grew taller.

Vince was finding it difficult to think as so many waves of growth overtook him.  The more he grew… the more superior he knew he was. In the food chain… he was at the top, way above anyone else.  In all the world, Vince thought, I am the Alpha! I reign supreme!!

Vince’s massive hand reached down to stroke his cock and could feel the web of thick veins invading it. As he stroked himself… as his cock grew longer and thicker, Vince basked in the fact that no one was bigger than he was.  His shoulder had to be at least 6 feet apart now, which was wider than any doorway! Every sense was heightened, and as he smelled the air, he could smell the sexual attraction and fear permeating off of Quinn.  As he continued to grow, Vince knew that he was changing in both body and soul. What was happening to him was an evolution of sorts, or was it a de-evolution…?  

Vince’s traps erupted up from his shoulders like a mountain range quickly stretching up to his ears, giving his back and shoulders a bull-like appearance.  His neck thickened even more significantly until what had one resembled a buttress transformed into a monolith of potency and brawn.

His quads were now larger than his chest had recently been, and as he grew taller, they became even more monstrous.  As he grew taller and thicker, his quad muscles narrowed into a thick diamond that rose up over his kneecap, forcing his legs even wider and causing Vince to have a permanent crouching position that made him look even more virile then he would have without it.  Up from his quads, his glutes we’re developing into two immense globes of pure muscle that could easily crumble a man’s hand if caught between them when flexed. His calves were not left behind as he grew, developing to be as hefty as his upper arms and growing larger each second.

Up from his legs… could they be called legs, Quinn wondered… they were simply too gargantuan to be known simply as legs… another word would have to be developed for what Vince was growing… his abs proceeded to grow into eight immense bricks with the deepest grooves in between.  Vince’s skin was pulled so tight over his abs… over his whole body… that it looked paper thin and revealed every small movement as if he was continually flexing just while breathing.


  • Perfection…

  • THAT’S IT???

Vince reached over and grabbed Quinn, easily lifting him into the air like a doll.  Simply being so close to something so magnificent, Quinn began to cum. As the wave of this intense orgasm flowed through him, his phone flew from his hand, onto the floor, and under a bench.


Quinn did as he was told and found it was impossible to get force it in there… they were both so close together.  With immense control over each muscle group, Vince relaxed his pecs slightly to let Quinn’s hand in, and discovered that he could get nearly midway up his arm before he felt the bottom of the hairy crevice.  

Quinn was dropped to the floor as Vince’s entire body flexed and shook more violent than ever before.  Watching his friend, Quinn began to stroke his Cock as his friend proceeded to get taller and more immense.  Vince’s balls exploded with size becoming larger than ostrich eggs, sending more and more testosterone through his system.  Unable to even speak, Vince’s moans got even deeper.

Keeping in proportion with his body, Vince’s cock was more like a third arm now at nearly 20” in length and probably a foot around.  The bulbous head was continuously leaking thick pre, and the smell of it was so intoxicating that Quinn crawled over and began to drink from such a monument to all things masculine.

Just as Vince was about to hit the ceiling, his whole body flexed one last time, gained another 100 pounds of muscle, and then finished growing.  Panting like a horse after an intense race, Vince took in what he could of himself in the mirror, and found that all that fit in it now were his pecs… he would need a mirror four times this size to see himself fully.  

While stroking his cock, Vince began to flex various muscle groups, getting off on his size and symmetry.  Below him was Quinn… the man he once thought was the epitome of masculinity. Now, compared to himself… Quinn was a prepubescent boy!!!

Lifting his hand, Vince moved it toward the concrete wall, and found that he could easily dig his hand into the hard stone and tear pieces of it out like ice cream!!  He was unstoppable!! From now on, the whole world would pay attention to him… and yet he wasn’t satisfied.

  • MORE!!!  I NEED MORE!!!

Vince’s unnaturally deep bass voice shook the floor of the changing room.  Simply hearing it caused Quinn to begin cumming again.


Vince looked down at Quinn and saw what he needed.  Grabbing him around his chest, Vince lifted him till they were eye to eye.


  • What?


  • You’re big enough, Quinn.  You don’t need my wish. You’re already fit for worshiping.

  • NO!!!!!!

Vince shook Quinn so roughly that Quinn suddenly feared for his life.


I need to stop this!!!  I need to stop this now!!


  • MAKE… THE… WISH!!!!  MAKE… THE… WISH!!!!

Vince shook Quinn over and over.


As Vince moved his hand to grab onto Quinn’s arm, Quinn did what he could only do to cause the mammoth beast pain.  With all his might, Quinn swung his right leg and quickly kicked Vince right in the balls.

With a roar, Vince dropped Quinn and proceeded to pound holes in the walls to relieve his pain.  Once free Quinn scrambled on the floor to find the phone.  

As the pain subsided, Vince glanced at Quinn crawling on the floor, his ass facing him.


Vince reached down for the small man, wrapping his hands around Quinn’s waist.  Just as he was about to be lifted into the air, Quinn spotted the phone, grabbed it, and was about to speak when he felt Vince trembling once again, even worse than before.


As Vince started to gain even more muscle mass, Quinn screamed:


          -  STOP!!!!!!!

Falling to the floor as Vince froze, Quinn made sure he protected the phone from breaking.  Trying to catch his breath on the floor, shaken and bruised, Quinn pondered what to do next.  If he deleted this story, the ring would go with it, and he’d be back to square one. No… he couldn’t do that… the story would have to be published.

Limping to his locker, he pulled out his gym bag and carefully changed into his clothes.  Once that was finished, Quinn looked once again at the frozen Vince. Just seeing all of that raw power and beauty in one man made Quinn’s cock hard again.  Walking slowly out of the changing room, Quinn started to speak.

Vince was so wrapped up in another super wave of growth that he failed to notice Quinn escaping the room.  Packing on another 700 pounds of muscle and four feet of height, Vince’s growth stopped, and he knew that was it.  His wish was finished.

With a clear head, he realised he was now satisfied.  With this gargantuan body, he would have it all… fame… fortune… and the world would always notice him.  


Quinn stopped.  There, he thought, another happy ending!


  • Wonderful!  I see your story is complete.  Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes.  What will be your choice?

  • -  A.

  • Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see.  Having completed your second story, you have unlocked several new options.   We look forward to working with you on your next story.

You’ll get your new story soon… there’s no doubt about that.  Fuck work, Quinn thought. I need to go home… take a nap… and then time to prepare for my wish!

Across the city in the basement of a shop in Soho, Jacob was lying in a sling and being pleasured by eight men, his enormous cock leaking everywhere.  Since leaving Quinn’s he had cummed 12 times, each more powerful and longer than the last.

As his balls loudly churned, Jacob saw two men walk up to either side of him.

  • -  Are you sure about this?

Jacob looked at the Sex Shop owner and then at his salesperson, both holding two full syringes each.

  • - There’s no going back once you do this… and we don’t know what such a massive dose will do.

  • - I do.  It’s time for my complete evolution into a being of pure sex to begin.  Do it!!

Without being told twice… both dying to see what would happen, they plunged all four needles into Jacobs body and injected the formula

  • - YES!!!!


… To Be Continued

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This is an awesome story.  Very imaginative.  Please continue 

many thanks



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3 hours ago, hardmuscl4life said:


Thank you so much!!  Glad you’re enjoying it!

This is an awesome story.  Very imaginative.  Please continue 

many thanks




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